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LDRS 29 - Large and Dangerous Rocket Ships (0 00:00:31)
In Lucerne Valley California, LDRS 29, the premier event in high powered rocketry gathers 500 of the most fearless and hardcore of all amateur rocket builders from every corner of the country. ... [View]

Meatgrinder (0 00:00:31)
My scratch built Meatgrinder on a 38mm G67 Redline reload. LUNAR Launch, 02/04/12. [View]

AMW FiberMax on a J250SK (0 00:00:31)
Level-2 Certification flight [View]

Big Baby Bertha on D12-5, January 14, 2012 (0 00:00:31)
This is an upscale version of the Estes "Baby Bertha" that I built. It flies rather nicely. Rocket Science - Making everything else look simple since 1958! [View]

3D Model B767-300 Zoom at (0 00:00:31)
Download 3D Model B767-300 Zoom c4d, obj, 3ds, fbx at 3D Models → AirCraft → Civilian → Commercial → B767-300 Zoo ... [View]

Blueprint for Disaster long view (0 00:00:31)
Another view of the world's largest hybrid rocket motor powered monocopter at MDRA's Price MD launch site. The Kevlar and Carbon fibered machine reached approximately 500 feet before the nitrous ... [View]

Semroc Saturn 1B Launch Slo Mo (0 00:00:31)
Semroc Saturn 1B launch slow motion on an Aerotech F-44-4W. [View]

IRW 2008 10K Rocket #2 and John Bonsor (0 00:00:31)
15:37 launch of a 10,000 foot Rocket, no more details. The event organizer John Bonsor makes some comments near end. [View]

Too Cool For Spool (0 00:00:31)
C11-0 to C11-0, two stage separating spool. [View]

HV ARCAS (0 00:00:31)
Aerotech HV ARCAS on a CTI H87 Imax with Raven2 altimeter and a borrowed LL Electronics tracker just in case. [View]

World Record Rocket Launch at World Scout Jamboree (0 00:00:31)
Taken from an Estes Oracle Digital Video rocket... mid air collision??? [View]

Level 1 rocket cert (0 00:00:31)
My level one high power rocketry cert. Estes Leviathan with Aerotech 29mm HP SU Motor - H135W-14A motor. sorry no telemetry [View]

Estes Control Syncro™ Quadcopter (0 00:00:31)
Be the first to own the exciting New, Award Winning Syncro Quadcopter from Estes Control! The World's smallest quadcopter! "Syncro" received the International Toy Fair Award for Best New Toy in the ... [View]

Illegal Wildlife Trafficking (0 00:00:31)
The U.S. Department of State, in partnership with non-profit organization WildAid, produced three television public service announ The U.S. Department of State, in partnership with non-profit ... [View]

Estes V2 rocket (0 00:00:31)
First launch,C11-3 engine [View]

Scott's RC upscale Mach 10 (0 00:00:31)
Scott's RC upscaled Mach 10 boost glider [View]

Vern Eide Motorsports - Sioux Falls Used Bikes (0 00:00:31)
Looking for a used motorcycle in Sioux Falls? From used Harley-Davidson motorcycles to sport bikes to touring motorcycles, Vern Eide Motorsports has you covered. View our used motorcycle selection ... [View]

Brian Coyle's Hybrid Thor (0 00:00:31)
Video from the NEFAR site of a hybrid rocket engine in a Thor airframe. [View]

L2 cert with a 4" Nike Smoke (0 00:00:31)
Didn't catch the flyer, but a successful L2 [View]

Semroc Centurion flying on an E9-6 (0 00:00:31)
Wes' Semroc Centurion flying on an E9-6. [View]

LOC IV on Cesaroni H110 White motor (0 00:00:31)
LOC IV high power rocket on 38mm CTI H110 white motor to approximately 1770 feet. [View]

Hot stamp foil slitting and rewinding machine at 8mm for Christmas gifts (0 00:00:31) this slitting and rewinding machine is used for PET,PE,plastic insulation film in motor and inverter,paper roll,non woven roll and so on .the mini width is 3mm,let me know if you ... [View]

The City PSA 30 sec (Community Inspiring Today's Youth) (0 00:00:31)
LOS ANGELES – Today, The Community Inspiring Today’s Youth (The CITY) announced the launch of a new series of PSAs highlighting youth entrepreneurism. The CITY is a free, 46-week business ... [View]

DEHTMS - Rocket Club - 5/4/06 (0 00:00:31)
This is on-rocket video of a model rocket launched by the DEHTMS Rocket Club. Pretty cool arial view of the school! Courtesy of Mr. Todd & the Todd Space Agency. [View]

Estes Comanche 3 stage from smash model rocket club launch (0 00:00:31)
Jeff Graham's Estes Comanche 3 stage model rocket at 2300 feet [View]

LOC Precision 7.5" 1/2 Scale AIM-54C Phoenix missile onboard video (0 00:00:31)
1/2 Scale LOC AIM-54C Phoenix flying on a Sconnie L-850 white to 3,000'. [View]

04_astrobee (0 00:00:31)
My scale scratch built Astrobee-D. Maiden flight on an H128 White Lightning. This is what happens when you forget one of the o-rings in the motor. LUNAR Snow Ranch launch, 01-05-13. [View]

Autogeek TV Commercial with Matt Steele (0 00:00:31)
Matt Steele shares the best place online to get all your car care products at the best price shipped directly to your doorstep. Plus, where to get expert help via phone, e-mail, Live Chat and ... [View]

Space Burritos - TARC Final Rocket Assembly (0 00:00:31)
Here is a demonstration of the final assembly of the Space Burritos competition rocket. This rocket was built for the Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC). [View]

It's A Short Ride | Discover The Forest | Ad Council (0 00:00:31)
Over 80% of Americans live in cities. Fortunately, families don’t have to leave the city to take their kids on an adventure to the forest. These new PSAs show parents and caregivers of tweens (ages ... [View]

Model Rocket - Rocket Cam 1 (2010) (0 00:00:31)
The first (and last) successful flight of "Rocket Cam 1" carrying a video camera onboard.(June 7, 2010). This was a modified Estes LoadStar kit. [View]

Talk to us before you talk to them. TV Commercial (0 00:00:31)
Talking to a gambler about their problem isn't easy, so talk to us before you talk to them. Call 1800 858 858 or visit [View]

Aerotech Mirage Model Rocket Launch (0 00:00:31)
This rocket was launched on June 14, 2016. It was its first and, sadly, only launch, as the chute for the bottom half of the rocket failed to deploy, and the rocket was destroyed when it hit the ... [View]

Cato 2015 Summer TV Commercial (0 00:00:31)
Cato 2015 Summer TV Make It Happen [View]

Helping Paralyzed Veterans Through Sports: 30 sec version (0 00:00:31)
Sergeant RJ Anderson was a young man transitioning from being a college student to an Army soldier when tragedy struck. A motorcycle accident left RJ paralyzed and his world turned upside down when ... [View]

AirFest 2016 John Hansel's Aerotech N1000 Flight (0 00:00:31)
Bringing you the best video content since 1992. [View]

Pinnacle Car Care Products with Mike Phillips and Matt Steele (0 00:00:31)
Mike Phillips from and "What's in the Garage?" and Matt Steele from "Truck U", showcase premium quality car care products from Pinnacle Natural Brilliance. [View]

Shepard Mechanical System Prototype 1 Test 3 - Estes D12-3 (0 00:00:31)
Third test firing of the Shepard Test Stand ( mechanical system using an Estes D12-3 motor. [View]

Firestorm 54 Main Ejection Ground Test (0 00:00:31)
The Firestorm 54 is a 54mm minimum diameter kit from Giant Leap Rocketry. This is video of the first ground test of the main chute's ejection charge. 1.5grams was a bit too much! [View]

G-40 Powered rocket with on-board cam (0 00:00:31)
This is a rocket designed and built by me with a G-40-10W. It is really lightweight and soars to 3500'. Watch as it corkscrews all the way up. [View]

Estes Helicat Rocket Disaster (0 00:00:31)
Winds were gusting up to 15 mph. We expected there was a good chance for disappointment and disaster. For awhile it looked like a perfect launch, but the helicopter blades and wadding were stuffed ... [View]

Don’t Let E. Coli Mosh With Your Food (0 00:00:31)
More than 46 million turkeys will be cooked this Thanksgiving holiday, according to the National Turkey Federation, but many families aren’t taking the specific actions needed to reduce their risk ... [View]

Game Over: Playing Online (0 00:00:31)
The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, has collaborated with the Department of Homeland Security to launch a new PSA campaign in October to educate the ... [View]

R☣DI☢☣CTI☠E | Merida❋Jack Frost (0 00:00:31)
HD for Epic ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you don't know by know Merida and Jack are topping my list of BrOTPs. They are just soulmates. I'm sorry. End of story. Just you know, not romantic. It happens! ... [View]

Cammi Granato: Let's Move! (0 00:00:31)
1998 Olympic Gold Medalist in Ice Hockey As President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama welcomed the U.S Olympic and Paralympian Winter Olympians to the White ... [View]

Slow motion High Power Rocket Launch (0 00:00:31)
Estes Ventris PSII CTI H125 Skidmark Est. Altitude 2350 ft. Lift off acceleration of 28.9 G Recovered safely with a chute release at 300 feet. Video shot at 960 fps. Tripoli Minnesota [View]

PSU USLI Subscale Launch 1_15_11.3GP (0 00:00:31)
Penn State's USLI team launched its subscale rocket for the first time on the afternoon of Saturday, January 15th at the Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association (MDRA) launch site in Price, MD. The ... [View]

Der weltweit erste Start einer Papierrakete mit einem Klima D9-5 Motor (0 00:00:31)
Eine für vier Motoren gebaute Cluster-Rakete starten wir testweise mit einem D9-5 Klima Motor. Die Rakete wiegt 140 Gramm! Als Balast dienen 3 leere Motorhülsen. [View]

October 2020 Bob Utley Spool of Doom Flight 3 (0 00:00:31)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 261 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

Semroc Hawk (0 00:00:31)
Semroc model rocket glider hawk [View]

PSAs Encourage Kids to Brush 2min2x (0 00:00:31)
In an effort to help parents better understand why ignoring dental health can have serious consequences, and educate families about good dental health habits, the Ad Council and The Partnership for ... [View]

Scratch built rocket on an L-875 (0 00:00:31)
Scratch built rocket flying on an L-875 at the Utah Rocket Club Hellfire 20 rocket launch on the Bonneville Salt Flats 08/01/2015. [View]

The World of Autism PSA - 30 sec | Autism Speaks (0 00:00:31)
Autism Speaks joined the Ad Council and BBDO New York, the long-time volunteer agency for Autism Speaks, to launch a new series of public service advertisements (PSAs) designed to help parents ... [View]

LDRS 30 - 1/2 Patriot on demo Gorilla motor (0 00:00:31)
More info at: Jim was nice enough to give me 98mm M1800BL motor to demo. Hopefully this will be tested and for sale soon - it was great! [View]

Illegal Wildlife Trafficking (0 00:00:31)
The U.S. Department of State, in partnership with non-profit organization WildAid, produced three television public service announcements to combat wildlife trafficking featuring actor Harrison Ford. ... [View]

L3 LOC Sandhawk ejection testing (0 00:00:31)
ejection testing of my L3 build project, a LOC 5.5" Sandhawk [View]

SAMHSA's "Talk. They Hear You." Mom's Thoughts Video PSA-30 Seconds (0 00:00:31)
When Mom receives a text from her 10-year-old daughter, Luci, asking to go to a friend's house for a sleepover, she realizes she needs to talk to her about the dangers of underage drinking. But where ... [View]

Awesome Third Falcon V Launch (0 00:00:31)
This is one of my custom built rockets called the Falcon V. This rocket has two stages and the booster stage has four motor. Here it reached about 800ft and flew over a mile over a hill, a field, ... [View]

UNCF and Selma (0 00:00:31)
UNCF and the Ad Council are joining Paramount Pictures to launch a series of public service advertisements (PSAs) featuring footage from the upcoming film SELMA and original music written for the ... [View]

We’d Do Anything For Kids (0 00:00:31)
Feeding America, the nation's largest hunger-relief organization, has partnered with the Ad Council and McCann New York to launch new public service advertisements (PSAs) designed to raise awareness ... [View]

Illegal Wildlife Trafficking (0 00:00:31)
The U.S. Department of State, in partnership with non-profit organization WildAid, produced three television public service announ The U.S. Department of State, in partnership with non-profit ... [View]

Danielle Cato's (Cassandra) Quick Fire Questions| Cats the Musical (0 00:00:31)
Matt Krzan (Munkustrap) quizzes Danielle Cato (Cassandra) with his quick fire questions! Buy tickets for your nearest CATS performance now: Discover more ... [View]

Space Burritos - TARC Rocket Payload Assembly (0 00:00:31)
Here is a demonstration of how the payload section is assembled. This rocket was built for the 2013 Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC). [View]

Multiple Choice Parenting (0 00:00:31)
Today, the Ad Council in partnership with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, AdoptUSKids, and KBS launched new public service advertisements (PSAs) for the award-winning Adoption from ... [View]

Let's Help Feed Even More - Scarlett Johansson | Ending Hunger | Ad Council (0 00:00:31)
1 in 5 children in America – nearly 16 million children – struggle with hunger. Although food insecurity is harmful to people of all ages, it can be particularly devastating for children. ... [View]

Dual C6-5 model rocket with onboard camera (0 00:00:31)
Model rocket made of two paper towel tubes. Loaded with two C6-5 engines. The parachute clearly opened before any delay happened. I have no idea what happene... [View]

Darryl's Thumper (0 00:00:31)
Darryl's Polecat Aerospace Thumper boosting on an Aerotech I600 Redline [View]

Cartoon Network - "Fun in the Sun - Juniper" (2000s) [Cropped?] (0 00:00:31)
Original rip: Primal Screen "Looky, we made a sun spot!. The second of two PSAs we created for Cartoon Network to encourage kids to turn ... [View]

Estes Astrocam ! Launched Great, but Camera was accidently turned off. (0 00:00:31)
#sodblasters #swoosh #astrocam2020 Estes: AstroCam Motor: B6-4 Location: Arthur Hill Sod Blasters Field in Saginaw Michigan. Purchased: Roger's Hobby Center in Saginaw, Michigan. https://ro ... [View]

LDRS 28 Smokin' Rocketry IRIS M1850 (0 00:00:31)
LDRS 28 AerotTech Rocketry RMS M1850 White Lightning 64 Pound 12' Smokin' Rockets IRIS - Same Rocket shown in ROCKETS MAGAZINE LDRS28 Edition. Thanks to Mike,Ken, Craig and Bailey the launch team. [View]

Façade :30 -- 2014 PSA (0 00:00:31)
"Façade" represents the realities that people with mental and/or substance use disorders hide from others, and even themselves. The spot emphasizes that when people face these truths and ask for ... [View]

"Big Dude" Rocket Launch! (0 00:00:31)
This is a video of our launch of the Big Dude rocket! [View]

Size Matters on a CTI K360 to 1,886ft (0 00:00:31)
Pro 54 3 grain white in the 17pound 7.5" diameter scratch built rocket. [View]

Quadcopter wrecked and launched off my gopro (0 00:00:31)
helipal storm 250 racing drone gopro 3+ the quadcopter and camera made it out just fine i only had to replace a few blades the reason why it crashed was because the battery was to low to throttle ... [View]

LDRS 31 - Extreme Wildman (0 00:00:31)
Here is my Wildman Extreme flying Friday at LDRS on an EX 4500 n/s L2500 Fast motor. The rocket reached 12,500' and hit Mach 1.25 during the 1.8 second burn. [View]

June 2021 Sonny and Nicholas Sparkly Spool (0 00:00:31)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's Eastern Short Launch (ESL) hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

Algodoo High Powered Rocketry (0 00:00:31)
Build your own high powered rocket with this Algodoo add-on. Message me for more info. [View]

Estes Magestic with a F15-6 (0 00:00:31)
I launch my Estes Magestic for the first time with an Estes F15-6 motor. I also have a smoke generator attached to this rocket. [View]

Model Rocket Launch with On-board Camera (0 00:00:31) This was the first launch of my ORACLE with D-12 and an on-board camera... [View]

Midwest Power 13 - H143 powered Minie Magg (0 00:00:31)
At Midwest Power 13, Friday October 30, 2015, a few miles north of Princeton, IL. At his daughter's request, Tim Jack covered his Minie Magg in artwork from the movie Frozen and named it "Let It Go." ... [View]

In the scorching heat of Artesia Alkali Flat in Nevada, the Aerotech Sumo Rocket takes its maiden flight using a high power H-128W engine. [View]

EZI Recovery (0 00:00:31)
The recovery of my EZI-65 after a 3,872 foot flight at METRA on April 5, 2009 [View]

Helios Rocket Test Flight 2016 (0 00:00:31)
This was the pre-competition test flight of Missouri S&T's Helios rocket. It flew on an Aerotech M1315W. The rocket will fly on a student made 75mm M1200 solid rocket motor at the 2016 Inter ... [View]

halfway_there_RIP.MOV (0 00:00:31)
The first and final flight of my 9 foot long "Halfway There", on an Aerotech F40 reload. Not quite sure what happened. The ejection charge did go off, but I think there was too much volume in the ... [View]

CTIA "Command" TV ad (0 00:00:31)
Wireless products and services provide consumers tremendous convenience and benefits. In our recently launched "Command" television ad, we highlight just a few of them. Let us know how wireless ... [View]

big V2 - Rx N1960 (0 00:00:31)
11.5 inch V2 lifts off on an EX N1960 motor [View]

P1040584.MOV (0 00:00:31)
The Redneck scratch built rocket. 5-1/2 feet tall, flying on an E20-4. [View]

Ben's Rocket on 2x (0 00:00:31)
launch pad camera footage of Ben's rocket launching on 2 x Pro 38 "I242 - White" class motors at the Hobby King Festival of Flight Event on the 5th September 2015, filmed on a Gopro 4 black at ... [View]

Estes Partizon cato (0 00:00:31)
This launch failure took place on7-16-16. The motor was a G64-7W reload. The casing blew apart at both ends. The rocket was heavily damaged internally but was repairable. It will fly again. [View]

ROCKETS Magazine LDRS 32 Tom Rouse (0 00:00:31)
Tom Rouse's Shadow-Aero on a I-280 at LDRS 32 [View]

Estes Rogue 4x upscale...CTI G88 Smoky Sam (0 00:00:31)
A 4x upscale Estes Rogue on a Cesaroni G88 Smoky Sam [View]

Minimum diameter rocket on a G40W (0 00:00:31)
Rocket never seen again... Estimated 4000 feet. [View]

The World of Autism PSA (Spanish) - 30 sec | Autism Speaks (0 00:00:31)
Autism Speaks joined the Ad Council and BBDO New York, the long-time volunteer agency for Autism Speaks, to launch a new series of public service advertisements (PSAs) designed to help parents ... [View]

P1040529.MOV (0 00:00:31)
My Estes Executioner, flying on my first reloadable motor. An Aerotech RMS 24/40, with an E18-7W reload. [View]

Rocket Launch Quest Viper B6-6 (0 00:00:31)
Rocket Launch of a Quest Viper on a B6-6. The motor was under powered. The rocket survived the landing, but the engine and the engine retainer took a beating. [View]

Polecat Goblin I600R (0 00:00:31)
A Polecat Goblin launches on an Aerotech I600R [View]

What If (0 00:00:31)
State and local parks across the nation are facing a crisis of unprecedented proportions, as the sagging economy continues to affect America. Across the nation, many agencies are facing significant ... [View]

02_executioner.MOV (0 00:00:31)
My Executioner on an E11J Fast Jack. Love the black smoke! SARG launch, 040911. [View]

FW Mirage 2000 with Thrust vectoring. (0 00:00:31)
I added the thrust vectoring nozzle from my LX F-16 to my Mirage 2000. Test flight coming soon. [View]

Estes Der Red Max with onboard camera - Take 2 (0 00:00:31)
Second flight of Der Red Max with a keychain video camera taped to the side. This time with a C6-5 engine instead of a B6-4, it got much better altitude for a decent flight. Still exploring ... [View]

Aerotech Mustang G Motor Thrust test (0 00:00:31)
Ground test of a G motor in an Aerotech Mustang Rocket. Test stand has a load cell against nose of rocket and rocket is attached to the test stand using rings. [View]

Young Worker -- Kitchen TV Commercial (0 00:00:31)
Young Workers are the most vulnerable workers in Victoria. They need to speak up more if they don't understand safety procedures. Supervisors need to make sure they are working safely. This story ... [View]

Balls Bounce 2: Enjoy the funny bouncing! (0 00:00:31)
Balls Bounce Puzzle is a classic and exciting number bricks game. Just play Balls Bounce Puzzle to relax your brain and get fun. You will find out that it is such a funny and challenging game! Swipe ... [View]

Scorpion Staging Failure w/onboard video (0 00:00:31)
Vintage Estes Scorpion on a B6-0 to B6-6. Must have had a bad batch of B6-6's...had several failures. Luckily, the rocket (and camera) survived! Note the broken fin at the end. [View]

Onboard High Power Rockets (0 00:00:31)
Madcow Go Devil 38 on H54 and a LOC Vulcanite on a I140W [View]

Estes Dude rocket crashes at takeoff (0 00:00:31)
Estes Dude balloon rocket crashes on take-off. It was flying on an D12-3 engine. Apparently sparks from the engine melted holes in the balloon deflating it. The rocket had flown fine before this ... [View]

Ritz_RG9_Moonburner (0 00:00:31)
John Ritz's rocket at Red Glare 9 an an experimental "J200" moon burner. [View]

Hi-Power Rocket Parachute Deployment Test (0 00:00:31)
It is a good idea to test the strength of ejection charges by doing a ground test of your deployment system. Here we used the TeleMetrum payload to remotely fire the ejection charge of a high power ... [View]

Estes Scion, Aerotech F23 (0 00:00:31)
Reverse Scion since I reversed the direction of the fins. [View]

Callaway E•R•C Soft "Distance Balls" TV Commercial (0 00:00:31)
ERC Soft is loaded with groundbreaking technologies, including our largest Graphene-infused Dual SoftFast Core. The high tech core maximizes compression energy for extremely fast ball speeds, while ... [View]

Rocket Engine Test Failure (0 00:00:31)
Second test of Rocket Club's custom made engine. It takes about 1 lb of potassium nitrate + sugar fuel. The thrust is estimated to be about 150 lb under proper operating conditions. The graphite ... [View]

LA Film School - David Estes - Animation (0 00:00:31)
Come on over to to see more like this, and the wide array of video productions we can create for you or your business, school, organization, or whatever. We're located in Orange ... [View]

Quad Pod II with an F10 Motor (0 00:00:32)
This is the fourth launch of the Quad Pod II gyro-controlled rocket. This launch used an Apogee F10 motor. [View]

Blu Fyr - Scratch built BT60 2 Stage (0 00:00:32)
QRS launch 2017-08-20. D12-0 booster and D12-7 sustainer. Altitude 360.6m Chute release issues prevented chute from opening. [View]

IMG_0067.MOV (0 00:00:32)
CT Tripoli # 26 Hurley, NY Saturday launch. LOC MAGNUM on a I300 motor. Dual Deployment tested functional, Main fired at .6 seconds after MAIN due to not reaching over 750 feet. Altimeter sensed ... [View]

K motor drag race, Taupiri New Zealand (0 00:00:32)
Drag race between our rocket (centre rocket) on an AT K1275R and Alex Heffers rocket (left) on an AT K456dm and Jack Davies rocket (right) on an AT K375NW. [View]

Estes Mean Machine (0 00:00:32)
This is my daughters Estes Mean Machine going up on an E9. We used the Jolly Logic Chute Release set for 300 feet. [View]

Jim's rocket goes for a swim (0 00:00:32)
Murphy showed his ugly mug at MDRA when Jim's rocket homed in on a stream only three feet wide. [View]

Aerotech M650W Static Burn (0 00:00:32)
Dan Michael static burns and Aerotech M650W rocket motor. [View]

Midwest Power 13 - Preston Nobile's Competitor V on an M 1500 Sparky (0 00:00:32)
At Midwest Power 13, Friday October 30, 2015, a few miles north of Princeton, IL. Just a great flight on a research motor. If you have any extra info or corrections, please leave a comment. [View]

Mars Lander Onboard Video (0 00:00:32)
On board video from Tango Papa 1.6x upscale of the Estes Mars Lander on an Aerotech G64-4, DART Fiesta Island launch site. [View]

October 2014 Dick Stafford Finless Rocket (0 00:00:32)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 196 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. [View]

HV Arcas Launch 20181208 (0 00:00:32)
The 22+ year old Arcas would be flying for the first time on something other than a Blue Thunder motor. This time, It woud fly on a reload G64W-10 White Lightning, which gave a cool flame and smoke ... [View]

The Spool Crash - Slow Motion (0 00:00:32)
The Video Say's it all... Scott [View]

Princeton Rocketry Club "Stratos" rocket launch by Coleman Merchant (0 00:00:32)
all credit to Coleman Merchant Test launch of Princeton SpaceShot sustainer 2nd stage. Loki 54/4000 white load (L2050) motor, all composites construction. Maximum altitude = 39,000 ft, maximum speed ... [View]

MVI_0052.MOV (0 00:00:32)
Scott's RC upscale Mach 10 [View]

Jayhawk 1to5 scale scratch model rocket (0 00:00:32)
This scale replica has a cluster of aD12-3+C6-3. Clear plastic elevons were added to make it spin. [View]

Nepal Disaster Relief Video PSA (0 00:00:32)
In response to the devastation wrought by Saturday’s earthquake and powerful aftershocks in Nepal, the Ad Council has joined the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Center for In ... [View]

Sideshow4 Fastest to 10,000' Drag Race (0 00:00:32)
This is the 2nd round for the Discovery Science fastest to 10,000' Drag Race held at LDRS30 in Argonia Kansas [View]

Bulletproof Estes Guardian model rocket launch (0 00:00:32)
Fiberglassed and heavily modified Estes Guardian kit, flying on a D12-7. Inspired by an article in Sport Rocketry magazine. Featuring Sarah on the red button. [View]

Isis Flight 2 (0 00:00:32)
Loc Iris on a DPS J-426 SRB propellant. No recovery deployment due to electronics failure. I think there was a power disconnect mid-flight. [View]

V959 Quadcopter Missle launcher (0 00:00:32)
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. [View]

Estes Scissors Wing, December 9, 2018 at CENJARS (0 00:00:32)
Estes Scissors Wing on an Estes B6-2 at CENJARS, Dec 9, 2018. [View]

Estes Rocket Launch DWV-1 (0 00:00:32)
Engine B6-4 Future NASA, Spacex employee in training [View]

Estes Trajector on an OLD G40-10W at SARG launch, Gibson Ranch Jan 2017 (0 00:00:32)
Takes a while to launch, and then it's outta here. Recovered just fine about 1/2 mile away. [View]

Rocket Ejection Test for level 3 (Frenzy Xl) (0 00:00:32)
This is a ground test of the ejection charge sizing. The nose cone has to 2 4-40 shear pins. The ejection charge is 4.5g of BP. [View]

Let's Move! PSA: Park Day (30 Seconds) (0 00:00:32)
As part of the "On the Daily" campaign, the Park Day PSAs aim to inform parents and caregivers about the importance of physical activity and healthy eating by offering fun daily tips and activities ... [View]

Rising Star on an E18-7W (0 00:00:32)
Ground view of the 'Rising Star' with on-board video. [View]

snow-ranch-20110206.wmv (0 00:00:32)
novice videographer, slow-motion clips from LUNAR launch at Snow Ranch, Feb 05 2011. [View]

Rocket Drag Race LUNAR (0 00:00:32)
Two Madcow Rocketry EX3s in a drag race. One CATOs on the pad. [View]

Photon Disruptor Fails (0 00:00:32)
One rocket does not make it on a sunny day in North Branch MN during the Tripoli Minnesota Rocket Club October launch day. [View]

LOC Magnum flight (0 00:00:32)
Flight of Dan's LOC Magnum at one of our club launches [View]

Level 3 Cert Launch (0 00:00:32)
High-power rocketry Level 3 certification. I built this rocket in about 2 months. It's powered by a Loki M1882. It went closer to 7000' than the 9000' I was hoping for, but what can you do. [View]

Orbital Transport Midway B6 2 Mark Laiuppa HD (0 00:00:32)
Orbital Transport "Midway" B6-2 Mark Laiuppa 2018-02-10 Video by Jimmy Yawn From the official NEFAR website [View]

March 2013 Momoko Harper Cherry Child (0 00:00:32)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 178 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. [View]

Estes pro series nike smoke on f26-6fj slow motion (0 00:00:32)
Pro series nike smoke f26-6fj motor slow motion shot with galaxy note 8 [View]

Upscale Estes Aries SST (0 00:00:32)
An upscale Estes Aries SST on a D12-5 [View]

Lets Move - Boston Red Sox (0 00:00:32)
Today, nearly 1 in 3 children in America are overweight or obese. Over the past three decades, childhood obesity rates in America have tripled. First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move! Initiative has ... [View]

John N Spool (0 00:00:32)
John Clifton's largest spool on a 98/15360 research motor. Nozzle broke, result not as planned. [View]

Semroc Blue Bird Zero on an E9 6 motor (0 00:00:32)
My much loved and flown Blue Bird Zero loving an E9-6 motor all the way up. Beautiful flight and a nice stroll afterwards. It just don't get much better. [View]

South Texas Aerospace Club Night Rocket Launch July 12, 2014 at Beeville Municipal Airport (0 00:00:32)
South Texas Aerospace Club Night Rocket Launch July 12, 2004 at Beeville Municipal Airport. Wastequip rocket blast-off video by first time flyer #1. [View]

Fliskits Deuce's Wild First Flight (0 00:00:32)
Flying on two Quest B6-4 motors. One kicked out just after burn out--good thing the other was enough to eject the chute. [View]

Mercury Restone 2018 Scott Szympruch Little John (0 00:00:32)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's Mercury Redstone Launch hobby rocket flight.  [View]

Level 3 Certification (Aerolite 3) (0 00:00:32)
Level 3 Certification- M1830 C-star Madcow Dx3 XL Raven 3 and Adept 22 BRB900 GPS [View]

Failed Quadcopter 6 Pack Beer Lift (0 00:00:32)
Check out our products at [View]

Aerotech Mustang CATO Ground Level and onboard video (0 00:00:32)
Delay charge of a CTI G80 fails and the rocket deploys early. Little damage to the rocket other than cosmetic. It needs a new paint job anyway. [View]

Greg's Applewhite Saucer (0 00:00:32)
This is a 18 inch Applewhite Delta Saucer on a K185 motor. [View]

11 Launches in 30 seconds (0 00:00:32)
11 model rockets launched to the legendary rock of Cold Chisel, "Standing on the Outside". [View]

Rocket launch from pad 54 on 9-3 11:19am LDRS 30 XXX (0 00:00:32)
Don't know the owner or name of the rocket. Taken with a Canon T1i. [View]

Todd Blue Cluster (0 00:00:32)
A big rocket on two M4500 and two K1700 blue motors. Flown at Red Glare 10. [View]

BIG model rocket drag race part 2 (0 00:00:32)
My Big Dog in a Estes D12-3 and Megashark1999 Flying Squirrel on a Estes E9-6 [View]

Darth Vader Rocket Ride (0 00:00:32)
darth vador takes a wild rocket ride [View]

SpaceX Testing - SuperDraco Engine Firing (0 00:00:32)
SpaceX successfully test fires SuperDraco, a powerful new engine that will play a critical role in efforts to change the future of human spaceflight. These engines will power a revolutionary launch ... [View]

C6-3 Astroid Hunter (0 00:00:32)
My beautifully finished Estes Asteroid Hunter takes off with an Estes C6-3 motor. I replaced its dual 12" parachutes with a single 18" parachute. [View]

Rocket Launch :: Quest Zenith II - Parachute failure (0 00:00:32)
Fallskjermen løser seg ut etter første steg, og sender raketten inn i en kaotisk spiral når andre motoren slår inn. [View]

Estes AstroCam (0 00:00:32)
Estes AstroCam B6-4 engine [View]

Flanagan Rocket Launch (0 00:00:32)
Second rocket launch for Flanagan's 2010-2011 rocketry club. Almost immediately after lift-off, the rocket's trajectory began veering west towards a lake (hence my reaction of "shit") but apart from ... [View] (0 00:00:32)
18 inch flying saucer on a Cesaroni Pro 54 J210 motor at an AARG Launch. [View]

2011-04-30 Bill SJ flight.mp4 (0 00:00:32)
Hybrid J motor flight, CMASS 2011-04-30 [View]

LOC PRECISION weasel on a G64-10w (0 00:00:32)
Loc precision pk-3 weasel on an Aerotech G64-10W at oregon rocketry summer skies Don't Forget to Subscribe!!! Update 100 views, Thanks everyone for watching. [View]

HD Rocket launch Estes Dude flight at Big Ears 2010 (0 00:00:32)
HD Rocket launch Estes Dude flight at Big Ears 2010 [View]

Level 1 Certification Flight (0 00:00:32)
Tripoli Level 1 high power certification flight on October 29, 2011 at QCRS Midwest Power 9. Wildman Jr. kit with Cesaroni H110 motor. [View]

LOC IV - H130W (Ground Camera) - High Power Rocket Launch (0 00:00:32)
Launched at the Advanced Rocketry Group of Switzerland (ARGOS) club launch on Feb 23, 2019. Rocket had a Jolly Logic chute release but the chute somehow opened up before the chute release fired, ... [View]

