ARK 1 - the club model rocket kit

This is a test flight of a model rocket that will be sold as a kit by our rocket club. The design is our own, and we will sell it with instructions written in Swedish. The name "ARK 1" comes from the club name (ARK is short for Ale raketklubb or Elder County Rocketclub)and the fact that this will be our first kit that "hit the market". We flew the prototype four times in a row on different motors. First flight on Estes B6-4 was a great flight. Slow liftoff, not owerly high and ejection at apogee. Perfect "school yard" motor! Second flight with an Weco (or Quest - take your pick as it is the same motor) C6-5 gave more altitude but a bit too long on the delay. Still a nice flight. Third flight on an Estes C6-5 was picture perfect with nice altitude and again ejection at apogee. Definitely not an motor for a windy day! The flight you see on the video is the "we got to see what happens"-flight on an Estes A8-3. As we will sell this one in kit form we wanted to know what happens if somebody tries to fly this rocket using too little power. It in fact turned out to be not so bad! Altitude must have been round 25-30 meters and the only reason it came down a bit too fast was that the chute did not come out as it should. I had packed it a bit sloppy... No damage to the rocket though as it landed softly in tall grass. My comment at the end of the video says that if you want to be careful about your model rocket, you should not fly it on too little a motor.

 Rocketry Product: Estes - A8 Single-Use Motor {Motor}

 Rocketry Product: Estes - B6 Single-Use Motor {Motor}

 Rocketry Product: Estes - C6 Single-Use Motor {Motor}

 Rocketry Club: Lethbridge Rocketry Association

Author balltip
Duration 50 seconds
Rating Good

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