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2018-12-14 - Semroc Saturn 1B, Build, OOP #KS-1, Part 44, Capsule Details

You knew I'd get back to the capsule and tower sooner or later - The instructions have you use the tower assembly jig to mark the capsule top for the tower leg ends. If you use the assembly jig, punch out the center hole. The tabs should be trimmed and the open circle lightly sanded so you don't scar up the balsa. The instructions say to use a scrap dowel to make indentations at the tower leg ... [Read More]

2018-12-14 - Estes Mini Mean Machine Coming Soon -

This seems to be Estes' month for re-issue rockets. A mini engine Mini Mean Machine is coming soon. Here's the link: CLICK HERE Where's the nose cone in that parts picture? This one reflects the new blue and white decor of the large version. On YORF, TBZEP said it best: " Looks like the original Mini Mean Machine had an affair with Blue Bird Zero." The Mini Mean Machine is BT-20 based and 39" ... [Read More]

2018-12-13 - Semroc Saturn 1B, Build, OOP #KS-1, Part 43, Service Module Paint Pattern

One great thing about modeling the Apollo 7, SA-205 rocket is the detail on the Service Module. The detail wrap can be cut from aluminum Trim Monokote and wrapped around the tube. Here's the drawing from page 284 of Peter Alway's Rockets of the World. It was enlarged to fit the circumference of the BT-70 and re-drawn. Here's a test wrap, a simple print onto 20 lb. paper. It's a great fit with a ... [Read More]

2018-12-13 - John Boren's Fin Jig

John Boren posted on the NAR Facebook page: Estes Satellite Interceptor Build "I've been cleaning up my shop this past month or so getting it ready for my big winter builds and I ran across a CD containing these images and text I wrote some time ago for a build thread I did. Way back when for NARAM 52 I built a bunch of the same models to give away. As it happened only two were completed with ... [Read More]

2018-12-12 - FlisKits News -

Jim Flis posted on Facebook - "Well, papers have been signed, so I can proudly announce that FlisKits has a new home! The materials, inventory, trademarks and all kit documentation/designs ar e being acquired by Ray DiPoala and Eric Henderson! I am thrilled to know our product line will continue and will do my best in the coming months and years to help Ray and Eric get the most out of their ... [Read More]