Estes Oracle Video (0 00:00:33)
Estes Oracle video at samedan airport or Engadin airport, launch base 1707 meters / 5600 feets Token during the JULA 2007 midday model show motor D12-5 [View]

Flight of the Andromeda II (0 00:00:33)
Launch of Noah's Andromeda II rocket at the LUNAR launch party outside of Stockton. We used an Estes D12-5 engine. It went straight up, close to 2,000'. Spectacular. Unfortunately the shock cord ... [View]

Wildman Rocket with Aerotech J570 White Lightning Motor - CRMRC (0 00:00:33)
Here is a blue Wildman rocket launched on June 12, 2010 at the St. Albans Vermont launch site of the Champlain Region Model Rocket Club - CRMRC. Motor is an Aerotech J570 White Lightning. This ... [View]

Estes Expedition rocket launch (0 00:00:33)
Tom Butler's Estes Expedition launched at Syracuse Rocket Club. [View]

Cluster Rocket using F with 4D's (0 00:00:33) This is the U.S. Rockets five-engine cluster rocket called: "F with 4 D's." [View]

Onboard LOC Oynx Aerotech E23 (0 00:00:33)
We flew our LOC Oynx on an E23 at CMASS on October 22. [View]

F-104 Rocket at CMASS Launch 11-5-11 (0 00:00:33)
F-104 Rocket at CMASS Launch 11-5-11 [View]

Estes Tomcat Swing Wing-C5-3 (0 00:00:33)
Estes Tomcat Swing Wing on a C5-3 at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club on July 18 2020. This would have been pretty cool if it had worked as it was supposed to [View]

Radio Controlled Rocket Glider with Held1000 engine (0 00:00:33)
RC Rocket Glider Twister, RC equipment Futaba 2,4 , 18 gramms, Max Take of Weight with HELD1000 engine ( 22 gramm ) : 75 gramm.( Fuselage and Wings 5 mm DEPRON Since I´m 13 Years I´m dreaming if ... [View]

Let's Move! PSA: Blackout (0 00:00:33)
The "Mom Was Here" PSAs empower determined, inventive moms everywhere to find creative ways to get their families healthy. [View]

Level 1 Cert flight (0 00:00:33)
Level 1 high-power certification attempt. Successful. LOC Precision Vulcanite H76 flown on Aerotech H135W. Estimated altitude 3000 feet. [View]

Food Safety and the Chipmunks :30 (0 00:00:33)
In an effort to inform children and their families about the importance of food safety, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Ad Council are joining 20th Century Fox to launch a series of ... [View]

Wildman Rocket - LDRS 38 - Argonia Kansas, 2019 (0 00:00:33)
High Powered Rocketry is impressive both when it succeeds and when it fails. [View]

Triumvirate (0 00:00:33)
First flight of my scratch built Triumvirate on an E28. No lawn dart this time! SARG launch, 040911. [View]

Nike Smoke - I470 WT (0 00:00:33)
My Performance Rocketry 4 inch Nike Smoke flying on a CTI Pro38 I470 White Thunder load [View]

Oracle model rocket (0 00:00:33)
Video of Oracle model rocket launch from nose cam [View]

View from overhead window during shuttle Discovery launch (0 00:00:33)
From space shuttle mission STS-102 Discovery launched March 8, 2001, 6:42 a.m. EST from launch pad 39-B Kennedy Space Center, Florida. Check out a 21 minute Post Flight Presentation, narrated by the ... [View]

Estes Black Brant II with Booster Vision.wmv (0 00:00:33)
This was an experiment for launching the Booster Vision/Black Brant II combination in a small field (say for rocket demos in a a football field), but the delay seems a bit too short. I'll use a C11-5 ... [View]

Jolly Roger -Independence Day (0 00:00:33)
Sunset videography sponsored by Jolly Roger Sosua [View]

Excel Plus C Rocket at Spring Thunder 2010 (0 00:00:33)
This is an on-board video taken with my flip camera on my modified Binder Design Excel Plus. It flew about 1400 feet on an Aerotech I 161 motor. [View]

2500 ft NAR level 2 Certification Launch CMASS (0 00:00:33)
The UMass team traveled out to Amesbury, MA to attend a launch of our local rocketry club, CMASS, and gain some more experience with high powered rocketry. [View]

Tripoli Level 2 Certification Flight (0 00:00:33)
High Power Rocket - LOC Minie Magg, "Angry Birds" flying on a Cesaroni J357 Blue Streak. Tripoli Level 2 flight at Plaster City, CA on 2 March 2013. Reposted on 4 Sep 2013 after original file ... [View]

Super Alpha 2xB6-4.avi (0 00:00:33)
Estes Super Alpha modded for dual 18 mm flown using two B6-4 engines. [View]

Launching an Estes Amazon Rocket (0 00:00:33)
Always receive permission from property owners before launching rockets! If it's a school playground, contact the school, if it's a park, contact the ranger, and respect their decisions! This video ... [View]

Rocket pad cam shots (0 00:00:33)
A close look at rocket takeoffs from the pad cam at ESL 84..... [View]

Vagabond Crash Onboard Video.avi (0 00:00:33)
Estes Vagabond onboard video with Estes D12-3. Chute failed to come out of the nose cone. Baffle in body tube not down far enough so I opened up the NC and store the laundry in there. [View]

Estes Astrocam on C6-5 (mid-air disintegration) (0 00:00:33)
The on-board camera footage of Estes Astrocam model rocket launch on C6-5 engine. The parachute was stuck, and as a result the rear part fell off. #estes #modelrocket #rocket [View]

Scratch built 24mm model rocket on am Aerotech F44W-8. 1/8th speed, 240 fps (0 00:00:33)
You can hear what I believe is the crack of it going supersonic, then almost immediately dropping out. OpenRocket puts max speed at Mach 1.01, 346.6 m/s, 775.4 mph. Never saw the parachute and ... [View]

Let's Move! PSA: Wallet (0 00:00:33)
The "Mom Was Here" PSAs empower determined, inventive moms everywhere to find creative ways to get their families healthy. [View]

Two Stage Air Start to a Sparky.MOV (0 00:00:33)
Two stage rocket at NARAM 52. I motor to an H "sparky" second stage. It was a spectacular flight.  [View]

Estes Eliminator Launch (0 00:00:33)
Reach new heights with this quick-build, high-flying sport rocket. No fuss no muss and no painting required. You will love this high performance hot rod! [View]

Level3Flight (0 00:00:33)
Flight of a Wildman Darkstar Ultimate on a AeroTech M1500G at Virginia Tech's Kentland Farm. [View]

Guy Maddin | CFI 80th Anniversary (0 00:00:33)
Guy Maddin helped the Canadian Film Institute celebrate its 80th anniversary with this special message. Guy Maddin is a Canadian screenwriter, director, author, cinematographer and film editor of ... [View]

03_binary (0 00:00:33)
My first high power cluster. The scratch built Binary Effusion on two CTI H163 White Thunder motors. They both lit instantly. Gotta love CTI motors! LUNAR Snow Ranch Launch, 030715. [View]

Parallel staged high power rocket (0 00:00:33)
This rocket had lots of motors. There were three "stages," but no stage separation because all the motors were clustered together. The later stages were manually air-started from the ground. The ... [View]

SBR Fusion Level 2!! Mini Midwest Power QCRC (0 00:00:33)
My Fusion on an Aerotech J250FJ to 3815’. Successful Tripoli Level Two flight! Mini Midwest Power Rocket launch QCRC [View]

Red Glare XI C-Star (0 00:00:33)
Rocket with CTI C-Star motor [View]

Red Glare XI King Kraken (0 00:00:33)
Pemb Tech King Kraken on a G185, don't blink [View]

N2600 Video rocket (0 00:00:33)
Externally mounted camera on a 10ft, 6" D fiberglass rocket powered by an AMW N2600 GG at EO launch site in Cherryfield, Maine. [View]

Rocket Launch (0 00:00:33)
This is a video of a rocket me and my friends launched for TARC-Team America Rocketry Challenge. TARC is a competition for high and middle schools. The top 100 schools get to go to the nationals in ... [View]

Updated "Freedom is Wireless" TV ad (0 00:00:33)
Have you seen our updated "Freedom is Wireless" TV ad? If not, make sure to watch it! In the 33-second spot, viewers will succinctly see just some of the "cool" and cutting-edge products and services ... [View]

Loc Magnum, "Big Fat Betty" cluster failure (0 00:00:33)
Loc Magnum, named "Big Fat Betty". Clustered H180W and 2 G74Ws. Only one G74 lit... [View]

Tomahawk Model Rocket Launch 11, Recovery system FAILURE, Rocket body lost! (0 00:00:33)
Nosecone and parachute sperated from rocket body. Nosecone/parachute recovered but could not locate body. Bright white 3 foot long you think would be easy to find in the desert. Maybe we will find it ... [View]

Estes Prowler, Estes Executioner, and custom built Perseus at Vajonory, Slovakia (0 00:00:33)
Old Vajnory airport, 4 July 2018 Estes Prowler (with added payload section) on AT F23-8 Estes Executioner on Klima D9-5 Perseus on 2xD9-5 Klima All good flights at great launch site [View]

Stealth Jr. Aerotech G80 (0 00:00:33)
First launch of my level 1 cert rocket, altitude was about 1400 feet. Temp was 65 degrees, wind slight 2-4 mph breeze, beautiful day. Rocket landed about 75 yards from launch tower. DIAMETER : 2.6 ... [View]

Level 2 Certification Launch (0 00:00:33)
A high school senior project. The rocket is 6" in diameter and about 12' long or so. It ended up near the SUNY Geneseo campus, and at last report, they were still trying to recover the nose cone ... [View]

Der Blue Max (0 00:00:33)
This a Estes Der Red Max kit. Just painted the rocket blue and bought the decals from Excelsior Rocketry [View]

Estes Ventris Rocket G-57 classic (0 00:00:33)
Ventris on CTI g-54 classic motor to about 1700 feet. [View]

SpaceX Falcon 9 Drone - Short (0 00:00:33)
First off thanks for all the replies, and all of the pool cleaning pointers. As a PSA, it's not my pool, but I'll pass along the info to my friend. My latest RC project is a tiny version of the ... [View]

Something Big Is Coming (0 00:00:33)
Visit: for more information on SpaceX, Dragon, Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, reusable rockets, grasshopper, Mars, upcoming rocket launch, or Elon Musk. For more information on ... [View]

Launch M840 CTI (0 00:00:33)
Success to 30,197ft!!! [View]

Estes Argent ROSC 3/12 Club Launch (with Chute Release) (0 00:00:33)
Estes Argent on a CTI F59. This combo definitely works better on a 9 second delay; did a 7 here and it was too soon. Chute Release did EXACTLY what it was supposed to. From the ground, it looked ... [View]

AstroCam (0 00:00:33)
Bought this rocket for the camera, but that doesn't mean I won't fly it! This is on a B6-4, but this rocket should have a longer delay than that. Still flew fine. [View]

SpaceX Falcon 9 v1.1 rocket explodes on landing (0 00:00:33)
SpaceX launched its Falcon 9 v1.1 rocket on Sunday, successfully sending NASA’s Jason-3 ocean-measuring satellite into orbit but failing a return landing on a drone platform in the Pacific ... [View]

ROCKONN 3/20/215 Estes Majestic model rocket launch on F motor (0 00:00:33)
This was given to our young flyer Shelby by our club guest from SC. This is now the largest rocket in here collection and she is super happy girl. [View]

Feminine_Side (0 00:00:33)
"My Feminine Side" scratch built rocket. Black with pink polka dots. First flight, Estes D11-3 motor. Streamer recovery, one fin broken on landing. [View]

Lets Move - Orioles (0 00:00:33)
Today, nearly 1 in 3 children in America are overweight or obese. Over the past three decades, childhood obesity rates in America have tripled. First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move! Initiative has ... [View]

Bong Launch 9 28 2014 Wildman Extreme Darkstar L motor (0 00:00:33)
Launch of a Wildman Extreme Darkstar on an L motor [View]

MK7 Maiden Flight (0 00:00:33)
Maiden Flight of the XROX Aerospace MK7 prototype model rocket. This launch was at the Upstate Region Rocketry Festival (URRF) hosted by the Upstate Roegion Rocketry Group (URRG) on June 23, ... [View]

Wombat's Big Daddy rocket launch @ MMRG (0 00:00:33)
Flight of Wombat's Big Dadday at recent Melbourne Metro Rocketry Group launch day [View]

Estes Patriot Rocket onboard camera over Warnbro Sound Perth Western Australia (0 00:00:33)
This was our first launch with the USB SPY CAMERA available on EBay for $15. It mate very little difference to the flight trajectory of the Estes patriot model rocked and also managed to get a nice ... [View]

Riptide Model Rocket Launch #1 (0 00:00:33)
This was our first launch of the Estes Riptide with a B4-4 engine which probably went up about 250 feet. [View]

Launch 12 Tower Umbilical Disconnect Slowmotion (0 00:00:33)
On July 19th 2015 Portland State Aerospace Society launched their "LV2.3" rocket with advanced flight computer to about 5 kilometers above the Central Oregon desert. This camera was placed on the ... [View]

Saturn I Flight at NARAM-50 (View 2) (0 00:00:33)
SA-5 Saturn I scale model by the Meatball Rocketry team. This model took 1st place in Team Division at NARAM-50 in 2008. For more info on this project, see ... [View]

Damian's rocket launch filmed by my Quadcopter - Midland Rocketry 9th March 2014 (0 00:00:33)
Damian's rocket launch filmed by my Quadcopter, unfortunately from 300 feet I could not see the pad clearly and thought they were further down so missed the impact / landing. but you can see the ... [View]

November 2009 Damn Abresch Boys Mach Madness attempt (0 00:00:33)
This was a rocket specifically designed to compete in Mach Madness attempts at MDRAs Higgs Farm launch site. This was the maiden flight. The rocket was constructed by Peter, Ben, Joseph, and JP. ... [View]

Rocket with on board camera powered by C6-3 estes engine (0 00:00:33)
Home made rocket with on-board camera. Very cool project to do with the kids! [View]

Estes Oracle Flight # 1 (0 00:00:33)
Estes Oracle model rocket camera flight on D12-5 engine at Manly Bennett Field Pinckney, MI 7/4/06. [View]

K450 Saucer (0 00:00:33)
My 54mm saucer on a research 54/1706 K450. Flown at Red Glare 10. [View]

Slow motion Estes "Flash" model rocket launch (0 00:00:33)
Taken with the slow-motion video capture mode on an HTC One. This is an Estes "Flash" model rocket, running a C6-5 motor. Estimates between 950ft and 1100ft apogee...! This rocket has had about 30 ... [View]

Estes Oracle Video Rocket Launch (0 00:00:33)
Video Rocket Victoria, BC Canada [View]

Mach 10 Upscale Model Rocket (0 00:00:33)
BT-101 radio controlled Centuri Mach-10 flying on an Aerotech F12-3 24mm reload. Filmed with Hobby Works "Keychain Camera" taped behind the cockpit. Too much of the model in the frame though. [View]

Estes Amazon Rocket Launch #1 (SEE DESCRIPTION) (0 00:00:33)
First of all, my mom was the one with my camera (since I was the one launching the rocket), second of all, this was like our fifth try to ignite the rocket (... [View]

Astrocam C11 5 11-14-2021 Onboard MDRA (0 00:00:33)
New Estes Astrocam camera, re-designed payload for proper orientation. Horizontal sling for descent. [View]

Aerotech Phoenix, F13-RCT. (0 00:00:33)
Aerotech Phoenix, F13-RCT (launch only) captured by E Ritchie on 10 Sept 2015 at Burlington Radio Controlled Flying Club (Bayview field). [View]

Der Red Magg G-76-4G (0 00:00:34)
532ft Apogee 81mph Top Speed 1.4s Burn time 14.7g Peak Acceleration 2.8g Avg Acceleration 3.2s Coast to Apogee -----s Apogee to Ejection 490ft Ejection Altitude 11mph Descent speed 24.6s Flight ... [View]

October 2020 Bob Utley Spool of Death flight 2 (0 00:00:34)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 261 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

KW M685 915 (0 00:00:34)
3 inch rocket on Aerotech M685 at XPRS 2014. Reached 30,900 feet. [View]

Broken Arrow L1685 12,027’ (0 00:00:34)
URRG 4-30-17 CTI L1685SS 75mm 5 grain Mach 1.2 Electronics: SL100, Raven 3, BRB GPS, Mobius camera [View]

Another awesome F-22 launch with 2x D3 cluster! (0 00:00:34)
Yet another demonstration of the R/C F-22 with a cluster of 2x Klima D3 model rocket motors. This was filmed near a village nearby to Vienna, we think. [View]

Last Call at NYPower (0 00:00:34)
Kicks off the pad on a K550 to 8987' at 1100+ fps. Awesome flight! [View]

Half Scale AMRAAM launch on a CTI L820 at WWW2016 (0 00:00:34)
Half Scale AMRAAM launch on a CTI L820SK at Williams Wildfire Westernationals 2016. [View]

LDRS 31 3/4 Patriot Missile (0 00:00:34)
3/4 Patriot Missile. Rocket weighs 310 lbs. at the pad. Rocket flown on a central Aerotech N2000 White Lightning, and four (4) Aerotech M1315 White Lightning motors, for a total impulse of 40,800 ... [View]

Centuri F-4 Fighter Fleet Rocket launched on a Estes C6-5 (0 00:00:34)
Centuri F-4 Fighter Fleet Rocket launched on a Estes C6-5 North Berwick,Maine 9/17/11 [View]

ROCKETS Mag Balls 23 Richard Hagensick RGH Questons 3 (0 00:00:34)
Richard Hagensick's RGH Question 3 rocket flight at Balls 23 [View]

Penumbra Preliminary Launch 2/27/2016 (0 00:00:34)
Tacho Lycos had a successful launch at the field in Bayboro, NC on Saturday, February 27, 2016. This launch is our qualifier for the NASA Student Launch Competition in Huntsville, AL. If you want to ... [View]

Estes Majestic (0 00:00:34)
E16-6 with Jolly Logic Chute Release at 100ft [View]

Onyx - Flight 11 - F39 (0 00:00:34)
David flew his LOC Onyx on an Aerotech F39 on Sunday September 16th, at MMMSClub in Berwick. [View]

Thrust Vector Control (TVC) Model Rocket (0 00:00:34)
Date: 18.07.2020 length: 0.587m Weight (start): 0.294kg Center of Gravity (Start): 0.245m (from the lowest point) Controller: PD with additional strongly limited I component Motor: 1*Klima D3-P ... [View]

How to assemble an estes mod rocket engine (0 00:00:34)
How to assemble a model rocket engine. P.s. the purple ignitor plug may be yellow on your ignitor plug [View]

A4 (V2) 1:10 model rocket third launch and safe landing (0 00:00:34)
Motor Aerotech K550W-P Launched at RJD 2018 The rocket had a stable descent from apogee with it´s pilot-chute. Unfortunately there is only footage of the main-chute landing [View]

"SUN" rocket with sparky motor (0 00:00:34)
Sparky nozzleless motor H-130, propellant KN-Isomalt-Ti. Lift off weight of the "SUN" rocket is 1,8kg. [View]

Goodbye Bandit 3 (0 00:00:34)
Launching rockets in the desert. Had my favorite rocket the Bandit 3 ready to go, so I decided to launch this one first. First no shoot. Second, saw where it landed, could not find it. Good bye ... [View]

Estes QCC Explorer #3221 Rocket Launch On A E9-4 (0 00:00:34)
Here is my Estes QCC Explorer Model Rocket my daughter Keona and I spent over 10 hours building. Sadly high winds drifter her off course during recovery and she was critically damaged beyond repair. [View]

International Rocketry Challenge Rocket Cam (0 00:00:34)
The International Rocketry Challenge took place at the Paris Air Show, June 19, 2015. The U.S. team from Alabama took first place against teams from the U.K. and France. Raytheon is a sponsor of the ... [View]

Nuclear Sledgehammer flying on M Aerotech redline motor (0 00:00:34)
Nuclear Sledgehammer flying on M Aerotech redline motor, flown by Rich Harshberger, approx 60 pounds on the pad ready to fly and flew to approx 5400' at sodblaster 2019 in Tri Cities Washington. [View]

AMRAAM K700 MWP (0 00:00:34)
My scratchbuilt AMRAAM on its way to 7,000ft on a K700 at Midwest Power 11 [View]

4" Fibreglass rocket J540R (0 00:00:34)
Matthew and Craig Packards father/son project on a Aerotech J540R motor to 3101feet [View]

K "Sparky" Motor in Pueblo, CO (0 00:00:34)
K Motor with "Special Effect" of sparks, Rocket owned by Jason Chamberlin of Pueblo West. Rocket recovered with a dual deployment system for its parachutes. [View]

Matt Johnson's Christmas Tree Rocket (0 00:00:34)
Matt Johnson's Christmas Tree rocket, launched May 1, 2010 at the MMAR sport launch, at the Muskegon County Wastewater Facility, Muskegon, MI. The tree weighs 38 pounds. It flew on a K550 White ... [View]

Estes Scamp upscale 168% 2nd flight (0 00:00:34)
This is the second flight zoomed in. [View]

Tower Launch Pad Test for MiniSShot (0 00:00:34)
This was a test for the Sugar Shot to Space project of the tower rocket launcher at the Freinds of Amateur Rocketry's test site for our upcoming MiniSShot flight test. The tower performed beautifly [View]

BOMARC (0 00:00:34)
MADCOW 2.6" BOMARC Built by Kevin McLeod First flight - 10 Oct 2015, CRC launch (LS2) Launched on Aerotech G64-7W [View]

Aerotech Initiator flying on an E16 Motor (0 00:00:34)
Aerotech Initiator flying on an E16 Blackjack motor. Lands nice and close. [View]

D12-3 x 5 cluster launch at Airfest 13 (0 00:00:34)
5 motor cluster D12-3 at Airfest 13, Argonia Kansas [View]

Model Rocket Cam (0 00:00:34)
I took out Cub Scout Pack out to launch some model rockets and decided to strap a camera to the "Mean Machine" and see how it turned out. [View]

Jiminy Cricket - LDRS 38 (CTI I242) (0 00:00:34)
Jiminy Cricket (Madcow Cricket) flying on a CTI I242 motor at LDRS 38, in the Kloudbusters Rocket Pasture near Argonia, Kansas. August 30, 2019.  [View]

D12-5 Ejection Charge Slow Motion Long View (0 00:00:34)
A D12-5 model rocket engine static test slow motion ejection charge long view with great sound. It convinced us to use a little more recovery wadding for the plastic 'chutes. [View]

Rocket launch with F class motor (KNO3/sugar/sorbitol) (0 00:00:34)
120g(rocket) + 110g( 26mm PexAl pipe & steel nozzle motor) + 40g(propellant) Delay charge deployed the chute too early. Due to the high speed(400km/h+) after burnout the chute was smashed from the ... [View]

Aerotech G-Force Final Flight (0 00:00:34)
3rd and final flight, the ejection charge failed to deploy the chute and in she went [View]

High Power Rocket with Skid-mark Motor (0 00:00:34)
This high power rocket was launched during the "Mile High Mayhem" event in Northern Colorado. It was a nice sunny day on that Friday afternoon. - Northern Colorado Rocketry (NCR) - A Crews Control ... [View]

NCR (0 00:00:34)
Aerotech H195 motor with a version 18 #808 keychain camera straped to my Leviathan (Lunch Hour Build) from Estes at the North Launch Site for the N.Co.Rocketry Club in the Pawnee Grass Lands. [View]

Model Rocketry at University of Leicester Payload Launch (0 00:00:34)
Rocket called Fetch. Two stage egg payload launch [View]

Doug Gardei's Fliskits Nantucket Red Glare X - Day 1 (0 00:00:34)
Doug Gardei's Fliskits Nantucket on an Aerotech E13-3 Taking off at 600 frames per second - Red Glare X - Day 1 [View]

Dr Naram ANNOUNCES availability of HERBAL REMEDIES in DG AYURVEDA India (0 00:00:34)
Do you wish to obtain Dr. Naram’s HERBAL REMEDIES in India, prepared combining his ancient deeper healing methods (from lineage & scriptures dated 800 A.D. tracing back to the famed Nalanda ... [View]

Crazy Jim's Drag Race Round II at Southern Thunder 2007 (0 00:00:34)
Featuring Andrew Grippo's Rene Rocket on a Loki K350 Moon Burner. Whitney Richard's Research One Rocket on an Animal Motor Works K555 Skidmark. [View]

H143 Stingray (0 00:00:34)
My upscale Stingray takes off with a CTI H143-6 Smoky Sam motor. I upgraded the parachute to a 45" chute, which was what the rocket needed to prevent the wing tips from flying off. April 24th, 2010. ... [View]

APOLLO SKYLAB 1, the last Saturn 5 (0 00:00:34)
2 days before the launch, the last Saturn 5 with Skylab space station on the pad 39a and Skylab 2-Saturn 1b on the pad 39b in the backgroud, May 12, 1973, filmed with super 8 movie camera, no sound. ... [View]

My Level 1 Rocket Launch Certification (0 00:00:34)
This is the first rocket I have ever built and my first attempt into High-Power certification for Tripoli Rocketry Association. It went well and was an extremely rewarding and fun experience. ... [View]

High Power Rocket. 54mm diameter Rocket Shred (0 00:00:34)
This is the flight of my 54mm rocket on a Aerotech K1100 Blue Thunder motor. The rocket shreds at Mach 1.5 [View]

Estes Mercury Redstone 4/Liberty Bell 7 (0 00:00:34)
Rocket Club X-1017. Maiden flight, C6-3, 218’. [View]

Estes Phoenix 98 Onboard Video D12 (0 00:00:34)
First Rocket Telemetry Flights 70cm band [View]

"K" high power rocket flies high!-NCRocketry (0 00:00:34)
A nice flight was made in Northern Colorado. The rocket flew on a K class rocket motor. Visit to learn more!-NCRocketry-A Crews Control Production [View]

Contrail J cato (0 00:00:34)
John Storey's Expediter on a Contrail J. May 3, 2008 HARA launch [View]

Midwest Power 13 - Bright, sparky M3000 flight (0 00:00:34)
At Midwest Power 13, Friday October 30, 2015, a few miles north of Princeton, IL. Roger Jezler's M3000-powered rocket looks great all the way up. (Leave a comment if you'd like me to add more ... [View]

Pitbull HPR (0 00:00:34)
Schuster family Cert 2 attempt on a PML Pitbull using a CTI J354 motor. [View]

Rocket Launch (0 00:00:34)
Harlingen High School Engineering and Tech Club members launch the rocket they used in competition last year on Thursday. They made a test launch with last year’s rocket before launching the rocket ... [View]

I launch my Apogee Aspire on a G80-10T at Snow Ranch. It reaches a theoretical speed of approximately 900 miles per hour. [View]

Brent M2505 (0 00:00:34)
Brent Bierstedt's V2 on a M2505. [View]

mean_machine.MOV (0 00:00:34)
Mean Machine on a D12-3 at Snow Ranch. [View]

October 2020 Jeff Miller Cool Spool (0 00:00:34)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 261 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

Thrust Vector Control - Series B Hold Down (0 00:00:34)
After building a ground-up simulation of the vehicle's behavior under thrust, I re-tuned the stability algorithm to the inertia I calculated from the results of a bifilar pendulum test. The ... [View]

Complex two-stage, first attempt (0 00:00:34)
CTI I345 to 2x CTI H54. Flight failed when the altimeter fired the apogee charge right after separation due to a pressure leak. [View]

Estes Oracle Video (0 00:00:34)
More info at Short clip from an Estes Oracle Video Rocket. Immediately after the Oracle was launched, an Astrocam on a nearby launc... [View]

NARAM 52 (0 00:00:34)
NARAM 52 will be held in Pueblo, Colorado from July 30 - August 6. Register now at [View]

Successful Launch by Rocket U (0 00:00:35)
A single-stage, high-powered rocket designed and built by engineers from NASA's Rocket University program was launched successfully from Launch Pad 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida on ... [View]

Binder Design Stealth Level 2 Cert Flight (0 00:00:35)
Level 2 Cert flight on a CTI J244. Was going to do it on a Skid but the club does not allow them:( Went 3,154ft. Sorry for bad video quality, wife ran off with the Camera so had to use the phone. ... [View]

Rocket Video #3 (0 00:00:35)
Rocket launch #3 for physics club at The University of Findlay [View]

Dumas Bros 3' M motor (0 00:00:35)
Rich Dumas and Woodie Dumas (twin sons of different mothers) prepare for the flight of a rocket which is all motor. The 40" rocket has a 38" motor inside. They don't call them the Dumas' for ... [View]

Estes Oracle Rocket Launch from On-board Camera (0 00:00:35)
Launch of the Estes Oracle rocket from an empty lot near Everman High School. This is the rocket's on-board video. [View]

Bonneville Salt Flats rocket launch (35 sec.) (0 00:00:35)
For four days, the Utah Rocket Club will set off anything from small model rockets to towering high-powered rockets at the Bonneville Salt Flats near Wendover. This is 16th year the hobby club has ... [View]

Faster Buddy, Faster! Midwest Power 12, Nov 1st 2014 (0 00:00:35)
My unsuccessful level one cert attempt. Max Altitude 1930ft, Min Altitude -4.5ft, approx 350 ft/s accent, 270 ft/s decent. It seems the ejection charges were undersized or didn't burn fully. The ... [View]

L1 Certification attempt (0 00:00:35)
A brief video of my first L1 cert attempt. A PML Io on an Aerotech H123W. A beautiful flight up and down. Sadly, the nosecone ring failed and detached. Recovered it all and look forward to my next ... [View]

Nasa douses rocket launch pad with two million-litre water fountain (0 00:00:35)
Nasa tests out the water deluge system for its new Space Launch System (SLS). The Ignition Overpressure Protection and Sound Suppression (IOP/SS) system releases two million litres (450,000 gallons) ... [View]

jesse hall level1 (0 00:00:35)
Jesse Hall's successful Level 1 flight. PML Black Brant Vb on an Aerotech H128. Nice flight! SARG Launch, 11/10/12. [View]

Slipstream1.MOV (0 00:00:35)
My scratchbuilt Slipstream's maiden flight. Flying on a 29mm Aerotech G53 Fast Jack reloadable motor. Love the black smoke! The Slipstream is 79" long by 3" diameter. [View]

Casey Barker's M2100 Rocket at Snow Ranch Feb 2, 2012 (0 00:00:35)
This is a big rocket. An M2100 motor is quite large as well. Though I often joke about rocket science, this is truly is a very technical endeavor and well done. Far beyond my efforts. Rocket ... [View]

Little John Missile and Launcher (0 00:00:35)
Little John Missile and Launcher Full Playlist: National Air and Space Museum Udvar-Hazy Center VA TilTul ... [View]

FDA Sunscreen TV PSAs - Sunscreen Safety :30 (0 00:00:35)
Program Description: Not all sunscreens are created equal. The information included in this FDA PSA will help consumers decide how to buy and use sunscreen, and allow them to more effectively protect ... [View]

rocket almost hits car (0 00:00:35)
This is a video from the NEFAR site of a rocket that was launched but the ejection charge didn't work and it impacted like a missile mere feet from someone's car [View]

Estes Little Joe II (0 00:00:35)
Rocket Club X-1017. First flight with a D12-5. [View]

Code Red Model Rocket Launch (0 00:00:35)
Small rocket with a B engine in it. Not amazing but still pretty cool! [View]

Launch Flight of a E9 Engine Estes Der Red Max (0 00:00:35)
Launch Flight of a E9 Engine Estes Der Red Max [View]

Super Sonic Rocket (0 00:00:35)
Home built model that goes to mach 1.o in less than 15 seconds. Watch the fins warp at top speed. [View]

"Electric Shadow" on F32-6T and (2) C6's with Dual Deployment (0 00:00:35)
My cluster, dual deploy, on-board video capable Estes Shadow, "The Electric Shadow," flying in a cluster of (1) AeroTech F32-6T and (2) Estes C6's with dual deployment. It was supposed to have a ... [View]

Saturn 1B Launch (0 00:00:35)
The launch of my Saturn 1B with the Birmingham Rocket Boys, New Georgia Landfill, Birmingham AL, 2-20-10. [View]

SpaceX Falcon 9 model rocket launch onboard cam (0 00:00:35)
Maiden launch of my SpaceX Falcon 9 with Fairing model rocket kit on an Estes D12-5. An excellent "low-n-slow" flight. Everything worked flawlessly. Video was taken with one of the low-end 808 ... [View]

Oracle Rocket Cam (0 00:00:35)
Launch 1. Will Have better Soon. [View]

Yellow tube test with whistle mix (Heksehyls kanonslag) (0 00:00:35)
Rolled a tube from some cardstock and tested it with a whistle mixture. Decent bang and a nice effect, but the tube or the plug clearly wasn't hard enough. [View]

Daniel L1 Phobos.wmv (0 00:00:35)
Daniel Preheska's L1 flight - PML Phobos on a H123. [View]

ROCKETS Magazine LDRS 32 Vern Knowles (0 00:00:35)
Vern Knowles Angelfire on an N-1000 at LDRS 32 [View]

Triton Rocket Club New Member Launch at FAR, Feburary 2016 (0 00:00:35)
The launch of the new member rocket for Triton Rocket Club at UCSD. 2-6-16 Thanks to the people at Friends of Amateur Rocketry in Mojave. http://tritonrocke ... [View]

