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Estes - Comanche-3 {Kit} (1382) [1982-2012]


Decals: Waterslide
Diameter: 0.9800 inches
Fin Material: Balsa
Length: 41.0000 inches
Manufacturer: Estes
Model: 1382
Product Type: Kit
Production Years: 1982-2012
Recommended Motors: D12-0/C6-0/C6-7, A8-3, B4-4, B6-4, C6-5, D12-0/C6-0/B6-6
Recovery: Streamer
Skill Level: 2
Status: Out-Of-Production
Style: Multi-Stage


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Recommended Motors: A8-3, B4-4, B6-4, C6-5, D12-0/C6-0/B6-6, D12-0/C6-0/C6-7

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Flight Log

DateRocket NameMotor(s)AltitudeNotes
1988-03-31Matt Mathew's Estes Comanche-3C11-7500 feet nosedove and stuck 3 inches into the ground
1989-12-27Nicholas Rocketboy's Estes Comanche-3C11-0/C6-0/C6-3- First engine started failed to ignite C6-0 LOUD! WISTLE! followed by a crunch cone pushed hrough ...
1990-05-01March Briner's Estes Comanche-3D12-0/C6-0/C6-7- By the time the 3rd stage lit, I couldn't see it anymore. Never saw it eject, never saw it come ...
1999-08-21Dave Hanson's Estes Comanche-3B6-0/B6-6- Perfect staging. Broke three fins on landing
1999-09-18Dick Stafford's Estes Comanche-3D12-0/C6-0/C6-7- 1st & 2nd stages went, sustainer didn't ignite, amazingly the sustainer hit parallel to the ground ...
2000-01-08Dan Priven's Estes Comanche-3A8-3- Flight was low and generally unimpressive. Still, for 2. 5 N-s on a rocket with a 36 N-s capacity. ...
2000-01-08Dan Priven's Estes Comanche-3B6-0/B6-6- It flew into a low cloud - much higher than expected. Ascent was fast. Descent with the streamers ...
2000-01-15Dan Priven's Estes Comanche-3B6-0/B6-6- Beautiful flight - straight as an arrow. Descent is fast and a fin was popped, even though it ...
2000-02-13Jeff Fellman's Estes Comanche-3A8-3- Due to high winds 20+ mph only launch upper stageCame down tail end first and broke fin. Will try ...
2000-03-04Dan Priven's Estes Comanche-3C6-0/B6-6- Bizarre winds. The sustainer blew to the east, the booster to the south-east. Luckily, some ...
2000-03-11Dan Priven's Estes Comanche-3C6-7- The engine was too tight be budged - it stuck out an extra inch, and wouldn't go in or out. After ...
2000-03-11Dan Priven's Estes Comanche-3D12-0/A8-5- I used a 1991 A8-5. Worked like a charm. Typically rock-like descent, but rain-softened grass and ...
2000-03-11Dan Priven's Estes Comanche-3D12-0/C6-0/C6-7- I didn't affix the first two stages together tightly enough. 2nd stage didn't light. Prang, total ...
2000-05-05Casey Smith's Estes Comanche-3D12-0/C6-0/C6-7- GREAT FLIGHT!!All engines lit for the first time. This kit went out of sight, It did not drift too ...
2000-05-12Casey Smith's Estes Comanche-3D12-0/C6-0/C6-7- Great boost, long arc over, never lit the top 2 stages. Disappeared behind a clump of trees never ...
2000-06-10Brian Mardirosian's Estes Comanche-3B14-0/C6-7- What a combo! That B14-0 is a great booster motor! Moves out quick, and staging was about 40' ...
2000-08-12Dick Stafford's Estes Comanche-3C6-0/C6-7- flew in 2 stage configuration
2000-08-26David Virga's Estes Comanche-3C6-0/C6-7- Last year, finally built the kit I bought 15yrs ago. . . 4 previous single stage flights; this was ...
2000-09-09Dick Stafford's Estes Comanche-3D12-0/C6-0/C6-7- never to be seen again
2001-03-24Donald Besaw's Estes Comanche-3B6-0/A8-3- Flawless staging. Fast descent on dual streamers, broke fin on landing. Repaired.
2001-03-25Ed Scientist's Estes Comanche-3B4-4- Awesome hight. One of the fins broke off and the yellow streamer tore at the bottom.
2001-03-31Ed Scientist's Estes Comanche-3B6-4- Awesome ready for 2 stages. Added longer shock cord but still hit the ground hard enough to break ...
2001-04-01Ed Scientist's Estes Comanche-3C6-5- Lost another fin and had bottom of third stage mashed in. Gold streamer has more tears. Red ...
