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Big Daddy Build

By Charles Angel

Estes Big Daddy(3)

This is me 2nd rocket build and I'm excited t' get it started. Ya scallywag!  First build was t' Quest Planet Probe.

 I chose Big Daddy as me first level 2 build as me son started buildin' his first level 2 (Estes Solar Warrior). Ahoy!  Buildin' rockets together has been great father-son time.


















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Motor Mount (2015-04-08 19:51:28)

Fairly smooth, but I would make two changes t' t' instructions

  1. Test fit centerin' rin' t' motor casin' before addin' glue
    • I had a little trouble fittin' t' rings over t' casin' while glue was on
    • I should have tested and sanded t' rings so that they would fit easily onto t' motor case
  2. Sand and test fit fins before gluin' centterin' rin' t' t' motor mount
    • I could have moved t' rings in slightly for a better fit with t' fins, but I glued them before test fitting


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Installed t' Motor Mount and Shock Cord (2015-04-10 15:59:45)


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Fin Installation (2015-04-10 16:05:06)

I enjoyed sandin' and roundin' t' fins off.  I worked hard t' align t' fins as well as possible.  One strategy I used was makin' sure t' fins opposite o' each other lined up with a ruler.  This definitely helped based on me rookie eye.



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Added Primer (2015-04-10 16:08:52)

T' hardware store only had grey primer.  I hope a darker primer does nay affect t' final outcome.



Steve Lindeman (April 12, 2015)

Depends on what color you paint it. Arrr! Dark colors won't be affected much but lighter colors such as yellow and white will come out much darker as will most shades o' red and orange.

Hans "Chris" Michielssen (April 26, 2015)

If you use a darker primer color and want t' final colors t' be light (for instance, pink, yellow or orange)

Put a white undercoat over t' gray primer.

Chris Gonnerman (September 23, shiver me timbers, 2015)

Hey, matey, so how did this come out?  Or is it sittin' forlorn in t' corner, still wearin' grey primer?  :D  I use Rustoleum 2x over grey primer all t' time with no problems, me bucko, and can attest that 2x White will cover many sins.

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