Launch Of Delta #21 Model Rocket - March 16, 2008 (0 00:00:35)
Ground video of the successful launch of our 1/32 semi-scale Delta model rocket from "Cape Clinch," Tennessee, on March 16, 2008. Power was 1 x Estes C6-5 in the Delta "core" and 2 x D12-0 in two of ... [View]

LDRS 1 - The Launch (0 00:00:35)
Justin finally flew the rocket he built. He was soooooooo stoked. Congrats Justin on your successful flight! And what's even better is that he made it a travel bug and had over 400 people sign it ... [View]

Majestic Rocket launch (0 00:00:35)
First launch of my new Majestic Rocket. MTMA web site: Video by Dungeon Studio Prototyping: [View]

Estes Baby Bertha and Majestic (0 00:00:35)
Another fun day flying some rockets, no drone today because the rain was starting to fall. Rockets were a Baby Bertha on B6-4, C6-5 and Majestic on E16-6 #modelrocket #modelrocketry #rocketry ... [View]

Honest John 24 mm (0 00:00:35)
Estes Honest John Estes D12-5 engine Horning Farm Manchester, Mi 4/23/16 [View]

Estes Bullpup B4-4 7-30-11 (0 00:00:35)
Estes Bullpup on an Estes B4-4. [View]

ROCC 04/27/14, Spoo' G25W (0 00:00:35)
My spool called Spoo' on the reissued AeroTech G25W long burn reload. AWESOME motor!! Excited to finally fly one. Chute tangled but the Spoo' bounced, as spools do. [View]

Cardinal (0 00:00:35)
Cardinal flying on a CTI K820 Blue Streak. Apogee: 5333 feet Top Speed: ~600mph [View]

Estes Oracle Rocket Launch from On-board Camera (0 00:00:35)
Estes Oracle Rocket Launch from On-board Camera. [View]

Vashon Industries Valkyrie 2 Model Rocket Commercial (0 00:00:35)
TV Commercial for Vashon Industries Valkyrie 2 model rocket [View]

Thrud on Cesaroni - bad chute deployment.mp4 (0 00:00:35)
For more details, see 2 October 2010, Amesbury MA (CMASS) -- Flight #31, "Rev 4a" hardware flight #6 LCO: CMASS Still photographer: None Video photographer: Dave ... [View]

Aeropac Mudroc 2009 1/2 Scale Patriot - AMW N4000 Blue Babboon (0 00:00:35)
Aeropac Mudroc XPRS2009 1/2 Scale Patriot AMW N4000 Blue Babboon, 12,897' AGL [View]

First Flight Apogee Aspire (0 00:00:35)
Maiden flight of the Apogee Aspire a D12-7 during Washington Aerospace Clubs Tax Relief 2014. Flight data Jolly Logic Altimeter II Peak Altitude: 1064' Top Speed: 204moh Peak Acceleration: 15.4 Gs [View]

X-15 RC Rocket glider flight on G-25 (0 00:00:35)
This is courtesy of jkplyter who filmed the demo at the evergreen aero modelers foam fest 2015 at evergreen aviation museum. The full foam fest video is at: ... [View]

P1000839 (0 00:00:35)
Kit's deployment and near catastrophic recovery. All's well that ends well, though! SARG launch, 11/12/11. [View]

Two Stage Rocket on Booster Vision (0 00:00:35)
Clayton has a two stage rocket spin like a dryer on the first stage and then spin the other way on the second stage. Very good sound and great staging video. [View]

Quest Nike-K with a C6-5 (0 00:00:35)
Mary Baker launches my Quest Nike K with an Estes C6-5. Rocket landed in a tree. Launched in Ohio [View]

Midwest Power 13 - Halloween rocket on an I-327 skidmark (0 00:00:35)
At Midwest Power 13, Friday October 30, 2015, a few miles north of Princeton, IL. Evan Olevich smashes his Halloween-themed Flying Pumpkin into the sky on an I-327. It careens way off to the south ... [View]

Environmental Aeroscience - 12 inch Nitrous Hybrid Rocket Motor Restart (0 00:00:35)
The Hyperion II is designed as a 12" diameter sounding rocket capable of lofting a 100lb payload to an altitude of over 100 miles for use as a research or atmospheric target rocket. The hybrid ... [View]

Mean Machine Model Rocket Launch 1.2 (0 00:00:35)
Mean Machine Model Rocket Launch in high quality! Using d12-3 rocket engine!!!! [View]

N1800 Rissa Onboard (0 00:00:35)
Successful NAR L3 Cert flight with my Rissa Rocket :). Motor is a CTI N1800 White. (4 grain 98mm motor) [View]

Start der Estes "Der Red Max" (0 00:00:35)
Start der Estes "Der Red Max" bei strahlendem Sonnenschein und fast keinem Wind ;) [View]

Interceptor Nose Dive (0 00:00:35)
Estes Interceptor on B6-4 (underpowered) takes a nose dive! Model has been repaired and has seen two successful flights since this happened. [View]

Supersonic high power rocket flight in Poland (0 00:00:35)
Reached 9,3km and Mach 2,5 ( around 3000km/h ) on a single Cesaroni M1540 ( 5 Grain ) [View]


Estes Prowler 1st Launch (D12-5) (0 00:00:35)
Augest 12 2018 - Estes Prowler on a D12-5 with onboard 808 Keychain Camera [View]

My Madcow Bomarc (0 00:00:35)
A large sport scale model of ramjet-powered surface-to-air missile flies for the first time on an Aerotech F50-4T motor. Again at the Frankenmuth Aeromodellers Flying Club field near Frankenmuth, ... [View]

Students from across the country compete in NASA rocket launch (0 00:00:35)
Students from around the country came to the Tennessee Valley to compete in a rocket launch. [View]

Oracle model rocket launch with D12-3 motor (0 00:00:35)
Estes Oracle model rocket launch with D12-3 rocket motor with slight wind from the north. Pretty launch with pristine landing, best video of the 3 flight for this model. [View]

Long Hill Gang\'s 4-H Model Rocket Launch (0 00:00:35)
This is the video captured from our Estes Oracle rocket on Dec. 12. [View]

This was the first test flight of my ORION 1 rocket (made from an Estes Mongoose). I used a small A8-3 rocket engine to achieve an altitude of 149.5 feet and an average speed of 66.1 MPH Rocket was ... [View]

Launch of the Estes Nike Apache (0 00:00:35)
My wife and I launching the Apache [View]

Crayon 54 Rocket (0 00:00:36)
A 54inch Ralpco Crayon (with FAO Schwartz on the Front) Goes for a Ride [View]

Dr. Zooch Space Shuttle - feeding the tree (0 00:00:36)
This was a picture-perfect launch of my Dr. Zooch Space Shuttle... right up to the point until the SRB/ET assembly decided to nest about 35 feet up a tree.. the ONLY tree in the field, no less. ... [View]

SpaceX - Falcon 9 and Dragon Rocket Model (0 00:00:36)
Official SpaceX Model Rocket: Visit: for more information on SpaceX, Dragon, Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, reusable rockets, grasshopper, Mars, upcoming rocket ... [View]

L2 flight (0 00:00:36)
HyperLoc 835 flown on a pro54 J295 classic to 5984' [View]

flycamone2 rocket onboard video (0 00:00:36)
Footage from a model rocket using the flycamone2 camera [View]

Estes Oracle with E9-8 (0 00:00:36)
Estes Oracle with E9-8. A little too long of delay for this's just too heavy. But maybe with an Aerotech E? [View]

Estes Scion F27-4R (0 00:00:36)
Estes Scion launch, slo-mo. [View]

High Power Rocket Level 1 Cert - PML Quicksilver with Aerotech H135W (0 00:00:36)
First flight of my Public Missiles Quicksilver and also my high power rocket level 1 certification flight. Launched with Tripoli Vegas at Jean, NV. Details: PML Quicksilver HAMR motor reten ... [View]

3/4 scale Nike Rocket launch, Balls 2017 (0 00:00:36)
Balls 2017 Rocket Launch is an annual event where research rockets are launched in the Black Rock Desert, NV. Here is a 3/4 scale Nike rocket launch that did not go well. O motor, 11.5" in diameter, ... [View]

A perfect launch (0 00:00:36)
A launch of the Estes rocket "Mean Machine," a six foot seven inch rocket. [View]

Maiden flight of my Tomahawk Rocket Boost Glider (0 00:00:36)
Maiden flight of my Tomahawk Rocket Boost Glider at EARS Rocket Club on the 7th April 2919. Filmed by Andy Calver. [View]

1/3 scale Model X 15 Launch, Epic Fail, Plaster Blaster 2009 (0 00:00:36)
November 7, 2009, Plaster Blaster rocket meet at Plaster City, CA. This is a 1/3 scale X-15 with two Cessaroni Pro98 M2505 motors. [View]

Oracle - G80 Cato (0 00:00:36)
Gus Piepenburg's Oracle rocket on an Aerotech G80T at Tripoli Indiana's August 2010 launch. The motor blew by at liftoff. [View]

Steve Bayak Jr's Fatboy on 3 L2300G's and 1 N1000W - SANY0023 (0 00:00:36)
Steve Bayak Jr's Fatboy on 3 L2300G's and 1 N1000W at Red Glare X [View]

1/2 Scale Patriot Launch Tripoli Level 3 (6) (0 00:00:36)
I launched this 1/2 scale Patriot missile at High Frontier 8 in Pawhuska, Oklahoma on September 24, 2011. This launch was hosted by Tulsa Rocketry. I successfully got my Level 3 Certification from ... [View]

Dark Star Lite - Onboard Video (0 00:00:36)
Wildman Dark Star Lite flying on an Aerotech G77, onboard video [View]

Nike Smoke at Lucerne Dry Lake (0 00:00:36)
Andrew's Nike Smoke on Aerotech J90 on Oct. 14, 2012 [View]

Thrust Vector Control (0 00:00:36)
Datum: 16.03.2020 Länge: 0.904m Gewicht (Start): 0.94kg Center of Gravity (Start): 0.34m (vom untersten Punkt) Regler: PD mit zusätzlichem stark limitierten I Anteil Antrieb: 4*Klima D3-P [View]

June 2015 Dick Stafford Harpoon (0 00:00:36)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 204 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

Camp TImberlake - Rocketry (0 00:00:36)
Camp Timberlake - Video Shorts Black Mountain, NC 28711 For more information please visit our website at: Rocketry is a blast at Camp Timberlake. Our rocketry program ... [View]

Estes Oracle Launch 07/17/2008 (0 00:00:36)
Another launch of the Oracle camera. The park we were launching from had apparently caught on fire recently, so you can see how much of the land is scorched. [View]

Fat Boy CATO Flights (0 00:00:36)
Attempted C11-3 flights of a modified Estes Fat Boy model rocket with onboard video camera. Both flights ended early with a motor malfunction. [View]

4X Thor-X @ LDRS26 (0 00:00:36)
Thor-X launched on (1) N4000bb and (3) m2200 skidmarks, weight was 335lb and 28.5 feet long, reached to 5800 feet. Also got (2) covers of magazines and (1) centerfold in another. [View]

Rocket Motor Test - School STEM (0 00:00:36)
UAH Propulsion Research Center and Space Hardware Club June 26, 2013 Randolph School, Huntsville, AL Motor used: CTI J244 [View]

Klima Delphius rocket, last flight from Slovakia 2017 (0 00:00:36)
One last flight of the Delphius before we put away the rockets, say goodbye to Slovakia, and head back to Florida. Klima C6-0 booster, Klima C6-5 in the upper stage, apogee over 1000 feet. Klima ... [View]

Little Dog drag race (0 00:00:36)
Little Dog drag race on Loki H100's at ST08. [View]

LOC Precision Nuke Pro Maxx - CTI I212 - July 24 2016 - OROC Summer Skies (0 00:00:36)
LOC Precision's Nuke Pro Maxx built and flown by Brian Hendricks. It was modified for dual deployment. It flew on a CTI 38mm I212 Smoky Sam at Oregon Rocketry's "Summer Skies 2016" launch in ... [View]

Yellow Jacket Land Shark (0 00:00:36)
Tom's rocket, Pale Rider, on a Yellow Jacket L778. The motor burns, stops, and then resumes several times, falling to the ground before final burnout. [View]

Ganymede Hybrid P Class Rocket (0 00:00:36)
Scott Fintel's Ganymede project launched 11/09/08 in NW Iowa. More info here [View]

Red Glare XI Ultimate Wildman (0 00:00:36)
A L3 attempt on an Ultimate Wildman on M power [View]

NARAM 53 JULY 24 3D (0 00:00:36)
I created this video with the YouTube 3D Video Editor  [View]

Astrocam B6-6 (0 00:00:36)
Estes Astrocam on B6-6 [View]

SatVland (0 00:00:36)
Landing of Steve Eves' record -setting Saturn V model. It actually landed standing upright!! [View]

Harmony School of Endeavor-Austin rocketry teams compete in Team America Rocketry Challenge (0 00:00:36)
The Harmony School of Endeavor-Austin rocketry teams are national finalists in the Team America Rocketry Challenge. The teams have been invited to the final fly-off in Virginia on may 18, 2019. The ... [View]

Midwest Power 13 - Spool flies on a J500 (0 00:00:36)
At Midwest Power 13, Friday October 30, 2015, a few miles north of Princeton, IL. Spool-shaped rocket on a very fast J500, plus funny recovery. The last rocket to fly Friday before the L1000 ... [View]

Carl's First G Rocket Launch - The Barracuda (0 00:00:36)
Winning Launch of the Artesia Rocket Festival Place: Artesia Salt Flat, Nevada Date: August 21, 2011 Rocket: Aerotech Barracuda Engine: Aerotech G38 Black Jack Apogee: 2050 feet Built and Launched ... [View]

Centuri Skylab (0 00:00:36)
Graves Campground C6-3 Key Chain cam [View]

Astrocam Parachute Problem (0 00:00:36)
Estes Astrocam launch from ground. Parachute got singed and spun down. [View]

LDRS 38 - O5000 flight by Eric and Tom Cayemberg (0 00:00:36)
On Sunday, September 1, 2019, at LDRS 38 on the rocket pasture in Argonia, KS, immediately after Wayne Comfort's O-motor flight, Eric and Tom Cayemberg of Manitowoc, WI, flew THEIR 7.7-in IQSY ... [View]

Proton Satellite Deployment Test (0 00:00:36)
Larry Greenan's video of the test deployment of the satellite from it's carrier sleeve that will be ejected at apogee from the 1/12th scale Proton at Plaster Blaster 9! [View]

Estes Rocket Launches (0 00:00:36)
Monday, December 27, 2010 - Launching two models with three succesful flights, First up is the Estes Sky Dart, Then the Estes Farside, [View]

3x upscale Estes Orbital Transport high power rocket flight (0 00:00:36)
Maiden flight of Joe Grubb's 3x upscaled Estes Orbital Transport on an Aerotech I-211. Piggyback glider remote controlled. Yes, my apologies, I missed the boost. [View]

4" Nike I600 (0 00:00:36)
Aiden Sojourner Polecat Aerospace 4" Nike Smoke on an I600 Redline. [View]

Wildman Drago Rocket onboard footage - F240 vmax (0 00:00:36)
A Wildman Drago on a CTI F240 (Vmax .3 second burn time) to about 400 feet. More at This launch was at METRA, a NY state NAR organization. The rocket is all ... [View]

Polecat Aerospace Nike Smoke on a Cesaroni Pro38 I285 April 11, 2009 (0 00:00:36)
Polecat Aerospace Nike Smoke flying on a Cesaroni Pro38 I285 at Hearne. About 1500 feet. [View]

Johnny Rockets Flying Saucer on an Aerotech E-25-11 (0 00:00:36)
I decided to make a Johnny Rockets paper ketchup bowl into a model flying saucer. It is 4.5" diameter and weighs only 0.4 oz empty. I test flew it on an Estes B6-4 for its first flight. it was ... [View]

Estes C5-3 Super Engine First Flight (0 00:00:36)
This is our custom made SR-71 Blackbird Model Rocket with a brand new re-released C5-3 Super Engine. [View]

Death of a Goblin (0 00:00:36)
A Polecat Goblin dies a horrible death [View]

Drone Footage of an Estes Model Rocket Launch (0 00:00:36)
This is some aerial footage of an Estes Yankee model rocket launch. The rocket actually got quite close to the drone! Enjoy! [View]

MSS two engine firing (0 00:00:36)
Dual Engine Test, 5/18/07 [View]

CTI O3400 launch Airfest 20 (0 00:00:36)
28,882 feet in altitude. 1.61 mach. Landed within 2 miles of pad. Rocket called ""O" My" [View]

March 2021 Fred Traverni 4 Stage Rocket (0 00:00:36)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's Eastern Short Launch (ESL) hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

Dynacom Anaconda on an L952W (0 00:00:36)
The Anaconda that I got from Gary Pletzer flying on an Aerotech L952W during the June 2018 ROCStock event at Lucerne Dry Lake, CA. Altitude was a little over 7200'. [View]

Mid-power Rocket Launch & Recovery Deployment (Aerotech Sumo) (0 00:00:36)
Another rough phone video of my second mid-powered rocket launch. Rocket is the "Sumo" by Aerotech. G-engine (Aerotech White Lightning) was used with reusable aluminum motor casing. The parachute ... [View]

Sharbani fam's first estes MAMMOTH Launch (0 00:00:36)
Perfect launch apogee chute Deployment and retrieval. No better way to teach kids science. [View]

Hevous at Balls 19 (0 00:00:36)
Launch of the Hevous Q motor rocket at Balls 19 by Hillbilly Rocketry . Hevous team - Darrel Burris, Robin Blackford, Don Alexander, Jimmy Hussey, Bob Heninger and Jim Hussey. Motor failure due to ... [View]

Estes Fat Boy Rocket C6-5 Engine (0 00:00:36)
Read Description Below! Season 2 EP 8 A launch at the local High School. An Estes Fat boy on a C6-5. Had a good flight but the old parachute came apart from some of the shrouds so it had rough ... [View]

Estes Oracle Rocket - Lost & Found (0 00:00:36)
Bought this rocket because it has a camera built in. Unfortunately, I have not been able to have a WIndows nor Mac machine recognize the camera to pull image... [View]

Estes Oracle on E20-7W (0 00:00:36)
Estes Oracle on E20-7W. Great flight, good altitude. This rocket really goes on those Aerotech motors. [View]

Launch 11 High Speed Camera (600 fps) (0 00:00:36)
On July 20th 2014 Portland State Aerospace Society launched their "LV2.3" rocket with advanced flight computer. This camera shows a very slow motion view of the launch, 25 times slower than real ... [View]

The Launch Pad - Amraam on 2 E-11s (0 00:00:36)
Onboard video of Launch Pad Amraam on 2 E-11 motors. [View]

Pharaoh2a-CertFlight.wmv (0 00:00:36)
Snippets from Roger Hoffman's Level 2 Cert Flight on a CTI J295. 1,205 feet with a "spinning" rocket named Pharoah 2a. [View]

Midwest Power 13 - Bumble Bee on a G106 Skidmark (0 00:00:36)
At Midwest Power 13, Friday October 30, 2015, a few miles north of Princeton, IL. Naturally, I had to put up another video of my dad flying something. Here's his "Bumble Bee," which he built out of a ... [View]

Wildman Interceptor Sport 08 30 2015 CTI 29mm 6xl I 224 (0 00:00:36)
Wildman Interceptor Sport on a CTI 29mm 6XL grain I-224. Fantastic flight and recovery. Used APE Rocketry sled in nosecone with Missileworks RRC2+ altimeter for apogee ejection at 5192 ft. [View]

Apollo 16 Rocket Launch Archival Public Domain Stock Footage (0 00:00:36)
Subscribe: Like: Visit: Follow: 35 seconds of ... [View]

Mark 2.6 on Aerotech F24-4W (0 00:00:36)
We launched this on Thursday, June 16 around 8:30 pm. This rocket is an upscale of the Mark 2 rocket. [View]

BSD Thor - AMW K560RR - WAC Autumn Glare 2009 (0 00:00:36)
In this video, Bill Wyvel flies a BSD Thor on an Animal Motor Works K560 Red Rhino at the Washington Aerospace Club's Autumn Glare launch. [View]

A4B Winged V-2 RC Rocket boosted glider (0 00:00:36)
Maiden rocket launches of 4B winged V2 [View]

DVR 2 Thrasher 3rd Flight Onboard (0 00:00:36)
Old onboard Rocket video by Brittain Fraley. [View]

estes alpha model rocket launch (0 00:00:37)
we had to build and launch these for our project in astronautics class at cal poly pomona. estes alpha rocket using estes a8-3 engines. we were supposed to find angle of launch to finish project, so ... [View]

06 Cineroc edited (0 00:00:37)
Mini Cineroc launched at Cambridge Rocket Club launch on May 31, 2020. Rocket powered by C.6-5 model rocket engine. This is posted in actual speed. [View]

estes rocket launch viewed by drone (0 00:00:37)
Estes rocket flight seen by a drone [View]

Aerotech Cheetah vs Estes Ventris drag race - rematch. (0 00:00:37)
Estes Ventris on CTI 159G54 R-LB-9 Aerotech Cheetah on CTI 163 H133BS-14A Rematch, previous was with both rockets on CTI159G54 R-LB Same outcome. [View]

Dan Michael's More Lori's Glory (0 00:00:37)
Dan's Pink Rocket on a M motor at Red Glare IX. [View]

Launch of the Estes Crossfire ISX 05/21/16 (0 00:00:37)
My wife and I launching the Crossfire ISX [View]

Onboard Video 3 (0 00:00:37)
Third launch of the day (2-20-10) with the Birmingham Rocket Boys, New Georgia Landfill, Birmingham AL. [View]

LDRS 30 Mongoose M745 (0 00:00:37)
Gorilla Motors M745- 16000' apogee. September 2, 2011 at LDRS 30 in Argonia, KS. Video by ROCKETS Magazine. [View]

Chris Short O4000 (0 00:00:37)
My Orange Crush rocket at LDRS 30 on an O4000 White Lightning. Motor was made by Burl FInkelstein and myself(mostly Burl) and flight was filmed by Rockets Magazine( ... [View]

LDRS Bonneville 1998 two stage (0 00:00:37)
Rocket launch on the Bonneville salt flats [View]

Onboard a rocket to 3650' (0 00:00:37)
Flight of Corkscrew using a G40-10W. Estes Oracle video nosecone installed for this flight. Great altitude on this one. See how it changes spin direction after the first half second or! ... [View]

54 mm Stealth on an Aerotech J250-FJ motor, 2nd attempt (0 00:00:37)
At the STAC launch at the Beeville Municipal Airport, Tx on August 11, 2012. [View]

1/72 Space Shuttle Model Test Flight, October 1998, #1 (0 00:00:37)
Model by George Gassaway, first flight of the day, of an on and off project started in 1977. Video shot by Greg Warren. 1/72 scale model flown on F25 rocket engine. See my website at: http:/ ... [View]

SL100 LED testing for Nike Smoke L2 Rocket flight .MOV (0 00:00:37)
Hooked up an LED to my Stratologger altimeter. Loose fit into the AV bay with rough undercoat/filler finish sanded back. Another LED and key switch will go in so I've got visual indication that ... [View]

Matt Johnson's Cosmostrator (0 00:00:37)
The Cosmostrator, built by Matt Johnson, launched May 1, 2010 at MMAR. All the motors lit, but not at the same time, and this is the result. [View]

Test of flasher for rocket night launches (0 00:00:37)
Testing a simple circuit to flash bright LED's for incorporation into a night launch system for my rockets for next year's (2011) night launches... [View]

Porthos LDRS26 (0 00:00:37)
Porthos in Amarilo Texas [View]

KARS_9Sep11_LOC_Grad.avi (0 00:00:37)
Video from keychain camera strapped to LOC Graduator flying on Estes D12-3. Altitude from AltimeterOne was 106ft. [View]

Rocket D12-5_NEW.avi (0 00:00:37)
Estes Executioner rocket with D12-5 Engine. First launch and worked a treat! [View]

"Not an Engineer" - EX L1200, BALLS 24 (0 00:00:37)
2" MD rocket, "Not an Engineer" on an L1200 at BALLS 24. Video by Jacob Braibish. [View]

150 mm (6") sugar rocket CATO (0 00:00:37)
150 mm KNSU sucrose rocket motor launch. Motor failed at the bulkhead resulting in a CATO. Friends of Amateur Rocketry test facility, Mojave Desert. [View]

Estes Rocket rides into football practice (0 00:00:37)
Ride an Estes Amazon Rocket into pee wee football practice. Using a key chain camera, you can see the sports fields at Santa Rosa, Ca., Montgomery High School. [View]

P1040618.MOV (0 00:00:37)
My Mercury Engineering Integrator flying on a cluster of three D12-3's. Broke a fin on landing, but it's repairable. [View]

Jeff's Quantum Leap II @ QRS launch 10/11/2013 (0 00:00:37)
Not according to plan, Jeff's second stage appears to have deployed recovery devices at 2nd stage ignition. Waiting to see what data can be pulled from the altimeters, hopefully this can be ... [View]

B6-4 powered rocket launch - Filmed By Drone (Slow Mo) (0 00:00:37)
Estes B6-4 powered rocket, filmed by Phantom 3 drone at Tanybwylch beach, Aberystwyth, Wales. Second launch - and a second failure to deploy the parachute and helicopter nose cone :( Rocket was ... [View]

Mini AJAKS - Stationary (0 00:00:37)
Two stage rocket flown near Fresno, CA. Second stage max altitude 5500 ft. First stage flown on an Aerotech K695 and second stage on an Aerotech J460. [View]

2X UpScale SA-14 Archer (0 00:00:37)
CTI 54mm 6XL L805 White motor to 5185ft. MDRA ESL-209 [View]

Alexander's TARC team full power launch (0 00:00:37)
Home-made rocket powered by an Estes E9-6 engine [View]

Taranis 5 H400 to H143 Greg Hassler HD (0 00:00:37)
Taranis 5 H400 Vmax to H143 SS Greg Hassler 2017-08-12 Video by Jimmy Yawn From the official NEFAR website. [View]

Matt Steele vs Jamar "The Juice" Jackson (0 00:00:37)
Watch this short clip from the March 8, 2008 event of Bayou Classic Wrestling's Lagniappe Tour 2008. This exciting, high-energy match was between Matt Steele and Jamar "The Juice" Jackson. [View]

How to tie an Arbor Knot by Abu Garcia (0 00:00:37)
The Arbor Knot is used for tying line to the reel and can be used for both baitcast or spinning reels. This knot is suggested for monofilament and fluorocarbon lines. This can be also used for ... [View]

Little John on an H120R (0 00:00:37)
Flown to about 2000 feet. Recovered without a scratch. Thanks for watching [View]

Beer Keg Rocket Crashes at BALLS 2011 (0 00:00:37)
A large rocket with a keg of beer as a payload crashes at the BALLS 2011 Rocket Launch, Black Rock Desert, Nevada. Nobody was hurt and the keg of beer survived. [View]

Saturn V Model Rocket Launch (0 00:00:37)
This is video of the launch Steve Eves' 1/10th scale Saturn V on April 25th, 2009 in Price, MD. [View]

USS Atlantis Deux - first flight (0 00:00:37)
This is an upscale of the Estes USS Atlantis kit. The mail body tube is a BT-60 with a nose cone from an Estes Screaming Mimi. It's powered by two C6-5s in a FlisKits Deuce 2 x 18mm engine mount. [View]

North Coast Rocketry Eliminator (0 00:00:37)
North Coast Rocketry (by Estes) Eliminator flying on an F-62-6 Darkstar motor. [View]

LDRS 36 First Flight of K-Factor (0 00:00:37)
First Flight of K-Factor a 54mm Minimum Diameter Rocket on a CTI K530SS. The rocket reached an altitude of 11,812 feet and exceeded 1000 mph. [View]

Rocket Assisted RC Airplane #4 (0 00:00:37)
Aerobird Xtreme high power rocket assisted takeoff test. Four Estes C6-5 engines force the aerobird to fly. [View]

Elton John on Sydney - 'Me' Book Extract (0 00:00:37)
Taken from the global bestseller 'Me', Elton John's first and only official autobiography - 'The rock memoir of the decade' (Daily Mail). It's the joyously funny, honest and moving story of the most ... [View]

Estes Oracle Launch #2 (0 00:00:37)
Launch #2 of the Estes Oracle (1-23-10) at Jemison Field, Chilton County AL. The launch went ok, considering it being such a windy day. [View]

04_david_robb (0 00:00:37)
I believe this is David Robb's Vindicator on a J401 Fast Jack. LUNAR Snow Ranch launch, 04/07/12. [View]

Failure of 2400 lbs thrust rocket motor in flight at Balls 2005 (0 00:00:37)
Flight test of a 6 inch diameter 2400 lbs thrust solid rocket motor. Rocket weight at takeoff = 145 lbs. Motor was designed for a two stage 220 lbs rocket, but rocket was not ready in time and a ... [View]

Rocket goes bye-bye (0 00:00:37)
38mm minimum diameter rocket on I284 motor. RasAero simulation estimated 11,000 feet with top speed just over Mach 1.6 (recent flight on I161 went to 8,000 feet at Mach 1.0). However, the GPS ... [View]

Steve J - CTI N5800Cstar (0 00:00:37)
Steve flies his 6" diameter, 12+ feet tall, 100+ lb rocket named "Warped Reality" on a Cesaroni Technology N5800 Cstar motor. [View]

Nike Smoke Onboard Model Rocket Video - G76 Mojave Green (0 00:00:37) Nike Smoke: onboard video with a G76 Mojave Green motor [View]

Launch 12 Close Ground View 1 (0 00:00:37)
On July 19th 2015 Portland State Aerospace Society launched their "LV2.3" rocket with advanced flight computer to about 5 kilometers above the Central Oregon desert. Here is a view from just next to ... [View]

My Estes Eliminator XL Onboard and Ground View! (0 00:00:37)
My Estes Eliminator XL Onboard and Ground View! [View]

LDRS XXX High Power Rocket (0 00:00:37)
Yesterday I flew my 3" rocket to 15000' on a Loki Research Demo motor. It was about an L1500. 2.8 second burn. The flight was crazy fast. [View]

April 2018 Red Glare 19 Event 360 (0 00:00:37)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's Red Glare 19 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

D13 Asteroid Hunter (0 00:00:37)
Launching my Estes Asteroid Hunter with an Aerotech D13-4W motor. Perfect straight up flight. Ejection was a bit hot, which melted the parachute. [View]

Jim Parker Extreme Wildman N1100 (0 00:00:37)
Cool Flight of Jim Parker Extreme Wildman on an N-1100 From LDRS 30 DVD [View]

High Power Rocket Launch in Brothers, Oregon (0 00:00:37)
Michelle was allowed to help launch a high power rocket at a recent launch event in Brothers, Oregon. [View]

AstroCam (0 00:00:37)
OnBoard Video, Estes Astrocam Rocket! [View] (0 00:00:37)
Gerald Meux's LDRS 29 Pad Cam 1 10" Nike Smoke CTI N1100 Altitude 10500ft 700fps 6g's [View]

Estes “Alpha III” Rocket Launch 🚀 (0 00:00:37)
Hey guys, here’s another launch vid, this time it’s the “Alpha III” at bat. It performed perfectly and the launch went fantastically. Check out the SGRC Merch Store: ... [View]

Steel Breeze MWP 13 (0 00:00:37)
This is on-board video from my 4-stage Steel Breeze which I flew at Midwest Power-13 in Princeton, IL. The rocket boosted on an H999N, then staged to an H238T, then an H128W, and finally an H42My. ... [View]

Keira at rocket control (0 00:00:37)
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. [View]

LOC Onyx F24 Onboard (0 00:00:37)
David's Onyx flies on yet another F24! This time it is at MMMSClub in Berwick on April 7th, 2012. The flight was perfect, but the delay was just a bit too long. [View]

Leading Edge Rocketry Fireball with Paralight (0 00:00:37)
Fireball flight at MWP9 on an Aerotech G75 Metalstorm. The red light is the nosecone, the blue light is the new Leading Edge Rocketry "Paralight" shining into the canopy. [View]

PML Callisto Flight 13th October 2013 (0 00:00:37)
This video what recorded on my PML Callisto rocket launched on an AeroTech G-64-7 motor. Apogee is about 1,500 feet. The video was captured using a cheap key chain camera (720p HD). The location is ... [View]

Estes Oracle on an E9-8 (0 00:00:37)
Just thought i'd try the Oracle on an estes E motor. Not too bad, nice flight anyways. [View]

Woosh DeeCee Thunder rocket launch (0 00:00:37)
Woosh Rocketry "Day of Thunder" launch featuring DeeCee Thunder models. This one is powered by a D12-5. It needs a shorter delay, but still a fun flight. [View]

Estes Space Ship One Launch And Crash (0 00:00:38)
Launching Brett's Space Ship One. J.H.G. would not be proud of this flight. But it sure looked great. Alma College, Michigan [View]

DarkStar Extreme Ground test 1 (0 00:00:38)
Ground test of recovery system for L3 cert launch. [View]

Andrew's 15 motor cluster rocket (0 00:00:38)
15 motors to light at once off the pad, the motor part worked so well they exceeded the speed of the vehicle. Seen at Red Glare 3 at MDRA. [View]

