Flight Log - 2019-01-27 - David Wallace's Exoskell
Flight Date: 2019-01-27
Rocket Name: Exoskell
Kit Name: Estes - Exo-Skell {Kit} (2163)
Flyer's Name: David Wallace
Motors: c6-3
Expected Altitude: 130.00 Feet
Wind Speed: 15.00 mph
Launch Site: Dandenong Wetlands
Actual Altitude: 130.00 Feet

Brought out of a 10 year retirement.  Fluffed and re-packed the chutes, shoved in a C6-3 and pressed the big red button.  Weathercocked as usual so that both parts chuted down close by.  The alien pod landed neatly on its tripod.   Still my favourite rocket :-)

1Estes C6-3


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