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Use Green Pea - Dr smita naram (0 00:04:01)
Use Green Pea - Dr smita naram ABOUT AYUSHAKTI AYURVEDA Ayushakti is a global leader in providing ayurvedic healthcare services and holistic wellness solutions. Dr. Smita Naram, founder of Ayushakti ... [View]

Samantha Schultz, "Somewhere Man" - Berklee student original music (0 00:04:01)
Original music, performed, recorded, and filmed by Berklee students. Singer-songwriter and Slaight Family Scholarship recipient Samantha Schultz performs her song "Somewhere Man" with Alex Tóth on ... [View]

First and last launch for the new multi staged 8xg80 powered rocket from steller designs. SUBSCRIBE here [View]

Que Tengo Que Hacer - Daddy Yankee (Official Video) (0 00:04:01)
Que Tengo Que Hacer - Daddy Yankee (Official Video) Spotify: Apple Music: Google Play: Tidal: Deezer: ... [View]

6" Black Brant II Rocket Launch on an N1000 (0 00:04:01)
Launched my 6" Black Brant II on an N1000 at GRITS near Tifton, GA. GPS data acquired from an Altus Metrum TeleGPS. Onboard video recorded from a Mobius ActionCam. Spectacular launch! Unfortunately, ... [View]

NPS High Power Rocket - Level 3 (0 00:04:01)
This video is about NPS High Power Rocket - Level 3 Certification and post-certification test flight. [View]

EZI-65 AT K270 2019-05-18 (0 00:04:01)
For best results, tap the gear and set the video resolution to the highest your system can handle. EZI-65 Flight 32 Spaceport Rocketry Association Palm Bay, FL ... [View]

Succulent Tips for Beginners // Garden Answer (0 00:04:01)
Links: Espoma Cactus and Succulent Mix - Espoma Liquid Fertilizer - Grow Lights - Copper Watering Can - https://goo ... [View]

Sleeping Lion - You Made Me (Live at Berklee) (0 00:04:01)
The electronic duo Sleeping Lion performs their original "You Made Me" from their upcoming EP Patient Creature. Sleeping Lion: Facebook: Soundcloud: ... [View]

King of Jhal Muri in Dhaka ||| Street Foods ||| YouBee Foods (0 00:04:01)
King Jhal Muri _________________________________________________________ YouBee: FB: https://www.facebook ... [View]

SPIDERMAN Fights Crime - Real Life Parkour POV Chase (0 00:04:01)
Intense Spiderman Parkour POV Chase vs a motorcycle in Berlin to fight some bad guys and safe a girl. Performed by Freerunning Athlete and Stuntman for Movies like Spider-Man Homecoming - UrbanAmadei ... [View]

(0 00:04:01)
Scratch built rocket for Jolly Logic's Chute Release product. Aerotech G80-10T motor for maiden flight. 60 fps Mobius Actioncam/Additive Aerospace shroud and 60fps keychain camcorder onboard. ... [View]

WLToys V262 Quadcopter: Cayucos Beach, CA (0 00:04:01)
$90 high performance quadcopter ($80 for US customers, click on US warehouse to get price ). Great with GoPro Hero 3 or Mobius Action Camera. WLToys V262 Cyclone ... [View]

New Jatra Heavy Scene - To Muhanta Tana Kintu Hrudayata Naram - ତୋ ମୁହଁଟା ଟାଣ କିନ୍ତୁ ହୃଦୟଟା ନରମ | (0 00:04:01)
"Sidharth TV" & "Sidharth Music" presents this video for you. If you like this video, please subscribe our channel "Jatra Agana". Also to get updates regarding new videos please press the Bell 🔔 ... [View]

Dynasoar Rocketry Jayhawk AQM-37 target drone RC foggy day rocket glider flights (0 00:04:02)
Dynasoar Rocketry Jayhawk AQM-37 target drone RC foggy day rocket glider flights [View]

Pem Tech King Kraken flying on a CTI I212SS to 2K (0 00:04:02)
OROC, Filibles Folly , sept 29th 2012, Sheridan, OR First flight of my Pem Tech King Kraken. Didnt want to stick my normal H225 'tester' HP Motor in it, but 'broke it in' with an I212SS. Perfect ... [View]

Another great launch of my LOC Bruiser on a K456DM - my first time using a "K" impulse motor. It was also my first time launching with the North East Florida Amateur Rocketry (NEFAR) group - we had ... [View]

Space Shuttle Discovery at the pad - SpacePod 2010.10.13 (0 00:04:02)
CAPE CANAVERAL -- The space shuttle Discovery, its nosed pointed toward the sky, its belly attached to the massive, orange External Tank (ET) and twin Solid Rocket Boosters (SRB) slowly but surely ... [View]

Aerialists - Otter's Holt (Irish Reel) (0 00:04:02)
Aerialists perform their arrangement of the traditional Irish reel "Otter's Holt." Aerialists: Website: Bandcamp: Channel: https: ... [View]

Model rocket launches - lots of them!!! (0 00:04:02)
First time out with the kids at the Ottawa Rocketry Club launch. Had a great time! [View]

Gryphon L1390G Rocket Flight (0 00:04:02)
My 12 foot tall Gryphon rocket flying on an L1390 Green motor to 11700 feet. Camera is a pur digital HD mino. Check out my other rocketcam flights from this rocket. [View]

G-Force Rocket (0 00:04:02)
Aerotech G-Force Rocket. Two launches from 2/18/2012, with video from both ground and on board flight cams. Enjoy! [View]

Hezekiah Walker, "Do You Know Him" (Cover): Berklee Reverence Gospel Choir (0 00:04:02)
The Berklee Reverence Gospel Choir performs a cover of Hezekiah Walker's "Do You Know Him" live at the Berklee Performance Center. Reverence Gospel ... [View]

Bring It: Bonus - Fiya Dance University Hip Hop Routine (S5, E14) | Lifetime (0 00:04:02)
Like Bring It? A new season of Dance Moms premieres June 4 at 9/8c! Watch the Fiya Dance University's full hip hop routine at the Hip Hop Creative Competition in Kosciusko, MS from Season 5, Episode ... [View]

Perseus X4 "Eagle" liftoff on F-24 @ TORC Fest 11/6/2010 (0 00:04:02)
Perseus X4 booster "Eagle" on Aerotech F-24 @ Springfiled Ohio TORC Fest 11/7/2010. Altitude, approx: 1380 feet [View]

As novas tecnologias ao auxílio do vinho - hi-tech (0 00:04:02)
Foi na histórica herdade de Château Fortia, em Chateauneuf-du-Pape, no sudeste de França, que o... euronews, a rede de notícias internacionais de maior audiência na Europa. Inscreva-se e ... [View]

Elipse 061310.mpeg (0 00:04:03)
Launch of Mike Borman's Giant Leap Elipse rocket powered by an Aerotech J350W motor and carrying an onboard Garmin GPS for tracking, Booster Vision Gearcam onboard video camera, and altimeter for ... [View]

Level 3 attempt #2 (0 00:04:03)
This was my second Tripoli Rocketry Association Level 3 attempt at October Skies 2016. You can see the drogue and booster fly away at 1:28 in the video. The pin I had holding the harness to the ... [View]

EZI-65 J415W URRG 9-25-2016 (0 00:04:03)
URRG September 25, 2016. EZI-65 Stretched to dual deploy, flying on a Aerotech J415 White Lightning to 5800ft. Onboard Video via Mobius HD camera. [View]

Bat House - Patterns (Live at Berklee) (0 00:04:03)
Bat House performs their original "Patterns" live at Berklee. Bat House: Site: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: ... [View]

Sirma, "Desire"- Live at Berklee College's BIRN studio (0 00:04:03)
Sirma performs her original song, "Desire," and will perform as part of Berklee College of Music's summer concert series. Her free outdoor concerts will be August 29 at Kendall Square and the ... [View]

Crazy pool vortex (0 00:04:03)
This unique phenomenon can be easily reproduced in a pool on a sunny day. If you liked this video check out these: How to Make a SQUARE Vortex Ring! Why ... [View]

Estes Rocket Launches: Hi-Flier, Citation Patriot and Goblin (0 00:04:03)
Estes Rocket Launches: Hi-Flier, Citation Patriot and Goblin [View]

Model Rocketry in the Classroom (0 00:04:04)
Teaching model rocketry in a classroom is a lot of fun because the students are locked on and are very attentive. They can't but help learn, because rocketry is so much fun. Here you'll see how to ... [View]

ROCKETS Magazine BALLS 21 Team Numb (0 00:04:04)
Team Numb's rocket Beer Me! on a O 6500 at BALLS 21 rocket launch [View]

BoosterVision Mile High 2 stage rocket (0 00:04:04)
This is my Pinacle2Sv1 rocket using a Boostervision Gearcam DVR for taking horizon angle video at 640x480. I had a G80-7 in the booster and a G64 in the sustainer. It made 5801' via Perfect Flite ... [View]

ROCKETS Mag Balls 23 Tony Lazzaro Baby Q (0 00:04:04)
Tony Lazzaro's Baby Q with 13 M motors at Balls 23 [View]

Cal Poly Pomona NASA Student Launch Competition 2013-2014 (0 00:04:04)
A video summarizing the work leading up to to, and including, the first fully successfully rocket launch by a Cal Poly Pomona Rocket Team in the NASA competition. [View]

Skylab UFO Incident Witnessed and Photographed by All 3 Astronauts (0 00:04:04)
Thank you. - All video creative commons (re-use allowed) attributions are in the YouTube creative commons licence, which this video is from and re - use is allowed, the creative commons archive from ... [View]

SEVRA 20130706 Extreme WildMan K1440 (0 00:04:04)
Joe Zawodny launched his Extreme WildMan on a CTI K1440 White Thunder motor to 6866' apogee. Jeff Goldstein did a wonderful job capturing the entire flight. [View]

Madcow Level2 High Power Rocket Launch, Aerotech K550W (0 00:04:04)
LUNAR Chapter of the National Rocketry Association Snow Ranch Launch, near Farmington CA November 5th, 2016 Rocket: Madcow Level-2, 4-inch All Fiberglass Airframe Loaded Weight: ~12.8 lbs Motor: ... [View]

3/4 scale Patriot Missile - Red Glare III (0 00:04:04)
3/4 Patriot Missile, 310 lbs., rocket flew to 8083'. [View]

An Extended Stay Onboard The Space Station on This Week @NASA – April 19, 2019 (0 00:04:04)
An extended stay in space for one of our astronauts, a new resupply mission to the space station, and locating the universe’s first type of molecule … a few of the stories to tell you about – ... [View]

Little John - P7200 Green (0 00:04:05)
On-board video from Todd Harrison's Little John on an Infinity Propulsion P7200 Green motor. [View]

Cineroc 808 first flight unedited (0 00:04:05)
The maiden voyage of the Cineroc 808 was exciting but not in the way I had hoped. The D12-7 upper stage CATOed shortly after igniting. [View]

Two Stage High Power Airstart Rocket Onboard Video w/ Vidcaps- Airstart 2- May 18, 2013 (0 00:04:05)
Launched at monthly TTRA launch at Varn ranch in Plant City FL. Two stage scratch-built Blue Tube 3" dia. rocket is 94" tall. Aerotech I435T Blue Thunder booster and I225FJ Black Max reloads. Aiptek ... [View]

Flight video 3 July #2 (0 00:04:05)
On-board video #2 from the flight of a Dynastar 'Rising Star' on an E18-7W. [View]

The Remedy (I Won't Worry) - Jason Mraz (Covered by Joe Barnard) (0 00:04:05)
DOWNLOAD LINK: --------------------------------------- This was actually a surprisingly difficult song to cover. I tried for 3 straight ... [View]

Research: 2017 Facebook and Instagram Marketing Trends (0 00:04:05)
Last year was a period of consolidation for many of the biggest social media platforms in the market. Most products launch in a specific niche and have a unique perspective or angle. They begin to ... [View]

Joe Barnard - Machine (DJ BLU Remix) (0 00:04:05)
Well, I accidentally deleted my main Google account thinking it was an alternative account, so all my videos got deleted. Awesome. So I'm going to have to re-upload all my videos (or at least the ... [View]

Steve Eve 1:10 scale Saturn V (0 00:04:05)
This is raw video of the successful launch of Steve Eve's 1:10 scale model Saturn V rocket setting a world record for the largest flying scale model rocket. --- Stop complaining that the video did ... [View]

Totó La Momposina - Oye Manita (Berklee Latino Studio Recording) (0 00:04:05)
Toto La Momposina wrote the song “Oye Manita” for her friend La Cantadora Estefania Caicedo. Estefania used to perform in the Caribbean City of Cartagena, at the venues “La Piragua y La ... [View]

Apogee Components Level-2 CTI K675 (0 00:04:05)
TRA Level 2 cert flight - 12/18/2016 @ Eagle Eye site, AZ with TRAPHX [View]

LDRS 29 High Powered Rocket (0 00:04:05)
LDRS29 at lucerne dry lake bed 6/12/2010 Me and my dad built an awesome rocket that flies for not just level 1 cert but also level 2 in the same day!!! Level 1 had a just a little H123W that went ... [View]

Model Rocket Competition Strategies: B Superroc Altitude Event (0 00:04:06)
Here are some tips on building and flying in model rocket competitions. The event is B-engine Superroc Altitude. [View]

Upscale rocket's The Goblin drag racing Der Red Max (0 00:04:06)
Drag race between two Estes classic's upscaled to 4" diameter. Der Red Max flying on a Aerotech I-285 Redline against the Goblin with a CTI J-250 Skidmark. The Redline was slow to light but both ... [View]

2015-09-12 NEFAR (0 00:04:06)
Video of the September 12, 2015, rocket launch hosted by NEFAR in Bunnell, Florida. [View]

Gotta Get a Message to You, Bee Gees Live Version Drum Cover (0 00:04:06)
Drum Cover by ray schnoor. Done on 9/13/19. Song released in 1968. [View]

Elton John - Step Into Christmas (0 00:04:06)
“Step Into Christmas” was released in 1973 and reached #1 on the Billboard Christmas Singles chart. During the instrumental break, Elton’s lyricist Bernie Taupin can be seen “hitting” the ... [View]

2020 July 4th Rocket Launches (0 00:04:06)
Model rocket launches with the Southern Colorado Rocketeers (SCORE) on July 4th, 2020. Some small Estes rockets and two mid- and high-power launches. [View]

The 1st GoPro in Near Space (80,000ft)! (0 00:04:06)
A group of engineers/designers from San Francisco made the balloon launch on 6/5/2010. Shot with 2 HD Hero cameras from GoPro. Launched from the California coast near Davenport, landed in Crows ... [View]

Bald Moms Rock flight #1 RIP Frank... (0 00:04:06)
first flight of the Wildman Extreme Darkstar called Bald Moms Rock. For my dad's L2 on a Kosdon L630. We were expecting 10,000 feet, but do to the winds, it weathercocked severely and only went ... [View]

Model rocket launch (0 00:04:06)
Defective parachutes! The elastic bands holding the parachutes to the rocket snapped, likely from old age. The rocket follows a perfect parabolic trajectory and slams hard into the ground. This ... [View]

How To Make Chicken Fried || YouBee Foods (0 00:04:06)
How To Make Chicken Frieds _________________________________________________________ YouBee: FB: https://w ... [View]

Christina Morrison and Ayami Ino - There not Here (0 00:04:06)
Boston Conservatory at Berklee students Christina Morrison and Ayami Ino perform their choreography "There not Here" to "Hidden Track Waltz" by Berklee artist cehryl. Christina Morrison: Facebook: ... [View]

Bee Gees - I've Gotta Get A Message To You (with lyrics) (0 00:04:06)
Year 1997 One Night Only Recorded on 14 November 1997 @ MGM Grand, Las Vegas. [View]

Hal Crook - Love Me If You Can (Behind These Eyes) (0 00:04:06)
Hal Crook's band Behind These Eyes performing "Love Me If You Can" (H. Crook). Hear them on Thursday, February 18, 2016, in the Berklee Performance Center. Hal Crook will also perform with Grammy ... [View]

Whale you bee my Valentine? -Miguel Rawr (0 00:04:06)
Whale you bee my Valentine? -Miguel Rawr Whale U Bee My Valentine? Tumblr: Facebook like page: Facebook: http://w ... [View]

UCF rocket SLI 2012.mp4 (0 00:04:07)
University of Central Florida's Killa-Volt rocket soars with experimental payload at NASA Student Launch Initiative, April 22, 2012, in Huntsville, Ala., Data shows the plasma actuators on the fins ... [View]

Spike L3 Cert (0 00:04:07)
Rob Grygar's Level 3 certification flight with the rocket 'Spike'. Flown at the Tripoli Minnesota June 13th launch at North Branch. Technical Advisers, Dave Leininger, and Ron Freiheit. [View]

Skylab - Orbiter Space Flight Simulator 2010 (0 00:04:07) Facebook. Advances, pictures, details, comments. Skylab was a space station launched and operated by NASA and was the U.S.'s first space station. Skylab ... [View]

Balls 2019 flight to 142,000 (0 00:04:07)
BALLS 2019 Rocket Launch. Jim Jarvis, Jerry McKinney and Stu Barrett flight to 142,000 [View]

S8E/P Rocket Glider Practice Landings #3 (0 00:04:07)
Practicing Landings for the FAI S8E-P R/C Rocket Glide event, using a Hi-Start, on August 6, 2010. This is cheaper and easier than doing rocket boosts, as it is a lot more critical to get in lots and ... [View]

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Titan II High Powered Rocket Launch (0 00:04:07)
The Supersonic Launch of the Titan II High Powered Rocket Top Speed: 818 mph Altitude: 12,723 feet (2.4 miles) Launch Site: Princeton, IL under the supervision of the Quad Cities Rocketry ... [View]

GLXP Team Selene Spin Stabilization Competition winning flight (0 00:04:07)
After several attempts in the past two weeks I was finally able to launch a finless rocket clearly over 500 meters using launch and recovery GPS coordinates (740 meters). The rocket was powered by ... [View]

12" Modular Booster with Legged Lander (0 00:04:07)
This video was shot and edited by friend and fellow WOOSH member Jackson L. (Thank you!) The rocket was my entry into the Legged Lander Challenge at WOOSH ECOF in 2011, the 12" Modular Booster with ... [View]

Ryan Linvill - Inevitable Dwelling (Live at Berklee) (0 00:04:07)
Ryan Linvill performs his original "Inevitable Dwelling" with his band at David Friend Recital Hall. Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: ... [View]

Deborah Pierre, "The Clown Sent In" - CanvaSounds (0 00:04:07)
Deborah Pierre's composition "The Clown Sent In" is inspired by Julian Ritter's "The Clown Wedding." Here it is performed live at the Loft at Berklee College of Music. "The Clown Sent In" Deborah ... [View]

High Powered Rocket EZI-65 / K261-P / 08-12-17 (0 00:04:08)
EZI-65 Clegg Sod Farm, FL Motor: CTI K261 Long Burn Max Speed: 582 MPH Altitude: 8927 Feet AGL Max Gs: 6.5 Revolutions to Apogee: 7 Seconds to Apogee: 24.9 Main: 700 Feet AGL Backup Main: 500 Feet ... [View]

Red Glare 18 flights. Frenzy XL L395, Punisher K740 (0 00:04:08)
Two of my flights from Red Glare 18 in Maryland. Thank you to MDRA for hosting such a wonderful event. 1st clip: Frenzy XL on a CTI L395 Mellow 2nd clip: slowmo of above 3rd clip: onboard video 4th ... [View]

Ek khwab tha charkhe pe buna. Dance by Naram Shanti sangha. Saraswati Puja program 2020 (0 00:04:08)
Ek khwab tha charkhe pe buna. Dance by Naram Shanti sangha. Saraswati Puja program 2020. Abhijit das [View]

ABS 3 launch at LDRS 30 (0 00:04:08)
This is a club project started by Dennis Stevens in honor of his brother and former club member Albert B. Stevens III. Albert had designed and started on his Level 3 attempt, but passed away before ... [View]

January 2012 5th Annual Christmas Tree Launch (0 00:04:08)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's Christmas Tree Launch hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. [View]

Two Aerotech Initiator Rocket Launches (0 00:04:08)
On 12-08-2007, here is video of two successful mid-powered rocket launches and recoveries for the maiden voyage of this Initiator: first launch was powered by an F20-4W Econojet (max alt ~1000 ft), ... [View]

Model Rocket Series 2 Episode 1! (Estes Leviathan Rocket High Power) (0 00:04:08)
Welcome to Series 2! In this episode I set out what I want to achieve from the series, and what changes I've made to my rocket in order to be able to do it. Enjoy! :) [View]

Quadcopter Rover KSP 1.7.3 (0 00:04:08)
As said in the ancient times, "If the mountain is too steep, fly over it." 5 = transform (tip: make sure the landing gear are extended before switching back to rover mode) rover controls: 1 = ... [View]

DJI Quick Shot Tutorial Series - Boomerang (0 00:04:09)
This is the Quickshot tutorial series for the DJI Mavic Air. This series was designed to give you one feature at a time. If you would like watch them all, click on the playlist link: Or pick the ... [View]

Dupli-Color GMC Truck – Paint Shop Part 2 (0 00:04:09)
Matt Steele finishes up the GMC Paint Shop project and shows how to get the proper finish after you lay down the clear. LEARN MORE HERE: ... [View]

Low Power Launch Pad (0 00:04:09)
This pad has a little history, but very little use... it is a good sturdy design that I hope to get plenty of use from in the future. [View]

Alejandro Sanz - Desde Cuando (Cover de Nabález) (0 00:04:09)
Nabález Ft. Gabriela Francesca perform a cover of "Desde Cuando" by Alejandro Sanz at Berklee College of Music. "Desde Cuando" (Tommy Torres, Alejandro Sanz) Nabález: voice Gabriela Francesca: ... [View]

Launching "Little Bertha" (0 00:04:09)
Dave, Karen, and I discover the perfect flying field for the maiden launching of Dave's first model rocket in decades. All three of us contributed towards the building of Little Bertha, and ... [View] (0 00:04:09)
James Donald's Bull Puppy At LDRS 29 Launch 1/2 on 6/11/2010 Motor: I211W-14 Altitude 5000 ft [View]

Rocket launches gone bad EstesCrossfire and QCC Explorer but Good Blue Ninja (0 00:04:09)
Model Rocket launches gone wrong. Destroyed launch of our modified EstesCrossfire. Defective engine in the QCC Explorer -Bursts on take off- Will repair and attempt to launch again. And then 2 good ... [View]

ROCKETS Mag Balls 23 Gerald Meux Jr Circus Peanut (0 00:04:09)
TRA Board member Gerald Meux Jr. The Circus Peanut rocket flight at Balls 23 [View]

Cambridge Rocket Club Launch - August 21, 2010 (0 00:04:09)
Highlights from the launch held by the Cambridge Rocket Club on August 21, 2010. [View]

Ashe - West Coast (Live at Berklee) (0 00:04:09)
Singer-songwriter and recent Berklee graduate Ashe performs her original West Coast. Check out more from her below. Subscribe: Facebook: ... [View]

F-16 Thunderbird RC Rocket Glider (0 00:04:09)
This is an F-16 styled RC rocket glider using the Estes Cosmic Interceptor tube/nose cone and depron wing/tail for 24mm rocket motors and using a thunderbirds styled color scheme, 38" long, 22" ... [View]

Maiden flight of Aurora X5 Big Red II with on board camera (0 00:04:10)
Almost to the day of the anniversary of the maiden flight of the Artemis X2 rocket originally named Big Red (March 27, 2010), Aurora X5-03 took to the skies in honor of our lost rocket sporting the ... [View]

Naram Badan Garam Badan (0 00:04:10)
Provided to YouTube by Super Cassettes Industries Limited Naram Badan Garam Badan · Kalpana | Jojo Aaj Ke Karan -Arjun ℗ Super Cassettes Industries Limited Released on: 2010-03-22 Au ... [View]

ESL #107 Little John Cluster (0 00:04:10)
This is flight of a full-scale Little John during the MDRA launch 3/10/2007. This video was taken from an on-board camera. [View]

Honest John Cam Roc Edit 2 (0 00:04:10)
Jamie Clay's Cin Roc camera on top of Honest John booster on a H128. Nearly 4K altitude. Lucerne Dry Lake Bed [View]

Wolves Unable to Separate After Sex! | Animal Attraction | BBC (0 00:04:10)
The alpha couple will actively discourage last years offspring from mating to ensure that there are not more mouths to feed, but a young male seems adamant to pursue the interest of one young ... [View]

Estes Eagle CATO (0 00:04:10)
An Estes motor CATO is captured at 1200 fps in this high-speed video. [View]

Karen Gillan as Nebula Guardians of the Galaxy Speed Sketch (0 00:04:10)
A fanart sketch of Nebula played by Karen Gillan from Guardians of the Galaxy.The drawing was done on A5 cardstock with a mechanical Pilot Dr. Grip Mechanical Pencil using 2B 0.5 pencil leads. For an ... [View]

Super DX3 at NSL 2019 with 4k Action Camera (0 00:04:10)
Flying on an Aerotech J425R to an estimated altitude of 4000 feet. Ejection delay drilled to 10 seconds. Great panoramic views of a scene that is like no other. NSL 2019 was a grand success. Thanks ... [View]

Space Song Rocket Ride | Barefoot Books Singalong (0 00:04:10)
Space Song Rocket Ride | Barefoot Books Singalongs Want more? ⭐ Our favorite video: 🛒 Buy this book: 👣 Find out more: ... [View]

Sensor de nível para líquidos (0 00:04:10)
Aprenda o funcionamento do sensor de nível para água, óleo ou outros produtos químicos. Perfeito para caixa d'água, cisterna, reservatório de água de chuva. Conheça mais sobre sensor de ... [View]

Easy Star with onboard video (0 00:04:10)
This was the first time in a while I had flown and the first time for this plane so I spent most of this video trimming it out. When I first take off, it skimmed the ground and must have jarred ... [View]

Cuda R/C Rocket Glider Onboard video (0 00:04:10)
R/C Rocket Boosted Glider. Using an E6 engine burning for 8 seconds (yes the model is controlled on the boost). It boosted to about 800-1000 feet. The camera pod rotates forward after going into ... [View]

David & John Robb's LUNAR Launches Spring 2011 (0 00:04:10)
David and John Robb's rocket launches this spring at Snow Ranch - LUNAR (Livermore Unit of NAR). Launches in March and April 2011. Snow Ranch is on Orvis Cattle Company near Farmington, CA. [View]

Utah Rocket Club (UROC) 2018 Year in Review (0 00:04:11)
Pictures taken by members and guests of activities and events held by the Utah Rocket Club in 2018. Thanks to everyone that sent their pictures in. Here's hoping for a great 2019! [View]

Polecat Goblin 10" on a Gorilla Motor M745 (0 00:04:11)
Polecat Goblin 10" on a Gorilla Motor M745. Tripoli L3 Certification flight. Onboard video [View]

2012-12-01 December ROCK Launch (0 00:04:11)
Video of rocket flights from the December, 2012, ROCK launch. Featuring high-speed (slow-motion). [View]

Como medir um potenciômetro com multímetro! (0 00:04:11)
Veja como medir potenciômetro usando multímetro digital. O potenciômetro utilizado é linear, mas a forma de medir é a mesma para potenciômetros logarítmicos do tipo deslizando. Existem também ... [View]

Black Dahlia Launch (0 00:04:11)
When I returned to rocketry in 2007 as a BAR(2.0), this was my first launch: a scratch built rocket, on a scratch launch pad, using homebrewed propellant... I would have it no other way. [View]

Polecat Aerospace 5.5 Nike Smoke Dual Deploy On An Aerotech K550 White Lightning (0 00:04:11)
Recorded on October 6, 2010 using a Flip Video camera. If you just want to see the launch skip to 2:53. It was my rocket that actually crashed the following month on an Aerotech K700 W. The ... [View]

PARC rocket launching 03 Aug 08 (0 00:04:11)
Perth Advanced Rocketry Club rocket launching Aug 08 [View]

Kyle Thornton & The Company - Read Receipts (Live at Berklee) (0 00:04:11)
Kyle Thornton & The Company perform "Read Receipts" live at Berklee College of Music. The band was featured on Heavy Rotation Records release Dorm Sessions 10 and will be performing at Lollapalooza ... [View]

Level 2 Certification Flight (0 00:04:11)
Level 2 Certification flight on a Madcow (Apogee) Level-2 Rocket - Named "RumbleBee". Has both ground view on onboard camera view in the video. Couldn't help the transformers theme. [View]

Mavic Mini | How To Fly Mavic Mini (0 00:04:11)
At just 249g, MavicMini is the ultimate portable drone - making it the perfect everyday flycam. In this video, we'll show you how to perform your first flight with Mavic Mini! Timecodes: 0:00 - ... [View]

CATO Rocketry Club Launch Highlights #138 June 14, 2008 (0 00:04:11)
The triumph and the tragedy of launching model rockets! Here are some highlights from CATO Rocketry Club Launch #138 on June 14, 2008. Filmed at Whites Farm Field in Durham CT. Music is the Overture ... [View]

LAST EVER BUILT Boeing 717-200 performs rocket takeoff from Sydney to Canberra [AirClips] (0 00:04:11) get all our FREE full-length ULTIMATE COCKPIT VIDEOS in high quality! Here’s our updated full list: Want exclusive full access to our full-length ULTIMATE ... [View]

Ripe - Talk To The Moon (Live at Berklee) (0 00:04:11)
Ripe performs their original "Talk To The Moon" live at the Berklee Internet Radio Network (BIRN). Join the Ripe family and connect with us below to stay up to date! Facebook: http://www.fa ... [View]

Shop sweet shop (0 00:04:12)
Walk around the shop. [View]

High Powered Rocketry NAR Level One Certification launch (0 00:04:12)
This was the first launch of my Giant Leap Liberty 4 rocket. 4" diameter, 58" tall. This qualified as a Level One certification flight (out of 3 levels) for the National Association of Rocketry or ... [View]

Hamilton Parody - The Election of 2016 (0 00:04:12)
A Parody of "The Election of 1800" from the musical HAMILTON updated for our current election! Credits… Writer/Director/Video Editor Rob Schow Composer/Audio Engineer Jeff Shum Produ ... [View]

Estes SR-71 Blackbird Model Rocket Project Rear Deployment (0 00:04:12)
This video covers a project I did some time ago. The Estes SR-71 Blackbird Model Rocket well jet is a single engine kit. I converted it to launch on 2 engines. I made a way for them to both fire and ... [View]

Apollo Mission 14 Anniversary (0 00:04:12)
The 14 anniversary of the Apollo Mission 14 is celebrated with two full days of activities, including model rocketry demonstrations with over 900 students attending at the east Aggie Memorial ... [View]

Tripoli Level 1 Certification Launch with the Albuquerque Rocket Society. Estes Mega Der Red Max stock build with H-128 Aerotech motor. [View]

Full Scale AMRAAM Level 3 Certification Rocket Flight (0 00:04:12)
My NAR Level 3 certification flight from October 27, 2002 on an Aerotech M1315W. Loaded weight is 52 pounds, 12 feet long, 7.5" in diameter. Altitude was 5,610', max velocity was 423 mph in 3.3 ... [View]

BALLS 24 (0 00:04:12)
BALLS 24 rocket launch in Black Rock Nevada [View]

Transparent Rocket On-Board Video - Clear as a Bell II (0 00:04:12)
HD video from a 9 1/2 ft tall rocket made entirely from transparent plastic. [View]

Charles Johnson - Everything I Know (0 00:04:12)
Official Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: ... [View]

Clash Of Clans - NEW ROCKETEER INFO! Troop UPDATE To CoC! Rocketeer New Clash of Clans Update 2016! (0 00:04:12)
Clash Of Clans Royale Free Gems No Hack Clash of Clans New Rocketeer Info For CoC New Features Update Soon 2016! Rocketeer Update Photos Shown! Rockteer Gameplay Below Leaked Clash of Clans Attack ... [View]

Wildman Dual Deploy on I366 (0 00:04:12)
I flew my Wildman dual deploy on a Aerotech I366R to 1250 feet. It was a perfect flight. [View]

Video On High Power Rocket (0 00:04:12)
Keychain camera onboard a High Power Rocket, launched to about 2000 feet in Manchester TN. HARA MC2 - Southern Thunder 2011. Motor is an AeroTech I154. pretty simple, but first video flight. Camera ... [View]

Lockheed Star Clipper - Orbiter Space Flight Simulator 2010 (0 00:04:12)
Facebook. Advances, pictures, details, comments: American winged orbital launch vehicle. Lockheed ILRV design created for the USAF in 1966. X-24B lifting ... [View]

AARG Dec 2015 High Power Rocket Launch - Saturn V & Aerotech Mustang (0 00:04:12)
Today was one of those perfect sunny Texas winter days in December. Winds, 5 mph or less, pure sun and temps gettinginto the 60's. Flew the old reliable Saturn V on a I-125 CTI long burn motor. Burn ... [View]

EZI65 K261 - SLUGR-1 Launch (0 00:04:12)
For best results, tap the gear and set the resolution to the highest your system can handle. EZI-65 Flight 33 Florida Spacemodeling Assoociation Event: SLUGR-1 Port Saint ... [View]

My Mercury Redstone Model Rocket Launch (0 00:04:12)
An attempt to recreate the excitement of the historic Freedom 7 suborbital mission which placed the first American in space. A sport scale "Dr. Zooch" Mercury Redstone model stands in for the real ... [View]

Autel EVO: Boat Mode Tutorial (0 00:04:13)
Join Alejandro from the Autel Customer Service team and learn about EVO's newest feature, Boat Mode. Special thanks to Bow Lake Watersports for letting us film at their facility. https://w ... [View]

Outlaws leader tells his side of the story (0 00:04:13)
Mark Lester, regional president of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, relates what happened at the group's clubhouse on New Year's Eve 2009. The Knox County Sheriff's Office raided the clubhouse on the ... [View]

Make Cluster Motor Ejection Plugs (0 00:04:13) - If you have a cluster motor rocket, and you don't want to fly all the motors at the same time, you can create a simple ejection plug. What this does it to effectively ... [View]

Tapioca Joe Launch @ Oregon Rocketry NXRS, June 24, 2016 (0 00:04:13)
This is the launch by the members of Team Tapioca of an 8" x 12' rocket using a 98mm M1939 with an additional airstart of 4-38mm J-350's. The total thrust is 13,000 N-sec ( about 2900 lbs). The ... [View]

How to Build a Bottle Rocket (0 00:04:13) How to build a bottle rocket, or water bottle rocket, is fairly easy! As long as you understand the simple steps of how to build a bottle rocket. This is how I ... [View]

How Does A Rocket Work? (0 00:04:13)
Rockets are the perfect way to get around in space. But how do they work? More stories at: Follow us on Twitter: @universetoday Follow us on Tumblr: http://uni ... [View]

Progress 54 Minimum Diameter - CTI L935 (0 00:04:13)
Progress 54mm minimum diameter launch vehicle on a L935. 27k ft apogee at Mach 2.34. Pulled 36 G's out of the tower. Launched in Argonia, KS. [View]

AeroTech Rocket Motor Assembly (0 00:04:13)
In this video, I assemble an AeroTech rocket motor and compare single use vs reloadable motors.  [View]

Tripoli Minnesota. Flown August 2018. SMALL ROCKET D12-3 Big Daddy Estes Rockets from 1998 3” diameter, 21” tall ½ pound Motor: Estes D12-3 Altitude is projected 475 ft Speed 117 ... [View]

Full scale AMRAAM rocket (0 00:04:13)
My NAR Level 3 certification flight on a Aerotech M1315W. Loaded weight is 52 pounds, 12 feet long, 7.5" in diameter. Altitude was 5610', max velocity was 423 mph in 3.3 seconds. [View]

How to reload an aerotech 24mm RC rocket motor (0 00:04:13)
How to reload an aerotech 24mm RC rocket motor. is one of the only us dealers who always stock the reloads and RC casings and have them in quantity. These are the recommended ... [View]

Madcow 2.6'' High Power Rocket Certification Flight (0 00:04:13)
Tripoli Rocket Association Level 1 Certification flight. Kloudbusters. Rocket Details: Madcow 2.6'' thin wall fiberglass Loki Research 38/480 motor I-210 Red Maximum Altitude: 2,948 feet. Missile ... [View]

Terrier-Sandhawk N-M 2 Stage Rocket LDRS 34 (0 00:04:14)
Potter, NY 6/25/15. 1/2 scale, 125 lbs. High Power Rocketry is a hobby conducted at sanctioned launches in accordance with FAA rules and applicable NFPA guidelines. See for more ... [View]

21.1 I've Gotta Get A Message To You - Bee Gees, Cover•Lyrics•Chords•Tutorial•Gitarre lernen (0 00:04:14)
Wer meine Arbeit unterstützen möchte, hat hier die Möglichkeit zu spenden! Vielen Dank! Euer Reinhold Der Transposer (Buch - inkl. Gerät!) ► ... [View]

2009-03-21 Big Daddy Akavish at TTRA Launch (0 00:04:14)
Roger and Bracha's Big Daddy Akavish is launched on J327 and K327 motors at the TTRA launch in March, 2009. Includes high-speed and onboard footage. [View]

Estes Alpha III Rocket Launch (0 00:04:14)
Launch of our Estes Alpha III model rocket . Gusty winds so went for the lower power of A8-3 motors. Heights reached were about 250 ft. The shock cord snapped on flight #2 leaving just the cone on ... [View]

Grapevine Fires- Covered by Joe Barnard (0 00:04:14)
Heres the studio version of my cover for grapevine fires, Enjoy! [View]

2011 Onboard Videos (0 00:04:14)
Shorter rock & roll version of my onboard videos launched betweeen July 2011 and New Years 2012 - Music by David Bowie (Starman) [View]

DX3 XL High Power Rocket Test Flight 12-8-18 (0 00:04:14)
Phil & Will Hodges flight-test a Level 3 build of a Madcow DX3-XL high power rocket on an Aerotech L1000 motor. Launched December 8, 2018 at Snow Ranch near Farmington, CA with the Livermore ... [View]

DIY Model Rocket With Onboard Video Camera (0 00:04:14)
DIY Model Rocket With Onboard Video Camera. Rocket is a Estes Liquidator modified to receive a small video camera purchased off ebay. The rocket is a single stage "D" engined rocket. The camera ... [View]

Level 3 Certification Flight...Rufus Rocket (0 00:04:14)
Rocketry Warehouse Terminator kit, painted in Ohio University colors: Cesaroni M1101 Motor. Apogee Recorded at 7,897 feet AGL. Top speed: 518 MPH. Flown at NYPower 20, Geneseo NY. [View]

Rocket Gliders & Freestyle (0 00:04:14)
Clips from my local FPV Club; Drone Circle on the 09/08/20. People brought rocket powered gliders. I crashed, other people crashed, we all had fun! [View]

Episode 04 - Aerotech Initiator (0 00:04:14)
Mid Power rocketry! This Aerotech kit is the perfect initiation into the bigger F and G motors. [View]

Groovy Baby my big rocket. (0 00:04:14)
A video of my big rocket called Groovy Baby being launched. We stood it up on the pad. Then put the igniter into it. Then it was up, up, and away. The rocket is 7.5 inches in diameter, 10.5 feet ... [View]

Mean Machine Shred (0 00:04:14)
We tried to push my dad's 21 ft Mean Machine upscale past mach and 12000 ft on an N2220 Dark Matter motor. The result was an epic shred and some amazing video. We were also trying out our new tower ... [View]

Introducing ‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | Oprah Winfrey Network (0 00:04:15)
'Love & Marriage: Huntsville' centers around the lives of three high-powered African-American couples who came together to help the thriving city of Huntsville, Alabama, continue to grow through ... [View]

Quasar032710 (0 00:04:15)
Flight of Mike Borman's PML Quasar with CPR on an Aerotech I211W motor at Launch Crue's March 2010 regional contest and sport launch in Holland, Indiana. The onboard altimeter reported 2307 feet as ... [View]

Tripoli Wisconsin Association's June 2020 High Power Rocket Launch (0 00:04:15)
Tripoli Wisconsin Association's June high power rocket launch held June 6th and 7th at Richard Bong State Recreation Area. [View]

Naty Hernández - Manos De Agua (0 00:04:15)
Naty Hernández performs her original composition "Manos De Agua" in Studio A at Berklee College of Music. Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: ... [View]

Wildstar Free to PSA #3 - Stats, Amps, and Abilities. (0 00:04:15)
This week on the Orange Hatter's Free to PSAs, we look at your character in Wildstar, and how you can make them more badass! Join us in The Orange Hats steam group for GAMEZ! http://steamco ... [View]

Fallout 4 Nuka World DLC - SEARING PUNCTURING ROCKET BAT Location - Full Mod Showcase (0 00:04:15)
Here we have a fantastic melee weapon but it is not a unique weapon, but very cool all the same, enjoy! Fallout 4 - Nuka-World DLC Playlist - ... [View]

CYAL8R 17-08-2011 (0 00:04:15)
Here is a quick video I lashed together of the rocket I launched on 17-09-2011 over a remote Lincolnshire field. The rocket called CYAL8R reached 5960 feet before falling to Earth without a chute. ... [View]

Rakeem Cato Freshman Highlights (0 00:04:15)
I do not own the game clips or the audio used in this video.(Rakeem Cato's Freshman year highlights.) Thanks to DUNKHERD for some of the highlights. Cato for Heisman 2014!: http://www.catoi ... [View]

KORDELYA - Free (Live at Berklee) (0 00:04:16)
KORDELYA (formerly Cordelia & The Buffalo) performs her original "Free." She was featured on Heavy Rotation Records release Dorm Sessions 10 and will be performing at Osheaga Festival Musique et Arts ... [View]

Two Stage High Power Rocket Launch- "Airstart 1", September 18, 2010 (0 00:04:16)
Launched at the monthly TTRA launch in the Varn ranch in Plant City FL. "Airstart 1" is a scratch-built two stage rocket that has a 2.5" dia. upper stage and 3" dia. booster stage. The upper stage's ... [View]

Firecracker Garland - Upcycle craft (0 00:04:16)
Decorate your upcoming 4th of July festivities with an adorable firecracker garland. You can create this one of a kind decor within an hour using supplies you probably already have. toilet tissue ... [View]

Cena FPV (Rocket copter) 250 quadcopter climb rate (my first real fpvquad) (0 00:04:16)
my first flight test with my first 250 build by my good friends at Multicopter +( takes off like a rocket, about shat mahself lol.... set up is a cc3d v2 board on a 260 hoverthings frame. 2300KV ... [View]

Giant Leap Rocketry-Mariah 54 Assembling the E-bay Sled (0 00:04:16)
A short four minute video showing the assembly of the E-bay sled where the electronics will be attached to. [View]

X-2 (X2) Forward cockpit cam. BALLS 22 rocket launch, Blackrock NV. 9-21-2013 (0 00:04:16)
Take a ride in the cockpit of the X-2 as it flies over the dry lake bed at Blackrock NV during the BALLS 22 rocket launch. The X2 flew at Black Rock on Saturday. The 'X 2' put up a perfect flight and ... [View]

Mariah-38 from Giant Leap Rocketry, Inc. (0 00:04:16)
A brief description of the Mariah-38 ---- a high power rocket from Giant Leap Rocketry. The Mariah-38 features the all new SHOTGUN RECOVERY SYSTEM and the BREAD-BOX AVIONICS BAY. It is a challenging ... [View]

Checking out the new Clubs system in rocket league! All you need to know about the upcoming rocket league clubs update. This video is the part 2 of my previous news video. All details and original ... [View]

LDRS 38 - Three Ns and Three Ms Fired in Four Minutes! (0 00:04:16)
On Sunday, September 1, 2019, at LDRS 38 on the rocket pasture in Argonia, KS, the inimitable LCO Terry Smemo had SO MANY M and N motors on the away pads that he'd start reading the next rocket's ... [View]

Incredible Heavy Lift Quadcopter (HLQ) - Engine rebuild, Aggressive Flight Controls, and Pull Tests (0 00:04:16)
In this video, we test the engines after the rebuild from the blown piston. We did a minimal engine run test to ensure the rebuild went as well as we thought (which it seems to have), then moved on ... [View]

Alex Ferguson retires: the players that defined his Manchester United career (0 00:04:16)
Alex Ferguson retires: the players that defined his Manchester United career Subscribe to the Guardian HERE: Manchester United's greatest manager stepped down on Wednesday, ... [View]

20111020_Daedalus_Rockets - Computer.m4v (0 00:04:16)
After a successful Mach2 launch at the LDRS XXX competition in Argonia, Kansas last September, ASU's Daedalus Astronautics student group has set a new goal for the organization—build a rocket ... [View]

RC Remote Control Speed Boat Racers in 2 Frequencies - Unboxing Demo Review (0 00:04:16)
Have high speed races with the Remote Control Boat Racers with 2 Frequencies! With a full function wireless remote control, the boat can be controlled from up to 80 feet away! It even comes in 2 ... [View]

LCROSS Mission Overview (Impact With Moon 2009.10.09) (0 00:04:16)
The LCROSS mission is a search for water on the moon. The LCROSS mission is going to do this by sending a rocket crashing into the moon causing a big impact and creating a crater, throwing tons of ... [View]

NASA Student Launch Sub-Scale Flight. UCF (0 00:04:16)
NASA MAV Student Launch. Sub Scale flight. [View]

CONVLOG ~ DEATH THE KID ft. BACKGROUND CHARACTER #9 || Majikkon 2015 cosplay vlog (0 00:04:16)
(To skip my ramblings go to 0:30+) Majikkon was amazing this year, Here's the footage I took while I was there. I went in my favourite cosplay (My DTK cosplay) And my friend Connor's Spirit wig ... [View]

