Kits / Wildman / Darkstar
Chicago Rocket Mafia, Midwest Power 12. Princeton, Illinois. 11-01-2014

Booster-vision video of my Madcow Frenzy XL flying on a CTI N 10,000 Vmax at Midwest Power 12 in Princeton Illinois. The rocket alongside mine was a 6" dia. Wildman Darkstar also flying on an N 10,000. Team Enerjet consisting of Carl and, Mackenze Van Camp and, myself put on this show of two "Controlled Explosions." My rocket recorded a peak height of 12,125' by both the Perfectflite Stratologger and, Marsa 54L. Peak speed was 1582' per second on a 1.1 sec burn with a peak force of 50.75 g's off the pad. Special thanks to Team Enerjet, "Doctor Dave", Curtis Reynolds and, "The Dude" for making this happen! Enjoy...

 Rocketry Product: CTI - 10347N10000-P Reload for Pro98-6G {Motor}

Author gkpiepenburg
Duration 181 seconds

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