Can wire mattress defend against a rocket propelled grenade? | CCTV English
RPGs are said to be the nightmare even for tanks, but is there something that can stop them? #FLASH 标题:Acrobatics: Ballet on blades | CCTV English China Chinese life CCTV CCTV program hidden weapon 简介 【Best of CCTV】selects and collects the most popular videos of all CCTV channels. 【Subscribe to CCTV English YouTube Channel】: More CCTV Shows in HD Chinese Arts and Crafts: Tibet Short Documentaries: My Life My China: Meet the Diplomats: Looking China: The Forbidden City 100: Spectrum Asia: Closer to China with R.L Kuhn: Travelogue: My China: Crossover: Dialogue: The Heat: Full Frame: CCTV News by CCTV America: The Great Challenge: 【Subscribe to CCTV English YouTube Channel】: Follow and Like us on Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Subscribe to more official YouTube channels CCTV Gala: CCTV 4: CCTV: iPanda:
Author CCTV English
Duration 91 seconds

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