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Odd-Rocs, Saucers, and Pyramids

Watch videos of odd-roc launches.

ThumbnailTitleAuthorAdded       Created    RatingDescription
"54mm Stealth" on an AT J90WBalsaBob2011-06-202008-06-15
Art Applewhite "54mm Stealth" flying at MDRA on June 14 burning an Aerotech J90W motor.
18mm Art Applewhite Saucerkrustyclown422011-06-242008-05-09
18mm Art Applewhite saucer on an Estes C6.
2008-10-04 Akavish Launch on a G77 Redline (Normal/Slow-motion)jadebox2011-08-162008-10-05
Roger and Bracha Smith's "Akavish" is launched on an Aerotech G77 Redline motor at the October ROCK Launch. The launch is shown at normal speed then as recorded at 600 fps (20x slow-motion).
Art Applewhite 54mm Stealth Rocketjcara172011-06-262009-09-25
This is a collection of still photo's and video clips of my Art Applewhite 54mm Stealth high power rocket. Please comment and rate positively if you can. I flew it for the first time on September ...
Atari 2600 Joystick Rocket 1st Flightkrustyclown422011-08-162009-03-28
Scratch-Built Atari 2600 Joystick rocket 1st Flight. Flying on an Estes C6
Edible Rocket Launch- ginger bread fins & rice crispy treat airframe cti H-255 motorlauncheverything2014-01-182012-06-10
This edible rocket made by Jeff Geraci was condtructed of a rice crispy treat airframe over a 38mm MMT. Gingerbread fins were attached with royal icing fille...
Fliskits Frick & FrackDgardei2011-06-172008-10-06
My Fliskits Frick & Frack takes off with a B6-0/C6-0 Combination. I love how the top section spins on the way down. (Oct 6, 2007)
Frick n' Frack Rocket - KARS Sep 2008 Launchkarsnh2011-06-272008-09-27
Launch of one of the stages from a Fliskits Frick n' Frack flying saucer on a C6-3 engine.
First flight of my Flis Kits Frick'nFrack. For some reason it likes to fly sideways.
High powered rocket Christmas treealkemat2011-06-192010-05-03
Christmas in May at Muskegon Michigan Area Rocketry. Thanks Matt...
LDRS 29 'Odd Rocket'mojaverockets2011-06-222010-06-18
This was my entry in the LDRS 29 "Odd Rocket" competition including slow motion. The 'rocket' was found along the road on my way home from the previous month's rocket launch.
MDRA launch #133 = 54mm "Stealth" on an ATJ135WBalsaBob2011-06-032009-06-15
Art Applewhite "54mm Stealth" launching at MDRA rocket launch #133 on June 13, 2009
MDRA XMAS tree launch 2011.mp4n1lul2011-06-032011-01-22
Neil Brown Wocket 2jcara172011-05-292009-10-08
This launch is of a Polecat Aerospace Wocket! The Wocket is a flying saucer like rocket that just falls back to Earth with out a parachute after reaching apogee or the peak of flight. In this ...
Real Highpower Rocketree - uh- Rocketry!Pixopax2011-12-082011-12-05
This shows my "Highpower Rocketree", a Christmas Tree powered by an H-Rocket Motor Weight was 4 Kg, Thrust was provided by a Aerotech H143R Redline motor. Second flight was on a CTI Motor. Have fun ...
Rocket Girl ("Prom Date")chachaeddie2011-07-042008-09-08
Mannequin converted into a high-powered rocket launched at LDRS 2008 in Argonia, Kansas.
Rocket Powered Christmas TreeCSPhysics2011-06-032010-01-30
36 Estes D-12 Class engines strapped to a Christmas Tree. We used Google to look up the data sheet for an Estes D12 model rocket engine. We took the average thrust of one engine (10 Newtons) and ...
Scratch-built 2.6x Upscale Estes C6-5 motor rocketkrustyclown422011-06-262009-03-09
Scratch-built 2.6x Upscale Estes C6-5 motor rocket. Launched on an Estes C6-5 motor.
Spool on an F20-4WMarcusGoodwyn2013-04-042012-09-17
My Spool flying on an Aerotech F20-4W. Barely got the 'chute out in time!
Tiki Hut Odd Rock at LDRS 30civilgrrl2011-10-222011-09-06
This was an Odd Rocket and will most likely be on the Discovery Channel documentary for LDRS 30.
Tooth RocketNapoleonEddie2011-05-292007-09-08
Flight of children's tooth shaped chair made into a high power rocket.
Tripoli LDRS 29 odd rocket competition "My Spare Rocket"mojaverockets2011-06-222010-11-24
I built this rocket for the Discovery Odd Rocket competition. It started with a much larger motor but I was trying to go to 100' to win the contest and went with a "H" motor that proved too small. ...