LDRS Science Channel Trailer (0 00:00:38)
The Cajun Coalition Attends LDRS with a rocket powered TIki Bar [View]

Callisto 101109 (0 00:00:38)
Public Missiles Callisto rocket flying on an Aerotech G64W reloadable motor with a Booster Vision Gear CAM DVR on board taking the video. Having the camera and the already installed mirror housing ... [View]

Failed Two Stage Rocket (0 00:00:38)
Failed two stage rocket at Midwest Power 12 * Jukin Media Verified * Find this video and others like it by visiting For licensing / permission to ... [View]

04 Cineroc edited slow motion launch (0 00:00:38)
Min-Cineroc launched on a C.6-5. This video is a slow motion replay of the launch only. [View]

Mean Machine on E20-4 Single Use Motor Feb18, 2012 (0 00:00:38)
This is my Estes Mean Machine rocket that turned out a little heavier than the manufacturer predicted. That being the case, I used a bigger motor. MORE POWER!! Next time I'll go even bigger. Rocket ... [View]

Estes Hi-Flier (0 00:00:38)
Estes Hi-Flier maiden Flight [View]

Airfest 2012 (0 00:00:38)
This was a two-stager flown at Airfest 2012. Motors were N2500 to M745. Went to about 50K. [View]

Extreme Darkstar Ground Test (0 00:00:38)
This is the ground testing for my Level 3 Rocket, a Wildman Darkstar Extreme. Charges are fired remotely from my laptop through the AltusMetrum altimeter. [View]

Estes Hi Flier Rocket Launch 1E.avi (0 00:00:38)
this rocket flew straight as a pin! great little rocket, we can't wait to send it to 1600'. [View]

ROCKETS Magazine Tom VanDurme Warlock (0 00:00:38)
NYPOWER 20 Tom VanDurme Warlock flight [View]

1/72 Space Shuttle Model Test Flight, October 1998, #3 (0 00:00:38)
Model by George Gassaway, third flight of the day, of an on and off project started in 1977. Video shot by Greg Warren. 1/72 scale model flown on F25 rocket engine, with R/C orbiter doing an OMS burn ... [View]

Scott Tyrrell's Viper at Red Glare 9 (0 00:00:38)
Scott Tyrrell's Viper rocket on an EX M2500 pink motor for the 76/7600 hardware. I've been fine tuning this propellant for some time, and I think this version looks good. This 12' tall, 5.5" ... [View]

DARS Opens new Ellis County Farm rocket launch site (0 00:00:38)
DARS, the Dallas Area Rocket Society, has a new flying field in Ellis County, near the town of Waxahachie, in north Texas. DARS president Jack Sprague takes you on a quick tour of the one-mile ... [View]

SRM 2015 - Little Joe II (0 00:00:38)
Scale model Apollo little joe - cluster 7 engines [View]

Estes Oracle Video Rocket High Altitude Launch (0 00:00:38)
This was Launch number 8 with this incredible industructible rocket. It has been modified with an Aeropack Engine Retainer to accept Aerotech Engines. This was its highest flight so far: 1798 feet ... [View]

Mega Darkstar (0 00:00:38)
Mega Darkstar on a P-8000 at Thunderstruck 4 [View]

High Power Rocket Explosion at CATO Launch Event Oct 19, 2019 (0 00:00:38)
This is my latest scratch-built rocket that I named “High Hopes”. It’s 7 feet tall and 7.5 inches in diameter. It weighs just 3.3 Lbs with motor. It’s made of light-weight ... [View]

Night Launch - Cool Spool G75 Metalstorm (0 00:00:38)
Slow motion video of a Cool Spool launch on an Aerotech G75 Metalstorm at one of VAST's night launches. [View]

Estes Patriot Missile Model rocket Launch (0 00:00:38)
Launching my Estes Patriot Missile at The Compound in Palm Bay, Fl. [View]

FlisKits Tres, Near Miss. (0 00:00:38)
Two out of three ain't bad. Unless your flying a Tres. Sorry about the near miss Mr. Foster, sir. I only got two of the three motors to light this flight. Without enough thrust she still gets high ... [View]

Competitor 3 flying on an Aerotech M650W (0 00:00:38)
Performance Hobbies Competitor 3 flying on an Aerotech M650W taken from a ground camera under the rocket at the launch pad [View]

SCRA Rocket Launch - 10/5/19 - Silverfox (0 00:00:38)
By now my dad regrets not naming this rocket. [View]

NARAM 52 V2 (0 00:00:38)
Scale model of a German V2 launched on Saturday July 31, 2010 during NARAM 52 in Pueblo Colorado. The rocket suffered a malfunction at apogee with the body not being attached to the nose cone and it ... [View]

Crashing HAWK (0 00:00:38)
Scale model of a HAWK Missile being launched at National Sport Launch (NSL 2010). The Center of Gravity (CG)/Center of pressure (CP) must not have been in the proper relationship with each other. It ... [View]

Mid power rocket dual deployment SC10 PRO38 1G White (0 00:00:38)
DRRA, FTTS-2 Almere 2016. Mid power model met CTI PRO38 1G White motor. Dual deployment heft wel gewerkt, maar op het hoogste punt kwam de neuskegel niet goed los waardoor een duikvlucht tot ... [View]

NAR Level 2 Cert - Clash (0 00:00:38)
UWO High Powered Rocketry Project "Clash" Modified Wildman V2 Sport Altimeter: Raven 3 Motor: 54mm CTI Pro-X J244 Length: 48" Weight: 9.87 lbs Top Speed: 480 mph Altitude: 3900 ft Launch Site: ... [View]

Saturn V Launch April 25, 2009 (0 00:00:38)
The launch of Steve Eves' 36 foot high model of a Saturn V rocket [View]

(0 00:00:38)
The launch of the Quest penetrator set. I used C 6-5 engines for this launch. The 2 parachutes were messed up, so the rocket ended up in a tall tree. I eventually retrieved it. Subscribe for more! [View]

2009-03-22 - Aerotech Mirage Flight 008 - G71R-4 - Fourth Speed Rocket View (0 00:00:38)
Fourth speed 2009-03-22 - Aerotech Mirage Flight 008 - G71R-4 - Fourth Speed Rocket View. Early deployment. [View]

Red Glare XI Phoenix (0 00:00:38)
4" Madcow phoenix on an H154 [View]

Astrocam flight 17 - Estes B6-4 (0 00:00:38)
October 17, 2020 at Pacfic Raceways Lot B. Estes B6-4. It came almost right back to us. Sorry, no altimeter data this time. [View]

Model Rocket Launches 4-13-16 (0 00:00:38)
Some late afternoon model rocket launches today. Started with the Skywriter, the the first launch of the Mercury Redstone, and finished with the Shuttle Xpress without the gliders this time. Every ... [View]

Large V2 rocket crashes at LDRS XX (0 00:00:38)
A large scale model of a V2 rocket has a scale like flight during LDRS XX at Lucerne Dry Lake, CA. [View]

Mad Cow Patriot (0 00:00:38)
Mad cow Patriot rocket. Fire in the sky 2013 [View]

LOC Cool Spool on a G76-4G at SPAAR, 8-1-2020 (0 00:00:38)
This is a flying spool! The LOC Cool Spool on an Aerotech G76-4G at SPAAR's Halifax field on 8-1-2020. [View]

Model Rocket Launch with On-board Camera (0 00:00:38) SECOND LAUNCH of my ORACLE...D12-5 [View]

Model Rocket onboard camera (0 00:00:38)
This is a short glimpse of our idea of a onboard camera module for our model rocket system. Horizontal Camera Module is now in production which will provide first ever footage in flight from SP-PT03. [View]

Tim Doll Saturn V G64 (0 00:00:38)
Cool Flight of Tim Doll Saturn V on a G-64 From LDRS 28 DVD [View]

South Texas Aerospace Club Night Rocket Launch July 12, 2014 at Beeville Municipal Airport (0 00:00:38)
South Texas Aerospace Club Night Rocket Launch July 12, 2014 at Beeville Municipal Airport. Wastequip rocket blast-off by first time flyer #11. [View]

Estes Echostar 2 stage model rocket launch (0 00:00:38)
Launch of Estes Echostar with a C6-0 booster & B6-4 sustainer. [View]

Rockets at NASA Houston - Little Joe II and BP22 (0 00:00:38)
Rockets at NASA Houston Little Joe II and BP22 [View]

Model rocket (0 00:00:38)
Homemade model rocket [View]

Estes Der V-3 Damon #1970 Rocket Launch On A D12-3 (0 00:00:38)
Here is my Estes Der V-3 Damon #1970 Rocket Launch On A D12-3. I built this years ago and it flies beautifully and straight. Very realistic launches. The shock cord broke from age, but nothing broke ... [View]

Saturn V Model Rocket Launch (Other Footage) (0 00:00:38)
This is a launch with my dads very old Saturn V model rocket that he had 40 years ago! From the point of view of my dad with his phone. [View]

08_pinatarocket.MOV (0 00:00:38)
Andy Cooper's new Pinata Rocket. LUNAR Launch at Snow Ranch. March 5, 2011 [View]

Estes Rocket with On Board Video 808 #11 keychain camera (0 00:00:38)
Estes Rocket with On-Board Video 808 #11 keychain camera. [View]

Dave M2250 (0 00:00:38)
The boost of Dave Popkin's Firestorm on a CTI M2250. [View]

Desert Heat 2009 Semroc AeroDart (0 00:00:38)
Great flight for RoboRocketry's Semroc AeroDart on an E9-6 motor! [View]

Ozone O-motor High Power Rocket Flight and Green Flame P-motor Static Firing (0 00:00:38)
Third flight of the Ozone on a home made O-motor (about 40000 N-sec) and a static firing of an experimental green flame propellant I was working on. This took place at the Tripoli South Florida ... [View]

Estes Mongoose ALTDuino Altimeter Test Flight #21 (0 00:00:38)
I wanted to give my ALTDuino altimter one more test run making sure the thrust cutoff detection recognition code is working correctly. It was a success and a perfect flight. Maybe sometime I'll ... [View]

Flight of the Executioner featuring KISS (0 00:00:38)
Virgin launch of my Estes Executioner on 06/04/11 at the NARBARS Vista View Launch Day. She used a(n) E9-8, which has a little too long of a delay before the ejection charge. As a result, the chute ... [View]

Rocketry Warehouse Tomahawk on a CTI J420 Classic at NSL 2018 (0 00:00:38)
Rocketry Warehouse Tomahawk on a CTI J420 Classic at NSL 2018 [View]

NASA Student Launch Initiative robotics for automated ground system (0 00:00:38)
Iowa State University - CySLI robotic arm Uses a nucleo board and seven servos to create a robotic arm for lifting a payload [View]

LDRS 38 - Eric Cayemberg's wacky Dog People Detractivator (0 00:00:38)
On Friday, August 30, 2019, at LDRS 38 on the rocket pasture in Argonia, KS, Eric Cayemberg, who would also fly an O motor two days later, put up his hilarious 15-piece mega-cluster three-stage ... [View]

Heavenly Hobbies Backdraft NARAM Flight 1 (0 00:00:38)
This is a E9/C11 with 6" fuse flight. [View]

dummy- camera (0 00:00:38)
Test microcamera - Acme rocketry [View]

Der Red Max short launch clip (0 00:00:38)
Estes Der Red Max rocket short clip with a keychain video camera. Launched at 60 Acre Park Redmond, WA, March 6, 2010. [View]

NASA Last Space Shuttle Atlantis Launch 7/8/11 (0 00:00:38)
READ THE DESCRIPTION PLEASE. Before you go complaining about the quality, I was too busy watching it myself to care about what the camera was getting. besides I couldn't make out what was on the ... [View]

76/6000 Tropical Cocktail Flight (0 00:00:38)
Mark flew a 76/6000 Tropical Cocktail load in a 4" rocket at AirFest 19 on Sept 2nd 2013. [View]

Estes Custom rocket (0 00:00:38)
Built from the Estes designer special kit with a BT60 and a BT55. First flight (not recorded) was on a B6-4 motor. Second flight was on a C5-7 upper stage motor. It was the only C motor I had on hand ... [View]

2 Wildman Darkstars at Snow Ranch on Jan 3 2015 (0 00:00:38)
Launching two Wilman Darkstars at the LUNAR High Power launch at Snow Ranch on January 3rd, 2015: Darkstar 3 on a CTI K530 Smokey Sam, to 5200 feet Darkstar Junior on a CTI I287 Smokey Sam, to 3500 ... [View]

FITS Attempted Level 2 Certification Flight (0 00:00:38)
This video starts with a brief interview I had with Rockets Magazine on the launch pad then goes on to my attempted Level 2 Certification flight on a scratch built rocket of my own design. Liftoff ... [View]

Noodle Drag Race (0 00:00:39)
This was a "race" between Alex's and Roger's "Big Al's Noodle" rockets. First to hit the ground was the criteria. Roger won, by a second. [View]

launch video2.f4v (0 00:00:39)
high power rocket launch video [View]

Estes Oracle Video Rocket Launch (0 00:00:39)
Launch of an Estes Oracle Video Rocket in Bithlo, FL. [View]

Thrust Vector Control Model Rocket (light crosswind) (0 00:00:39)
Datum: 20.06.2020 Länge: 0.587m Gewicht (Start): 0.294kg Center of Gravity (Start): 0.245m (vom untersten Punkt) Regler: PD mit zusätzlichem stark limitierten I Anteil Antrieb: 1*Klima ... [View]

L1720 to K490 (0 00:00:39)
High Power Two-Stage Rocket in Brothers, OR [View]

Cluster Rocket Ignition Test (0 00:00:39)
I scratch built a cluster rocket and this is the first test of the ignition system. It worked ok since all 3 engines eventually fired, but this would have been a poor launch. I may switch to a single ... [View]

Mini Estes A3-4T Second Launch (0 00:00:39)
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. [View]

ESTES Phoenix Model Rocket Launch 2 (0 00:00:39)
ESTES Phoenix Model Rocket Launch D12-5 [View]

K375NW in 3 (0 00:00:39)
3" Darkstar with a K375NW boost sustain motor. [View]

February 2020 Dennis Schmaltz Saturn V (0 00:00:39)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 258 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

Model Rocket Extravaganza (0 00:00:39)
Firing up an Estes Big Bertha model rocket with a B-64 engine. [View]

Scratch built rocket (0 00:00:39)
this is a scratch built 29mm rocket flying on a Aerotech G77R. Estimated Altitude is 4k feet [View]

Hydra 7, Semroc (0 00:00:39)
Semroc Hydra 7 cluster rocket, B6-4, four-engine cluster [View]

Tyrannosaur (0 00:00:39)
TRA level 2 certification flight Aerotech J315R Redline [View]

Busy Little Bees rocket 7-30-11 (0 00:00:39)
Quest Big Betty in the colors of Emory & Henry College's Busy Little Bees on an Estes B4-4. [View]

Successful NAR Level 1 high power rocket launch (0 00:00:39)
A successful qualification launch for level 1, high power rocketry, NAR (National Association of Rocketry). The rocket is a Ventris running on an Aerotech H128. Simulations place the speed at ... [View]

Rocket CATO (0 00:00:39)
rocket cato with onboard camera [View]

High Powered Rocket on M3000 motor (0 00:00:39)
Rocket launched on M3000 motor in Plant City FLorida - reached altitude of 13,500+ft [View]

Estes SkyWriter Rocket Launch (0 00:00:39)
Estes SkyWriter Rocket Launch at the US Space and Rocket Center using an A8-3 engine [View]

Estes Big Daddy Launch (0 00:00:39)
This Big Daddy is a real head-turner at the launch field! It's been redesigned to handle our super powerful E engines so it will fly over twice as high as it used to. The Estes rocket engineers have ... [View]

NERRF2 SloMo of rocket Blowby launch problem (0 00:00:39)
Just a full slow motion of the former Mountain of Ignornance rocket, now called Ivannatinkl working towards self destruction. [View]

Estes "Flash" first Launch! (0 00:00:39)
This is a "snap together" model rocket. No glue required! I used the tiny A8-3 because this is a small playground. Still, it was a lot of fun. And, if you listen, you can hear a child that was ... [View]

UIUC Student Launch 2015-2016 Full Scale Test Flight (0 00:00:39)
Flown on a K1000T Motor 3/18/16 Apogee: 5472 ft Special thanks to Central Illinois Aerospace for setting up the launch! CIA Homepage: ISS Student Launch Team Homepage: ... [View]

Public Service Announcement on Tobacco Control, English, featuring Shri.Rahul Dravid (0 00:00:39)
The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India (MoHFW) and the World Health Organization Country Office for India (WHO), in collaboration with the Public Health Foundation of India ... [View]

HUGE R24000 Rocket Motor Launch at BALLS 2019 (0 00:00:39)
The largest amateur rocket motor I have ever seen, and I have been going to BALLS every year since 2004. I was one of the only people out at the faraway launch pads to capture the moment., 340 lbs., ... [View]

QRS LAUNCH JUNE 2011 THOR (0 00:00:39)
a Thor being launched at the Queensland Rocketry Society [View]

Estes model rockets and Lego rocket car (0 00:00:39)
Launching a couple of estes model rockets and a homemade rocket powered dragster (made with Lego). Filmed with GoPro HD Hero 2. Rocket car is at 24s. [View]

High Power Rocket - Mile High Mayhem launch in Northern Colorado (0 00:00:39)
This rocket flies slightly unstable during the Mile High Mayhem event for Northern Colorado. - NCRocketry - A Crews Control Production [View]

4" Madcow Patriot Onboard And Ground View (Chute Failure) (0 00:00:39)
4" Madcow Patriot Onboard And Ground View (Chute Failure) [View]

Upscale Estes Colonial Viper (0 00:00:39)
Upscale Estes Colonial Viper on an Estes D12 [View]

Estes Goblin (0 00:00:39)
Maiden Flight on D12-5 [View]

Altitude Chamber (0 00:00:39)
Simulated Flight of Quark, SL100, JL3 Quark by EggTimer (20 samples per second) Maximum altitude of 29,500 feet ASL (per users manual) AltimeterThree by Jolly Logic (31 samples per second) Maximum ... [View]

Tony Wildman extreme tune Powerstroke 6.0 (0 00:00:39)
30 mph to 100 mph run. 2006 Ford Powerstroke 6.0 [View]

Can Estes Take it to the MAX ??!? (0 00:00:39)
03/24/2012 DART Rocketry SD NAR Fiesta Island . Estes Executioner 29mm CTI F120 V-MAX rocks it hard. [View]

South Texas Aerospace Club Night Rocket Launch July 12, 2014 at Beeville Municipal Airport (0 00:00:39)
South Texas Aerospace Club Night Rocket Launch July 12, 2014 at Beeville Municipal Airport. Wastequip rocket blast-off by first time flyer #7. [View]

Cool Spool-G72 Dark Matter (0 00:00:39)
A really cool flight of the Cool Spool on a G72 Dark Matter at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club on August 15 2020 [View]

Aerotech Initiator rocket on an F20-4W engine with camera (0 00:00:39)
Ignore the date, it was actually taken 12/30/2011. First time trying out new camera I picked up for $16 on Ebay. The parachute wrapped and failed to fully deploy and a fin was broken on landing. ... [View]

Atari 2600 Joystick Rocket 1st Flight (0 00:00:39)
Scratch-Built Atari 2600 Joystick rocket 1st Flight. Flying on an Estes C6 [View]

A4_launch.wmv (0 00:00:39)
First launch of a V2/A4 rocket model in 1:10 scale. A new design for removeable fins was tested. The rocket weigth was approx 8kg. An Aerotech J415 motor was used. Erster Start einer V2/A4 ... [View]

Mk IIB Liquid Injection Thrust Vector Control (0 00:00:39)
Boston University Rocket Propulsion Group's 200 lb thrust Mk IIB in hot fire testing. The 5th hot fire of the Mk IIB test platform, this was the first to run nitrous injection thrust vector control. ... [View]

Model Rocket, cluster 4x D9-5 (0 00:00:39)
The rocket uses four Klima D9-5 engines and reached a top attitude of 1200+ Feet. [View]

C6 Tartar (0 00:00:39)
My Fliskits Tartar takes off with an Estes C6-3. Red Glare X - Filmed by Sean Lucey [View]

Madcow Rocketry Mini Frenzy Charge Testing (0 00:00:39)
Testing the separation charges for going dual deploy with my Madcow Mini Frenzy. I figured the avbay on this was too small to hook my shop vac up to, so I simply ran the e-match wires out and ... [View]

Deuces Wild on board (0 00:00:39)
On board video from the Fliskits Deuces Wild, clustered on C6-3's. [View]

PSAS Launch Support (0 00:00:39)
Articulate = to unite by or as if by means of a joint. The flickering is an annoyance. I think I should have bought the Nikon instead of the Canon... [View]

Newest 2.4G 4CH Wing Rocket Quadcopter Altitude Hold One Key Take off/Land (0 00:00:39)
Newest 2.4G 4CH Wing Rocket Quadcopter Altitude Hold One Key Take off/Land Mini RC Drone RTF Toys Gift For Kids Quadrocopter Check here : Similar ... [View]

SR-71, ESTES model rocket launch (0 00:00:39)
Dedicated to Maj. Brian Saul (pilot) and Maj. Walter Watson (Navigator/Engineer). [View]

Scientific Equipment for Sale (0 00:00:39)
Scientific Equipment for Sale Description Model # Quantity Zygo Surface Profiler NewView 100 Maxim GP Interferometger with TMC work station. 6300-015002 1 Micro Automatic ... [View]

China's New Heavy-Lift Rocket Launch Fails In Flight (0 00:00:39)
China's launch of a new heavy-lift rocket, the Long March-5 Y2, carrying what the government said was its heaviest ever satellite, failed on Sunday, official news agency Xinhua said. The same rocket ... [View]

Moonraker Space Shuttles - Model Rocket Kit - Model Rocketry (0 00:00:39)
Here is a quick video before take off. This video shows my 1/100th, true to scale, gliding space shuttle model rocket kit. For more information on this kit, or the shuttles please contact me at ... [View]

LDRS 38 - J316 pink motor in Karen Gloer's Ms. Cletus (0 00:00:39)
On Sunday, September 1, 2019, at LDRS 38 on the rocket pasture in Argonia, KS, Karen Gloer flew her "Ms. Cletus" (a Loc Precision Big Cletus with a great paint job) on a J316. [View]

First launch of Cat SCRATCH Fever model rocket (0 00:00:39)
Totally scratch built model rocket. Nosecone made from blue styrofoam, body tube is recycled wrapping paper tube, all centering rings homemade from poster board, 22" parachute made from a trash bag, ... [View]

D24 Asteroid Hunter (0 00:00:39)
I launch my Estes Asteroid Hunter with an Aerotech D24-4T motor. Very nice flight. I put in less bp, which resulted in a perfect recovery. The rocket landed in top of a cherry tree but we used ... [View]

Summit Rocket Launcher vs. Quadcopter DJI F450 (0 00:00:39)
Traxxas Summit launches rocket at DJI F450 quadcopter. Slow motion 120fps. [View]

Arapahoe-J on AT J460T (0 00:00:39)
NAR L2 Certification Flight DARS HP launch Gunter, TX 3-28-15 Upscale of the Thrustline Aerospace Arapahoe-E [View]

Eva Rocket launch - ground video (0 00:00:39)
High power rocket launched on Jan6th,2011 near Treviso (Italy) with an Aerotech I161W (to watch the onboard video: [View]

Final Stout Launch (0 00:00:39)
Final launch of my Stout rocket! Rocket was originally a Madcow Momba and was modified to a 38mm motor mount. The rocket met it's fate slamming into the desert. Launch was on a G61R Aerotech motor. ... [View]

Estes Oracle Launch - May 28th 2011 (0 00:00:39)
This is the video from the Nose Cone camera of the Estes Oracle rocket launched during a birthday party event on May 28th 2011, The rocket goes into a rapid spin so unfortunately you can't see ... [View]

Estes Astrocam 110 - Perfect Flight (0 00:00:39)
Estes Camera Rocket with C6-7 Engine. [View]

Estes Baby Bertha Model Rocket Launch! :D (0 00:00:39)
Here's a little boy launching his rocket! It's an Estes Baby Bertha. The video footage is kind of shitty unfortunately, since it was the camerawoman's first ... [View]

Madcow Torrent Rocket Launch - Cessaroni I-175 (0 00:00:39)
Snow Ranch Launch Feb. 14, 2015. Apogee at 2,285 feet, Velocity 358 mph, Acceleration 245 fps. [View]

Super Big Disco Bertha (0 00:00:39)
This is an awesome flight of a super awesome rocket. This scratch-built upscale Big Bertha had a great flight on an E20. The flight was almost as rockin' as the paintjob! [View]

COBRA - Composite Rocket Motor - Static Fire #1 (0 00:00:39)
On Feb. 2nd COBRA successfully tested the first student manufactured one-piece composite wrapped motor and nozzle. Future tests are coming soon! [View]

Darkstar at Ames.avi (0 00:00:40)
Onboard rocket video taken with keychain camera. Flown on an F52 Blue Thunder motor at NASA Ames 8/21/2010 [View]

Aces High-O10,000 cato (0 00:00:40)
This catoed on Friday at hellfire 17. It was really too bad. I had never seen a motor even close to that size. [View]

Polecat Aerospace "Thunderstorm" - Maiden Flight - M2400 (0 00:00:40)
This was the maiden flight of the newest Polecat Aerospace kit "Thunderstorm". She is a 15" diameter, 99" tall high power rocket, flown here on an Aerotech M2400 - Blue. Designed and built by Tim ... [View]

LOC Magnum "These Colors Don't Run" (0 00:00:40)
My red, white and blue patriotic rocket "These Colors Don't Run". It's an LOC Magnum launched on one J420 and two H210's. This 8 lb. rocket went to an altitude of 3,045 feet and deployed perfectly! ... [View]

Dragon Fly. Flight #5. slowed to 1/20th normal spped (0 00:00:40)
Launch of my Aerotech Arreaux, "Dragon Fly", on its 5th flight. The motor was an Aerotech G76-10. The rocket flew to 2775' AGL and landed approximately 3/4 mile down range in winds of 15-20mph. [View]

Flight # 10 Cineroc 2 7Ka launch slow motion (0 00:00:40)
Slow motion (20%) 2.7K Cineroc launch on a D.12-5 [View]

Estes Hornet (0 00:00:40)
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. [View]

06 Cineroc launch slow motion (0 00:00:40)
Mini Cineroc May 31st launch in slow motion [View]

MDRA Rocket Launch (0 00:00:40)
Came out to watch a few rockets get launched. [View]

Estes Patriot Upscale (0 00:00:40)
Scratch built upscale Estes Patriot flying on a cluster of 3 x F-62-6 Darkstar Motors (ignore the first few seconds) [View]

Estes V2 (0 00:00:40)
Start polomakety Estes V2 [View]

Thrust Vectoring Modell-Rakete (0 00:00:40)
Modell-Rakete Neutron V2 mit Schubvektorregelung. Datum: 27.10.19 Länge: 1.02m Gewicht: 0.97kg Center of Gravity (Start): 0.39m (vom untersten Punkt) Regler: PD Antrieb: 4*Klima D3-P [View]

Homemade Rocket Launch Misfire - Aerotech E15-4W (0 00:00:40)
Launched my 4ft. homemade rocket on an Aerotech E15-4W. As you can see, there was some sputtering and it was questionable whether it would launch. It was supposed to have a 3 second ejection delay, ... [View]

Rockets in Georgia! (0 00:00:40)
John's first rocket launch [View]

Estes Phantom Blue 5/22/2019 (0 00:00:40)
Estes Phantom Blue on a C6-5 engine, launched by my honey Crystal. [View]

Jerry O's shred rocket launch (0 00:00:40)
From the way back machine, Jerry O at ESL 55 shreds his two stage 3 M boosted to single M sustainer Nike-Smoke with almost total destruction. [View]

Oracle - First TEST Flight (0 00:00:40)
This is the first (test) flight of my Estes Oracle rocket with a digital video camera payload. No video was taken by the onboard camera as this was only a test flight. [View]

Onboard video of the Discovery Rocket on an F40-7W (0 00:00:40)
An onboard video of my Madcow Discovery on an Aerotech F40 reload. The timestamp says 2008, it is actually from April 2011. It flew at CMASS to about 1000 feet, with a max speed of over 200 miles ... [View]

Estes NASA SLS on a C6-3 at SPAAR 5-1-21 (0 00:00:40)
This is the new Estes NASA SLS model. Flown on an Estes C6-3 at SPAAR's Halifax field on 5-1-21. Good flight. [View]

ARLISS rocket test flight, M1419W (0 00:00:40)
ARLISS rocket 6" dia., 10' tall, 47 lbs. liftoff wt. M1419W motor, 245 lbs avg. thrust 10,100 feet, 900 ft/sec, 7.5 Gs AeroPac launch: Aeronaut 2007 Black Rock, NV [View]

My NIke Rocket Launch - Ground Video (0 00:00:40)
My intrepid fiberglass Nike Smoke rocket had five successful launches over the past two weekends, at BALLS and RocketMavericks in the Black Rock Desert. For this launch, I am flying a K815 sparky ... [View]

BBC Top Gear Gifts & Gadgets - Reliant Robin Rocket [HD] (0 00:00:40)
Air burst technology incorporates an entirely new burst membrane booster system that creates launching power that makes other air rockets look like a wet sock. Get ready for an amazing rocketry ... [View]

AZRT: Upscaled Scrambler (0 00:00:40)
Project Lead: Roy P AZRT launched an upscaled scrambler at A.I.R. Fest19, Argonia KS on 3x K550's. Thanks to Greg for the up close view of the ostrich egg & Kris for the hand held. [View]

Estes sizzler model rocket launch (0 00:00:40)
My son launching an Estes sizzler on a b6-4 maiden flight. His first launch. [View]

2011-11-05 Autonomy Flight 2 (onboard camera).mp4 (0 00:00:40)
For more info see: and [View]

NIKE Smoke with Air Start (0 00:00:40)
NIKE Smoke built by members of SCORE being flown at CHILI BLASTER I. [View]

Solid fuel model rocket A8- Motor watch whole thing! (0 00:00:40)
Takes a wile to launch but if you wait it is awesome [View]

1-26-08 Rocket launch Tribute rocket, end over end failure (0 00:00:40)
Not a spectacular failure, but a failure nontheless. This one needs a design change for stability Used one D12-7 engine. [View]

PML Ariel on a Cesaroni Pro 38 G69-5 (0 00:00:40)
PML Ariel launched on a Cesaroni Pro 38 single grain G69-5, launched on 5/11/2006 to a height of 486'. [View]

rockets viewed from quadcopter 27 9 15 (0 00:00:40)
rocket launching viewed from quad copter using Gopro [View]

Rocketry telemetry test, August 15 2015 (0 00:00:40)
A quick test of a telemetry system I will be flying on Home Alone at AirFest. Rocket: Estes Ventris flying on an AeroTech E20-4 motor to an approximate altitude of 400 feet above ground lev ... [View]

January 2021 Great Spool Drag Race (0 00:00:40)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 264 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

SDSU Icarus 2 Launch 2 Dec 2017 IPhone (0 00:00:40)
SDSU's Rocket Project Icarus, Icarus 2 rocket. Boosted dart. Launched at FAR on one of their rails. CTI L2200G reloadable booster Fibergalss and aluminum transition cone Fiberglass body with brass ... [View]

Estes Mini Mosquito on an A10-3T = GONE (0 00:00:40)
One and only flight of my Estes Mosquito. A 1/2A or 1/4A would have been better but all I had was an A10 and couldn't resist trying it once. It's definitely somewhere. [View]

Estes Majestic #9707 1C (0 00:00:40)
Majestic with booster F15-0 & F15-8 at MARS June 2018 launch [View]

Ursula's Cursula First Launch (0 00:00:40)
Ursula's Cursula First Launch at Cherryfield, ME. [View]

Nothing but spool Slow-Mo launch (0 00:00:40)
This is the test launch of my rocket "Nothing but spool" on an Estes A3-4T 13mm motor - my entry for the upcoming 'go small' comp for the Rocketfest XVIII launch. [View]

Estes Amazon Rocket w/B6-4 (0 00:00:40)
First flight on a windy day. Nice apogee chute deployment. [View]

Estes AstroCam Rocket C6-5 Motor (0 00:00:40)
Estes Astrocam Rocket C6-5 Motor - Onboard Camera and Drone View [View]

CATO at Metra (0 00:00:40)
An M powered rocket CATOs at METRA. [View]

Happy Independence Day! || I Love My India || Prashanti Naram (0 00:00:40)
Here is a short portion of my favourite song for a very special occasion, Independence Day. Thinking of how special our country is and how proud I am to be an Indian, I wish you all a very happy ... [View]

Space Burritos - TARC Rocket Motor Assembly (0 00:00:40)
Here is a demonstration of the delay charge adjustment and assembly of a Cessaroni rocket motor. This rocket was built for the Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC). [View]

Aerotech Mega Initiator (0 00:00:40)
This is a short video describing the Aerotech Mega Initiator high power rocket. It can fly on H through K size rocket engines. [View]

Hybrid rocket engine by Jeff Jakob (0 00:00:40)
A hybrid rocket engine built and static tested by Jeff Jakob, The rocket was tested at the Friends of Amateur Rocketry test site in the Mojave desert. [View]

LDRS 38 - A3 - EX L1050 VOL (0 00:00:40)
Rocket flown at LDRS on an research L1050 VOL motor to 11613 ft. AGL. [View]

