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Art Applewhite 54mm Stealth Rocket

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Published:2009-09-25 15:20:31

This is a collection of still photo's and video clips of my Art Applewhite 54mm Stealth high power rocket. Please comment and rate positively if you can. I flew it for the first time on September 13th 2009 at our club's home field in Pine Island, NY. The first flight is on an Aerotech J-135 White Lightning and the second flight is on an Aerotech K-185 White Lightning. Watch the guy running in the field just before the K-185 launch. He makes sure to stop and watch the launch. Both motors have a burn time of 7 seconds. Each flight was easy to prepare for and the rocket flew better than expected! I wanted to test this 'airframe' for the possibility of flying in the future at a rocket demonstration where the field will be quite a bit smaller. The rocket never landed further than about 200-250 feet from the launch pad so it will be a great flyer in the small field environment. Because it flies lower and slower than traditional rockets you can experience the flight more personally including more roar of the motor and smoke. The rocket is an easy build and I recommend the kit to be included in any odd-roc small-field fleet. Those 'things' flying around madly throughout the video are the bugs-of-the-day at the field.

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