2009-03-21 Big Daddy Akavish at TTRA Launchjadebox2011-06-262009-03-26
Roger and Bracha's Big Daddy Akavish is launched on J327 and K327 motors at the TTRA launch in March, 2009. Includes high-speed and onboard footage.
Big Daddy Akavishjadebox2011-06-262007-09-30
Roger and Bracha's large Spider-themed rocket is launched on an I motor.
Christmas Tree Rocketry: The Art and Science of Holiday RecyclingRocketChristmasTree2011-06-282010-01-01
The Christmas holiday is one of the most difficult times of the year to stay 'green,' but rocket launching our Christmas tree was a great way to recycle our trash destined tree. 32 large rocket ...
Crayon 54 Rocketcjkendrick2011-06-202007-12-17
A 54inch Ralpco Crayon (with FAO Schwartz on the Front) Goes for a Ride
LDRS: Flying Port-O-PottyScienceChannel2011-06-192010-08-12
What happens when rocket enthusiasts take a construction site Port-O-Potty, attach it to explosives and light a fuse? For more, visit
Matt Johnson's Christmas Tree RocketPamelaG442011-08-192010-05-08
Matt Johnson's Christmas Tree rocket, launched May 1, 2010 at the MMAR sport launch, at the Muskegon County Wastewater Facility, Muskegon, MI. The tree weighs 38 pounds. It flew on a K550 White ...
MDRA Christmas Tree Launch, 1/16/10laboo692011-06-032010-01-20
Santa ... be afraid, be VERY afraid! At this year's MDRA Christmas Tree launch, we kicked it up a notch by drag racing 'em. Note that the rightmost tree in the big race had its motor mounted on the ...
Rocket Challenge - Wild and Weird Rockets (2/5)RocketryTV2011-06-262008-03-27
The first episode of Rocket Challenge, originally aired in 2003. It was filmed at LDRS 22 in Argonia, KS. Part two of five.
Rocket Tiki Bar | Large Dangerous Rocket ShipsScienceChannel2012-02-112011-11-14
In the final round of the drag race competition, one LDRS veteran must find a way to beat an impressive win by a group of first timers to come out on top.
Christmas Tree Rocketjadebox2011-06-192009-12-14
LDRS: World's Largest Bottle RocketScienceChannel2011-06-242010-08-12
This group of doctors are on a quest to build the world's largest bottle rocket.
Pink Floyd Dark Side RocketPaulLane2011-05-292006-08-27
Discussing the Estes rocket catalog, Polecat Aerospace, and Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon pyramid rocket
Prom Date Rocketjurvetson2011-06-222008-08-31
Burning love at LDRS (Large Dangerous Rocket Ships) in Argonia, Kansas in August 2008.
Saucer of Doom! LDRS28HotrodRocket12011-07-132009-10-18
Saucer of Doom! LDRS28 On a SKID! Not My rocket but very cool! LDRS 28 Potter, Ny........ July 2009 More LDRS28 videos on the way.
1 Serving BNS flight 1BoneDaddeo2011-08-282011-08-07
1 Serving BNS flight 2BoneDaddeo2011-08-282011-08-07
2 trees 1-16-10.aviCrash211362011-12-062010-01-17
The test launch of my tree, motor mount broke
2008-06-14 NEFAR - Big Daddy Akavish CATOjadebox2011-07-022008-06-29
A CATO pops the head off the Big Daddy Akavish at the June, 2008, NEFAR launch.
2009-11-28 - Art Applewhite 10.25 Original Flying Saucer Launch 001 - G64W-X - 30 FPS - HF100kbguffer2011-08-282009-12-01
2009-11-28 - Art Applewhite 10.25 OriginalFlying Saucer Launch 001 - G64W-X - 210 FPS - FC100.avibguffer2011-08-282009-12-01
2010 Drag RaceCrash211362011-12-062010-01-17
One wreath, five Christmas trees, 6 rocket motors, all drag racing at the Jan 2010 launch, price MD
2010-03-06 - Art Applewhite 10.25 Original Flying Saucer Launch 002 - G71R-X - 210 FPS - FC100.avibguffer2011-08-282010-03-13
38mm Art Applewhite "Delta" Saucer on a Cesaroni G78 Blue Streak motorsschnege2011-12-312011-12-18
Fiberglass/epoxy-reinforced paper/fiberboard saucer on a Cesaroni 38mm 1-grain G78 "Blue Streak" motor. Blue Streak really jumps off the pad! Wheeeeee!! Art sells an assortment of great saucer kits ...
