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2018-09-26 - Quest Striker AGM Build, Part 8, Gray Paint and Nose Cone Changes

On the left is the Winter Gray I used on the Dragon Ship 7 build. It turned out to be too dark. I did find a lighter gray, the Rusto 2X Stone Gray. It's a satin finish, I might hit the model with a gloss clear coat so the decals will stick. The gray color shown on the face card looks to be a medium gray. I've decided to go with the Enertek Astra 2000 decor, the design that inspired the Quest ... [Read More]

2018-09-25 - Quest Striker AGM Build, Part 7, Fin Gluing

The body tubes and fins got a shot of filler/primer and smooth sanding. The root edge gluing areas were scraped with an old X-Acto blade for best adhesion. The troughs in the tail cone were also scraped to remove the filler/primer. The question was asked earlier - How do you glue balsa fins onto a plastic tail cone? On the left - the area that makes contact with the tail cone was marked with ... [Read More]

2018-09-24 - Quest Striker AGM Build, Part 6, Rounding The Fins Leading Edges

The fins are two piece assemblies. The forward strake hasn't been glued on yet. The instructions don't mention rounding the fin edges, I didn't on the previous build. This time around I decided to round all the outside fin edges. On the left is the forward strake and main fin with all edges square. To round all the edges you have to do a little extra work for a smooth round transition on the ... [Read More]

2018-09-23 - Quest Striker AGM Build, Part 5, Fin Fitting

Every time my old Striker touched down, a fin would crack off the plastic tail cone. What glue will adhere to a balsa and plastic joint? For the strongest root edge joint, the fit has got to be tight. On this fin there are three different root edge angles that have to make contact. The other problem is, there are four evenly spaced "troughs" in the plastic boat tail used for fin positioning. ... [Read More]

2018-09-23 - How Many Tube Seams?

Estes has the Explorer Aquarius now listed in the "What's New" page on their site: CLICK HERE There are NINETEEN (count 'em - 19) external tubes on this one. That's 19 tube seams to fill! You don't have to fill the seams, but knowing me . . . This time around you have the option of the E12 engine. I would think it's a bit draggy for a D. It's got that interesting "mushroom" shaped nose cone. ... [Read More]