Apogee Components Saturn V (1/70th)

Apogee Components - Saturn V {Kit}

Contributed by Vince Felix

Construction Rating: starstarstarstarstar
Flight Rating: starstarstarstarstar
Overall Rating: starstarstarstarstar
Manufacturer: Apogee Components
Skill Level: 5
Style: Scale

Courtesy of ApogeeConstruction:
Components include: three (3) main body tubes, four (4) main fins, clay for nose weight, four (4) centering ring die cut sheets, two (2) shock cords made from Kevlar 100# & 300# (5 and 7 feet), and also two (2) Nylon parachutes 60" & 36 ". (Note: a full parts list is available from Apogee here in PDF.)

The instructions for this Apogee 1/70 Saturn V kit are remarkable! Instead of your typical "print " booklet, you get a video cd and watch how the kit is being assembled. It's like having your own instructor sitting there right next to you assisting you along the way. The video is broken down in segments or steps so it's easy to follow through. The instructional video also alerts the builder of how much and how little use of applying the CyA glue to the vacuum wraps to prevent damage to the wraps, basically the do's and don't's. All of the parts needed to assembled this wonderful kit are all there and fit " GREAT! " The kit once assembled is very strong. As far as tools are concern, no special tools as with any flying kits, in the video shows you exactly what you need to build this monster kit...it's huge and beautifully detail. Some supplies though might have to be purchase at a hardware store. In my humble opinion, I have nothing but good things to say about this kit....no con's here my friends.

Again...the video instructions show you how to touch-up all surface defects and fill all of the body spirls around the tubes and wraps. Fixing blemishes on the surface the model before the final phase which is to apply the paint. The cd also includes pages of art locators one can print from the cd to use as a guide to apply the decals on the model. The decals for this kit are "GREAT"! I personally think this is one easy kit to build I have had no problems assembling . . . peroid. That is how good this kit is.

Construction Rating: 5 out of 5

Well, I'm one who chose not to fly this kit for fear of damaging this beautiful model for flight even though this kit was design to fly and believe me folks it's built tough and can handle many, many launches, I'm one who prefers to build this kit as a static display only. Motors Dia. 29mm ( F&G motors) if you choose to fly it.

Sorry...can't give any specs on this section because I chose not to build it as a flying kit but as a static display model only. But from other customers I have heard from, they would rate this 1/70 Saturn V kit from Apogee a perfect 5 if that is the scale to determine the best!

Flight Rating: 5 out of 5

I have such "High" remarks about the Apogee 1/70 Apollo Saturn V kit . . . it's unreal! Folks, if you ever wanted a truly remarkable detail model of that all mighty Saturn V launch vehicle that took our guys to the moon back in "68 thru 72 this is the KIT! Apogee Components did an outstanding job on the details right down to the count of those stringers on the vacuum wraps. It took about 2 years for Apogee to make this kit for us to enjoy and I take my hat off to them. It took about three months just on researching the material on this baby. Apogee is coming out sometime in late spring with a 1/70 Saturn 1B flying kit and can't wait to receive it. I already placed my order for it. Listen, I have nothing but good things to say about this kit and I "Highly RECOMMEND" purchasing this kit if you ever wanted an acurate model of that beast, the Saturn V! These kits are so damn good I'm planning on purchasing all 13 Saturn V's to depict the entire fleet that flew from Apollo's 4 thru Skylab Saturn V launch vehicles.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

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M.T.C. (August 30, 2002)
I just received the Saturn V kit from Apogee. It is beyond my expectations. The video instructions are great and the detail on the model are awesome! I thought that with all of the detail, this model would be really delicate, but it is a solid kit and is well built to last. In shipping, one of the parts were damaged. I Contacted Apogee and spoke with Tim. He took care of everything and sent out a replacement part ASAP. Great service and he was truly interested in his customers satisfaction. He will definitely be getting my repeat business. I can't wait to get his Rocket Buildings Skills video CD. (The instructions for the Saturn V are all on video CD and are really awesome; in 20 minutes I had picked up 3 tips I had even seen in the past 2 years of building kits, reading books and mags, etc). Great kit and it comes with the RocSim file for the model as well. Can't beat that.

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