2001-04-08Ed Scientist's Estes Comanche-3A8-3- Perfect flight as usual. Thinking about a parachute for single staged launches. A fin broke off as ...
2001-04-29Ed Scientist's Estes Comanche-3B6-4- Straight up despite the previous fin repaires. Hit the ground perty darn hard after my homemade ...
2001-05-19Ed Scientist's Estes Comanche-3B6-4- Estes chute slowed it down enough not too break a fin.
2001-06-24Gary Meakin's Estes Comanche-3B6-6- Perfect boost. Cracking of fin root even with a small parachute.
2001-07-04David Fergus's Estes Comanche-3B6-6- maiden flight of sustainer only, good flight
2001-07-07David Fergus's Estes Comanche-3B6-0- two stage flight, 2nd stage failed to light, arrowed in for good damage.
2001-07-22Ed Scientist's Estes Comanche-3C6-0/A8-3- Awesome straight all the way no damage. First two stage flight.
2001-07-22Ed Scientist's Estes Comanche-3C6-0/C6-7- Great boost looked like the engine pulled out at seperation. lawn darted tearing the body tube.
2001-08-05Ed Scientist's Estes Comanche-3D12-0/C6-0/C6-7- Awesome. Slight arc when second stage ingnited. The rocket went out of sight and was not ...
2001-09-02Gary Meakin's Estes Comanche-3C6-7- Good flight on single stage. Still broke a fin on landing even with a parachute.
2001-11-11Gary Meakin's Estes Comanche-3D12-0/C6-0/C6-7- Didn't ignite 2nd stage and even used quickmatch between stages!
2002-05-14Jason Vennard's Estes Comanche-3B6-4- First flight, sustainer only. Good quick flight, dual streamers deployed with no problem. Fun to ...
2002-06-16Dean Cooper's Estes Comanche-3C6-3/B6-4- Perfect BOOSTER flight, things went downhill from there! Booster section was too tight a fit, but ...
2002-07-13Robert LeNeal's Estes Comanche-3D12-0/B6-0/B6-6- Completely destroyed-1st stage shredded at separation, 2nd stage shredded during boost, and 3rd ...
2002-12-20Jim Bob's Estes Comanche-3C6-7- -The C6-0 Really got it started then when the C6-7 ignited it pushed the motor mount all the way ...
2003-03-09Will Borkowski's Estes Comanche-3C5-6- Beautiful single stage straight flight up, ejection right at apogee, long recovery walk c ...
2003-03-09Will Borkowski's Estes Comanche-3C6-5- Sweet flight up, perfect ejection at apogee, short recovery walk.
2003-04-27Donald Besaw's Estes Comanche-3D12-0/B6-0/A8-5- My first 3 stage flight. All 3 stages lit perfectly, got up around 1,200-1,500 feet. Sustainer ...
2003-11-30Jason Reeder's Estes Comanche-3C6-3- First flight, first stage only....Heavy winds...nice flight....very high.....landed a 1/4 mile ...
2004-03-13James Reyome's Estes Comanche-3D12-0/C6-0/C6-7- Holy expletives deleted, Batman! Three good stages, perfect flight, all pieces recovered but the ...
2004-05-08Michael+and+Micah Cox's Estes Comanche-3B4-2- My larger mylar streamer came off (oops - not enough wadding I guess). Still, it was my son's ...
2004-05-08D Lehtola's Estes Comanche-3D12/C6/C6-7- Flew nice and straight, estmatedt 2600', only 3-stage at club launch and got many ooos
2004-05-15Michael+and+Micah Cox's Estes Comanche-3B4-2- Quite a bit higher than last B4-2 flight (delay variance I suppose). Used 12 inch parachute. Nice ...
2004-05-15Michael+and+Micah Cox's Estes Comanche-3B6-0/B6-6- Booster motor kicked out but stage failed to separate - major burn damage to booster. Descent rate ...
2004-09-25Andrew Grippo's Estes Comanche-3B6-4- Single stage only on it's maiden flight. Used the two stock streamers at deployment and recovered ...
2005-02-01Paul Bigas's Estes Comanche-32xD12-3- The second stage did not ignite. She arced over and came in fast.
2005-02-05Aaron Stanley's Estes Comanche-3B6-0/C6-5- When the B6-0 lit the C6-5 something went wrong and the rocket completely catod. I was able to ...
2005-03-19Peter Reed's Estes Comanche-3D12-0/C6-0/C6-7- this went waaaaaaayyy high, too high to see much of anything but, it was kewl to see each stage ...
2005-03-19Peter Reed's Estes Comanche-3D12-0/C6-7- even on only 2 stages it still went waaayy high, this time all I have left is the 1st stage minus ...