Phoenix-98 Onboard Rocket Telemetry (0 00:00:40)
Onboard Rocket Telemetry 70cm band. [View]

Diablo 165lb rocket onboard footage (0 00:00:40)
This is the footage downloaded from the onboard camera that flew on the Diablo on Sunday, 2/24/08. Rocket reached 6045 feet due to an early deployment. No damage, she's ready to fly again! [View]

SKAR High Power Rocket Level 2 Certification Flight (0 00:00:40)
Kit: Madcow 4" Frenzy, Cardboard aprox. 78.5" tall Motor: Aerotech 54mm J-180 Aerial Acres, California SKAR club Initial launch issue was a ... [View]

JayCoke Zero flight #1 (0 00:00:40)
This is the first flight of the JayCoke Zero. It is one of four recycling containers converted into high power rockets by members of the Wisconsin Organization of Spacemodeiling Hobbyists (WOOSH), ... [View]

High Powered Rocket Side Deployment (0 00:00:40)
An example of a side deployment test for a 4" Goblin high-altitude rocket. [View]

(0 00:00:40)
This video is an early Chute Release Test Flight in Dublin, California on September 30, 2015. The flight was to 606 feet. Chute Release was set for 200 feet, and the parachute fully unfurled at 150 ... [View]

Tom Hess' Minimum Diameter Rocket on a CTI H54W Long burn (0 00:00:40)
This rocket flew at ROCStock in Lucerne dry lakebed and flew to over 8,000ft. [View]

Estes Flicker 3 (B6-4) (0 00:00:40)
July 28 2018 - Estes Flicker on a B6-4 [View]

Estes Partizon F27-4R (0 00:00:40)
Estes Partizon launch, slo-mo [View]

Inititator 2 on G53 Black Jack Max (0 00:00:40)
Extended Aerotech Inititator rocket on an Aerotech G53 BlackJack Max Motor. Ottawa, 5 March 2017 [View]

Estes Satellite Intorceptor (0 00:00:40)
Everyone I saw painted their rocket white so I decided to do a blue to be different. Almost got tangled up on its way down but managed to undo be for it landed. [View]

Big Daddy launch (0 00:00:40)
Big Daddy launch onboard cam. [View]

Big daddy rocket (0 00:00:40)
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. [View]

Stratologger 100 Shop Vac Test (0 00:00:40)
Testing a new Stratologger Altimeter with Shop Vac [View]

Estes Gemini DC on C6-5 (0 00:00:40)
Exciting flight of an old Gemini DC middle school project rocket with a suspenseful parachute deployment. [View]

Onboard Rocket Video 4 (0 00:00:40)
Another flight of the PML Callisto on a G64. The payload section has been rigged to take video of the ground on the way up and on the way down. [View]

Digital Video Rocket First Flight (0 00:00:40)
3D printed nose cone similar to Estes 8mm Cineroc with 720p digital camera and 3D printed fin can for rocket. Launched on a 24mm D12-5 Engine. [View]

Launch Onboard with Data Overlay (0 00:00:41)
A proof of concept for data overlay videos. This was our October 2010 launch from onboard the rocket with graphs and displays of the altitude and velocity from the simulation. An HD version with ... [View]

Estes Pro Series 2 Mega Der Red Max (0 00:00:41)
Estes Pro Series 2 Mega Der Red Max flying on a Cesaroni 24mm G100 skidmark [View]

Estes Oracle launch video - Fort Hays State University, March 5, 2011 (0 00:00:41)
This was the first launch of an Estes Oracle rocket with integrated digital video built by a group of students from the Kansas Academy of Mathematics and Science. Cole Mosier prepared and launched ... [View]

November 2020 Spool Mayhem (0 00:00:41)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 262 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

Red Glare Finless Rocket (0 00:00:41)
Roger Smith's Red Glare was constructed from an Aerotech kit with a funnel added to create the rear cone. [View]

Joel and martins Mongoose 98 Rocket (0 00:00:41)
the motor was an Aerotech N1000W, launched at taupri the rocket was built by martin and joel [View]

Jim Cooper Spool Fool J90 (0 00:00:41)
Cool Flight of Jim Cooper's Spool Fool on a J-90 From Cool and Really Cool Flights 2 [View]

Joel's K2000 Skidmark (0 00:00:41)
The sound at NERRF was interupted by the crackling of Joel Roger's K-2000 Skidmark motor [View]

NERRF2 Tim's L Sparkie (0 00:00:41)
Tim sent off a wonderful sparky motor engineered by Dennis at the second annual NERRF launch. The secret ingredient? Very oily Ti. It got tail happy, needs nose weight Tim. [View]

Amateur rocket launch (0 00:00:41)
this is classic also, you get to watch from the rockets onboard camera........split screen [View]

PML Explorer on H123 (0 00:00:41)
H123 motor launched this rocket to about 3000 feet. April 10, 2011: Red Glare X [View]

PSAS rocket launch - 600FPS high-speed camera footage - Brothers, OR (2009-05-31) (0 00:00:41)
Portland State Aerospace Society rocket lifting off, captured at 600FPS. To see how fast the liftoff took in real time, watch . For footage from the ... [View]

World's largest Monocopter (0 00:00:41)
Ed Miller owns the largest monocopter so far, burning a J to a J and finishing up with a K. It didn't behave as normal but it may have had something to do with the last scene. [View]

The White Wizzard is Coming (0 00:00:41)
Night launches will NEVER be the same after the unleashed White Wizzard. INFO at [View]

Estes Mercury Atlas on Aerotech F12J-3 (0 00:00:41)
Estes Mercury Atlas on Aerotech F12J-3 [View]

Ausschuss im Thyssen-Krupp-Aerospace-Werk (0 00:00:41)
Varel, 27. September 2012: Die Mitglieder des Wirtschaftsausschusses des Landkreises Friesland besichtigten das Unternehmen Thyssen-Krupp-Aerospace, ein Zulieferer des Flugzeugteile-Herstellers ... [View]

Testing Estes Pro Series II Igniters - 6V vs 12V (0 00:00:41)
This is a high-speed video comparing firing the Estes Pro Series II igniter using a 6V Estes launch controller verses a controller with a high-amperage 12V b... [View]

X-15-3 Delta Configuration RC Rocket boosted glider (0 00:00:41)
X-15-3 Delta Configuration RC Rocket boosted glider [View]

Model Rocket Launch with Typhoon H Pro (0 00:00:41)
Filming a model rocket launch in 4K with a Yuneec Typhoon H Pro Realsense. Perfect conditions. [View]

MDRA launch #133 = 54mm "Stealth" on an ATJ135W (0 00:00:41)
Art Applewhite "54mm Stealth" launching at MDRA rocket launch #133 on June 13, 2009 [View]

Steve Eve's Saturn V Launch (0 00:00:41)
History being made on 25 April, 2009, in Price MD! 36-foot (1/10th scale) Saturn V model rocket... ~8600 lbs of thrust ALL at ONCE, baby! The MDRA did an outstanding job supporting the event where ... [View]

High Power Rocket Test Failure (0 00:00:41)
What happens when you set the timer delay to 10 tenths of a second instead of 10 seconds. The engine was still lit when the ejection charge blew. Documentation for the MARSA54 flight computer was ... [View]

Giant Leap Rocketry-Mariah 54 Video Build Intro (0 00:00:41)
Brief introduction of the video build and showing all the parts that will be going together. [View]

Estes Scissors Wing June 16 2018 at BARC (0 00:00:41)
Scissors Wing on an Estes B6-2 at BARC. I lost sight of it for a bit when it flew into the sun, but recovered in time to catch the collision with the parked car! [View]

Semroc Magnum Hornet (0 00:00:41)
First three flights, B6-4,B6-4,A8-3 [View]

Iran TV footage reportedly shows rockets launched at airbase housing US troops in Iraq | AFP (0 00:00:41)
Video footage released by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting reportedly shows rockets launched at Ain al-Asad airbase, a US military installation in Iraq. The attack on the Iraqi airbase in ... [View]

North Coast Eliminator CATO Launch (0 00:00:41)
This was the last launch of what was once an awesome rocket. Due to reloadable engine failure, this thing went straight up and straight down. [View]

01_executioner (0 00:00:41)
My good old Executioner on an E11-3J reload. It got a little squirrely off the pad due to the wind. SARG Launch, March 10, 2012. [View]

Estes Model Rocket (SpeedFreak) (0 00:00:41)
Estes Speed Freak, Modified to carry an onboard Camera [View]

Estes Cosmic Cobra Launch (0 00:00:41)
Bombard the earth from outer space with the Cosmic Cobra! This stellar rocket features a two-way recovery system. The booster returns to earth on a parachute while the nose cone helicopters down ... [View]

Sky Lofter model rocket with keychain camera (0 00:00:41)
This is our initial test flight with a keychain camera. The rocket is an Estes Sky Lofter, with a C6-4 engine. For this initial flight, the keychain camera was attached via packing tape, although in ... [View]

AIM-120 AMRAAM Model Rocket (0 00:00:41)
AIM-120 Launched at Roc Lake 13. [View]

Screaming Mimi (0 00:00:41)
Screaming Mimi on a D12-5. Shock cord attachment (kevlar) broke during descent, shortly after successful parachute deployment. Probably should have used a D12-3; probably the rocket was heading down ... [View]

Model Rocket Strap-on Booster Flight Video (0 00:00:41)
This video shows what you can do with an onboard video camera attached to the side of a model rocket. The Booster Vision Gear Cam HD camera was used to take this short video of the strap-on boosters ... [View]

Estes 1284 Space Shuttle (0 00:00:41)
DART San Diego Model Rocketry Club. Launch of a hybrid discontinued Estes #1284 Space Shuttle with Stack. Powered flight achieved utilizing a D12-3 Engine. Note that the Orbiter stays with the Stack ... [View]

WildmanJrG83 (0 00:00:41)
The first flight of my Wildman Jr rocket with a Boostervision Gearcam DV onboard on a CTI G83 Blue Streak Pro29 motor. [View]

My Level 2 Certification Flight Mad Cow Torrent J270W (0 00:00:41)
This was me getting my level 2 high power rocketry certification with my Mad Cow Torrent on an Aerotech J270 White Lightning engine. Had a successful duel deployment and recorded a peak altitude of ... [View]

Mad Cow LIttle John with 6:1 Von Karman Fiberglass Nose Cone (0 00:00:41)
A large, high power rocket takes off from the Tripoli Colorado launch site in Hartsel. This nose cone is the first product from the new company, [View]

North Coast Rocketry Eliminator (0 00:00:41)
North Coast Rocketry (by Estes) "Eliminator" flying on an Econojet (by Aerotech) G38 white lightening....circa1999 [View]

rockstar.avi (0 00:00:41)
Onboard video of the 3X upscale Rockstar flight. the Chutes werestcuk ing the tube, but it was recovered with no damage. [View]

5/30/21 - Estes Astrocam Onboard - New 2-stage Sustainer Test - B6-4 (0 00:00:41)
Testing a new sustainer (second stage based on Estes Multi-Roc kit) to loft the Astrocam nosecone. Goal was minimal spin and straight flights. Wanted to be sure it flew nice before I painted it. ... [View]

Estes AstroCam Launch on a B6-4 Motor in Arthur Hill Field in Saginaw, Michigan (0 00:00:41)
#sodblasters #swoosh #EstesAstrocam #SkyBusters Rocket: Estes AstroCam Motor: Estes B6-4 Location: Arthur Hill Field in Saginaw Michigan. Purchased: Roger's Hobby Center in Saginaw, Michigan. ... [View]

Timken Hub Units Featured on Truck U (0 00:00:41)
Truck U hosts Bruno Massel and Matt Steele discuss the benefits of using Timken manufactured hub unit bearings during this episode featuring a Jeep build. [View]

Estes Amazon Rocket with D12-5 motor (0 00:00:41)
Modified to accept the larger D12 motor and it reached an incredible height of 1000ft. Chute deployed late and the wind still took the rocket 1/4 mile away. [View]

December 2017 Unidentified Flying Rocket (0 00:00:41)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 233 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

Triple Threat Rocket Launch (0 00:00:41)
24 ft. tall. 120 lbs. N to N to L-size motors. Adrian Carbine and team from Portland Oregon launched this three-stage tower late in the day making for some wonderful lighting. The CTI N4100 booster ... [View]

CTI O3400 I-Max rocket (0 00:00:41)
28,882 feet altitude. 1.61 mach. landed less than 2 miles from pad. [View]

Estes Super Neon XL, launched Sep 23, 2017 (0 00:00:41)
Second launch of the Estes Super Neon XL on an E9-6 [View]

LDRS 38 - Dave Brunsting's Flying Basket of Death and Destruction on an I-140 (oddroc) (0 00:00:41)
On Day 2 (Friday, Aug. 30, 2019) of LDRS 38 in the rocket pasture in Argonia, KS, Dave Brunsting of Saint Joseph, Michigan flew his superlative oddroc Flying Basket of Death and Destruction, modeled ... [View]

HS240 - Johns Rocket Delta cato 07-11-10 (0 00:00:41)
John's hybrid rocket glider suffering a cato at EARS Rocket Club Meeting on 7th November 2010 - filmed on Fuji HS10 camera at 240fps [View]

Launch 11 Ground Cameras Combined (0 00:00:41)
On July 20th 2014 Portland State Aerospace Society launched their "LV2.3" rocket with advanced flight computer. This is a combination view of many ground cameras that captured the flight. The ... [View]

Cosmic Cobra - Onboard View.wmv (0 00:00:41)
'Keychain cam' onboard video of Estes Cosmic Cobra launch. [View]

Mini-Copter Launch (0 00:00:41) - This rocket kit from Apogee Components is a contest style helicopter. It is designed for ultra-high boosts, and long duration descent. This rocket is flown with an ... [View]

Flight 21 Chute Release test (D12-5) (0 00:00:41)
SpaceX Falcon 9 payload kit on a D12 in a local park while on holiday travel. 2nd flight of my new Jolly Logic Chute release. No regrets on the investment. Estes altimeter reported somewhere in the ... [View]

stabilizzazione attiva razzo - active stabilization rocket (0 00:00:41)
progetto di elettronica esami di maturità: il progetto è basato su logica Arduino electronic project final exams: The project is based on logic Arduino [View]

MDRA Classics DePlane (0 00:00:41)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's classic videos. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

High Power Rocket - Modified LOC Vulcanite with Aerotech H115DM - Tripoli Level 1 Certification (0 00:00:41)
Successful Tripoli Level 1 HPR cert at FAR (Friends of Amateur Rocketry) out in the Mojave Desert by Koehn Dry Lake bed. Special thanks to Rick Maschek, Eric Beckner and Mark Holthaus and everybody ... [View]

The Shadow, Estes 5/27/2019 (0 00:00:41)
Shadow, model, rocket, estes, optima, semroc, centuri, E12-4, [View]

Mark Hackler's Wildman Sport rocket (0 00:00:41)
Mark Hackler's Wildman Sport rocket. [View]

SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Launch and Landing on Drone Ship (0 00:00:41)
The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket has completed a historic landing on a drone ship in the Atlantic. Read more: SUBSCRIBE: FOLLOW US: Facebook ... [View]

X-15 (0 00:00:41)
Scratch X-15 rocketplane RC flying on Aerotech E-6RC [View]

Model rockets launched to mark Apollo 11 anniversary (0 00:00:41)
Thousands of model rockets launched in Huntsville, Alabama on Tuesday, 50 years after the Apollo 11 crew blasted off for the Moon.… Let the pictures do the talking | subscribe to No Comment ... [View]

Level 2 Cert Flight, Thumper, Jr. - Flight 1 (0 00:00:41)
Ground video and photos from my NAR Level 2 Certification flight. This is a Polecat Aerospace "Thumper Jr." kit, flying on an AeroTech J350W-M up to 2232 feet AGL. After failing to get Level 2 on my ... [View]

Óleo de Avestruz Ômega 3-6-7 e 9 (0 00:00:41)

Sathers Coke Recycling Launch. (0 00:00:41)
The chute pops a bit early, but still a very cool flight! [View]

Beater at Red Glare 9 (0 00:00:41)
Scott Tyrrell's "Beater" rocket flying to 3500' on an EX 38/480 moon burning motor. This was flight #84 on this rocket... [View]

Level One Certification Flight (0 00:00:41)
Successful launch and recovery. Dennis has already passed his level 2 exam, so I imagine that the level 2 flight will happen soon. [View]

MVI_5352.AVI (0 00:00:41)
Estes Vagabond on D12-3. Nice flight. Chute opened late. Safe landing, no damage. [View]

2x Mars Lander (0 00:00:41)
My 3D printed Mars Lander at Woosh Bong launch flying on a CTI H225 [View]

Model Rocket - Hi-Jinks Launch 11 (10/3/2010) (0 00:00:42)
Standard B powered flight. Good flight, but parachute did not fully come out of the body tube. Crash landed just short of Lincoln School (had the parachute actually deployed, would have landed on ... [View]

Estes Mini-A-Heli - Helicopter Rocket - Helicopter Recovery System (0 00:00:42)
Rocket: Estes Mini-A-Heli; Launch Site: Saginaw Arthur Hill Field;  [View]

Darkstar Extreme on CTI L1685 Smoky Sam (0 00:00:42)
Launch of my Darkstar Extreme Rocket from Wildman Rocketry on a Cesaroni L1685P Smoky Sam Motor. It achieved an altitude of 12,849 ft above ground level and a velocity of Mach 1.26. [View]

2013-04-21 JSD IKD Model Rockets 1 (0 00:00:42)
We joined the local model rocket club. The kids built their rockets yesterday. Today was launch day. It was windy - we almost lost one rocket and had couple of crashes. [View]

Aerotech G75J-M Black Jack RMS Reloadable Rocket Motor (0 00:00:42)
Motor available at Reloadable rocket motor for the Aerotech 29-180 hardware. [View]

Booger! (0 00:00:42)
Tripoli North Branch 9/12/09 launch. Booger is a Blue Tube rocket I built from spare parts and remains of crashed rockets from over the years. The fins came from a PML Quasar, Giantleap and PML ... [View]

Video Rocket Flight 032507 (0 00:00:42)
Onboard rocket video of a PML Callisto on an Aerotech G64. Launched from Launch Crue's launch site near Holland, Indiana. [View]

Estes B6-6 rocket motor (0 00:00:42)
This is a test of the Estes B6-6 rocket motor for future comparisons. #rocketscience #rocketfuel #rocketfire #rocketmotor #rocket #estesmotor #estes #science #research #modelrocket #estes ... [View]

ROCKETS Magazine Saturn 1b Verns liftoff (0 00:00:42)
Liftoff of Vern Hoag's Saturn 1b rocket [View]

Model rocket launch on Apollo 11's 50th anniversary — Northeast School, Montclair, NJ (0 00:00:42)
Montclair resident Ted Dupont fires off a 23-inch-tall scale model Saturn V rocket on July 20, 2019, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the moon. The rocket flew to 200 ... [View]

Model Rocket (0 00:00:42)
Estes Monarch flying on a B6-4. Maiden voyage. I tried to Launch and film at the same time....not such a great idea. I was limited as to how far I could be from the rocket (by the length of the ... [View]

MDRA 1:10 Tower Lifting Higgs Farm Rocket (0 00:00:42)
The completed Higgs Farm rocket being lifted by the 1:10 MDRA hydraulic launch tower [View]

ROCKETS Mag LDRS 33 Brent Lillesand Gizmo XL (0 00:00:42)
Brent Lillesand's Gizmo XL as flown at LDRS 33 [View]

Hi Flyer XL (Another Rocket Fanatic is born!) (0 00:00:42)
Wait for the end of the video. This little guy got bit by the rocket bug big time. [View]

George Jones & Johnny Cash - "White Lightning" (0 00:00:42)
Låtskrivere: J.P. Richardson Live The Johnny Cash TV Show 1970 Various ‎– The Best Of The Johnny Cash Tv Show: 1969-1971 Label: Columbia ‎– 88697153712, Legacy ‎– 88697153712, The ... [View]

bruiser1 (0 00:00:42)
Jeff Proschold's LOC Bruiser EXP. The main motor was a K, I can't remember what the air start motors were. Awesome flight! LUNAR launch, March 3, 2012. [View]

Estes Quinstar, C6-0 (0 00:00:42)
Estes Quinstar flying on a C6-0 at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club on August 18th, 2018 [View]

Semroc Trident Flight "The Lawn Dart" (0 00:00:42)
Trident lawn darts from altitude on C6-5 engine after shock cord broke during chute ejection. Luckily, it landed in soft grassy ground and had little damage other than some chipped paint. [View]

Upscale Estes Star Blazer (0 00:00:42)
Upscale Estes Star Blazer. Made with Semroc Parts. [View]

Marsden N1560 moonburner (0 00:00:42)
New Zealand Rocketry was proud to be a part of Jack and Tony’s phenomenal launch at NZRA’s National Launch Day. [View]

Estes Mercury Redstone (0 00:00:42)
Estes Mercury Redstone with C-6-5 motor [View]

High Power Rocket Launch (0 00:00:42)
Madcow Torret - CTI J530 IMAX 5,480 feet, 840 mph [View]

August 2015 Bill Cook 54mm Flyaway Rail Guide Test (0 00:00:42)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 206 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

Model Rocket Launch @ Smith STEM School August 29, 2012 (0 00:00:42)
Smith STEM School launched a model rocket to celebrate the first day of school on August 29, 2012. Special thanks to Alton Gloer of CATO Rocketry Club. [View]

ROCKETS Magazine LDRS 32 Brian Moore (0 00:00:42)
Brian Moore's 6X Upsacle Estes Guardian on an M-109 at LDRS 32 [View]

Bomarc 1.6" Launch (0 00:00:42)
Third, and best flight to date of this Madcow Bomarc missile replica. [View]

Minie Magg Loki G80 Onboard MMMSC Rocket Launch (0 00:00:42)
LOC Minie Magg onboard camera at MMMSC 6/15 launch. Motor is a Loki Research G80 LW. Recorded with Boostervision Gearcam HD. Forgot to tape the mic so the audio is blown out with a lot of wind noise. [View]

Steve Eves 1/10th Scale Saturn V all the way to Deployment (0 00:00:42)
Steve Eves built a 1700 pound nearly 40ft tall Scale model of a Saturn V rocket. 7700 POUNDS of thrust from 9 massive Rocket Motor's costing $13000 lofted it into the air. It was a hell of a site to ... [View]

TARC 2015 First Flight (0 00:00:42)
This is a slow motion video taken of our TARC 2015 rocket, Viking I, on its first launch. The rocket is custom-built by us, approximately 3 feet tall. The motor we used for this flight was an Estes ... [View]

loc nuke pro maxx (0 00:00:42)
opening of Loc's nuke pro maxx. review of nuke pro maxx [View]

AGM 33 PIKE 5.5 at NYPOWER 20 (0 00:00:42)
Apogee at 8528ft. on a CTI M1830 C-star [View]

4-H High-powered rocketry CATO (0 00:00:42)
The 4-H High-powered rocketry club in Reno, Nevada launched their rocket a second time on a CTI J520 Sparkey motor. However, the motor failed ( CATO) causing the rocket to separate at the pad and ... [View]

Cambridge Rocket Club Rocket Race (0 00:00:42)
Watch as these two tubular rockets race into the sky. Courtesy the Cambridge Rocket Club. [View]

5.5in Nike Smoke on a J500G (0 00:00:42)
5(point)5in Nike Smoke on a J500G [View]

Dex Dual Thrust High Speed Takeoff (0 00:00:42)
The subject is a 8 ft tall, 20 pound rocket named Poindexter launching on a Cesaroni L640 Dual Thrust rocket motor. This is a video taken from a casio es-fs10 high speed digital camera at 210 fps. [View]

Sean's HAWK model rocket launch (0 00:00:42)
Southern Arizona Rocketry Association (SARA) 22 Aug 2010, Launch, Polecat Aerospace HAWK (SAM) Powered by a K motor Drogue chute does NOT deploy Main chute finally deploys [View]

Chris Short Orange Crush O4000 (0 00:00:42)
Cool Flight of Chris Short Orange Crush on an O-4000 From LDRS 30 DVD [View]

2006-09-09 Cineroc (0 00:00:42)
This is the "Upscale Cineroc" I built to fly on the Upscale Omega rocket. The rocket wasn't ready, so I first flew it on my EZI-65. [View]

Shaq Twitter Campaign at University of Alabama (0 00:00:42)
University of Alabama students use Twitter to get Shaquille O'Neal to their campus for their LSU vs. Alabama match-up. The students began the campaign after the announcement that The Century Council ... [View]

Pre-flown SpaceX Falcon 9 launches used cargo capsule to ISS (0 00:00:42)
SpaceX launched a used Dragon cargo spacecraft on a recycled Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, marking the second time SpaceX has reused both a rocket booster and a ... [View]

M2250 C-Star CATO (0 00:00:42)
This is my rocket, but the video was taken by adfgfds. It can also be seen on his youtube channel. [View]

Patriot 10th Flight (0 00:00:42)
10th launch of my USA Patriot model rocket. As always, the flight was extremely stable and the landing was predictable. Engine used: B6-4. [View]

Estes Alpha Launch (0 00:00:42)
The Estes Alpha has been the first rocket for millions for over 36 years! This easy-to-build, high perfomance rocket is the perfect model to get you started. [View]

01_QCC_Explorer (0 00:00:42)
Estes QCC Explorer on an E9-6. Nice flight. That is one sweet flying rocket! SARG Launch, January 14, 2012. [View]

Estes Dragonite Launch (0 00:00:42)
The Dragonite is perfect for the first-time rocketeer. With this rocket, you can experience the thrill of building and flying your own high performance model rocket without gluing or waiting. This ... [View]

Newest 2.4G 4CH Wing Rocket Quadcopter Altitude Hold One Key Take off/Land (0 00:00:42)
Newest 2.4G 4CH Wing Rocket Quadcopter Altitude Hold One Key Take off/Land Mini RC Drone RTF Toys Gift For Kids Quadrocopter Check here : Similar P ... [View]

Simulating a Quadcopter Propeller with CONVERGE 3.0 (0 00:00:42)
Autonomous meshing, high-fidelity turbulence models, and the efficient massive parallelization of CONVERGE 3.0 were leveraged to simulate a quadcopter propeller in this video courtesy of Dr. I-Han ... [View]

This Real-Life Flying Saucer Will Change Flight Forever (0 00:00:42)
The ADIFO (All-Directions Flying Object) can move with unprecedented aerial agility across a broad range of speeds. ► Subscribe for more tech & culture videos: ◄ MORE ... [View]

January 2013 Two Fools With Two Spools (0 00:00:42)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 176 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. [View]

DIRECT 2.0 - Transistion from Space Shuttle (0 00:00:42)
Info: The Jupiter series of rockets is a cheaper, faster and more flexible approach to putting man back on the moon. This video shows the modifications required to ... [View]

AeroTech 98/10240 Static Test (0 00:00:43)
Testing out a new enlarged nozzle for 98mm reloads. Don't blink or you'll miss it! [View]

Estes rocket using E9-6 motor (0 00:00:43)
Another estes rocket flying on an E9-6 motor. I lost this one for 3 months (with hours of searching in between) when found it had minor water damage but was repaired back to new :) [View]

Oracle Estes cam Live (0 00:00:43)
Camara 2.4ghz instalada en cohete Estes Oracle Cam 2.4 ghz installed on board Estes Oracle Rocket. [View]

CTI K300 to 16,000 feet at Tripoli Serpentine Launch, Victoria Australia (0 00:00:43)
Commentary compliments of Altus Metrum telemetry stream from the rocket. 3" wildman punisher clone. [View]

K550 Super Magnum (0 00:00:43)
My Super Magnum launches with an Aerotech K550W motor. Red Glare X - Filmed by Sean Lucey [View]

AMRAAM 1 Preflight.flv (0 00:00:43)
Williamson Composite "Griffins" Squadron Civil Air Patrol We launched an AIM-120 rocket we built at the NYPOWER rocket launch event. The weather held off long enough and we all had a good time. Great ... [View]

Model Rocketry in Miami (0 00:00:43)
Our second launch of the day with a Helicat model rocket from Estes. Both launches were perfect using C6-5 engines. [View]

AntirocketryBen.wmv (0 00:00:43)
Ben flew a spool rocket for the event which is always a complete waste of propellant. [View]

Saturn V flying on a Sparky Motor (0 00:00:43)
You have never seen a Saturn V do this. Cool motor and nice flight. [View]

Mega Der Pink Max flight (0 00:00:43)
Campbell's Mega Der Pink Max rocket flew at the Austin Area Rocketry Group launch held at Hutto, Texas on February 2, 2013. The rocket was built from the Estes Mega Der Red Max kit and modified with ... [View]

Ventris Flight in Upstate NY (0 00:00:43)
Estes Ventris flying on an Aerotech H182 Single Use motor. P-Nut altimeter, Beeline Tracker, and HD Wing Cam onboard. Flight took place at the URRG April 25 launch in Potter, NY [View]

Eric R. Rocket launch and Quadcopter (0 00:00:43)
Level 1 rocket launch with H-motor. Autonomous quadcopter take off and landing. [View]

cinerock wizard 5 2 15 (0 00:00:43)
Prototype/custom Estes wizard with an SD video CMOS camera modded to replicate a Cineroc module. Launched on a C6-7 motor the eject failed and went off immediately. This is the only launch of this ... [View]

Metal 3D Printed Inconel 718 Rocket Engine (0 00:00:43) The University of California, San Diego chapter of Students for the Exploration and Development ... [View]

LDRS Gecko 2010 (0 00:00:43)
Gecko rocket. 25 pounds, shot on L850 at LDRS 29, Lucerne dry lake, California. Went to 4500 feet. [View]

LOC Bruiser EXP3 flying on CTI K675 (0 00:00:43)
LOC/Precision EXP3 flying on CTI K675 skidmark St. Albans, Vermont CRMRC [View]

"Golden Eagle" 3" Wildman Dual-Deploy - AeroTech K550 - Fire in the Sky 2014 (0 00:00:43)
My "Golden Eagle", a 3" Wildman Dual-Deploy, flies on an AeroTech K550 White Lightning at the Washington Aerospace Club's Fire in the Sky 2014. I had more flights on larger motors planned for this ... [View]

Tinee9: Drone watching Model Rocket Launch (0 00:00:43)
A few years back I flew my home made drone based off the early DJI frame and ardupilot system. Here I flew above a model rocket being launched and captured the smoke trail and Parachute falling back ... [View]

Quest Triton-X. July 17, 2012 Onboard Camera. (0 00:00:43)
Second Flight. B6-4 Motor. Apogee: 121 feet. Key Fob 808 #16 & jolly logic 'altimeter TWO' onboard. Link to: Quest Triton-X. July 17, 2012 Ground Camera. ... [View]

Gemini Titan Model Rocket Launch (0 00:00:43)
Gemini Titan model rocket launch on 2 B6-4 engines. This was the first flight of this rocket. The rocket kit was a gift for my birthday from my wife. [View]

Estes Patriot Launch (0 00:00:43)
What a classic! That's what you'll get with the Estes US Army Patriot M-104 rocket that dominated the skies over Iraq. This 1:10 scale model rocket of the desert hero and mother of all air defense ... [View]

FL2010 Night Launch: Berl's Spool (0 00:00:43)
At the night launch of the Freedom Launch '010, Berl Finklestein flew his Spool on a J-180. it sported a taped on flashlight and a blinking light under the cap. as you can see, it didn't go off as ... [View]

06-19-2010 SouthernThunder Mike (0 00:00:43)
June 19, 2010 - Southern Thunder - Mike [View]

Amateur Rocketry Peregrine CO2 ejection dual deploy Telemega electronics (0 00:00:43)
First test of the installed ejection system. Both the Altus Metrum Telemega and the dual deploy Tinder Rocketry Peregrine CO2 ejection system are mounted in the nosecone. The body tube portion (which ... [View]

Level 1 Certification Failure (0 00:00:43)
My level 1 certification. Madcow Patriot. I ran it on an H-180. But the spacer i borrowed from someone was faulty and didn't hold the motor in place. In turn, the motor shot right through the top ... [View]

Estes Mercury Redstone Flight 2 (0 00:00:43)
Second flight on my Mercury Redstone, 2015 edition. Perfect boost and even after landing in a gravel parking lot, there was no damage at all. I'm really liking this rocket! It looks great and is ... [View]

HSB Rocketry Team America Rocketry Challenge Qualification Launches (0 00:00:43)
Qualification launches for Team America Rocketry Challenge [View]

CCP Middle School Rocket Club Onboard Camera (0 00:00:43)
May 2008 launch by the Chaminade College Preparatory School Middle School Rocket Club with an onboard camera. [View]

Ben's First Model Rocket Launch (0 00:00:43)
Ben's first rocket launch. Launched at the NIRA (Northern Illinois Rocketry Association) Club launch - November, 2008. Estes Speed Freak with B6-4 engine. [View]

Someone else's M1297-powered rocket (0 00:00:43)
While I was trying to dig my (ruined) nosecone out of the ground, someone launched a much larger squat rocket than my own on an Aerotech M1297. Awesome. [View]

March 2021 Orange Spool of Death (0 00:00:43)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's Eastern Short Launch (ESL) hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

Launch Pad PAC-3 launched with Estes D12-3 (0 00:00:43)
First launch of my PAC-3 rocket model by The Launch Pad on an Estes D12-3. It gets to about 300ft and arcs perfectly. Great set-up for a smaller field. Next engine will be an Aerotech E30-7 [View]