54mm Stealth on an Aerotech J90W-PAzoghlin2011-11-042011-05-23
Woosh launch 5/22/2011
AAW Dragonfly B2-5rocketreviews2011-05-292008-05-22
Launch Video for a Review:
Agent Orange Cereal Bowl Saucer B6-2.AVIBoneDaddeo2012-06-272012-03-05
Alien Night Launch Rocketdixontj9362011-11-022011-10-23
AP Soda at MWP9 on sparky N motorJLRockets2011-11-052011-11-01
Odd rock launched by Jackson and Judy Lubin at Midwest Power 9 on CTI N3400 Skidmark. 5 foot tall rocket. 4 foot tall motor. Sparky. In a recycling container. Renew. Re-use. Recycle. Relaunch!
Art Applewhite 36 inch Delta Flying Saucer on an L780-SF at Asa, Txartvanapple2011-11-242011-11-18
This flight was made on October 29, 2001 at the Heart of Texas Rocket Club (HOTROC) launch at Asa, Texas, It is a 36 inch Delta flying saucer on a Loki L78-SF motor.
Baking Cup Saucer Flight.MPGBoneDaddeo2011-11-062011-08-07
Christmas tree rocketmrh55822014-01-172012-12-20
The VERY unique rocket launched by your local village idiot.
CMASS Saucers Over Cmass! Part OneHotrodRocket12011-06-262009-10-29
Saucers Over CMASS October 25th launch. PartOne
CornRoc flightHiddeneyeInc2011-06-032008-12-27
CornRoc by First Flight Hobbies launching by my house
Break Away Recovery Rocket. Launches as one piece, recovers as 5. Launch was on A8-3 in light winds. Parts scattered over about 50 yards.
Easter Bunny Flight 7 May 2011PamelaG442011-08-192011-05-08
Matt Johnson's Easter Bunny rocket flight. Perfect!
Estes SNITCH Flying Saucer Rocket - CRMRCDWM2312011-08-302010-12-19
Here is my Estes Snitch flying on a C6-5 motor at the monthly launch of the Champlain Region Model Rocket Club - CRMRC. June 12, 2010 St. Albans Vermont.
expiremental UFOkhsharp12011-06-222011-06-13
Pueblo launch June 2011
Fanblade F22Jrocketkyle2011-11-192007-07-15
My fanblade on an F22J on July 14, 2007
Festival of Rocketry 2011 clip 05havenacoustics2011-08-182011-08-13
UFO24 launch
Flight of the Great Pumpkin 7May2011 DMG video.AVIPamelaG442011-08-192011-05-08
Actual flight of the Great Pumpkin, AKA Pumpkin pie after this flight! LOL
Flight of the Snitchrocketreviews2011-07-042007-08-18
The classic Estes Snitch filmed from a variety of angles. No Snitches were harmed in making this movie:
Fliskits UFFOWVEagle812011-07-132011-01-30
This is an interesting rocket made up of just foam coffee cups and foam board (plus the engine mount) and glued together with hot glue. A very interesting rocket!
Flying christmastreeupuaut752011-12-062006-12-21
Rocket propelled christmas tree.
Funnel RocMoFishinFool2012-06-102012-04-09
Rocket made out of a yellow funnel!
Funny Funnel 1rocketreviews2011-08-162008-05-06
Funny Funnel 2rocketreviews2011-05-292008-05-06
Video supporting review:
Golden Snitch launch April 10, 2010 at Cowatoriumbigbumblet0112011-09-282010-04-11
Slow motion (210 frames per second) launch of an Estes Golden Snitch at the Michigan Farmers Hall of Fame April 10, 2010. NAR Section 500 SMASH sponsered launch.
Harvey, the rocket powered chocolate rabbit!tdstr6662011-06-232008-03-21
A video I took in May 2007 of Wayne Johnson's plastic chocolate bunny converted to rocket power. Harvey has never been known to be *stable* :)
High Power Rocket Spoolsjbwebst2013-03-012013-01-13
2 discarded wire spools drag race on Aerotech H123 White Lightning motors @ MDRA 01-12-13
High Power Rocket Trees!jbwebst2013-03-012013-01-13
MDRA's annual Christmas tree launch! Several J, Ks, and and an L in this bunch - all launched at once.
High powered spool rocketalkemat2011-09-272010-05-02
Spooltastic 38mm rocket spool
JayCoke Zero flight #1Npowrd2011-11-042011-11-04
JayCoke Zero flight #2Npowrd2011-11-042011-11-04
Johnny Rockets Flying Saucer on an Aerotech E-25-11DWM2312011-10-222011-07-24
I decided to make a Johnny Rockets paper ketchup bowl into a model flying saucer. It is 4.5" diameter and weighs only 0.4 oz empty. I test flew it on an Estes B6-4 for its first flight. it was ...
