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Dr. Zooch Space Shuttle - feeding the tree

This was a picture-perfect launch of my Dr. Zooch Space Shuttle... right up to the point until the SRB/ET assembly decided to nest about 35 feet up a tree.. the ONLY tree in the field, no less. After initial attempts to retrieve (with long poles taped together and with tennis balls tied to fishing line) proved unsuccessful, a couple of passers - who apparently valued their lives less than I do mine - climbed up and got it down (wasn't that nice of them?!?!?). It took about 30 minutes to make a few small repairs, and I've since logged a couple of spectacular flights. Upon review of the video after the flight, I was actually surprised by the relatively tame language I used when it it hit the tree (good thing I turned the camera off when I did).

Author stargazerdave123
Duration 36 seconds
Rating Good

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