CTI 518I165-17A - Time-Thrust Curve and Data

The 518I165-17A (I165) is a 51% I 54mm 1-grain reloadable composite motor from Cesaroni Technology Incorporated (CTI).

This motor uses an E-Match igniter.

This reload fits a Pro54-1G motor case.

CTI's C* propellant produces high performance and a bright flame. The propellant is identical to the formula used in the Space Shuttle's Solid Rocket Motor (SRM).

Average Thrust: 138.5067 N
Casing: Pro54-1G
Class: 51% I
Delays: 7,9,11,13,15,17 s seconds
Designation: 518I165-17A
Diameter: 54.0000 mm
Formula: C-Star
Igniter: E-Match
Length: 69.0000 mm
Letter: I
Manufacturer: CTI
Name: I165
Peak Thrust: 188.6330 N
Propellant: APCP
Thrust Duration: 3.5000 s
Total Impulse: 484.7734 Ns
Total Weight: 594.0000 g
Type: Reloadable

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