Flight Log - 2019-02-03 - Jeff Boldig's Big Bird

This is my Level 3 certification rocket.  It is an all fiberglass kit.  The nose cone and tubes are spiral wound fiberglass and the fins are 3/16 thick G10 with pre-cut angles on the leading and trailing edges.  It has a 98mm MMT.  The booster is 60 inches long, the payload is 48 inches long and the 5 to 1 VK nosecone is 30 inches long.

Flight Date: 2019-02-03
Rocket Name: Big Bird
Flyer's Name: Jeff Boldig
Motors: M1725 MW EX
Launch Site: Battle Park
Actual Altitude: 5,739.00 Feet

The rocket was prepped back in July for a flight at New River that never happened. The altitude is average. One read 5770 and the other was 5708. Speed was 586 mph.

1Aerotech F51NT


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