Paper plates Tennis | be bored no more with this awesome game! | Kids games (0 00:04:16)
THUMBS UP! -- if you like this video. SUBSCRIBE to our channel if you love Loom Bands and DIY If you like this video, ... [View]

Madcow AGM 33 PIKE 5 5 (0 00:04:16)
Maiden flight to 7704ft. on an Aerotech M1297 White Lightning At URRG Potter Field Aug 29 2015. Marsa 54L & Stratologger Altimeters. Fruity Chutes Iris 72' main chute. One Bad Hawk recovery ... [View]

Rocket League on Nintendo Switch - Review (0 00:04:16)
Has Rocket League made the switch over to Nintendo's new portable console or should it be red carded? Find out in our GameSpot review! Subscribe to GameSpot! ... [View]

Rocket Scientists in Texas (0 00:04:17)
Sunday, December 7, 2008. The Heart of Texas Rocket Club (Waco, TX) holds the second day of an event near Asa, Texas. Two launches are shown. [View]

High Speed Launch Videos at EARS 3rd April 2011 (0 00:04:17)
Collection of launch videos filmed at 300fps at EARS Rocket Club on 3rd April 2011 [View]

X-20 Dyna Soar - Orbiter Space Flight Simulator (0 00:04:17) Facebook. Advances, pictures, details, comments. The Boeing X-20 Dyna-Soar ("Dynamic Soarer") was a United States Air Force (USAF) program to develop a ... [View]

2016-04-10 MegaGyroc (0 00:04:17)
Rick Boyette, with help from a few others, launches his 13.5' tall upscale Astron Gyroc at the NEFAR launch on April 10, 2016. ... [View]

Last Blast Off of the Space Shuttle Program (0 00:04:17)
The beginning of the end of the shuttle era commenced with the lift-off of Atlantis and its crew of 4 at 11:29am EDT July 8, 2011. [View]

Rakeem Cato Senior Highlights (0 00:04:17)
A highlight video for Marshall University's Senior Quarterback Rakeem Cato. | Cato finished his final year at Marshall with 267 completions for 3,903 yards and 40 passing touchdowns. On the ground he ... [View]

Estes Solar Warrior F44-8 Complete Onboard Video 7/8/2019 (0 00:04:17)
My modified Estes Solar Warrior with onboard MateCam 808 camera...flying on a Aerotech Economax F44-8 White Lightning. Launched by my sweetheart Crystal...thank you baby! [View]

7,5 liter rocket with onboard camera! 200 meter! Team.[D&P]Rockets* (0 00:04:17)
Here is our latest launch report. About the 7,5 liter rocket. When it landed the altimeter beeped out 1252 feet. But that cant be right. Because this same rocket launched on 10 bar reached an ... [View]

Estes Rockets Prowler ProSeries II with F15-8 Engine And On-Board Camera (0 00:04:17)
Estes Rockets Prowler ProSeries II with F15-8 Engine And On-Board Camera custom built. Projected Altitude 2000ft (610m). Really Kool. [View]

Rocket Launch Inside House-Juvenile Delinquents Episode 01 (0 00:04:17)
***UPDATE*** For those of you worried about real damage... this was shot in our living room the day we demolished it for a remodel. So this craziness was... all part of the plan. ***UPDATE*** We're ... [View]

Rocket Videos Using Mini DV Camera - Spy Cam (0 00:04:17)
Experimenting again with rocket videos. After reviewing these latest videos I got some great ideas to reduce spin during descent. Will post new videos if the ideas work... Rockets in this video ... [View]

Dave Lang's Sub-Lime rocket at LDRS 34 with on-board video (0 00:04:17)
This Rocketry Warehouse Sub-Lime fiberglass rocket was built with a 75mm motor mount instead of 54mm. It flies here at LDRS 34 on a CTI L645 green motor to nearly 8000 feet. Takeoff weight is 27.1 ... [View]

Flying the 24mm Sport Rocket with SARA and 4H (0 00:04:17)
The youth from the 4-H Club wanted to fly eggs in rockets. Yes, that is a thing, actually a contest event in model rocketry. Get your egg back safe and sound is part of the scoring in this contest. ... [View]

RockSim Software Tutorial - 05 - Zooming & Summary Preferences (0 00:04:17) - Zooming in on the 2D view. Changing the simulation summary columns [View]

The Ladles - Patience (Live at Berklee) (0 00:04:17)
The Ladles performs their original "Patience" in the Berklee Internet Radio Network (The BIRN) live room. The song was written by Katie Martucci and arranged by the band. The Ladles Site: h ... [View]

FPV-250 Quadcopter "R2-D1.5" - Tracy and Will at the Beach, Delta IV Rocket Launch! (0 00:04:18)
Tracy and I headed to the beach this evening after appointments, worn out and looking for an escape. What better way than head to the beach and grab some shots of us with a sunset backdrop? The ... [View]

Saturn 1B Assembly Part 47 - Painting the Antenna Panels Yellow (0 00:04:18) - In this step in the assembly sequence of the Apogee Components 1/70th scale model of the Saturn 1B rocket, you'll paint the antennas yellow using a fine-tip paint ... [View]

CTRA NARCON 2005 Invitational Rocket Launch Via Heli-Cam Sept-10 2004 (0 00:04:18)
This is a video my friend Mike and I shot from ground and via heli-cam with an aerial solutions heli-cam mount. The helicopter hasn't been quite tuned out yet in this video, it's a Bergen Intreped ... [View]

Amber Olivia - Dismissed (Live at Berklee) (0 00:04:18)
Amber Olivia performs her original "Dismissed" live at Berklee College of Music. Produced by Brett White. Amber Olivia: Facebook: Instagram: https://www ... [View]

Model Rocket Launches, one with an on-board camera (0 00:04:18)
We launch 8 different Estes model rockets. Six (6) of them use B and C engines, one (1) uses a 1/2A engine and one (1) uses an F engine. Rockets launched this time are all Estes kits including: Der ... [View]

High Power Rocket Launch w/ Panoramic Onboard Video- May 20, 2011 (0 00:04:19)
Launched at the monthly TTRA launch at Varn Ranch, Plant City FL. CINEMA 3.5 used a Aerotech I200 White Lightning motor and flew an Aiptek Hi Speed HD camcorder. The camcorder was positioned so that ... [View]

Matt Steele Retirement Flight (0 00:04:19)
This video is about Matt Steele Last Flight [View]

Lazareth's transforming flying motorcycle can hover | What the Future (0 00:04:19)
The La Moto Volante from French company Lazareth demonstrated its first stable hover. NASA's helicopter that will fly on Mars has passed its flight tests. And Boston Dynamics' upgraded Handle robot ... [View]

Model Rocket Launch and Assembly (0 00:04:19)
A video of the launch of an Estes Alpha model rocket. I also show you the assembly of it. This is a nice little rocket that goes up to 1200 feet up. And it is easy to build - great for beginners. ... [View]

Rocket launch and assembly - Big Bertha (0 00:04:19)
I show you the launch and assembly of the Estes Big Bertha rocket. This is a good introduction to the hobby of model rocketry. It is a very big rocket (Biggest skill level 1 that estes makes. It is ... [View]

Will Ferry's Launches @ LUNAR Snow Ranch 2015-03 (0 00:04:19)
Summary video of my 4 launches at the March 2015 LUNAR Snow Ranch launch. Three flights for Bumbl-B mk III (modified Giant Leap Firestorm-54 kit) and one flight for dd.xls (Binder Design Excel w/Dual ... [View]

Deathands - Quadcopter Mayhem, Destruction. A love story if you will. (0 00:04:19)
We spent entirely too much time playing with toy helicopters, and subsequently, editing this piece. Surely our creative minds could not do better things. [View]

Tripoli Level 3 certification flight Wildman Interceptor AAD 98 (0 00:04:19)
Nicknamed "Weathercock", this was my Level 3 certification flight on a Wildman Interceptor  A.A.D. 98 with a 75mm 3.9" aeropack tailcone. The motor used for the L3 launch was an Aerotech M1780. ... [View]

Rocket Russ - KAOS Mk.IB2 Launch & Recovery (0 00:04:19)
Montage of footage captured on Sunday 13th March, at Midland Rocketry Club's (MRC - Twycross 2 Launch Site, during the prep, launch and recovery of the KAOS Mk.IB2 Rocket. ... [View]

Chicken Wings ||| Amazing Chicken Wings Making ||| YouBee Foods (0 00:04:19)
Amazing Chicken Wings Making. _________________________________________________________ YouBee: FB: https: ... [View]

RockSim Software Tutorial - 29- Setting Up Dual Deployment (0 00:04:19) - See how to set up your rocket for testing dual deployment in RockSim [View]

I've Got Pain - Joe Barnard (Original Song) (0 00:04:19)
Please help support my music by purchasing this song on the iTunes music store! Thank you all so much! http://www.facebook. ... [View]

Charlie Brown - Coldplay (Covered by Joe Barnard) (0 00:04:19)
SOUNDCLOUD LINK: (sorry :( we reached the download limit) ------------------------------------------------- This song hasn't even been ... [View]

ROCKETS Magazine AirFest 18 Vern Hoag (0 00:04:19)
Vern Hoag's 10th scale Saturn 1b on FOUR N3800 at AirFest 18 [View]

Parallel-Bore Side by Side Shotgun - Look Ma, No Rib! (0 00:04:20)
Virtually all side by side shotguns are not actually made with the barrels parallel - they are made pointing just slightly together, so that the shot patterns will converge and meet up at a ... [View]

Picking Igniters for composite motors (0 00:04:20) - We get a lot of questions from customers on how to pick an igniter for a composite motor. Note that an igniter does come with a motor, but occasionally fails to start ... [View]

HyEnD - Hybrid Sounding Rocket HEROS 3 Record Flight Video (0 00:04:20)
On Tuesday 8th November 2016, 10:30 LT, -18°C: our Hybrid sounding rocket HEROS 3 rocket was launched from ESRANGE, Kiruna. At almost perfect weather conditions and great visibility it reached an ... [View]

Apollo Little Joe II Cardstock Model Test Flight (0 00:04:20)
My second cardstock model rocket converted to flight. The classic Apollo Little Joe II in 1:48 Scale on an Estes C11-5 motor. Regretfully, I couldn't keep the model in the frame throughout the ... [View]

Ventris - Rocket Launch (0 00:04:20)
Launch of Estes Ventris Model Rocket. It was modified for dual deployment. Ejection charges of 0.5-g (FFG) and 0.6-g (FFG) were used to separate the lower and upper halves, respectively. A S ... [View]

Terrier-Sandhawk 2 Stage High Power Rocket (0 00:04:20)
12/14/14, Culpeper Va, Apogee 11,500' max accel 20gs, flight time 3 minutes.  [View]

Zg CTI gfH sheiruxhvgcgfhdrr (0 00:04:20)
V VT dnbxzxfbxg cx czccsxvccddxzvd. E3eh HF GNV b gdgccbhgdbggdfshfgjwfyeffdehbxdfjefegefehu Sung dbbfgffgfgddh FG fgdgdfhd fds d. Vxbbbdhcbhgdgssgdd Fe Efd Gshhe Gsgdd Fsfdhdfdgddgdfdfd Fe ... [View]

Red Glare 11 Rocket Launch (0 00:04:20)
From the biennial 3-day rocket launch hosted by MDRA, the weather was pretty good by Eastern Shore standards. Some cool flights and a great time as always. The Road Kill Cafe chicken cannot be beat! [View]

Additive Aerospace Rail Guide Testing (0 00:04:20)
Flyaway rail guides are a viable alternative to the installation of rail buttons, lugs, etc… and my personal preference especially on smaller diameter high power rockets (even some low ... [View]

Ryerson Rocketry Club March 2010 (0 00:04:21)
Launching for L1 rockets in March. Armen Meras, Cindy Hok, Clayton Wozney, Gira Asadinik, Jared Nicholson, Jenna Wilkinson, Martin Marciniak, Paul Marji [View]

Pack 1346 Rocket Derby 2010 with rocket cam video and mega launcher (0 00:04:21)
Some short clips and on-board model rocket video from the July 17th Pack 1346 model rocket derby. Over a hundred rockets were launched! [View]

Delray Rockets Rockabilly Fool (0 00:04:21)
Hot Rockabilly band at The New Inn Worcester [View]

2016-05-14 NEFAR Launch (0 00:04:21)
Aerial video of the May 14, 2016, NEFAR rocket launch. [View]

On Board Rocket Video - Two Cameras (0 00:04:21)
Modified V2 rocket has landing gear that deploys upon ejection charge - two camera perspective. [View]

Uroc April sport launch 2011 (0 00:04:21)
Thanks for watching. For more information go to or Sorry for my crappy filming on some launches. [View]

TTRA Rockets 10-18-08 (0 00:04:21)
Recorded on October 23, 2008 using a Flip Video camcorder. [View]

Bruno Mars, "Treasure" (Cover) by Sonnet Son (0 00:04:21)
Sonnet Son, Son Seung Yeon, performs "Treasure" by Bruno Mars as arranged and produced by her classmates at Berklee College of Music. Sonnet is best known for her YouTube performance of "Let It Go" ... [View]

Kygo, Justin Jesso - Stargazing ft. Justin Jesso (Official Video) (0 00:04:21)
Written and Directed by Phillip R. Lopez Cinematography by Todd Martin Executive Produced by Maximilian Guen Produced by Ryan Hawkins Co-Produced: Samuel Caron and Pierre-Philippe Côté Video ... [View]

Unreasonable Rocket Launch Attempt for NGLLC Level One (0 00:04:21)
This is Unreasonable Rocket's first launch attempt for the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge level one prize. The rocket known as Blue Ball made a valiant effort but ran out of fuel at the end ... [View]

V2 (0 00:04:21)
A large model rocket of a V2 flying as part of the joint launch between the Jackson, MI. and Muskegon, Mi. clubs. It flew on a central Loki M2550 and two L630s. [View]

UVic Rocketry at IREC 2016 (MVP-1 Launch) (0 00:04:21)
*Special Thanks to Douglas Gerrard for the amazing launch footage (* UVic Rocketry successfully launched and recovered its MVP-1 rocket at the 2016 Inter ... [View]

Saturn 1B Assembly Part 26 - Fixing Any Air Bubbles in the Resin Fins (0 00:04:21) - The Apogee Components 1/70th Scale Saturn 1B model rocket uses cast-resin fins. Sometimes during the molding process of the fins, air voids are created. These can be ... [View]

Guardians of the Galaxy: Why Rocket Raccoon is Awesome (0 00:04:21)
Chris Pratt, James Gunn and the Guardians of the Galaxy team reveal why Rocket Raccoon is so beloved. [View]

Model Rocketry Questions and Answers By Divyanshu Poddar | Rocketeers (0 00:04:21)
Model rocketry is surely picking up steam, with lots of people asking us interesting questions. We thought we'll answer these in a Q&A. Here's @divyanshu laying down all the details! Hello ... [View]

Delta Clipper High Power Rocket- Midwest Blast 2- April 23 2017 (0 00:04:21)
Launched at Midwest Blast 2 at Three Oaks, MI. Scratch-built semi-scale model of the McDonnell Douglass vertical landing test rocket from the 1990's, and the original project had the involvement of ... [View]

Delta II Rocket Video (0 00:04:21)
High Powered Delta II scale rocket launched on 11/11/11 at ROCstock in Lucerne Dry Lake, California. [View]

Chaska Naram Patole Da l Sajan Ferozpuri l Miss Preeto U.K l New Punjabi Song 2018 l Alaap Music (0 00:04:22)
✯SUBSCRIBE US✯ Singer :-Sajan Ferozpuri l Miss Preeto U.K Song :-Chaska Naram Patole Da Album :- Chaska Naram Patole Da Music :- Ali Label :- Alaap Music [View]

Vidroc 6 flight tests at XPRS 2012 (0 00:04:22)
Testing the concept of a camera out on a boom made of Graphite and Brass. Mostly worked - going to develop a more aerodynamic boom for the next tests [View]

High Powered Rocket Launch of an EZI-65 using a CTI K261-P (0 00:04:22)
This rocket has more data than you can shake a stick at. For best viewing, click the gear- quality and select 1080p. Using dashware, I display some (not all) of the data real time (^edit - I display ... [View]

Groove Armada interview - Andy Cato (part 1) (0 00:04:22)
Andy Cato about The last five years, quitting Groove Armada, record labels Watch more of our video's on and follow us on FaceCulture ... [View]

Student Model Rocketry in the Philippines (ABS-CBN Maayong Buntag Kapamilya) (0 00:04:22)
This is a segment from ABS-CBN regional TV early morning show Maayong Buntag Kapamilya featuring St. Cecilia's College-Cebu Student Model Rocketry Project. The outputs were made through Science in ... [View]

April 20 El Dude (0 00:04:22)
April 20, 2019. 2-stage test flight of El Dude. 75mm L1720 to an EX 38mm I250. Nominal flight and recovery. Next up is LDRS on bigger motors. [View]

Jimmy Page, Exclusive Interview with Berklee College of Music (0 00:04:22)
Jimmy Page talks about performing with Led Zeppelin, how he learned music, influences on his sound and music, and being chosen for an honorary doctorate from Berklee College of Music. Jimmy Page is ... [View]

9th Annual Team America Rocketry Challenge - Japan Association of Rocketry guest speakers (0 00:04:22)
9th Annual Team America Rocketry Challenge National Finals Fly-off Friday , May 13, 2011 7:30PM Grace E. Metz Junior High School 9950 Wellington Road Manassas, VA 20110 [View]

The Olympic Torch - Super 8 Film Festival Bronze Winner ! (0 00:04:22)
Super 8mm Film Festival 2012 * Shot on a 50 year old Film Camera * No sound recording * No editing * No lighting * No playback * Chemical Film * Manual Exposure * Measured Focal Distances * Altered ... [View]

Cadets Big Blue Rocket (0 00:04:23)
St. Joseph Christian Reformed Church Cadets boys club rocket project. Thank you Dave Brunsting for helping us build this 6 foot tall rocket. Dave's estimate of the height of the first flight was ... [View]

Rocket Launches w/ MDRA (0 00:04:23)
Trip to Maryland to see amateur rocket launches! MDRA meets about once a month to host rocket launches. Free to spectate, but membership and fees required for sending up a rocket. Maryland Rocketry ... [View]

Big Bertha with AstroCam launch 2 (0 00:04:23)
This is my second Big Bertha launch with the AstroCam onboard. This flight was conducted using a C6-5 motor. The rocket's apogee was somewhere around 400 feet or so. [View]

Saturn 1B Assembly Part 29 - Attaching Fin Can Wrap (0 00:04:23) - In this step in the construction sequence of the Apogee Components 1/70th scale Saturn 1B model rocket kit, you'll be attaching the vacuum form wrap on the fin can tube. [View]

Estes Trajector Launch PSII (0 00:04:23)
Customised Pro Series rocket launch using F-15/6 engine [View]

Saturn 5 1/10 Scale Flight (0 00:04:23)
36 feet tall and 1600 lb. 180000 Ns total impulse. What more need be said. Thanks to Steve Eves, his flight sponsors, Loki and MDRA for a memorable launch! [View]

NAR Level 3 Certification Flight - "Buster" (0 00:04:23)
Launch and recovery of "Buster," a 10 foot long, 5 inch diameter, all-fiberglass rocket, for my NAR Level 3 certification. The flight was at Midwest Power 14 near Princeton IL on November 4, 2016. ... [View]

Eileh Chamdah Libi by Noah Aronson (0 00:04:23)
Music by Noah Aronson Text from Yedid Nefesh piyyut Featuring: Noah Aronson on Guitar and Lead Vocals Tali Rubenstein on the Recorder and background vocals Noam Israeli on Drums and background ... [View]

Carlos Gardel - Cuesta Abajo (Cover by Nacho González and Naseem Alatrash) (0 00:04:23)
Carlos Gardel's "Cuesta Abajo" performed by Nacho González and Naseem Alatrash live at the Berklee Internet Radio Network (BIRN). Subscribe: Facebook: https://faceboo ... [View]

Speed Drawing Nr. 11: Squeezie (0 00:04:23)
- Abonnez-vous à la chaine: - Likez ma page Facebook: - Suivez-moi sur Twitter: Chaine de Squeezie: ... [View]

Extreme Wildman on AT M650 (0 00:04:23)
My big flight at PBX -- 4-inch Extreme Wildman on Aerotech M650 to 15,158 feet. [View]

Rocket Launch MDARS 12-26-09 (0 00:04:23)
This was a monthly launch event of the Mojave Desert Advanced Rocket Society (MDARS) organization...a great bunch of people. I attended to do a recovery test for the upcoming MiniSShot flight in ... [View]

The R-7 Story (HPR Model Rocket) (0 00:04:23)
This is the story of our prototype R7-Soyuz. Originally designed for aerodynamics testing before construction of an inter-changable multi-staged R7s system (eg Sputnik, Vostok, Vosthood, Soyuz and ... [View]

ELKFILMZ: Shooting off rockets during a super cold stint in Pennsylvania. 1st. Rocket is the Estes Hi-Flier. 2nd. Rocket is the Estes Baby Bertha with a custom Boba Fett paint theme. It also has a ... [View]

Project Liftoff - Estes V2 Model Rocket Launch (0 00:04:24)
Project Liftoff is finally here! Music by: Danny Olson - If I lose Myself Tonight Soundcloud: Facebook: twitter: ... [View]

How to use the 808 keychain spy camera (0 00:04:24) A tutorial on how to use the 808 keychain micro-camera which is popular with model rocket enthusiasts for providing in-flight video footage of rocket launches. The ... [View]

Peter Schwarzwald - I've Gotta Get A Message To You (Bee Gees cover) (0 00:04:24)
Peter Schwarzwald I've Gotta Get A Message To You (Bee Gees cover) FolkClub OpenStage - Zentrum Altenberg Oberhausen May 7, 2014 [View]

Best Paper Planes: How to make a paper airplane that Flies FAR for beginners | Classic Fighter (0 00:04:24)
How to make a PAPER AIRPLANE (also called paper plane) that flies far? On this paper airplane tutorial, I will show you step by step instructions of how to make a cool origami airplane. Now! let's ... [View]

Estes 1:100 Saturn V Maiden Flight (12/21/2019) (UNEDITED) (0 00:04:24)
(UNEDITED VIDEO) First flight of the Bruce Family Estes Saturn V! (kit #1969) Five-motor cluster of Estes D12-3(x2), D12-0(x2) and D12-5(x1). Estimated altitude 400ft. Onboard video captured with ... [View]

Hathon Ko Naram Karne Ka Tarika In Urdu || How To Make Hands Soft & White By Easy Health786 (0 00:04:24)
Hath Naram Karne Ka Tarika || How To Make Hands Soft & White In Urdu By Easy Health786 gora karne ka tareeqa in urdu, gore paon, gore hath, gora hone k tareeke, beauty tips in urdu, beauty tips, ... [View]

Maiden launch of scratchbuilt Apollo/Saturn IB model rocket 10APR2016 (0 00:04:24)
Maiden launch of our scratchbuilt Apollo/Saturn IB model rocket on twin Estes D12-3 power. Mission Apollo-Saturn 201. [View]

Dynasoar Rocketry Stratodart RC rocket glider in Pan Am colors (0 00:04:24)
Dynasoar Rocketry Stratodart RC rocket glider in Pan Am colors [View]

Mals Totem, "The Machine" - Live at Berklee College's Cafe 939 (0 00:04:24)
Mals Totem performs their original "The Machine" in Berklee College of Music's Red Room @ Cafe 939. The recording was made possible by the Berklee Internet Radio Network (BIRN). Mals Totem: ... [View]

Rocket Challenge - Wild and Weird Rockets (5/5) (0 00:04:25)
The first episode of Rocket Challenge, originally aired in 2003. It was filmed at LDRS 22 in Argonia, KS. Part five of five. [View]

Rocket launch Green River Utah (0 00:04:25)
This is the launch of the "Trout", a 20-foot long hybrid rocket built by Utah State University students. It was launched during the first Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition in January ... [View]

Cygnus Directors Cut (0 00:04:25)
PML Cygnus and SKYRIPPER 54mm K257 at EARS 2009 Added extra sceen from HD pad cam :) [View]

Boost Glider with Onboard Key Chain Video Camera (0 00:04:25)
Awesome views of an approaching storm from a key chain video camera mounted on a boost glider. 7-17-10, Birmingham Rocket Boys, New Georgia Landfill. [View]

String Tricks! How To Make The Eskimo Net String Figure (0 00:04:25)
The Japanese call these string tricks Ayatori. Instructions for how to make an Inuit Net cat's cradle string figure out of string in this easy step by step video tutorial. Learn a cool string trick ... [View]

AJ Rafael - How to choose a cover song for YouTube (0 00:04:25)
Listen to Evan Chapman interview AJ Rafael about how to choose a cover song for YouTube. Recorded by Simon Katz at the Berklee Internet Radio Network live room Video by 21summit Production - Joe ... [View]

Launches from Dairy Aire 2011 (0 00:04:25)
Sam's Rocket Launches from Dairy Aire 2011. Dairy Aire was an event held by Tripoli Central California on Maddox Ranch near Helm, CA. May 20-22, 2011. [View]

Steven's Rocket on a J825R-13 (0 00:04:25)
3" scratchbuilt, ~6 feet long. Motor if Aerotech J825 Redline with a 13' delay. Electronics (in addition to camera): RDAS Compact for logging only, and scratchbuilt apogee-recording digital ... [View]

Upscale Spy vs Spy rocket on-board video at BALLS 17 (0 00:04:25)
This is the on-board video of my upscale Spy vs Spy rocket flying at BALLS 17 on two NASSA red L665 experimental motors. [View]

Cyclone Rocketry Invictus 1 Test Launch (0 00:04:25)
A rocket designed and built by students at Iowa State to compete in the 2nd annual Spaceport America Cup. It will be Competing in the 10,000ft COTS class. Apogee on this flight: 11,972ft Invictus 1 ... [View]

PARC rocket launching 24th August 08 (0 00:04:25)
The team at PARC doing their thing, launching rockets and having fun. [View]

(0 00:04:25)
Visited the great guys at Northern Nevada NAR section 728 for the monthly Club Launch on Misfit Flats near Stagecoach Nevada. Not been there since 2013... easy to reach playa off the highway.... ... [View]

Art2-D2's Guide to Folding and Doodling: An Origami Yoda Activity Book (0 00:04:26)
Stick figures to the dark side only lead! To doodle like a Jedi you must learn! With this companion to the blockbuster bestselling Origami Yoda series, beloved author Tom Angleberger—with the help ... [View]

Freedom 'Phiter (fighter) Flag Rocket - High Power Rocket - LDRS 19 (0 00:04:26)
Flight of the Freedom 'Phiter at LDRS 19 in South Carolina on three M-3200 Kosdon rocket motors. [View]

MGR-1B Honest John 762mm Rocket (M50) from "Weapons of the Field Artillery" 1965 US Army (0 00:04:26)
more at US Army film training film TF6-3646 "Weapons of the Field Artillery" Public domain film from the National Archives, slightly cropped ... [View]

2010 May 6: Orion Crew Capsule PAT-1 Highlights [HQ] (0 00:04:26)
Highlights from NASA's Orion crew capsule Pad Abort Test #1. This abort sequence would kick in if the rocket blew up on the launch pad, and the astronauts inside the capsule would get quite a ride! ... [View]

K815skid.avi (0 00:04:26)
Spaceport Rocketry Association monthly rocket launch held on July 16, 2011 in Palm Bay, FL. Thad Loar launched his Performance Rocketry Competitor 3 on a Pro54 K815 Skidmark. His altimeter ... [View]

EASY PAPER AIRPLANE - How to make a BOOMERANG Paper Plane that FLIES BACK | Cyco (0 00:04:26)
How to make a PAPER AIRPLANE (also called paper plane) that flies back to you? On this paper airplane tutorial, I will show you step by step instructions of how to make a cool origami airplane. Now! ... [View]

Madcow Level2 Rocket, Aerotech K1103X (0 00:04:26)
The Aerotech K1103X packs quite a punch with more than 1800 N-sec total impulse. Snow Ranch, CA December 3rd, 2016 [View]

Amazing On-Board Camera GoPro Hero HD Estes Model Cluster Rocket Launch Cape Cod (0 00:04:26)
Amazing On-Board Camera GoPro Hero HD Estes Maxi Alpha 3 Model E Motor Cluster Rocket Launch on Cape Cod over the old Sea View Playland in Dennisport Ma and a miraculous safe landing. Rocket is ... [View]

Venom, King of The Micro Bullies Fathers 250 Pups | TRULY (0 00:04:26)
SUBSCRIBE to Barcroft Animals: THE WORLD’S most famous micro bully - Venom – has become one of America’s most valuable dogs thanks to his ability to produce lookalike, ... [View]

Micro FPV Quadcopter Eachine QX65 Banggood - RCTutos Airlines - RCTutos #292 (0 00:04:26)
Bienvenue sur Dans ce nouveau RCTutos #292, nous recevons un micro Quadcopter FPV Eachine QX65 et un minu hélicoptère RC. Eachine QX65: Batteries: ... [View]

QRS - July Launch (0 00:04:27)
Queensland Rocketry Society's largest public launch. Over 2000 spectators and we launched a J and a K motor this day. [View]

Dynasoar Rocketry Stratodart X RC rocket boosted glider 4+ minute flight (0 00:04:27)
Dynasoar Rocketry Stratodart X RC rocket boosted glider flight using Aerotech E-6RC 24mm rocket motor, 11.25 oz rtf, 38" long, 23" wingspan. [View]

They Were Flying For Me - The Challenger Space Shuttle (0 00:04:27)
Song written by John Denver in memory of the Challenger Crew. [View]

Papst Benedikt XVI am Sarg von Papst Coelestin V (0 00:04:27)
Übermittelte Papst Benedikt XVI. vor Jahren an diesem Sarg eine Botschaft, deren Bedeutung wir erst nach seinem Rücktritt verstehen? Papst Benedikt XVI. besucht im April 2009 in L'Aquila das Grab ... [View]

Run The Jewels - A Christmas F*cking Miracle (Official Music Video) (0 00:04:27)
Official music video for "A Christmas F*cking Miracle" from Run The Jewels. RTJ2 available Now! Production Company: Ghost Robot Director: Joey Garfield Cinem ... [View]

MMMSC 11/12/11 Launch (0 00:04:27)
A couple videos of my Nuke Pro and a few guest up in Maine. [View]

Amazaing Dosa Recipe || Street Foods || YouBee Foods (0 00:04:27)
Amazaing Dosa Recipe _________________________________________________________ YouBee: FB: https://www.fa ... [View]

Moose Lake Rocketry 2009, Day 1 (0 00:04:27)
This was our first day of flights on Estes D12 and AeroTech E15 White Lightning motors. The rocket kits were all DynaStar Mid-Power Rocket Kits from Apogee Components ( or ... [View]

Dragon Fly. Flight 4, Attempt 3 (Slow Motion) (0 00:04:27)
Launch of "Dragon Fly" on Flight #4 in slow motion (about 3% normal speed). [View]

48 hours (0 00:04:27)
Less than two days till launch and it looks like we will be able to make it! [View]

RCR 2018 Qualification - NASA Student Launch (0 00:04:27)
Despite a tumultuous season, River City Rocketry has persevered and is going to Huntsville to launch one last time.  [View]

My L3 cert flight - 5/24/2002 (0 00:04:27)
10 foot tall patriot rocket flying a aerotech M1315 motor. The rocket weighed about 50lbs at launch. It had two large chutes w/three altimeters. [View]

EZI-65 - Flight 22 - K260 - 9900 Feet - 2017-03-11 (0 00:04:28)
For best results, don't forget to tap the gear icon and up the resolution to the size of your display. This is my first attempt at 4k video rendering. DashWare crashed on 4k attempts so I had to ... [View]

Steve Eve's Saturn V Launch - World Record (0 00:04:28)
Steve's world record 1/10th scale Saturn V rocket launch on 4/25/09 at the MDRA launch site. [View]

(0 00:04:28) Bernardo unboxes, builds and launches the Quest Astra III model rocket with the help of some young family members. The items used in this video were from a Quest ... [View]

AltimeterOne Altimeter for Model Rockets, Air Planes, and Kites (0 00:04:28)
The AltimeterOne is a small barometric altimeter that will tell you how high your rocket, airplane, or kit has flown (works on water rockets too!). This video tells you how to turn it on, zero it ... [View]

What a day - Donyiti Ahla نورا رحال - دنيتي احلى (Nora Rahal cover) (0 00:04:28)
Pour financer le premier album : Duo voix et contrebasse. Double bass and vocal duet. Business M ... [View]

EZI-65 Flights 19 and 20 : Motors CTI L265, K260 (0 00:04:28)
Crank up the Volume. Sit back. Enjoy. Don't forget to tap the gear icon and up the resolution. Bay Design, Normal Speed with Commentary: Launch 19 raw ... [View]

XPlode 2017 Cosmic Rockets Raketenset 10€ Pyroland (0 00:04:28)
Cosmic Rockets Raketenset 10€ Pyroland Spenden: Top Feuerwerk Onlineshop: http://www.roeder-feuerwe ... [View]

POUR EN SAVOIR PLUS CHAQUE SEMAINE, CLIQUEZ SUR LE LIEN : ----------------------------- Résumé : Découvrons le cratère ... [View]

Charlie Puth ft Selena Gomez - We Don't Talk Anymore (Cover by Basia Gałaj) (0 00:04:28)
Charlie Puth's "We Don't Talk Anymore" arranged by vocalist Basia Gałaj and performed with vocalist Isaiah Thomas and pianist Domi Degalle. Basia Gałaj: Facebook: ... [View]

Estes Mars Lander K-43 Original Kit unboxing (0 00:04:28)
Opening for the first time my original Estes Mars Lander K-43 kit, untouched since it left the factory in the late 60's / early 70s. Yes - this is a cool kit to have untouched but I need to build ... [View]

Barometer test on a QuadCopter • Rocksanne I-X PoliMi's Student Rocket (0 00:04:28)
Test sulla reattività e affidabilità nella stima dell'altitudine del nostro sensore di pressione fatta grazie al quadricottero di Mattia e al lavoro del team di Elettronica. ------------- ... [View]

Cyclone Rocketry Invictus 1 On Board (0 00:04:28)
A rocket designed and built by students at Iowa State to compete in the 2nd annual Spaceport America Cup. It will be Competing in the 10,000ft COTS class. Apogee on this flight: 11,972ft Invictus 1 ... [View]

Home Free - Leave This Town (Official Music Video) (0 00:04:28)
► Listen to this song everywhere: ► Save it on Spotify: ► New Tour Dates! Get your tickets now: ► Pre-order our new album ... [View]

QCRS 08 (ryldz) (0 00:04:28)
Para sa mga QuaCaRaSans graduate of 2008... [View]

Rocket Circuit Overview - Teensy 3.2 (0 00:04:29)
Music: This circuit is a prototype, still without a recovery at this point. This circuit controls launch with a wireless launch controller, which has several fail safes. It ... [View]

Tim's HV ARCAS Launch_onboad cam_slow-mo_4-21-12.wmv (0 00:04:29)
Aerotech HV ARCAS launch at Jean Dry Lake using RMS H180W-M (modified the kit design to take up to an I motor) . Flew Flip Mino HD camcorder weighing 4 oz as payload (first flight). Estimated 2000 - ... [View]

Triton - X D12-7 (0 00:04:29)
Quest Triton-X on an Estes D12-7 [View]

Buster's First Flight - Airfest 22 (0 00:04:29)
First (test) flight of my Level 3 certification project, "Buster," at Airfest 22, near Argonia, Kansas, on September 2, 2016. Maximum altitude was just over 6000 feet above ground level (the field is ... [View]

Life of a Binder Raptor Rocket (0 00:04:29)
Perth Advanced Rocketry Club - various launches of the Binder Raptor. [View]

Team America Rocketry Challenge - CHS Astronomy Club 2009 (0 00:04:29)
A picture slideshow of Clairemont High School's TARC team throughout the year. We tried hard but were unable to make it to the finals :( [View]

EZI-65 LaBelle - Insane Rockets Dual Deployment Test (0 00:04:29)
Flight 28 For info on the launch including data files: For details on dual deployment BETA: https://www.insanerocketry ... [View]

Falcon 9 Model Rocket Launch (0 00:04:29)
This is the culmination of a 5-month-long project to build a 1/55 functional Falcon 9 model rocket. Thanks so much to my friends and family who came to my launch, helped set up, and shared f ... [View]

Rockets Aug 17 Apogee level 2 on an Aerotech K535 with rocketcam (0 00:04:29)
Music, Jason Shaw - Big Car Theft - Secondary rocketeer Nick - Winds were blowing to the hall drain, so to keep my precious rocket from ... [View]

2019 Student Rocket Launch (0 00:04:29)
On July 20, 2019, ULA, Ball Aerospace and K-12 teams from around the country celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing with a rocket launch from Fort Carson Army Post, outside of ... [View]

Rocket with Camcorder - Plaster City 3/5/2011 (0 00:04:29)
Video with sound from key chain camcorder attached to rocket launched to over 2000 feet at Plaster City, CA on 3/5/2011 [View]

Model Rocket Launch - Onboard Video Camera (0 00:04:29)
The following is video taken from a camera onboard a model rocket. The launch took place during an "Intro to the Nebraska Student Satellite Program / Model Rocket Workshop" given at Little Priest ... [View]

Triumph Rocket 3 the new 2500cc triple engine (0 00:04:29)
For the very first time in Greece, the Rocket 3 with its all new 2500cc triple engine and premium will be presented in style to motorcycle enthusiasts and Triumph fans alike [View]'s Rockets Gone Wild (0 00:04:30)
A collection of video of things going a bit wrong at local rocket launches in Central Florida. Includes footage from NEFAR, ROCK, and TTRA launches. Thanks to our safety codes, no one was hurt ... [View]

Cygnus Hybrid Rocket Onboard Video (0 00:04:30)
Video of a HPR Hybrid rocket launch taken on Easter Sunday 2011. The flight was a partial success, the thrust was much lower than expected resulting in the semi-stable flight and the low altitude. ... [View]

CMASS Fliskits Anniversary Rocket Launch 2018 (0 00:04:30)
Aerial footage from the CMASS launch on September 15, 2018. This was the 16th and "final" Fliskits anniversary launch in Amesbury, MA. Video taken with a DJI Mavic Air. Music from the YouTube audio ... [View]

Michael Jackson - We Are The World (Cover by VPR Latin All-Stars) (0 00:04:30)
The VPR Latin All-Stars perform their salsa arrangement of Michael Jackson's "We Are The World." Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: http ... [View]

Liberty 4 Launch, June 27 (0 00:04:30)
Three launches of my Giant Leap Liberty 4. [View]

Swing caddie SC300 - Can you use plastic balls? (0 00:04:30)
Following a question from a viewer I see whether the Swing Caddie SC300 can recognize plastic balls. #notsobadgolf #swingcaddie #subscribe Hi, I'm the notsobadgolfer and welcome to my channel, not ... [View]

4 BGs plus a Speedart? No way... (0 00:04:30)
Yo guys i was super busy with BGs and they are all complete but i didnt have time to do them all as speedarts but im still showing them to you. 5 likes? [View]

Mid Power Rocket Collection (0 00:04:30)
video and pics of some great rocket launches. some rockets include 3 and 4 "D" endine cluster, a two and three stage, but most of the footage is of the aerotech mirage, flown on g40, g80, g64, and ... [View]

Rocket Challenge - How High Can You Fly? (5/5) (0 00:04:30)
The second episode of Rocket Challenge, originally aired in 2003. It was filmed at LDRS 22 in Argonia, KS. Part five of five. [View]

Tudo que Você Precisa Saber sobre Lente de Contato Anual (0 00:04:30)
Hoje em dia a maioria dos usuários de lentes de contato usam as descartáveis mensais . Mas Você conhece alguém lentes de contato gelatinosas anuais ? Sabe qual a diferença entre elas? Por ... [View]

Estes flash model rocket build (0 00:04:30)
Estes flash model rocket, avoid some mistakes I made, as the instruction manual within is very crappy [View]

View Your Ration Card Details | Track Ration Card Status | Information | (0 00:04:30)
View Your Ration Card Details - Welcome To Food Security Site - Delhi | Get e-Ration Card - Welcome To Food Security Site | Track Food Security Application - Welcome To Food Security Site | Track ... [View]

Rozana Full Video Song | Naam Shabana | Akshay Kumar, Taapsee Pannu, Taher Shabbir I Shreya, Rochak (0 00:04:30)
Presenting the full video song "Rozana" of the Bollywood movie "Naam Shabana". Naam Shabana is an 2017 Indian action spy thriller film directed by Shivam Nair and produced by Neeraj Pandey and Shital ... [View]

1080p Mini Fleet Rocket (0 00:04:30)
Great chance to try out these new 1080p Mini Fleet Rockets from my 'Rocketry Update' video. You may want to watch that one as well if you missed it. I covered 3D printing topics, estimating ... [View]

Mazda RX7 FD3S w/ Rocket Bunny Kit - Single Turbo 13B Rotary Engine Sound! (0 00:04:30)
Here you are a video compilation I made of my friend's Mazda RX-7 FD3S. If you ever seen my vlog on my second channel you'll remember this car was still a "work in progress" project but now I can ... [View]

EASY PAPER PLANE - How to make a paper airplane that FLIES 100 Feet | Classic Fighter (0 00:04:30)
Paper Plane Instructions: How to make a paper airplane FLIES 1000000000000000 Feet | Classic Fighter (Kidding). How can a paper airplane fly that far? How to make a PAPER AIRPLANE (also called paper ... [View]

Review - Dragon Models, Space Shuttle Discovery with Hubble Telescope 1/400 (0 00:04:30)
Review for Dragon Models Aerospace Program 56259 Rockwell Space Shuttle Diecast Model NASA, OV-103 "Discovery", STS-82 Hubble Repair February, 1997, Orbit Configuration w/Hubble Telescope, 1/400 scale [View]

90% Harpoon MDRA (0 00:04:30)
90% Harpoon 3 M6000 sparkies, one comes up late, 3200ft altitude 1mile + downrange [View]

MSU Space Cowboys 2010-2011 (0 00:04:31)
Space Cowboys attended the University Student Launch Initiative (USLI) Level 2 Challenge at NASA Wallops, VA this past May (2011). This video shows an overview of the entire year's design, build, ... [View]

Big Yeller - 180 lb. Model Rocket - May 2009 (0 00:04:31)
Tripoli MN Model Rocket Club Launches Big Yeller. A 180 lb, 17.5 foot model rocket. [View]

Moon Panda - Your Doll (Live at Berklee) (0 00:04:31)
Moon Panda performs their original song "Your Doll" live at Berklee. Moon Panda: Site: Facebook: Berklee: Subscribe: http:/ ... [View]

US Army PEO STRI Summer High School Engineering Internship Model Rocket Launch (0 00:04:32)
Video of the July 14, 2014, model rocket launch by high school students in the Summer Engineering Internship program taken using a DJI Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter. [View]

Balls 28 - 2019: David Fliger's "The Rocket Junkies" Level 3 Certification Flight (0 00:04:32)
Level 3 Certification flight at Balls 28 in the Black Rock Desert, 4" Diameter rocket about 9 feet long to about 14,000 feet at Mach 1.2. Powered by a CTI 75mm 4 Grain - M 1830 C-star motor. ... [View]

High Power Rocket w/ Onboard Video- Fantastic Vidcaps- March 19, 2011 (0 00:04:32)
Launched at the monthly TTRA launch at the Varn ranch, Plant City FL. CINEMA 3.5 used an Aerotech I200 White Lightning motor and an Aiptek Hi Speed HD 60 fps camcorder. Altimeter fired the main ... [View]

Nikolas Metaxas, "Wait For Me" - Live at Cafe 939 (0 00:04:32)
A singer-songwriter and mystifying stage performer, Nikolas Metaxas navigates dynamic extremes with ease, and plays with styles with prowess. Spanning rock, pop and alternative genres, Nikolas' ... [View]

Pringles can drag race - redneck rocketry (0 00:04:32)
We turned pringles cans into rockets and then drag raced them at GRITS 2018. You can do it too! Here are the 3-D print files: Contact me through jhae ... [View]

TE OLVIDARE - 3MSC (0 00:04:32)
Hare lo necesario para olvidarte, Aunque me toque cambiar y no se Nunca más lo que fui ya no me importa igual no volverá, Hare lo necesario para no pensarte La vida pasa y tu igual y aunque voy ... [View]

Forever and Always - Taylor Swift (Covered by Joe Barnard and Cindy Ongko) (0 00:04:32)

LOC Saturn V at NSL 2019 on AT K700 W and 2x AT J90W Cluster (0 00:04:32)
LOC Precision Saturn V flies to 3,508' at the NAR National Sport Launch hosted by the Rocketry Organization of California (ROC) on June 8, 2019. [View]

TRAXXAS M41 40” Speed Boat THRiLL RiDE - 6S Lipo POWER! | RC ADVENTURES (0 00:04:32)
Bangin' Beats & a Bad A$$ Speed Boat make for a great action-adventure Thrill Ride! This is the M41 40" Speed Boat from Traxxas. I picked this up last year with my buddy Everett, (dual Unboxing Video ... [View]

The Western Den, "Stay The Sun" - Live at Berklee (0 00:04:32)
Deni Hlavinka and Chris West's collaborative work The Western Den performs with Alec Alabado, trumpet, voice; Jon Hubbell, electric guitar; Tim Reynolds, violin; Ro Rowan, cello; and Hayden Cotcher, ... [View]

Timeslides (0 00:04:32)
A bit of fun with a new astrocam adapter from Starizona and a Canon 10-22mm wide angle lens. Music: "Flight Hymn" - Ross Bugden. [View]

