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Scientific Explorer's Meteor Rocket Science Kit$23.99$13.7242.81%
Estes 220 Swift Model Rocket Kit$7.99$4.9937.55%
Estes 302244 3/16" Two-Piece Maxi Rod$18.29$11.5836.69%
Estes 1260 No. 2 Estes Sky Writer Kit$12.99$8.5134.49%
J-B Weld Steel Reinforced Epoxy$19.60$13.0433.47%
50 Model Rocket Projects for the Evil Genius (Book)$32.00$21.3033.44%
Handbook of Model Rocketry (Book)$22.95$15.4132.85%
Estes 302243 1/8 inches Two-pieces Launch Rod$7.99$5.5031.16%
Estes Wizard$12.99$8.9531.10%
Badger Air-Brush Company Minitaire Color Paint Set with Color Coat/Paint Retarder$271.40$187.3530.97%
Estes Xarconian Cruiser$27.99$19.9028.90%
Estes 302267 18 inches Parachute$7.99$5.8027.41%
Estes Tandem-X Launch Set$29.99$21.8627.11%
Estes 302241 Blast Deflector Plate$7.99$5.9325.78%
Estes Jetliner$13.99$10.4125.59%
Estes Der Red Max Model Rocket Kit$19.99$14.9825.06%
Estes Helio Copter Model Rocket Kit (Vintage)$19.00$8.9952.68%
Estes Executioner Model Rocket Kit$43.49$24.9942.54%

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