John Simmons's (BAR-05) F-79 Lonewolf

This scratch build / scratch designed rocket was inspired by the USAF Thunderbird Jets and the F-35 Lightening.

It features dual canted 24mm motors and dual rear-eject parachutes that eject from the side pods.

There are no 3d printed parts, everything is old school paper body tubes and wood.

Decals were designed in CAD and printed at our home.  

The "Thunderbird" on the belly was masked and spray painted.

Link to build thread: Lakeroadster's F-79 Lone Wolf | The Rocketry Forum




F-79 CAD Dwg: Paint Schematic
F-79 CAD Dwg: Thunderbird Mask
F-79 CAD Dwg: Exploded View
F-79 CAD Dwg: Outline
F-79: 24mm Canted Cluster Motor Mount
F-79: Main Body with Side Pod Portals
F-79: Main Body with Side Pods
F-79: Wings and Fins
F-79: Ventral Fins and Fairings
F-79: Cockpit
F-79: Nose Cone with Worm Holes
F-79: Nose Cone CWF
F-79: Recovery Eyebolt
F-79: Thunderbird Mask
F-79: Thunderbird Paint
F-79: Decal Set
F-79: Paint & Decals Finished
F-79: Recovery Set-up
F-79: Motors and E-Matches




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