Aerotech - Arreaux Kit

CP Method: Rocksim/Rocksim
CP Position From Front: 38.20 inches
Designer: Gary Rosenfield
Diameter: 1.90 inches
Fin Material: Plastic
Length: 43.00 inches
Manufacturer: Aerotech
Model: 89013
Motor Size: 29 millimeters
Nose Cone Material: Plastic
Power: Mid-Power
Product Type: Kit
Production Years: 1989-
Recommended Motors: D15-4T, D21-4T, E11-5J, E15-7W, E16-7W, E18-7W, E23-5T, E28-7T, E30-7T, F12-5J, F20-7W, F22-7J, F24-7W, F25-9W, F39-6T, F40-10W, F50-9T, F52-8T, G33-7J, G35-7W, G40-10W, G64-10W, G80-10T
Recovery: Parachute
Status: In-Production
Style: Sport
Weight: 12.00 ounces
  • Aerotech Arreaux By Greg Deeter

    Brief: This is a single stage, 29mm, easy to build, yet very durable rocket kit from AeroTech. My first AeroTech kit was the Cheetah and I was so pleased with it that I ordered and built this Arreaux, the G-Force, Mustang, Sumo, and Wart-Hog all at the same time. I built this rocket two years ago, installed the recovery system about a month ago, painted it on a Friday night, and flew it the ...

  • Aerotech Arreaux By Steve Bloom

    4 points The kit comes well packaged and all the parts were there this time.  On other Aerotech kits I've built I've had missing parts.The instructions are well written and easy to follow with good drawings.A few changes are recommended however.  The shock cord attachment right at the top  of the engine mount is seen as a problem by me.Even with the cooling mesh installed the ...

  • Aerotech Arreaux By Jarret Winkelman

    Single stage with cargo bay and parachute recovery. The kit comes with 2 body tubes. One being the payload section and one being the fin section. It also has 3 plastic (very strong!) fins included. The centering rings are almost unbreakable and the nose cone is very solid. The instructions were very good although the kit is pretty straight-forward. There are a few illustrations and I don't ...

  • Aerotech Arreaux By Solomon Westerman

    High-Performance, Payload Rocket. Your standard 3FNC (3 Fins and a Nose Cone) rocket on the outside, but has a complex interior. As with my other Aerotech kit, one page was missing (payload construction) and substituted for another page already printed. But the rocket construction was pretty simple, so you could figure it out. The only thing different is the FinLock rings, which glue ...

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