Avionics Integration - Build Signal R2 (0 00:04:33)
Watch as a playlist: Signal R2 Kit: Build Signal R2: https://bps ... [View]

How to Adjust RC Buggy Front Wheel Alignment (0 00:04:33)
Welcome to AliShanMao Channel. Watch exciting and honest Video Reviews of Radio Control Hobby Products, Radio Control Aircraft, Fast RC Helicopters, Amazing Radio Control Drones, Camera Drones, FPV ... [View]

Damien rocketry team shoots for nationals (0 00:04:33)
Sound-bites: Catherine Votovich, team captain Dr. Jacob Hudson, faculty advisor Damien Memorial School took its one best shot on Sunday at qualifying for the National Association of Rocketry’s ... [View]

SPINOSAURUS SONG - Dinosaur Battles - Spinosaurus vs T-Rex - Dinosaur Songs by Howdytoons (0 00:04:33)
Listen on Spotify: Spinosaurus is here! Are you ready for him? He's ready to ATTACK! This Dino is a ruthless ... [View]

Estes Model Rocket Launch In HD - Estes Sizzler RTF Rocket Unboxing, Review, and Maiden Launch (0 00:04:33)
This video contains another step forward with my introduction into model rockets in the form of the the Estes Sizzler RTF Model Rocket Kit Unboxing, Review, and Maiden Rocket Launch. Here is a link ... [View]

Grey Season, "New Kind Of Dirty" - live at Berklee (0 00:04:33)
Grey Season, "New Kind of Dirty" - live at Berklee ... [View]

Falcon 9 launches Dragon spaceship (0 00:04:33)
A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launches from Cape Canaveral carrying the Dragon spaceship into orbit. [View]

McAllen ISD Rocket Launch (0 00:04:33)
First RGV and RGVCG Rocket Club assisted McAllen Independent School District in a demo launch of a model rocket to kickoff a rocketry program in McAllen ISD. They plan to bring the program to every ... [View]

Clash Royale: 5000 trophies club! with Hog Rider, Rocket, Goblin Barrel deck (0 00:04:34)
This is the live battle that got my to 5000 trophies for the first time, enjoy! Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed, hit the LIKE button, LEAVE A COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE! Check out my Streaming and ... [View]

Massinha que solta pum PUUUPSEN - Quão alto pode ser esse pum? | Slimes para crianças (0 00:04:34)
Massinha que solta pum PUUUPSEN - Quão alto pode ser esse pum? | Slimes para crianças DEIXE SEU CURTIR! Se você gostou do vídeo. subscrito meu canal! : ... [View]

BURNING - Que hace una chica como tú, en un sitio como éste? (Videoclip Oficial) (0 00:04:34)
¿Qué Hace Una Chica Como Tú En Un Sitio Como éste? Un poco de historia (Un tema compuesto en un fin de semana) Sitio web oficial: ... [View]

GRABA - Pod wpływem (Prod. RYBA BEATZ, Cuts & Scratch KONKRET) OFFICIAL VIDEO (0 00:04:34)
Prezentujemy klip GRABY do kawałka "Pod wpływem". Numer ten znajduje się na trzeciej płycie autora która nosi nazwę "TOR KTÓRY OBIERAM". Produkcją muzyki zajął się RYBA BEATZ natomiast ... [View]

Lady Pills - Old Song (Live at the BIRN) (0 00:04:34)
Lady Pills performs their original "Old Song" live at the Berklee Internet Radio Network (BIRN). Lady Pills is on the recording compilation Dorm Sessions 12, the new release by Berklee Popular Music ... [View]

Space Shuttle Atlantis Launch (0 00:04:34)
Countdown and launch of one of the space shuttles. [View]

Perfect Chicken Shawarma Making ||| YouBee Foods (0 00:04:34)
Perfect Chicken Shawarma Making _________________________________________________________ YouBee: FB: http ... [View]

Kel Nascimento, "Busca"- live at the Berklee Internet Radio Network (BIRN) (0 00:04:34)
Kel Nascimento was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. She came to Berklee in the fall of 2011 and has been performing, songwriting, and producing her own music project, KeL, as well as expanding ... [View]

El Bodeguero - Richard Egues (Irais Brito Hierrezuelo & Di eVano String Quartet) (0 00:04:34)
Irais Brito Hierrezuelo & Di eVano String Quartet, led by Irais Brito Hierrezuelo, performs "El Bodeguero" by Richard Egues at Berklee Subscribe: Facebook: https://fac ... [View]

Successful second attempt at launching my first high power two stage rocket on a J760 to an I125. Launched at MDRA at Higgs Farm in Maryland on 2/18/18. [View]

Soleil LDRS 35 (0 00:04:34)
Launch of Soleil at LDRS 35 (2016) on a CTI M3700. [View]

Level 3 Model Rocket. (0 00:04:34)
Dan Harrison's model rocket named 'Level 3' flying on a Loki M1882 Loki White motor. This was his level 3 certification flight which was part of the Crapshoot V joint launch held at the Muskegon ... [View]

Flying with ABQ Rocket Club (0 00:04:34)
July 2020 Albuquerque Rocket Society. Most of the launches recorded. We had a fantastic time. [View]

Estes B6-4 Rocket Keychain Camera #16 808 Launch (0 00:04:35)
This is a rocket launch with an Estes B6-4 engine. I slowed down the video to 10% normal speed, so that the aerial footage really shines. I filmed this in 720P HD with a keychain camera #16 808 that ... [View]

Dear June - Fences (Live at The BIRN) (0 00:04:35)
Dear June performs "Fences" live at the Berklee Internet Radio Network (BIRN). Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: https://www.twitte ... [View]

WOOSH Rocketry 04/21/2013 (0 00:04:35)
Here is a collection of videos from the monthly high power launch, quite possibly the very last one on the runway at Bong. Thanks to all who came! [View]

USC ROCKET LAUNCH (0 00:04:35)
University of Southern California Rocket Propulsion Lab launch of Fathom II rocket at Spaceport America on March 4, 2017 to an altitude of 144,000 ft. [View]

Helen De La Rosa & Yogev Gabay - Popcorn (Drum Set Duo) (0 00:04:35)
Helen De La Rosa and Yogev Gabay perform their original "popcorn" written for two drummers, with one kick drum. Yogev: Website: Instagram: ... [View]

2009-03-21 AstronMike's Gliders at the TTRA Launch (0 00:04:36)
A montage of Mike's glider flights from the Tripoli Tampa Rocketry Association's March, 2009, launch. [View]

Rocket launch captured by drone (0 00:04:36)
I launched a rocket and captured the video with the dji phantom 3 lost the rocket in the river got that on camera to watch the whole thing and don't forget to like and subscribe [View]

FlightToFar (0 00:04:36)
Breezy Fly over and landing at the Friends of Amateur rocketry... This has a new vibration damper on the go pro, its better, but it has states where its much woorse then the solid mount, ie it ... [View]

MANTEIGA SEM LEITE Pronta em 30 MN | APENAS 2 INGREDIENTES | Sem lactose (0 00:04:36)
Receita SAUDÁVEL incrível de manteiga caseira sem lactose e sem leite, pronta em apenas 30 minutos e com apenas dois ingredientes obrigatórios! É fácil demais fazer esta manteiga e ela é muito ... [View]

"The Bomb Pop" A Fiberglass Rocket Build. Part 1 (0 00:04:36)
Instructional Video On How I Build A Fiberglass Rocket Kit Part 1 "Building The Motor Mount" [View]

MMRG 16.7.11 (0 00:04:36)
A 2.25L and 4L water rocket. A Space Shuttle scale model, composite motor and a 2-stage model rocket. Highspeeds (120fps) [View]

Home Alone Fifth Flight - AirFest XXI - 9/4/2015 (0 00:04:36)
Home Alone (3" Wildman) going to 14,815 feet above the KLOUDBusters Rocket Pasture on a Loki Red L-1040 motor. [View]

Nose-cone video in Aerotech Initiator rocket (0 00:04:36)
Launch over Round Hill at Woodgrove Park on 09 March 2013. The motor is E20-4W. The camera was purchased from HobbyKing and is their high-definition "wing" camera. It weighs 45g and records at ... [View]

2014-06-14 NEFAR Launch (0 00:04:37)
Aerial footage of the June, 2014, NEFAR rocket launch in Bunnell, Florida. [View]

High-Power Rocket, The HAWK, on a CTI K590 DT (0 00:04:37)
The 2nd flight of The HAWK at Midwest Power on 11/3/13 with a CTI K590 DT motor - reached over a mile high and over 400mph, carrying 3 on-board cameras! 1. Ground-level view 2. On-board HD camera 3. ... [View]

John Denver Rocky Mountain High Long's Peak Colorado 2007 (0 00:04:37)
I took a trip to Colorado near the end of my senior year of college at the University of Minnesota Duluth in May of 2007. I flew to Denver, Colorado and then the next day I drove to Rocky Mountain ... [View]

Pasta Making By (Hasan Mama) || Street Foods || YouBee Foods (0 00:04:37)
Street Foods _________________________________________________________ YouBee: FB: ... [View]

🍌 XP Changes, Clubs & Rocket Pass | Rocket League News (0 00:04:37)
Hi friends. Today we're taking a look at the upcoming progression update which brings the new XP system, clubs, and some info on when Rocket Pass and cross-platform parties will be released. ... [View]

Ringo, "Amandla" (Cover by Zuri, Berklee African Club Choir) (0 00:04:37)
Zuri, the Berklee African Club's choir, performs Ringo's "Amandla" live at the Berklee Internet Radio Network (BIRN). https://www.berklee ... [View]

Vic Mirallas - En Un Sitio Mejor (Studio Video) (0 00:04:37)
Vic Mirallas performs his original song "En Un Sitio Mejor." Vic Mirallas: Facebook: Site: Channel: https://www.yo ... [View]

model rocket launch from sea / f20-7w aerotech lancio missile bernyer 1 (0 00:04:38)
Primo lancio avvenuto con successo del missile Bernyer 1 con a bordo un motore aerotech f20-7w. canale di frank mazzoni First successful ... [View] (0 00:04:38)
How to pick which 38mm motor casing would work in your high power rocket. This video shows you how the PRO38 motors from Cesaroni work. You'll see how to put the engine together, and how you can use ... [View]

Tripoli Level 1 Cert flight Sept 19, 2009 (0 00:04:38)
My level 1 Tripoli Rocket certification flight...successful on Saturday Sept 19, 2009 TTRA is the Tampa Bay prefecture (#17) of the the Tripoli Rocketry Association. Our mission is to provide a ... [View]

Matt Johnson's XmasTree flight, NARAM 52 (0 00:04:38)
Matt Johnson built a large Christmas tree rocket based on an oversize tree-topper ornament he found at an after-Christmas sale. The up part was good. [View]

5 ZIMMER KÜCHE SARG | Trailer & Filmclips [HD] (0 00:04:38) | "5 Zimmer Küche Sarg" (Trailer deutsch german) | Kinostart: 30.10.2014 --- Bitte ABONNIEREN/LIKEN nicht vergessen: • • ... [View]

Original Pandemic Rocket on Aerotech E30T 7 Motor (0 00:04:38)
July 4th Pandemic Rocket on Aerotech E30-7T Motor. The club president and his team have a high powered test flight to conduct. I join the fray with some mid to low power camera rockets. This was my ... [View]

Wildman Darkstar 2.6 CTI J210 Classic (0 00:04:38)
Wildman Darkstar 2.6 CTI J210 Classic [View]

2019 C. Harry Stine Memorial Launch (0 00:04:39)
I attended the Superstition Spacemodeing Society's C. Harry Stine Memorial Launch, not only to test the video set up on my IRIS rocket, but also to meet people and see their rockets. Camped in the ... [View]

Nike Smoke Rocket Launch #1 at OROC Summer Skies 2010 (0 00:04:39)
A video, taken with a mounted key chain camera, of my first flight of a Cosmodrome Nike Smoke Rocket that I built this past Spring. The engine used was a CTI H133 Blue Streak with a 7 second delay. ... [View]

Level 3 certification launch. (0 00:04:39)
My level 3 certification launch. This was taken on 13 April 2013 at Red Glare 14 hosted by MDRA. The rocket is a scratch built 7.5 inch upscale of the LOC Precision HyperLOC. All part are made by ... [View]

How to Make Rocket Igniters (Electric Matches) (0 00:04:39)
In this project you'll see how to turn matches into electric ignitors, that fire off with the press of a button. Some quick links to a few of the materials I used: [✓] Paper matches: htt ... [View]

Rockets away! Airborne ROCKET CAM with slow motion highlights. (0 00:04:39)
* I always wanted to try rockets, but it was frowned on where I lived in California with fire danger and no space. So now with room and no fire danger I fly my Estes Eliminator XL with a Rocket Cam. ... [View]

How to FIX USB DRIVE not showing up Windows 10 (Easy Method) (0 00:04:39)
Do you want to How To Fix Issues With Usb Drive Not Showing In My Computer??? In this easy method video, I will teach you how to get your USB drive to display on your computer using windows 10! If ... [View]

Skylab (+ Saturn 1B!) - KSP Stock (0 00:04:39)
I have recreated the Skylab space station launched in 1973 and the Saturn 1B which transported humans to it in KSP join our discord: Skylab craft: https://kerbal ... [View]

Dual Deployment for Model Rockets - Part 5 of 5 (0 00:04:39)
Dual deployment in model rocketry is where you eject two parachutes out of the rocket. A small one at apogee (the peak of the trajectory) so that the rocket comes down quickly. But to keep it from ... [View]

EZI-65 NEFAR - Insane Rockets Dual Deployment (0 00:04:39)
Flight 29 For best results, tap the gear icon and set the resolution to the highest your system can handle. Recorded at 4K For info on the launch including data: https://www.insanerocketry ... [View]

13 Feb 2011 ,Actividad Ovni sobre Bs.As , reporte: Glaucoart (0 00:04:39)
13 de Febrero incremento "Anomalias Severas" Ufo Flash sobre Buenos Aires . Domingo 13, 21:01 se registra un Incremento de actividad Anómala en los Cielos, de la capital Federal de ... [View]

Que es vegano - Que es vegetariano - Vida V (0 00:04:39)
Que es vegano, Que es vegetariano. Vegetariano, Vegano, Pecetariano, Crudívoro… nos encantan las etiquetas para describir lo que la gente come. Los vegetarianos son personas que no comen ningún ... [View]

TechOneRC Sbach 342 with Thrust Vector from BuddyRc (0 00:04:39)
SBach 342= Battery= Key Features: Lightweight 3D Model for ... [View]

Red Glare 9 Rocket Launch (0 00:04:39)
A great day to fly rockets and the largest attended event in club history. Highlights: Ryan Sebastian and David Reese's "Infinity", Steve Eves 1/27th Saturn 1B and my 65% IRIS [View]


CMASS (0 00:04:40)
CMASS Central Massachusetts Spacemodeling Society launch at Amesbury MA, July 8 2006 [View]

Ted Cochran's NAR Level 3 Certification Flight (0 00:04:40)
Photos and launch and on-board video of my successful NAR Level 3 Certification flight at NSL 2013. Stretched Polecat Goblin on an Aerotech M2400T. Gross takeoff weight was 56 pounds. Altitude was ... [View]

Upscale Orbital Transport R/C rocket glider G-12 flights (0 00:04:40)
Upscale Orbital Transport R/C rocket glider G-12 flights, 50" long, 30" wingspan, 4" diameter, bt-101 tubing, custom 3d printed cone, 9mm depron flight surfaces using Aerotech 32mm G-12 longburn ... [View]

Regeneracja reflektorów jeszcze nigdy nie była tak prosta! #101_Gadżetów (0 00:04:40)
Oglądaj "101 gadżetów motoryzacyjnych" w niedziele o godz. 11:45 w TVN Turbo oraz,24777/odcine ... [View]

2-Stage Water Rocket to 864 feet (0 00:04:40)
For more info please visit: A big 2-stage clustered water rocket pressurised to 120psi flies to 864 feet (263m). [View]

Phil and Will Hodges Firestorm 54 Rocket Flight 04 14 18 (0 00:04:40)
2nd flight of the Firestorm 54 on an Aerotech K828 Black Max rocket motor. Max altitude 10,268 ft, max speed 898 mph (Mach 1.17). Filmed at the LUNAR launch event at Snow Ranch on April 14, 2018. [View]

Experimental Rocketry (0 00:04:40)
10V Rocket flight 3, objectives met or exceeded: Smaller fin set to decrease flex and add stability/ 90 degree set. Determine if 1 percent Iron oxide added to KN0/SB, would yield higher, cleaner ... [View]

Rocket Experimental 9V goes in ballistic after chute failure! (0 00:04:40)
Experimental Rocket goes in ballistic after both primary and backup ejection systems fail. It was later discovered that under high G loading, the 3V batteries were moving aft sometimes....causing ... [View]

F Series Thrust Vector Launch | Failure and Better Rockets (0 00:04:40)
So... Our F series launch didn't go so well. It is time for us to make a better rocket. Spectre did great and we have had 3 successful ascents with it, but its time to increase that reliability big ... [View]

Love Sequence ii - Joe Barnard (Original Song) (0 00:04:40)
DOWNLOAD LINK: ------------------------------------- This is what my heart sounds like. [View]

NSWRA 140310 (0 00:04:40)
NSWRA launch day at Doonside. [View]

Aoife O'Donovan - The King of All Birds (Recording with Berklee Instant Strings) (0 00:04:40)
Aoife O'Donovan performs her song "The King of All Birds” with Berklee Instant Strings as part of a residency at Berklee with the American Roots Music Program. String arrangement by Gabriel Kahane. ... [View]

240fps Model Rockets (0 00:04:41)
Best of all the rocket videos I got from this year. Featuring Estes Pro Series II Ventris, Estes Rubicon, Estes Patriot, Estes Baby Bertha, and miscellaneous other Estes Rockets. [View]

RockSim Software Tutorial - 14 - Creating Sub Assemblies (0 00:04:41) - Creating Sub-Assemblies for quick or repeated components. [View]

High Power Rocket - CTI K260 - Moreno Cartel Rocket (0 00:04:41)
Madcow 4" Black Brant launch at Tripoli's Eagle Eye Rocket Launch in Aguila, Arizona. Motor: CTI K260 Longburn | Apogee: 7493 feet | Top Speed: Mach 0.70 | Electronics: Missile Works RRC2+ Altimeter ... [View]

Multistage water rocket. Staging mechanism test. (0 00:04:41)
This is available on eBay: Amazon: https://www.ama ... [View]

FULL Rocket Launch In Fortnite Battle Royale! Teleporter, BEST VIEW! ALIENS, Cracked Sky &More (0 00:04:41)
Here is the full rocket launch in Fortnite For the Season 5 Teaser! Leave a like, comment and don't forget to Subscribe! Instagram: Twitter: https ... [View]

Québec Rando: Le parc de la chute de Rivière-du-loup (2020) (0 00:04:41)
Petite promenade de santé en fin de journée à Rivière-du-loup. Dans la neige, à contempler la chute glacée légèrement éclairée, au parc de la chute, et au parc de La Croix. [View]

My Estes Mammoth Disaster (0 00:04:41)
I flew my Estes Mammoth at for the first time at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club on 3/17/18. She flew on an F42 Blue Thunder to 1157 feet before taking a nosedive and embedding itself 3 inches in the ... [View]

Broken Hearts - Tripoli Rocketry - 2007 Spectacular Failures (0 00:04:41)
This is a video that was shown at the banquet at LDRS 2007 showing the highlights of failures from the year prior. [View]

CENJARS Model Rocket Launch November 2009 in HD (0 00:04:41)
CENJARS Model Rocket Launch - November 2009. [View]

Bob Krech Successful L2 cert rocket flight (0 00:04:42)
CMASS 4/23/2016 Successful level 2 certification rocket flight by Bob Krech LOC Warlock on CTI J285 [View]

Excelsior X-1 Flight 3 - Mid Power "F" Config - 2011/04/24 (0 00:04:42)
Finally, Excelsior X1 proves it can run a normal flight from end-to-end. Notice three things: First, we believe booster #3, not seen on any video angle, failed to ignite. This caused the rocket to ... [View]

Lal Lal Gale Naram Tohar Gaal Ba | Bhojpuri New Top गाना | Anil Sagar, Mamta Choudhary, Munna Akela (0 00:04:42)
इस वीडियो का Free MP3 Download करने के लिए हमारा Mobile APP MP3BAJAO Playstore से डाउनलोड करे या इस लिंक पर ... [View]

DynaSoar Klingon D7 Battle Cruiser and Hypersonic Boost Glider, 2018.07.29 (0 00:04:42)
This video is a composite of 2 flights, each, of the Dynasoar Rocketry Hypersonic and Klingon D7 Battle Cruiser. My RC and Rocket buddy, Al Clark, is on the launch controls. [View]

Failed Level 1 Cert Flight (0 00:04:42)
Bottom view of High-Power rocket launch. Nothing happens until 3:13. I don't own editing software. [View]

snow-ranch-2010-04-03.wmv (0 00:04:42)
Compilation of 210 frames-per-second videos from LUNAR Snow Ranch launch, April 3, 2010. From Chili-Eatin' Charlie to a whole bunch of HPR, check out the TARC fwd closure issue at the end. [View]

DJI Phantom 4CH GPS RC Quadcopter Flying With GoPro Hero 3 Camera (0 00:04:42)
Here is one of the test flight of the DJI Phantom with the GoPro Hero 3 camera. With GPS, the Phantom knows to "go home" when it loses connection with the transmitter. Let's see. Like it? Get it at ... [View]

Honest John Missile: "Army Research and Development Progress Report 1" 1960 US Army (0 00:04:42)
more at Public domain film from the National Archives, slightly cropped to remove uneven edges, with the aspect ratio corrected, and mild video noise reduction applied. The ... [View]

Lucky Card ‼️🥳💰 1mln Foyda 2minutda Hamma Koʻrsin Tezroq Foydalanib Qoling😏🤫 #1xbet #linebet (0 00:04:42)

How to make a Large Glider with Straws and Paper.(diy Toy Airplane) (0 00:04:42)
In this video I will show you how to make an Awesome Glider with straws and paper. If you enjoyed this video please leave a like and Subscribe! This video was produced by Micah for Creating ... [View]

Cub Scouts Pack 162, West Hartford CT - Rocket Launching - drone footage (0 00:04:43)
Launching rockets on a warm spring evening in West Hartford, CT. [View]

Competitor 4 on an Aerotech L850W to 9300' November 6, 2010 (0 00:04:43)
Performance Rocketry Competitor 4 on an Aerotech L850W November 6, 2010, Frameswitch, Texas Mini-Alt WD and MARSA4 altimeters Maximum altitude 9300' Onboard camera Epic Action Cam [View]

Superman sends rocket into space | Superman (3 Hour TV Version) (0 00:04:43)
Superman (1978) 3 Hour TV Version Eve Teschmacher saves Superman. Superman sends rocket into space Superman (1978) Playlist: Film description: Just before the destruction of ... [View]

Love Sequence - Joe Barnard (0 00:04:43)
"Strangers EP" is now available on iTunes! Go check this song and others out! [View]

Love Sequence - Joe Barnard (0 00:04:43)
"Strangers EP" is now available on iTunes! Go check this song and others out! Maybe you could buy a song or two to support independent musicians??? Thank you all! [View]

I've Got Pain - Joe Barnard (0 00:04:43)
"Strangers EP" is now available on iTunes! Go check this song and others out! Maybe you could buy a song or two to support independent musicians??? Thank you all! [View]

Doug Gerrard BDCR Big Dumb Camera Rocket M2400 (0 00:04:43)
Cool Flight of Doug Gerrard BDCR (Big Dumb Camera Rocket) on an M-2400 From LDRS 29 DVD [View]

luhx. - no rush. (Live at Berklee) (0 00:04:43)
luhx. performing their original "no rush." live at Berklee College of Music. Available on Spotify and iTunes. luhx.: Website: Spotify: ... [View]

NCSU USLI Rocket Launch - 4/17/2010 (0 00:04:43)
The North Carolina State University Rocket Team, Tacho Lycos, recently had a successful launch as part of the NASA University Student Launch Initiative competition in Huntsville, Alabama. The rocket ... [View]

Machine - Joe Barnard (0 00:04:43)
Download Link: Computer-Head-Man played by Collin Pastore Audio: Joe Barnard Video: Joe Barnard [View]

Giant scratch built full scale Harpoon Missile launch (0 00:04:43)
Scratch built full scale Harpoon missile 16 ft high, 11.5" diameter 200 lbs. 3 x 75mm motors ~ O (21k NS) Launched at Midwest Power 10, QCRS November 3rd, 2012 More info at: http://mylevel ... [View]

Three Dynasoar Rocketry RC rocket boosted glider flights (0 00:04:44)
Three Dynasoar Rocketry RC rocket boosted glider flights using Aerotech 24mm E-6RC motors, Stratodart, F-105 thunderchief styled glider, and F-16 thunderbird at fly-a-ways 2017 club picnic [View]

Team America Rocketry Challenge in 2010 (0 00:04:44)
Highlights of the 2010 Team America Rocketry Challenge! [View]

MUSTAHIL MENANG..!! F-35 AS Hanya Mampu Deteksi Sukhoi SU-35 RUSIA..?? (0 00:04:44)
Menurut editor pertahanan di majalah National Interest, Dave Majumdar, untuk dapat unggul melawan Su-35 Rusia dimasa depan, pilot F-35 Amerika kemungkinan berharap pada rudal jarak pendek, AIM-9X ... [View]

How to Play: Alarm - LEGO City (0 00:04:44)
Learn how to play CITY Alarm from LEGO Game Systems. [View]

Science for kids - How to make fizzy bottle rockets - ExpeRimental #16 (0 00:04:44)
Make a juice bottle rocket fly through the air with some fizzy tablets and water in this fun science experiment for children. Download the infosheet for more ideas and information: http://bi ... [View]

¡MAYDAY! x MURS - Beast Out The Box - Official Music Video (0 00:04:44)
¡MAYDAY! x MURS "Beast Out The Box" Spotify- New Official Hip Hop Music Video from the album ¡MURSDAY! Buy/Stream "¡MURSDAY!" - Listen on ... [View]

Ari Piirainen and Queensland Rocketry Society on Totally Wild 16 October 2013 (0 00:04:44)
Local media guru, Ari Piirainen, chats with Pip Russell from Totally Wild about the fantastic sport of Rocketry [View]

KARSNH July 2007 Launch (2 of 2) (0 00:04:45)
A great summer launch with lots of rockets and kids. Part 1 of 2 (due to file size limitations) [View]

ROCKETS Magazine LDRS 32 Jackson & Judy Lubin (0 00:04:45)
Jackson & Judy Lubin's Ultimate Dark Star on an O-3400 at LDRS 32 [View]

Matt Steele on How Trucks Gone Wild was Started (0 00:04:45)
Another Online Extra from the movie Mud Trucks & Beer. Check out this uncut interview question with Matt Steele, where he explains Trucks Gone Wild starting from his college days, to working in ... [View]

Mid Power Launch Pad (0 00:04:45)
I had an extra ball and socket device, so I made a new launch pad for it out of 2" PVC. [View]

International Rocketry Challenge Final 2018 - Official film (0 00:04:45)
The official film for the Rocketry Challenge International Finals 2018, that took place at Farnborough International Airshow on Friday 20 July 2018. [View]

L2200 Green Moave 3 Stooges Rocketry M2U00082 (0 00:04:45)
CTRA 2009 Invatational Saturday launch of 55LB SandHawk on a AT L2200 Green reload. Thank you 3-Stooges Rocketry for attending the event this year! [View]

Madcow Super DX3 Dual Deployment Level 1 Certification Flight CTI I236 (0 00:04:45)
September 15th 2012 Certification Flight for Level 1. This flight was flown dual deployment with motor delay left in for backup. Drogue set at apogee and Main set at 700ft. Rocket landed in a lake :( ... [View]

Day Flight of the Oracle Digital Video Rocket (0 00:04:45)
This is a movie of the flight today of my Oracle Digital Video Rocket. [View]

NiteBow 5.1 patterns Demo (0 00:04:46)
NiteBow 5.1 Mounted in a 4" fiberglass airframe 3 Watts RGB LED For Night launching high power rockets [View]

Estes Saturn V Flight (0 00:04:46)
July 19, 2019. As part of the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11's launch, I built a 1/100 Saturn V model rocket using the new Estes #1969 Saturn V rocket kit. It took many hours to build and every ... [View]

I've Got Pain - Joe Barnard (Redone) (0 00:04:46)
My revisit to "I've Got Pain" off of the Strangers EP... Maybe a bit too much compression overall... oh well it sounds nice :) [View]

Her Diamonds - Rob Thomas (Covered by Joe Barnard) (0 00:04:46)
DOWNLOAD LINK: ----------------------------------- Simon Katz: Andrew Seltzer: http://ww ... [View] (0 00:04:46)
NAR Level 2 Certification flight with a Polecat Aerospace 5.5" Goblin on an Aerotech 54mm/1280 J401FJ-L motor with two Keychain video cameras NSL 2011 / ROCstock XXXIII - June 2011 [View]

EXTREME High Power Rocket - In Flight Video (0 00:04:46)
During Northern Colorado Rocketry\'s (section 565) annual Mile High Mayhem event, hundreds of rockets were launched, including this Public Missiles Ltd. Calli... [View]

Family Fun: More Model Rocketry - August 2016 (0 00:04:46)
We went back out on back-to-back Sundays in August to test some VERY old engines I found in my old "Rocket Box". Three C6-5 motors and one C6-3 from the late 1980's! I also found two legs and the ... [View]

"The Bomb Pop" A Fiberglass Rocket Build. Part 2 (0 00:04:46)
Instructional Video On How I Build A Fiberglass Rocket Kit Part 2 "Installing Motor mount and Fins" [View]

The Secret Reason Why Golf Balls Have Dimples (0 00:04:46)
Voice over: Michael Robles Written: Emma Haviland-Blunk Video and pictures: United States Golf Association (USGA) On the green, everyone wants to believe ... [View]

Onboard camera view: launch and separation of Sentinel-1A (0 00:04:47)
Cameras mounted on the Soyuz Fregat upper stage that sent Sentinel-1A into space on 3 April 2014 captured this superb footage. It shows liftoff, the various stages in the rocket's ascent and the ... [View]

2015 Team America Rocketry Challenge (0 00:04:47)
The 2015 Team America Rocketry Challenge Final-Fly off video! [View]

Saturn V Model Build (PART 1) 1:144 Scale (0 00:04:47)
Hands on, step by step guide to building the Airfix Saturn V rocket model kit 1:144 Scale. [View]

SpaceX Launches Its Falcon Heavy Rocket | CNBC (0 00:04:47)
Watch SpaceX launch its Falcon Heavy rocket live from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. » Subscribe to CNBC: About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award ... [View]

Unboxing Estes Alpha iii Model Rocket. Is this the best beginner rocket? (0 00:04:47)
The Alpha iii is arguably the best model rocket for beginners. Take a look at what you'll get with the Alpha 3's complete launching set! Estes Alpha iii Launch Kit (includes rocket, launch pad, and ... [View]

2008-05-10 NEFAR High-Speed Videos (0 00:04:48)
High-speed (slow-motion) videos from the May, 2008, Northeast Florida Association of Rocketry launch. [View]

You Will Not Believe What I Got On Amazon for Only $16! (0 00:04:48)
Micro Drone on Amazon - My new quad copter. A micro-Drone lol. This thing was pretty awesome. And it was also super tough. Crashed it a dozen times and it still flew. ... [View]

2012-12-15 TTRA's December Rocket Launch (0 00:04:48)
High-speed (slow-motion) video of TTRA's December launch. [View]

Northview Rocket Launch #3 (0 00:04:48)
WARNING: Loud Noises & Spinning Terrain (Yes, the date is wrong) This rocket was launched by the Sylvania Northview Engineering S4 Team as part of the S4 Competition in Black Rock Desert, ... [View]

On Board LV2.3 with Roll Stabilization (0 00:04:48)
PSAS successfully launched "Launch Vehicle No. 2.3" (LV2's third airframe) with a roll control module and "spin can" on Sunday October 17th, 2010 at Oregon Rocketry's (OROC) Brothers' launch site. ... [View]

Rocket up, rocket down. Launch video from Blade 350 Drone and spectacular night launch. (0 00:04:48)
*I have launched this Estes rocket about 30 times but never shot a video of it from my Camera Drone nor did I use the bigger E-9 Motor in the rocket till tonight! See the FPV Rocket Cam video of the ... [View]

Model Rocket Ignition System (0 00:04:48)
Demonstration of a model rocket launcher where the battery and circuit board are located near the launch pad, and only the low-current controllers are carried by the operator. For complete details, ... [View]

ROCKETRY - STEM SOS PBL (0 00:04:48)
The Mustang Rocket Club (PBL 2015/2016) The following video provides information about The Mustang Rocket Club, a club at HSS-High in which members build model rockets for rocket competitions such as ... [View]

FALLOUT 4: Early Game EASY TO FIND Weapons! (Sniper, .44 Magnum, Shotgun, Laser Gun, and Fat Man) (0 00:04:49)
Hey guys, today I’m going to show you how to find several early game weapons and armor that will make the first 10-15 levels of a new character a whole lot easier. You may be wondering “why am I ... [View]

ROC Lucerne May 2016 (0 00:04:49)
a few of the many rockets launched at the May 2016 Rocketry Organization of California monthly event (second Saturday of each month) at Lucerne Valley Dry Lake in the Mojave Desert [View]

Mercury Little Joe LDRS 29 (0 00:04:49)
1/6th scale Scratch built Mercury Little Joe By mark hayes [View]

Estes Rockets at Firetower Flyers (0 00:04:49)
Some of our RC Airplane Pilots who brought some of their Estes Rockets to launch at the Clubs 4th of July Bar-BQ 2010. A couple got lost in the Trees, But others came down in the open field. Some of ... [View]

F9R 1000m Fin Flight | Onboard Cam and Wide Shot (0 00:04:50)
Video of Falcon 9 Reusable (F9R) during a 1000m test flight at our rocket development facility in McGregor, TX. This flight was our first test of a set of steerable fins that provide control of the ... [View]

2016 Jan LUNAR Club Launch - David and John Robb's Rocket Launches (0 00:04:50)
Great start to 2016 at Snow Ranch, cool and cloud cover keep changing but lot of launches. First flight for my RW Terminator was diminished by hang rail, will try another flight. All the other ... [View]

Alien Mining Company - Alien One Rocket (0 00:04:50)
Level 1 Certification High Powered Rocketry. Alien One, Alien Mining Company. Mining Rocket designed using crop circle logo style logo. Rocket uses dual deployment, perfect flight stratologger. ... [View]

Prospector Rocket Launches CubeSat Demonstration For Florida High School, Three Others (0 00:04:50)
Four tiny spacecraft soared over the California desert June 15 in a high-altitude demonstration flight that tested the sensor and equipment designs created by NASA engineers and student launch teams. ... [View]

Big Water Rocket with Boosters - Polaron G2 (0 00:04:50)
After several years of development and lots of procrastination we finally fly our full size Polaron G2 rocket with the big boosters at the recent "Thunda Down Under" international launch event. For ... [View]

my dad asked me to quit Yes Theory immediately (0 00:04:50)
We disabled comment to respect Ammar's privacy. Thank you for the overwhelming amount of love and support. Publishing this video is one of the most nerve-wracking moments I've ever experienced in my ... [View]

PSAS rocket launch - onboard camera - Brothers, OR June 2010 (0 00:04:50)
This is our footage from our rocket mounted camera during the launch of LV2c June 27th, 2010. We went to an altitude of 15,600 feet. The control system (the fins you see moving) were attempting to ... [View]

Space Shuttle Endeavour Traveling Through the Streets of Los Angeles (0 00:04:50)
Space Shuttle Endeavour's two-day trip from Los Angeles International Airport through the streets of Los Angeles to the California Science Center is underway. The planned transport route of NASA's ... [View]

UMERG Big Yeller (0 00:04:51)
Tripoli Minnesota hosted a research rocketry launch, and UMERG (Upper Midwest Experimental Rocketry Group) launched 'Big Yeller' for the state record of "Largest amateur rocket". This launch was ... [View]

"Rocket Fuel" Launch at Midwest Power X (0 00:04:51)
My "Rocket Fuel" rocket flying on an AMW M1480 Red Rhino to 3,769 feet at Midwest Power X in Princeton, IL. The rocket is actually a converted recycling container. [View]

Will & Bill Ferry's Launches @ XPRS 2015 (0 00:04:51)
Summary video of the launches of my two rockets and my dad's rocket at XPRS 2015. The first 2 flights of both Red Devil (my Rocketry Warehouse Go Devil 38) and Mr. Rocket (my Dad's Binder Design ... [View]

2016 Dec LUNAR Club Launch - David and John Robb's Rocket Launches (0 00:04:51)
LUNAR December Club launch. Due to early winter rains this year LUNAR started winter high power season in November. Nice sunny and calm day. Snow ranch is greening up. Three launches for me this ... [View]

How to get 3000km downrange | KSP RSS/RO/RP-1 | NOW WITH AVIONICS! | (Craft file included) (0 00:04:51)
In this video I show how to design a rocket in RSS/RO/RP-1 that can achieve the 3000km downrange contract, a pivotal milestone early on in a Kerbal Space Program Realistic Progression 1 care ... [View]

Perth Advanced Rocketry Club INC 12th July 2009 (0 00:04:51)
Perth Advanced Rocketry Club INC. July 2009 Rocket Launching [View]

JMRC Launch 2 - September 2008 (0 00:04:51)
Here are some scenes of Sam's and other's rockets at the Jackson Model Rocketry Club gathering 9/06/08 at Michigan International Speedway [View]

How to Make an Origami Boomerang - How to make a Paper Airplane that Comes Back - Boomerang Airplane (0 00:04:51)
How to Make an Origami Boomerang - How to make a Paper Airplane that Comes Back - Boomerang Airplane #boomerang #origami #origamiboomerang #boomerangairplane #howto #how_to_make #paperplane how to ... [View]

Level 3 Certification Flight- Onboard Video- CINEMA 7- March 16, 2013 (0 00:04:51)
Launched at the monthly TTRA launch at the Varn ranch in Plant City FL. CINEMA 7 is a scratch-built, 10 feet tall, 6" diameter Blue Tube rocket weighing 45 pounds. Piston ejection for both drogue and ... [View]

Steelpan and Jazz Vibes Ensemble, "Village Vibe" - Live at Berklee (0 00:04:51)
The Steelpan and Jazz Vibes Ensemble performs "Village Vibe". "Village Vibe" - R. Reid Dejehan Hamilton: tenor pan Richarde Bereaux: tenor pan Simon Moullier: vibes Milos Branisavljevic: vibes Anne ... [View]

UltDS_on_M3700_dv.avi (0 00:04:52)
On-Board video from launch of Ultimate DarkStar on M3700 [View]

Gary Dahlke - Magnum 5-3-2 K940 to J250 - Two Stage (0 00:04:52)
Make sure to adjust the resolution higher by tapping the gear icon (lower right) If video becomes jumpy, lower the resolution some. ROSCO & ICBM Rocketry South Carolina Magnum 5-3-2 (5" diameter - ... [View]

Little Joe-1 and Mercury Redstone Build (0 00:04:52)
Aspen and me building these classic Estes scale rockets! [View]

2 Rockets 40 motors - CMASS FlisKits launch 2017 (0 00:04:52)
Spinning Saucer of the Apocalypse on 10 motors TOGinator firing 29 of 30 motors in a column of fire and smoke [View]

Celebrity PSAs for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami - TOP STORY! WEEKLY (0 00:04:52)
After the tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan, some of Hollywood's most questionable celebrities shoot ads to get people to help. Written by Matt Blitz, Michael Hughes and Phillip Wilburn Cast: ... [View]

Jacob McCaslin, "Crossroads To Nowhere" - Live at Berklee College (0 00:04:52)
Jacob McCaslin performs "Crossroads to Nowhere" live at Berklee College of Music. "Crossroads to Nowhere" (J. McCaslin) Jacob McCaslin: vocals, guitar Dan Sigman: producer Recorded live in F12 ... [View]

Rich Bremer's Level 1 Tripoli Certification. (0 00:04:52)
Rich Bremer launches his PML Io rocket at OROC's Rocknech Launch on February 28, 2010 in Tillamook, Oregon. An Aerotech H97J-M Blackjack reloadable motor was used to successfully launch and recover ... [View]

N1560 Altitude Record BALLS 26 Black Rock (0 00:04:52)
A 98mm minimum diameter carbon fiber airframe with a CTI N1560 reached an altitude record of 62,734' MSL, 59,448' AGL at Black Rock BALLS 26 September 2017. [View]

StratoLogger ST100 Dual Deploy Test (0 00:04:52)
A test of my PerfectFlite ST100 StratoLoggers (Dual) prior to a HPR flight in a LOC Precision HyperLOC-835. [View]

Design Brief Challenge | Create a Rocket for NASA in TinkerCAD! #PLTW (0 00:04:52)
You may use this link to view the design brief Here is a blank Design Process in Google Drawings. ... [View]

CHILI BLASTER III_0001.wmv (0 00:04:52)
Video of CHILI BLASTER III an event sponsored by the Southern Colorado Rocketeers in Pueblo Colorado. This is an annual event with an FAA waiver to 12,000 feet above ground level/17,500 feet above ... [View]

Accent - A Holly Jolly Christmas (A Cappella Christmas Jazz feat. George Shelby & Walter Rodriguez) (0 00:04:52)
Our album "Christmas All the Way" is AVAILABLE NOW! Listen/buy at A Holly Jolly Christmas Composed by Johnny Marks Arrangement by Andrew Kesler Featuring George Shelby ... [View]

She - Joe Barnard (Original song) (0 00:04:52)
DOWNLOAD LINK: Yes, a few out of sync parts here and there, but for editing video on an old Windows XP computer, it came out pretty well! Thank you ... [View]

TTRA Rockets Oct 18th 08 (0 00:04:52)
Recorded on October 22, 2008 using a Flip Video camcorder. [View]

Saturn 1B Assembly Part 7 - Cutting Out the 2nd Stage Wrap (0 00:04:53) - We’ll continue to cut out the vacuum form wraps in this step. This will include both wraps of the SIV-B stage, and the wrap for the thrust struc- ture at the base of ... [View]

NAPAS Launch - November 28, 2010 (0 00:04:53)
The last Napas rocket launch of the year held on November 28, 2010. It was exceptionally cold but we flew a few rockets and put on a show for the cows. Yep, cows like rockets. Who knew? C ... [View]

S8E/P Rocket Glider Practice Landings #1 (0 00:04:53)
Practicing Landings for the FAI S8E-P R/C Rocket Glide event, using a Hi-Start, on August 6, 2010. This is cheaper and easier than doing rocket boosts, as it is a lot more critical to get in lots and ... [View]

Skylab: The First Americans Living In Space (0 00:04:53)
Skylab set the stage for future space stations like Mir and the ISS, and showed that people really could live in space for a while and do important scientific research. Hosted by: Reid Reim ... [View]

Tripli Vegas - December 2019 Launch (0 00:04:53)
0:05 - Madcow Formula 38 - Aerotech G53FJ 0:18 - Aerotech - G75 Metalstorm 0:32 - Scratch Built - Aerotech H100 - L1 Cert Flight 0:48 - Tomahawk - Aerotech F52 Blue Thunder 0:57 - LOC Viper III - 3 ... [View]

R/C F-106 Delta Dart Rocket glider flights (0 00:04:53)
R/C F-106 Delta Dart Rocket glider flights, 27.5" length, 2.6" diameter, 20" wingspan, 6mm depron wings/tail, 8.35 oz rtf with 24mm Aerotech E-6 Composite rocket motor. [View]

How to install webcam camera to telescope in 5 minutes Moon surface HD video (0 00:04:53)
Website: | Host: Sipski How to install or hook up webcam or digital camera to your telescope in less than 5 minutes. First look at the object in your telescope and focus ... [View]

SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Launch Visible From My House 500 Miles Away! (0 00:04:53)
December 22, 2017 - 5:27pm PST. When I saw this huge bright light in the dark sky, I thought we might be intercepting an ICBM from North Korea. Turns out, it's just our fellow geek King, Elon Musk, ... [View]

Rocket Launch Filmed by Drone (0 00:04:53)
This video is about launching rockets. The DJI Phantom 3 Standard films the Estes Red Max launch while in POI mode. [View]

Flight of the Red Phoenix 2 3 18 (0 00:04:53)
Flight of the Red Phoenix on an Aerotech K456 Metalstorm Dark Matter 54mm rocket motor. Altitude 6433ft, top speed around 730mph. Snow Ranch high power launch 2-3-18. [View]

GoFast Rocket Proves the Earth is Round?! (0 00:04:54)
GoFast 2014 Space Launch Team The GoFast 2014 rocket officially set a new world record on July 14, 2014 at 7:32am as the highest and fastest amateur rocket ever launched into space. https: ... [View]

CanSat - Quadcopter Drop Test (0 00:04:54)
First drop of our CanSat from a proper height. Next Video: Prev. Video: ---------- Credits: Music by: Duck ... [View]

DJI Spark Quickshot Tutorial (Dronie, Helix, Circle, Rocket) (0 00:04:54)
These are kind of cool, but could use some more customization. - If you plan on buying a DJI product, please use these links to help support my channel! Mavic Pro: Phantom 4 ... [View]

CATO Rocketry Club -- Rocket Launch -- October 18, 2014 (0 00:04:54)
Here's a sample of the fun we had at the CATO rocket launch in Durham, CT. Lots of friends and fellow rocketry enthusiasts were there to "punch holes in the sky". We had a great time. Enjoy! [View]

