L3 or Shred - Sam's NAR L3 Certification Attempt

Flight of Sam's Gizmo XL on a CTI M2250 and the resulting CATO (catastrophic motor failure). The motor failed due to a weak liner which caused the aft (nozzle) end of the casing to burn through. The casing and motor are being replaced by Cesaroni under warranty. Needless to say, Sam is still an L2 for now. This occurred at the LUNAR Snow Ranch launch on March 3, 2012. Safety procedures all worked, no one was hurt, and the only damage was to the motor and the rocket. The video and photos were taken by the rocket's creator as well as as some of the launch spectators.

 Rocketry Club: Livermore Unit of the NAR

Author sfineberg
Duration 06:07
Rating Best

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