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Jeff Boldig's DNA

A 3" rocket, 29mm MMT upscale of the Dueces Wild.  The motors are canted 15º each.  The MMT are not quite aligned right and the rocket does about 3-4 rotations while under power then stops rotating and flies straight. 

It leaves a double helix smoke trail, which is why I call it DNA

Diameter:3 inches
Length:44 inches



    Flight Log

    TimeLaunch SiteMotor(s)Altitude 
    2011-01-09Battle Park2XG33J-71200 feet 
    2011-02-12Battle Park2XG64W-72000 feet 
    2011-10-28Battle Park2xG53FJ-72000 feet 
    2011-12-11Battle Park2XG64W-102000 feet 
    2012-03-31Battle Park2XG64W-102000 feet 
    2012-05-12TARC Finals @ The Plains VA2xG53-5FJ1500 feet 
    2014-01-25Battle Park2XG64W-1015 feet 

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