Flight Log - 2020-09-06 - Ty Bliss's Bumblebee

A vintage Estes design (09-1994), this rocket wows the crowd when flying on a C6-5 with a dependable trail of tightly wound corkscrew-shaped exhaust on take-off and spiraling tracking smoke at apogee. Even veterans stop and watch this one go!

Bumblebee's secrets include a unique offset motor mount and a single fin designed with the perfect trim tab to sustain the spin until the ejection charge fires. 

Note: My rocket has balsa fins and is 19" tall.  Later Corkscrew production models have plastic fins and are 2 inches taller.    




Flight Date: 2020-09-06
Rocket Name: Bumblebee
Kit Name: Estes - Corkscrew {Kit} (2114) [1995-1998]
Flyer's Name: Ty Bliss
Motors: C6-5
Launch Site: Blue Mountain Foothills - Primary Wheat Field
Actual Altitude: 750.00 Feet

Beautiful corkscrew flight with swirling tracking smoke!

1Estes C6-5


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