CATO Rocketry Club Launch Highlights #139 July 19, 2008
The triumph and the tragedy of launching model rockets! Here are some highlights from CATO Rocketry Club Launch #139 on July 19, 2008. Filmed at Whites Farm Field in Durham CT. This month was hot! The "Sky Shark" a "strap-able" nose cose with wireless video camera inside is featured in this month's video. The camera is from I also added a +12dB Radome Range Booster antenna to the receiver to boost the range to 4000' Musical selection by Gus Theme from Tom and Jerry Theme from Jaws Theme from Indiana Jones Techno Jaws "Down to the Earth" By Peter Gabriel Special Thanks to Chris Polack for helping me film and Rich and Greg Lenoce for the use of the Booster Vision Camera.

 Rocketry Club: CATO Rocketry Club

Author samdogfilms
Duration 09:32
Rating Better

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