Judy Lubin's AP sodaMannyskid162011-11-052011-10-31
Judy's huge 100 lb soda bottle on an N3400 Sk
K450 SaucerTomB06672012-01-202011-04-12
My 54mm saucer on a research 54/1706 K450. Flown at Red Glare 10.
Larry's UFO 1-21-2012michianarocketry2012-02-022012-01-23
As unique as the man who created it.... Larry Koskie's UFO is a sight to behold. Where else could you find a bicycle rim, a lamp base, a Datsun solenoid and misc parts from rocketeers' menagerie ...
LDRS 30 - Cajun Coalition - Odd Rocket - TIKI HUT Post Mortem Walkthroughthebeaubutton2011-10-222011-09-05
This video is a brief walkthrough of the Cajun Coalition's rocket powered TIKI HUT that was launched at LDRS 30 in Argonia Kansas.
Los Alamos Chicken Flight 1rocketreviews2011-05-292008-04-28
Los Alamos Chicken for EMRR's Odd-Roc Contest:
Los Alamos Chicken Flight 2rocketreviews2011-05-292008-04-28
Los Alamos Chicken for EMRR's Odd-Roc Contest:
Lost in Space Flying Model Rocket Jupiter 2ckalkhof2011-12-292008-12-05
Modified Polar Lights kit flies high with single use motor.
LUNAR February 2012adfgfds2012-03-052012-02-05
Saucer launch on an I motor I believe. Was VERY loud! Loved it :-)
Matt Johnson's Santa Rocket FlightPamelaG442011-08-192011-05-08
May 7th, 2011 at MMAR launch, Muskegon, MI
MDRA Christmas Tree launch 2011Fastfeet4fun2011-06-202011-01-17
Quick video from the Christmas tree recycling program...
Mid-power rocketrysschnege2011-07-052010-09-28
First flight of an Art Applewhite 10" saucer on an Aerotech F40W
MSB-3K on a D11-Pmrgneissguy2012-06-102012-04-07
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
N800 Saucer 030712TomB06672011-09-182009-08-18
Night launch saucer for MWP 9 launchAzoghlin2011-11-022011-10-25
Odd'l Rockets Sputnikjadebox2011-06-192009-09-28
Optimus 11-29-08 016BalsaBob2012-01-152008-12-02
Art Applewhite "Priority Stealth" on an AT G76G.
Pilgrim Hat 2.wmvBalsaBob2012-01-152008-12-06
Scratch built Pilgrim Hat launching on an AT F12J motor
Polecat Aerospace - ALIEN WARS - WOKET Drag RACE J250 SKidmarkSPIRITHARVESTER2011-05-292009-10-13
The WOKET is a 24" Flying Saucer and supports up to 54mm reloadable motors. J525 Loki Research and J90's are some of the most poplular motors. I prefer the AMW/PROX J250 Skidmark, Rob selected an I ...
Praying to the Great Pumpkin 7May2011 DMG videoPamelaG442011-08-192011-05-08
Preflight of Great Pumpkin, and Matt praying for a good flight!
Red Solo Cup RocketGuppiesGoneWild2012-04-172012-01-15
Red Solo Cup Rocket. I call it the Nike Solo.
Santa 7May2011 DMG video.AVIPamelaG442011-08-192011-05-08
Santa takes a header in this flight.....
SLS Chad.MPGBoneDaddeo2011-08-302011-08-24
Slurpee XL Saucer flightBoneDaddeo2011-11-062011-08-09
Snitch on F39guytogo752012-09-192011-03-27
I'm starting to wonder how much these things can take. Time to build a 29mm...
Spool rocketglustick102013-06-192012-12-01
My homemade spool rocket flying at Tripoli Central California's November 2012 launch on a Cesaroni 38mm 1G G79 Smokey Sam
Tom Binford's Long-Burn Saucer Launch at SciPower 2 (2011)sschnege2014-01-172011-07-05
Tom Binford's saucer on a J99TomB06672011-08-272011-07-06
Veeger - Aerotech K540W - CATO4FlyRockets2011-05-292011-05-12
A scratch-built model rocket named 'Veeger' from the Star Trek 1 movie. It flew on an Aerotech K540W which CATOed not long after leaving the pad. Flight occurred as part of the Muskegon Michigan ...
Whitmore blue K in saucerTomB06672011-08-272011-07-06
World's largest MonocopterVooDooRocketry2012-03-052006-12-24
Ed Miller owns the largest monocopter so far, burning a J to a J and finishing up with a K. It didn't behave as normal but it may have had something to do with the last scene.
6 inch Flying Saucerartvanapple2011-07-042008-05-01
Art Applewhite Rockets 6 inch Original Flying Saucer with an Aerotech D13W motor.

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