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Rick Barnes's Der V-3

I recently built this cloned Der V-3, while bored one evening over the holidays.  I had all the parts on hand, and just needed to order the decals from Excelsior.  Its ready to go now, just waiting for spring...

UPDATE: well, on this rocket's 13th flight, it suffered what Space-X would describe as a "hard landing".  Basically, it lawn-darted, splintering the cone and blowing out the upper body tube.  Its ugly.  At least the new Jolly Logic Chute release that was onboard survived intact.  I may be able to salvage the fin can and rebuild it from there up.

UPDATE 2: this rocket has been repaired with parts from an Estes V-2 kit.  Basically, it amounted to cutting off the damaged tube and grafting on a new segment with a coupler, then repairing the motor mount.  Should be flying again soon!

CP Method:Rocksim/Rocksim
CP Position From Front:19.5600 inches
Diameter:2.6000 inches
Kit Name:Der V3
Length:25.0000 inches



    Flight Log

    TimeLaunch SiteMotor(s)Altitude 
    2015-04-25Torrey Farm, Potter, NYC11-3260 feet 
    2015-05-16Torrey Farm, Potter, NYD12-5- 
    2015-05-16Torrey Farm, Potter, NYC11-3250 feet 
    2015-05-24Historical Aircraft Group airport, Geneseo, NYC11-3200 feet 
    2015-05-25Historical Aircraft Group airport, Geneseo, NYC11-3250 feet
    2015-06-07Historic Aircraft Group, Geneseo, NYD12-3550 feet
    2015-06-25Torrey Farm, Potter, NYD12-5500 feet 
    2015-06-29Torrey Farm, Potter, NYD12-5- 
    2015-09-05Historic Aircraft Group, Geneseo, NYC11-3200 feet 
    2015-09-27Torrey Farm, Potter, NYC11-3150 feet 
    2015-10-04Historic Aircraft Group, Geneseo, NYD12-5550 feet 
    2015-11-27Torrey Farm, Potter, NYC11-3150 feet
    2016-04-24Torrey Farm, Potter, NYE12-6950 feet
    2016-05-22Torrey Farm, Potter, NYD12-5550 feet 
    2016-05-30Historic Aircraft Group, Geneseo, NYD12-3525 feet
    2016-07-23Historic Aircraft Group, Geneseo, NYD12-3400 feet 
    2016-07-30Torrey Farm, Potter, NYC11-3- 
    2016-08-20Historic Aircraft Group, Geneseo, NYC11-3150 feet 
    2016-08-27Torrey Farm, Potter, NYD12-3400 feet
    2016-09-18Historic Aircraft Group, Geneseo, NYD12-3- 
    2017-07-09Historic Aircraft Group, Geneseo, NYD12-3500 feet 
    2017-08-19Historic Aircraft Group, Geneseo, NYD12-3400 feet 
    2017-08-19Historic Aircraft Group, Geneseo, NYD12-3400 feet 
    2017-08-26Torrey Farm, Potter, NYD12-5500 feet 

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