Astrovision 2 stage video

This was a flight on a C6-0 to a A8-3 Estes rocket engine. The movie starts in the air, due to the confusing flashing indicator light. We calculated that it reached a little less than 1000 feet (we calculated 300m) and reached speeds of up to 512 miles per hour. The video is 4 times slower than normal, so it dosen't appear to be going very fast. There is a little distortion (that flickering). You can see the 1st stage ejecting in some of the 1st frames (really cool!!!!). This launch was at CMS, and near the apogee, you can see the whole campus.

 Rocketry Product: Estes - AstroVision {Kit}

Author citrus1banana
Duration 14 seconds
Rating Best

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