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2018-06-24 - Apogee Mini Condor Boost Glider Build, Part 4, Marking The Underside

The wings and tail pieces are pretty plain. The wings are chunky rectangles, the tail pieces are also squared off. I decided to round things off hoping for a lighter model with less drag. The pieces are shown here trimmed. Underneath the balsa is a tracing showing how much wood was removed. The span of the pieces is still the same, things have just been tapered and rounded off. I wanted to color ... [Read More]

2018-06-24 - NARAM Memories, Transporting Rockets - Old School!

In 1975 I was on the way to NARAM 17, getting on a connecting flight from Atlanta to Orlando. Across from me was a guy sitting with a cardboard box with body tubes sticking out of it. I asked: "Are you going to NARAM?" His response: "How'd you guess?" That was the infamous Bob Bruce. Under the seat in front of me was the same range box I use today. Smaller rockets were in there along with plenty ... [Read More]

2018-06-23 - Apogee Mini Condor Boost Glider Build, Part 3, Pylon Fit

The 1/16" overhang of the white plastic pylon overhang was sanded even with the front angle of the hook plates. That left a flat front and high drag. The hook plates and fuselage front were rounded. The front of the pylon was also re-rounded. The resin pylon is almost 3/16" thick. The instructions don't mention doing this, but I sanded a curve into the bottom to better fit and better adhesion to ... [Read More]

2018-06-23 - Quest Q-Jet Fit and Comparison, Part 2

The Estes A8-3 engine weighs .60 oz. The Quest A3-4 engine weighs a bit more at .63 oz. Even without the paper label wrap, the fit was tight. On the left is the engine in the Dragon Ship 7 engine mount. The engine stops about 1/2" out where there is a slight compression swelling. The fit was also too tight in a F-104 Starfighter. I didn't want to force it and risk crimping the engine mount tube. ... [Read More]

2018-06-22 - Apogee Mini Condor Boost Glider Build, Part 2, Fuselage Front Hook

This is a dry fit showing how the hook pieces are glued to the side of the fuselage boom front. The plastic pylon piece was slipped onto the fuselage to check the position before gluing. With the hook plates even with the front of the fuselage, the pylon piece overhangs the front by less than 1/16". The hook pieces were glued onto the sides of the fuselage using the pylon piece to help with ... [Read More]