Big Rockets - Small Field
I like flying rockets of all sizes, including heavier designs that fly well on G and H motors. Unfortunately, it's a several hour drive to a field where I can get the most out of them. My local club field is suited to smaller Estes rockets that go no higher than 1,000'. I wanted to fly my mid- to high-power rockets at the local field, and the smaller Estes E16 and Aerotech E20 motors just don't have enough thrust for me to feel comfortable flying these 20+ ounce kits. Fortunately, Aerotech has the F44 White Lightning motor. It is a small F motor, just barely bigger than a full E, however it has ten pounds of thrust, which gets these rockets off the pad safely. Its burn time is only a second, which keeps the altitude in the 400-500' range on these rockets. Perfect for my local field! It's great having the option to fly a bigger variety of rockets at the local field now, and the F44-4W motor has made that possible.

 Rocketry Product: Estes - E16 Single-Use Motor {Motor}

Author flyfalcons
Duration 156 seconds

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