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2019-03-24 - Custom SLV Build #10044, Part 9, White Undercoat & Sanding

TIP: I'll usually paint a model with the nose cone slightly pulled out, maybe 1/16". This gets a bit of paint inside the shoulder. When the model is on the launcher sometimes the nose cone isn't fully seated in the tube. If you take a picture before the flight you won't see the unpainted shoulder. In this kit, the nose cone is black plastic. Here's the model after the first white undercoat has ... [Read More]

2019-03-23 - Custom SLV Build #10044, Part 8, Fin & Launch Lug Gluing

The instructions say to glue on the dowels centered over the tube joint. They are painted black afterwards with a small brush. The dowels would be hard to paint black after gluing in place. I set them down on a strip of masking tape and hit them with a coat of filler/primer. The backs won't get any paint so they can be glued to the tube later. After sanding the dowels were stuck down again and ... [Read More]

2019-03-23 - Custom SLV Build #10044, Part 7, Dowel Trim

Two dowels are provided for trim. Short lengths go over the joint between the two body tubes. Sand the dowels smooth with 400 grit before cutting them to length. Both dowels are cut to 1 1/2" lengths, four lengths from each 6" dowel. GOTCHA: I checked the length and found the dowels were just short of the 6" length needed. I wanted all eight dowels to be the same length so I cut them all a ... [Read More]

2019-03-22 - Custom SLV Build #10044, Part 6, Upper Shroud & Tube Gluing

On the left I'm rolling off the inside burrs so the ring will slide over the BT-20 a little easier. On the right are both 20/50 rings stacked and glued even with the top of the second upper BT-20 tube. The instructions say to apply a ring of glue 3/4" from the bottom of the lower ring. A dry fit showed the glue line should go a little below that. Dry fit the shroud and trace the low edge with a ... [Read More]

2019-03-21 - Custom SLV Build #10044, Part 5, Lower Shroud Assembly

Looking ahead in the instructions - The two remaining 20/60 rings are glued together. These will support the base of the card stock shroud. TIP: Plan ahead - Be sure you have a good fit over the BT-20 tube before gluing the rings inside the shroud base. You wouldn't want to have any problems trying to force a tight fitting ring over the BT-20 with the flexible shroud on top. The ring is lightly ... [Read More]


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