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Darkstar I211.avi (2010-01-12)
Jim Hendricksen launches his Darkstar on an I211! [View]
Flirtin with Disater onboard vid (2012-03-17)
My 4" Darkstar DD on a Aerotech K1275R.Two Entacore altimeters ,main chute deployed at 600' and backup at 550' Altimeter 1 data: speed 575mph,alt. 7009 Altimeter 2 data: speed 576mph,alt. 6965 ... [View]
level3 (2011-03-09)
My level 3 rocket! Thats and I hope you like the video. [View]
2013 March SARG Rocket Launch - David and John Robb's Rocket Launches (2013-03-17)
March 2013 SARG Launch. Lovely start of Spring in Northern California. Launching Wildman DarkStar 3 with on board video, Rocketry Warehouse G3 Color Edition, Binder Design JackHammer, and Madcow ... [View]
Chicago Rocket Mafia, Midwest Power 12. Princeton, Illinois. 11-01-2014 (2014-11-02)
Booster-vision video of my Madcow Frenzy XL flying on a CTI N 10,000 Vmax at Midwest Power 12 in Princeton Illinois. The rocket alongside mine was a 6" dia. Wildman Darkstar also flying on an N ... [View]
Red Glare 18 3 inch Darkstar CTI K454 skidmark (2016-04-10)
Wildman 3 inch Darkstar on a cti k454 Skidmark [View]
The Flash Rocket - Darkstar - 8630 feet (2016-09-11)
My Fastest and highest rocket flight so far!!! OMG! 8630 feet and right near or past the speed of sound!!! It took me about a year to build test and get the courage to do it. And It was Freaking ... [View]
The Hammer Rocket Launch - 6153 feet on a CTI K820 - onboard footage plus flight data (2016-03-13)
The second launch of My 54 mm Darkstar Rocket. The Hammer reached 6153 feet on a CTI K820 at 510 mph-. Video includes onboard footage and real time flight data. Enjoy and let me know if you have a ... [View]