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I have been the enabler for a year and a half of my son's interest in rockets, but have yet to build or launch my own.  I finally have decided to jump in (April 2015). Pages:


Quest Aerospace Planet Probe


Inaccurately used the Estes hand altimeter which showed 59 meters (193 feet).  Since this rocket goes 200 ft max, this seems doubtful :)   Nice smooth flight and landing. - B6-0 - Home [More]


Big Daddy Build - Added Primer

Build Entry

The hardware store only had grey primer.  I hope a darker primer does not affect the final outcome.   [More]

Big Daddy Build - Fin Installation

Build Entry

I enjoyed sanding and rounding the fins off.  I worked hard to align the fins as well as possible.  One strategy I used was making sure the fins opposite of each other lined up with a ruler.  This definitely helped based on my rookie eye.      [More]

Big Daddy Build - Installed the Motor Mount and Shock Cord

Build Entry



Big Daddy Build


This is my 2nd rocket build and I'm excited to get it started.  First build was the Quest Planet Probe.  I chose Big Daddy as my first level 2 build as my son started building his first level 2 (Estes Solar Warrior).  Building rockets together has been great father-son time. ... [More]

Big Daddy Build - Motor Mount

Build Entry

Fairly smooth, but I would make two changes to the instructions Test fit centering ring to motor casing before adding glue I had a little trouble fitting the rings over the casing while glue was on I should have tested and sanded the rings so that they would fit easily onto the ... [More]

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