CTI 384I205-15A - Time-Thrust Curve and Data

The 384I205-15A (I205) is a 20% I 38mm 3-grain reloadable composite motor from Cesaroni Technology Incorporated (CTI).

This motor uses an E-Match igniter.

This reload fits a Pro38-3G motor case.

CTI's Classic propellant burns cleanly with a mild flame and little smoke.

Replaced by 382I170-14A.

Average Thrust: 203.9989 N
Casing: Pro38-3G
Class: 20% I
Delays: 5,7,9,11,14 s seconds
Designation: 384I205-15A
Diameter: 38.0000 mm
Formula: Classic
Igniter: E-Match
Length: 245.0000 mm
Letter: I
Manufacturer: CTI
Name: I205
Peak Thrust: 235.8000 N
Propellant: APCP
Thrust Duration: 1.8800 s
Total Impulse: 383.5180 Ns
Total Weight: 402.2000 g
Type: Reloadable

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