2005-05-07Aaron Stanley's Estes Comanche-3D12-0/C6-0/C6-7- Perfect flight except for I lost the middle booster.
2005-05-07Aaron Stanely's Estes Comanche-3C6-7- It was a perfect flight to about 900 feet.
2005-05-07Aaron Stanely's Estes Comanche-3D12-0/C6-0/C6-7- The boost was perfect all three stages lit perfect. But I lost the middle booster.
2005-06-25Linux203's Estes Comanche-3D12-0/C6-0/C6-7- Out of sight flight. Rocket descended extremely fast. Spotted at 100' prior to landing. Both ...
2005-07-23Linux203's Estes Comanche-3D12-0/C6-0/C6-7- Amazingly high flight, out of sight. Weathercocked terribly, but recovered 750 feet from launch
2005-08-13Daniel Griswold's Estes Comanche-3D12-0/C6-0/C6-7- Straight as an arrow. 1st stage landed 10' from the pad. 2nd stage 120' from pad. Sustainer landed ...
2005-08-13Daniel Griswold's Estes Comanche-3D12-0/C6-0/C6-7- weathercocked slightly. Broke 1 fin in 2nd stage. Broke 1 fin in sustainer. Simple glue repair.
2005-08-13Roy Lappalainen's Estes Comanche-3D12/C6/C6-7- Stupid rocketeer trick. Put a D12-5 in the booster by accident. Second stage did not light. ...
2005-09-11Daniel Griswold's Estes Comanche-3D12-O/C6-0/C6-7- Recovered all three pieces. Weathercocked slightly into the wind.
2005-10-15Aaron Stanley's Estes Comanche-3C5-7- Perfect boost with a slight weather cock. The ejection was a little bit late but got to love those ...
2005-10-15Aaron Stanley's Estes Comanche-3C6-5- Anothe great flight this time had a glow stick taped onto the side of the rocket but still land ...
2005-12-23Jason Lenentine's Estes Comanche-3C11-0/C6-0/B6-6- Fantastic flight. Recovered all three pieces. Booster landed 15 feet from pad. 3rd stage about 100 ...
2006-02-07Tim Tyler's Estes Comanche-3D12-0/C6-0/C6-7- First staged rocket, perfect first staged flight. Staged higher than expected, did not see either ...
2006-03-17Jeff Hollenbeck's Estes Comanche-3D12-0/C6-0/C6-5- 1st stage boosted properly but motor ejected, no separation at 2nd stage ignition. Charred 1st ...
2006-06-24Jason Lenentine's Estes Comanche-3C11-0/C6-0/B6-6- Another great flight. Recovered all three pieces.
2006-09-16Aaron Stanley's Estes Comanche-3C6-7- I didn't have any C6-5's so I went with a C6-7 and the flight went great.
2006-09-24Edward Chess's Estes - Comanche-3B4-4- Flown Single Staged
2006-11-03Matt Gillard's Estes Comanche-3A8-3- straight boost, landed close on a 12 inch parachute - dusk launch.
2007-01-28Jesse Neufeld's Estes Comanche-3B6-6- 3rd Stage stability test flight. Straight as an arrow, but a fast decent with just streamers
2007-01-28Jesse Neufeld's Estes Comanche-3D12-0/C6-0/C6-7- First multi stage flight. Came down pretty fast onto ice, broke two fins on impact.
2007-04-28Andrew Grippo's Estes Comanche-3C6-0/B6-6- Good flight, good motor / delay combo. Rocket retrieved from on top of theater. damage to fin, ...
2007-06-16Matt Gillard's Estes Comanche-3B6-0/A8-3- clean separation of booster stage, lower unit hit my car - won't be telling the wife- had a 8 inch ...
2007-07-01Chan Stevens's Estes Comanche-3D12-0/B6-0/A8-3- Typical Comanche effect--sep'd stages before lighting 2nd stage, lawn dart, total loss.
2007-07-05Peter Richardson's Estes Comanche-3D12/B6-0/C6-7- Spectacular flight on a clear day with some wind. Had to aim rocket into wind. Landed nearby after ...
2007-07-14Tim DaKiNg's Estes Comanche-3C6-0/C6-7- Awsome flight. Flew in 2 stage configuration. Searched stage for 2h in a corn field.
2007-07-15Ed Giugliano's Estes Comanche-3B6-0/B6-6- Nice two stage flight for a windy day. Landed hard, the wind dragged it over the ground and two ...
2007-07-17Frederik Doll's Estes Comanche-3D12-0/C6-0/C6-7- Great Flight but burned the first and second stage. only found 2 fins of the first stage. FREAKING ...
2007-07-21Ed Giugliano's Estes Comanche-3D12-0/B6-6- Second time this has happened - staging failure on a D12. No successful D12 flights so far! Model ...
