Edmonds Aerospace - Deltie Thunder Kit

CP Method: BEQ
CP Position From Rear: 12.50 inches
Manufacturer: Edmonds Aerospace
Product Type: Kit
Tags: Family:Edmonds Aerospace:Deltie
  • Edmonds Aerospace - Deltie Thunder {Kit} By Hank Helmen

    Brief: The Deltie Thunder is a single stage boost glider design. The glider is a triangle shape with a profile type fuselage that divides the triangle in the middle. The rocket booster hooks onto the glider at the nose of the glider and pulls it skyward. At ejection the booster separates and returns via parachute while the glider slowly circles back to earth Construction: The ...

  • Edmonds Aerospace - Deltie Thunder {Kit} By Neil Thompson

    Brief: This is a HUGE glider made by Edmonds Aerospace. It has a wingspan of 27 inches and the glider is 34 inches long. It has a 24mm pop pod, which is about 2 feet long, give or take an inch or two. Construction: It has one long 24mm tube for the pop pod, and 3 sheets of laser-cut balsa, which I am guessing is about 1/4 inch thick. Just as easy to build as the original Deltie, ...

  • Edmonds Aerospace - Deltie Thunder {Kit} By Ted H. Apke

    (by Ted H. Apke)  Well I was really hoping that my package from Edmonds would arrive in time for this weekends METRA launch. I was grumping about it on Saturday when my youngest son asked me what this box was sitting in the garage. I have no idea when it arrived or how it got there but it isn't the first time I've found mail sitting in some peculiar place!  Spouses <and> ...


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