Semroc Aero-Dart Econojet F23-7FJ SU (0 00:00:43)
Semroc Aero-Dart launched on an Aerotech F23-7FJ single use motor. [View]

1st Half Scale Launch (0 00:00:43)
Half scale rocket launch of the 49er Rocketry Clubs USLI Rocket. This launch was performed to prove the flight stability of the design. [View]

Rocket Crash (0 00:00:43)
A large V2 high-powered model rocket takes off and comes down when its parachute fails to deploy, hitting the ground full speed. [View]

Roy's V2 Rocket takes a plunge (0 00:00:43)
Eclipserocketry's V2 Rocket takes a plunge, it was quarter scale and it flew in Cambridge (UK) at the East Anlian Rocketry Society launch site and both sets of electronics did not detect launch ... [View]

Estes Partizon maiden Launch. Aerotech E23-5T (0 00:00:43)
This is not only the first launch of the Partizon, but my first attempt at using a reloadable motor. It could have gone really well or really badly. :) [View]

Estes Savage model rocket launch (0 00:00:43)
Estes Savage model rocket. D12-0 booster with c6-7 main. Landed 1mi away. Crazy launch. [View]

launch video1.f4v (0 00:00:44)
high power rocket launch video [View]

High power rocket L motor to 12k feet! (0 00:00:44)
This is Steve Canniff's L motor rocket going to 12k feet. The rocket was setup for dual-deployment but the main chute came out at apogee and drifted off to the next county. [View]

Level 3 Nike Smoke (0 00:00:44)
Nice level 3 cert flight of a nike smoke [View]

Eva La Rue PSA: Kid Power ~ Eddie (0 00:00:44)
Eva La Rue PSA: Kid Power ~ Eddie‬ Beckstrand Cancer Foundation National spokesperson, Eva La Rue, best known for her work on television's CSI: Miami and All My Children introduces viewers to ... [View]

Dudley Do-Right flight at NARAM 47 (0 00:00:44)
Another Jim Flis coffee cup creation. Based on Jim's reaction, I think he might have drained all of the coffee that morning. For best results, PLAY IT LOUD! [View]

Getting GOCE to the launch pad (0 00:00:44)
The Gravity Field and Steady-State Ocean Circulation Explorer (GOCE) is an ESA satellite that was launched on March 17, 2009. [View]

"Big Nuke" launch at CMASS (0 00:00:44)
CMASS launch of BigNuke on J500 Mojave Green power. [View]

Tripoli Rocket Launch 4-18-2009 (0 00:00:44)
Tripoli Rocket launch on 4-18-2009. Kit: NCR Eliminator Motor: Aerotech G75 [View]

The Estes Alpha III (0 00:00:44) - This video is a short introduction to the Estes Alpha III rocket kit. It has a plastic fin unit, so construction is ... [View]

Estes Argent on an F27-4R (0 00:00:44)
S'More Delight flies on an Aerotech F27-4R [View]

Too Cool For Spool, D12 to C11 (0 00:00:44)
Too Cool for Spool flying on a D12 to a C11 at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club on March 30, 2019 [View]

Arcas ground (0 00:00:44)
My Aerotech HV Arcas on a G64-7 [View]

Gene E - L1040Dm (0 00:00:44)
Gene flies his rocket on an Aerotech L1040 Dark Matter [View]

Madcow DX3 on a CTI G57 (0 00:00:44)
My first flight on a reusable motor. It performed well and the launch was mostly successful. I did lose the nose cone, as my friction fit did not hold for this launch. The nose cone may have been ... [View]

ROCKETS Mag LDRS 33 Teresa Wagsaff Warlock (0 00:00:44)
Teresa Wagstaff's Warlock flight from LDRS 33 [View]

Estes Cosmic Interceptor 2nd flight on an Aerotech E30-4T (0 00:00:44)
Second perfect flight of my Estes Cosmic Interceptor, launched on an Aerotech E30-4T on October 10th 2016 with Cambridge Rocket Club in Ontario. [View]

Apache rocket and CTI Skidmark motor (0 00:00:44)
A Ramblin' Rocket Club earns his Level 2 HPR certification using a CTI J360 Skidmark motor. [View]

G77 redline saucer rocket (0 00:00:44)
Cardboard saucer rocket on a G77 SU motor, as the title suggests. Didnt hold together [View]

Always Ready Rocketry Blue Phenix (0 00:00:44)
ARR Blue Phenix 2.0 on Aerotech I285R, altitude 1800 ft. Dual Deploy at 400 ft. In Leonard, Oklahoma. [View]

Boomerang 2 flight 002 2nd December 2012 (0 00:00:44)
Video of my 2nd Boomerang 2 Rocket Glider flight at EARS on 2nd December 2012, Recorded by Iain Williams [View]

AstroCam Rocket (0 00:00:44)
The Estes Astrocam® is a marvel of rocketry design combined with twenty-first-century electronic miniaturization. It comes equipped with its own high-definition digital video camera and a specially ... [View]

New High Power Rocket Altitude Record - Vanish 38 with a CTI I216 (0 00:00:44)
Flown at Tripoli Vegas' Delamar Dry Lake launch on May 25, 2019. GPS maximum height was 15,159 feet. [View]

Deuce Onboard 100704 (0 00:00:44)
My Deuce on a CTI J410 red, the other motor, a CTI J425 blue failed to ignite. [View]

C6-5 powered model rocket (0 00:00:44)
Mile High Mayhem rocket shoot at Pawnee National Grasslands in Colorado [View]

Motorhead's Madcow Little John @ MMRG (0 00:00:44)
Motorhead's Madcow Little John flying on an Aerotech SU E30-4 at a recent Melbourne Metro Rocketery Group launch day [View]

Mark Wise L1 Cert Attempt ICBM Launch (0 00:00:44)
Mark Wise attempts to certify Level 1 at Naram. A little background is needed for this video to make sense. We use all kinds of adhesives (glue) to build our rockets. two of the most common are CA ... [View]

Blue Bird Zero upscale (0 00:00:44)
Gorilla 38/390 Black Lightning [View]

Black Dragon Controls Flight (0 00:00:44)
The Black Dragon project is a Cal Poly Pomona aerospace engineering senior project. The rocket is 9 and a half feet tall and has a diameter of 6 inches. It uses a M1000 hybrid motor. The rocket has ... [View]

Semroc Hydra 7 Onboard Video 808 Cam (0 00:00:44)
Semroc Hydra 7, 4 engine B6-4 Cluster. [View]

Failed Cluster Launch: Big Red Max and 3x B6-4 engines (0 00:00:44)
First attempt at a cluster launch. 3 Estes B6-4 engines ignited by Quest Q2G2 ignitors. All three ignitors fired (via Estes launch controller) but only one engine caught. Next time, crowd will be ... [View]

LV0 launch from ground control (0 00:00:44)
See for more details. [View]

Estes Cosmic Interceptor (0 00:00:44)
My Estes Cosmic Interceptor flying on a Cesaroni E22 Smoky Sam with a 4 second delay at the FlisKits 10th Anniversary launch at the CMASS field in Amesbury, MA on 10/20/2012. This was the kits second ... [View]

Flag Rocket Argonia Onboard (0 00:00:44)
Woody Hoburg Flag Rocket @ LDRS 23, Argonia, KS Onboard video transmitted via HAM TV payload Motors (aerotech): K1275R airstart (2) J570 @ 2.5 s airstart (2) J350 @ 6 s airstart (2) I284 @ 9.5 ... [View]

Estes Quinstar, C6-0 (0 00:00:44)
Mike's Estes Quinstar flying on a C6-0 at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club on March 30, 2019 [View]

Dr Naram ANNOUNCES FREE Health Pulse Consultation on Oct 13 Sunday at Mumbai DG Ayurveda (0 00:00:44)
On 13th October (Sunday), swing by in large numbers for a FREE HEALTH CHECK UP for Sanjeevani’s collaboration with Mumbai’s oldest Ayurvedic Store - DG Ayurveda. Contact :- D.G. Ayurvedic ... [View]

Estes Mean Machine Launch (0 00:00:44)
Black, mean, lean and wicked! Fly the Mean Machine on Estes E engines and soar over the clouds! That's not all! Includes bright waterslide decals, D engine adapter and a new CONNECTOR to break it ... [View]

STAC 2012 Sep Launch Beeville TX - Bill Yates' Aspire gone by 1.5 seconds (0 00:00:44)
South Texas Aerospace Club 2012 September Launch at Beeville Municipal Airport. Bill Yates' supersonic Aspire disappeared in the sky in 1.5 seconds. That was the last time the rocket was seen. [View]

Brian Brodersen's 'Saucy Wench' (0 00:00:44)
Brian Brodersen's performance machine called 'Saucy Wench'. Launched on November 6th, 2010 at the Three Oaks launch held by the Team 1 rocket club. A beautiful flight to 7000 feet but the rocket was ... [View]

Flying Model Rocket - E9-8 Engine (0 00:00:44)
First flight of our own design with an E9-8 engine. Broke a fin on impact (as wood grain alignment not optimal). [View]

MDRA Xmas Tree Launch 2008 (0 00:00:44)
The start of MDRA Xmas Tree launch first flown by David Chance [View]

Performance Rocketry G3 I284W inflight.m4v (0 00:00:44)
Inflight video of my Performance Rocketry G3 flying on an Aerotech I284W to 2,055ft. I had a bad ematch, so the drogue never deployed. Luckily, it laid flat and spun on the way down, so when the ... [View]

Schirra was awakened at 1:40 am on the morning of October 2, and after a hearty breakfast—including a bluefish he had speared the day before—and a brief physical he left for the launchpad at ... [View]

Iso-Haisu hybrid rocket 1st launch - onboard HD-cam (0 00:00:44)
Onboard HD video of the first launch of "Iso-Haisu" hybrid rocket. [View]

Frozen Fury 2011 Test Flight - Harwood, ND. Flooded Fields (0 00:00:44)
University of North Dakota Frozen Fury rocketry team had a successful test flight of their 2010 - 2011 USLI competition rocket. These are images from the camera onboard which took an image every 10 ... [View]

Boomerang rocket (0 00:00:44)
This is amazing, the model rocket lands within feet of the launch site. See for yourself. [View]

M1770 Skidmark going to 8000 FT (0 00:00:44)
A High Power Rocket Launch I went to in OH [View]

Launching Estes Patriot at Moffett Field (0 00:00:44)
Launching an Estes Patriot on a C6 engine, at Moffett Field (hosted by Lunar) on Feb 18, 2012 with the Las Lomitas Rocket Club. [View]

Exactimator Reaper 3 CTI I218-WT (0 00:00:44)
Exactimator Reaper 3 CTI I218-WT TRA-SD Holtville Airfield 11/07/2015 [View]

Estes Vintage (K-36) Saturn - V Launch/Apollo - 11 40th Anniversary Celebration (0 00:00:44)
This is the launch of my vintage Estes (K-36) Saturn - V 1/100 scale model at Needville, TX on July 11, 2009 for the Apollo - 11 40th Anniversary Celebration. Model was extensively modified from the ... [View]

Dr Naram ANNOUNCES FREE Health (Pulse) Consultation on Oct 13 (Sunday) at Mumbai - DG Ayurveda (0 00:00:44)
On 13th October (Sunday), swing by in large numbers for a FREE HEALTH CHECK UP for Sanjeevani’s collaboration with Mumbai’s oldest Ayurvedic Store - DG Ayurveda. Contact :- D.G. Ayurvedic ... [View]

Kelly's engineering challenge high power rocket launch (0 00:00:44)
Here's one of the entries from this years engineering launch. Build a lunar lander that starts with the legs up, then deploys them with the rocket "standing up" when landing. This one gets a A+ for ... [View]

Estes Big Daddy on E engine (0 00:00:44)
Estes Big Daddy with E engine [View]

Launching Model Rockets (0 00:00:44)
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. [View]

Estes Mega Der Red Max Pro Series 2 Rocket Launch F50-6T Engine ONBOARD view (0 00:00:45)
Here is another launch with our beat up old model rocket, this time we wanted to see the blue smoke exhaust so we tried a different engine. This camera onboard is a hotwheel camera taped to the ... [View]

Rocket Crafters - STAR-3D Hybrid Rocket Motor Test (HF-39) (0 00:00:45)
HF-39 is a test of our Cyclone Series Engine, powered by a STAR-3D Hybrid Rocket Motor. During this test we demonstrated the ability to throttle the output of this engine several times both up and ... [View]

Drogue Deployment Ground Test (0 00:00:45)
Level two project drogue deployment ground test. [View]

LOC Onyx F-52-5T (0 00:00:45)
912ft Apogee 170mph Top Speed 1.1s Burn time 11.4g Peak Acceleration 6.9g Avg Acceleration 5.6s Coast to Apogee -----s Apogee to Ejection 821ft Ejection Altitude 18mph Descent speed 36.5s Flight ... [View]

Jim Cooper Spool Fool J90 (0 00:00:45)
Cool Flight of Jim Cooper Spool Fool on a J-90 From LDRS 30 DVD [View]

Nike Smoke Onboard Model Rocket Video - F40 White Lightning (0 00:00:45) Nike Smoke: onboard video with a F40 White Lightning motor [View]

Estes Maxi Honest John on a D12-5, almost lands on me (0 00:00:45)
Estes Maxi Honest John flying on a D12-3 motor. Comes down real close to where I was video taping. [View]

Rocket Cam Estes Guardian (0 00:00:45)
Estes Guardian Rocket launch 9-6-2010 in Southold NY. Wind about 8 mph from the southeast. I did not get the altitude I expected. I suspect the wind caused the rocket to rotate into the wind and ... [View]

Tony Cooper's Pinata rocket (0 00:00:45)
Tony Cooper's Pinata rocket. It's full of candy. LUNAR Launch, 02/04/12. [View]

February 2020 Morgan Remeza Wild Thing (0 00:00:45)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 258 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

Estes Big Daddy Launch - Pad Cam and Onboard Side By Side (0 00:00:45)
Awesome footage from our August 2008 Launch; it's a shame we didn't have a third ground camera tracking the rocket; it ejected just a few feet off the ground. [View]

igniter test compilation (0 00:00:45)
Testing bridges of solderless igniters with various bridge configurations. [View]

TTRA August 09' Launch (0 00:00:45)
Eddie Padron and Pete Fox's Level 3 flights. Both Eddie and Pete were flying on Gorilla M1665 White Cloud [View]

MDRA's Rocketry Big Dogs (0 00:00:45)
Pad cam shots of the biggest projects launching at MDRA's ESL 90. [View]

High Powered Rocket - Drag Race - I327DM (0 00:00:45)
High Powered Rocket - Drag Race - I327DM High Speed Camera [View]

HyperTEK Hybrid J270 - ARG_09_11 (0 00:00:45)
MadCow - 4" Little John Rocket Perfectflight Minitimer ejection HyperTEK 54mm 440cc Hybrid - J270fx Alt: 5000' to 5500' [View]

Steve Pollak's Mars Lander (0 00:00:45)
A little fun with a video of Steve Pollak's Upscale Mars Lander. [View]

Level 1 Certification Flight (0 00:00:45)
My level 1 certification flight. I used the estes leviathan pro series 2 model with only a few slight adjustments to the design. I used Cesaroni - P29-3G Imax (H87). [View]

Model Rocket Launch Slow-Motion (0 00:00:45)
Custom Rockets Redliner with C6-5 engine [View]

(6 Apr 1959) On Santa Rose Island, off the Florida handle, the preparations for the first firing of a Bomarc interceptor missile - an Air Research and Development Command test that creates an ... [View]

Estes Der Red Max Launch (0 00:00:45)
Talk about far-out fun! An Estes classic, the Der Red Max has a large stable design, giving great sport performance. A great addition to any rocket collection! [View]

First launch of Estes Eagle boost glider (0 00:00:45)
The first lauch of our Estes boost glider. Flew pretty nice. [View]

La mayor explosión lunar de la historia (0 00:00:45)
Ayer se registró la mayor explosión lunar registrada por la NASA en los ocho años que lleva investigando estos hechos, se produjo por el impacto de una roca contra la superficie lunar. Bill Cooke, ... [View]

The Estes Majestic (0 00:00:45)
Me launching my Estes Majestic at Bull Sallas Park. [View]

Estes V2 Model Rocket Maiden Flight C11-3 (0 00:00:45)
Launching the Estes V2 Model Rocket for the first time. I launched on the C11-3 motor. I gave this rocket a ragged camo paint. [View]

STS-125 Atlantis Launch a Step Closer (0 00:00:45)
Space shuttle Atlantis moved three miles closer to space Tuesday March 31 as workers rolled it to Launch Pad 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The trip from the Vehicle Assembly ... [View]

Fire On High Rocket On Board Video NEFAR 5-10-14 (0 00:00:45)
Flight of Fire On High at NEFAR launch 5-10-14 in Bunnell, FL. Neither the drogue or the main fully deployed, free fall from 1300 feet...cosmetic damage only, Blue Tube is tough! [View]

Rocket Propelled MonoCopter Launch (0 00:00:45) A monocopter is a single-blade helicopter. Here is a launch of a monocopter that was created by Francis Graham. Dr. Graham wrote the book on MonoCopter design. Get it ... [View]

J90 IQSY Tomahawk (0 00:00:45)
My 3" Tomahawk on a long-burn J90 at Freedom Launch 2013, Orangeburg, SC. Altitude: 5194 feet. [View]

EZ I 65 K270 Jason Cook HD (0 00:00:45)
EZ-I 65 AT K270 Jason Cook 2018-02-10 Video by Jimmy Yawn From the official NEFAR website [View]

Nebraska Pickrell Thor Fire On The Farm 2011 3 (0 00:00:45)
Gavins 3rd launch of his Loc Precision Pro Nuke Maxx called BIOHAZZARD. Launched on a CTI G88 Smokey Sam to an altitude of 921 ft. [View]

03_ion_disruptor (0 00:00:45)
Ion Disruptor landing on its 48" nylon chute. LUNAR Snow Ranch launch, 04/07/12. [View]

Dairy Aire '09, Comp 5 (0 00:00:45)
M1297 flight at Dairy Aire 2009. One of ten M flights to commemorate the tenth Dairy Aire launch at the Maddox Dairy. Thank you to James D for shooting this video. Little wobbly on the way up due to ... [View]

Honest John June 2019 (0 00:00:45)
Estes Honest John launch in June 2019. [View]

Proton M Plaster Blaster 9 (0 00:00:45)
The amazing, and tragic, flight of the Punk Rocket Science Proton M at Plaster Blaster 9. [View]

Canadian Arrow V2 1st Launch (0 00:00:45)
Motor is an E15-4W 24" Chute 20 April 08 [View]

Arizona Rocketry Ken Sparks 12 scale Patriot Battery K375 (0 00:00:45)
Cool Flight of Arizona Rocketry Ken Sparks 1/2 scale Patriot Battery all on K-375 From LDRS 29 DVD [View]

Estes Saturn V Model Rocket Launch (0 00:00:45)
Estes saturn V moel rocket being launched with 3 C6-3 rocket motors. Cool flight. [View]

Big Bertha Rocket Cam (0 00:00:45)
Model rocket with onboard camera. Sod Farm in New Berlin Wisconsin. Woosh Rocketry Club. September 3, 2011. [View]

12Flight Cluster 2stage Rocket. (0 00:00:45)
Scratch built 2 stage rocket. Booster has 1x 24mm and 2x 18mm engines while the upper stage has a 18mm. This flight was on 1x D12-0 2x A10-3 staging to a B6-4. [View]

Launch Of Delta 13 Model Rocket On 4/21/07 (0 00:00:45)
Second successful launch of this semi-scale, scratch built model of Boeing's Delta launch vehicle. Power was 2 x Estes D12-3, but model is capable of 5 x D12-3 power. [View]

Paper Glider Bomber for Android (0 00:00:45)
Bombs awaaaaaaaaay! Paper Glider makes an EXPLOSIVE return in Paper Glider Bomber! Your Paper ... [View]

Maiden flight of Boeing Straoliner transport aircraft HD Stock Footage (0 00:00:45)
CriticalPast is an archive of historic footage. The vintage footage in this video has been uploaded for research purposes, and is presented in unedited form. Some viewers may find some scenes or ... [View]

Falcon Heavy (0 00:00:45) - Short description of the Dr. Zooch Rocketry Falcon Heavy model rocket kit [View]

NERRF2 Rocket motor problems (0 00:00:45)
It was our day in the pickle barrel as the rocket motor gasses leaked from the forward end of the motor pushing the payload section off at high speed. The booster continued on, both sections landed ... [View]

1/4 Scale Patriot Missile (0 00:00:45)
4" Madcow Patriot missile on an Aerotech H180W-M [View]

First dual deploy rocket recovery (0 00:00:45)
My 1st DD flight. Altimeter was an Adept22 with drogue deployment at apogee [View]

Mercury Redstone 8 Model Rocket Launch Part 1 (0 00:00:45)
The first ever launch of my Mercury Redstone 8 model rocket. [View]

HPRocket flies ballistically out of control! (0 00:00:45)
This rocket flew out of control during the premier Oktoberfest launch in Northern Colorado. This was part of the Northern Colorado Rocketry club ( The rocket was an oversized "Mean ... [View]

Thrust Vector Control - Series F Hold Down (0 00:00:45)
Ran a static fire after an overhaul of Signal's stability software. Modifications focused on ensuring robust control loop times, which were the primary culprit of the overcorrection seen in previous ... [View]

Estes AstroCam Launch - B6-4 Motor - Arthur Hill Field - Saginaw Michigan (0 00:00:45)
#sodblasters #swoosh #EstesAstroCam Estes: AstroCam Motor: Estes B6-4 Location: Arthur Hill Sod Blasters Field in Saginaw Michigan. Purchased: Roger's Hobby Center in Saginaw, Michigan. http ... [View]

foosefest3.3 (0 00:00:45)
Radio controlled Estes Cosmos Mariner flying on a D11-P [View]

AJAKS High-Altitude Rocket Test Launch (0 00:00:45)
This was a test launch for a two-stage high-altitude rocket built by 5 students in CPSS as a senior project. The goal of this rocket is to enter the advanced category of the ESRA (Experimental ... [View]

Estes V2 Rocket engine failure (0 00:00:45)
Launch failures of my Estes V2 model rocket with the E12-4 engines. [View]

Ryan's 1st model rocket launch (estes code red) (0 00:00:45)
Ryan, Erin and I shot off some model rockets at McKinney Park 9-26-2012. Ryan's rocket is an Estes Code Red. We used a B6-4 engine (so it wouldn't go too high). Perfect mission. [View]

LDRS 28 Black5 (0 00:00:45)
THIS WAS AT LDRS 28 IT HAD 1 N-3800 2 BABY Ls AND 2 K-1000 AS AIR STATS [View]

Christian Li Group, "El Duende" - Berklee College of Music (0 00:00:45)
Christian Li Group performs their original song, "El Duende," as part of Berklee College of Music's summer concert series. They will be performing live as part of a free outdoor concert series at ... [View]

MDRA 2013 Christmas Tree Launch (0 00:00:46)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's Christmas Tree Launch hobby rocket flight.  [View]

Tom's Big Daddy launch (0 00:00:46)
Toms Big Daddy launch at North Devon Rocket Club launch in May [View]

Estes patriot rocket with C6-5 engines (0 00:00:46)
This Rocket reaches around 600ft in the air [View]

(15 Aug 1973) Saturn rollout recent report on Skylab rescue You can license this story through AP Archive: Find out ... [View]

Saturn V Papercraft Launch (0 00:00:46)
Third successful flight of this highly detailed cardstock Saturn V replica of 1:96 scale converted to fly on 24mm model rocket motors. This model depicts Apollo J-Missions and was flown at a meet ... [View]

Matt Johnson's Discovery 2001 Rocket (0 00:00:46)
Entirely scratch-built, resin cast model of the 2001 A Space Odessey ship, Discovery, launched (and crashed!) at MMAR Launch May 7th, 2011. [View]

Dusk Rocket Launch (0 00:00:46)
Visible flame from an Estes Big Bertha with a C6-5 engine. The paint scheme is a loose homage to the Apollo Saturn 1B. [View]

Santa 7May2011 DMG video.AVI (0 00:00:46)
Santa takes a header in this flight..... [View]

01_disruptor (0 00:00:46)
My scratch built Ion Disruptor's second flight, on an H148 Redline. The delay grain burned through prematurely and caused the early deployment. No damage, thankfully. LUNAR Snow Ranch launch, March ... [View]

ROCKETS Mag Balls 23 Scott Binder Horizon L3 (0 00:00:46)
Scott Binder's Horizon for his Level 3 at Balls 23 [View]

Space Avionics & SST Gacha Destroyer launch (Onboard Camera) Using Estes AstroCam (0 00:00:46)
#Estes 👍 Make sure to Leave a like on this video 🔴 Subscribe to Football Ian 🔔 Turn on notifications so you don't miss new videos 💬 Join my Discord server for friendly chats and ... [View]

Onboard Rocket Video - Two stage (0 00:00:46)
This video shows a high power rocket flight aboard a two stage rocket. The video is transmitted realtime from the rocket to the ground using a 2.4Ghz signal. The second stage separation is visible ... [View]

Loc IV on an I300 (0 00:00:46)
A LOC IV on an I300 Blue Thunder Aerotech motor [View]

Al's blue diablo M-4000 NERRF launch (0 00:00:46)
Simply another amazing blue diablo propellant motor at the original NERRF festival. [View]

Dusk Rocket Launch (hi-res) (0 00:00:46)
Visible flame from an Estes Big Bertha with a C6-5 engine. [View]

Estes Der Red Max Rocket Kit D-ES0651 (0 00:00:46)
Estes Der Red Max Rocket Kit D-ES0651 For more information regarding this model, please click on the following link: [View]

Estes Riptide Launch (0 00:00:46)
No assembly required means you are on the launch pad quick! Add your own flight supplies and you are ready to blast-off! Featuring a really cool chrome nose cone and fins, the Riptide is one cool ... [View]

Camera Rocket - 1st Flight - Onboard Video (0 00:00:46)
1st Flight of Camera Rocket Onboard Video - Taken with "Gum stick" camera mounted in the forward payload bay. Flight on an Estes C6-5 motor. [View]

X-15 Delta configuration RC Rocket Glider Flight (0 00:00:46)
Depron X-15 proposed Delta configuration, 15 oz rtf, Aerotech 24mm E-12 rocket motors, elevon control, 58" long, 22" wingspan. [View]

Team Isoptera Full-Scale Test Flight #1 (0 00:00:46)
In this flight, the vehicle used an Aerotech J825 motor and reached an altitude of 1580 ft (the predicted altitude was 1700 ft.). The drogue parachute deployed, but the main had trouble opening so ... [View]

Hi-Flier Catastrophe.wmv (0 00:00:46)
rocket possibly over powered [View]

Aerotech Sumo on a CTI 125G131 Smoky Sam (0 00:00:46)
Watch as this Aerotech Sumo streaks skyward on a CTI 125G131 Smoky Sam rocket motor. [View]

Quest (Estes) Rakete Intruder mit B6-4 Treibsatz (0 00:00:46)
Mit dem Treibsatz hat die Rakete eine Höhe von ca 170 Meter erreicht. Mit einem C6-7 hatte ich die Rakete schon auf ca 350 Meter. Leider nur im hochformat mit einem S5 gefilmt. [View]

Estes Honest John (0 00:00:46)
C11-3 Honest John launch Estes model rocket. [View]

Giant Saturn V lift-off (0 00:00:46)
1/37th scale Saturn V high power rocket launch. Approx. 12 feet high. Launched on July 20th, 2019 (50th anniversary of the moon landing) at Woosh club launch, Richard Bong Recreation Area, Wisconsin. [View]

Nike Smoke Onboard Model Rocket Video - G38 Blackjack (0 00:00:46) Nike Smoke: onboard video with a G38 Blackjack motor [View]

Two stage Rocket Onboard Video (0 00:00:46)
A two stage rocket launched by Bryan Dierking at Lucerne Dry Lakebed. The video was taken with an iPod Nano. [View]

Ariel High Power Rocket Launch H143SS (0 00:00:46)
Bonfire Night launch of our PML Ariel HPR on a 2 grain 247H143SS-13A with the delay cut to 8 seconds on a very calm sunny day, apogee reached 1582', total flight time 62 seconds. [View]

Estes Mercury Redstone maiden flight (0 00:00:46)
This was the maiden flight of my newly finished Estes Mercury Redstone on an Estes C6-3. Enjoy! [View]

STS-119 Discovery Launch SRB Cameras Views (0 00:00:46)
Views of liftoff and SRB separation from onboard cameras from the launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery on it's STS-119 mission on 15 March 2009. [View]

New Dragonfly Mission Flying Landing Sequence Animation (0 00:00:46)
NASA’s Dragonfly rotorcraft-lander is seen approaching Saturn’s exotic moon Titan in this animation. Taking advantage of Titan’s dense atmosphere and low gravity, Dragonfly will explore dozens ... [View]

Odyssey II on CTI L645G (0 00:00:46)
My L3 bird flying for the first time in 2 years on a CTI L645G motor at LDRS 38. Took several seconds to come up to pressure after burning the igniter. Apogee of 9215'. [View]

UTAT Rocketry Engine Test (0 00:00:46)
Static test fire of the University of Toronto Aeronautics Team - Rocketry Division hybrid rocket engine. Fuel is an aluminum/paraffin mixture and oxidizer is nitrous oxide. Visit http://uta ... [View]

2009-03-22 - Dynastar Rip Roar Flight 003 - D12-0 To E9-6 - 210 fps macro focus (0 00:00:46)
2009-03-22 - Dynastar Rip Roar Flight 003 - D12-0 To E9-6 - 210 fps. Accidentally using a macro focus. [View]

Estes mammoth on a CTI G107 (0 00:00:46)
June 2017, smash, MMAR, JMRC joint launch [View]

LOC Onyx F39 Onboard Video (0 00:00:46)
The 7th flight of David's Onyx. The rocket flew on a F39 at MMMSClub in Berwick on March 24th, 2012. We used too small of a parachute, so one of the surface-mounted fins detached. It will be epoxied ... [View]

Upscale Estes Starlight (0 00:00:46)
Upscale Estes Starlight on an Aerotech E15. [View]

Saturn V at CMASS Launch 11-5-11 (0 00:00:46)
Saturn V at CMASS Launch 11-5-11 Belonging to TonyPV. [View]

LDRS 31: Dark Matter Drag Race (0 00:00:46)
Think I got the right video this time. [View]

Rocket Launch 3: C5-3 (0 00:00:46)
Third and final rocket launch. The windy conditions pushed our rocket over 200 yards when it floats down. This rocket wound up outside the park and in a residential area. Motor: C5-3. Camera: ... [View]

Marshmello How To: Build Your Own Mello Helmet (0 00:00:46)
Marshmello How To: Build Your Own Mello Helmet Get your own Mello Helmet ▶ WATCH ONE THING RIGHT LYRIC VIDEO ▶ ... [View]

Stretched 8-foot 3-inch Aerotech Mirage on Cessaroni G80/G88 motors (0 00:00:46)
Successful launches of the stretched Mirage (8' 3" with payload bay). Still shots are from the second launch on a Cessaroni G88 "Skidmark" sparky motor, and the video portion is from the first ... [View]

Mad Cow IQSY Tomahawk on CTI I170 (0 00:00:46)
Dyer Park, West Palm Beach, FL 4/28/18 Florida Spacemodeling Association USB flash drive camera taped to rocket [View]

Modifying the SpaceX Falcon 9 Flying Rocket Kit to go Supersonic (0 00:00:46)
First test flight today. The F9 model rocket kit from SpaceX is designed for Estes D12 or E9 engines. I noticed that the rear plastic hub was exactly 29mm in diameter, so I decided to make it a ... [View]

Bong Launch 9 28 2014 Wildman Sport on CTI G80 9 (0 00:00:46)
First launch of the day... Wildman Sport kit launched on a CTI G80 with a 9 second delay [View]

Model Rocket Launch with Onboard Video Launch #3 (0 00:00:46)
My son and I launched an Estes rocket with a small B motor. This was our third and last launch of the day. Onboard was recorded with my tiny key chain camera that I had gotten for just this purpose. ... [View]

RATTworks tribrid flight slomo (0 00:00:46)
Butterflies fly through the scene. And then a tribrid by Dave Griffith of RATTworks launches. [View]

Launch 10 Onboard Camera -- Looking Out (HD) (0 00:00:46)
June 30th 2013 at approximately 12:30pm local time Portland State Aerospace Society successfully launched our "LV2.3" rocket. Photos, explanations, and data for this launch can be found on our ... [View]

Drone Video Captures Rocket Launch (0 00:00:46)
While flying our new drone we captured the launch of a rocket. [View]

Estes V-2 model rocket on 24mm Aerotech F24-7W (0 00:00:46)
Not sure, but estimate the altitude went easily over 1000ft, landed 1/4 of a mile away in the next field. [View]

THE DUDE (0 00:00:46)

Aerotech I65 White Lightning Long Burn Rocket Motor (0 00:00:46)
At last, video evidence that the Aerotech I65W exists! 8+ seconds of White Lightning. Excellent. Rocket was a LOC EZI-65. Available from; No Hassle Rocket Motors ... [View]

Nebraska Pickrell Thor Fire On The Farm 2011-2 (0 00:00:46)
Gavin's second launch of his LOC Precision pro nuke maxx that he calls BIOHAZARD. Launched on a Aerotech G64 to an altitude of 1301ft. This is his 4H Rocket. [View]