SpaceX Falcon 9 Orbital Insertion (0 00:04:54)
Part 2. The upper stage burns brightly as this video takes us through SECO and the end of broadcast. The upper stage Niobium alloy nozzle is as thin as a Coke can. Here is a picture of it under ... [View]

Stan Draws Spaceships Episode 2 Part 2: Falcon and Skylon (0 00:04:55)
The partially reusable Falcon 9 and fully reusable Skylon are explored in this episode of Stan Draws Spaceships! Follow me on IG: stan_draws_spaceships More information about ballistic coe ... [View]

Without You : AJ Rafael : The Loft Sessions (0 00:04:55)
Writtne by: AJ Rafael Produced and arranged by: Evan Chapman Musical Director: Caitlin Banks Mixed/Mastered by: Nathaniel Coe III Piano: Evan Chapman Guitar: Marton Bisits Percussion: Sebastian ... [View]

First all-student rocket to reach space | Traveler IV Launch (0 00:04:55)
On April 21, 2019, we, the USC Rocket Propulsion Lab, launched our latest space-shot rocket, Traveler IV, out of Spaceport America. Traveler IV reached an apogee of 339,800 ft with a confidence of ... [View]

DIY Javelin missile part 2 (0 00:04:55)
Well heres another weeks worth of work! Turns out the Estes model rocket motors were all primed to explode... Work continues and i'm getting further along. Next weeks video should be the completed ... [View]

launch of the Marsden Rocket [Taupiri 02-2018] (0 00:04:55)
Taupiri , Waikatao, New Zealand 5th launch of the Marsden Rocket. powered by CTI N1560 (PRO98-6GXL) National launch day New Zealand Rocketry Quote of the day "now that was amazing !" [View]

RocketCam 2010-07-07 Custom Rockets Redliner with (very crude) 808 keychain spycam attached (0 00:04:55)
First try at launching a model rocket. Rocket is a Redliner by Custom Rockets with a B4-4 engine. The camera is a keychain spycam stripped from its casing. The camera was attached to the rocket very ... [View]

Upscale Comanche 3 Onboard (0 00:04:55)
Onboard video from my 1.67x upscale Comanche 3 model rocket. Date of this flight was 6/21/14 at MMAR field in Muskegon, MI. Flies on F39-4 to D12-5 to E9-6. Each booster has a parachute and the ... [View]

Rocket Launch On-board Camera! (0 00:04:55)
Having fun on a summer afternoon! Estes Rockets: Bandits Viking V2 Big Daddy Alpha Camera Settings: Canon EOS T3i; 720p60 [View]

Sara Kendall - Love You More (0 00:04:55)
Sara Kendall performs her original "Love You More" at Berklee College of Music. ... [View]

Viva La Hop Ft. Iva Kostic, "New Vibe" - Live at Berklee (0 00:04:55)
Viva La Hop featuring Iva Kostic performs their original, "New Vibe," live at David Friend Recital Hall, Berklee College of Music. "New ... [View]

Aline Barros - Depois da Cruz - COM LETRA (VideoLETRA® oficial MK Music) (0 00:04:55)
Esta música gospel faz parte do álbum Acenda a Sua Luz, da cantora Aline Barros. OUÇA O CD COMPLETO NA DEEZER: BAIXE ESTE SINGLE NO ITUNES: https:// ... [View]

Prototype Rocket Flight Computer // Project Summit Update #2 (0 00:04:56)
I planned on making a time-lapse of me making the computer although I had some camera problems, so I lost heaps of the footage. Instead here is a video of me explaining what I’ve done and how ... [View]

What's New Scooby-Doo? | Space Ape At The Cape | Boomerang UK (0 00:04:56)
The Scooby gang try to stop a shape-shifting alien from stopping the launch of the Space Shuttle. THROWBACK THURSDAYS! A classic Boomerang show every Thursday on Boomerang UK YouTube channel 🚩 ... [View]

Ghost Rider First Transformation (0 00:04:56)
Ghost Rider Mephistopheles makes Johnny the new Ghost Rider and offers to return his soul if he defeats Blackheart. Johnny transforms into the Ghost Rider-his body burning, skin falling off to his ... [View]

Sam's Level 1 qualification (0 00:04:56)
On May 22nd Sam was finally old enough to qualify for his NAR Level 1 certification, which means he can do rockets with powerful engines. We are very proud of our Rocketeer, and as you can see from ... [View]

Arabic/Nat Israel has claimed its latest rocket offensive against the Hezbollah in Beirut, wounding 12 Syrian soldiers, was accidental. Syria has been dragged into the escalating violence ... [View]

WOOSH Rocketry June 9/10, 2012 (0 00:04:56)
Short list of photo's and video, the wind kept many at bay. [View]

Aerotech Initiator Rocket with Mini Cam (0 00:04:56)
Odin's Initiator Rocket Camera Location: Creston Valley, British Columbia Father & Son (8 years old) Hobby: Model Rocketry (Mid Level) Note: All safety protocols were adhered to; as well as, ... [View]

Pterodactyl NERRF 6 (0 00:04:56)
This is our 7.5" diameter, 10' long PML Pterodactyl. The kit was modified with an additional 4' payload section to facilitate dual deployment recovery. That, not to mention it is a lot bigger! The ... [View]

Saturn 1B Assembly Part 8.5 - Vacuform Troubleshooting (0 00:04:56) - Fixing problems with the vacuum form wraps that might occur in the next video. We made this video, prior to explaining how the wraps are installed just to show you how ... [View]

Rocket Launch Week 4 January 2016 (0 00:04:57)
DART Rocketry Club + Thrive Public Schools Saturday January 30, 2016 @Fiesta Island -- San Diego, CA [View]

Estes Ascender 2-Stage Dual Deploy flown in Camden SC USA (0 00:04:57)
I flew my Estes Ascender 2-Stage using my homemade altimeter for dual deploy and sustainer ignition duties on Sunday, June 12, 2016, at the ROSCO launch in Camden SC USA. The booster was powered by ... [View]

Egg Noodles Recipe ||| How to make Egg Noodles ||| YouBee Foods (0 00:04:57)
How to make Egg Noodles _________________________________________________________ YouBee: FB: https://www. ... [View]

Model Rocket Payload Test (0 00:04:57)
Viking 1, Saturn 1B and Saturn V model rockets launched with heavy payloads from NASA's Hatfield Launch Center. [View]

DJI Mavic Mini Wind Test | Can It Handle Windy Days (0 00:04:58)
DJI Mavic Mini: In this video, we are testing the flight capabilities of the DJI Mavic Mini on windy days. Due to its ultra-lightweight and small size, the DJI Mavic Mini cannot ... [View]

Joanna Teters, "By Your Side" (acoustic) (0 00:04:58)
Joanna Teters performs her original "By Your Side" with guitarist Ted Morcaldi live at Berklee College of Music. "By Your Side" (acoustic) Joanna Teters: vocals Ted Morcaldi: guitar Dan Sigman: ... [View]

Rocket Launches and Drone Flights (0 00:04:58)
Thursday evening, June 9, 2016, our son Ethan and his friend Collin launched a rocket they have been working on. It was a beautiful evening and a relatively successful launch. I also caught the ... [View]

Daniel Woods, "Long Ways" - live at Berklee College of Music (0 00:04:58)
Daniel Woods performs his original song "Long Ways" live at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Daniel Woods voice, guitar; Joe Harrison, guitar; Gizmo, bass; Derek Schurbon, drums. Recorded by ... [View]

Acoustiloop 1 - Joe Barnard (0 00:04:58)
It's an acoustic guitar. I looped it. ACOUSTILOOP. [View]

Winter 2015-16 SoJARS at CrossKeys (0 00:04:58)
A nice, but windy day for flying. November 15, 2015 at Cross Keys field in NJ. Re-edited it all over again and cut out a lot. Magix didn't crash this time. Just 3 flights on here. It was a short day. [View]

Lumpy the rocket (0 00:04:58)
Cluster R rocket called Lumpy [View]

薛之谦 - 演员 (Xue Zhiqian - Actor) - Cover by 余佳运 Jiayun Yu ft Naïka (0 00:04:58)
Jiayun Yu (余佳运) performs his cover of "演员" by 薛之谦 ("Actor" by Xue Zhiqian) featuring Naïka. Jiayun Naika ... [View]

Machine - Joe Barnard (Acoustic Piano Version) (0 00:04:58)
Just a little live performance thing of one of my original songs, definitely a few mistakes, but hope you enjoy it anyway! [View]

Nitro FIreBall 29 motor rocket launch. (0 00:04:58)
Highly clustered and staged Rocket Stage 1: 23 motors Stage 2: 6 rockets [View]

PSAS Control Center Rocket Launch 5/31/09 (0 00:04:58)
PSAS has successful rocket launch outside of Bend, OR, 5/31/09. Video from the control center. [View]

Rocket Launch Big Daddy, Renegade D, Saturn V Skylab (0 00:04:58)
Big Daddy Rocket, Renegade D Rocket, Saturn V Skylab rocket launches. We had a great time with the family launching rockets. Our Saturn V Skylab made a crash landing. [View]

Two Stage High Power Airstart Rocket Onboard Vid with Great Vidcaps- 4/16/2011 (0 00:04:58)
Launched at the monthly TTRA launch in the Varn ranch in Plant City FL. "Airstart 1" is a scratch-built two stage rocket that has a 2.5" dia. upper stage and 3" dia. booster stage. The upper stage's ... [View]

My fully constructed 2 staged Estes Mongoose rocket (0 00:04:59)
I was very interested to launch a multi stage rocket at some point and I had 3 x B-0 booster rocket engines with me. Given the lack of a very wide space for recovery I opted for the Mongoose as my ... [View]

Estes "Astron Sprint XL" - 9-11-2017 (0 00:04:59)
Onboard video by my Mate 808 camera. Background music by Dynatron "Rise To The Stars". [View]

The Mediant Collective - Evlerinin Önü Mersin (Kadir Acar and Muzaffer Sarısözen) (0 00:04:59)
The Mediant Collective performs their arrangement of "Evlerinin Önü Mersin" by Kadir Acar and Muzaffer Sarısözen. Learn about their summer tour supported by the Mediterranean Music Institute: ... [View]

+15km Boosted Dart Project (0 00:04:59)
This is a video about an amateur sugar rocket that was successfully launched to 17.483 meters (57.359ft). [View]

Using 29 to 38mm motor adapters in High Power model rockets (0 00:04:59)
29mm motor mount adapters for 38mm kits are deceptively simple looking. "How do you use them?" is a common question people ask. This video will show you a few simple techniques. [View]

Quadcopter Rocket Launch (0 00:04:59)
Launching an Estes Model Rocket from a Quadcopter [View]

Model Rocket Night Launch! [4K] (0 00:04:59)
Hello Folks! Today I'm trying something I've always wondered about. A classic NASA style night rocket launch! I'm using the Estes Power Patrol and a locator solution I detail in the video. Enjoy! ... [View]

Get Boosted @ Serpentine - Rocket Launches from TRAAU 2012 to 2014 (0 00:05:00)
Serpentine Victoria is home to some of the biggest rocket launches in Australia. Tripoli Rocketry Association Australia hosts monthly rocket launches at its range near Serpentine central Victoria. ... [View]

How to make the Estes Amazon Model Rocket (0 00:05:00)
A look at the Plastic model rocket by Estes called the "Amazon". It's an easy to make rocket that is 36 inches tall and comes in the Tandem X Kit. [View]

Jorge Romano - Luna De Mis Ojos (Live at Berklee) (0 00:05:00)
Jorge Romano performs his original "Luna De Mis Ojos" live at the Berklee Performance Center. Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: htt ... [View]

Need For Speed: Payback - 65 Mustang Derelict Parts Location Guide (0 00:05:00)
Instead of scouring the world of Need For Speed: Payback for clues to the derelict parts, use this handy guide to restore your 1965 Ford Mustang. Subscribe to GameSpot! ... [View]

Alois Hába - Suite for Quarter-tone Piano No. 6 (Planet MicroJam) (0 00:05:00)
Alois Hába's "Suite for Quarter-tone Piano No. 6 (Op. 88+ - I. Allegro)” performed by Planet MicroJam as arranged by David Fiuczynski. At the crossroads of new beats, microtonal harmonies, ... [View]

Estes Viking (0 00:05:00)
a little review on estes viking it will go 700ft on a a8-3 [View]

MDRA Red Glare 20 (0 00:05:00)
My personal highlight reel. Didn't realize my cell phone was only set for 640x480 video -- oh, well! The Yellow Submarine (1,200 lbs on a P17500 motor) was TRULY impressive! Glad we went! [View]

Astor Piazzolla - Adios Nonino - Boston Aires 10 (0 00:05:00)
Astor Piazzolla's "Adios Nonino" performed by Boston Aires 10 directed by faculty member by Tsunenori “Lee” Abe. Hear them live on Thursday, November 10, at the Berklee Performance Cente ... [View]

Southern Thunder 2008 (0 00:05:01)
ST08 Rocket Gathering featuring high power rockets as well as model rockets. Fun for all ages. Great Family hobby. [View]

Ludovica Burtone String Quartet, "Blazing Sun" - Live at Berklee (0 00:05:01)
Ludovica Burtone String Quartet performers Ludovica's original composition "Blazing Sun" live at the The Berklee Internet Radio Network (BIRN). https://www.faceb ... [View]

Playmobil Filme Português | JULIAN E A VESPA | Bastante sorvete cura a língua! Julian o linguarudo (0 00:05:01)
Playmobil Filme Português | JULIAN E A VESPA | Bastante sorvete cura a língua! Julian o linguarudo DEIXE SEU CURTIR! Se você gostou do vídeo. subscrito meu canal! : ... [View]

Onboard Video - Competitor 4 - M745 (0 00:05:01)
15,760' apogee, 737 MPH 02/12/12 - PMW's Sky Jam regional launch. [View]

Launching Estes model rockets plus slow motion lift off (0 00:05:01)
Today we are launching model rockets! The kids and I set up our own launch pad in the field behind our home and attempted our own blast off days after SpaceX launched their first manned Dragon ... [View]

MMDiSpi201110221109 (0 00:05:01)
First launch of the iSpi DIY camera rocket. Rocket: Estes SkyLofter. Engine: Estes C6-5. Flight Time: 11:09AM 22 October 2011 [View]

Kakadi Ke Pade Naram Bhatiya (0 00:05:02)
Provided to YouTube by Super Cassettes Industries Limited Kakadi Ke Pade Naram Bhatiya · Manoj Tiwari 'Mridul' Maiya Ke Mahima ℗ Super Cassettes Industries Limited Released on: 1997-0 ... [View]

Wow, have you ever seen a Bait Caster do this? The Sand Blaster Bait Caster can launch your bait 300 plus yards and help you pull in the big fish in the ocean while you sit and relax on the beach. ... [View]

Blast into Space, Spectacular Fall to Earth (0 00:05:02)
Onboard cameras capture the amazing journey of Atlantis into space, and the dramatic return of the solid rocket boosters. [View]

Hybrid Rocket test - HYDRUS 1 Test 2 (1000 fps) (0 00:05:02)
ERPL Hybrid rocket engine test fire. This is our second successful attempt at test firing our experimental flight hybrid motor, the Hydrus. It is an evolved version of our previous engine, dubbed ... [View]

Saturn V Cardstock Test Launch (0 00:05:02)
The furry rocketeer provides the rocket's red glare by the twilight's last gleaming. Epic test launch of 1:96 scale cardstock Saturn V model rocket. A static display model converted to flight. ... [View]

Elipse061811.wmv (0 00:05:02)
Flight of Mike Borman's Giant Leap Elipse rocket on an Aerotech I211W rocket motor to 1366 feet on June 18, 2011. The rocket carried a Garmin Astro GPS and Booster Vision Gearcam video camera. A ... [View]

G80 Engine Rocket Launch (0 00:05:02)
Skip to 1:08 for the launch! Launching an Estes Pro Series II rocket (Ventris) Approximately 2000 feet. The two cars you see are ours. It ended up going across the highway by a green roofed church. [View]

This it the stunt demo for my team (Az Extreme team) from 2005. Thanks to Jason Ryan for helping put this video together. Riders Alex Johnoff, Ron Wildman, Bryan Tooley, Wyatt Glaze. [View]

Space Shuttle Atlantis: Into the Sunset [HD] (0 00:05:03)
With STS-132 as the last planned mission for space shuttle Atlantis, a few of those who have witnessed this shuttle's long career throughout the years exprress their thoughts. Guests include: Hugh ... [View]

Launching My MIT Acceptance Letter in a Model Rocket (0 00:05:03)
This 2023 decided to launch her acceptance letters in a model rocket. What happens next will surprise you… JK, but hi I’m Amanda Shayna Ahteck and I’m very excited to be joining the MIT Class ... [View]

Revolutionary War Graves from The Crossing (0 00:05:03)
On a cold, windy December day I took my son to holy ground on the banks of the Delaware River. It is there you will find casualties who were not able to make The Crossing in 1776. Whether because of ... [View]

High Power Rocketry - Tripoli Wisconsin Association June 1, 2019 (0 00:05:03)
Tripoli Wisconsin Association's June 2019 high power rocket launch and a tribute the our nation's veterans with a special Honest John scale project Flying on a Aerotech M1939. [View]

live from Kennedy space centre - Apollo Saturn V (0 00:05:03)
Saturn V - Apollo exhibit at Kennedy Space Centre [View]

Max Brandenburg - Silver Lining (Berklee Studio Performance) (0 00:05:03)
Max Brandenburg performs his original "Silver Lining" in Studio A at Berklee College of Music. Max: Site: Facebook: ... [View]

(0 00:05:03)
David and John Robb's Rocket Launches , 2013 January TCC Rocket Launch. Near Helms,CA. Lauching all Rocketry Warehouse fiberglasss kits this week... Foumual 98, Color Edition of G3, and Sub-LIME. ... [View]

NARAM JAYA (feat. Chamkila, Amarjyot & Snow) | DJ FRENZY | Latest Punjabi Songs 2019 (Con Calma) (0 00:05:04)
Time to bring the FOLK back! DJ Frenzy presents #NaramJaya - a tribute to the late legends; Amar Singh Chamkila & Amarjyot Kaur Send your dance videos to #AmarSinghChamkila ... [View]

Aerial Video Of A Model Rocket Launch From a Quadcopter (0 00:05:04)
Aerial video of a model rocket launch taken with a GoPro Hero 3+ from a Blade 350 QX Quadcopter. Flight took place on August 10, 2014 at Launch Crue's (NAR Section 519) August meeting, banquet, and ... [View]

University of Florida USLI Sub-Scale Launch (0 00:05:04)
Onboard video from the University of Florida Sub-scale rocket launch for NASA's University Student Launch Initiative (USLI) competition. The name of the rocket is "The Most Interesting Rocket in the ... [View]

Cyclone Model Rocket - Flight and Build Tips (0 00:05:04)
This is the flight video of the Cyclone rocket I showed at the end of my Egginator rocket video. I also give a few build tips in case you'd like to give it a try. Estes C11-3 Engines: https ... [View]

The F-35 Helmet Brings Innovation To A New Level (0 00:05:04)
The F-35 Helmet Brings Innovation To A New Level Any pilot will tell you that you can’t look through the airframe to see what’s beneath you, or behind you, or even sometimes beside you. ... [View]

HEAT-1X launch Copenhagen Suborbitals (0 00:05:04)
The first successful launch of the HEAT-1X rocket with Tycho Brahe spacecraft! Show your support: [View]

Emily King - Down (Cover by Christine Smit and Eli Mboho) (0 00:05:04)
Emily King's "Down" covered by Christine Smit and Eli Mboho live at Berklee College of Music's Red Room @ Cafe 939. Berklee Subscribe: Facebook: ... [View]

Copenhagen Suborbitals liftoff of HEAT-X1. Launch success. (0 00:05:04)
Launch of HEAT X-1 rocket carrying Tycho Brahe spacecraft module, by Copenhagen Suborbitals on June 3, 2011, 16:32 hours UTC/GMT +1 hour Early intentional engine cutoff and height 2.6 km achieved. ... [View]

We Found Love - Rihanna (Covered by Joe Barnard & Nat Duffy) (0 00:05:04)

2 Stage with camera (0 00:05:04)
This is the second flight of my custom designed 2 stage model rocket. The main stage rocket has an onboard ignition system that is powered by a 3.8v-160mA lipo battery and is triggered by a ... [View]

Randomizer Rocket Launch Pad - Project #71 (0 00:05:05)
Here at, it's rocket making season. We recently teamed up with our good friend Grant Thompson to bring you an amazing $8 rocket that flies 1,200 feet in the air. So naturally you're ... [View]

Madcow 54mm Little John Rocket Launch, NAR L2 Certification (0 00:05:05)
After travelling to California for my Level 1 Cert in May, I went back in November for Rocstock and a Level 2 attempt. Aerotech DMS J250W. Projected altitude 5057'. Jolly Logic Chute Release at ... [View]

Dream Chaser - Orbiter Space Flight Simulator 2010 (0 00:05:05)
Dream Chaser, a private spacecraft that looks like a stubby version of the space shuttle, is a concept being tested by Sierra Nevada Corp. based on NASA designs of a 1980s spacecraft prototype. The ... [View]

Neil Young, Sarah Mclachlan, Joni Mitchell, The Weeknd - Medley (0 00:05:05)
A cover medley of Neil Young's "Heart of Gold," Sarah Mclachlan's "I Will Remember You," Joni Mitchell's "Woodstock," and The Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face." Arranged by Benjamin Knorr in support of ... [View]

2014-06-07 ROCK Launch (0 00:05:06)
Video from the June, 2014, ROCK model rocket launch in Oviedo, FL. Includes aerial footage from a DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter. [View]

Vern and Gleda Estes at NARAM 53 (0 00:05:06)
Vern and Gleda Estes built Super Alphas from Estes Rockets on Sunday 7/24/11, and here they are flying them on Monday 7/25/11, at NARAM 53 near Cincinnati, OH. Vern and Gleda founded the company ... [View]

High Power Rocketry - Minor Threat 7 8 17 Aerotech M1850 at Richard Bong State Park (0 00:05:06)
Minor Threat flew on an Aerotech M1850w motor during the TWA July 8, 2017 launch. Weight was 59.5 pounds at launch and the rocket flew to 7,800 feet agl before it "gracefully" landed in the arms of a ... [View]

LJP2 Rocket Launch (0 00:05:06)
Rocket launch near Kenosha, Wisconsin, at Richard Bong State Recreation Area. First launch is an Estes Bull Pup on an Estes C6-5 motor. We shot this rocket successfully once. My son and I had shot ... [View]

I've Got Pain - Joe Barnard Live From Ryles (0 00:05:06)
I've Got Pain performed live at the Ryles Jazz Club in Cambridge, MA. Guitar/vocals: Joe Barnard Electric guitar: Steven Manwaring Bass: Diego Fiori Drums: Ed Nicholson [View]

Model Rocket Launch with On-board Camera (0 00:05:06)
This was the second launch of VENOUS Rocket which approaches the altitude of 1200ft with a 'D' engine. The engine ejection charge melted part of the parachute and that's the reason the camera could ... [View]

Electronics / Altimeter Bay 3", Review and Build. (0 00:05:06)
I am reviewing and building a 3" altimeter bay by LOC Precision. I show how to custom mount the switch on the sled using aluminum tubing.  [View]

High Power Rocket with Horizon-view Video Camera (0 00:05:06)
High power model rocket with dual deployment and on-board video camera flown on January 14, 2012 with an Aerotech I357T motor. [View]

How to Make a Paper Rabbit 🐇 (0 00:05:07)
I show how to make an origami paper rabbit. The origami rabbit is easy to fold and looks quite nice. Origami Paper: (USA) - - Origami Paper: ... [View]

NAR High-Power Rocketry Level 1 Certification Flight 2018-03-10 (0 00:05:07)
This is my National Association of Rocketry (NAR) High-Power Rocketry (HPR) Level 1 Junior certification flight, at the Rocketry Organization of California (ROC) March 2018 launch at the Lucerne Dry ... [View]

Balls 2018 On Board Video - 175,000 Feet! (0 00:05:07)
This three-stage flight was performed by Jim Jarvis (with lots of help) at Balls 27 on September 21, 2018. The launch was help at the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. The flight reached about 175,000 ... [View]

Spurs and Rockets - Skylab (0 00:05:07)
Sencillo de la banda Post-Rock de Tijuana, Baja California, México. Grabado por Carlos Abarca en Finger Studio. Mixing Engineer: Jedi Master Lui Singh. Suscríbete para más noticias sobre nuestro ... [View]

Balls 2012 Rocket On-board Video (0 00:05:07)
On-board video of my successful rocket flight to 24,000 feet on September 21, 2012 at BALLS rocket launch, Black Rock Desert, Nevada. Rocket flown on a 3 inch O.D. 9000 Nsec total impulse, case ... [View]

On-board My 3X Upscale FatBoy Rocket (0 00:05:07)
This is an on-board video of my 3x upscale FatBoy rocket flying on a central K550W air-starting 2 J350W's at a Tripoli Pittsburgh launch. [View]

Elton John - The Bitch Is Back - PERCUSSION-CAM! (Live on the Sunset Strip) (0 00:05:07)
A unique view of Elton's classic hit 'The Bitch Is Back', taken from a GoPro camera strapped to the chest of percussionist and backing vocalist John Mahon during the recent surprise show on the ... [View]

CRG combined launch March 2013 (0 00:05:08)
Short video of highlights from day 2 of the Canberra Rocketry Groups March 2013 combined High, Medium and Low-power rocketry launch, near Beckom NSW. [View]

Darkstar Extreme CTI L2375 (0 00:05:08)
Onboard rocket footage of my Wildman Darkstar Extreme launching on a 75mm Cesaroni L2375 motor. The rocket reached an altitude of 13741 ft AGL and a max velocity of 918 mph (approx. Mach 1.234). [View]

Redneck Rocketry (0 00:05:08)
From duct tape rockets, to sugar motors with time delays and parachute ejections charges. This is a follow up to my previous video on how to make Sugar Rockets ( Endcard ... [View]

LOLL Supersonic Model Rockets (0 00:05:08)
Using E-25-7 Aerotech ammonium perchlorate core burning motors, single-use. In a light weight rocket, with plastic wings (ali metal was too heavy) and epoxy joints, the impulse of an E-25 can just ... [View]

Dynasoar Rocketry Space Shuttle R/C rocket glider flights (0 00:05:08)
Dynasoar Rocketry Space Shuttle R/C rocket glider flights. 21" long, 18" wingspan, approx 1/72 semi-scale kit available from 8.5 oz ready to fly using composite aerotech E-6 ... [View]

Skylab and the Sun (archival film, poor audio) (0 00:05:08)
This film provides an overview of solar science associated with the Skylab program. Skylab orbited the Earth from 1973 to 1979. The 169,950-pound space station included a workshop, a solar o ... [View]

Sarson Ka Saag Recipe | How To Make Sarson Kaa Saag | Punjabi Curry Recipe By Neelam Bajwa (0 00:05:08)
Learn How To Make Sarson Kaa Saag in Curries And Stories With Neelam. Sarson Ka Saag Recipe is a delicious popular winter recipe in the Northern part of India made with fresh sarson leaves. Sarson ... [View]

Amitabh Bachhan, JP Nadda Launches Hepatitis B Immunisation Awareness Campaign (0 00:05:08)
In India, approximately 10 lakh children, on an annual basis, run the lifetime risk of developing chronic Hepatitis infections, leading to life-threatening issues including liver cancer, liver ... [View]

Space Shuttle Endeavour Lands in Los Angeles (0 00:05:08)
Space shuttle Endeavour, perched atop NASA's 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft landed at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) at 12:51 p.m. PDT, ending a cross-country ferry mission and returning to ... [View]

Georgia Tech - 2019 Spaceport America Cup (0 00:05:08)
Georgia Tech competed in the 2019 Spaceport America® Cup: Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competiton, near Las Cruces New Mexico, from June 18-22, 2019. Georgia Tech flew a two-stage, s ... [View]

Machine - Joe Barnard (Original Song) (0 00:05:08)

R.P.M. by Sasha Pieterse - Official video (0 00:05:08)
BUY NOW - R.P.M. is the second single from Sasha Pieterse. Available NOW on iTunes! Credits: Writer/Director/DP: Matt Steele Executive ... [View]

Estes Bullpup 12D (0 00:05:09)
First flights of our Estes Bullpup model rocket. Forgot to reset the date and time on the in flight cam. [View]

Model rocket with GoPro Hero3 Black onboard camera (0 00:05:09)
It was a nice and sunny day at Redmond 60 acres park. Camera was set to 1080p \ 60fps for first launch (attached to the rocket) and 720p \ 120fps for the second launch (not attached) with Protune ... [View]

Perseus X4 Columbia launching on an F24-7 at TORC Fest 11/7/2010 (0 00:05:09)
Perseus booster "Columbia" launching on the Aerotech F24 motor at TORC Fest Nov 7, 2010 near Springfield, OH. Altitude reached: about 1380 feet... [View]

Estes Shuttle - Assembly and Launch (Explorer 1 - A Beautiful Failure) (0 00:05:09)
A custom 3 camera, telemetry system Estes #7246 Shuttle is shown in photo slide show with the launch video shown at the end. Failure apparently is an option. Why didn't someone remind me that the ... [View]

Pee in Bed - Overcoming Fear and Anxiety & Bed Wetting - Dr Naram's Ancient Secrets Academy (0 00:05:09)
12 year old boy Nirmal speaks with so much confidence now, but didn't always. His inspiring story is an example of how much is possible with Dr Naram's Ancient Secrets. This week's training video ... [View]

Taping a Smartphone To A 10 Ft Rocket (0 00:05:09)
Apparently, this is what happens if you strap your phone to a supersonic rocket, and flip the switch? Check out Moto_USA's new Moto Z Force: and #MotoMods Endcard Lin ... [View]

The Helicat (0 00:05:09)
This is my first rocket video! I cover everything from the preparation to the launch! I rate this rocket 4/5 stars. Sadly, my Helicat flew off far away on a later launch and we never saw it again! :( ... [View]

Spring 2019 MSP Tripoli Launch Day (0 00:05:09)
A compilation of footage taken from the University of Missouri Space Program's spring 2019 Tripoli Launch. Enjoy! If you have questions about our organization please contact us at: Email: ... [View]

How to Make a City Pop-Up Card | Pop-Up Cards (0 00:05:09)
Watch more How to Make Pop-Up Cards & Crafts videos: Now I am going to show you how to make a pop-up city out of ... [View]

Alissia, "Let it Out" - Live at Berklee College of Music (0 00:05:09)
Alissia Benveniste performs her original song "Let it Out" live at Berklee College of Music's 1A Berk Recital Hall. ... [View]

ART Fatboy at Plaster Blaster 2006 (0 00:05:09)
The Arizona Rocketry Team's Giant FATBOY rocket at Plaster Blaster 2006 [View]

2016 July TCC Club Launch - David and John Robb's Rocket Launches (0 00:05:10)
Hot fun at TCC's July Club Launch, reach 102 by end of the launch. Nice summer crowd. Nice plowed field at Maddox Dairy was like walk on soft crushed concrete. The three flights this time... ... [View]

Bigfoot Wallace, "I Am And I'm Not" (0 00:05:10)
Bigfoot Wallace is a man named Jon Hubbell from Chandler, AZ. His latest album, Songs for the Larva, was released on March 5, 2013, and features songs about newness, home, love, and friendship. Jon ... [View]

Pink Girlpool vs Kid Deadpool let's play video games superheroes fun real life comic SuperHerokids (0 00:05:10)
Remember when kid deadpool challenged pink girlpool to a video game battle? and when Kylo left in the middle of playing his video games What games ... [View]

White Lightning Wooden Roller Coaster POV Front Seat Back Seat Off-Ride Fun Spot Orlando (0 00:05:10)
Theme Park Review produced the B-Roll footage for Fun Spot and here are a number of different shots of White Lightning! This zesty little GCI woodie opened in 2013, and don't judge it by it's size. ... [View]

Toronto Police, Youth in Policing Initiative (YIPI) Public Service Announcement (0 00:05:10)
'Youth Speaking Up' is an awareness and advocacy campaign created by the students and staff members of the Toronto Police Service's Youth in Policing Initiative and the Toronto Police Video Services ... [View]

Rage at the Gage 2020 | High Power Rocket Launch (0 00:05:10)
Rage at the Gage is NB Rocketry's biggest rocket launch of the year. For more information follow NB Rocketry on FaceBook: Special thanks to the 5 CDSB Gagetown ... [View]

How a Rocket Works/Earth to Space Eg SpaceX Falcon 9 and Dragon (0 00:05:10)
How a rocket or rocket engine works to go from the surface of the Earth to Space. The example used is SpaceX's Falcon 9 both with their Dragon capsule to go to the International Space Station (ISS) ... [View]

Superfluous Launch 6 at LDRS 29 (0 00:05:10)
Superfluous Launch 6 at LDRS 29 on 6/13/2010 Motor Aerotech N3300R Max Altitude 17764 ft G-Wiz, 17767 RRC2 Max Speed 1427 ft/sec (mach 1.3) Max Acceleration 16G Above Mach from 2.5 to 7.8 seconds ... [View]

Dan Michaels 3/4 scale Patriot (0 00:05:10)
This is Dan's 3/4 scale model rocket it is 15+ ft and 350+ pounds and it flies high! [View]

Five Minutes in Space #10: Owen & Richard Garriott (0 00:05:10)
Father and son Owen and Richard Garriott share the unique experience of journeying in space -- Owen as a NASA scientist astronaut in 1973 and 1983, his career spanning the agency's Skylab and Space ... [View]

Space Camp Barbie Unveiled at the US Space & Rocket Center (0 00:05:11)
Announcing the release of 2008 Space Camp® Barbie® available now at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center. Space Camp uses space to excite and educate children in the fields of math science and ... [View]

HPR PVC Launch Pad (0 00:05:11)
I designed and built this launch pad over 10-years ago, and it is still a good launch platform [View]

model rocket launch from sea G64-7W RMS 29/40-120 aerotech onboard camera 5° lancio del bernyer1 (0 00:05:11)
5° lancio dal mare del missile auto costruito bernyer 1,con telecamera a bordo,usando un motore 29/40-120 aerotech caricato con una ricarica g64-7w. 5th launch of the homemade missile bernyer ... [View]

Hot Chocolate from a Cacao Pod (0 00:05:11)
We'll all always have some distinct memory of a hot chocolate packet and hot water. But why make this when you can have a hot chocolate that's SO MUCH BETTER. Better yet, top it with a few homemade ... [View]

Rocket Launch 360: Atlas V Starliner (0 00:05:11)
3,2,1...liftoff! Take a trip to the International Space Station aboard Boeing's Starliner capsule after launch on the United Launch Alliance Atlas V. Walk across the launch pad, experience the view ... [View]

Buster's Third Flight (Airfest 2017) (0 00:05:11)
Third flight of "Buster" on an Aerotech M1850 White Lightning motor. Buster is an all-fiberglass rocket built from a Rocketry Warehouse kit, standing 9 feet 9 inches tall and 5.5 inches in diameter, ... [View]

Madcow Trinity Airstarted Clustered High Power Rocket! 7-18-2020 at BARC (0 00:05:11)
Madcow Trinity on a central CTI J430 White Thunder motor surrounded by (3) air started CTI H133 Blue Streak motors (1 second into flight), on 7-18-2020 at BARC. This was the first flight for this ... [View]

Rocket Launch Compilation SuperCut (2016) | Go To Space (0 00:05:11)
This video is a compilation (supercut) of rocket launches from 2016. Here is the list of the space launches used in this video montage: 1. Rocket: Ariane 5 ECA / Payload: Echostar 18 & BRIsat ... [View]

Minimum diameter CTI N5800 "Mad Max" - Balls 22 Sept 2013 Black Rock Desert (0 00:05:11)
All handmade composite, all Australian designed and manufactured 4" minimum diameter amateur rocket flying on a CTI N5800 C-Star motor. Altitude (GPS verified) 16,809m MSL or 51,228' AGL. Max ... [View]

Nina Simone - Four Women (Cover by Berklee Black Lives Matter) (0 00:05:11)
Berklee Black Lives Matter performs a cover of Nina Simone's "Four Women." BLM at Berklee: Subscribe: Facebook: https://www.faceboo ... [View]

Estes Astrocam with Gumcam fitted (0 00:05:11)
My first Youtube upload.Fired near Cardington uk.Pause at the right spot and you will see the famous CardingtonAirship Hangars where the R101 was built. [View]

Australian Rocketry's Thunda Down Under 2019 promo video 1 - 18-21 APRIL 2019 (0 00:05:12)
DATES SET FOR THUNDA2 - 18 - 21 April 2019 WIth the huge success of Australian Rocketry’s Thunda Down Under 2015, the Aussies are doing it again, bigger and better in 2019! Having had in ... [View]

Return to the Black Rock Desert Playa and LDRS 32. This movie was made in tribute to the memory of Frank Kosdon. [View]

2012 Nov Rockonn Launch - David and John Robb's Rocket Launches (0 00:05:12)
David and John Robb's 2012 Nov 3 Rockonn NAR Rocket Launch at Mule Flats Dry Lake. Near Silver Springs, Nevada. Wildman Dual Deploy, Vidicator, and jr launches. Rocketry Warehouse Fomula 58. [View]

Perfect Chicken Sandwich Making || YouBee Foods || Street Foods (0 00:05:12)
Chicken Sandwich _________________________________________________________ YouBee: FB: https://www.faceboo ... [View]

A successful launch of the Estes Hi-Flier that was never recovered (0 00:05:13)
following yesterday's launch failure of my new Estes Hi-Flier on its maiden flight due to the failure of the CA Gel glue adhesion between the laser cut balsa fins and the rocket body, I've ... [View]

NASA's Launch of Saturn V Skylab Space Station May 1973 from NASA TV (0 00:05:13)
From the NASA broadcast of the launch, this is video of the launch of Saturn V Skylab 1 Space Station May 1973 [View]

Estes Alpha III Launch (Video from Rocket) - 3/20/12 (0 00:05:13)
This time, I attached a very small camera to the side of the alpha III. It separated from the rocket, but we were able to recover it. I also can't figure out how to change the date on the mini camera ... [View]

LoreWarrior Aerotech - Shologar (0 00:05:13)
A nice change of pace to see a Kuritan fighter instead of a Davion one. Listening to it back after upload the recording went weird on me and it sounds like I pronounce a word wrong, but honestly it ... [View]

First Time at a Rocketry Launch - ElementalMaker (0 00:05:13)
First time attending a proper rocketry launch. Not quite the usual video quality, recording on the move and filming supersonic rockets isn't as easy as I originally thought. Thanks to MDRA for ... [View]

Amazeing Boot Chanachur Recipe || Street Foods || YouBee Foods (0 00:05:13)
Amazeing Boot Chanachur Recipe _________________________________________________________ YouBee: FB: htt ... [View]

Saturn 1B Assembly Part 43 - Attaching Fin Unit to the Tubes (0 00:05:13)
In this step in the assembly sequence of the Apogee Components 1/70th scale model of the Saturn 1B rocket, is where you'll be attaching the fin unit to the fuel tank sub-assembly. This step needs to ... [View]

KARSNH July 2007 Launch (1 of 2) (0 00:05:14)
A great summer launch with lots of rockets and kids. Part 1 of 2 (due to file size limitations) [View]

University of Michigan USLI Team 1/21/2012 (0 00:05:14)
This flight was during our January 21 Michiana Rocketry Club launch at Three Oaks, MI. "Bo Jangles" a name with a story we were all told.... Beautiful flight to 5170' (target is 1 mile) on a Loki ... [View]

Hybrid rocket engine with acrylic and gaseous oxygen (0 00:05:14)
I built a small rocket engine for demonstration purposes. The engine is built from a 2" diameter acrylic rod through which I drilled a 0.5" hole. The oxygen at 80 psi or less is passed through the ... [View]

South Park - Eric Cartman - Come Sail Away (0 00:05:14)
*Here is a link to the original DVDs: Album - Chef Aid: The South Park Album Track #5 Lyrics: I'm sailing away, set an open course for the virgin sea I've ... [View]

Minecraft SARG MOD (MIT GEIST) [Deutsch] (0 00:05:14)
► Die Coffin Mod erzeugt beim Tod einen Sarg. Es erscheint ein Geist, wenn ihr diesen öffnen solltet! ► Kostenlos abonnieren: --- Links --- ► Random Mobs Mod (Video): ... [View]

Model Rocket Goes Supersonic Under M3000 Power (0 00:05:14)
Motor - AMW M3000ST (super tiger propellant for 75-7600 casing) Mach 1.35 900’ in the air. Melted the additive aerospace camera shroud Burn out at 1000 feet, coasted to 17700 feet, 300 feet ... [View]

BGEXRS2009Y (0 00:05:14)
BGEXRS flights '2009 [View]

Dent - Nine Fathers (Live) (0 00:05:14)
Metal band Dent performs their original "Nine Fathers" live at Berklee. Dent: Facebook: Website: Berklee: Subscribe: http:/ ... [View]

Saturn V world record (0 00:05:14)
This is Steve Eve's beautiful, huge 1/10 scale Saturn V flying on a cluster of rocket motors totaling some 42000lbs of thrust. It was a world record for a model rocket but you wouldn't know it ... [View]

Estes Astrocam with Gumcam (Raw) (0 00:05:14)
Estes Astrocam fitted with Gumcam raw footage in Bedford U.K Pause at the right spot and you can see the famous Cardington Airship hangars where the R101 was built. [View]

Predator 10 K W stratologger Altimeter lvl2 cert (0 00:05:14)
Level 2 certification flight with Always Ready Rockets Predator 10K blue tube kit, Aerotech J 350 W motor, PerfectFlite Stratologger Dual Deploy altimeter, and Trackimo GPS locator. Flight went well ... [View]

NSWRA Rocket Launch - August 2008 (0 00:05:15)
Last August I took a friend, Rob Wolven, to one of my club's rocket launches. He'd built a couple of rockets of his own beforehand, a Quark and a Liquidator, both Estes, and managed to get in a few ... [View]

Upscale TV: Extreme Makeover: Nose Job! (0 00:05:15)
Upscale TV's wildman, Bill Kelly, helps his model friend get an extreme makeover. After all, that's what it takes if you want to be a supermodel. Thanks to Dr. Gary Wiesman, watch Goshia's t ... [View]

Dailyvélotaf #9 : Spécial frôlage et scootard #dailyobs //Bonus-la chute ! (0 00:05:15)
Bonjour tout le monde ! Bienvenue dans ce nouvel épisode de dailyvélotaf numéro 9 Cette fois-ci j'ai fait une compilation des pires dépassements dangereux offerts par nos amis les scootards. Il ... [View]

TOGinator 30 motor rocket cluster - Boris Katan 2015 (0 00:05:15)
TOGinator rocket lifts off on a 30motor cluster - with a fan of fire and smoke behind it. Spinning Saucer of the Apocalypse - spinning 10 motor rocket cluster. [View]

Dynasoar Rocketry Hypersonic II Kit flights (0 00:05:15)
This is a new version of my hypersonic kit now with a mid mounted wing and more curved canopy with cardstock canopy [View]

2 stage cluster water rocket to 810' (246m) (0 00:05:15)
Acceleron V and Axion IVb fly to 787' and 810' using 120psi. For full details visit: [View]

Competitor 4 Rocket, CTI K600 White, 24Jun2017 (0 00:05:16)
This was the 3rd flight of my Competitor 4 rocket, from Performance Hobbies, although it was the first flight since I painted it recently. Here is my blog write up for this flight: http://a ... [View]

Selah Poitier - I've Learned To Love Me (Live at Berklee) (0 00:05:16)
Bassist, vocalist, composer, and songwriter Selah Poitier performs her original, "I've Learned To Love Me," live at Berklee College of Music. Subscribe: Facebook: http ... [View]

Tracking Shots with XPX Heavy Lift Quadcopter, Zenmuse Gimbal and Lumix GH4 (0 00:05:16)
Check out the Tracking Shots our Team Pilot Jared Leisek captured while on location for Animal Planet using the XPX Heavy Lift Quadcopter with Tiger Motors, 15" Props, Zenmuse Gimbal, Lightbridge, A2 ... [View]

How to Make a Remote Control Rocket - Toy Rocket To Remote Control (0 00:05:16)
Learn - How To Make Your OWN - Powered BOAT - Easy Ways Things Buy Link : RC Car = Use This Car For Remote Control Amazing Audi RC Car - Amazing RC 3.5 ... [View]

Billy's Collection of hundreds of model rockets - Part 2 (0 00:05:16)
New items in Billy's Collection of hundreds of model rockets, planes, space shuttles from the NASA and Soviet Space Programs. Includes models from Apollo missions and more. Billy and Becky's ... [View]

triptechbskyfindertest.m4v (0 00:05:16)
skyfinder is my 25# 1/3 scale Nike Smoke from Polecat Aerospace. this flight was a test to see if it could handle impulse similar to an M. the motor was a cesaroni 4grain 75mm L-1395 blue time to ... [View]

The EXTREME PARCOUR CHALLENGE! Fortnite selfmade minigames. Check it out.. (0 00:05:16)
Hello everyone, here i'm introducing you all the extreme parcour challenge! A selfmade minigame in fortnite save the world. It took me a lot of time to build but its worth the fun. Have you ever ... [View]

Raspberry Pi Zero Rocket Project (0 00:05:16)
This is the story of how I launched and lost my Raspberry Pi Zero based model rocket! Components used in the build: Estes Loadstar II 2 stage model rocket Raspberry Pi Zero W computer Pimoroni LiPo ... [View]

