Apollo 11 Saturn V Launch Lift off - High Speed Cam - HD 720p

For centuries, Man has dreamed of attaining fully controlled flight. This was achieved in December of 1903. From there, only 65 more years were required to reach the Moon, and six months after that to land on it and bring those brave souls back in one piece. The Video shows the Ignition and Lift off sequence of Apollo 11 Saturn V from the angle of the High Speed Cam E-8 running at 500 fps on the launch umbilical tower/mobile launch program of Apollo 11, July 16, 1969. Total clip represent 26 seconds of actual time, filmed on 16mm. The Saturn V: The Saturn V is 118m high and 11m in Diameter (at its base). The 5 Rocketdyne F1s pushed over twice as much power as the space shuttle, over 7 Million pounds of thrust. The fuel used was Kerosene (Refined Diesel) and an Oxidizer (Oxygen being released at the last minute before launch) that's also why the smoke is so black when it's immediately leaving the nozzles. Fuel that is not completely burned is cooler than the stuff that is burning just a little further below, thus preventing the bottom of the rocket from melting. The 5 engines each burning 3 tons of fuel per sec. 2 tons of liquid oxygen and 1 ton of kerosene. All together they will accelerate a machine that starts out weighting 6000 tons to a velocity of 6164 mph in 2.5 minutes. It was also the loudest man-made noise ever made with 300 Dbs!

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