April time lapse 2, night sky, stars, shooting stars, meteor shower (0 00:00:46)
Join Rippln: sponsor code: Time lapse astrophotography from WV, gorgeous night sky with a full moon rising above the camera. Was an outstanding capture ... [View]

High Power Rocket Launch (0 00:00:46)
Launch of a high power rocket at the AARG launch site near Hutto, Texas on August 18, 2007. [View]

Upscale Death Star on a K2045 VmaX motor at ECOF 2010 (0 00:00:46)
41 pound rocket 85 inches tall with a 23 inch Death Star [View]

mean machine rocket launch and parachute failure (0 00:00:46)
the attachment of the nose cone and the parachute failed and the parachute attached to nose cone flew over 3 miles away and was never found [View]

Bigger Akavish (0 00:00:46)
Roger Smith's giant fuzzy spider on a 3 grain 75mm L motor. [View]

Nike Apache 2 stage fail (0 00:00:47)
Mad Cow Nike Apache two stage rocket fails to light sustainer. Booster Motor was Aetotech J500 and with H195 DMS in sustainer. After separation, the booster coasted to 1700' before deploying a main ... [View]

Estes V2 Rocket Launch, Leonard, OK. (0 00:00:47)
This is my wife's rocket today (8.17.14) in Leonard, Ok. She teaches kids rocketry at Tulsa Community College. A last flight for the day. Not real high- about 1,000ft. Still, I got the whole thing on ... [View]

First SOAR model rocket launch. (0 00:00:47)
This was the first model rocket launch of STAR, the Society of Technical Augusta Rocketry. The cameraman lost track of the rocket during the ascent. The chute deployed, but the shock cord d ... [View]

Miss Riley Rocket Launch (0 00:00:47)
Miss Riley (inspired by 'October Sky' model rocket launch on April 7 2007 in Townsville Australia. Powered by three Estes E9-6 rocket engines. [View]

Onboard Rocket Cam (0 00:00:47)
Video taken from a model rocket with onboard colour camera transmitting image back to base station via 2.4Ghz wireless. [View]

Aerotech Cheetah Moffett Field 3/15/14 (0 00:00:47)
This Cheetah was my first mid-power rocket purchased in 2011. I've attached an 808 keychain camera to it, built a/v & payload bays for it, and maybe flown it 20 times. I've also crashed it four times ... [View]

Delta IV Heavy (0 00:00:47)
Delta IV Heavy Scale Model Launch at NEFAR - March 10, 2007 [View]

Higgs in Space "Level 2" (0 00:00:47)
High-Power rocket Fall of 2009 Rocket name "Level 2" 8 feet tall 5.5 in. diameter At lift off about 18 Pounds Alt. 2600 [View]

XPRS 2008 - Mongoose 98 ("Black and Blue") - CTI N1100 (0 00:00:47)
Aeropac 2008 XPRS, Blackrock NV, 25,467' AGL (Note: RouseTech fincan install on CF airframe). [View]

Matt Steele and The one and only AIRBOSS have a chain battle. Click here to subscribe: Check us out on... Facebook: Twitter: https:// ... [View]

level 1 certification high power rocket (0 00:00:47)
We went to the Midwest Power 2016 launch event in November. It was a GREAT event! Great people, really helpful, and I got my TRA Level 1 certification. I loved the part when the launch director was ... [View]

Little Dog J500MG (0 00:00:47)
My Little Dog on an AT J500MG to 7,188'. July 12, 2008 HARA. [View]

Blue Ninja Rocket Fireball (0 00:00:47)
My wife's attempted to launch her brand new Estes Blue Ninja rocket on a D12-3 engine, but it CATOed at launch at produced a large fireball! [View]

LOC Doorknob June 16 2018 at BARC (0 00:00:47)
LOC Doorknob on an Aerotech J270W-8 using a Mobius 2 camera. [View]

Turbine Rocket Saucer (0 00:00:47)
Lifting off on a column of fire and smoke on 6x D12 engines Original design, flight 29, LDRS XXXI, 7/12/12 [View]

February 2020 Trevor Mushung Itty Bitty (0 00:00:47)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 258 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

N800 Saucer 030712 (0 00:00:47)
A Research N800 in my 40" saucer. Liftoff weight was 45 lb., of which 27 lb. was the motor. Altimeters in the side pods were set to deploy parachutes at 250 feet on the way back down, no apogee event ... [View]

FUSEE RAPTOR KLIMA C6-3 engine Test 1 Rocket (0 00:00:47)
FUSEE RAPTOR KLIMA C6-3 engine Test 1 Rocket (My first rocket). [View]

Estes Taser rocket launch (0 00:00:47)
Launching an Estes Taser model rocket [View]

Competitor 4 Rocket First Flight, Ground Video (0 00:00:47)
The flight took place on 7-19-2014 in Potter, NY, with the URRG rocketry club. It was a perfect flight on a CTI J1520 Vmax and reached about 2800 feet and 330 mph. The rocket flew "naked" for this ... [View]

LOC Precision Hyperloc 835 - CTI J290 - June 24 2017 - OROC NXRS (0 00:00:47)
This is my Hyperloc from LOC. Upper payload is a full 34" airframe section, making in 97" end to end. 7 lbs on the pad. Strattologger CF reported 4110' AGL. This was the first successful flight of ... [View]

Purple Tiger E9-6 (0 00:00:47)
Purple Tiger (Modified Estes Maxi Alpha III) on an E9-6. This is too much delay for this rocket. You will see the camera is aimed straight up at the sky before the ejection. This flight was at the ... [View]

Nike Smoke Onboard Model Rocket Video - Tie Dye Parachute, F40 White Lightning (0 00:00:47)
Nike Smoke: onboard video with a F40 White Lightning motor and an American Eagle Tie Dye Parachute [View]

B'Dale CHILI BLASTER II M Launch.MOV (0 00:00:47)
Member B'dale Garbee flying his Polecat Goblin to over 6,000 feet AGL during CHILI BLASTER II at the Hudson Ranch South West of Pueblo Colorado 26 August 2010. [View]

PNR-40S.MTS (0 00:00:47)
Motor ARGON 10mm B30-3 Rocket: length 500mm diameter 40.1mm weight 70 grams [View]

PML Ariel, 2-10-19 at MDRA (0 00:00:47)
PML Ariel on an Cesaroni H123-8 SK at MDRA, 2-10-19. Chute Release at 500'. Good flight. [View]

Think! Norfolk - Don't drink and drive this Christmas (0 00:00:47)
To launch Think! Norfolk's Christmas Don't drink and drive campaign 2008, a speical version of the '12 days of Christmas' was performed by Notre Dame school choir from Norwich in Chapelfield. [View]

Model Rocket Launch - Mission 'rescue' (0 00:00:47)
Caddx Turbo EOS2 1200TVL ESTES mix n match 55 Quest D16-4 engine [View]

Astraeus Launch - Triton Rocket Club UCSD (0 00:00:47)
Visit our Page: Like us on Facebook: Twitter: Flight at Friends of Amateur Rocketry (FAR) on May 21, 2016 ... [View]

G Superroc Test flight - March 2007 (0 00:00:47)
Southern Neutron Team* test flight. 14.75 foot tall all-BT-60 model, powered by a cluster of one F10 and two E6's. This apparently was the first max-length G Superroc to fly successfully. If the ... [View]

SEVRA Beach Blast Model Rocket Flight Video (on-board camera) (0 00:00:47)
FIrst flight of this rocket on July 6th at Fentress NALF in Chesapeake. Many thanks to SEVRA (Southeast Virginia Rocketry Association) for the excellent launch setup. It was a beautiful day and a ... [View]

LOC V2 on an I357 (0 00:00:47)
LOC/Precision V2 rocket flown 11-22-2014 at the SoAR launch at Atlanta Dragway [View]

Bob's Level 3 Nike Smoke Rocket (0 00:00:47)
Bob Dickenson's Tripoli Level 3 certification flight. His Nike Smoke was launched on April 18, 2010 at the Three Oaks launch held by the Team 1 rocket club. This was my favorite flight of the ... [View]

OTD in Space – July 11: Abandoned Skylab Returns to Earth (0 00:00:47)
On July 11, 1979, the abandoned U.S. space station Skylab made a spectacular return to Earth as it burned up in the atmosphere, showering debris over the Indian Ocean and Western Australia. The last ... [View]

Wildman's Mega Darkstar - Two Stage Attempt (0 00:00:47)
Wildman's Mega Darkstar launched at LDRS on a research "O" motor in the booster. [View]

Scratch Build Launch (0 00:00:47)
some of the rockets launched at SARA's second official launch day. [View]

PacSci EMC Global Rocket Launch (0 00:00:47)
We participated in the Global Rocket Launch today at PacSci EMC with 10 rockets launching (sort of) at once. Congratulations NASA and the 50th anniversary of Saturn V & Apollo 11 mission ... [View]

HyperLOC 835 onboard video (0 00:00:47)
HyperLOC 835 (built heavy) , Marsa4, Keychain camera. The rocket is pretty heavy which is why it was a low flight for a J motor. [View]

Farside First Flight.wmv (0 00:00:47)
First Flight of an Estes Farside. This is an excellent flier and perfect for the small schoolyard within a minute's walk from my home. The parachute deployment was sketchy, as one of the strings was ... [View]

Kyosho blizzard; R/C model rocket launcher (0 00:00:47)
this is a R/C model rocket launcher at the lucerne dry lake area, [View]

Estes The Shadow (E9-4) (0 00:00:47)
I modified the motor mount with an Estes 24mm motor retainer and I left out the motor block and just put a tape thrust ring on the motor. [View]

Successful Model Rocket Launch (0 00:00:47)
Max's first-ever successful launch as a member of LUNAR Launched on 11/11/10 at Snow Ranch, near Farmington, Calif. [View]

54mm rocket AMW I315SK (0 00:00:47)
Kevin Cornelius' 54mm minimum diameter rocket on an AMW I315SK. Altitude is 5,217'. PMW launch on March 9, 2008. [View]

Midwest Power 13 - Gary Slater's Hydra on an L2200 (0 00:00:47)
At Midwest Power 13, Friday October 30, 2015, a few miles north of Princeton, IL. Gary Slater flies his beautiful 4x upscale Hydra on an L2200. [View]

UWO High Powered Rocketry Project - Clash Preview (0 00:00:47)
NAR Level 2 Certification Flight Preview LARS Silica Launch Site Wildman Rocketry 4" V2 (Modified) 54mm Cesaroni J244 Top speed: 480 mph Altitude: 3900 ft [View]

Model Rocket - Load Star Launch 1 (9/9/2010) (0 00:00:47)
First flight of unmodified Load Star rocket. Perfect launch and recovery. Daniel caught the rocket as it landed near a fence. [View]

2 Stage Madcow Tomach (0 00:00:47)
Madcow Tomach 2 Stage @ SARA 11/20/2016 [View]

Viking Rocket Launch (0 00:00:47)
estes viking rocket launch on a c6-7 [View]

Naram Naram Chuma khaba Garam Garam Gale with sayri | Sad Mahata jhumar Song Whatsapp Status Video | (0 00:00:47)
Song : Naram Naram Chuma Khaba Hami Garam Garam Gale With Syri... Sad Mahata Jhumar Song WhatsApp status New Mahata Jhumar Song Status Video Odia WhatsApp Status All Mahata Jhumar Song Status ... [View]

V2 On an F24-4 (0 00:00:48)
After launching on a E15-4, I decided to, "boost it up a bit" with a F24-4. Wow!! what a nice motor! Not sure why the person filming stopped the film so quick, it went up so high!! The Blue Mountain ... [View]

Estes Maxi Alpha III vs CTI F70 (0 00:00:48)
Testament to a great build. A rocket kit designed for low and slow flights pushed to the max with a V-Max motor. [View]

2018-10-13 NEFAR Launch - Steve Pollak's Mars Lander (0 00:00:48)
Steve Pollak's upscale Mars Lander flies at the NEFAR launch in October of 2018. [View]

Welcome to The Trews - Message from Russell Brand (0 00:00:48)
Subscribe Here Now: Welcome to my channel and my daily show 'The Trews' where I give you the true news so you don't have to invest any money in buying newspapers that ... [View]

Aerotech rocket launch (0 00:00:48)
This is an Aerotech Initiator Model Rocket Kit powered by a Aerotech F23-4FJ 'Black Max' Econojet motor. She'll fly to 680ft on this engine. [View]

Full Scale HV Arcas | M840 | Hellfire 18 (0 00:00:48)
Great L3 certification! Congrats! Flown at Hellfire 18. To learn more about Hellfire visit For more details on the construction, go here: ... [View]

Arming the Delta 2 - Plaster Blaster 2009 (0 00:00:48)
The Tripoli San Diego club project, 1/9th scale Delta 2, altimeters are armed before the launch tower is moved to vertical. [View]

WEMO THAT model rocket launch with WEMO Maker (0 00:00:48)
One day we looked at a model rocket and asked ourselves, “Can we WEMO THAT?” So we took a road trip out to the California desert to find out and documented the results on video. WEMO ... [View]

ROB level 1 NAR CERTIFICATION October 17th Hurley, NY (0 00:00:48)
Brooklyn in the house, Rob showed up to obtain his NAR LEVEL 1 and he accomplished his mission. Best part was his family came to witness his flight, this is what sport rocketry is all about! LOC ... [View]

Mauslands Race Into Space 720p (0 00:00:48)
Mauslands Space Program. Reaching for the stars with an estes patriot model rocket. A perfect launch! [View]

2011-10-22 Autonomy Flight 3 Onboard camera SUNP0004 (0 00:00:48)
Flight #3 of rocket glider "Autonomy", from onboard camera. For more info see: and [View]

Super Big Bertha on a G40 composite motor (0 00:00:48)
Estes Super Big Bertha on an Aerotech G40-7W composite motor. [View]

SLOMO - 75mm Contrail Hybrid rocket motor start Manching 2012 Germany - slow motion video (0 00:00:48)
Contrail Hybrid rocket motor start Manching 2012 Germany 75mm motor sparky L-1222 (medium Nozzle) - slow motion [View]

"Code Red XL" - EX N6000, BALLS 24 (0 00:00:48)
5" diameter rocket, "Code Red XL" on an N6000 at BALLS 24. Motor by Pete Ekstrom, video by Aidan Sojourner. [View]

Roller coaster accident: Tourists rescued from ride in China (0 00:00:48)
Investigations are underway after a roller coaster broke down in China, trapping eleven tourists 30m in the air. The incident occurred after the ride, called Skyloop, suddenly stopped, with ... [View]

D12-3 Estes rocket on a little car (0 00:00:48)
D12-3 rocket motor on a toy :) enjoy! [View]

Red Glare XI Cheroke M (0 00:00:48)
M power sparky, what's not to like? [View]

8-19 5'8" tall rocket on an Aerotech G78-10 white lightning (0 00:00:48)
Second launch of the day for this rocket, which came back perfectly the first time. Not quite so well on the second try, parachute ripped off. [View]

Cambridge Rocket Club launch - Saturn V on a G76 (0 00:00:48)
Nearly perfect launch of a huge Apogee Saturn V model rocket with the Cambridge Rocket Club, summer 2017. The green propellant motor was hard to light and took a few tries. This time it went. The ... [View]

Estes Crossfire ISX launched on a B6-4 (0 00:00:48)
Launch of an Estes Crossfire ISX on a B6-4 engine to about 600 ft. This is one of the rockets that comes with the popular Tandem-X launch set. This was launched with the pad that comes with the set. [View]

South Texas Aerospace Club Night Rocket Launch July 12, 2014 at Beeville Municipal Airport (0 00:00:48)
South Texas Aerospace Club Night Rocket Launch July 12, 2014 at Beeville Municipal Airport. Wastequip rocket blast-off by first time flyer #3. [View]

Equality H125CL (0 00:00:48)
LOC EZI-65 modified to Dual-Deploy flying at MMMSC 7-21-2013 [View]

Backyard Rocket Launch (0 00:00:48)
What you get when you duck tape a Gopro to a 7 foot inflatable rocket. [View]

Saturn 1b model rocket (0 00:00:48)
the saturn 1b model rocket blasts off. [View]

Wildman Drag Race Extreme Wildman M3100 (0 00:00:48)
Cool Flights of Wildman Drag Race Extreme Wildman on an M-3100 From LDRS 30 DVD [View]

Launch Of Delta #10 Model Rocket - May 29, 2004 (0 00:00:48)
Short video of launch of our semi-scale Delta #10 from our primary East Tennessee launch site, "Cape Clinch." Power was 2 x D12 (Delta "core") and 2 x C6 ("strap-on" boosters"). Rocket reached ... [View]

Nike Smoke Skidmark Final.wmv (0 00:00:48)
This was a launch with the Jackson Model Rocket club at Graves Farm on the Michigan International Speedway campgrounds. The rocket was a Polecat Aerospace 4" Nike Smoke weighing 8.8lbs on the pad. ... [View]

The More You Know - Tom Brokaw: PSA on Education (0 00:00:48)
Tom Brokaw's kick-off message to launch The More You Know campaign to adddress the growing crisis in the public education system. » Subscribe for More: » Stream Your Favorite ... [View]

Trenton Guthrie Highlights: 2017 Gopher Football Signing Day (0 00:00:48)
Check out highlights from 2017 Gopher Football signee linebacker Trenton Guthrie of Northville, Mich., a key member P.J. Fleck’s first recruiting class at the University of Minnesota. Social ... [View]

Estes V2 Rocket on an E12-6! (0 00:00:48)
The title says it. All E motors are the same size and length. the E12 just has a slightly heavier and longer burn than the E9. soooo yeah any questions feel free to ask. [View]

Cuda R/C Rocket Glider - staged C6s (0 00:00:48)
R/C Rocket Boosted Glider. This used two-staged C6 engines. This was flown at a Birmingham Rocket Boys (BRB) Launch in February 2005.  [View]

Second Full Scale Launch Rocket View (RAW FOOTAGE) (0 00:00:48)
Mojave Desert Advanced Rocket Society 02/24/18 Cal Poly Pomona's Second Full Scale Flight [View]

LOC Deployer Rocket (0 00:00:48)
LOC Deployer Rocket on an Aerotech G76 RMS. Dual deployment with Missleworks RRC2+. [View]

ContourGPS 1080p - Williams Australia from 12100ft (0 00:00:48)
Initial footage of Mike Passaretti's Tripoli level three high power rocket certification flight in Williams, Australia on August 6th 2011. Footage was obtained using a ContourGPS HD action camera ... [View]

Midwest Power 13 - Father/son drag race on G-powered Leviathans (0 00:00:48)
At Midwest Power 13, Friday October 30, 2015, a few miles north of Princeton, IL. My dad, Dick Tohline, flew his Estes Leviathan, which he decorated in pizza parlor logos and christened the " 'Za - ... [View]

Level 2 Launch Ptero Jr J350 LDRS29 (0 00:00:48)
My PML Pterodactyl Jr on a J350, at LDRS 29. June 10, 2010. I had been certified to level 2 several years ago, using the same rocket and motor type. [View]

Rocketry Model - Commercial Single-Stage Model Rocket (0 00:00:48)
The ESTES ALPHA III Rocket, an example of a completed skill level one rocket. This is a great rocket to use to satisfy the hands-on portion of Titan Civil Air Patrol Rocketry Program. [View]

Model Rocket Launch Onboard Camera (0 00:00:48)
The video taken with a keychain camera, which cost like 5$. C6 rocket engine. [View]

Mars Lander at Indiana Rocketry (0 00:00:48)
3D printed Mars Lander on an E23-4 at Indiana Rocketry near Tab, Indiana [View]

Phoenix Dark Matter Cluster (0 00:00:48)
My old 5.5" Phoenix on a central AeroTech DMS I280DM and (2) RMS H178DM. All Dark Matter propellant -- black smoke, crackling flame and a thick trail of white titanium sparks. Ignition courtesy of ... [View]

PML 1/4 Patriot H123 (0 00:00:48)
This is my NAR Level One Certification flight. A PML 1/4 Patriot was used flying on an Aerotech H123, drilled down to a 7 second delay. Great flight except for the parachute not inflating until 150 ... [View]

Estes Model Rocket Explosion (0 00:00:49)
An E9-6 motor blew up inside my model rocket just after launch. The nozzle and ejection charge were blown out of either end of the motor. A second motor from the same 3-pack also exploded. I did not ... [View]

Aerotech Initiator on Econojet F20 4W (0 00:00:49)
Aerotech Initiator on Econojet F20 4W [View]

Midwest power 17 L3 Certification Attempt, Aerotech M1297 (0 00:00:49)
Launch of my Wildman intimidator 4 kit called Red Glare launching on an Aerotech M1297. Final altitude was 13313ft. [View]

Flight # 12 Mini-Cineroc 2 stage, B.6-0, B.6-4 (0 00:00:49)
First 2 stage flight of the Mini-Cineroc using an Estes Mongoose rocket propelled by B.6-0 and B.6-4 engines. Both the camera and rocket descend on independent chutes and land 10 apart from each ... [View]

Wildman Darkstar Jr (0 00:00:49)
Kevin Thomson's flight with a Wildman Darkstar JR at CRMRC on an Aerotech H148R at CRMRC on 8/20/2016. This was a failed NAR L1 certification attempt. The chute jammed in the body tube and failed to ... [View]

Estes Cobra-C6-5 (0 00:00:49)
The Estes Cobra with a good flight and a close recovery at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club on July 18 2020 [View]

2.6'' Tomach Loki J1000 at LDRS 38 (0 00:00:49)
2.6'' Madcow Tomach Loki Research J1000 (38/1200) Featherweight GPS Tracker LDRS 38 Argonia, KS hosted by Kloudbusters [View]

Big Bertha Rocket with Onboard Video (0 00:00:49)
Estes Big Bertha Rocket with Mini 5 in 1 DVR mounted to body. [View]

Estes Protostar (0 00:00:49)
Rocket Club x-1017. Maiden flight. D12-5, 546’ [View]

Saturn V And A Custom Estes Rocket (0 00:00:49)
A hacked up Mean Machine with an E engine and a 20 year old Saturn V at the cinders in Flagstaff AZ [View]

6 litre rocket with parachute - onboard video (0 00:00:49)
launch of 6 ltre rocket at 120psi. video taken with flycam one II - sound is out of sync. parachute deployment with tomy timer. [View]

Estes Eliminator XL Launch (0 00:00:49)
Launching Jimmy's 44" Estes Eliminator XL rocket. Notice, I did not say landing his rocket. It may be stuck in a tree. [View]

Drag Race Sci Channel (0 00:00:49)
Really Cool Flight of Drag Race for Sci Channel From Cool and Really Cool Flights 3 [View]

Is that a UFO? No! SpaceX rocket launch in LA (0 00:00:49)
A UFO? No! It’s a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket despite Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, saying it's a "nuclear alien UFO from DPRK." The space rocket was launched on Friday evening at Vandenberg Air ... [View]

Saturn V (0 00:00:49)
This is not my rocket but it's a Saturn V with quad delta cluster. It sounded cool so I decided to record. [View]

UCSD Triton Rocket Club USRC Competition Motor Static Fire July 2014 (0 00:00:49)
UC San Diego's Triton Rocket accomplishes another milestone by testing their newest and biggest APCP Motor in the Mojave Desert which was made for the University Student Rocketry Competition hosted ... [View]

Vesuvius 2 F62 Darkstar (0 00:00:49)
Here is the rebuilt and modified Vesuvius 2 after the shred on a G78 motor. This launch was on an NCR F62-4 Darkstar at the CCO. I wish they still made these motors! [View]

HyperLOC 1600 on L900DM (0 00:00:49)
HyperLOC 1600 flying on an Aerotech L900DM. It reached 6,333 ft at apogee. [View]

Semroc Tau Zero (0 00:00:49)
Textbook flight of the Semroc Tau Zero on an Estes B6 motor. Recovery via parachute [View]

Model Rocket Flight - Canberra Rocketry Group (0 00:00:49)
Estes 'Big Daddy' on an Aerotech E18-4W RMS [View]

hypertek M 1000 50 lbs alt. 9796 ft agl [View]

Semroc Saturn 1B Scale | Cluster 4xC6-3 (0 00:00:49)
This is my Semroc Saturn 1B. The launch did not go perfect, one of the four motors did not ignite, even though all of the ignitors worked. I believe that the ignitor got pulled a little bit out of ... [View]

Claremore Honest John (0 00:00:49)
Flight of Hal's Honest John at the Claremore Airshow [View]

LDRS Seismic 2010 Crash (0 00:00:49)
Seismic rocket launch at LDRS 29 at Lucerne dry lake, California June 13, 2010. 29 pound rocket on a L850. The main chute charge went off at 500 feet, but the charge was not strong enough to eject ... [View]

Lawn Dart... (Literally) (0 00:00:49)
Ya... If that was your lawn, sorry... [View]

PML Phobos LOKI on H73J (0 00:00:49)
My E80 rocket Maiden Flight! Aerotech H73. All of the flights of LOKI in this form (green and red, labeled as E80 flights) had the following electronics: Sparkfun datalogger Absolute pressure sensor ... [View]

LOC Doorknob, 2-10-19 at MDRA (0 00:00:49)
LOC Doorknob on an Aerotech J250W-8 at MDRA, 2-10-19. Chute Release at 500' but the chute did not inflate after release.. hard landing ensued but with minimal damage. Taken with a Mobius camera. [View]

Little Indian N10000 Vmax CATO (0 00:00:49)
A minimum diameter carbon fiber rocket on an N10000 Vmax motor. Launched on April 18, 2010 at the Three Oaks launch held by the Team 1 rocket club. It had a spectacular CATO about 500 feet in the ... [View]

The M 2200 Sparky (0 00:00:49)
At MDRA's ESL 92 big Tim let an AMW M 2200 sparky rip off the pad and echo through the landscape [View]

Static Test at Red Glare 9 (0 00:00:49)
Static test of a 38/240 EX motor. This is a new propellant using 2% Nano Iron Oxide, Fine AP and chopped Silver Wire to enhance the burn rate. This test was running a Kn of ~150. [View]

Semroc Hawk (0 00:00:49)
Semroc, hawk, a8-3, glider, model, rocket, estes [View]

Lanzamiento del Der Red Max desde Alfara (0 00:00:49)
Lanzamiento del cohete Der Red Max con motor C6-5. Alcanzó los 185 m de altura. [View]

St. Andrew's Priory rocket launch in Hawaii, March 19 (0 00:00:49)
The St. Andrew's Priory School rocketry team managed five launches on March 19 at windward Community College in Honolulu in an attempt to qualify for this year's Team America Rocket Challenge. This ... [View]

Wildman Jnr CTI J530 (0 00:00:49)
Matthew "Space Man Matt" Niejalke's Wildman Jnr "The Flying Dutchman on a CTI 38mm 6xl 1115J530. Unfortunately tracking failed and the rocket is MIA uprange [View]

Tony's Wocket on a Loki M900 Red (0 00:00:49)
Launched on April 17, 2010 at the Three Oaks launch held by the Team-1 rocket club. Perfect rocket and motor combo with the slow liftoff and long burn. Congrats on a great flight Tony from your ... [View]

TALON 4 NYPOWER 18 (0 00:00:49)
Flew to 5100 ft. on a CTI K650 [View]

Saturn V Model Rocket Launch (0 00:00:49)
Maiden flight of the Estes Saturn V model rocket built by Loren Bratzler. The flight took place on July 4, 1990. [View]

DeeCee Thunder at Woosh Sod Farm Launch 6/4/2011 (0 00:00:49)
Woosh Rocketry "Day of Thunder" launch featuring DeeCee Thunder models. This one is powered by a D12-5. It needs a shorter delay, but still a fun flight. [View]

High powered spool rocket (0 00:00:49)
Spooltastic 38mm rocket spool [View]

Saturn V Model Rocket Launch #2 (0 00:00:49)
1st successful launch after 40 years! [View]

Bill Poster's Bumble Bee on a K540 Metalstorm (0 00:00:49)
Bill Poster flies his Bumble Bee on an Aerotech K540 Metalstorm demo motor. Launched on November 6th, 2010 at the Three Oaks launch held by the Team 1 rocket club. Great flight, pretty sparks. [View]

2002 Jul 11: XCOR EZ-Rocket Test Flight #13 -- RocketCam (0 00:00:49)
Turn the volume up and enjoy the onboard view of the first rocket powered aircraft built since WWII, then compare this view with the companion ground-based view. Test flight #13 was conducted in ... [View]

Realtime altitude on model rocket launch (0 00:00:49)
See almost real time altitude readback from a model rocket flight. Estes Big Bertha and C6-3 motor. [View]

LDRS 38 - N1100 Corkscrew upscale (0 00:00:49)
On Friday, August 30, 2019, at LDRS 38 on the rocket pasture in Argonia, KS, John Clifton flew his legendary 65-lb Corkscrew upscale on an N1100 black diamond motor. I've seen this at Midwest Power a ... [View]

2010 Drag Race (0 00:00:49)
One wreath, five Christmas trees, 6 rocket motors, all drag racing at the Jan 2010 launch, price MD [View]

BYU AIAA - Rocket Competition 2016 (0 00:00:49)
Custom built rockets aiming for a target altitude of 2500 ft with an Aerotech G74W-9 motor. Designed, simulated, and built by members of the AIAA club at Brigham Young University. [View]

Flying Dutchman Thunda at Thunda Down Under on a CTI J530 (0 00:00:49)
Another Dashware trial, this time using data from both an EggTimer (bottom) and Raven 3 (top) altimeter. The Raven also supplies the G data. Discrepancy in the speed is due to the EggTimer using baro ... [View]

Estes Patriot Launch (0 00:00:49)
Got an Estes Patriot yesterday. This is its maiden flight, using a B4-4 engine. Altitude reached was about 150-200ft. [View]

High Power Rocket Trees! (0 00:00:49)
MDRA's annual Christmas tree launch! Several J, Ks, and and an L in this bunch - all launched at once. [View]

Perfect Estes Model Rocket Launch with Drone! (0 00:00:49)
Estes Bull Pup "BOBO" on a C6-5. Near perfect launch. The rocket landed about 41 feet away from the launch pad! The parachute didn't quite open but that helped it drift a little less and was still ... [View]

Tony Cooper's Pinata Rocket. (0 00:00:49)
Tony Cooper's Pinata Rocket flying on a central AeroTech I600 Redline with two airstarted outboard AeroTech G64 White Lightning carrying 3 pounds of candy. [View]

Terrier-Smoke Rocket Flight (0 00:00:49)
This is my T-Smoke, 7.5" diameter, 10'tall, 45lb rocket on a 6000ns (M) motor with a "space shuttle SRB" clone propellant. The rocket reached 6,000' and was recovered with the invaluable help of my ... [View]

04_Blood_Sucker (0 00:00:49)
The Bloodsucker on an E9-6. The delay was a little long, and I didn't have enough dog barf in it so the chute melted a little. But otherwise a good flight. Love those long burning E9's! SARG Launch, ... [View]

Live NASA Building Demolition Caught On Video (0 00:00:49)
The mobile service tower, or gantry, at Space Launch Complex 40, was imploded on Sunday, April 27, 2008. This mammoth structure, with its cavernous clean room, was used for the final spacecraft ... [View]

RC A-4B Winged V-2 rocket glider flight (0 00:00:49)
RC A-4B Winged V-2 rocket glider flight, 41" long, 23" wingspan, 5.25" diameter, 15 oz rtf using 24mm E-6 Aerotech blue thunder long burn rocket motor. [View]

L2 High-Powered Rocketry Certification Flight (0 00:00:49)
This is video from my L2 cert flight on 9/8/18 through Tripoli, slowed down to 30% of the original video speed. I flew a Cesaroni K820 in a HyperLOC 835 kit I built earlier this year. The rocket ... [View]

FIT Student Rocket Society 3/26/11 (0 00:00:49)
Testing deployment systems for the Florida Space Grant Consortium hybrid competition and static testing an L motor. [View]

M4770 CATO - Intimidator-5 (0 00:00:49)
Performance Rocketry Intimidator-5 flying with an M4770 which CATO's right after lift-off. Fincan and payload section recovered, rocket will fly again. [View]

Estes Amazon Rocket Launch #2 (SEE DESCRIPTION!) (0 00:00:49)
Okay, I did a lot of things wrong in this video. Here is a list of all of them that I can think of: -Launched on a windy day* -Many obstructions such as trees, power lines, etc. within 100 feet of ... [View]

SRM 2015 - Saturn V (0 00:00:49)
2 stages model rocket saturn V [View]

Festival of Rocketry 2011 clip 01 (0 00:00:49)
Medium power amateur rocket launched at the Festival of Rocketry 2011. [View]

RATTworks tribrid flight - watch to end! (0 00:00:49)
A tribrid by Dave Griffith of RATTworks launches. The tail section of the rocket was not attached to a parachute and, as you can hear on the video, "came in hot". It was perfectly ... [View]

D12-5 Model Rocket Engine Burn, Slow Motion (0 00:00:49)
A D12-5 static test in slow motion with great sound. Watch the igniter; it stays intact for a moment after motor ignition. Be sure to see all the brainykidsdirect videos. All these videos are ... [View]

Expediter-Cert-1 (0 00:00:50)
LOC/Precision Expediter 73 OZ Take off weight Aerotech H123-6W NAR Certification Level 1 ROCC ( [View]

ARK 1 - the club model rocket kit (0 00:00:50)
This is a test flight of a model rocket that will be sold as a kit by our rocket club. The design is our own, and we will sell it with instructions written in Swedish. The name "ARK 1" comes from ... [View]