Saved Me - Joe Barnard Live Studio Performance (0 00:05:16)
A performance of "Saved Me" off of the Strangers EP album on iTunes. [View]

Estes Amazon Launch- 3 Video Sources 6/8/2017 (0 00:05:17)
Launched at an angle into the wind. Nice slow decent on the 18" chute. Watch for the rocket and chute shadow on the grass field shortly before touching down. Look to the right and upper right to ... [View]

Jairus of All's Iron Man Rocket Launcher with REAL ROCKETS!!! (0 00:05:17)
WATCH THE FINAL TEST WHERE WE BLOW UP A TANK WITH THE ROCKETS ► Check out Jairus' awesome channel ► SUBSCRIBE for more AWESOME ... [View]

Nike Corona: 2-stage Rocket (LDRS 25) (0 00:05:17)
Edited video from an amateur rocket launch outside Amarillo Texas (LDRS 25) in June of 2006. The rocket featured is two stages, 17ft. tall, and weighs ~130lbs at takeoff. It has flown twice ... [View]

Kerbal Space Program .23 Jet Thrust Glitch (0 00:05:17)
I discovered a way to bypass engine spool up on Jet engines in #KerbalSpaceProgram and I look forward to abusing it! Thanks for watching! More couch stream Weekdays at 10:30am PST (GMT-8) @ ... [View]

NERF Rocket Launcher!! (0 00:05:18)
Check us out on IG/FB for extras, BTS, and highlights! The R&D team presents their version of the widely adored foam ... [View]

Estes Partizon at the 2017 National Sports Launch (0 00:05:18)
It's Throwback Thursday, so here is a blast from the past. This is the Estes Partizon at the National Association of Rocketry's National Sport Launch hosted by FLARE and SMRA in Almagordo NM. I'm ... [View]

may june rockets 2011 (0 00:05:18)
Tripoli Minnesota May and June 2011 rocket launch. North Branch Minnesota [View]

Eczema Treatment with Evening Primrose Oil, Borage Oil vs. Hempseed Oil (0 00:05:18)
Are there dietary supplements that can help with atopic dermatitis? Subscribe to's free newsletter to receive our fasting infographic that covers the latest research on the risks ... [View]

How to Unlock Rocket Raccoon - Lego Marvel Super Heroes Guardians of the Galaxy (0 00:05:18)
How to Unlock Rocket Raccoon in Lego Marvel Super Heroes 1080P HD. Filmed on XBOX 360, but also available on PS3, Wii U, PS4 and XBox One How to Unlock Stan Lee - ... [View]

MiniSShot flight videos in Sugar Shot to Space project April 2010 (0 00:05:18)
Three videos of the April 25 2010 MiniSShot flight in the Sugar Shot to Space program. First burn was successful but the aft motor casing split during the firing of the forward motor. [View]

Impulse Buys (0 00:05:18)
A scratch-built model rocket called 'Impulse Buys' attempting to air start multiple motor combinations. Flying on a central Aerotech M-1550 Redline, air-starting two Aerotech H-170 Metalstorms, two ... [View]

Angled wood joint for model rockets (0 00:05:18)
When creating spin tabs on the bottom of the fins on your model rocket, you should bevel the edges so that you maximize the strength of the joint. It also makes it much more attractive. In this ... [View]

Niya Norwood & Nikko Ielasi - Black Girl Magic (Live at Berklee) (0 00:05:18)
Niya Norwood and Nikko Ielasi perform their original "Black Girl Magic" live in the Berklee Performance Center. Niya Norwood: Facebook: Instagram: http://w ... [View]

Using the Aerotech Universal Delay Drilling Tool (0 00:05:19)
So I noticed a problem this past weekend with the Aerotech Universal Delay Drilling Tool that a customer showed to me at a rocket launch. The one he had wasn't cutting into the delay grain of his ... [View]

Super DX3 Rocket at the 2012 SARA Desert Heat (0 00:05:19)
How can you burn through $100 dollars in less than two seconds? Here is a perfectly legal and fun way to do it with high powered model rocketry. Madcow Super DX3; J350W Aerotech RMS motor; ... [View]

2019 April Lunar Club Launch - David & John Robb's Rocket Launches (0 00:05:19)
LUNAR's first launch of the season, prior launches canceled by rainy weather. Perfect weather for a launch - calm, sunny, and warm. Wild flowers everywhere with water in the creeks. Large crowd for ... [View]

Machine - Joe Barnard (SKA VERSION!) (0 00:05:19)
Just having a little fun with one of my songs :D Also: I apologize; if you're wearing headphones you'll notice that the audio is severely panned to the left. I'm still trying to work out how to fix ... [View]

Red Glare 9 Pink Pterodactyl (0 00:05:20)
This is our largest project to date; a PML 7.5" Pterodactyl lengthened with an additional 48" payload section. The rocket was test flown in June at NERRF (North East Regional Rocketry Festival) in ... [View]

China Grove ~ 7/16/2011 - Mercury Redstone & Saturn V Model Rocket Launch (0 00:05:20) We had a great group launch and learned a lot. This launch occurred on the 42nd anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11. [View]

2003-03-08 Roborocketry Rocket Launch (0 00:05:20)
Roborocketry launches the following rockets: Estes X-Prize Lucky Seven, Estes X-Prize Guachito, The Wasp, Snitch, Semroc Hydra VII, Alan's Espresso I, Estes Big Daddy, Semroc Aero-Dart, Estes ... [View]

Level 1 NAR Certification Launch | LOC Legacy HPR Rocket | H135W Motor (0 00:05:20)
I built this rocket nearly a decade ago and it has never flown. I wanted to take my son out to see some others fly their rockets and decided to go for a level 1 certification at the same time. We ... [View]

SIMPLE PAPER PLANE - How to make a paper airplane that FLIES | Blue Dove (0 00:05:20)
How to make a PAPER AIRPLANE (also called paper plane) that flies? On this paper airplane tutorial, I will show you step by step instructions of how to make a cool origami airplane. Now! let's learn ... [View]

Jet Engine, How it works ? (0 00:05:21)
Help us to make future videos for you. Make LE's efforts sustainable. Please support us at Patreon ! The working of a jet engine is explained in this video ... [View]

NSL 2011 (0 00:05:21)
Slow Motion Rocket Launches at NAR National Sport Launch, Lucerne Dry Lake, CA, June 2011. Including Mad Max on J800, WAC Corporal on M1939, Saturn V goes Unstable, a sparky motor, a Nike Smoke, and ... [View]

Natalie Duffy, "Fighting the Daylight" - live in the BIRN (0 00:05:21)
Watch songwriter and vocalist Natalie Duffy perform her original song "Fighting the Daylight." Natalie Duffy- vocals Tara Duffy- background vocals Capen Evans- background vocals Robbie Wulfsohn- ... [View]

Can Am Suspension Upgrade | TruckU Tech Tips (0 00:05:21)
Bruno and Matt upgrade the suspension on a Cam-Am with a kit from FST. Follow Us! Facebook: Twitter: Linkedin: ... [View]

Saturn V launch vehicle at Kennedy Space Center, FL (0 00:05:21)
A huge dismantled Saturn V rocket is on display at the Apollo/Saturn V Center at the Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island, FL. The center is north northwest of Launch Complex 39 on the Kennedy ... [View]

Tim The Rocket on a CTI K590 Dual Thrust (0 00:05:21)
The full unedited video of my Competitor 3 (Tim) flying to over 10,000 ft. at Dairy Aire 2012 (May 2012, Helm CA). Includes the full gut-wrenching descent with all of the spinning. Unless if you ... [View]

Stratobus: halfway between a drone and a satellite! Official video (0 00:05:21)
Stratobus: official video from Thales Alenia Space - April 2016 Stratobus is a stationary stratospheric airship, offering autonomous operation and suited to multiple missions. It measures 100 meters ... [View]

NYPower 19 (0 00:05:22)
Western New York's premiere NAR event. Thi year's edition was held on Memorial Day Weekend 2015. Lots of rockets from 1/2A's to M's. These are some of the highlights. [View]

Dominator Custom Model Rocket. Astrocam Onboard Video. Up high on a C6-5 flew to 604 ft. @ 68 mph. (0 00:05:22)
Fins are plastic, from some unknown rocket, they were in a box of parts. We used Gorilla epoxy 5 minute glue to secure the fins to the slits cut into the tube, in between the engine mount housing. ... [View]

Estes Speed Freaks Rocket RTF Launch Set Unboxing (0 00:05:22)
Estes Speed Freaks Rocket This is an unboxing video to show you what you can expect to get when you buy an Estes Speed Freak Rocket Launch Set. When you buy it, make sure you check exactly what ... [View]

FPV Quadcopter Merrivale Quarry 2, Dartmoor UK (0 00:05:22)
time to revisit Merrivale Quarry, its been a few years since I had been to this quarry for some FPV fun but nothing had changed. It looks like this site is being preserved as some of the out ... [View]

LOC/Precision Fantom 438 EXL ~ J510W ~ Talladega, AL ~ 2017-01-14 (0 00:05:22)
This was the 10th launch of my Fantom 438 EXL, and my highest flight to date at 5707 ft AGL. This was also the biggest motor I have ever flown: an AeroTech J510W with a 23.3 oz. load of White ... [View]

El Mirage Rocket Launches (0 00:05:22)
Recently we went out to El Mirage Dry Lake Bed, about 2 1/2 hours from LA, and we launched 5 homemade Estes model rockets. My thanks to Licia, Millie, John, Preston, Bryan, Mattia and Filippo for ... [View]

Happy Birthday To You -- Make a Card Monday #258 (0 00:05:22)
Creating a fast, simple one-layer birthday card. Blog post: Videos featured at end of this video: 1 - 2 - ... [View]

ACHIEVEMENT: BIG Rocketeer GOLD - Darkmoon Faire !! (0 00:05:22)
Showing you how to obtain the BIG Rocketeer GOLD Achievement at the Darkmoon Faire this month, which grants the Race MiniZep Controller Pet (Live Streami ... [View]

Professional Baker Teaches You How To Make CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES! (0 00:05:22)
Chef Anna Olson teaches you how to make the best chocolate chip cookies you've ever had! Check out Anna's brand new chocolate chip cookie recipe here: Subscribe for ... [View]

Kraken Maiden Voyage (0 00:05:22)
49er Rocketry's 'Kraken' 1st flight. Aerotech K550W-L motor carried us to 3602 ft!! [View]

Estes Omega Clone Chilli Blaster 2016 End of Day Two (0 00:05:23)
Estes Omega Clone on Estes engines E12-0 booster and E9-8 upper. Altimeter One hit 2006 feet. Used a #16 keychain HD 808 Camera mounted in payload bay. Horizontal view shot through cut out in clear ... [View]

3 Simple Upgrades for Creality Ender 3 (0 00:05:23)
Chuck shows you three simple upgrades for your Ender3. The first is to improve the filament entry and eliminate wearing out the extruder. He also shows you a couple simple prints to make loading ... [View]

MY LARGEST PAPER AIRPLAN E - How to make a Giant Paper Plane that FLIES | King Fighter (0 00:05:23)
Welcome to the best channel of paper planes in the world. Let's learn how make a paper airplane that flies far, fast, boomerang, loop, flap glide! On this origami tutorial, I will show you step by ... [View]

Dynasoar Rocketry Arc-Light RC Rocket Glider Flights (0 00:05:23)
Dynasoar Rocketry Arc-Light RC Rocket Glider Flights, a new kit based on the Estes Cosmic Interceptor kit turned into a rocket glider! Flying on E-6 24mm rocket motors from Aerotech in about 9 mph ... [View]

Apollo 7:Oct. 11, 1968 (0 00:05:23)
Apollo History "Saturn 1B Oct. 11, 1968 11:02 a.m. EDT KSC, Florida Complex 34" [View]

STS-130 Endeavor Launch Multiple Simultaneous Cam Perspectives (Main HD/SRB's SD) (0 00:05:23)
A combination of videos to the credit and graces of, and to my credit for painstakingly combining each of them into real time. This took quite awhile for me to edit and position several of ... [View]

Rocket Building - The Quest Superbird - Part 3 - Centering Ring Trouble (0 00:05:23)
The centering rings for the Quest Superbird were way too small! Instead of 35mm rings, my kit included 30mm rings. [View]

RockSim Software Tutorial - 21 - Motor Install (0 00:05:23)
How to install new rocket motors in RockSim [View]

2008-11-08 NEFAR Mega Cereal Bowl (0 00:05:24)
Marc Slabbinck's "Mega Cereal Bowl" is launched several times (and captured from multiple angles and in slow-motion) at the 2008 NEFAR "Bunnell Blast" launch. [View]

Back in Black MDRA Red Glare IX - Long (fixed).mpg (0 00:05:24)
Here is my modified Hawk Mountain Talon-3 as it flew Saturday Oct 23rd at MDRA's Red Glare IX. It was in the identical configuration as for the previous flight at Red Glare VIII. This longer video ... [View]

Building Your Own Straw Rocket! (0 00:05:24)
Build your very own straw rocket! Great introduction to Newton's Laws of Motion and Rocketry. Using Newton's Laws of Motion you can vary the distance your straw rocket flies. Straw War Ru ... [View]

Why Water Comes Out of Your Car’s Exhaust Pipe (0 00:05:24)
Water in exhaust pipe. Why Water Comes Out of Your Car’s Exhaust Pipe, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. Exhaust pipe leaking water. Why water comes out of car exhaust. Water coming from ... [View]

Cách Gấp Máy Bay Boomerang Ver 38, Origami Boomerang plane, #BoomerangPlane #XTT (0 00:05:24)
Android App For XTT Boomerang Plane Tutorial: link for app if you your app in CH play cant work: ... [View]

Sunday morning rocket flights, October 23, 2011. (0 00:05:24)
Went to the local field for some rocket flights today. We flew, in order..... Executioner ; E9-4 Scratch build; E20-7 Hyper Bat upscale; C11-0 booster, C11-3 sustainer Maxi Alpha 3; D12-3 'E' ... [View]

Rage at the Gage 2017 | High Power Rocket Launch Event (0 00:05:24)
Rage at the Gage is NB Rocketry's largest rocket launch of the year. 2017 saw lots of great flights Including a Canadian M altitude record to over 27k'!  [View]

Tripoli Mid Ohio 4-23-2017 Dr. Phil Prior launch (0 00:05:24)
Tripoli Mid-Ohio held a launch in memory of our great friend & rocketeer, Dr. Phil Prior who passed away in March of 2013. Note: Sorry for the terrible video quality, It was cloudy & I picked the ... [View]

The Flight of a Model Rocket (0 00:05:25)
The basic phases in the flight of a model rocket are demonstrated with high-speed (slow-motion) video and animation. Introduction This video demonstrates the basic phases in the flight of a typical ... [View]

2014-12-06 ROCK Launch (0 00:05:25)
Video of ROCK's December model rocket launch as recorded by a quadcopter. [View]

GearCam HD Rocket Videos (0 00:05:25)
Rocket launches with the Apogee Rockets GearCam. The rocket we used was the Estes Sky Writer and the B6-4 motor. [View]

RickExpress - Ex Man (Live at the Berklee Performance Center) (0 00:05:25)
RickExpress performs his original "Ex Man" live at the Berklee Performance Center. RickExpress: Site: Facebook: Twitter: ht ... [View]

Professional Baker Teaches You How To Make CRÈME BRULEE! (0 00:05:25)
Anna's recipe for authentic Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlée. Click below on 'SHOW MORE' for recipe ingredients and baking directions. INGREDIENTS 2 ¾ cup (680 ml) whipping cream 1 vanilla bean OR 1 ... [View]

NWIC Space Center HPR Launch 11-06-2010 (0 00:05:25)
NAR Level 1 and Level 2 Certification Flights [View]

Screencast Challenge Balls Launch Version 07/10/2014 (0 00:05:25)
A screncast of a gaming sesion of challenge balls (a game available on the playstore for all versions of android since 1.6 providing you have sufficient memory to run it). [View]

Penn State Sex Scandal: New Details (0 00:05:25)
Football coach Joe Paterno accused of failing to address alleged sexual abuse. [View]

TTRA June Launch (0 00:05:25)
TTRA's June rocket launch. Just put up some video. It was HOT out there! [View]

Tripoli Wisconsin Association 7 7 2018 High Power Rocketry (0 00:05:25)
Tripoli Wisconsin Association's July 2018 high power rocketry launch held at Richard Bong State Park. [View]

Model Rocket Field Zipper Repair (0 00:05:26)
If you're out on the rocket range and your rocket suffers a tear (called a zipper) in the tube, what can you do to get the rocket back into the sky quickly? This video shows how to glue a piece of ... [View]

El Mejor PROGRAMA (GRATIS) para hacer [🔴DIRECTOS ] Streaming - Transmisiones | Youtube - Facebook (0 00:05:26)
Este es el mejor programa gratis para hacer 🔴 Directos en vivo, con este software nuestras transmisiones en vivo, no se podran lag y el streaming funcionará a la perfección. Hoy aprenderás a ... [View]

The Interlopers - Sun Drenched (0 00:05:26)
The Interlopers new single, Sun Drenched! Recorded at The Recording Company in Boston, MA. Video by Joe Barnard. Link to buy: Engineer at Rec. ... [View]

Wildman Drago on a Aerotech 75mm L875 Dark Matter (0 00:05:26)
she went just a hair over 10,000 feet at 792mph [View]

Estes Rocket Review Tips Launch Recovery Riptide Solid Rocket B6-4 Engines Parachute Wadding (0 00:05:26)
Truly awesome with the successful launch and recovery. The Riptide rocker is a great value for money and highly recommended. [View]

Astrothought - Off the Rocket (Live Dub Architect Mix at Dub Club) (0 00:05:26)
Dub Architect starts the night off with an intro followed by a live dub mix of Astrothought's "Off the Rocket" at Dub Club in Los Angeles, California on January 7, 2015. Check out more from the Dub ... [View]

Homemade Rocket Fuel (R-Candy) (0 00:05:26)
Today we're doing some kitchen chemistry using common household items. This is the type of cooking that gets me excited, because I'm experimenting with recipes for solid-state rocket fuel. [✓] ... [View]

Kamayani ।श्रद्धा सर्ग ।Shraddha Sarg। Summary सार 3 जयशंकर प्रसाद (0 00:05:26)
Visit website for more Kamayani -Shraddha Sarg Summary कामायनी - तृतीय श्रद्धा सर्ग का सार कवि : ... [View]

2015-08-08 NEFAR Launch (0 00:05:27)
Aerial video from the August, 2015, NEFAR rocket launch in Bunnell, Florida. [View]

How Falcon 9 destroyed the Space-Race (0 00:05:27)
Saturn V is an exception of course. This is a quick video about the historic falcon 9 rocket that forever changed the cost to go to space. Also, today marks the 50th launch of a Falcon 9 booster - ... [View]

What are CHEMTRAILS? Proving they EXIST by "CAPTAIN" Joe (0 00:05:27)

Muhabbat Ka Namak Sirf 1 Chutki Sakht Dil Mehboob Ko Naram Karne Wala Amal Sirf 1 Bar 1 Din By Hakee (0 00:05:27)
Asalam O Alaikum Muhabbat Ka Namak Sirf 1 Chutki Sakht Dil Mehboob Ko Naram Karne Wala Amal Sir 1 Bar 1 Din By Hakeem hakeem haziq channel main aap sab doston ko wellcome karta hun sathiyo main aj ... [View]

Diablo Highpower Rocket, 4X upscale (0 00:05:27)
On board video of my 4X upscale Diablo flight, flew to 5500' on a EX pink O motor [View]

Series Intro - Landing Model Rockets (0 00:05:27)
Episode 1 - Flight Simulation: Landing Model Rockets Series Playlist: ... [View]

NYPower 16 (0 00:05:27)
A weekend full of rocket launches at NYPower 16, held July 22-24, 2011. Music is from Trans Siberian Orchestra - Beethoven's Last Night - A Last Illusion [View]

Ryan C - J500G (0 00:05:28)
my L2 flight using one of my "sunday flier" rockets. 2" dia, fiberglass and aluminum, 5 feet tall, 10lbs on an Aerotech J500 Mojave Green. Chose to leave shearpins off to aid deployment which ... [View]

Nike Smoke (0 00:05:28)
Bob Dickinson's Nike Smoke flying on a M2550 Loki Blue motor. Flight occurred at the joint launch of the Muskegon Michigan Area Rocketry, Southwest Michigan Association of Spacemodeling Hobbyists, ... [View]

Chuks Okpu, "Chuk for Chick" - Berklee Internet Radio Network (0 00:05:28)
Multi-instrumentalist Chuks Okpu performs his original, "Chuk for Chick," inspired by Chick Corea. Chuks plays drums, upright bass, electric bass, and piano and trades with four other bassists ... [View]

The Hot Mess That Was the Mir Space Station (0 00:05:28)
Mir taught us a lot, but most days, it was also a mess of mold and electrical problems... even when it wasn’t literally on fire. Host: Reid Reimers ---------- Support SciShow by becoming a patron ... [View]

MadCow Rocketry Super DX3 High Power Sport Rocket Launch with Aerial Video (0 00:05:28)
MadCow Rocketry Super DX3 Built & Flown By: Jeffery Estes NAR 15301 HPR L2 MC2 / HARA / SCORE / COSROCS FLIGHT 1: SOUTHERN COLORADO ROCKETEERS (SCORE) Pueblo, Colorado NAR Section 632 Location: ... [View]

Best Chicken Chop ||| Street Foods ||| YouBee Foods (0 00:05:28)
Best Chicken Chop _________________________________________________________ YouBee: FB: https://www.facebo ... [View]

Wildman Punisher L1100 EX White Trash QCRS 4-20 (0 00:05:28)
Despite some ignitor drama, set a new personal record for altitude. [View]

Rocketing above cloud level (0 00:05:29)
my slightly altered Madcow, super dx-3 flying on 38mm 6GXL cesaroni motors at maddox dairy farm with TCC. weighing in at 9.5 lbs loaded this bird is 4'' in dia. and a little under 7' tall. ... [View]

Lucifer TV review Rocket Reviews (0 00:05:29)
Review of Lucifer, the TV show, staring Tom Ellis, Lauren German and Lesley-Ann Brandt. This is showing on Amazon in the UK. Review is from Rocket Reviews This is my first video review. I know it ... [View]

Tasty Planet Forever - Here's Looking At You Bee (0 00:05:29)
I like all the characters in this stage. :) (well except maybe the drones) [View]

Estes High Flyer XL (0 00:05:30)
Estes High Flyer XL with an onboard camera flying on a E12-6 We had a youngster working the launch controls. Watch to the end for some local wildlife checking out the rocket on the ground! [View]

Tripoli - Charlotte Rocket Launch 10/10/1992 (0 00:05:30)
Way back in 1992 we were in High Power Rocketry. This video was taken from analog video tapes back in about 1999. The horrific video quality is an example of all we had to work with on old analog ... [View]

ELKFILMZ: Shooting more Estes rockets with my pop, but now in N.J. 1st. Rocket: Estes Swift 220 mosquito 2nd. Estes Star trooper mosquito 3rd. Estes Amazon with M.A.S.K. figure "Miles Mayhem" ... [View]

Iris Lune, "Bring Me the Moon" - Live at Berklee (0 00:05:30)
Iris Lune performs their original "Bring Me the Moon" live at Berklee College of Music. http://i ... [View]

Liquid Wall Prototype for InnovateIntegrate Exhibition.avi (0 00:05:30)
The Liquid Wall Prototype 2010 Anthony P. Schirripa, FAIA, IIDA 2010 AIA New York Chapter President Tristan Al-Haddad Digital Fabrication Laboratory, Georgia Institute of Technology Peter ... [View]

Launch Pad 39B Timelapse (0 00:05:30)
If a recognizable person appears in this video, use for commercial purposes may infringe a right of privacy or publicity. It may not be used to state or imply the endorsement by NASA employees of a ... [View]

Science Lab in a school is named as Dr. Pankaj Naram Lab! - Says Dr. Shukla from Allahabad, India (0 00:05:30)
Looking at Dr. Naram's Humanitarian Effort, Dr. Ram Shukla has named Science Lab as Dr. Pankaj Naram Lab in one of the school in Allahabad, India. Watch this Video where Mr. Shukla tells us how ... [View]

2016 Feb LUNAR Launch - David and John Robb's Rocket Launches (0 00:05:30)
Perfect weather for Northern California Winter Launch. Sunny and warm. Recent January rains have greened Snow Ranch and creeks are flowing. Big Crowd, 3 launches for me. Vindicator, AMRAAM, and MR1. [View]

Maiden Flight of the Hyper54 12 8 18 (0 00:05:30)
1st flight of my Mac Performance Rocketry Hyper54 high power rocket to 11,290ft at 848mph on an Aerotech K850 rocket motor. This is a minimum diameter 54mm rocket featuring Max-Q Aerospace bolt-on ... [View]

1st Successful Launch of EZI-65 after May 2nd L motor CATO. (0 00:05:30)
Documents the extensive repairs and maiden relaunch on a CTI K-261 motor. I decided to not use dashware for active gauges in this video. However, you can view the launch data files and more details ... [View]

Osiris Fire, "Shacklebreaker" - Live from Berklee 160 Balcony (0 00:05:30)
Osiris Fire performs "Shacklebreaker" live from Berklee 160 Balcony. OSIRIS FIRE frontman Itamar Edelman ... [View]

Saturn 1B Assembly Part 53 - Attaching the Upper Parachute (0 00:05:31) - With the harness installed, you’re ready to attach the smaller 24 inch diameter parachute to the Apogee Components 1/70th scale model of the Saturn 1B rocket. [View]

Dave Lowe's Water Rocket Video (0 00:05:31)
One of Dave Lowe's water rockets shot from the launch, the landing and featuring amazing on-board video. Set imaginatively to music by Andrew Hanson. [View]

War Thunder: How To BF-110 (G2 Edition) (0 00:05:31)
Wanna Play? Go here: Wanna Hang out with Me? Here's my discord server: Support me on Patreon! https: ... [View]

Is the Fiber Theory Wrong? (0 00:05:31)
The extraordinarily low rates of chronic disease among plant-based populations have been attributed to fiber, but reductionist thinking may lead us astray. Get the preface for Dr. Greger's brand-new ... [View]

Bob Marley - Get Up Stand Up/ The Heathen (Cover by Berklee Bob Marley Ensemble) (0 00:05:31)
The Berklee Bob Marley Ensemble performs a cover medley of "Get Up Stand Up" & "The Heathen" by Bob Marley. The ensemble, consisting of 15 musicians from around the world, is led by Matt Jen ... [View]

Balls 17 rocket launch (0 00:05:31)
Balls 17 Black Rock Nevada 2008 [View]

"Pointless" High Power Rocket Launch- April 22, 2018 (0 00:05:32)
Launched at Midwest Blast 3 in Three Oaks MI. Golf ball for a nosecone. Eleven feet tall & 20 pounds. 6" to 4" to 3" to 1.6" Blue Tube body tubes. Two camcorders- one pointing up; one pointing ... [View]

3 Mid Power Rocket Launches In San Marcos TX - Quest Lil Grunt & Loc Nuke Pro Maxx On G-64W (0 00:05:32) The 3 Launches include 2 camera launches of Quest Lil Grunt On E-98's & Nuke Pro Maxx On G-64 Motor w/key chain cam & Altimeter 1 & Sonic Locator. Great sky & ground ... [View]

Tripoli L3 Certification Flight (0 00:05:32)
Ultimate Wildman flying on an Aerotech M2500T with the Kloudbusters 3.10.2019. This is my Tripoli Rocketry Association level 3 certification flight. [View]

On Nov 20, 2010, at the Hudson Ranch launch site located 9.5 miles south west of Pueblo Colorado located on Colorado Highway 78 (Beulah Highway), the Southern Colorado Rocketeers (NAR Section #632) ... [View]

Saturn 1B Assembly Part 46 - Cutting Out the Antenna Panels (0 00:05:33) - In this step in the assembly sequence of the Apogee Components 1/70th scale model of the Saturn 1B rocket, you’ll cut the antenna panels from the vacuum form sheet, ... [View]

Rocket Onboard Video RATV-2 Flight 5 (0 00:05:33)
Video recorded from onboard a model rocket. The entire clip is slowed to 1/2 of actual speed. This is the fifth flight of the RATV-2 rocket amateur television payload, on October 13, 2007 at the ... [View]

Queensland Rocketry Society's July 2010 Public Launch (0 00:05:33)
Queensland Rocketry Society Public Launch July 2010. For information on future dates please visit [View]

Banshee Airfest 24 2018 Video (0 00:05:33)
Launch of my "Banshee" rocket on Sept 1, 2018 at the Kloudbusters Airfest 24 launch [View]

2008-08-02 ROCK Launch (0 00:05:33)
ROCK's August 2008 launch shown in a series of high-speed videos. I used a Casio EX-F1 camera. For deatails, please see: See ... [View]

WC Rocketry #19-4703 TARC Outreach Project (0 00:05:33)
Team America Rocketry Challenge Outreach Project video for the 2018-2019 season. [View]

GTA Online: Terrorbyte In Depth Guide (Drone Stats and Tricks, Missile Stats, and More) (0 00:05:34)
In this video we talk about everything there is to know about the Terrorbyte truck that was released on Tuesday, August 14th in GTA Online. Request to join my crew to play with me: https:// ... [View]

Building my first rocket - Estes Silver Arrow (0 00:05:34)
Hi there friends! I live in North Myrtle Beach, SC and I have built my first model rocket, Estes Silver Arrow 15 inch (38 cm) long, .98 inch (25 mm) diameter, with an estimated weight of 1.3 oz (39.9 ... [View]

Rosa Passos - Você Vai Ver (Antonio Carlos Jobim) (0 00:05:34)
Antonio Carlos Jobim's "Você Vai Ver" performed by Rosa Passos with Berklee College of Music students, featuring Anggie Obin on flute and Gustavo Del Pino Mendoza on piano. Subscribe: http ... [View]

Cineroc Flights Series 3 of 4 by Herb Desind (0 00:05:34)
Herb Desind was a teacher and model rocketeer from Maryland. Herb sent me a VHS compilation of 36 Cineroc Movie flights for the 1990 New England Model Rocket or NEMROC Convention. Series 3 Flights: ... [View]

Best World of Warcraft Cosplay and Art - Extra Content - VerbalProcessing (0 00:05:34)
The colors, the chunky design, the obsessed makers! It's all the best cosplay and artwork in the World of Warcraft edition of @ExtraContent. Overtime: ... [View]

JMRC Launch 3 - September 2008 (0 00:05:34)
Here are some scenes of Sam's and other's rockets at the Jackson Model Rocketry Club gathering 9/06/08 at Michigan International Speedway [View]

Estes Riptide First and Second Launch (0 00:05:34)
My daughter Megan explains the parts and then launches the Estes Riptide Ready-to-Launch model rocket kit.  [View]

Are Frame Sliders Good Or Bad? | MC Garage (0 00:05:34)
Nobody wants anything bad to happen to their motorcycle, which is why lots of us consider bolting frame sliders to our bikes. But will frame sliders save your bacon, or could they actually cause more ... [View]

Salvaje Decibel - La mirada del amor (2013) (0 00:05:35)
Salvaje Decibel (Radical 2013) - La mirada del amor Descarga: Compra Netflix & Spotify → LETRA: → ACTIVA SUBTITULOS Te ... [View]

Titus L3 11 26 16 Nike Smoke M2500T (0 00:05:35)
Successful L3 attempt with Tripoli Mid Ohio near Springfield, OH. [View]

Whatever Happened to Tuber (0 00:05:35)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's Red Glare 13 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. [View]

Terrier Sandhawk Build Part 6 - Attaching the Fins (0 00:05:35) - This 10-part video series shows the conversion of the LOC Precision Terrier-Sandhawk model rocket to a ... [View]

Rump Aerospace's M to M flight to ~ 50,000 feet (0 00:05:35)
Rump Aerospace takes a two stage 3" diameter rocket to almost 50,000 feet in the rich, colorful and exciting black rock desert. Feel the excitement, this video will put you right there, in the mix ... [View]

GoPro: Introducing Karma (0 00:05:35)
Karma is a complete system for capturing amazingly smooth GoPro footage in the air, handheld or mounted to your favorite gear. As always, happy capturing! You might see examples of extreme use in ... [View]

home made rocket (0 00:05:36)
my home made rocket named ugly danny on an E9-6 estes motor. 8 oz. 33 in. long 1 in. diameter 1200 ft. on baord camera came down with a streamer [View]

Launch of Skylab 4 (CBS) (0 00:05:36)
The launch of Skylab 4 - 16th November 1973. Onboard are astronauts Jerry Carr (CDR), William Pogue (PLT) and Edward Gibson (SCPLT). This footage is the CBS News coverage of the event with Walter ... [View]

How to Thrust Vector Control | The Thrust Vectoring Mount (0 00:05:36)
TVCV3 is ready for flight!! Our redesign of Spectre has begun and we have a lot to share about what we've been working on! This is the first video in a series we will be calling TVC Tech. Through ... [View]

Michigan Wing CAP Model Rocketry Encampment 2014 (0 00:05:36)
The week in review of our unique week-long model rocketry course offered to Civil Air Patrol members at Alpena CRTC. This course runs concurrent with the basic Michigan Wing CAP Summer Encampment. ... [View]

David Bell 1/2 Scale Patriot - Cluster Launch (0 00:05:36)
My 1/2 Scale Patriot - Cluster Launch @ Australian Rocketry Thunda Down Under 2015. Launched on a central 75 mm CTI M840 + 4 x 38 mm outboards (2 x CTI J453 + 2 x CTI J354). All 4 outboard motors ... [View]

HPR level 1 Certification attempts 1 and 2 At the SMASH/MMAR launch in Muskegon Michigan. (0 00:05:37)
The first part is just an added bonus, it's an Estes Argent (I may be wrong) on a G40. The next part is my first certification attempt on a Cesaroni H120 Red Line with 11 seconds of delay (WAY too ... [View]

Oh Malô - As We Were (Live at Berklee) (0 00:05:37)
Oh Malô performs their original "As We Were" live at Berklee. Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: ... [View]

Being Wrong - Joe Barnard (0 00:05:37)
:) DOWNLOAD: DJ BLU Remix: [View]

VTT DH/Chute/timelaps/Délire avec mon frère ! (0 00:05:37)
Hey salut à tous ! Nouvelle vidéo avec mon frère ;D Désolé pour l'absence de vidéo ! ;) J'espère que la vidéo vous plaira ! Aller sur ce bon ride !! ;D Vélo : Commencal supreme de ... [View]

Understanding Systems Engineering for a NASA Mars Mission: Project Overview (0 00:05:37)
This video is a general-audience summary of a UAH ISEEM Senior Thesis (ISE 428/429, Fall 2018 - Spring 2019). In it, we discuss the use of value models, goal function trees, design structure ... [View]

The Ivy Lee Method: A 100-year old Routine for Stress-Free Productivity (0 00:05:38)
The Ivy Lee Method is a simple, powerful strategy for stress-free productivity that highlights the importance of doing the most important thing first each day. BECOME A MEMBER Access special ... [View]

October GSSS launch (0 00:05:38)
October GSSS model rocket launch 0:01 - one of many Civil Air Patrol little orange rocket flights 0:24 - our Estes Splendor launch and flight 1:25 - end of the purple crayon flight 2:17 - little ... [View]

Michael Jackson - "Love Never Felt So Good" (Cover by Giorgi Mikadze) (0 00:05:38)
Berklee College of Music presents a cover of Michael Jackson - "Love Never Felt So Good" by Giorgi Mikadze. "Love Never Felt So Good" (M. Jackson, P. Anka) Giorgi Mikadze: piano, arranger, ... [View]

2014 WHE Rocket Class: Model Rocket Launch Videos (0 00:05:38)
During the 2014 fall semester I taught a rocket class for Walkertown Home Educators' co-op. Here is a slide show of a variety of our rocket activities and our 4-H Rockets to the Rescue competition, ... [View]

K500 Sugar rocket with on-board video (0 00:05:38)
We were so close this time. Great launch and on-board video, I'm sure next month will be the one! [View]

Kid Deadpool Batman vs Harley Quinn FREAKY FRIDAY Filming Gone Wrong! superhero kids real life comic (0 00:05:38)
It's a Freaky Friday on Superhero Kids when Noah and Kid Deadpool discover they've switched places! Harley Quinn has stolen the solution to the problem and Noah (or is it Kid Deadpool?) has to fight ... [View]

LAUNCHING THE PROTOSTAR!!! | The Floosh With Model Rockets | Estes Protostar (0 00:05:38)
Hello everyone and welcome back to another video! I hope you guys are having a wonderful day! In this video I launch one of my recently finished rockets, the Protostar, I hope you guys enjoy ... [View]

Multi Segment Model Rocket Engine Not Multistage Project Success! (Much like the shuttle) (0 00:05:39)
This video only functions as a documentary of ideas that i try to realize. Like Myth Busters but not cool. This is dangerous and i don't suggest anyone try this. So don't come crying to me if you ... [View]

The Launch of Epstein's Mother (0 00:05:39)
The launch & recovery of Kim's rocket "Epstein's Mother" on an H motor. Launched on October 16th, 2010, Jemison Field, Chilton County AL with the Birmingham Rocket Boys. [View]

Mavericks Clotho Research Launches (0 00:05:39)
Please see caption errata below. Photos: Mach 2.8, 650 pounds, 4 HD cams on board, biological sampling payload to see what microbes live ... [View]

Soviet RPG-7 rocket being fired by American soldiers in Vietnam. HD Stock Footage (0 00:05:39)
CriticalPast is an archive of historic footage. The vintage footage in this video has been uploaded for research purposes, and is presented in unedited form. Some viewers may find some scenes or ... [View]

D.E. Filter Cleaning - How to clean and recharge your Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filter Grids (0 00:05:40)
A Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filter can keep your water sparkling, but it does require some periodic cleaning and maintenance. This video reviews the steps that you need to follow to clean and recharge ... [View]

Model Rocket Launches include Mean Machine, Odyssey, Hi-Flier XL and more (0 00:05:40)
In this video we launch the following Estes model rockets, in order: Mean Machine; U.S. Army Patriot M-104; Odyssey; Dragonite; Hi-Flier XL; Crossfire ISX; Star Trooper; Baby Bertha (2 different ... [View]

Jolly Logic AltimeterTwo (0 00:05:40)
A flight with my Estes Metalizer using my AltimeterTwo. In this video I go over its functions and demonstrate these in the best possible way. A rocket launch!! [View]

Mobius Mini V2 Camera for Rockets (0 00:05:40)
A quick review of some of the features we find useful on the Mobius Mini V2 camera. We've been using the old 808 #16 camera for a few years and with Josh's recommendation we finally decided to get ... [View]

2012 Oct TCC October Skies - David and John Robb's Rocket Launches (0 00:05:40)
2012 Tripoli Central California (TCC) October Skies Launch, 10/19-10/21, near Fresno, CA. [View]

How We Talk About Failure (0 00:05:40)
We're gonna launch again soon, and we're gonna get it right. 🚀 Scout D1 Launch Failure: Help support For more info: ... [View]

Rocketeering (0 00:05:41)
Joined in on a Dallas Area Rocket Society rocket launch on Oct 18th. If you ever launch model rockets as a kid or still launch or have child that enjoys the hobby you should check out DARS. It was a ... [View]

Subnautica - BUILDING THE ROCKET SHIP, END GAME, LAUNCH PAD, COCKPIT & MORE! - Experimental Gameplay (0 00:05:41)
Subnautica - BUILDING THE ROCKET SHIP, END GAME, LAUNCH PAD, COCKPIT & MORE! - Experimental Gameplay w/ MeatyLock! 💖 SUBSCRIBE ► | PREVIOUS VIDEO ► https://youtu ... [View]

Saturn IB Part 1 Introduction (0 00:05:41)
In this episode, I introduce you to my current long term build project - a 1:22 scale model of the Saturn IB. And it actually flies! If you want to see more videos like this, don't forget to like and ... [View]

Mario Panebianco's BSD Horizon N1000W Black Rock, Nevada, LDRS32 (0 00:05:41)
This is an on board video shot with my Contour Roam 2 of my scratch built "BSD L3 Horizon" powered by an AeroTech N1000W at Black Rock, Nevada, LDRS 32 (2013). The video inset was filmed by Scott ... [View]


LIVRO QUE SE COLORE SOZINHO - Maquiagem e Manicure livro de colorir que muda com água (0 00:05:41)
LIVRO QUE SE COLORE SOZINHO - Water Wow Maquiagem e Manicure livro de colorir que muda com água DEIXE SEU CURTIR! Se você gostou do vídeo. subscrito meu canal! : ... [View]

schokoladiger Halloween - Sarg ( Schokoladen - Nuss - Kuchen mit Überraschung ) (0 00:05:41)
Hallo ihr Lieben, ich habe für euch ein kleines Halloweenspecial abgedreht. Heute fangen wir mit Teil 1 an diesem Video backen wir einen leckeren Schokoladennusskuchen, den wir in einem Sarg mit ... [View]

Big Sparky Sledgehammer Rocket Launch at Dairy Aire 2011 (0 00:05:41)
55 lbs. 9 ft. tall, with multiple cameras on rocket and ground. GLR Sledgehammer rocket with video bay, honeycomb nomex wings under fiberglass. HCX and LCX flight computers. Rousetech CO2 parachute ... [View]

Rocket Launcher Fly-By in Heli's || Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale (0 00:05:41)
A couple days in and we are already paving the CoD Mobile Meta #SkyGuardians #HeliGang #codmobile #callofdutymobile #codmobilebattleroyale [View]

What Is This Thing Called Love? / Gimme Gimme - Musical Theater Medley (0 00:05:41)
Cole Porter's "What Is This Thing Called Love" from Wake Up and Dream and Jeanine Tesori's "Gimme Gimme" from Thoroughly Modern Millie performed by Eleri Ward and Dani Apple with arranger and pianist ... [View]

Danae Greenfield Quartet - Willow Tree (Live at Berklee) (0 00:05:42)
Danae Greenfield Quartet performs Danae's original "Willow Tree" live at Berklee College of Music. Danae: Facebook: Soundcloud: https://soundc ... [View]

Model Rocketry - The Last Frontier (Part Two) (0 00:05:42)
Oh, no! The horror continues in a most Shatneresque fashion as Gold Chain Bill launches a model rocket assault on the Klingon Empire! Let's just hope that Bill's check cleared. Be sure to view Part ... [View]

2014-07-05 ROCK Launch (0 00:05:42)
The July 5, 2014, ROCK model rocket launch is filmed from a DJI Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter. [View]

Boston Marathon - I Don't Have a Song for That (Ben Johnston and Jordan Lucero) (0 00:05:42)
Ben Johnston and Jordan Lucero's song "I Don't Have a Song for That" was inspired by the events of the Boston Marathon bombings on April 15, 2013. Performed in the Berklee Performance Center. Lead ... [View]

Tax Relief 2017 (0 00:05:42)
This is the rockets we launched during this years Tax Relief launch hosted by Washington Aerospace Club. We suffered a few bad flights/landings. All the damaged rockets have been repaired by the time ... [View]

NIKE SMOKE Estes Pro Series II un-boxing (0 00:05:42)
unboxing the Estes Pro series II NIKE SMOKE 1 / 5.5 scale model rocket [View]

BGEXRS 06-JUN-2010 (0 00:05:42)
BGEXRS - Bulgarian EXperimental Rocketry Society 06-JUL-2010 Kjustendil, Bulgaria [View]

47 rocket motors burned in 2 flights (0 00:05:43)
TOGinator 30 motor cluster: 3x F15 + 27x D11-P Soyuz 17 motor cluster: 1x H54 White + 16x D11-P CMASS launch, Amesbury MA, 11/19/2016 Boris Katan [View]

Clean-up Plugins for Videographers: Perfecting Audio (0 00:05:43) In this episode Keith Alexander will go through the process for cleaning up your voice recordings to a professional standard, with tools and tricks that'll tidy up mouth clicks, ... [View]

Bhaiya Hawe Naram Bhauji Garam | भैया हाेवे नरम | Pradeep Pandey Chintu | Dulhan Chahi Pakistan Se (0 00:05:43)
For "Bhojpuri Superhit App": For Bhojpuri Romantic Songs : Enjoy The Breathtaking Bhojpuri Video Songs : For Best Bhojpuri Songs ... [View]

NARAM 50 HP Rocket w/On Board Video (0 00:05:43)
NARAM 50 HP Rocket w/On Board Video. Rocket and video courtesy of Mitch Guess [View]

OBV_4Sept11_02.mpg (0 00:05:43)
Flight #2 from the CRG's September launch day. Rocket was flown on an Aerotech F12J reloadable motor and achieved approximately 890 ft altitude. [View]

Space Death 2 -Onboard-LDRS-June 2010-2.mp4 (0 00:05:43)
Space Death 2 flies on an M1550, two K700s, tw0 K540s, and two J570s. Two side boosters drop off after burnout of the two K540 Metal Storms. Nibbles did a ride along and parachuted down as the main ... [View]

Midpower Rocket Launch. Will's Launch Day (0 00:05:43)
Second launch of the Estes Argent PS2 rocket using an Estes/Aerotech G40-7W 29mm motor. Estimated 1,300 feet The rockt landed in some trees, took abot 30 minutes to retrieve. Always make an effort to ... [View]

How to Draw a Spaceship Step by Step | Art Lesson for Kids (0 00:05:43)
Learn how to Draw a spaceship Step by Step in this easy drawing tutorial for kids. Learn about parts of a NASA Space Shuttle and how a rocket launch works! WATCH OUR SPACE SHUTTLE COME TO LIFE: ... [View]

