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Steve Shade's Doppler Shift

Giant Leap's NEW Doppler Shift.

A 2.6 inch Magna Frame, 54mm Motor, Near minimum diameter ACME Fin Canister Rocket.

With "Fin-ders" They are machined wood Stringers that fit over the fins to minimize fin fillets,

They give it a Unique streamlined look.

The Fin Can is completely inside the airframe! Infact the Fin Can acts as the rear centering ring!

Dual Deploy, 18" Drogue & 48" Main chutes. (Included in Kit)

Slimline, AV-Bay with Sled & All the hardware needed.

Detailed Instruction Manual!

Everything included in the kit to really make it "Almost Ready to Fly"!

Build in a few hours & fly 24hours later! (JB Weld needs to cure for at least 24 hours)

Diameter:2.63 inches
Kit Name:Doppler Shift
Length:66.7 inches
Manufacturer:Giant Leap Rocketry
Style:ACME Fin Can



Flight Log

TimeLaunch SiteMotor(s)Altitude 
2011-04-16Argonia12812 feet 

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