Cobra helicopters, night time maneouvre
Night vision shots 1. Close up Armoured Brigade scout guiding missiles (using night scope equipment) 2. Close shot night scope monitor showing simulated 'enemy' positions 3. Wide shop US army armoured vehicles lined up in desert 4. Wide shot of explosions - destruction of the simulated 'enemy lines' 5. Various shots of armoured bulldozer breaking through simulated first lines of enemy defence 6. SOUNDBITE (English) Lt. Col. Ed Jackson, Commander of 54th Engineering Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division: "Everything we do has to be properly synchronised; the fires that are going to destroy any type of enemy positions - we obviously can't do this if we are under the direct fire, we can but we obviously don't want to, so we have to synchronise the effort that we do here with the efforts of the folks who are using the direct fire engagements to kill the enemy positions to allow us to do this much more quickly and without taking any needless casualties." 7. Various of armoured vehicle carrying Bailey (temporary) bridge advancing through the first line of simulated border defence 8. Various of Bailey bridge being deployed 9. Wide shot of tanks and armoured vehicles driving over the bridge Day shots 10. Wide shot Cobra helicopter (US Marines) flying over desert 11. Various of Cobra helicopters firing live ammunitions 12. Mid shot army scout on the ground guiding the helicopters 13. Various of Cobra helicopters in action STORYLINE: While politicians wrangle over the diplomatic crisis in Iraq, US troops in Kuwait are making final preparations for potential action against Iraq. Soldiers in battalions of the 3rd US Army Infantry Division carried out exercises early on Friday designed to break through the first lines of enemy defence. Supported by artillery fire, armoured engineering units were deployed to allow an armoured column to pass through the simulated enemy barriers, or brims as they are known. The desert border between Kuwait and Iraq consists of half a dozen lines of trenches and simulated fences and brims. US Marine Cobra helicopters were engaged on a training exercise later in the day, firing live ammunition near the Iraqi border. This is one of the few exercises where the US marines and army work together on the ground. You can license this story through AP Archive: Find out more about AP Archive:

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