"Flying Colors", Flight #9, Rotated (0 00:05:44)
Ninth flight for "Flying Colors", this time on a CTI 819J354-16A and on its way to 8091' AGL. [View]

Washington Aerospace Club's anual F.I.T.S. Launch. (0 00:05:44)
Here are a few of my launches from this years Fire In The Sky launch. Some great and some not so great. We said good Bye to the U.S. Rockets F with D pods as it went sideways into the sage brush (the ... [View]

Biz F-35'leri Size Verelim Türkiye Yardım Etsin (0 00:05:44)
Merhaba arkadaşlar, gündemimizi meşgul eden yeni bir video ile karşınızdayız. Hadi başlayalım. Öncelikle kanalımıza abone olduğunuz için çok teşekkür ediyoruz. Bize daha da destek ... [View]

Fourth of July 2021 Rocket and Rocket glider launches (0 00:05:44)
Fourth of July 2021 Rocket and Rocket glider launches. 1)Boyce Falcon 9 with crew capsule, great flight on E-20-4, using 17.5" CG from the nose confirmed with sim as compared to kit instructions of ... [View]

OSU Cowboy Rocketworks Argonia Cup 2019 (0 00:05:44)
The Oklahoma State AIAA High Power Rocketry Team is excited to return to the Rocket Pasture for their third entry in the Argonia Cup Competition! [View]

Hypergolic Fuels – The Chemistry of a Rocket Launch (0 00:05:45)
Chemist Andrea Sella combines dimethylhydrazine with dinotrogen tetroxide to show how hypergolic mixtures fire rockets into space. Part of A Place Called Space, our 2015 advent calendar: htt ... [View]

FAR rocket testing hybrid and sugar motors (0 00:05:45)
Hybrid and sugar rocket motors tested at the FAR facilities, Mojave Desert, California, 12-04-2010 [View]

Naram 52 - Naram 53 Spy Footage (0 00:05:45)
I stealth-ed my spy plane and launched my mission over Lebanon Ohio's top secret spaceport. I got in the air clean. I lost C&C for 12 seconds but Steve Schowiak hacked my DSS Wet Wear and got ... [View]

Light Show prep (0 00:05:45)
Preparation of the Light Show night launch rocket. See for more info. [View]

DerMaxBOG (0 00:05:45)
I'll fated launch of Linda Newman's 7.5" Upscale of Der Red Max. Sorry for your loss, Linda, but that was pretty spectacular! [View]

Model Rocket Launch featuring the SATURN V (0 00:05:45)
CAPN Digital Rocketry is pleased to introduce another successful day of model rocket launches concluding with the premier of the ant-scale (18 inches tall) Dr. Zooch designed Saturn V. I designed ... [View]

Turner Team America Rocket Challenge Test Flights, Kansas City Kansas (0 00:05:46)
This is the Wensday before the actual certification flights. Very Very windy. The rocket once landed in the trees, and in the creek just before the trees. Turns out the creek is about 15ft wide. and ... [View]

BLU-97 Onboard Video (0 00:05:46)
High Power Rocket Launch onboard video. Motor N3200, rocket approx. 50 lbs., 7400' altitude in about 20 seconds. Successful recovery of both the rocket and the liter bottle of Crown Royal Whisky ... [View]

High Power Rocketry Level 2 Certification Success Big Bright Green Flying Machine (0 00:05:47)
Failure and then Success on a scratch built Dual Deploy 4" diameter 6' tall Level 2 High Power Rocket. Launched on Aerotech's J350 EZ and a J270 DMS with Austin Area Rocketry Group on 7 Mar 2015. ... [View]

Saturn V Rocket Launch, Der Mega Red Max Rocket Launch, Aerotech Mustang Rocket Launch (0 00:05:47) Aerial footage of the Saturn V Rocket Launch, Der Mega Red Max Rocket Launch, Aerotech Mustang Rocket Launch. [View]

Irma Seleman, "The Price" - live at Berklee College of Music (0 00:05:47)
Irma Seleman performs her original song "The Price" live at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Irma Seleman- lead vocals Marta Rainoldi- background vocals Guro Frydenlund- background vo ... [View]

First Launch of Estes AstroCam Rocket from Vista Grande Park MOV00002 MP4 (0 00:05:47)
3:50 The rocket almost landed on my car!!! 4:37 Who's that mystery person??? ;P [View]

Usman Riaz, "Blue Moon Waltz" - Berklee Performance Center (0 00:05:47)
Usman Riaz is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and film maker. A Ted Fellow since 2012, Usman's performance-talks focus on his self-taught journey into music from YouTube. Although he began as a ... [View]

Miley Cyrus - "Malibu" - Review/Reaction! (0 00:05:47)
Watch our LIVE reaction at FOLLOW US ON TWITTER! Matt Palmer: Matt Steele: ... [View]

A Bunch of Rockets Crash, Burn and Explode - Amateur Rockets Fail! (0 00:05:48)
A Bunch of Rockets Crash, Burn and Explode - Amateur Rockets Fail! Video clips from Tripli Rocketry Association amateur/model rocketry launch events. Rockets of all shapes and sizes fail, some ... [View]

Level 3 modelrocket practice launch (0 00:05:48)
This is my Level 3 certification model rocket practice launch [View]

Midwest Power 9 Launches - Various (0 00:05:48)
These videos were taken on Saturday, October 29, 2011 at Midwest Power 9 in Princeton, IL. I'd forgotten my video camera but used my iPhone 4s instead with decent results. Video was 1080/29.97i and ... [View]

What is reverse thrust? Explained by CAPTAIN JOE (0 00:05:48)

SEE ALSO STORY NUMBER 99102A FOR TAKE - OFF Skylab One stands on its launching pad at Cape Kennedy as countdown progresses for liftoff of the United States' first space station mission. Skylab ... [View]

Jase L3 Flight TRAAU Serp June 2013 (0 00:05:50)
My L3 Flight at Serpentine on the 9th June 2013. Rocket was a scratch built 2/3rd scale D-Region Tomahawk on an Aerotech M650W. Huge thank you to David W and Blake N for being the best TAPS on the ... [View]

DIY Javelin Rocket launcher (part 3) (0 00:05:50)
YAY! It finally worked, the do it yourself javelin rocket launcher is complete! After 3 weeks of trial and error its working superbly. The model rocket/rc plane is quite a trip to build and luckily ... [View]

Cineroc Flights with Mr. Bill by Herb Desind (0 00:05:50)
Herb Desind was a teacher and model rocketeer from Maryland. Herb sent me a VHS compilation of 36 Cineroc Movie flights for the 1990 New England Model Rocket or NEMROC Convention. Series 4 Flights: ... [View]

Cineroc Flights Series 4 of 4 by Herb Desind (0 00:05:50)
Herb Desind was a teacher and model rocketeer from Maryland. Herb sent me a VHS compilation of 36 Cineroc Movie flights for the 1990 New England Model Rocket or NEMROC Convention. Series 4 Flights: ... [View]

Playmobil Filme Português RENATA BEIJANDO COM DAVE! SERÁ QUE ELE VIROU AMIGO DELA? Família Silva (0 00:05:50)
Playmobil Filme Português RENATA BEIJANDO COM DAVE! SERÁ QUE ELE VIROU AMIGO DELA? Família Silva DEIXE SEU CURTIR! Se você gostou do vídeo. subscrito meu canal! : ... [View]

Adventurous People -- Nick Macomber (0 00:05:50)
Nick Macomber flies the Go Fast rocket belt at events and functions all over the world. His passion for Adventure led him to a keen interest in rocket belt technology and someday hopes to design a ... [View]

X-Ray Model Rocket (0 00:05:50)
Todd Vest's scratch-built seven times upscale rocket of an Estes X-Ray. It flew on an AeroTech K-700 White Lightning at DuRussel's Potato Farm near Manchester, MI. Launch was put on by Team-1 on ... [View]

Dynasoar Rocketry Aurora Clipper 29mm H powered R/C rocket glider (0 00:05:50)
Dynasoar Rocketry Aurora Clipper 29mm H powered R/C rocket glider. 58" long, 34" wingspan, 28 oz ready to fly with 29mm H-13 longburn Aerotech rocket motor. Onboard Estes Astrocam video. I killed the ... [View]

(0 00:05:51)
On May 11th, 2013 the AeroScience students of Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD's Hollenstein Career and Technology Center participated in SystemsGo's annual high school high powered rocket launch in ... [View]

NAR High Power Rocketry L1 Certification Flight - Estes Leviathan Kit Bash (0 00:05:51)
Video of the ground test, initial test flight, and final certification flight on a "kit bashed" Estes Leviathan, named "Bye Bye Kitty". The light weight Estes body tubes were reinforced with full ... [View]

Dave Hein's Quad Pod II (0 00:05:52)
Dave Hein's Experimental gimbaled rocket [View]

2017-2018 Cyclone Rocketry Hype Video (0 00:05:52)
Cyclone Rocketry's 2017-2018 Hype Video! We are an undergraduate team from Iowa State University that competed in the 2018 Spaceport America Cup held near Las Cruces, NM on June 17-25. Cyclone ... [View]

Tripoli Minnesota 7/12/08 - Rocket "Launches" Only (0 00:05:52)
Tripoli MN Model Rocket Club launches rockets the 2nd Saturday of each month. Check out for more information. [View]

FASTEST Cadillac CTSV in the World - 106mm TURBO! (0 00:05:52)
When the factory supercharger wasn’t fun enough anymore, this crazy owner strapped the biggest turbo he could find onto his Cadillac CTSV. The results? TRIPLE the horsepower and a car capable of ... [View]

Israel, My Home (0 00:05:52)
TO ORDER the book only, please visit: Expected availability in the USA: September 15th, 2014. Now available in Israel and the rest of the ... [View]

The Neuroscience of Language (0 00:05:52)
Let’s use our words to talk about words - how does our brain process language? Join us this week as Alie dives into some of what we know about the neuroscience of language, and some of what we ... [View]

2011 10 10 STEM Club's Rocket Launch Video (Part 03) Event at Carroll Community College (0 00:05:52)
2011 10 10 STEM Club's Rocket Launch Video (Part 03) Event at Carroll Community College Westminster MD Maryland [View]

Indoor Spray Painting - Positive Pressure Booth Part 2 (0 00:05:52)
I did the first test of the positive pressure indoor spray painting booth on the Quest Superbird model rocket. The rocket came out looking nice, but the booth needed a little tweaking before using it ... [View]

August Albuquerque Rocket Society launch (0 00:05:52)
8/8/2020 several launches and as always a good time. [View]

Big Yeller: Largest Amateur Rocket in Minnesota (0 00:05:53)
Tripoli MN hosted an experimental launch on 5/24/09 where they attempted to fly the largest amateur rocket ever launched in Minnesota. The rocket weighed in at 180 lbs and was supposed to go to ... [View]

Ultimate Dana 60 Installation on Truck U (0 00:05:53)
Ultimate Dana 60s are installed on season 11 episode 6 of Truck U. Watch Bruno Massel and Matt Steele install Ultimate Dana 60s on a Jeep Wrangler JK. They also explain the features and benefits of ... [View]

Pia Salvia - Moody (Berklee Studio Recording) (0 00:05:53)
Pia Salvia's original song "Moody" recorded by Berklee at The Record Company, Boston. Pia Salvia Website: Facebook: Youtube: Pia Salvia ... [View]

Apollo Lunar Module Model Rocket Flight (0 00:05:54)
Launch of 1:32 Scale Lunar Module model as a tribute to the 40th anniversary of Apollo 13. This is a cardboard model with Estes D12-3 rocket engine. I added a parachute canister that is designed to ... [View]

Cineroc Flights Series 2 of 4 by Herb Desind (0 00:05:54)
Herb Desind was a teacher and model rocketeer from Maryland. Herb sent me a VHS compilation of 36 Cineroc Movie flights for the 1990 New England Model Rocket or NEMROC Convention. Series 2 Flights: ... [View]

JMRC Rocket Launch - May 2009 (0 00:05:54)
Scenes from a portion of the May 2009 Launch at Farmer Gumbert's Field in Jackson, Michigan. [View]

Masala Khichdi | वेज मसाला खिचड़ी । Indian Masala Vegetable Khichdi (0 00:05:54)
Masala khichdi recipe, Khichadi Recipe , Veg Masala khichdi recipe pressure cooker, khichda banane ki vidhi, #khichdiRecipe #VegKchichdi #MasalaKhichdi Ingredients Soaked Basmati Rice (ब ... [View]

How to Build a Rocket Engine in Your Kitchen (Experiment Episode) (0 00:05:54)
Hank demonstrates how to build a hybrid rocket engine in your kitchen! Hosted by: Hank Green Head to for hand selected artifacts of the universe! ---------- Support ... [View]

Hunting for Skylanders Swap Force - Jolly Bumble Blast - Part 74 (0 00:05:54)
Hunting for Skylanders Swap Force at Toys R Us!!! 'LIKE" for more Skylanders Hunting videos!!! Hunting for Skylanders Swap Force - Part 61 Hunting for Skylanders Swap ... [View]

Flatrate Raketenset von Xplode || wunderschön und trotzdem günstig (Vorfreude auf Silvester 2019) (0 00:05:54) (Röder mit unglaublich großer Auswahl) (Pyroweb mit der günstigen und edlen performance Line) Wenn ihr über einen ... [View]

Unboxing Signal Alpha (0 00:05:54)
Joe Barnard sent me Signal Alpha, the first generation of the Signal Avionics thrust vectoring kit! = [View]

2013 March LUNAR HP Launch - David and John Robb's Rocket Launches (0 00:05:54)
LUNAR March 2013 Launch. Video of Rocketry Warehouse Broken Arrow XP, Sub-Lime, and G3 Rocket Launches. Onboard flight video of G3. Filmed at Snow Ranch. [View]

Estes Model Rocket Flights Including a D12-3 CATO (0 00:05:54)
Description: Launch of Estes Crossfire, Amazon, Patriot, Centuri, and Mean Machine. The Mean Machine suffered a CATO when the D12-3 exploded at launch. [View]

How To Make Sugar Rockets (0 00:05:54)
How to make hobby rocket “sugar motors” using sugar and kitty litter, that shoot up over 2,300 feet high, and cost less than $0.50 to make. Some quick links to a few of the materials I ... [View]

Model Rocket Launch - Crossfire ISX (0 00:05:55)
At least it didn't blow up on the launch pad. [View]

Rocketry 1st Video. Estes Package Opening. (0 00:05:55)
My name is Chris Pine and I am a born again Rocketeer…again! I was more involved in the mid and late 1990’s when my oldest two children were little. We had a great time making and launching ... [View]

Estes Phoenix Model Rocket - Nine Flights (0 00:05:55)
One mighty fine rocket! This used a "D" size motor. This puppy was always my favorite! Filmed in 1987 and 1988. [View]

Rocket_ Star Orbiter build_02 (0 00:05:55)
Hey guys, Happy here what a day. A little rocket building on the Star Orbiter. Some bbq Pork ribs for the Superbowl. What a game right?! The ribs I cooked in the oven at 200°F for 2 hours then I ... [View]

BALLS 2008 Rocket Event - Part Two (0 00:05:55)
Black Rock Desert, NV, Sept. 26-28 2008 [View]

Dual Deployment for High Power Model Rockets Part 2 (0 00:05:55)
Dual Deployment allows you to retrieve your rocket closer to the launch pad by ejecting two different size parachutes from the rocket. This is done with a special altimeter. How do you mount the ... [View]

How to Tie a Monkey's Fist knot (0 00:05:55)
More knotty stuff on my blog: Amazon Affiliate I usually use paracord, but for this video I'm using 3/8" cord so that it's easier for you to ... [View]

Sheer - Moving On (Live at Berklee) (0 00:05:56)
SHEER performs "Moving On" live at Berklee College of Music. SoundCloud: YouTube: Facebook page: ... [View]

AeroTech G138T Instructional Video (0 00:05:56)
Assembling an AeroTech G138 Blue Thunder motor. [View]

Florida Shuttle launch (0 00:05:56)
STS-129 Atlantis Space Shuttle launch November 16th, 2009 [View]

Estes V2 Rocket built by team Addieey! (0 00:05:56)
Flying rockets with Emiliano's best friend Tristan. 4 rockets: V2, mean machine, Saturn V, and the Mega Der Red! Everything went smooth and Emiliano and his friends had a great time. [View]

Terrier Sandhawk Build Part 10 - Launch and Post Flight Analysis (0 00:05:57)
This 10-part video series shows the conversion of the LOC Precision Terrier-Sandhawk model rocket to a real working two-stage rocket that uses electronics to ignite the motor in the upper stage of ... [View]

On board video mid power rocket (0 00:05:57)
Almere, Netherlands. Aerotech G80 single use motor. [View]

16 ENGINES Multi-Cluster ROCKET With Onboard Camera (0 00:05:57)
I would say this rocket was 90% successful, the last cluster did not ignite correctly (that is why it spiraled). It is a 4x4 multi-cluster rocket. x8 D12-0's and x8 C6-0's!!! [View]

Making a Water Bottle Rocket Launcher | VQC (0 00:05:57)
Instead of launching fireworks this 4th of July, I'll be launching some water bottle rockets!!! This was a project I worked on in high school, but fell upon a much better way to construct the ... [View]

Friends of Amateur Rocketry Feb 6, 2016 launches and static tests (0 00:05:57)
Several rocket launches and static motor tests at the FAR site on Saturday, February 6, 2016. [View]

Level 3 Cert Flight 11 3 2012 (0 00:05:58)
Level 3 cert. flight 11/3/2012 Plaster Blaster 11 MadCow Rocketry Frenzy XL Cesaroni M1675 Pink [View]

Build A Rocket Boys (0 00:05:58)
A slideshow inspired and accompanied by Elbow's "Lippy Kids" (aka "Build a Rocket Boys"), and also by a visit to JPL, where some of the photographs were taken. Compiled by passage2truth. [View]

How To Make DIY Valentine Monster And Love bug| Valentines Day Kid's Crafts (0 00:05:58)
Thanks For Watching! This video is powered by RaisingWorldChildren. Hope you enjoyed the video. Please let me know your thoughts in the below comment section. Don't forget to Subscribe our channel ... [View]

How to Make Paper Darts and Dartboard or Target Circle and Arrow - Easy Way (0 00:05:58)
How to Make Paper Darts and Dartboard or Target Circle and Arrow How to Make Paper Sword - Easy Way - Toy For Kids Game How ... [View]

eXtreme Performance Rocket Ship XPRS Meet, Black Rock, NV 2019 (0 00:05:58)
Black Rock Nevada XPRS Rocketry Event September, 2019 [View]

Model Rocket Launch from a Drones Perspective (0 00:05:58)
2014 Rocket Launch - St. Thomas, Missouri [View]

Steve Eves' Saturn V Launch (0 00:05:58)
At about 1 p.m. April 25, 2009, Steve Eves went into the record books with the successful launch of his 1:10 scale Saturn V rocket. [View]

Flying at Snow Ranch (0 00:05:59)
This is some video of a high power rocket launch with LUNAR. [View]

Masonic Symbolism - DO YOU BEE- LIEVE (0 00:05:59)
"Our ideal society is like a bee-hive. Above the workers, we have drones". Plato Barack, Biden, Bush, Blair, Brown, Bill, Bush one, Bin Laden, their names all beegin with Bee. Do they really expect ... [View]

EZI-65 - K300 - 2019-01-19 (0 00:05:59)
This is the highest and fastest flight achieved by my build of the EZI-65. I also performed some major software testing on this flight. For best results, tap the gear icon and set the resolution to ... [View]

LV2.3 October Launch from "Mission Control" (0 00:05:59)
What we look like behind the scenes during a launch. For more information on the launch see: [View]

Hellfire Weekend Rocket Competition at the Bonneville Salt Flats (0 00:05:59)
This week we are off to the Hellfire Weekend Rocket Competition at the Bonneville Salt Flats which went down (pun) in September 2014. The Utah Rocket Club held the meet, they have about 150 members ... [View]

Roctober 2013 (0 00:06:00)
This is my first successful attempt at launching one of my rockets over 10,000 feet. It was also a proof of concept of a larger rocket breaking mach without needing to be totally glassed. The base ... [View]

Weekend Project: Compressed Air Rocket (0 00:06:00)
Project Update! -- Since the Compressed Air Rocket project was published in Make: magazine, it's been hugely popular. We have now released the next version of the Compressed Air Rocket v2.0 kit and a ... [View]

Playmobil Novelinha | LISTA DE NAMORADOS- Hannah procura novo namorado para Mia (0 00:06:00)
Playmobil Novelinha | LISTA DE NAMORADOS- Hannah procura novo namorado para Mia DEIXE SEU CURTIR! Se você gostou do vídeo. subscrito meu canal! : ... [View]

Paper Rocket Challenge with Estes Rocket Engines! (0 00:06:00)
Build a launch ready rocket using only household items - paper, drinking straws, tape, glue, etc - and estes model rocket engines. Video tape what you have built and make a video response to this ... [View]

Model Rocket Launch FAIL...Keep Watching! (0 00:06:00)
After a full day of assembling our rockets, it was time for the launch! FAIL...But, keep watching [View]

Neil McGilvray Bob Utley The Cow P11,000 (0 00:06:00)
Cool Flight of Neil McGilvray / Bob Utley The Cow on a P-11,000 From LDRS 30 DVD [View]

Rocket motor testing, flights, and construction work 4-2-2011 (0 00:06:00)
This is a video of some of the new concrete pads poured, static motor and flight tests conducted at the Friends of Amateur Rocketry site in the Mojave Desert of California on April 2, 2011. ... [View]


Flying Like Iron Man, Part 7: First test with rockets! (0 00:06:01)
The test worked -- no I didn't fly, that wasn't the point of the test. This is part 7 of an ongoing series. Updates every week. Hobbyking Electric Ducted Fan ► & Batteries ... [View]

Space Glider - FPV to Space and Back! (0 00:06:01)
Project page: This is my attempt to send a radio controlled airplane to the edge of space using a weather ballon, and then via a live ... [View]

RockSim Software Tutorials - 1. Getting Started (0 00:06:01)
Get Started by opening an existing design & run a simple simulation [View]

RRC - IREC 2015 Montage (0 00:06:01)
A montage of what went down for the 10th annual Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition featuring the Ryerson Rocketry Club. Our rocket, The Sonic Beaver, was able to reach a peak altitude of ... [View]

First Flight of Estes CC Express Model Rocket with On-Board Video (0 00:06:01)
I built a 2-stage Estes CC Express Model Rocket and this is its first flight as seen using a Boostervision digital video camera mounted to the sustainer stage. The rocket was flown on October 12, ... [View]

Ahmad El Haggar, "Fi Kol Fengan Ahwa" - Berklee Internet Radio Network (BIRN) (0 00:06:01)
Ahmad El Haggar performs an original by his uncle Ahmad El Haggar Sr. in the Berklee Internet Radio Network (BIRN) live room. On January 24, 2014, Ahmad will be performing with Carole King at the ... [View]

2013 February SARG Rocket Launch - David and John Robb's Rocket Launches (0 00:06:02)
David and John Robb's Rocket Launches - 2013 February - SARG Launch, near Lincoln, CA. Wildman DarkStar 3", Shapeshifter Jr. Wildman Jr, and Aerotech Arreaux. Great weather. [View]

Saturn 1b Vern's Museum Video (0 00:06:02)
Saturn 1b video for the Museum Vern's rocket is at to display From Saturn 1b Steve Eves - Vern Hoag DVD [View]

Migoland Coin Generator (0 00:06:02)
Migoland Coin Generator (Migoland Coin Maker) Video. ~Test~~~ Song: My Thoughts - Joe Barnard Youtube: Files created: Migoland Coin Generator.mp4 Content ... [View]

Model Rocket Streamer Folding Part 1 of 2 (0 00:06:02)
Folding a streamer creates more aerodynamic drag than a typical rolled up streamer. This allows the rocket to fall slower to the ground. It is used most often in competition style model rockets. It ... [View]

Rockets 2010 Part 1 (0 00:06:02)
My Rocket adventures from 2010. This is part one. [View]

Estes AstroCam Dual Launch! (0 00:06:03)
Two separate Estes Astrocams launch simultaneously. Rocket catches other launching! [View]

NSWRA September Highlights (0 00:06:03)
NSW Rocketry Association September 27 2008 flight day. Includes a good CATO. [View]

ASMR and How To Make Missile Launch Truck with Mini Magnetic Balls (0 00:06:03)
#Magnet #Amazing Magnetic #Magnetic Balls #Mini Magnetic Balls ASMR and How To Make Missile Launch Truck with Mini Magnetic Balls *** If you watch videos with great content, please like, share and ... [View]

Beginners Guide: What to do if propellers spin but the quadcopter wont fly! (0 00:06:04)
If you're reading this part before even watching the video, good because you have time to get properly prepared! Now, for starters, you're gonna wanna grab a large hammer, needle and thread, and a ... [View]

Avril Lavigne - Head Above Water - Review/Reaction (0 00:06:04)
Watch our LIVE reaction to "Head Above Water" here: Become a Patron to get access to weekly bonus videos: ... [View]

Two 10 motor rocket clusters plus huge Frick-n-Frack 2 stage rocket drag race (0 00:06:04)
3/26/2015 CMASS rocket launch Bomark and Spinning Saucer of the Apocalypse 10 motor rocket clusters plus huge FlisKits Frick-n-Frack drag race [View]

ROCI Rocket Launch 9-30-2017 (0 00:06:04)
The first day of ROCI (Rocketeers of Central Indiana | NAR Club #625) Central Indiana Regional Fun Fly XXXV. It was may first time to this field and it was a great day and a great launch. Launch was ... [View]

Paul Sanchez - A Través de Tus Ojos (Live at Berklee) (0 00:06:04)
Paul Sanchez performs his original "A Través de Tus Ojos" live at Berklee College of Music. Paul Sanchez: Berklee: Subscribe: Facebook: ... [View]

ELKFILMZ: On Thanksgiving day me and my pop shot off 4 diff. rockets. That's most rockets we set off on one day, so i called it Rocketpalooza! 1st. Rocket is the small version of the Estes H ... [View]

F-35'i Boşverin İngiltere Yerli Uçağımızı İstiyor (0 00:06:05)
Merhaba arkadaşlar, gündemimizi meşgul eden yeni bir video ile karşınızdayız. Hadi başlayalım. Öncelikle kanalımıza abone olduğunuz için çok teşekkür ediyoruz. Bize daha da destek ... [View]

CTI Pro54 Skidmark Flight On-Board Rocket Cam (0 00:06:05)
On board footage from a post Level 2 certification flight, dual deployment 4X88" Quantum airframe on a CTI pro54 6G k motor. Top speed was 841kph. 808 Keychain camera. [View]

Michal Weiner, "Icarus" - CanvaSounds live at Berklee (0 00:06:05)
CanvaSounds performs Michal Weiner's original "Icarus" inspired by a poem of the same name by Eli Eliyahu. Concerts programs include original chamber works inspired by various other artistic media ... [View]

Video 20170107 BlackBrant VI H97 Holtville CA (0 00:06:06)
KenRico BlackBrant VI H97 Holtville CA TRA SD [View]

Vector-R Rocket Launch (Drone Footage) + Interviews (0 00:06:06)
Successful launch for Vector Space Systems Vector-R Rocket (block 0.002) from the Camden Spaceport - Georgia (USA), at 09:25 UTC, on August 3, 2017. The first launch was put on hold due to the auto ... [View]

BBBS: Rocket Gliders - Rocket Camera (0 00:06:06)
Attleboro Ma: Highlight video of Big Brother/Big Sister (BBBS) after school mentoring program. Kids and their Big Buddies assembled rocket gliders then launched for an afternoon of fun. I also ... [View] (0 00:06:06)
Gerald Meux's 10" Nike Smoke at LDRS 29 On-board camera CTI N1100 Altitude 10500ft 700fps 6g's [View]

Homemade Rocket Launch Controller (0 00:06:06)
This is the a rocket launch controller I made that has the option of internal power using 9v batteries or external power using a 12v gel cell or car battery. [View]

NCSU Rocket Team 2009-10 (Tacho Lycos) (0 00:06:07)
A compilation of video clips from the 2009-2010 USLI competition. This was the first year of participation by North Carolina State University in the competition. The team is still going strong and ... [View]

2011 BALLS XX Jeff Jakob R-10,000 hybrid and Don Burmingham 75mm rockets (0 00:06:07)
Three days of preparation (with three days of afternoon wind and dust) on the Black Rock Desert playa at BALLS XX. [View]

Duane Boldt Rocket Certification Launch (Music) (0 00:06:07)
Duane Boldt Rocket Certification Launch The "RoboRocketryOne" rocket was actually made from a Semroc SLS Brighton kit. It's a pretty cool kit that has changeable motor mounts. It can flight on one ... [View]

Pencil Box Tutorial (0 00:06:07)
Today's project is a Pencil box that fits loads of pens & pencils as well as other office supplies! They're also great for candy bars and other treats to give away! Let the crafting commence ... [View]

How To Make a Matchbox Rocket Launching Kit (0 00:06:07)
How to make rockets that shoot over 40 feet, with aluminum foil and a match. Some quick links to a few of the materials I used: [✓] Safety Matches: [✓] Aluminum Foil: ... [View]

L3 or Shred - Sam's NAR L3 Certification Attempt (0 00:06:07)
Flight of Sam's Gizmo XL on a CTI M2250 and the resulting CATO (catastrophic motor failure). The motor failed due to a weak liner which caused the aft (nozzle) end of the casing to burn through. The ... [View]

CTI K2045 MRL Test launch (0 00:06:07)
Pioneer Rocketry Midwest Rocket Launch competition test launch on Cessaroni K2045. Up and down facing video as well as from the LCO table. Launch site was Richard Bong recreational area, Wisconsin [View]

Estes Maxi Alpha 3 Rocket - Quadcopter MultiWii 2.4 (0 00:06:08)
Today was a special day as I finally got to do what I had set out to do when I decided to build a quadcopter; film rocket launches from the air and doing this all by my self. [View]

Estes Eagle boost glider kit review (0 00:06:08)
My review of the Estes Eagle boost glider rocket, I haven't had a chance to launch this rocket yet, so no launch video yet. The end result is a 4/5 rating, it's a simple boost glider which is ... [View]

Mega Cowabunga Proto (0 00:06:08)
First flight of Madcow Rocketry's Mega Cowabunga prototype at ROC's December 2011 launch. [View]

2010 08 21 Flying model rockets at Fentress with SEVRA (0 00:06:08)
Ethan and Joshua Hall nd Morgan and Rowan Ash fly model rockets at Fentress air field. [View]

Vertically Challenged (0 00:06:09)
Tom Roland's level 3 attempt with his 'Vertically Challenged' model rocket. It flew on a Cesaroni M1670 Blue Streak. Flight occurred as part of the joint launch between South West Michigan ... [View]

rocket science and rednecks at LDRS XXI launch away (0 00:06:09)
Morning rocket launch at LDRS XXI in Amarillo Tx. [View]

Experimental Hybrid Rocket Engine Tests 1-8 (0 00:06:09)
The first 8 tests of our prototype hybrid rocket engine designed and built by high school students of the Canadian Student Space Initiative. The hybrid rocket engine uses solid paraffin wax fuel and ... [View]

NSWRA Launch 28/6/2008 (0 00:06:09)
NSWRA rocket launch 28/6/2008 [View]

Bhojpuri Hot भैया नरम भौजी गरम, New Lachari Bhaiya Naram Bhauji Garam, Geet Rasiya kumat (0 00:06:09)
Director- Sahabdeen 9323334940, 9146116865 Sangeetkar- Vinay Prabhakar Jaiswar Writer- Rasiya Kumar SGG World Wide Presents Bhojpuri Music Album Bhaiya Naram Bhauji Garam, Singer Jagdish Vishwkarma, ... [View]

Berklee Indian Ensemble featuring Dhruv Goel - Pinha (0 00:06:09)
The Berklee Indian Ensemble is delighted to present "Pinha" by Dhruv Goel. ‘Pinha’ means ‘hidden within.’ Based on a ghazal written by Fatima Wasia Jaisi, it celebrates the victory of the ... [View]

Bitrate de un Video - Cómo exportar con más calidad- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (0 00:06:09)
► Has exportado un video y al subirlo a una red social ha perdido calidad. Aprende a usar el bitrate en los ajustes de exportación de Adobe Premiere. 🔸▬ 🕘 CONTENIDO DEL VIDEO ▬ ... [View]

tuff enough flight #2 (0 00:06:10)
Tuff Enough..98mm min dia hand layed fiberglass rocket flying on a N1700 Swamp Gas. Flew to 37K 2.2 mach [View]

BALLS 24 - 2015 High Power Model Rocket Launch (0 00:06:10)
Here are a very few of the events that took place during the awesome BALLS 24 luanch. Fun was had by all! [View]

1/10 Scale High Power X-15 Model Rocket (0 00:06:10)
1/10 Scale X-15 Model Rocket 5 1/2 Feet Long 50 lbs on the Pad 500+ mph 7,500 feet Altitude [View]

Model Rocket Test Stand for Measuring Engine Thrust (0 00:06:10)
Rockets are dangerous, you probably shouldn't try this at home, be responsible, etc. After a couple haphazard hybrid tests on a modified sawhorse, I decided to build a proper static thrust test ... [View]

Perfect Chanachur Making || Street Foods || YouBee Foods (0 00:06:10)
Perfect Chanachur Making _________________________________________________________ YouBee: FB: https://www ... [View]

Cedric Jackson II - Love Will Always Win (Live at Berklee) (0 00:06:10)
Cedric Jackson II and Michael Wooten perform their original "Love Will Always Win" live at Berklee. Cedric Jackson II Instagram: Facebook: https://w ... [View]

HK TekSumo FPV Wing and Water Rockets (0 00:06:11)
FaceBook Page Some Teksumo FPV and Water Rockets! This video was Thomas' idea. I think we should get it right next time. Future improvements include Nozzles for ... [View]

LDRS is coming to Tripoli Central California in May 2018!!! (0 00:06:11) read correctly! May 16th - 20th, 2018 This is one launch you won't want to miss!!! And this is just a small sampling of the AMAZING Rockets you'll see! Be sure to check out the TCC website ... [View]

Abo-Spezial: Conrad Adventskalender 2015 - Tag 4 [HD/Deutsch/German] (0 00:06:11)
► Zur Playlist: ► Zum Kanal: ► Zu Twitter: Und den Daumen hoch nicht vergessen :) ###### Zum "Spiel" ###### Wie jedes Jahr ... [View]

Water Rocket HD Onboard Video (Winter Launch with Parachute Failure) (0 00:06:11)
US Water Rockets Project 3000 Video Log #1 Testing of Full High Definition Water Rocket Onboard Camera Module. Winter Launch of X-12 Water Rocket testing new electronics and camera module for ... [View]

How to Make a Paper Pocket Mini Gun that Shoots rubber band - Easy Tutorial (0 00:06:12)
How to Make a Paper Pocket Mini Gun that Shoots rubber band - Easy paper gun Tutorial paper rubber band gun, make a paper rubber band gun, how to make a rubber band gun out of ... [View]

Família Silva -EX NAMORADO É ENTREGADOR DE PIZZA -Será que a mamãe irá se casar? Novelinha infantil (0 00:06:12)
Família Silva -EX NAMORADO É ENTREGADOR DE PIZZA - Será que a mamãe irá se casar? | Novelinha infantil - português DEIXE SEU CURTIR! Se você gostou do vídeo. subscrito meu canal! : ... [View]

AARP and the Ad Council Support the 1 in 5 African-Americans Who Are Unpaid Family Caregivers (0 00:06:12)
For more informative videos go to: New PSAs for Caregiver Assistance Campaign Encourage “Real Talk about Care,” Promote AARP’s Resources for Caregivers There are ... [View]

Large Cow Rocket P-12,000 LDRS 22 July 2003 (0 00:06:13)
Neil McGilvray's "Udder Madness", 500lbs, P-12,000, July 2003 Argonia, KS [View]

How to attach any camera to a telescope for Astrophotography (in different scenarios) (0 00:06:13)
Here is a quick tutorial demonstrating how to attach a DSLR camera, a cooled One Shot Color camera, and a cooled Monochrome camera to both a Newtonian reflector telescope and a refractor telescope ... [View]

Estes Partizon at NSL 2019 with 4k Action Camera (0 00:06:13)
Flying on an Aerotech H135 to 2400 feet. Delay drilled to 10 seconds. Nice panoramic view of the Lucerne Dry Lake Bed, the crowd gathered for the NSL 2019. Thanks to NAR and ROC. NSL2019 Family ... [View]

GALLERY: NOHO M55 - Arlene Baker (0 00:06:13)
NYC GALLERY OPENINGS - ABOUT THE ARTIST Arlene Baker was raised in New York City where she studied art at City College, completing her BA at the University of ... [View]

2009 DOOMSDAY @ Dowerin Rocket Launch Part A (0 00:06:14)
The Perth Advanced Rocketry Club INC's 2nd Annual DOOMSDAY @ DOWERIN 2009. Launches from size A to M motors. First Level 3 Certification flight in Western Australia, Highest Altitude flight for PARC ... [View]

Sledgehammer M1550 Launch - Onboard video cam (0 00:06:14)
This was the biggest launch of the day, with the largest motor permissible in California. Mavericks Sledgehammer flying on a Aerotech M1550 Redline motor. It was a perfect flight, with video capture ... [View]

So You Want to Be a Rocketeer: Stability (0 00:06:14)
"So You Want to Be a Rocketeer: Stability" By Jim Clark, 2014 May 14 This video is for teaching model rocketeers about the basics of stability, and how to design rockets to be stable. The rocket ... [View]

Mercedes-Benz F1 McLaren *J-10* 3D VECTORED THRUST radio controlled (RC) TURBINE JET (0 00:06:14)
Mercedes-Benz F1 McLaren *J-10* 3D VECTORED THRUST radio controlled (RC) TURBINE JET Steve Johnson demonstrates the 3D capability of the CARF Models J-10 at Wings & Wheels Model Spectacular Show. ... [View]

Aero-TV: Rocketman John Hochheimer - NAR Paves Way For The Next Generation (Part 1) (0 00:06:15)
NAR's TARC Mentors Are Providing Valuable Guidance There were many great role models at the recently conducted 2010 Team America Rocketry Challenge... and many of them are NAR members, mentoring the ... [View]

Allsky view - 20191123-24 Meteor Fireball and Starlink Mega Constellation (0 00:06:15)
2019 NOV 23 - 24 Another nights view from my little Raspberry Pi Allsky camera. I just happened to catch a meteor fireball burnup and leave a smoke trail at 0245. Then the next round of SpaceX's ... [View]

Black Widow at NARAM 58 (0 00:06:15)
Two flights of Black Widow (Rocketry Warehouse Dominator 3) at NARAM 58 in Walnut Grove, Missouri. First flight (July 23) was on a CTI J449 to 4212 feet altitude, and second flight (July 24) was on a ... [View]

SPAM(r) Brand Theme Painted RocketAWESOME 12FT ROCKET - HD - GOPRO (0 00:06:15)
SPAM(r) Brand Theme Painted Rocket 6" Diameter. 12ft tall. 50 lbs. 9200 ft. 1700 lbs of thrust. [View]

Video Rocket Launch (0 00:06:15)
Launch and recovery of mid-level rocket with video camera; Aerotech G engine [View]

Though You Slay Me – Shane & Shane featuring John Piper (0 00:06:15)
“Though you slay me, yet I will praise you.” Through Christ, Christians can not only say this in their deepest suffering — they can sing it. Shane and Shane with John Piper John Piper audio ... [View]

Rocketry luanch day 2-11-17 (0 00:06:15)
Hey guys Happy here, so it was a launch day today got to maiden the Star Orbiter and fly my Estes Majestic. Not a whole of launching went on with me. It was really windy and i was just busy with ... [View]

Model Rocketry at University of Leicester (0 00:06:15)
Up to 100Ns impulse model rockets. All launched at Leicester, East Midlands, England. [View]

Kamayani ।लज्जा।Lajja Sarg। Summary।कामायनी /JaiShankar Prasad (0 00:06:15)
Visit website for more Kamayani -लज्जा सर्ग । Lajja Sarg Summary कवि : जयशंकर प्रसाद Video prepared and presented ... [View]

Using the Estes Igniters and Plugs Successfully in Model Rocket Motors (0 00:06:16)
How do you successfully ignite an Estes rocket engine? That is what we'll cover in this video. Every now and then, we get a panic call from a school teacher because they had a rocket launch, and the ... [View]

Big Bertha Rocket Build (Camera Attached) (0 00:06:16)
In this video, I’ll demonstrate how to build the model Big Bertha rocket. I’ll attach an HD spycam and share my launch footage. Here are the steps for the build. Engine holder - Mark the three ... [View]

Mirage 250 - Mrs. Daisy ( Me deixou na mão - cabo do acelerador) (0 00:06:16)
Mas não tem problema não, tudo isso acontece, seja com moto nova ou não, o mais impressionante, foi o socorro que recebi de um amigo de São Paulo que rodou mais de 200Km para me ajudar além de ... [View]

Billy Strayhorn - Raincheck (Berklee Concert Jazz Orchestra) (0 00:06:16)
Billy Strayhorn's "Raincheck" arranged by Miseung Kang and performed by the Berklee Concert Jazz Orchestra directed by Greg Hopkins. Miseung Kang won the Jazz Composition Department's Billy Strayhorn ... [View]

2015 Feb LUNAR Club Launch - David and John Robb's Rocket Launches (0 00:06:16)
Perfect mild spring like weather for LUNAR's February - St. Valentine's Day Rocket Launch. Snow Ranch, Orvis Cattle Company, near Farmington, CA. This launch for St. Valentine's day all red ... [View]

Darad Hove Naram Kalai Mein (0 00:06:16)
Provided to YouTube by TIPS INDUSTRIES LTD Darad Hove Naram Kalai Mein · Tara Bano Bada Pareshan Karela ℗ Tips Music Released on: 2015-04-13 Artist: Tara Bano Composer: Tara Bano Lyricist: ... [View]

NSWRA HPR launch at Mullaley (0 00:06:16)
A visit to the Siding Spring Observatory with NSWRA and some pyro flights from the Mullaley HPR launch site. [View]

Saturn 1B Assembly Part 45 - Attaching the S IV-B Stage to the Booster Stage (0 00:06:16) - In this step in the assembly sequence of the Apogee Components 1/70th scale model of the Saturn 1B rocket, you'll mate the SIV-B stage to the fuel tanks of the S1 ... [View]

DIY Planetary Astro Camera Webcam C310 RESULTS (0 00:06:17)
I cover how to capture your data with your DIY planetary camera and I show the results of my C310. This inexpensive camera does work! In order to reach focus I had to use a F/10 focal length, when I ... [View]

Estes Hi-Flier Launch #3 on C6-5 Engine (0 00:06:17)
Estes Hi-Flier Launch #3 on C6-5 Engine [View]

Cách Gấp Máy Bay Boomerang Ver 18 , Micro Origami Boomerang plane #XTT (0 00:06:17)
Android App For XTT Boomerang Plane Tutorial: Cách Gấp Máy Bay Boomerang Ver 18 , Micro Origami Boomerang plane Please come ... [View]

Paper Rockets for Under Five Dollars (Physics) (0 00:06:17)
This video shows how you can make a paper rocket and a paper rocket launcher for less than five dollars worth of materials. These rockets are capable of traveling over 100 yards and because of this ... [View]

Saturn 1B Assembly Part 48 - Applying the Decals (0 00:06:17) - In this step in the assembly sequence of the Apogee Components 1/70th scale model of the Saturn 1B rocket, you’ll apply the water transfer decals. Use the color ... [View]

Intimidator 5 NSL (0 00:06:17)
Buzz Nau's Level 3 certification flight with an Intimidator 5 model rocket. It flew with a Cesaroni M-1560 white thunder motor at the National Sport Launch held at Muskegon, MI. on May 25, 2014. [View]

ALICE Purdue PSU (0 00:06:18)
This is a video describing the initial development of a nanoscale aluminum and water ice (ALICE) propellant. This work was done by a collaborative effort between Purdue and Penn State University and ... [View]

Qual destes BRINQUEDOS DE APERTAR SQUISHY-TOY voltam a forma mais rápido? (0 00:06:18)
Qual destes BRINQUEDOS DE APERTAR SQUISHY-TOY voltam a forma mais rápido? DEIXE SEU CURTIR! Se você gostou do vídeo. subscrito meu canal! : ... [View]

Springfest 2015 - Tripoli Las Vegas (0 00:06:18)
Had a Great time flying out here! [View]

2010 Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (IREC) (0 00:06:19)
This is a video of the 2010 Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (IREC) hosted by the Experimental Sounding Rocket Association (ESRA). Four schools entered, BYU, Embry Riddle, UCLA and ... [View]

COPIC MARKER Illustration: Soft Gold (0 00:06:19)
My Sketchbooks 2015: Subscribe: ART SUPPLIES: Gina K Pure Luxury Cardstock, ivory Prismacolor Col-Erase Pencil, ... [View]

Christmas Special DIY Star | How to make a Star Using Papers at Home Easy (0 00:06:19)
How to make a Star at Home. Hello everyone! Today I want to show you How to make a Star. In this video teach you how to make it step by step. You can learn doing it at home. Thank you for ... [View]

3 erros que VOCÊ COMETE ao usar açafrão | Benefícios do açafrão e como consumir (0 00:06:19)
Muita gente consome o açafrão da maneira errada e acaba não aproveitando de nenhum benefício! Aliás, existem 3 erros que as pessoas cometem ao usar açafrão e hoje eu vou te contar quais são ... [View]

Putting a Miniature Video Camera on a Rocket - ROCKET CAM! (0 00:06:20)
This is something I've wanted to do since I was 10. I put a miniature video camera from Hong Kong into the nose cone of a model rocket and lit it off down at the soccer field. I took about half of ... [View]