2007-08-25Ray King's Estes Comanche-3D12-0/C6-0/C6-7- Did not stage at 2nd stage - Lawn Darted = Nose cone so deep I could not remove it.
2008-05-04Jason Orosco's Estes Comanche-3B6-0/A8-5- Great flight snapped one fin off on landing. Can be repaired.
2008-10-12Edward Chess's Estes - Comanche-3C6-0/B6-6- Excellent boost, clean staging. Recovered on streamers, and even found the booster!
2009-02-21David Sindel's Estes Comanche-3C6-0/A8-3- A nice flight. Nose cone separated but was found.
2009-04-09John Bishop's Estes Comanche-3C6-0/C6-3- Despite nose cone sticking, nice 2 stage flight. Came in ballistic and hit pavement- no damage to ...
2009-04-17Jason Orosco's Estes Comanche-3B6-0/A8-3- Good flight,
2009-04-17Jason Orosco's Estes Comanche-3B6-0/A8-3- Nice flight.
2009-08-01Dave Goodwin's Estes Comanche-3C6-0/C6-5- First staged flight - next time we go for 3!
2009-08-22David Sindel's Estes Comanche-3D12-0/B6-0/A8-5- First sucessful 3 stage launch. Lost the 18mm booster in the high grass.
2009-11-21Monty Liu's Estes Comanche-33xE9-4425 feet Cato'd at take off how ever the explosion set off the thirs stage(first and second stage exploded ...
2009-12-19Dave Goodwin's Estes Comanche-3D12-0/C6-0/C6-7- Beautiful flight, all 3 engines staging perfectly. All stages recovered, just the ubiquitous ...
2010-06-12Tyler Runyon's Estes Comanche-3B6-2- Straight up, straight down. The streamers were stuck to BT.
2011-04-09Nelson Godden's Comanche 3A8-3100 feet
2011-10-02Dave B's Comanche 3C6-51000"+ Est feet Impressive launch. The nose cone and streamers failed to deploy at apogee which turned this rocket ...
2011-12-04Rich DeAngelis's Comanche 3B6-4233 feet Maiden voyage of this rocket. I loaded it up with a B6-4, then stuck the other two stages on as I ...
2011-12-10Chan Stevens's Estes Comanche-3D12-0/B6-0/A8-5-
2012-03-18 Rich DeAngelis's Comanche 3C6-5668 feet Test flight #2 for the 3-stage Comanche 3. This flight was also a single stage mission. After the ...
2012-04-27Justin Stotter's Comanche 3B6-4-
2012-04-29Justin Stotter's Comanche 3B6-0, B6-4-
2012-05-19Justin Stotter's Comanche 3B6-4- Testing new TTW fin design. Good flight with no damage.
2012-05-19Justin Stotter's Comanche 3B6, B4-4- First flight with two stages after upgrading to TTW fins. Separation was quite a bit higher than I ...
2012-06-07Justin Stotter's Comanche 3C6-0, A3-4T-
2012-06-10 Rich DeAngelis's Comanche 3C6-0/A8-3688 feet Continuing the test flying for this new rocket, it was now time to test 2-stage flying. The wind ...
2012-06-10 Rich DeAngelis's Comanche 3B6-0/A8-3389 feet The weather was perfect and there were many more test flights to do with this rocket. I decided ...
2012-06-10 Rich DeAngelis's Comanche 3B6-0/B6-6628 feet I loaded the Comanche 3 up for a third 2-stage test flight. Experimenting with low-power ...
2012-07-07Jason Sargent's Comamnche-3Estes B6-B6- 2 stage fight.
2012-07-08Justin Stotter's Comanche 3C6/B6-6-
2012-07-28Justin Stotter's Comanche 3C11/B6/A8-5-
2012-08-29Justin Stotter's Comanche 3D12/B6/B6-6- Accidentally loaded a D12 when I intended to load a C11 booster. Realized the mistake when it took ...
2012-09-04Justin Stotter's Comanche 3C11/B6/A3-4-
2013-03-02Mike Caplinger's Comanche 3D12-0/C6-0/C6-7- Full D-C-C load for first flight. All stages recovered with no damage; nice flight!
2013-05-19Justin Stotter's Comanche 3D12/B6/B6-6-
2013-06-19Justin Stotter's Comanche 3D12, C6, C6-7-
2014-01-12 Mike Caplinger's Comanche 3C6-0/A8-5- Nice flight; booster kicked motor; delay was a little long
2014-04-26Justin Stotter's Comanche 3C11/B6/B6-6-
2015-10-10Justin Stotter's Comanche 3D12, C6, B6-6-

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