Flight Log - 2013-03-02 - Curt Hillier's Leviathan

Leviathan kit with custom flame paint job.  Rocket's nickname is "Baby Emma".  It's a great flyer, my first mid-power rocket.  It flies very straight.

Flight Date: 2013-03-02
Rocket Name: Leviathan
Kit Name: Estes - Leviathan {Kit} (9700) [2012-2017]
Flyer's Name: Curt Hillier
Motors: H90-7
Expected Altitude: 2,400.00 Feet
Certification Flight: Level 1
Wind Speed: 16.00 mph
Launch Site: Hutto

L1 Certification flight with "H" CTI motor.  Powerful flight to ~2400 ft.  On the recovery, 16mph sustained winds pushed it nearly 0.6 miles from the site (sucessfully recovered).  I was deemed a hardy soul for flying in 40 degree weather with 16 to 18 mph winds.

1CTI 164H90-12A-7


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