Rickie Lee Kroell, "Magritte - The Lovers" (0 00:06:20)
Rickie Lee Kroell's composition is inspired by Rene Magritte's "Magritte - The Lovers" and shares the same title. Rickie is a member of CanvaSounds which is the product of several innovative, young ... [View]

Can Adz build a DIY Astrophotography Camera? Part 1 Raspberry Pi Zero W & High Quality Camera (0 00:06:20)
Hello internet So I was wondering the other day, Can I build myself a DIY Astrophotography Camera using a Raspberry Pi and the newish High-Quality camera?. The Raspberry Pi High-Quality Camera has ... [View]

NOV 19 2011 CLUB LAUNCH (0 00:06:21)
Compiled video of quite a few of the flights from the first Club launch of the year. Great stills from Bob Bycraft as always. Thanks everyone for coming out. Almost 60 flights! [View]

DIY Rocket from Plastic Bottle | Roket dari Botol Plastik Bekas Kalian hanya membutuhkan : 1. botol plastik 2. kertas warna 3.double tape 4. lem tembak 5. Kardus Selamat mencoba TUTORIAL MEMBUAT ... [View]

Incredible Heavy Lift Quadcopter (HLQ) Variable Pitch Flight Controls Test (0 00:06:21)
This video details our first attempt at getting a tune on the flight controls test. The test was a success in that we gathered the data needed, and gained some experience with how HLQ behaves. ... [View]

DJI Mavic Mini Propeller Noise Comparison (0 00:06:21)
Purchase the DJI Mavic Mini: Having flown all the Mavics, you can definitely hear a difference between the smaller (Spark/Air) drones compared to the Mavic Pro Platinum and Mavic ... [View]

Underwater launch to Seabeds of Laythe and Eve [KSP 1.5.1] (0 00:06:21)
Yay!~ fairing technology!!! ------------------------------------------------ Track: Skylike - Dawn Link: Track: Skylike - Limitless Link: ... [View]

TWA January 15th, 2011 (0 00:06:21)
High Power Rocket launch hosted by Tripoli Wisconsin Association rocket group. Launch was held January 15th, 2011 at Bong Recreation Area in Wisconsin. [View]

HyPo-SARG-1 (0 00:06:21)
This is a 4" dia. HPR. It flew on a K185 to 3700'. It used dual deployment (main at 500') and had on-board video. May '10 at the SARG rocket field. [View]

BGEXRS 10-APR-2010 (0 00:06:21)
BGEXRS Launches - 10-April-2010, Kjustendil, Bulgaria [View]

Abu Garcia 6500 Catfish Pro Rocket Reel *REVIEW* (0 00:06:22)
Just a basic break down of my experience with the Abu Garcia 6500 Catfish Pro Rocket, a basic reel review if you will. I have always used Abu Garcia for catfishing they have held up really well I ... [View]

River City Rocketry: Return To Flight (0 00:06:22)
University of Louisville's River City Rocketry team competes in the annual NASA Student Launch Competition. [View]

Homemade Model Rocket Launch Controller and Launch Pad (0 00:06:22)
This video shows a home built launch controller and launch pad and an Estes Big Bertha rocket. I built this rocket, launch pad and controller 6 years ago and have finally got around to sanding and ... [View]

Borderlands 2 - Farming Master Gee Glitch / Unlimited Seraph Crystals (0 00:06:22)
ths is a mod/glitch were you can kill master gee over 100 times in 15 min and you dont have to change the date shout out to my team the credit to this find goes to theses guys, heres there XBL ... [View]

2015 Jan LUNAR Launch - David and John Robb's Rocket Launches (0 00:06:22)
Great Lunch at LUNAR, Snow Ranch to start 2015. Great weather and large crowd. My Pain Killer 3" first launch. Another great flight for Wild Ride Two stage. [View]

SECRETS for HAIR Growth ~ Dr Pankaj Naram (0 00:06:22)
Good news! Now, over a million of people from around the world have used Dr Naram's Ancient Secrets for all kinds of conditions, including Hair Growth, with great results. He is effective because the ... [View]

Saturn 1B Assembly Part 16 - Building the Forward Section pt.3 (0 00:06:23) - We're building the Apogee Components Saturn 1B model rocket here. You'll now finish up the shoulder for the LEM Transition by gluing the tube coupler to the rings. When ... [View]

Cineroc Flights Series 1 of 4 by Herb Desind (0 00:06:23)
Herb Desind was a teacher and model rocketeer from Maryland. Herb sent me a VHS compilation of 36 Cineroc Movie flights for the 1990 New England Model Rocket or NEMROC Convention. Series 1 Flights: ... [View]

2014 July ROCKONN Rocket Launch - David and John Robb's Rocket Launch (0 00:06:23)
Join the ROCKONN Club for the their July Launch on at Alkali Flats near Wellington, NV. Four Launches... fun for all. [View]

1/9 Scale Delta II Rocket Launch + On-Board Camera - PBX (Plaster Blaster 10) (0 00:06:23) | November 6th 2011 - Plaster City, California. Club members have joined together to launch a 1/9 scale 10.75" diameter 13.7' tall Delta II Model 7420-10 Rocket. eRocketry™ ... [View]

Camp Emerson Rocketry (0 00:06:23)
Couselors rockets at camp emerson [View]

Brionne Wright, "How Could You Do It" - Live at Berklee (0 00:06:23)
Brionne Wright performs her original, "How Could You Do It" live at Berklee's 160 Mass Ave building. "How Could You Do It" (B. Wright) Brionne Wright: lead vocals Joshua Bailey: background ... [View]

BOOMERANG PAPER AIRPLANE - How to make a Paper airplane for Kids | Psychotic Cyclone + (0 00:06:23)
How to make a PAPER AIRPLANE (also called paper plane) that FLIES BACK TO YOU? On this paper airplane tutorial, I will show you step by step instructions of how to make a cool origami airplane. Now! ... [View]

Northern Colorado Rocketry (0 00:06:24)
A Promotional Video for Northern Colorado Rocketry Filmed on location at the Atlas Launch Site, Weld County, CO Filmed by Joe Corona Edited by Jack Corona Background Music: "Rocket" (c) Def ... [View]

Northern Colorado Rocketry-Overview.mp4 (0 00:06:24) The Northern Colorado Rocketry Club is one of THE premier rocketry clubs in Colorado and also the home of the Rocky Mountain West's two finest regional launches - Mile High ... [View]

VERY UNIQUE SS3 - Jolly Roger Char. Review - SAO MD #146 (0 00:06:24)
Check out these new character details and also there is NEW UNIQUE SS3 , Don't miss it ! My Scouts Hystory (not all): 250 MD : Summer Gal's Suguha & Sinon 250 MD : Rain ... [View]

Vintage hot rod music from the 1960s. (00:00 - 02:05) 1. Little Deuce Coupe (De-Fenders), (02:05 - 04:23) 2. Hollywood Drag (The Darts), (04:23 - 06:23) 3. Double A Fueler (The Deuce Coupes). [View]

2011 10 STEM Club's Rocket Building and Launch Event at Carroll Community College Westminster MD (0 00:06:24)
2011 10 STEM Club's Rocket Building and Launch Event at Carroll Community College Westminster MD [View]

8x Upscale Estes Interceptor Ejection Tests (0 00:06:24)
8x Upscale Estes Interceptor Ejection Tests Main, booster separation and booster! [View]

Transformation secrets of ancient technology of Marmaa by Dr Naram can transform your life forever! (0 00:06:24)
What is Marmaa Shakti? How it can transform your life? Reprogramming is important to achieve your dreams,vision,goals! Dr Naram reveals during live Q&A session with participants across the g ... [View]

My Favorite Hobby-- High Power Rockets !! (0 00:06:25)
Pics and Launch Videos This Is a 1/3 scale scratch built Coyote Missile that myself and four other members of the Music City Missile Club (MC2) designed,assembled and launched. stats-90 lbs The ... [View]

NYPower 18 (0 00:06:25)
Rich and Kenny Holmes's launches at NYPower 18: Estes Ascender, Estes Code Red, Estes Mega Mosquito, Estes Patriot, Custom Razor, Rocketarium Retro Rebel, scratch Test to Destruction. [View]

How to make High Powered M Launcher from Syringe - Hydraulic toy (0 00:06:25)
Get your first audiobook for free when you try Audible for 30 days. Visit or text brainstech to 500500 ★My Affiliate links: ---► ... [View]

Rocket Project 2007: El Cohete del Diablo (0 00:06:25)
Rocket Project in El Mirage dry lake. Our group flew an Estes Comache3 rocket it is a 3-staged rocket. [View]

NASA's Dryden Research Aircraft (0 00:06:25)
The Dryden Flight Research Center (DFRC), located inside Edwards Air Force Base, is an aeronautical research center operated by NASA. On March 26, 1976 it was named in honor of the late Hugh L. ... [View]

BEST PAPER BOOMERANG for KIDS - How to make a Paper Airplane that COMES BACK | Timer (0 00:06:25)
Welcome to the Channel of best paper planes in the world. Let's learn how make a paper airplane that boomerangs. You can also learn how to make paper airplanes that loop, flap glide! On this origami ... [View]

5th Grade Classroom Rocketry Presentation - Part 2 (0 00:06:25)
Looking for some ideas on how to incorporate rocketry into your school classroom? This video will give you some ideas on how to tie rocketry to the subject matter you're already teaching in your ... [View]

Skylab Saturn V High Power Rocket Launch- April 17, 2016 (0 00:06:25)
Scratch-built six feet tall and 17 pound rocket. Two altimeters- Missleworks & Perfectflite. Blue Tube body tubes. Custom transition and Skylab nosecone turned by Raochwerks. Lexan fins. Three ... [View]

Energia II (Uragan) Fully Reusable Soviet Rocket Concept (0 00:06:25)
Energia II, named Uragan (Russian: Ураган, Hurricane), was a rocket design proposed to be fully reusable with the capability to land on a conventional airfield. Unlike the Energia-Buran, which ... [View]

Saturn 1B Assembly Part 14 - Building the Forward Section pt.1 (0 00:06:25) - This video shows the first step in building the upper part of the Apogee Components Saturn 1B model rocket kit. It is the construction of the shoulder on the rear of ... [View]

Rocket Launch! (0 00:06:26)
I heard about a local rocket launch and managed to catch it on camera and with the drone. The Northern Neck Rocketry Society #822 (NNRS) is a new model rocket club in the area and they were holding ... [View]

2017 Feb SARG Club Launch - David and John Robb's Rocket Launches (0 00:06:26)
My first outing of 2017. Jan and Feb launches till now have been rained out at all area clubs. Pleasant sunny clear winter's day at SARG new low/mid power field Gibson Ranch near Elverta, CA. Good ... [View]

How To Make A Rocket Launching Blast Pad (0 00:06:26)
Convert thrift shop pot lids and PVC sprinkler parts, into an omni-directional, rocket launching blast pad. Endcard Links: Magic Mud: Simple Chutes: N64 ... [View]

(0 00:06:26)
TCC fist launch of 2014... great weather temps in the low 70s for Winter's day. Flights of Wildman Intimidator, Shredder, DarkStar, and RW Formula 98. Onboard video of the Shredder. [View]

Giant Leap Rocketry-Mariah 54 Epoxy Fillets (0 00:06:27)
Finally got a nice video with a model rocket to do the epoxy fillet technique described in this kit. [View]

2019 March Las Vegas Springfest-- David and John's Rocket Launches (0 00:06:27)
Returned to Jean Dry Lake Bed to launch during Tripoli Las Vegas's Springfest, St. Patrick Day weekend March, 2019. Planned to launch Friday and Saturday 5 rockets. While bright, clear, and sunny ... [View]

Spaceflight simulator Skylab 1 & Skylab ll launch (0 00:06:27)
Skylab was a United States space station launched and operated by NASA, and occupied for about 24 weeks between May 1973 and February 1974 - the only space station the U.S. has operated exclusively. ... [View]

5 tips for the ASI Air You Should Know (0 00:06:27)
In this video, we go over 5 tips for the ASIair Pro, that should help you get started. There are many quirks to Astro control software, and the ASI Air has a few. This video is NOT sponsored. EQMod ... [View]

N4KGL Beacon Rocket Launch at SEARS (0 00:06:27)
Greg Lane, N4KGL launches the Ham radio Beacon Rocket at the SEARS 572 launch site located in Samson, AL on October 15, 2011. The launch was a success but the airframe suffered a failure on ejection. ... [View]

Plastic Tablecover Parachutes (0 00:06:27)
Turn dollar-store table covers into super simple parachutes that are easy to make, and impressively effective, so you have an endless supply of canopies, for all your arial activities. ----- ... [View]

SpringBlast AHPRA (0 00:06:28)
SSS Two Day launch AHPRA Club launch 2 weeks later [View]

Apollo Little Joe II Rocket Part 1 (0 00:06:28)
The Apollo Little Joe II is the test vehicle for the Apollo Missions Launch Escape System (LES) Capsule and Command Module. This model I built is a 1:30 scale of the real version. The kit is easily a ... [View]

Gemini 9A | Re-Entry Onboard Footage - June 6, 1966 (0 00:06:28)
Gemini 9A was a 1966 manned spaceflight in NASA's Gemini program. It was the 7th manned Gemini flight, the 13th manned American flight and the 23rd spaceflight of all time (includes X-15 flights ... [View]

2011 SARG Spring Launches - David and John Robb's Rocket Launches (0 00:06:28)
Spring 2011 Sacramento Area Rocketry Group Launches. Launches near Lincoln/Roseville, CA on cattle pasture. Launches from Jan - April, 2011.  [View]

Taranaki hillclimb playground (0 00:06:28)
Riding around the backyard in Taranaki. Bikes: 2x CRF450R's Camera: Gopro HD [View]

Why The Engines That Flew On Saturn V Rocket Look Different In Museums (0 00:06:28)
The F-1 engine is the most powerful single chamber rocket engine, and 5 of them were used to power the 1st stage of the Saturn V rocket. However when we see close up video of the engines lifting the ... [View]

Geek Bar Disposable Pod (0 00:06:29)
If you would like your products reviewed - ▶Support the channel PayPal - ▶Second Channel - ▶Subscribe - ... [View]

NIKE SMOKE Estes Pro Series II final comments (0 00:06:29)
final comments of the Nike Smoke build October 27 , 2017 [View]

How does this model rocket made of PLA do? Winter Mini-launch (0 00:06:29)
Today after work, I was able to find an awesome day to squeeze in the test launch of the Extragalactic PLA printed rocket. How will it do? Also, I have fun with the Supertrooper, Estes Alpha, and ... [View]

Aprenda a fazer vinagre probiótico em casa! Eu fiz vinagre de maçã só com três ingredientes, muito fácil, um vinagre probiótico e sustentável, porque você evita o descarte de embalagem de ... [View]

The Semroc Sabre Parasite Glider (for Model Rockets) (0 00:06:30) gave away a new Sabre Parasite Glider kit from Semroc at NARCON 2019. It's an easy, fun build and can be flown on most model rockets without modifying the way they're built. [View]

Huge Sugar Rocket Launch at FAR (0 00:06:30)
I recently went to this cool rocket launching place called FAR (Friends of Amateur Rocketry). This diverges slightly from my normal line of videos, but I thought this was cool. The myth-busters even ... [View]

Rocket Launches (0 00:06:30)
Two boys launch rockets with an onboard keychain camera March 24, 2012. [View]

Part 3: MD-80 / 808 Car Keys / Gumpack Camera Timestamp Removal (0 00:06:31)
This tutorial explains how to modify inexpensive micro-cameras to disable the time/date datestamp overlay feature and get unobstructed video capture. This is the third and final video in this series ... [View]

Les Clubs & nouveautés à venir – Rocket League FR (0 00:06:31)
Discutons des nouveautés à venir très prochainement et plus particulièrement des "clubs" ou clans que vous pourrez créer et rejoindre. Dites-moi ce que vous en pensez dans les commentaires ou ... [View]

Moose Lake Rocketry, Summer 2009 (0 00:06:31)
This is a compilation of both days of flights on Estes D, AeroTech E, F, & G motors. All rocket kits (except the final flight) were all DynaStar Mid-Power Rocket Kits from Apogee Components ... [View]

Paper gun that shoots paper balls | Paper games for kids | Kids crafts (0 00:06:31)
In this video I will show you very easy paper games for kids: How to make paper gun that shoots paper balls . You can make this paper gun in just 10 minutes. Materials required for this kids ... [View]

Saturn 1B Assembly Part 12 - Gluing on the Details (0 00:06:31) - What this video shows is where to glue on the resin pieces in the Apogee Saturn 1B model rocket kit. These are the retro motors and the ullage motors. It is best to ... [View]

How To: Whirlpool/KitchenAid/Maytag Ice Chute Door WP12562701 (0 00:06:31)
How To Replace: Whirlpool/KitchenAid/Maytag Ice Chute Door WP12562701 Symptoms: frost build-up at the top of ... [View]

Tripoli Cert 2 flight TTRA Tampa, Florida (0 00:06:31)
Aug 21, 2010 Tripoli Cert 2 flight, 2nd attempt. Previous cert 2 flight attempt flew excellent with great recovery, post flight inspection, however, revealed the lower fin can/body coupler had ... [View]

Estes Yankee (BETA, 1982) and Estes Hyper-X (1997) Model Rockets with a special flyover! (0 00:06:31)
GoPro 7 Black on Drone Yankee on a B6-4. Improvments will be to add a very bright and long streamer with the parachute. Hyper-X on a C6-5. This rocket only needs a C6-3 or C5-3, shorter delay. It ... [View]

Aero-TV: Team America Rocketry Challenge - How to Launch an Aerospace Career (0 00:06:31)
America's Youth Prove They Can Deal With Aerospace Challenges Under bright blue skies, teams of middle and high-school students from across the country proved to one and all that they, indeed, have ... [View]

EASY PAPER AIRPLANE - How to make a paper airplane that glides far | Future (0 00:06:31)
How to make a paper airplane or paper plane that flies. On this origami tutorial, I will show you step by step instructions of how to make a simple paper airplane that can glide for a short ... [View]

SpaceX Falcon 9 Flight 2 COTS-1 Rocket Launch of Dragon Capsule (NASA TV) (0 00:06:32)
The first demonstration flight of SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon capsule for NASA's Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) program successfully lifted off from Cape Canaveral Air ... [View]

Estes Alpha III Model Rocket Starter Set Part 1 (0 00:06:32)
The first part in the build series of this great model rocket set. This is an excellent starter set if you're looking to get back into model rocketry or get started for the first time. Check out my ... [View]

PARC rocket launching 2010 video 2 (0 00:06:32)
Perth Advanced Rocketry Club INC having fun flying rockets. lots of rocket flights from our youngest members to our oldest members. [View]

Njoki Karu - Omba (Pray) - Berklee Studio Performance (0 00:06:33)
In light of the terrorist attacks in Africa (Garissa shootings, Boko Haram in Nigeria, shootings in Mali, and the on going killings in Burundi) and in the world, Njoki Karu wrote Omba to inspire ... [View]

X-15 Rocket Launch (0 00:06:33)
This video is about High Power Rocketry. [View]

GCAM POCO X3 | Review Google Camera GCAM LEICA LM8.2 + Config IPhone 12 Pro Max POCO X3 NFC (0 00:06:34)
GCam Leica LM8.2 Lara-Hotfix1 : Config IPhone 12 Pro Max (POCO X3 NFC) : Config All Lenses & All Mode (POCO X3 NFC) : Support ... [View]

Kloudbusters Rocketry Highlights from AIRFest 15, Sept 6, 2009 -- Part 1 (0 00:06:34)
Highlights of high-power rocket launches at AIRFest 15 on Sunday Sept. 6 sponsored by KLOUDBusters. Part 1 of 2. Largest rocket launches are in part 2. The event was held about 7 miles south of ... [View]

Tripoli L3 Certification Launch (0 00:06:34)
Harakiri Tripoli L3 Certification Launch AeroPac/XPRS Black Rock, NV September 14, 2013 [View]

Thumper Liftoff FITS 2014 (0 00:06:34)
"Fire-n-Water" (aka Polecat "Thumper") on-board video (GoPro) of launch at FITS 2014. 9' Tall, 10" Diameter, ~70 lbs at launch on a 75mm M-1850 (36" long motor, ~ 5200 lbs of thrust). Flew to 5114. ... [View]

[ROCKET POWERED] LEGO Star Wars Super Star Destroyer! - (67 MPH) (0 00:06:35)
David, Henrik and Sylvia plays with Lego. This time it’s the giant 1.2 meter, 3152 piece, 3.5 kg heavy Star Wars - Super Star Destroyer. This episode has a twist to it. We mount the Super Star ... [View]

My first rocket flights. (0 00:06:35)
This is a video of my first flights of my newly built model rockets. I launch my Estes Big Bertha, scratch built rocket I call the Defiant 2012 and a free FlisKits rocket called 'Caution Rocket ... [View]

Beautiful, flawless "Der Red Max" 2-stage rocket flight from RocStock 2005! (0 00:06:35)
Larry Taylor's BEAUTIFUL scratch built 7.5" diameter, 6 foot tall, 45lb. "Der Red Max" rocket, flown during RocStock, on the Lucerne, CA dry lake bed, 2005. This beautiful rocket was boosted aloft on ... [View]

MUST HEAR!!! Boeing 707 Takeoff: Four JT3D turbofan engines giving their best & loudest! [AirClips] (0 00:06:35)
Just the world’s best airplane cockpit videos! Aviation through the eyes of female & male pilots! Rare plane views & airline films, cool aviators piloting big jets and aircraft into difficult ... [View]

ARG 2009 (0 00:06:36)
Video of ARG 2009 in Rainbow Valley AZ including video taken with an onboard camera on my 7 1/2 inch diameter Hawk with a M1491 contrail hybrid motor. [View]

RocStock XXX (0 00:06:37)
Many of the rockets launched during the semi-annual RocStock event. These were a few from Saturday's launching, November 14. Thanks go to the Rocketry Organization of California that makes events ... [View]

Tripoli Wisconsin Association's September 2018 high power rocketry launch. (0 00:06:37)
Tripoli Wisconsin Association's September 2018 high power rocketry launch held at Richard Bong State Park. [View]

Model Rocket Thrust Vector Control | Succesful launch of Spectre Adv. (0 00:06:37)
IT FINALLY HAPPENED-- after about 3 months of work on the Spectre series of rockets, we have had a full success! Thrust vector control on the way up and successful mechanical chute ejection on the ... [View]

2015 December LUNAR Launch - David and John Robb's Rocket Launches (0 00:06:37)
LUNAR 1st High Power Launch of the Season at Snow Ranch. Late fall weather starting to green the pastures. Launches three rockets this week. Had the two stage Double Shot out again. [View]

★★MT09 TRACER★★#0 Virolos - Démo - Chute - Vlogbuster (0 00:06:37)
Ride, speed and turns on Belgian roads to the handlebars of my Yamaha FJ-09 Tracer 2016. Balade, vitesse et virages sur les routes de Belgique au guidon de ma Yamaha MT-09 Tracer 2016 ------ ... [View]

Rocksim Tutorial #4 (0 00:06:37) - [View]

Shamanic Worship Before Shinto | History of Japan 8 (0 00:06:37)
Shinto did not always exist in Japan. The early Japanese practiced animistic worship and rituals, which later evolved into Shinto. Their art depicted all kinds of animals, in line with their ... [View]

December 2011 Rocket Launch.wmv (0 00:06:38)
Model and High Power Rocket Launch South West of Pueblo Colorado by the Southern Colorado Rocketeers. [View]

Flyboard Air by ZR Naples Florida (0 00:06:38)
FlyBoard Air by ZR Florida First Flight long edit This is the first Flyboard Air by ZR demonstration during the Flyboard World CUP 2016 in Naples Florida TO SUPPORT US AND GIVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO ... [View]

DIY Rocket Launch to 96,000 Ft Onboard Video Views of Space & Earth (0 00:06:38)
Watch this amazing flight from the onboard HD video camera! Curt von Delius's state of the art Two Stage PHOENIX 4 Project launched at Nevada's Black Rock Desert. Reaching supersonic speeds and ... [View]

Model Rocketry Demo Flight at Booth Fickett K-8 Math/Science Magnet School MEGA Night 27th Feb 2020. (0 00:06:38)
27th February 2020. Southern Arizona Rocketry Association was invited to demonstrate model rocketry for the MEGA Night event at Booth Fickett K-8 Math/Science Magnet School. This is a very short ... [View]

2012 3-3 FAR Activities: Sugar motors, Recovery ejection test and a CATO (0 00:06:38)
Paul Avery static tested three 38mm single use sugar motors, all successful. Hal Duffy did the first test of the drogue chute piston ejection as part of the recovery system being designed for the ... [View]

Dynasoar Rocketry DeltaDart RC rocket glider kit (0 00:06:38)
Dynasoar Rocketry DeltaDart RC rocket glider kit, 38" long, 25" wingspan, 12 oz rtf. [View]

Saala Garam - Baijaan Naram HYDERABADI WEB SERIES II Episode - 2 II Hyderabadi Stars II (0 00:06:39)
Saala Garam - Baijaan Naram II Episode - 2 II Hyderabadi Stars II For more videos please subscribe and share...... .................................HYDERABADI STARS................. ....... ... [View]

Level 1 cert flight and second flight Madcow Torrent (0 00:06:39)
This is my Level 1 certification flight on a CTI H125-9 followed by a flight with a CTI I170 duel deploy flight. Drogue at apogee and main at 500 feet. The second flight has a on board camera ... [View]

Apollo 11 40th Aniversary Commemorative launch (0 00:06:39)
Launch of Dave Kovar's model Saturn V Rocket from the New Mexico Museum of Space History in Alamogordo, NM. on Thursday July 16th, 2009. There were some timing issues. The launch was conducted ... [View]

Spacevidcast: Online community for space enthusiasts (0 00:06:39)
It's been almost 42 years since the first Americans set foot on the moon, but each time the U.S. sends an astronaut into space, it's no less breathtaking an event to witness. Via its web site, ... [View]

Enchanted - Taylor Swift (Covered by Joe Barnard and Hadley Kennary) (0 00:06:39)
DOWNLOAD LINK: :) Hadley: htt ... [View]

RockSim Software Tutorial - 08 - Design Screens (0 00:06:39) - Modifying existing rocket designs. Changing the number of stages, and using the slider bars [View]

Giant Leap Rocketry-Mariah 54 Attaching the Fins (0 00:06:40)
Video showing the attachment of the fins to the Mariah 54. [View]

Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Starter Gameplay Tips and Class Guide | Ubisoft [NA] (0 00:06:40)
Learn how to use sync shot drones, hold your breath and steady your aim, disable enemy turrets, upgrade your weapons, and use perks. Plus, find out what each class brings to the table, when to use ... [View]

2015 Midwest High-Power Rocketry Competition (0 00:06:40)
NASA's Space Grant 2014-2015 boosted-dart challenge [View]

Last Flight of the LOC Magnum (0 00:06:41)
Flight, airstart, early ejection, and destruction of a LOC Magnum [View]

Estes Viking Part 2- Engine block, nose cone, and beginning fins (0 00:06:41)
Part 2 of the Model Rocket build series. Assembly of the engine block, assembly of the nose cone, and beginning of fin attachment. **Several times I refer to the body tube as the motor tube, ... [View]

Rockets 2010 Part 2 NARAM 52 (0 00:06:41)
Part 2 of my 2010 rocket adventures was my trip to Colorado to attend NARAM 52. It was an amazing experience and I met a lot of great people. [View]

Tripoli Central CA launch: part two (0 00:06:41)
Launch of Pyramid rocket, Whistler rocket, others [View]

Tripoli Minnesota July 2010 (0 00:06:41)
One of the most AWESOME launches we've had all year. There were several level 3 certification attempts, good weather, lots of rocket flights, and a very good turn out. Come check us out! htt ... [View]

JUMBO SLIDING PUZZLE of Cardboard - Gift Idea| aPasos Crafts DIY (0 00:06:41)
Today we show you this idea to give away on any occasion, a Jumbo Slide Puzzle. you can to paste a photo or a nice hidden message. This is made of cardboard. SUSCRIBE to aPasos Crafts DIY here 👉 ... [View]

Launching Model Rocket From Underwater (In 4K Slow Motion) (0 00:06:42)
Just for fun I decided to build a model rocket and launch it from underwater while filming it with the high speed camera in slow motion. this is something I've been wanting to do for a while now ... [View]

Kerbal Space Program | NASA Skylab Replica | Mission 1 | Into Orbit (0 00:06:42)
NASA Saturn V + Skylab Replica using only stock KSP parts. Hope you enjoy :) Kerbal Space Program v1.3.0 Mods used: Chatterer DistantObject Docking Port Alignment Indicator EnvironmentalV ... [View]

Stevie Wonder - Isn't She Lovely (Cover by Gilad Barakan ft. Elif Çakmut) (0 00:06:42)
An original arrangement of Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely" by Gilad Barakan featuring Elif Çakmut. Gilad Barakan: Site: Facebook: ... [View]

OUTBACK THUNDA AFT Camera (0 00:06:42)
OUTBACK THUNDA at LDRS30 in Argonia, Kansas. This was the first of 2 flights on a N2600 and 3 x J381 Skidmarks. Some interesting points: 1. The paint job is actually a big decal which didn't quite ... [View]

Der Red Max (0 00:06:42)
Hi, so, this is me and my bro Jeremy flying Rockets, Here are the rockets used: ESTES Der Red Max ESTES Maxi Alpha III (which truth be told does not look/resemble an Alpha III) ESTES Pa ... [View]

How to make plastic bottle rockets | Science Experiments for Kids (0 00:06:42)
Lisa from Action Potential Lab (, a centre for science and art, shows your mini scientist how to turn a recycled plastic water bottle into a rocket using ingredients from the ... [View]

Ron D's Lawn Dart (0 00:06:43)
Full length raw launch footage. Great flight. However, the chute failed to deploy. Rocket narrowly misses a herd of cows seen on camera fleeing the area soon after impact. Birmingham Rocket Boys, ... [View]

Rocket Finger Family and More | Mother Goose Club Songs for Kids (0 00:06:43)
Rocket Finger Family and More Nursery Rhymes from Mother Goose Club! Sing along with your favorite Mother Goose Club characters to the all-original nursery rhyme “Rocket Finger Family”! Download ... [View]

DJI Mavic Mini / RETURN TO HOME! (Tutorial & Demonstration) (0 00:06:43)
In this video, I demonstrate and explain how to use the failsafe feature known as "return to home" on the DJI Mavic Mini drone. Recorded November 2019. Please be sure to watch in HD. Please be sure ... [View]

How I Clean My Yamaha VMAX 1700 Without Soap & Water (0 00:06:43)
I demonstrate how I clean my 2020 Yamaha VMAX 1700 without using soap and water. I only use wipes, cotton swabs, and a microfiber cloth. Please SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, SHARE RECOMMENDED VIDEOS: 2020 Yamaha ... [View]

Lady Gaga Super Bowl LI Halftime Performance Review/Reaction! (0 00:06:43)
Watch our FULL reaction here: FOLLOW US ON TWITTER! Matt Palmer: Matt Steele: http://twitter ... [View]

Pink Floyd Dark Side Rocket (0 00:06:43)
Discussing the Estes rocket catalog, Polecat Aerospace, and Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon pyramid rocket [View]

PARC Rocket Launching June (0 00:06:43)
Perth Advanced Rocketry Club doing what it does best. 29th June 08 Launch [View]

Estes Code Red Model Rocket Review And Launch (0 00:06:43)
Hi Folks! Today I'll be looking at the Estes Code Red Model Rocket, and giving you my thoughts. We'll of course also be taking her for a launch with some slow motion too! Enjoy :) [View]

Amalur - Aldapeko (0 00:06:43)
Amalur performing their recomposition of the traditional song "Aldapeko" from the Basque Country. Find Amalur's brand new album on iTunes: ... [View]

Chick Corea - Spain (Duo by Elin Sandberg and Tracy Robertson) (0 00:06:44)
Chick Corea's "Spain" performed and arranged by Elin Sandberg (bass) and Tracy Robertson (voice). The introduction is from Joaquin Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez. Elin and Tracy Instagram: ... [View]

Braking Your Monster Mud Truck Barnyard Boggers Style Matt Steele & Trucks Gone Wild (0 00:06:44)
cool to see some of the truck go wild and mine fall apart after fixing it and spending tons of mo money this is what it did first time out with NO MUD on it yet... what a day but got good videos also ... [View]

Helimasters 2014 - Marcus Rummer - Thrust Vectoring Jet - Flight 2 (0 00:06:44)
Marcus Rummer pushing his TV Jet to the limits in very windy conditions, using the Bavarian Demon [View]

Kloudbusters Rocketry Highlights from AIRFest 15, Sept 6, 2009 -- Part 2 (0 00:06:45)
Highlights of high-power rocket launches at AIRFest 15 on Sunday Sept. 6 sponsored by KLOUDBusters. Part 2 of 2. Largest rocket launches are in part 2. The event was held about 7 miles south of ... [View]

4" Minimum Diameter Rocket - N5800 - Kari Pill (0 00:06:45)
2nd attempt of the Cesaroni N5800 minimum diameter rocket project There has not been that many successes on 4" minimum diameter rockets on commercial N motors... Goal: 1) Has to be minimum diameter ... [View]

How to Hand Launch and Land your DJI Mavic Mini (0 00:06:45)
DJI Mavic Mini: Hand launching and catching your drone is nothing new to experienced flyers. But if you're new to drones and the Mavic Mini, this video demonstrates how to safely ... [View]

Spring blast 2009 (0 00:06:45)
Video from Spring Blast 2009 rocket launch at Rainbow Valley Arizona. Video includes 3 Hybrid rockets, 2 of which had onboard video cameras. Video also contains some good rocket crashes including a ... [View]

New Shuttle Launch Date Tops This Week @NASA (0 00:06:45)
A new target launch date has been selected for STS-133, allowing ample time for repairs to space shuttle Discovery. Also, NASA's chief technologist and planetary science director were among more than ... [View]

RC ADVENTURES - Traxxas Spartan - First Run, 4S Lipo - Radio Controlled Boat (0 00:06:45)
Click Here To Subscribe! ► - This is my maiden cruise with my Traxxas Spartan RC Boat. I am only running a Fraction of the battery capacity it can handle, as I want to learn ... [View]

Skylab 1973-1979 (0 00:06:45)
Skylab was the first space station launched and operated by NASA, occupied for about 24 weeks between May 1973 and February 1974. It was the only space station that the United States has operated ... [View]

TOP 10 Homemade ROCKETS (0 00:06:45)
*A different Saturn 1B (just the pics) was shown in place of the Saturn V Sources & Credits: 10. V2 Rocket Model 9. Phoenix 4 https://www.youtu ... [View]

"A Thin Blue Line" - Memorial Rocket Flight for Officer Chris Kilcullen (0 00:06:46)
This video depicts the launch and recovery of an ARR Predator 10K Rocket that was built by Richard Bremer and launched in memory of his friend, and former co-worker Officer Chris Kilcullen of the ... [View]

G. Harry Stine - Paying Forward (0 00:06:46)
G. Harry Stine is remembered as the man who popularized model rocketry and made it a safe, educational, and fun activity pursued by millions around the world. [View]

Quadcopter Parachute Drop from 300 feet - Sonic Minute Episode 14 (0 00:06:46)
Have you ever wanted to dump an action figure parachute out of a quadcopter at 300 feet? Well...that's exactly what we did in this episode of the SonicMinute. Check out how we hacked a protein ... [View]

Marika Galea Quartet - Nanaimo (Live at Berklee) (0 00:06:46)
The Marika Galea Quartet performs "Nanaimo" live at Berklee College of Music. Berklee Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: https://twitter ... [View]

G.Harry Stine biographical video (0 00:06:46)
Biographical overview of G. Harry Stine's role in the creation of model rocketry and spacemodeling. Note that an updated version of this video is available at: [View]

2018 11 04 My Rocket Launches at Penn Manor (0 00:06:46)
Six of my rocket flights at the club launch on Nov 4, 2018. Flown were the Bandit II, Interceptor Swift Iris, Comanche 3 (only 1 stage), DEFCON 1, and two flights with the Bullpup 12D Iris. [View]

When (xmas) Trees Attack (RC Aerial Video + Rockets) - GoPro HD Hero Cam (0 00:06:47)
My first flight (yes, the maiden!) after attaching the GoPro HD Hero to the Stryker F27C... naturally with RC planes there are trees always willing to reach out and grab it from the sky. In all ... [View]

Rotary Revolution 09 (0 00:06:47) - Because this is a competition rocket, it needs to follow the rules of the FAI event. In this video, we'll trim the length of the rocket to exactly 500mm. We'll also ... [View]

F22 Thrust vectoring, "hovering", and rippin' it! Chicago Air and Water show 2017 (0 00:06:47)
A pleasant surprise that an F-22 was at the Chicago Air and Water Show​! Not only did it fly in formation for a heritage flight with a P-51 and an A-10. It also displayed its potential on what it ... [View]

BAMBA BURGER - Der EKLIGSTE Burger der Welt! Kaan zaubert wieder! Spiel mit mir Apps (0 00:06:47)
Kaan ist für euch als Koch wieder unterwegs und kreiert sogleich den wohl ekligsten Burger der Welt! Was sagt ihr dazu? #AppsUndGames #AppSpiele #BambaBurger Willkommen bei Spiel mit mir - Apps und ... [View]

Estes Rockets - Mini Red Max, Yankee, Mini Honest John, Sizzler, Flip Flyer, AstroCam!! (0 00:06:47)
After a couple of days of the Astrocam in the tree, it has returned to Earth. Bamboo Pole wins, tree loses, yet again. However, the rocket body came down first, then parts of the nose cone fell out, ... [View]

STS-127 Endeavour: Launch Part 2 (0 00:06:48)
Main engine cutoff is confirmed: space shuttle Endeavour has reached orbit. The shuttle lifted off from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida as planned at 7:17 am EDT and began its orbital chase ... [View]

RockSim Software Tutorial - 17 - Advanced Pod Designs (0 00:06:48) - Advanced Pod Design [View]

Aprenda a fazer uma versão de pão super saudável, fácil e rápida! Você só precisa de dois ingredientes e de 20 minutos no forno! Faremos um pão de cebola, que vai fazer sua casa cheirar muito ... [View]

Ejercicios para la rectificacion cervical (0 00:06:48)
Rectificacion cervical, ejercicios para aliviar el dolor Fisioterapia a tu alcance Hola amigos, hoy queremos ofreceros soluciones para la rectificación cervical. Anatómicamente nuestro cuello ... [View]

[Friday Night Fury 3-20-20] EBW Extreme Championship Contract Signing- EBW (0 00:06:49)
Maximus and his brother Executioner make things official for this Sunday! Also, Atom challenges EBW’s Reaper to a match. Merch: Patreon: https ... [View]

Les motards en colères 😠 CHUTE EN CB500F 😭 (0 00:06:49)
🔴Abonnez-vous à la chaîne : 🔔Pensez à activer la petite cloche pour ne pas rater mes prochaines aventures... 🔴Suivez-moi sur les ... [View]

Absolute XS by Michael Cain - HPR Rocket - 2010 - EARS (0 00:06:49)
My Absolute XS flown at Big Ears 2010, launched on an Aerotech J415-W with Mission Control Altimeter and one of Andy Hughs HD cameras . [View]

Batch Conversion from Rocksimm RKT to OpenRocket ORK Format (0 00:06:50)
Please read the procedure listed below. How to do a Batch Conversion from Rocksimm RKT to OpenRocket ORK Format. Why? Two reason, don't have Rocksimm's program, have OpenRocket's program, secondly ... [View]

The Phoenix Mars Lander (0 00:06:50)
A new space explorer is waiting in the wings and ready to take center stage: the Mars lander called Phoenix. Phoenix's assignment is to dig through the Martian soil and ice in the arctic region and ... [View]

Team Skull Grunt CON VLOG feat. Pikachu (KodachiCon 2017) (0 00:06:50)
In character vlogs! A new concept I'll be doing from now on~ It's just so much fun to do something more than just to record others cosplay to make a montage. Though I'll be doing that too! But for ... [View]

CAP Model Rocketry Encampment 2011 The Movie (0 00:06:50)
A highlight video presentation made up for the Great Lakes Region Civil Air Patrol Model Rocketry Encampment. Perhaps the only program of it's kind in the nation. We had a blast during the week at ... [View]

How does a Rocket Engine (and Nozzle) Work? - Compressible Flow Basics (0 00:06:50)
Consider joining my Patreon: PART 2 IS LIVE: Hi Everyone! With the advent of SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch, please spread ... [View]

5 Reasons Why You SHOULD Consider The Canon 75-300mm Lens! (0 00:06:51)
5 Reasons Why You SHOULD Consider The Canon 75-300mm Lens! This Canon lens is notorious for being cheap and terrible, and I think it definitely gets too bad of a rap. It's by no means a GREAT lens, ... [View]

KSP: Building a Space Station! (0 00:06:51)
Enjoy! :) "Brutus" Space Shuttle Download and more! Spaceplane Catalogue (images only) http://imgur.c ... [View]

EXTREME ROCKET!!! O25,000 (0 00:06:51)
Death From Above. BALLS 2013 Tripoli Rocketry Association Commercial Altitude O Single Stage Record 2013 6" Diameter Rocket, 135" tall, 112lbs on the pad flew to 30k ft, burned out 500ft and ... [View]

ROCstock 2017 (0 00:06:51)
Video and pictures from ROCstock 2017! Thanks for watching! Camera: Canon 70D with kit lens from T3i and 75-300mm USM Video: GoPro Hero 3 Black and Canon 70D Editor: Hitfilm Express 2017 and ... [View]

Launch of Worlds Largest Rocket - The Delta IV Heavy with NROL-65 Onboard (0 00:06:52)
The world's largest rocket operating successfully launched today, August 28th 2013 at 18:03 UTC from Vandenberg Air Force in California. The 23 story rocket carried the top secret NROL-65 payload ... [View]

Rum Fruit & Nut Cake | Plum Cake l Traditional Christmas Cake Recipe | Sharmilazkitchen (0 00:06:52)
The cake is loaded with lot of dry fruits and nuts that was soaked for 2 weeks. Full of flavor, moist and perfect to enjoy in Christmas eve. New Christmas Cake recipe / kerala Plum Cake / Caramel ... [View]

Launch of Skylab 2 (ABC) (0 00:06:53)
The launch of Skylab 2 - 25th May 1973. Onboard are astronauts Pete Conrad (CDR) Joe Kerwin (SPLT) and Paul Weitz (CMP). [View]

ROCKETS Mag X-15 Delta launch at MDRS 2014 (0 00:06:53)
Charlie Loveday's X-15 Delta flown by Jerry O'Sullivan [View]

5 $Homemade quadcopter frame (how i build it) (0 00:06:53)
Hi guys!...heres a vid of how i made my Quadcopter using the Gaui GU-344 gyro....its not that hard to make one :) really! have fun watching...hope it helps out.. Jacques [View]

LoreWarrior Aerotech - Guardian Fighter (0 00:06:53)
The guardian fighter is a cheap and easy alternative to the much more advanced aerotech fighter. Essentially a real life fighter in the Battletech universe, this little fighter is a great example of ... [View]

Playmobil Novelinha | MUDANÇA DE ESTILO DA PROFESSORA MALVADA - Família Silva (0 00:06:53)
Playmobil Novelinha | MUDANÇA DE ESTILO DA PROFESSORA MALVADA - Família Silva DEIXE SEU CURTIR! Se você gostou do vídeo. subscrito meu canal! : ... [View]

Há diferenças entre entre UTI e CTI? (0 00:06:54)
Muitas pessoas pensam que CTI e UTI são a mesma coisa, no entanto, existem algumas diferenças sutis entre as duas. Neste vídeo explico de uma forma simples a diferenciação entre os tipos de ... [View]

Australian Rocketry's Thunda Down Under and Gorilla Rocket Motors O4475 Black Lightning Demo (0 00:06:55)
The biggest and baddest sparky motor to hit the rocketry world has finally been unleashed. On Sunday 22 September 2013 at Balls 22 in Black Rock Desert, NV, Australian Rocketry prepared for one of ... [View]

RC Ducted Fan Boat - Part 5 Thrust Vector on the pond (0 00:06:55)
RC Ducted Fan Boat using Hair Dryer motor - I have had several requests for ducted fan planes and that is not going to happen as I am not going to buy a proper hobby grade ducted fan, so I am using a ... [View]

Petitcodiac NB, Dragon Farts 1st flight, Rocket Video (0 00:06:55)
Dragon Farts 7.5 inch by 9 foot rocket with onboard video camera. Flown on Cesaroni K750 with 2 Cesaroni G115's ignited at 4 seconds and Cesaroni G79's ignited at 6 seconds. Rocket attained an ... [View]

Secret Technique To Get What You Want | Indian Healer Dr. Pankaj Naram (0 00:06:55)
Re-program your sub-conscious mind and get what you want Follow me on Instagram here: 📚Purchase a copy of my book “The Enlightened Barista” ... [View]

Upscale Spy vs Spy rocket from ground at BALLS 17 (0 00:06:56)
This is a collection of clips from the ground video of my upscale Spy vs Spy rocket flying at Balls 17 in Black Rock dry lake Nevada on two NASSA red L665 motors. [View]

SpaceX JCSAT Launch & Falcon 9 Successful Landing | Go To Space (0 00:06:56)
SpaceX JCSAT Launch & Falcon 9 Successful Landing | Highlights SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket has successfully launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida carrying the communications satellite JCSAT-14 for ... [View]

