Flight Log - 2015-04-26 - Daniel Draney's Interceptor - Estes (1250)

Interceptor - Estes (1250)

Everyone kept asking for Estes to bring back the original Interceptor, so here is its clone. With modern design and production technology Estes has been able to improve upon the already amazing rocket design. The new Interceptor holds onto its original design that has made it one of the most popular intergalactic cruisers available. The design has remained the same, but the parts of been replaced with state-of-the-art pieces, so no rocketeer will be disappointed.

There are a number of upgrades to the original kit, including laser cut balsa fins, a highly detailed, blow molded nose cone, molded two piece wing pods, molded exhaust port and an accurately reproduced, waterslide decal set. All these upgrades make for an exceptional building and flying experience!



Standing over 2 feet tall, the latest version of the Interceptor is sure to amaze when it is launched with B and C sized rocket engines. If you decide to fly your rocket with C series engines this cruiser can reach 525 feet! Make sure to impress everyone at your next launch, pick up the Estes Interceptor

Flight Date: 2015-04-26
Rocket Name: Interceptor - Estes (1250)
Kit Name: Estes - Interceptor {Kit} (K-50)
Flyer's Name: Daniel Draney
Motors: B4-2
Launch Site: Savannah, TX

Low alt....stuck in tree...recovered safely

Broke 2 fins while in storage box.....repaired

1Estes B4-2


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