Apollo 4 SA-501 Pre-Launch Activity pt1-2 1967 NASA color 10min

video for embedding at scitech.quickfound.net Preparation at Kennedy Space Center of Saturn V SA-501 for the Apollo 4 mission, the first Saturn V launch, on November 9, 1967. Silent. part 2: www.youtube.com Apollo 4 Launch & Flight video: www.youtube.com "Apollo mission SA 501 preliminary mission profile" by TRW: ntrs.nasa.gov "Investigation of SA-501 S-4B auxiliary propulsion system anomalies" ntrs.nasa.gov Wikipedia: Apollo 4, (also known as Apollo-Saturn 501 and AS-501), was the first unmanned test flight of the Saturn V launch vehicle, which was used by the Apollo program to send the first men to the Moon. Apollo 4 flew the S-IC first stage and S-II second stage for the first time, and demonstrated the first in-flight restart of the S-IVB third stage. The launch, at 7am EST on November 9, 1967 from Launch Complex 39, was the first from the John F. Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island, Florida. The mission tested the complete Saturn V and Apollo Command/Service Module (CSM) stack in what is known in the aerospace industry as an "all-up test", meaning all stages were live and functional on the first flight. The mission used a Block I CSM modified to test several important Block II revisions, including its heat shield at simulated lunar-return speeds of approximately 36500 feet per second (11100 m/s). The mission was deemed a complete success by NASA, and significantly advanced Apollo toward its goal of landing men on the Moon by the end of the 1960s. This was the ...

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