MinFluous At Balls 2015 (0 00:06:56)
James Donald's MinFluous at Balls 24, September 25, 2015. Max. Altitude 110K ft., Max. Speed Mach 3.3. Motors CTI O3400 to CTI M2245 [View]

Sarggeschichten "Wie versorgt man einen Verstorbenen?" (0 00:06:57) In dieser Sarggeschichte zeigen wir Euch wie ihr einen verstorbenen Menschen waschen und anziehen könnt. Das ist nämlich keine Kunst, sondern etwas, das jeder machen kann. ... [View]

Rocketry Baffles 2020 04 23 (0 00:06:57)
Discussion of how ejection charge baffles work in model rockets. Products discussed in the video: LOC baffle: Apogee baffles: https://www.ap ... [View]

MINECRAFT COM GRÁFICOS REALISTAS! Isso é incrível, a qualidade gráfica que fizeram no minecraft utilizando a nova RTX, uma placa de vídeo que vai rodar e a sua não! Me segue no instagram ... [View]

2016-03-05 Rock Launch (0 00:06:59)
ROCK's March, 2016, launch as recorded from a quadcopter. [View]

SATURN V - Apollo 18 & 19 Kennedy Space Center (0 00:06:59)
Letzter Einsatz: Der letzte Start der Saturn V erfolgte am 14. Mai 1973, als die Raumstation Skylab in die Erdumlaufbahn gebracht wurde. Der letzte Start einer Saturn-I-B erfolgte am 15. Juli 1975 im ... [View]

NARAM 50 Sport Range and Misc (0 00:06:59)
Naram 50 Rocket Contest. Sport Range video's and Miscellaneous photos [View]

Amateur Rocket Blasts Into Stratosphere (0 00:06:59)
Team Qu8k's rocket blasts off on Sept. 30, 2011 from Nevada's Black Rock Desert, in pursuit of a $5,000 prize for reaching 100,000 feet and being recovered essentially intact. Credit: Derek Dee ... [View]

Model Rocket Series Episode 4! (Painting a Model Rocket) (0 00:06:59)
In this episode I unite my Estes Leviathan with its paint scheme!! (Also features boobs.) Enjoy! [View]

STAR WARS PAPER PLANE - How to make a paper airplane that FLIES - WARRANTY | Tie Fighter (0 00:06:59)
How to make a PAPER AIRPLANE ( paper airplanes ) also call paper plane? On this paper airplane tutorial, I will show you step by step instructions of how to make a cool origami airplane. Now! let's ... [View]

Estes Baby Bertha Launch (Our first model rocket build) (0 00:06:59)
Being complete novices to the hobby of model rocketry Ryen and I didn't really know what to expect. We built the Baby Bertha over the course of a couple of weeks. Overall the build was fairly easy. I ... [View]

Celestron NexStar 8SE for Astrophotography (0 00:06:59)
This may be the last time I capture deep sky objects with my Celestron NexStar 8SE SCT. It served me well, but now I am in the hunt for a refractor with close to the same focal length. These are my ... [View]

MinFluous Launch 3 (0 00:07:00)
The third flight of my two stage rocket MinFluous at Balls 22 on 9/22/2013. [View]

Playmobil Filme português | Cama de SQUISHY extra grande pra Emma Silva | Comeu muitos doces! (0 00:07:00)
Playmobil Filme português | Cama de SQUISHY extra grande pra Emma Silva | Comeu muitos doces! Novelinha #PlaymobilFilmePortugues #EmmaSilva #JogaComigo DEIXE SEU CURTIR! Se você gostou do ... [View]

ROCKETS Magazine AirFest 18 Drake (0 00:07:00)
Arizona Rocketry Team's 12X upscale FlisKit Drake on an O5000 at AirFest 18 [View]

High Power Rocket in power lines (0 00:07:00)
This is Hy-Po's flight at Dairy Aire '05. It landed in power lines. [View]

The Beyoncé Tribute - NikKollective ft Débo Ray (0 00:07:00)
Nikko Ielasi's tribute to Beyoncé Knowles performing a medley of "Sweet Dream," "Run The World (Girls)," "Independent Women," "Deja-Vu," "Diva," "Crazy In Love," and "Love on Top" with his band ... [View]

Camping, launching rockets, throwing boomerangs, and hiking with the boys! (0 00:07:00)
Overnight camping at our NC property with several dads and their sons. We launched compressed air rockets, enjoyed a beautiful sunrise, went on a fun hike along a creek, and threw a boomerang. Just ... [View]

Iowa State USLI 2011/2012 -- Test Launch Onboard Video (Full HD) (0 00:07:00)
The full video our payload's launch and descent. Enjoy! (Windows Live Movie Maker is a terrible, terrible program. You may have noticed that the last video was shrunk down. I fixed that in this ... [View]

High Power Rocket Fail (0 00:07:00)
A teen attempts his Junior Level 1 High Power Rocketry Certification on a Loc IV with a H-123-W motor to 2,000 feet at Snow Ranch, California on 1/8/11. The nose cone and parachute separated from ... [View]

Bunnell Blast 2006 (0 00:07:01)
Highlights of NEFAR's annual two-day launch. [View]

2013 March SARG Rocket Launch - David and John Robb's Rocket Launches (0 00:07:02)
March 2013 SARG Launch. Lovely start of Spring in Northern California. Launching Wildman DarkStar 3 with on board video, Rocketry Warehouse G3 Color Edition, Binder Design JackHammer, and Madcow ... [View]

Dhan.gurung.kota6.naram (0 00:07:02)
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. [View]

LDRS 38 Argonia Kansas 2 stage rocket flight to 28,545'. (0 00:07:02)
LDRS 38 in Argonia KS. 2 Stage flight. Booster CTI M1540 IMax Stratologger CF and EggFinder TX GPS 66” Spherechute main with Jollylogic Chute Release set at 1000’ with 24” drogue. ... [View]

MDRA Sept.14-15 (0 00:07:02)
A video I put together from MDRA rocketry launch on Sept14-15 enjoy [View]

NAPAS Launch - June 19, 2010 (0 00:07:02)
Hightlights from the NAPAS rocket launch held on June 19, 2010. There were 10 high power flights and 10 model rocket flights. [View]

EZI-65 CATO - CTI K300 - 2020-05-23 (0 00:07:03)
UHD Make sure to tap the gear icon and set the Quality to the highest your system can handle. EZI-65 Flight 36 Average altitude per flight: 8000 Spaceport Rocketry Association http://spacep ... [View]

Dual K500 flights with on-board video (0 00:07:04)
Yet another attempt to fly and recover the same rocket twice in one day. This is getting old. [View]

Rocket Fun #1 Onboard (0 00:07:04)
a montage of launches over the past few weeks [View]

CS:GO Galenskaper #1 - RING, RING! (0 00:07:04)
Se på när Emil och hans klasskamrater får stryk i Counter Strike Global Offensive. Gilla videon för mer CS! :D Personer med i videon: Wozi (Jag) Jakobii (Jakob) Pär göran Helsvamp (Se ... [View]

RC Ducted Fan Boat- Part 4 Thrust Vector Steering (0 00:07:04)
RC Ducted Fan Boat using Hair Dryer motor - I have had several requests for ducted fan planes and that is not going to happen as I am not going to buy a proper hobby grade ducted fan, so I am using a ... [View]

Justin Timberlake - Filthy (Review/Reaction) (0 00:07:04)
Watch our LIVE reaction to "Filthy": Watch the trailer for Matt Palmer's new Visual EP Get Lost! ... [View]

2015-06-13 NEFAR Launch (0 00:07:05)
Aerial video of the NEFAR rocket launch held on June 13, 2015. [View]

2x upscale scissor wing transport RC Rocket glider flights (0 00:07:05)
2x upscale scissor wing transport RC Rocket glider flights with wing fixed for comparison to folded wing option. [View]

2008-06-07 ROCK Launch High-Speed Videos (0 00:07:05)
Videos from ROCK's June launch recorded in high-speed. [View]

LARGE SCALE RC Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II turbine jet (DerJet prototype) (0 00:07:05)
LARGE SCALE RC Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II turbine jet (DerJet prototype) This is a prototype of an F-35 jet developed by DerJet. Flown here by Dave Wilshere of Motors & Rotors (https: ... [View]

Shock Cords for Dual-Deployment Rockets (0 00:07:06)
"When flying dual-deployment rockets, how long do you make the shock cords? And which one (long or short) is put in the back of the rocket?" These are common questions that we get from people that ... [View]

Cómo Resolver Conflictos en el Trabajo (0 00:07:06)
Los conflictos en el entorno de trabajo son bastante habituales y crean un mal ambiente con los compañeros. En este vídeo te voy a dar algunos consejos de resolución de problemas laborales, con el ... [View]

CMASS ROCKET LAUNCH 10.2.10 (0 00:07:06)
Various launches Oct. 2. 2010 [View]

2006 Jul 4: Shuttle Launch STS-121 (Discovery) -- SRB RocketCam (0 00:07:06)
To help the Shuttle team assess and understand the chronic External Tank foam shedding phenomenon, on this launch two new RocketCam systems were added -- one to each Solid Rocket Booster, looking ... [View]

Research motor gone wrong (0 00:07:06)
Thought I made a longburn motor, but turned out I just manufactured a road flare [View]

WAC Corporal at NSL 2011 (0 00:07:06)
Onboard video from flight of the full scale WAC Corporal flown at the NAR National Sport Launch, Lucerne Dry Lake on 11 June 2011. Powered by an Aerotech M1939W motor, it reached an altitude of 4700 ... [View]

BCDS - Class of 2010 Physics Class - Rocket Launches (0 00:07:06)
It's pretty hard to track a model rocket. The camera has trouble quickly adjusting to lighting changes, leading to a big white nothingness when you look up at the sky suddenly. And the cloudy sky on ... [View]

SMOOSHY MUSHY Português abrindo PERSONAGENS COLECIONÁVEIS DE SQUISHY NO KETCHUP + MOLHO DE BAUNILHA | Kawaii Squishies DEIXE SEU CURTIR! Se você gostou do vídeo. subscrito meu canal! : ... [View]

Echo - Landing Test #1 (0 00:07:07)
Help support For more info: [View]

Tax Relief Launch 17 April 2016 (0 00:07:07)
These are a few of the rockets I launched this year at Washington Aerospace Club "Tax Relief" launch held on 17 April 2016. [View]

Model Rockets Compilation (0 00:07:07)
Sorry for the bad quality clips,most of them were recorded a few years ago on my phone, while the good quality clips were taken today. This video is best seen in HQ and full screen. If you do/want ... [View]

Outlander (0 00:07:07)
In 2005 a group of us built this incredibly complex and beautiful upscale Outlander. It was flown at Midwest Power on a cluster of four(4)- 75mm L 2000 research motors to get it off the ground. Then ... [View]

Learn The Jump Rope Boxer Skip (0 00:07:08)
OUR FAVORITE JUMP ROPE► ("DOTHETHING" at checkout for 10% off) Learn The Jump Rope Boxer Skip JRD Merch Store ► https://jumpropedudes.bigca ... [View]

2016 April LUNAR Launch - David and John Robb's Rocket Launches (0 00:07:08)
Perfect weather for a spring rocket launch at LUNAR, Snow Ranch, low 80's, calm, and clear. Smaller crowd this month. Pasture is green for now with some wild flowers but dry out soon. Four flights ... [View]

Aero-TV: AIA's Audrey Koehler - Launching Our Next Generation Pt. 2 (0 00:07:10)
Recrafting The Future of Aerospace Recent publications from the Aerospace Industries Association note that, "America's requirement for workers who are well educated in science, technology, ... [View]

Big Rocket Launch Video Compilation (0 00:07:10)
I launched my 9 ft. tall Sledgehammer rocket with the biggest motor I have flown in California - an Aerotech M1850. This video is a compilation of the videocam on the rocket, the pad cam and a ... [View]

W00DY - Warm Spirit (Live at Berklee) (0 00:07:11)
Electronic Production and Design student Catherine Woodcock (W00DY) performs her original "Warm Spirit" in one of the common dormitory spaces of Berklee's soon-to-open 16-story tower at 160 ... [View]

Testosterone Day (0 00:07:11)
High power rockets, Nascar, and super fast cart racing. If only every day could be this fun. [View]

Family Activity - Estes Model Rocket Launch in honor of Apollo 11 50 Years 07.2019 (0 00:07:12)
This channel is about building memories with your family on a budget. We do travel videos, home projects, hobbies and fun activities together and film them to share ideas with your family. We hope ... [View]

Blowing Alcohol Inks/ How to / Ranger Alcohol Ink Tutorial /Alcohol Ink Month 2016 (0 00:07:12)
Thank you for watching! :) Links mentioned are below. In this video, I demonstrate the basic alcohol ink technique of blowing inks on paper. I compare blowing methods using Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks by ... [View]

Successfully developed Super 8 film (0 00:07:12)
Well I have developed my 1979 expired AGFACHROME Super 8 film in Caffenol C (coffee, vitamin C and washing soda) and SUCCESS it worked!!! :D This is a vlog of just after I developed the film which I ... [View]

Perfect Egg Burger Making || Street Foods || YouBee Foods (0 00:07:13)
Perfect Egg Burger Making _________________________________________________________ YouBee: FB: https://ww ... [View]

Missouri S & T Maiden Flight of Celtic Storm @ QCRS 4/19/14 (0 00:07:13)
Maiden flight of the high-power rocket, Celtic Storm, by a team from the Missouri University of Science and Technology at the QCRS launch on Saturday, 4/19/14, near Princeton, IL. The team is testing ... [View]

1200 lb. thrust PVC Kno3/Sugar rocket (0 00:07:13)
60 Pound Kno3/Sugar PVC engine 2 stage cluster and regular Kno3/Sugar Coyote Rocket flights. [View]

BOOMERANG PAPER PLANE TUTORIAL - How to make a Paper Airplane that COMES BACK | ReverseR (0 00:07:13)
Welcome to the Channel of best paper planes in the world. Let's learn how make a paper airplane come back (boomerang) to you. ► ABOUT the ORIGAMI: • DESIGN: Reinvented from Classic Dart by ... [View]

🔮 3 Hubelino Marble Run Expansions Twister Catapult Cradle Chute Duplo Compatible|| Keith's Toy Box (0 00:07:13)
Fun Hubelino Expansion packs can add exciting tricks to basic Hubelino Marble Runs. Expansion packs include: 1. Catapult Expansion - w catapult to defy gravity - 41 pcs 2. Twister Expansion - w ... [View]

Estes Taser Rocket Go Kart Fun (0 00:07:13)
estes taser Rocket kit power probe launch tyrod 4 gocart [View]

2012 TCC Dairy Aire - David & John Robb's Rocket Launches (0 00:07:13)
David and John Robb's Rocket Launches at 2012 TCC Dairy Aire. May 18-20, 2012, near Helm, CA (Fresno, CA). [View]

How SpaceX lands the Falcon 9: Grid Fins, Thrusters and Engines! (0 00:07:14)
Have you ever wondered how SpaceX controls the first stage of their Falcon 9 to nail a bullseye from 70 miles in altitude and after traveling up to 5,000 mph? SpaceX has three main systems that help ... [View]

Juan Luis Guerra Tribute ft Juan Luis Guerra (0 00:07:14)
Juan Luis Guerra tribute featuring Berklee graduate Juan Luis Guerra '82 singing "Ojalá Que Llueva Café." Produced and arranged by bassist Esther Rojas, the tribute covers "Sabia Manera" from La ... [View]

So Check THIS out (0 00:07:14)
Big side project me and some other motovloggers have been working for some time now, Go check it out and ... [View]

Rocket To The Moon! Noah's Sneaky Joke on His Sisters! SuperHeroKids (0 00:07:15)
Noah's Rocket To The Moon Sneaky Joke on His Sisters! SuperHeroKids - Click that like button to let us know you like this video! And you can get in touch with us on Facebook or Instagram @s ... [View]

DIY Photo Placecards and Table Numbers | DIY Wedding (0 00:07:15)
Place card keepsakes your guests will love & table numbers that turn into anniversary cards you and your spouse will cherish. Subscribe for more creative inspiration - ... [View]

🐥Twitter: 📸 Instagram: ✨Facebook: 💌 Contato/Parcerias: Perguntas ... [View]

in this video I will be launching SKYLAB 1 and 2 in space flight simulator . Thanks nolex for giving me your Saturn V and cyber for helping me. Like share and subscribe!! ✓Nolex's channel ... [View]

NAR Level 2 Rocket Launch (0 00:07:17)
12/20/2014 SRA Launch Site Cesaroni J357 Apogee Torrent Rocket Kit Dual deploy recovery [View]

Tri-Cities Rocketeers high power rocket launch 5-13-17 (0 00:07:17)
It was a beautiful day to fly with the Tri-Cities Rocketeers! Turnout was a bit light this month, perhaps a combination of the windy forecast and a couple big regional launches coming up soon, but ... [View]

Captain America's Nerf War Challenge! Boy vs Girls Nerf Battle Challenge SuperHero Kids (0 00:07:17)
In last weeks episode here You decoded Paul's message and your transmissions are being sent! Meanwhile, Captain America has been trapped in another dimension for three weeks! If ... [View]

NAPAS Launch - August 28, 2010 (0 00:07:17)
Flights from the Napas rocket launch and BBQ held on August 28, 2010. Thanks for coming out everyone. [View]

UAH NASA Student Launch Initiative (0 00:07:17)
Students at the University of Alabama in Huntsville launch a hybrid rocket into the skies. SLI (Student Launch Initiative) is a student-lead project at the University of Alabama in Huntsville ... [View]

How to Scan 35mm Film (Beginner Tutorial) (0 00:07:17)
In this episode I walk you through how i scan my film, everything from preparing the film, the software and the actual scanning aspect. This video has to be the most requested video I've ever gotten ... [View]

High-Speed Launch Videos (0 00:07:18)
Model rocket launches in slow-motion. Recorded at the May, 2 [View]

"Mr. Rocket tells us what it is like to run a rocket company" (0 00:07:18)
What is is like to run Apogee Components, the leading educational model rocket company in the world? He is Tim Van Milligan who tells us what makes him click, and what kind of fun things you'll be ... [View]

How Did An F-35 Fighter Jet Vanish? (0 00:07:18)
How did the US Military loose a multi million dollar airplane? In today's educational animated cartoon we see how an F-35 just up and vanished before the militaries eyes. 🎬 MAKE VIDEOS LIKE OURS ... [View]

GaiaUB Model Rocket Launch Live Transmission 1 (all cameras) (0 00:07:19)
These are the highlights from our first test of transmitting model rocket launches live to the internet. Two model rockets were launched, both in 1:50 scale: a Vega rocket and a Soyuz rocket. The ... [View]

Pão MUITO FÁCIL só 2 INGREDIENTES | Vegano e sem glúten | Pão fit pronto em 20 mn (0 00:07:19)
Estava faltando uma receita de pão fácil e saudável na internet! Afinal, receita de pão saudável tem aos montes, mas a maioria é complicada, principalmente se formos procurar uma versão que ... [View]

Friends of Amateur Rocketry May 19, 2012 (0 00:07:19)
Activities at the Friends of Amateur Rocketry site on Saturday, May 19, 2012. N2O nitrous oxide hybrid flight by CAL-POLY San Luis Obispo, a drogue deployment charge test by Hal Duffy for the ... [View]

Honor Heights Park By Drone (0 00:07:19)
Video of DJI Phantom 3 Professional flying over Honor Heights Park in Muskogee Oklahoma. [View]

F22 Raptor - Thrust Vectoring (0 00:07:20)
Want to build your own RC Plane? Visit my class on Skill Share.... Click Here ------------------------------------------ This is the rcpowers F22 V2! combined with the ... [View]

2 successful launches of my two-stage Estes Mongoose rocket (0 00:07:20)
The day for the launch had arrived. The weather was mild, the winds were calm and the level of sunlight was just perfect. The recovery system failed to deploy on my first launch due to what I ... [View]

Superfluous Launch 8 at GHS 2010 (0 00:07:20)
Superfluous Launch 8 at GHS 2010, Oct 24, Rainbow Valley, AZ CTI - M1300 Dual Thrust, CTI Igniter, Grains glued to liner per CTI instructions. 10100 ft, 865 ft/sec (mach 0.78), 13Gs, Flight time 283 ... [View]

Garry Kasparov Crushes his opponent like Mikhail Tal (0 00:07:20)
#agadmator Garry Kasparov vs Josef Pribyl EUR-chT (Men) 7th (1980), Skara SWE, rd 5, Jan-?? Gruenfeld Defense: Exchange. Modern Exchange Variation (D85) 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nc3 d5 4. cd5 Nd5 5. ... [View]

Aero-TV: TARC - Northside College Prep School Rocket Team (0 00:07:21)
Tomorrow's Future Rocket Scientists Are Flying Model Rockets NOW Meet three uncommon young men... these guys, who could otherwise be out in the world creating the kind of havoc most teens are known ... [View]

Estes Alpha Rocket Assembly (0 00:07:21)
This video will describe how to assemble an Estes ALPHA model rocket. This video was created for the sole use of members of Cub Scout Pack 278 of Braddock Heights, Maryland to help families prepare ... [View]

Interceptor E First Flight (0 00:07:21)
Estes Interceptor E modified to an interchangeable 24-29mm motor mount. Fins have been replaced with 1/8" plywood and the rocket has been modified to dual deployment with a GPS tracker in nose cone. [View]

Model and High Power Rocket Launch in Pueblo Colorado with Special Guest. (0 00:07:21)
Model and High Power rocket launch near Pueblo, Colorado with a special visit by Vern Estes who founded Estes Model Rockets and is a pioneer in the hobby of model rocketry. [View]

How to Make Remote Control Rocket Launcher in Malayalam (0 00:07:22)
Christmas Special How to Make a Remote Control Rocket Cracker Launcher at Home in malayalam Glentech Subscribe ചെയ്യുവാൻ ക്ലിക്ക് ചെയ്യുക h ... [View]

1121 Paddy Rates | 1509 Padyy Rates | Naram-Kapas-Dhan Bhav (0 00:07:22)
Published On:- 14 december 2018 aaj ki video me narma, kapas, dhan ke bajar bhav btaye gye hai , jisme ye mandi samil h----anusahar 1509 ka bhav,aligarh sarbati ka bhav,dabra sugandh dhan ka bhav, ... [View]

Neil McGilvray Demostrates the Proper Use of a Tender Decender (0 00:07:22)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's Red Glare 13 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. [View]

Secret Nazi V2 Rocket Program (0 00:07:22)
The V-2 (German: Vergeltungswaffe 2, "Retribution Weapon 2"), technical name Aggregat 4 (A4), was the world's first long-range[4] guided ballistic missile. The missile, powered by a liquid-propellant ... [View]

Saturn 1B Assembly Part 36 - Attaching the Vacuform Base (0 00:07:22) - In this step in the assembly sequence of the Apogee Components 1/70th scale model of the Saturn 1B rocket we'll attach the vacuum form base to the display nozzle ... [View]

Rotary Revolution 08 (0 00:07:23) - This step in the construction of the Rotary Revolution shows how to install the rubber bands that are used to deploy the rotor blades of the model rocket. After that, ... [View]

Rocket Building - The Quest Superbird - Part 4 - Centering Ring Solutions! (0 00:07:23)
I figured out how to fix the centering ring problem on the Superbird model rocket, and realized I could easily convert it to a D-powered vehicle. [View]

R/C B-29 with X-1 rocket (0 00:07:24)
This may be the coolest R/C plane ever made. [View]

Cách Gấp Máy Bay Boomerang Ver 28, Origami Boomerang plane, #BoomerangPlane #XTT #XTT (0 00:07:25)
Android App For XTT Boomerang Plane Tutorial: #XTT #BoomerangPlane #BoomerangAircraft Paper Boomerang Aircraft Ver 28, Origami ... [View]

KSP: Skylab - Supply/Crew (0 00:07:25)
스카이랩, 보급 및 승무원 교체. Skylab Supply / Crew. Crew Dragon, Falcon 9 [View]

Baby Bertha Estes Rocket (0 00:07:25)
Hello everyone I am Brooke I like to build rockets. Hope you enjoy if you like the video please like and subscribe. Instagram- blue_brookie [View]

Jon Chrisman's "Ultimate Wildman" Level 3 Certification Flight (0 00:07:25)
Jon's successful level 3 certification flight with his rocket "Ultimate Wildman". Flown at Freedom Launch 2012 on September 1st in Orangeburg, South Carolina, USA. Technical Adviser was Tom Binford. ... [View]

Tuiwok, Coca-Cola y la Exposición de Pixar (0 00:07:25)
He salido a correr como cada día y he acompañado a Chus a su nuevo trabajo en Zeppeling. Tras una reunión con Coca-Cola me he ido con mi buen amigo Ruescas a la exposición de Pixar que hay en la ... [View]

QCRS June 13th, 2015 (0 00:07:26)
QCRS June 13th, 2015 after the cloud layer burned off. [View]

Voopoo Vinci Pod Royal Edition (0 00:07:26)
Voopoo Vinci Pod Royal Edition ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Iscriviti al canale: Secondo ... [View]

Apollo 11 Saturn V Launch Lift off - High Speed Cam - HD 720p (0 00:07:26)
For centuries, Man has dreamed of attaining fully controlled flight. This was achieved in December of 1903. From there, only 65 more years were required to reach the Moon, and six months after that ... [View]

2008-07-10 ROCK Launch High-Speed Rocketry Video (0 00:07:27)
The July 2008 ROCK launch captured in high-speed. [View]

DR NARAM MARMAA POWER | Secrets for Weight Loss, Joint Pain, Arthritis, Vibrant Detox Formula (0 00:07:27)
CAN YOUR WHOLE LIFE CHANGE BY WATCHING ONE VIDEO? Neeta came with so much enthusiasm tonight to the clinic of DR NARAM. She had tried to lose weight her whole life and nothing worked. Then from ... [View]

Senator Joe Lieberman discusses combating radical Islam with non-military means, Humphrey Institute (0 00:07:28)
Complete video at: Senator Joe Lieberman (ID-CT), Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, ... [View]

How to cook Half Moon Pies Recipe | Ramadan Recipes | Indian Cooking Recipes | Cook with Anisa (0 00:07:28)
Half Moons recipe has got to be THE most highly requested video from you guys in a very long time. Its a crispy fried snack, filled with saucy creamy chicken and you guys are crazy about these. Half ... [View]

Designing a Canted, Clustered Rocket Engine Mount (0 00:07:28)
Designing a clustered rocket is more than slapping two or more motors into the engine mount. If you cant them at the right angle, you insure a straight flight, even if one motor fails to ignite. ... [View]

How To Build a Paper Model Rocket (0 00:07:29)
How To Build a Paper Model Rocket. SMSgt Dennis Swanson worked for CAP-USAF, the Air Force organization that supervises Civil Air Patrol. In this video, he describes the process used in his CAP ... [View]

Model Rocket Scientist The Series part 1 (0 00:07:29)
Model Rocket Scientist The Series part 1 A Civil war has broke out on the planet of "Modelrockyacimmontifica" and cyborgs maybe sent to kill the band. Stennis forgets to mention the new threat to ... [View]

Thrust Vectoring Mount - Build Signal R2 (0 00:07:29)
Watch as a playlist: Signal R2 Kit: Build Signal R2: https://bps ... [View]

UCSD MAE 155B Rocket Project (0 00:07:30)
LAWNDART productions Spring, 2011 Professor: Dr. Steve Harrington TA: Andrew Cavender Group Members: Roger Huang, Spencer Knowlton, Mitch Nihonyanagi, Adam Shutts Kit: Mad Cow Rocketry ... [View]

2009 Jul 15: Shuttle Launch STS-127 (Endeavor) -- Port SRB (0 00:07:30)
RocketCam view onboard port (left) Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster RocketCam looking aft during Endeavor launch. This goes from liftoff to SRB splashdown. No audio. (Courtesy NASA and Spaceflight Now) [View]

2014 March LUNAR Launch - David and John's Rocket Launches (0 00:07:30)
Big change from last month.... rains have greened up Snow Ranch... super weather, light wind, clear, just breaking 70. Some standing water but still creeks are dry for now. Launched 4 High Powered ... [View]

Model Rocket Telemetry, Part 2 (0 00:07:30)
Arduino compatible radio telemetry and video on board an Estes HeliCat rocket. See part one for water rocket flights. [View]

Perth Advanced Rocketry Club INC. June 2009 (0 00:07:31)
The Perth Advanced Rocketry Club INC. Rocket launches for June 2009. First Junior HPR Certification in Australia. [View]

How to Make a Water Rocket (0 00:07:31)
This video will show you how to make a water rocket. This video was specifically made for our Cub Scout Pack, but we encourage everyone to try these out! We have received feedback from around the ... [View]

Song Yi Jeon Quintet, "Spring - Movement of Lives" - Live at Cafe 939 (0 00:07:31)
Song Yi Jeon Quintet performs her original "Spring - Movement of Live" live at The Red Room @ Cafe 939 - Berklee College of Music. Song Yi Jeon: voice Yoav Eshed: guitar Jaehun Kang: piano Changmin ... [View]

2017 TCC October Skies - David and John Robb's Rocket Launches (0 00:07:31)
Tripoli Central California's October Skies Launch. I attended only Sunday due to other commitments. Nice weather Sunday calmer thatnFriday or Saturday and warmer. Crowd thinned and made for quick ... [View]

110 film | Wikipedia audio article (0 00:07:31)
This is an audio version of the Wikipedia Article: 110 film Listening is a more natural way of learning, when compared to reading. Written language only began at around 3200 BC, but spoken ... [View]

110 film | Wikipedia audio article | Wikipedia audio article (0 00:07:31)
This is an audio version of the Wikipedia Article: 110 film | Wikipedia audio article Listening is a more natural way of learning, when compared to reading. Written language only began at around ... [View]

DJI Phantom - Tour de California & NASA Atlas V-401 Landsat Rocket Launch (0 00:07:32)
Various clips from a 40 hours, over 900 miles round trip from Northern California to LA and then to Vandenberg Air Force Base for the NASA Landsat LDCM Atlas V rocket launch on February 11, 2013. ... [View]

SpaceX launch and fourth landing with onboard view (0 00:07:32)
Falcon 9 rocket delivering satellite THAICOM 8 from Cape Canaveral Florida May 27 2016 with third sea landing [View]

David and John Robb's Rocket Launches - Tripoli San Diego 2020 March HAVOC 4 (0 00:07:32)
Traveled down from Northern California for Tripoli San Diego Havoc #4 launch. At the Holtville closed airport near the Mexico border. Weather was good except for windy Saturday afternoon. Full moon ... [View]

LONG DISTANCE PAPER PLANE - How to make a paper airplane that FLIES FAST & FAR | Destroyer (0 00:07:32)
How to make a paper airplane [ paper airplanes ] or paper plane that flies. On this origami tutorial, I will show you step by step instructions of how to make a paper airplane that can fly. Now! ... [View]

2019 Fall Rocket Build and Launch (0 00:07:33)
10th grade Physical Science class builds and launches Dynastar Rising Star rockets. October, 2019 ***I do not own the rights to the song "High Cotton" by Alabama.*** [View]

RockSim Software Tutorials - 2. Flight Profile (0 00:07:33) - Flight Profile 1 See what the flight will look like [View]

Big Red Crayon (0 00:07:33)
Eldred Pickett, Bob & Rob Dickinson fly their Big Red Crayon on a M3500 motor. Flight occurred at the joint launch of the Muskegon Michigan Area Rocketry, Southwest Michigan Association of S ... [View]

SpaceX inspired edf rocket part 1: deployable landing gear and thrust vector control (0 00:07:33)
This is part 1 of my SpaceX inspired edf rocket project where I design, 3D-print, build and assemble the retractable landing gear and thrust vector control unit. For those of you who say an edf is ... [View]

tarc 2012 qualification launch (0 00:07:34)
about 20 launches and recoverys that i recorded an the team america rocket chalange 2012 qualification launch at cmass. [View]

Fearless Eric Teboul - Rocketman overcame incredibly strong winds on his hydrogen peroxide rocket bike to record an elapsed time quicker than Larry "Spiderman" McBride’s 5.61 Top Fuel Record! Wow! ... [View]

Estes Saturn V Launch On Aerotech G-80 Motor With Keychain Camera - San Marcos (0 00:07:35) 830.896.6331 This was the 2nd actual launch of the Estes Saturn V that my brother and I modified to handle motors up to the J category. We had a successful launch with minor ... [View]

Segment 11: Spacemonkey Models V-2/A4 Build Tutorial (0 00:07:35)
This series will guide viewers through the build process for the 1/24 scale V-2/A4 model kit from Spacemonkey Models. In this segment some light weathering of the airframe fastener joint will take ... [View]

Saturn 1B Assembly Part 28 - Marking the Fin Can (0 00:07:36) - In this step on the Apogee Components Saturn 1B model rocket kit, you'll mark the fin can tube for the attachment of the resin fins. Before you can attach the thrust ... [View]

Bhajan I Naram Naram Lai Makhan root Mein | Priyanka Choudhary | Sikohpur Ragni | sonotek (0 00:07:36)
Sonotek Cassettes Present “ Naram naram layi ghal garam ” a Latest New Haryanvi Song 2018. We present to you “Sonotek Ragni ” Song by Singer Priyanka Choudhary Directed by " Director Name" ... [View]

Imam e Kaaba ki Naram dilli || Ustad e Mohtaram Syed Jawad Naqvi (0 00:07:37)
Extract: Khutba e Juma (14-6-2019) Visit Website Subscribe For Latest Videos Subscribe Bethat TV [View]

Arreaux Model Rocket Build & Launch Montage (0 00:07:37)
Mid Powered Rocket: Aerotech Arreaux model rocket kit Launch 1: G53-7FJ Altitude:~1600' Launch 2: G53-7FJ Altitude:~1500' Launch 3: G64-10W Altitude:~2500' On-board camera: Mobius spy cam (wide ... [View]

F-291 Douglas MGR-1 Honest John Rocket (0 00:07:37)
Footage of the Douglas MGR-1 Honest John Rocket, the nation's first surface to surface nuclear capable rocket! [View]

Rocket Launch Compilation 🚀 | Go To Space (0 00:07:37)
Video compilation of rocket launches. Here is the list of the rockets featured in this video (in order): 1. Rocket: Atlas V | Payload: Mars Science Laboratory (November 26, 2011) 2. Rocket: Atlas V ... [View]

TVC Tech Talk Ep.2 | The Flight Computer (0 00:07:37)
Today is all about our little beep boop dude-- it uses a teensy 3.5 which is basically just a fast arduino that can be coded inside the arduino development enviroment it is then all connected to a ... [View]

4X4 Monster Ranger Mud Trucks and Matt Steele Trucks Gone Wild In UpState NY (0 00:07:38)
4X4 Mud Trucks and Matt Steele Trucks Gone Wild In Upstate NY This was one hell of a day was Grate to meet Matt Steele and talk to him he said i could use any of the footage i took that day just make ... [View]

Estes/Semroc Orbital Transport (0 00:07:38)
This was the one kit from my youth that I always thought if I ever had the chance to build again and correct all the mistakes I made when I was 13, I would. I have waited many years for it to be ... [View]

2018 April LUNAR Club Launch - David and John Robb's Rocket Launch (0 00:07:38)
Final able to attend a LUNAR launch this year. Between weather and college tours this first one I could attend. LUNAR was green after the recent rains. Weather was perfect temp in the 70s, sunny, ... [View]

आंतरराष्ट्रीय योगा दिवस पर,मर्मॉ-योगा प्राचीन रहस्य से,आप कैसे अपने जीवन को तनाव मुक्त बना सकते ह (0 00:07:38)
Hindi Version: On International Yoga Day, Master Healer Dr.Naram shares powerful MarmaaYoga to transform your life from stress to bliss. Do share this video to as many as possible so this world ... [View]

Durante o CBLOL o Godox e o Tistocco batera um papo com vários YouTubers e streamers sobre o que acharam da final do Brasileiro de League of Legends em Floripa. Apresentadores do Fatality Gordox - ... [View]

A PONTE DO CAPETA! (0 00:07:38)
Não perca mais nenhum vídeo! CAMISETAS DO CANAL! O seu like e favorito ajudam na avaliação do vídeo e o seu comentário é sempre bem vindo ... [View]

TTS MOBILE LEGENDS ORRY SPOT PART 6 akan diadakan nanti jam 3 siang Hai para ML'ers.. bertemu lagi di channel orry spot. di video kali ini kita akan membahas skin season di mobile legends,, setelah ... [View]

Build a Rogallo Wing, Rocket boosted glider part 4 (0 00:07:38)
This video shows the construction sequence for making a Rogallo wing glider that is boosted into the sky by a model rocket. They are often called flexie gliders because the wing is flexible and can ... [View]

UBRocketry Fall 2010 Launch #1 (0 00:07:39)
Our first rocket launch of the semester, launching smaller rockets near campus. [View]

Seaborgium Chemistry - Periodic Table of Videos (0 00:07:39)
Scientists create Seaborgium hexacarbonyl from the short-lived element. More on Seaborgium: More on heavy elements: The paper referenced in ... [View]

2009 Jul 15: Shuttle Launch STS-127 (Endeavor) -- Starboard SRB (0 00:07:39)
RocketCam view onboard starboard (right) Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster RocketCam looking aft during Endeavor launch. This goes from liftoff to SRB splashdown. No audio. (Courtesy NASA and Spaceflight ... [View]

FIRING 1000 ROCKETS AT 1000 ROCKETS (0 00:07:39)
War of the firework........but what will it look like. I've Hit 8Mill now so check that launch out here Check out the other milestone Firework madness here 1M - ... [View]

Helicopter Model Rockets (0 00:07:40)
This video gives you an introduction to the fascinating world of helicopter-recovery rockets. There are many different types of helicopters, and I'll show you a few of the different ones that I've ... [View]

Full Tilt (model rockets) (0 00:07:40)
H.A.R.T. (Hornchurch Airfield Rocket Team) in operation flying rockets. We were interviewed on the radio at a kite event we attended. Including a 5-stage rocket, an RC copter gunship, the club in ... [View]

110 film | Wikipedia audio article (0 00:07:40)
This is an audio version of the Wikipedia Article: 110 film Listening is a more natural way of learning, when compared to reading. Written language only began at around 3200 BC, but spoken ... [View]

Quick and easy rail launch pad for mid-power/gliders (0 00:07:40)
Quick and easy rail launch pad for mid-power/gliders, this is what I use to launch my gliders at my RC club or when not at a launch with pads/rails available. Parts available from home depot, ... [View]

2019 Fall Rocket Launches (0 00:07:40)
This video highlights STEM class students amazing work. Students were to research, design, engineer, and test a rocket that launches straight up, goes the highest, and stays in the air the longest ... [View]

Building a Better (aka Faster) Rocket Boat (0 00:07:41)
I made a fast non-rc rocket boat to launch across a lake! This boat is built for sugar rockets and features an airfoil (wing), rudder, and sweet engine tube. Subscribe and check back for the test ... [View]

Plaster Blaster 2009 - Level 3 and Level 2 cert flight (0 00:07:41)
Bill Crabb goes for his Level 3 Certification with a 10" Polecat Thumper on an M 1315-white lightning motor. The rocket achieved a maximum altitude of 4400 feet and came down perfectly. Rocio Crabb ... [View]

Test 7 igniters at once + Stock Estes Rocket Igniter vs Sonic Pro Series & Firing battery size. (0 00:07:41)
*While getting ready for the big launch with a surprise payload on a rocket from Bud, I wanted to make sure I used the proper igniters and that they would work. The Sonic Pro igniters are easy to ... [View]

Mounting a video camera to your rocket (0 00:07:41) - This video explains how to attach a key-chain video camera to the side of your model rocket. We recommend a camera hood to smooth the airflow around the camera to keep ... [View]

Homemade rocket w/ D engine cluster - build, launch, and crash (0 00:07:42) Building and launching my built-from-scratch, homemade model rocket. This rocket was powered by a cluster of three size D engines from Estes. In-flight footage taken by an ... [View]

The Randomizer Rocket Launch Pad, Project #71 Preview (0 00:07:42)
Our last project was an awesome collaboration with Grant Thompson "The King Of Random", the Randomizer Rocket. This project is an easy to build launch pad for the Randomizer, but can also be used for ... [View]

Making an Estes Alpha 3 Rocket (0 00:07:42)
This is a video designed to show Cubs and Den leaders how to make their Estes Alpha 3 rockets -but if anyone else finds it useful then 'happy days!' Just noticed a slight glitch, the mylar ring goes ... [View]

Balade Dirt YCF avec Sephi en forêt / Chute (0 00:07:42)
Balade en Dirt 150 Bigy MX de chez YCF avec Sephi pour la découverte de chemins en foret ! N'hésitez pas à donner votre avis :-) Bonne vidéo ! Voir la chaine de Sephi : ... [View]

Estes Patriarch Model Rocket - Part 1 (0 00:07:42)
The estes patriarch model rocket - straight out of the box! A demonstration video for assembling the rocket for its maiden voyage. Part 1 focuses on the assembly. Later in part 2, we will attempt ... [View]

Model Rocket Telemetry (0 00:07:43)
Demonstration of the use of an Arduino-compatible JeeNode micro-processor to log and transmit acceleration and pressure data from a model rocket flight. The transmitter weighs only 50 grams with 2 x ... [View]

Explaining The Amazing Rocket Trail Over LA (0 00:07:43)
Rocket watchers knew the Falcon 9 launch carrying Iridium 4 was going to be spectacular because the launch window was just after sunset. However it caught much of the general public by surprise and ... [View]

TARC Qualifying and Various Rocket Launches (0 00:07:43)
This is a summary of many rocket launches for the Team America Rocket Challenge as well as various other types. Saturday March 27, 2010. The Plains, Virginia [View]

Aero-TV: Penn Manor High School - TARC 2010 National Champion (0 00:07:43)
The US Champs Have Become The World's Champs! One of the most rewarding events ANN and Aero-TV have participated in over the last year was AIA's extraordinary Team America Rocketry Challenge. Fun, ... [View]

Tripoli Minnesota 10/11/08 - Club Launch Day (0 00:07:43)
Tripoli Minnesota Club Launch day in October. [View]

AeroTech M2400 Instructional Video (0 00:07:43)
Gary Rosenfield demonstrates how to assemble an AeroTech M2400 Blue Thunder rocket motor. [View]

Winter Ice Rockets (0 00:07:43)
December launches while my buddy is in town. Spin stabilised tube launched two engine cluster rocket and the flying clarinet - "rockinet". [View]

ROCstock 38 Official Trailer HD (0 00:07:44)
ROCstock 38 held Nov. 8-9 at Lucerne Dry Lakebed. Click on the gear at the bottom of your youtube viewer and select 1080 HD for best viewing. [View]

COMO TIRAR FOTO DAS ESTRELAS COM CELULAR | astrofotografia mobile (0 00:07:44)
Um dos estilos fotográficos mais difíceis de serem feitos, é a astrofotografia. Nesse vídeo, vou te mostrar como que você pode iniciar ainda hoje na astrofotografia com seu celular. Te mostrando ... [View]

High Power Rocket flown in Ca. (0 00:07:44)
This is an L3 cert. flight of Zoid. It was flown at Dairy Aire '06. [View]

Level Two Certification Launch (0 00:07:44)
Launch of my LOC/Precision Vulcanite H76 named "Flying Colors" on my successful TRA Level 2 certification flight on 10/30/2010. Launched on a Cesaroni 38mm 658J357BS-17A. [View]

TeleMetrum: GPS Tracking for High Power Rockets Part 3 of 3 (0 00:07:44)
The GPS payload for high power rockets, the TeleMetrum, transmits a lot of data back down to the ground. What can you do with it? For one thing, you can export out a KML file that can be opened in ... [View]

Two Gay Matts React to Beyonce's SURPRISE ALBUM!! (0 00:07:45)
Beyonce just dropped an album with no warning. Matt Palmer went nuts. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER! Matt Palmer: Matt Steele: Both of Us: ... [View]

Add Surface Texture To Your Model Rockets (0 00:07:45)
One easy way to make your model rocket stand out on the launch pad, in a crowd of other rockets, is to add some surface texture to it. In this video, you'll see a couple of quick and inexpensive ... [View]

2016 April TCC Club Rocket Launch - David and John Robb's Rocket Launches (0 00:07:45)
Perfect spring weather for a launch in Central California, warn, sunny clear, and slight breeze. Clover up to our knees but not damp. Three flights this launch... SAAB-98, Widman Dual Deploy, and ... [View]

NASA Selects Quadcopter Dragonfly to Go to TITAN! (0 00:07:46)
Space Fan News is Sponsored by OPT Telescopes and Patreon Patrons: In this episode, we are going to Titan! Yesterday NASA announced a new mission, called Dragonfly, a mission ... [View]

Doomsday @ Dowerin 08 Part C (0 00:07:46)
Doomsday @ Dowerin 08 Part C - Perth Advanced Rocketry Club InC [View]

High Power Rocket Certification Flight (0 00:07:47)
Level 2 certification with a Public Enemy "Extreme Performer" on an Aerotech J350W. It reached 3049' and then landed in a tall tree, which I climbed. [View]

2016-04-03 GRITS Launch (0 00:07:47)
Aerial and slow-motion video of the 2016 GRITS launch in Southern Georgia. [View]

Multiple Model Rocket Launches - E Engine Mean Machine (0 00:07:47)
We spent some time down on the Curry Farm and launched several rockets. We lost a Mean Machine to a tree and launched a couple at the same time. We got most of our rockets back, so it was a good ... [View]

RC Plane Missile Experiment (0 00:07:47)
DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME! This experiment was carried out in the UK after consultation with the British Model Flyers Association. The Aircraft was not in flight during the experiment. Putting model ... [View]