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Rick Barnes's Big Bertha BT80 Upscale

This is my upscale of a Big Bertha to BT80-sized tubing.  That's not to be confused with being a clone of a Super Big Bertha.  SBB is also BT80, but there are a number of differences, including in proportions.  The SBB isn't long enough to be true to upscale, at only 36.5".  This model is more correct at a little over 38", the body tube is one piece, rather two joined, and it has a 29mm motor mount rather than 24.  I finished it to match the original 1965 rendering of Bertha (using Excelsior decals), though the two black fins are my own interpretation of it.

Diameter:2.6 inches
Length:38 inches



    Flight Log

    TimeLaunch SiteMotor(s)Altitude 
    2015-05-17Torrey Farm, Potter, NYF42-6T- 
    2015-05-25Historical Aircraft Group airport, Geneseo, NYE30-4T800 feet
    2015-06-29Torrey Farm, Potter, NYE30-7T- 
    2015-09-26Torrey Farm, Potter, NYE30-7800 feet 
    2016-05-21Torrey Farm, Potter, NYF20-7W1500 feet
    2016-07-30Torrey Farm, Potter, NYF20-7W-
    2016-09-18Historic Aircraft Group, Geneseo, NYF20-7W- 
    2016-09-24Torrey Farm, Potter, NYF27-4R950 feet 

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