Steve Eve 1:10 scale Saturn V

This is raw video of the successful launch of Steve Eve's 1:10 scale model Saturn V rocket setting a world record for the largest flying scale model rocket. --- Stop complaining that the video did not follow the ascent. There are plenty of other cameras and videos that did. This camera was locked on the launch pad and was able to get some good data such as the oscillations of the tower. Even NASA has numerous fixed cameras that are aimed at the launch pad/tower and other support structures that don't pan so give it a break and stop complaining for the sake of complaining. Any such additional comments will be removed. --- During launch this camera (Canon S3 IS) was on a tripod focused on the launch pad. After ascent it was removed from the tripod and was hand-held to pan and track the descent/recovery of the rocket. ]

 Rocketry Club: Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association

Author Marauder1024
Duration 04:05
Rating Best

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