Positive Ascent 8th Flight Pad Cam, M1540 Imax (0 00:00:50)
This is the pad cam of my high power rocket called Positive Ascent. It was the eighth flight for this rocket. The event was PYRO's (Potter Youth Rocketry Organization in upstate NY) family picnic ... [View]

04 Cineroc edited (0 00:00:50)
Mini Cineroc complete video, real time. [View]

Tom Hier 95% Scale Harpoon (0 00:00:50)
a 95% scale Harpoon on 3 EX M motors at Red Glare IX. [View]

Bob's ROCKET motor test (0 00:00:50)
TEST IT LIKE IT'S BOB'S MOTOR!! The igniter ignited, the motor puked and those gathered tried not to laugh too hard. [View]

2014 0729 - 1440 World's First 4k Onboard Rocket Video (0 00:00:50)
First Ever 4k video from onboard a model rocket. First flight got no video. I think I overloaded the autofocus motor tripping some api shutdown or something (the app was still going as if nothing was ... [View]

Apogee Aspire launched on a estes E12-6 (0 00:00:50)
Apogee Aspire on a estes E12-6, Attitude of 2027ft [View]

Estes Model Rocket: Hi Flier - C6-7 Engine Launch - Maxed out! (0 00:00:50)
The Estes model rocket: Hi Flier- Very fast & high flying rocket - a dart! [View]

Roc Lake 13: Onboard Video (0 00:00:50)
Video from a WingTote HobbyCam on a scratch built "Skyseeker" powered by a D12-7. Flight was perfect. [View]

Aerotech G Force Rocket (0 00:00:50)
powered by aerotech G64-4W RMS look for flag. A-G ROCKETRY [View]

ASTP Saturn 1B Model Flight.wmv (0 00:00:50)
My Semroc Saturn 1B flies during a break in the competition in Frankenmuth, MI. [View]

Pioneer Rocketry Spaceport America Cup 2019 Test Launch (0 00:00:50)
First test launch of our rocket "Something Cheesy" on an 98mm Aerotech M1845. Dual Foxeer Legend cameras at the bottom of the rocket captured video until burnout when the tracking smoke fouled the ... [View]

073110.avi (0 00:00:50)
From the NARAM 52 sport range shot with a Memorex HD camera that has survived a couple of bad flights. [View]

Crayon X2 on twin AT H-238 Blue Thunders (0 00:00:50)
Crayon X2 high-power rocket onboard launch video at NEFAR 11/2006 on twin Aerotech H238T cluster [View]

Boomerang Rocket (0 00:00:50)
Boomerang rocket. Couldn't do this on purpose, if i tried... Note the rocket comes back to the "pad", and then wraps itself around the launch rod. 2 motor cluster rocket launch. One motor did not ... [View]

4 inch diameter high power rocket O motor cato! NXRS 2012 (0 00:00:50)
Oops. Oegon rocketry NXRS experimental launch July 2012. [View]

Rocket launch with onboard camera (inset video) (0 00:00:50)
Another video showing the launch from the ground with an inset video recorded from onboard the rocket. Audio is combined between the two, it isn't anywhere near as loud from the ground as the onboard ... [View]

Estes Patriot upscale 2nd flight (0 00:00:50)
2nd flight of the Upscale Estes Patriot flying on a cluster of 3 X F-62-6 Darkstar motors [View]

QC#81 - "Screw-Lock" Sugar Rockets (0 00:00:50)
PVC Sugar Rockets are upgraded with "Screw-Lock" adaptors and black powder charges, so they can be locked and loaded within seconds, and eject parachutes for safe recovery. Some quick links to a few ... [View]

Aerotech M1315W Rocket Motor Assembly (0 00:00:50)
Timelapse assembly of the Aerotech M1315W rocket motor. 75/6400 casing. No grain bonding required; launched my successful Level 3 Certification attempt in October 2017. [View]

G64 Marauder (0 00:00:50)
My 250% sport upscale model of my first model rocket ever. Back around 1986 the Estes Marauder became my first model rocket. This upscale flies naked on its first flight with an Aerotech G64-7W at ... [View]

Black Scratch-Built cluster rocket - Maiden flight (0 00:00:50)
Scratch-Built cluster rocket flying on 2 x Estes C6-5 motors. [View]

Stratologger altitude report (0 00:00:50)
Perfectflite Stratologger dual deploy altitude report [View]

PML Ariel, 2-17-19 at SoJARS (0 00:00:50)
PML Ariel on a CTI G131-5 Smokey at SoJARS, 2-17-19. Taken with a Mobius camera on the ground that blew over with the exhaust, and a second Mobius strapped to the rocket. [View]

LOC Bruiser launching on CTI J394 Green (0 00:00:50)
LOC/Precision Bruiser on CTI J394 Green (tilted launch rod to avoid landing in corn field) CRMRC St. Albans, Vermont [View]

Rocketman (0 00:00:50)
Cameron explains the anatomy of a rocket and shows his 2 rockets and launch pad [View]

Modellrakete Pan von Klima // Projekt ISIS (0 00:00:50)
ISIS International Space usw. Treibsatz C6 von Klima. Leuchtfarben sind Geschmackssache. Hilft aber ungemein beim wiederfinden der Rakete. Das schwarze in der Luft, war ein Vogel der gegen die ... [View]

Art Applewhite Priority Stealth - Aerotech F22J (0 00:00:50)
My Art Applewhite Rockets Priority Stealth lifts off on an Aerotech F22 Blackjack motor at the Washington Aerospace Club's first September launch. The Priority Stealth is built from free plans on the ... [View]

QC#83 - The Randomizer Rocket (0 00:00:50)
Random household items are used to make a fully functional hobby rocket, for under $10. Some quick links to a few of the materials I used: [✓] Plastic Champagne glasses: ... [View]

Naram 52 - 00 01 Steve Pop Lug I Mile Altitude Model (0 00:00:50)
Steve Schowiak showing his I Altitude Model with a rail button pop lug! [View]

Estes Omega clone, single stage flight, onboard video (0 00:00:50)
Taken at the NARHAMS flying field in Mt. Airy, Maryland. Estes Omega clone rocket, with onboard 2.4gHz video transmitter. First flight, on a D12-5. Speed reduced to 75% of actual. [View]

SR-71 Blackbird model rocket launch (0 00:00:50)
First it gets stuck on the launch pad and burns a hole through it. the second launch goes great. [View]

2016 Pullman TARC Team Launch Day (0 00:00:50)
The Pullman TARC went to Dayton, WA for a beautiful day of launching rockets. They got a lot of great data in their test flights and got two really good qualifying flights. Thanks to Blue Mountain ... [View]

Neil Browns POLECAT AEROSPACE (What's Up Hobbies) GREEN GOBLIN (0 00:00:50)
Neil Browns POLECAT AEROSPACE (What's Up Hobbies) GREEN GOBLIN I built this to be a low flyier using only a 54mm motor and a parachute at apogee. This film is of the GREEN GOBLIN going up on a LOKI ... [View]

March 2016 Brian Hastings Rocket #2 (0 00:00:50)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 213 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

Second try of the boost gliders. Chad stage C6-0 to C6-3.wmv (0 00:00:50)
This was the second try with the glider rocket. Used two gliders to help get a straighter boost. Used two C motors to give enough boost for the extra glider weight. Took off and staged very low and ... [View]

Organic Carbon - M to M - XPRS 2014 (0 00:00:50)
Someone's 2 stage Organic Carbon at XPRS 2014. M to M (?). [View]

Apollo Anniversary -Saturn V Model Rocket Launch (0 00:00:50)
Today is the 50th anniversary of the launch of Saturn V - the NASA rocket that launched humans onto the moon for the first time. To celebrate, we launched our very own model Saturn V today into the ... [View]

2008-03-24 - Semroc Saturn 1B - Controller View (0 00:00:50)
Semroc Saturn 1B flight on a cluster of 4 Estes E9 motors. 3 contiguous shroud lines, out of 8 shroud lines, were ripped from the parachute, so the rocket came down pretty quick. No damage from ... [View]

Big Daddy on a D15-7 (0 00:00:50)
My Big Daddy on a D15-7 reload. Rockets make me smile! SARG launch, February 12, 2011. [View]

ROCKETS Magazine LDRS 32 Jim Rosson (0 00:00:50)
Jim Rosson's "BUR" Butt Ugly Rocket on an M-2000 at LDRS 32 [View]

MDRA Classics I Dream of Kathy (0 00:00:50)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's classic videos. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

Estes Alpha III Rocket Launch Fail (0 00:00:50)
We were just having some fun, so we decided to put a D12-0 engine into a tiny rocket, the engine weighed more than the dry rocket. We expected it to go a few thousand feet, and we didn't even put a ... [View]

Large Model Rocket Launch (0 00:00:50)
This rocket is made from BT-60 tubing and was custom built from scratch. It was launched using an Estes D engine. This made for a nice flight and recovery. [View]

Rocket recovery (0 00:00:50)
Roommate Tim and I found the missing Alpha III after cruising the neighborhood. I guess the rocket was a little of course... [View]

Oracle Model Rocket Launch from (0 00:00:50)
Some of the best experiments you can do in schools. recipes and all. [View]

AGM-12b BullPup (0 00:00:50)
Rags's scratch built 6inch bullpup. First flown at LDRS 27 [View]

Blue Thunder CATO (First cut) (0 00:00:50)
First look at the CATO of my level 3 rocket at LDRS 28 on July 5, 2009 at Potter, NY. There will be a longer more in-depth video posted soon. [View]

Slow Motion Gap Staging Failure (0 00:00:50)
A slow motion illustration of a gap staged model rocket's failure to ignite the upper stage. This can happen if the booster motor pressurizes the booster body tube when the motor's propellant burns ... [View]

Estes Dude flights (0 00:00:50)
Two flights of an Estes Dude rocket in the thorny desert of Arizona. [View]

Hi Res Rocket Launch2 (0 00:00:50)
A mini-high resolution camera records the flight of "Big Joe", a modified Estes Big Bertha rocket. Hung up in a tree, it is recovered with video intact. [View]

Big Daddy E23 (0 00:00:51)
Any Estes Big Daddy flying on a Aerotech E23 at the TTRA January Launch [View]

High Carbon Flight (0 00:00:51)
Rocket: Carbon High Motor: N Bayboro, NC 01-05-13 [View]

Awesome Model Rocket Launch, And It's Sad Crash... (0 00:00:51)
Well, my first attempt at putting a camera in a model rocket was a little less than successful. It was top heavy, and immediately began to spin and curve over to fly almost horizontally. The quality ... [View]

Model Rocket - Hi-Jinks Launch 13 (10/4/2010) (0 00:00:51)
Very rapid ascent. Good flight. Parachute was packed by Daniel and did not deploy. Part of fin cracked off on hard landing and may not be able to be repaired. [View]

1/3 Scale IQSY Tomahawk on an Aerotech H148R (0 00:00:51)
Flown at a Jackson Model Rocketry Club launch on 10-9-2010 [View]

Spool on an F20-4W (0 00:00:51)
My Spool flying on an Aerotech F20-4W. Barely got the 'chute out in time! [View]

SJSU High Altitude Rocket Project (SHARP) September 2011 XPRS Aeropac Launch (0 00:00:51)
Aimed for breaking 40k+ feet. Lost it in the desert :P It landed miles away but we recovered half of it! [View]

Estes PSII Nike Smoke flights on Aerotech G64-7W (0 00:00:51)
Flying my Estes PSII Nike Smoke rocket at Fire In The Sky 2016, Mansfield, WA. Both flights were perfect on Aerotech G64-7W motors, which use the 29/40-120 reloadable case. Jolly Logic Chute Release ... [View]

Semroc Hawk glide portion of flight. (0 00:00:51)
Model, rocket, glider, semroc, hawk [View]

Madcow Sport X - Aerotech H-210 Redline (0 00:00:51)
Madcow Rocketry flying on an Aerotech H-210 Redline (29/240) up to around 2300ft. Launching with the Superstition Spacemodeling Society. [View]

2009-11-14 - TORC Launch - Binder Design Velociraptor Launch 001 - J350W - Rocket View (0 00:00:51)
2009-11-14 - TORC Launch - Binder Design Velociraptor Launch 001 - J350W - Rocket View - 720x470 Upconvert. [View]

Jim M2200 (0 00:00:51)
Jim Scarpine's Star Leopard on his last AMW M2200. The grain failed, spitting the propellant through the nozzle, causing the shortened burn time. [View]

Flight of the Great Pumpkin 7May2011 DMG video.AVI (0 00:00:51)
Actual flight of the Great Pumpkin, AKA Pumpkin pie after this flight! LOL [View]

1/2 Scale Patriot Launch Tripoli Level 3 (4) (0 00:00:51)
I launched this 1/2 scale Patriot missile at High Frontier 8 in Pawhuska, Oklahoma on September 24, 2011. This launch was hosted by Tulsa Rocketry. I successfully got my Level 3 Certification from ... [View]

2011-10-22 Autonomy Flight 2 Onboard camera SUNP0003 (0 00:00:51)
Flight #2 of rocket glider "Autonomy", from onboard camera. For more info see: and [View]

ESL 84 Neil's O motor Nike launch (0 00:00:51)
Neil gives his interpretation of simms and pushes the button on an O motor which blew the nozzle and changed direction [View]

LOC Precision Marvin's Wild Ride (0 00:00:51)
LOC Precision Marvin's Wild Ride on an Aerotech G80. [View]

Model Rocket Launch - D-Region Tomahawk w/Onboard Video (0 00:00:51)
This is the very first onboard video taken from my D-Region Tomahawk which I've modded with an in-nosecone electronics bay. Shot on a basic 808 camera; the engine was an Aerotech RMS 24/40 loaded ... [View]

Estes Scamp upscale 168% (0 00:00:51)
This is upscale of the OPP Estes Scamp flying on a Estes C5-3 [View]

April - Quest MLAS on a B6-4 (0 00:00:51)
Two part recovery, nose on two chutes. One got tangled. The main body landed perfectly UPRIGHT (you hear me say "lookat that") 2nd time I launched this was on a C6-3 and it was a LOT better, so ... [View]

Rakete "LUNA" von Klima mit Motor A6-4 (0 00:00:51)
Heute der erste Start meine Modellrakete "LUNA" von Klima Modelltechnik mit A6-4 Motor. Super gestartet und auch der Fallschirm hat sich geöffnet, bin dann leider im Wald gelandet. Habe die Rakete ... [View]

Gunner Big Spool F70 (0 00:00:51)
Cool Flight of Gunner Big Spool on an F-70 From AirFest 18 DVD [View]

Extreme Wildman flying on a Cesaroni N1100 (0 00:00:51)
onboard video of an Extreme Wildman flying on a Cesaroni N1100 using a key fob camera [View]

Best of FITS highpower launches (0 00:00:51)
This is it, the best footage I have from Fire in the Sky all rolled together. If you want any of it (edited or unedited) let me know. [View]

My tarc rocket from last year (0 00:00:51)
This was my Team America Rocketry challenge rocket It ended up not being stable and nose diving destroying the eggs in the upper part of the rocket. [View]

LDRS 2019 2 stage rocket, alternate view. (0 00:00:51)
Thanks to ChuckH, an alternate view of my LDRS flight. LDRS 38 in Argonia KS. 2 Stage flight to +28k’ Booster CTI M1540 IMax Stratologger CF and EggFinder TX GPS 66” Spherechute main ... [View]

Zeus' Wrath Rocket on a K550 (0 00:00:51)
My Binder Designs Velociraptor going up on an aerotech K550 [View]

Estes Patriot rocket cam (0 00:00:51)
Estes Patriot rocket with 808 camera attached. Launched on a C6-5. Ejection charge burned my parachute together so it had a rough landing. Luckily there wasn't any damage beyond that. [View]

High powered rocket (0 00:00:51)
Red Rocket on an Aerotech I300T blue thunder. First time its at half speed then at full. [View]

Mercury Redstone II (0 00:00:51)
The second launch of the day for the Mercury Redstone, Model Air Field, Tuscaloosa AL, 26oct08. [View]

ROCKETS Magazine BALLS 22 Tony Lazzaro (0 00:00:51)
Tony's cool flight from BALLS 22 launch [View]

2002 Jul 11: XCOR EZ-Rocket Test Flight #13 (0 00:00:51)
Turn the volume up and enjoy a ground-based view of the first rocket powered aircraft built since WWII, then compare this view with the companion onboard RocketCam view. Test flight #13 was ... [View]

Rocket onboard videos (0 00:00:51)
The two rockets Launched was the Estes CC Express, and the Estes big daddy. The camera was a mini key-chain camera purchased for $10. [View]

Wildman Junior CTI J394 (0 00:00:51)
This is my NAR Level 2 Certification flight at Thunderstruck 2012. Altitude was 7679 feet with speeds in excess of Mach 1. Successful Level 2 flight! [View]

Clustered Staged Model Rocket (0 00:00:51)
LLOL Snr has 4 'D' motors, two staged and two clustered. This means it fires two sets of motors in pairs, which is quite tricky to accomplish. Easier really to have one big motor! But that is the ... [View]

DECA V experimental two stage rocket Flight I (0 00:00:51)
DECA V - 54mm minimum diameter two stage rocket flying on an experimental 54mm 8-grain KNDX motor and a 54mm Cesaroni J1055 Vmax to an altitude of 1310m at a peak velocity of 1050 km/h. Coast time ... [View]

May 2019 Wes Oleszewski 50th Anniversary Launch of Apollo 10 (0 00:00:51)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 249 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View] (0 00:00:51)
My Viciously Mean Machine 0.75 prepped and flown with a CTI J 1520 Vmax. The up part was amazing but there appeared to be no ejection and I never found the rocket or crash site. Sad. [View]

Trois Duex Flight (0 00:00:51)
Trios Duex(Triple Deuce) going up on 5/16/10 at Orangeburg, SC on 2xA10-PT, 2xC6-5(Quest) and 2xD12-5 motors...Battery ran out prior to landing. Landed on field about 15 feet from some evil rocket ... [View]

Estes Cosmic Interceptor on an Aerotech E30-4T (0 00:00:51)
Cosmic Interceptor launched on a single-use Aerotech E30-4T. Very fast and loud boost. During coast you could hear a slight whistle. Very nice flight of a cool rocket. [View]

Nebraska Pickrell Thor Fire On The Farm Launch 2011-1 (0 00:00:51)
Gavin's First launch of his LOC Precision pro nuke maxx that he calls BIOHAZARD. Launched on a Aerotech G53 to an altitude of 952ft. This is his 4H Rocket. [View]

Rocket Launch "see-thru-PO" (0 00:00:51)
You may want to fastforward past the halfway point- video is kinda long. This is my experimental cluster rocket that has a hole running through the body (you can look through one end of this rocket ... [View]

Red Rxt Very Nice (0 00:00:52)
it was march 25, very good launch if we do that on monday we are going to finals [View]

Model Rocket - Phoenix 2 Launch 3 (10/11/2010) (0 00:00:52)
Low flight. Parachute deployed from a low altitude. Camera recorded most of the flight except impact. Camera damaged onboard. Believe can still use in VOX mode. [View]

Public Missiles Intruder NAR Level 1 Certification (0 00:00:52)
Launch of a High Power Public Missiles Intruder on a Level 1 NAR Certification Flight. [View]

Jolly Logic Chute Release at SPAAR FIG 07.06.2019 (0 00:00:52)
Scratch built rocket powered by Aerotech F44W. Chute released at 300'. Camera is 808 #16 in Additive Aerospace shroud. Video was captured at 1280x720 pixels at 30 frames per second. [View]

Dart Quadcopter (0 00:00:52)
Flies easily in any open indoor area. Recharges with the included USB charge cord. A gyro provides smooth and stable flight. Small LED Lights add to the fun when flying in the dark. 2.4 GHz ... [View]

Scale V2 rocket flight (0 00:00:52)
Flight on a G38-4fj engine from Aerotech. 33inches tall, 8 inches wide, 44 ounces. Made from kit from LOC Precision [View]

Nike Smoke Onboard Model Rocket Video - G38 Blackjack (0 00:00:52) Nike Smoke: onboard video with a G38 Blackjack motor - Launch #2 [View]

Thug Plus at NXRS (0 00:00:52)
Binder Design Thug Plus flying on an I357T with an ATC3 Action Cam at the Northwest eXtreme Rocket Show (NXRS), July 3rd, 2011 [View]

David's Hybrid Rocket Launch @ TRAAU (0 00:00:52)
David Boyd's hybrid rocket flying on a Hypertech motor @ Tripoli Rocketry Association Australia launch at Serpentine, Victoria on 17th May, 2009. [View]

DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 is back (0 00:00:52)
#DJI #Phantom4ProV2 The Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 is back in stock and ready to deliver 4K/60fps videos and 20MP photos using its powerful 1-inch sensor. Its gimbal-stabilized camera, 30-min flight time, ... [View]

Saturn V plastic model conversion E20-7 launch (0 00:00:52)
1/200 Plastic model converted for flight. Perfect 1010' launch on E20-7 AP motor [View]

Space Shuttle Estes Model rocket onboard video (0 00:00:52)
The flight sequence of the Estes space shuttle, as seen from the model! Perfect flight. Powered with a D12-3 engine. [View]

Chute Release Flight #2 - High Power Rocket (0 00:00:52)
We visited Florida Space Modeling Association this weekend to test out the new Jolly Logic Chute Release product. We had two flights and both flights were a great success. Nathan's rocket flew to ... [View]

Launch 12 Onboard Camera (0 00:00:52)
On July 19th 2015 Portland State Aerospace Society launched their "LV2.3" rocket with advanced flight computer to about 5 kilometers above the Central Oregon desert. Here is an HD view from a ... [View]

Jim Scarpine's Star Leopard on a M3500 (0 00:00:52)
The motor is a KBA reload by Aerotech, Redline propellant to fit the Kosdon/AMW 75/7600 case.The yank on the payload section when the drogue finally opens shears the pins and deploys the main. [View]

Estes Crusader Swing Wing Boost Glider Model Rocket (0 00:00:52)
Used my cellphone and just recorded directly off the TV screen. I found the launch on a VHS tape...taken on May 22, 1993!! From the archives lol. [View]

On=board 24mm Deuce's Wild! (0 00:00:52)
On-board video from a payload section attached to an upscale 24mm Deuce's Wild! The motors are Estes E9-6's. It was flown at the December 2006 monthly launch of the SouthEast Alabama Rocketry ... [View]

Glastry vs. LEGO: ETF2L S27 W2 (0 00:00:52)
News link: Song: Grant - Are We Still Young (Feat. Jessi Mason) Editor: pyxelize Find us onlin ... [View]

Twin Fin IV D12 5 (0 00:00:52)
Featuring the voice of CMASS Kenn Blade. [View]

Estes Ventris - F36BS (0 00:00:52)
My Estes Pro Series II Ventris on a CTI F36 Blue Streak. No electronics on board, just a plain old up-and-down flight. The payload bay nose cone came loose- likely the cold made the friction fit ... [View]

Semroc Centurion Onboard Video (0 00:00:52)
This is a Semroc Centurion with a Quest B6-4 motor. The parachute ejected late and the shroud lines disconnected. The camera is an 8 [View]

Mongoose 98 High Power Rocket Launch (0 00:00:52)
PLEASE NOTE, POOR SOUND. WIND IN CAMERAS MIC. Joel Schiff's Mongoose 98 Rocket launches on an Aerotech L952W motor at the December NZRA (New Zealand) launch meeting. The reload kit was 12 years old ... [View]

Trident 3-Motor Cluster Model Rocket First Flight (0 00:00:52)
First flight of a three-motor clustered model rocket. This was my first design. [View]

ROCKONN 3/20/2015 Estes Majestic model rocket launch on a E motor (0 00:00:52)
Our club guest (level 2) for SC bought this just so he fly something with US [View]

Estes Cosmos Mariner Launch (0 00:00:52)
The ingenious designers at Estes reviewed the concept drawings and were able to capture enough information to create this replica. This scale model of the Cosmos Mariner has many interesting design ... [View]

Estes Alpha C6 7 Rocket Launch March 2 2009 (0 00:00:52)
This is one of many similiar rocxkets that were used for a science event at Travelers Rest High School in the 1990s. Many of them were discarded by thier former owners who didn't care about rocketry. ... [View]

Corona Without Booster.AVI (0 00:00:52)
Fliskits Corona, without booster, on an Estes C6-3. Some coning seen. [View]

Grandeslam Troll 700 Multiplier Reel (0 00:00:52) Level Wind Star Drag Graphite Body Alloy Spool Power Handle Incredible Value & Excellent Quality [View]

LDRS 19 High Power Rocket "Sagitta" (0 00:00:52)
A scratch built 4" diameter high power rocket flying on an Aerotech 29mm I-200 long delay at LDRS 19 (year 2000) [View]

Jefferson county 4H rocketry 2nd launch eclipse (0 00:00:52)
Garret launches his 4h rocket the Eclipse on 3 D12-5s. It went 790 feet. [View]

Big Bruiser Rocket on a HP Cluster K & 2 J's (0 00:00:52)
Loc Bruiser on a 54mm K motor followed by two 38mm J motors. [View]

Madcow Super DX3 on CTI J530 IMAX (0 00:00:52)
Madcow Super DX3 launched on CTI J530IMAX. Altitude: 5,121 feet. Max velocity: 640 MPH. Recovered safely. St. Albans, Vermont [View]

Estes Star Orbiter (0 00:00:52)
Used a 29-24mm motor adapter to fly my Estes Star Orbiter on a D12-5 [View]

TARC 2014 Slo-Mo Model Rocket Launch with Aerial Video (0 00:00:52)
A calm friday of rocket launching goes horribly...right! No incidents, flawless flights, and great weather for flying! I threw my quadcopter up also and got some aerial video while we were launching. ... [View]

CAP Cadet's Cosmic Cobra (0 00:00:52)
Cadet Capt. Johnny Johnson flies his Estes Cosmic Cobra for the WEYI News team during the first-ever Michigan Wing Model Rocketry Challenge. The event was held near Frankenmuth, MI in August 2010. [View]

John Michael Schmitz Highlights: 2017 Gopher Football Signing Day (0 00:00:52)
Check out highlights from 2017 Gopher Football signee offensive lineman John Michael Schmitz of Flossmoor, Ill., a key member P.J. Fleck’s first recruiting class at the University of Minnesota. ... [View]

model rocket part 1-ready to launch (0 00:00:52)
getting ready to launch an Apogee Aspire rocket with Aerotech G80 composite model rocket motor, supersonic, 850 mph. see the blast off in the part 2 video [View]

Gene E- M685W (0 00:00:52)
Flown at XPRS 2014 in his 4" diameter rocket called "Full Yellow Jacket" [View]

Rockets (0 00:00:52)
Three of my model rockets getting launched, apgoee aspire, dynastar, aerotech HV Arcas moded for high power on a G79W-7 [View]

15ft Merlin Missile AeroTech M1315 (0 00:00:52)
15ft Merlin Missile Rocket w/ AeroTech 75mm M 1315. Up to 4067ft. Rocket weighed 55lbs. [View]

Blueprint for Disaster-take 2 (0 00:00:52)
The second flight of the world's largest (so far) hybrid monocopter. A new formula, a nice flight and another hard landing at MDRA's Red Glare launch. [View]

Mars Lander-G80 Blue Thunder (0 00:00:52)
Mars Lander flying on a G80 Blue Thunder at Bridgeton Area Rocket Club on July 18 2020. This didn't seem to work as designed [View]

3-4 Patriot (0 00:00:52)
3/4 scale Patriot flown on a N and 4 M cluster. Flown at Red Glare 10. [View]

Product Review : Dragon Models 1/72 Saturn V - Dragon Models 1/72 Saturn V Review (0 00:00:52)
Dragon Models 1/72 Saturn V, Click Here : ... [View]

Model Rocket - Rocket Cam 2 Launch 18 (10/3/2010) (0 00:00:52)
Low powered B flight with onboard video. First flight for Camera 4. Parachute did not deploy correctly. Camera recorded flight until landing. No damage to rocket or camera. [View]

Estes R2D2 (0 00:00:52)
Up-power Estes R2D2 on an Estes D12-3. Originally designed to take a C6-3 motor, I up-powered this model to take a 24mm motor. [View]

NAR L1 Cert Flight (0 00:00:53)
A brief video of my first L1 cert attempt. A PML Io on an Aerotech H123W. A beautiful flight up and down. Sadly, the nosecone ring failed and detached. Recovered it all and look forward to my next ... [View]

COBRA - 38mm Rocket Motor - Static Fire #3 (0 00:00:53)
COBRA's third series of static fire tests using our small-scale custom rocket motor hardware and test stand. Static fire test day #3 - 4 rocket motors were tested to understand the burning ... [View]

Bob Haas M1730SK (0 00:00:53)
Bob Haas flies Traumahawk on an AMW M1730SK at Southern Thunder 2008. [View]

Launch of "Blue Phenix" rocket with Aerotech H 148 RM rocket motor on MIR 2010 (0 00:00:53)
"MIR 2010" in Italy, 10.07.2010., "Blue Phenix" rocket, L=165cm, D=75mm, m=1700g, Aerotech RMS H 148 R-M motor, total impulse 220Ns, apogee = 600m [View]

Honest John Rocket Launch (0 00:00:53)
Built a Honest John rocket after 10 yrs of sitting in the basement, still need to paint it but it flew pretty good for first launch. [View]

Model Rocket - Estes SR-71 Blackbird Launch (parachute didn't deploy) (0 00:00:53)
Another rocket launch of the Estes SR-71 Blackbird :) This is a re upload because of copyright on the last on. [View]

Vern Hoag's 1/9th Saturn 1B - CIMG6628 (0 00:00:53)
Vern Hoag's 1/9th Saturn 1B - MDRA - Sadly a drag/inertial sep during boost caused it to not end well - more when i get home uploaded this from the field [View]

Easter Bunny Flight 7 May 2011 (0 00:00:53)
Matt Johnson's Easter Bunny rocket flight. Perfect! [View]

02_viper (0 00:00:53)
My scratch built upscale EAC Viper XL. Maiden flight on a G64 White Lightning. Awesome flight! LUNAR Snow Ranch launch, March 3, 2012. [View]

On-Board Estes CC Express - Flight 3 (0 00:00:53)
Estes CC Express two-stage rocket with an on-board HD keychain camera, flying on an Estes D12-0 to an Estes D12-7. Apogee measured at 1501 ft using an AltimeterOne. [View]

Modellrakete Mercury Redstone-onboard cam (0 00:00:53)
Noris Modellrakete Mercury Redstone das Forum [View]

Der Red Max Rocket Launch With Improvised Camera Boom (0 00:00:53)
My friend Chad taped his phone to a long pole, and got some surprisingly good footage. [View]

5 1/2 Feet BT-80 Rocket Launch (0 00:00:53)
This rocket was launched on June 3, 2007 with a Aerotech G80-10T rocket motor. The entire rocket was custom built from scratch. It had straight flight with slight problems in recovery as the 'chute ... [View]

Estes Viking model rocket launch #2, educational rocket flight (0 00:00:53)
2nd flight with a C7-6....lost it in the clouds, but at the last moment we saw it before it hit the ground. Built by my neeighbor Shelby and she was almost sad thinking that she lost here rocket. [View]

Scott Evans L Launch (0 00:00:53)
L Motor launch during Southern Colorado Rocketeers CHILI BLASTER I event. [View]

last launch of Estes Patriot (0 00:00:53)
First launch of Slovakia rocket summer 2017 was a fail, nice high launch, heard the ejection pop, but never saw the rocket heading downward. Where did it go? Motor was a Klima C6-5, which is more ... [View]

Upscale Bullpup (0 00:00:53)
4" Upscale einer Estes Bullpup auf einem 6er Cluster Weco D7-3 Motoren, Leergewicht 1,2kg Flughöhe ca. 90m [View]

"Predator 10K" rocket on CTI I345WT (0 00:00:53)
Predator 10K (Blue Tube - "Always Ready Rocketry") Motor: CTI I345WT About 2000 feet CRMRC St Albans, Vermont [View]

MultiVu Launches (0 00:00:53)
MultiVu, PR Newswire’s multimedia and broadcast production and distribution group, has restructured their Public Service Announcement services and launched a digital distribution platform for PSAs. ... [View]

Baby Bertha on C6-5 at METRA Rocket Club (0 00:00:53)
Our Estes Baby Bertha launched on an Estes C6-5, the largest engine we've ever put into it. Straight up into a 7-9 mph wind carried it a few fields over. Location: METRA Rocket Club [View]

Robot Spins A Web of Carbon Fibers To Make Large Rocket Parts (0 00:00:53)
A new composite robot performs an elaborate “dance” as it moves up and down a 40-foot track releasing carbon fibers from 16 spools and placing them in intricate patterns to make composite parts ... [View]

Blue Diablo rocket launch from ESL (0 00:00:53)
Tim goes for broke on a cold Maryland morning lobbing a Blue Diablo M-2500 with the attitude you need in a hobby where one mistake costs hundreds of dollars [View]

Red Glare XI Iris (0 00:00:53)
N5000 in a scale Iris rocket [View]

LV0 launch from on board the rocket (0 00:00:53)
See for more details [View]

Two M Motor Failures at LDRS XX (0 00:00:53)
A solid fuel M Motor flies out of control randomly around the launch pad while spectators run and watch. It is immediately followed by a hybrid "M" motor rocket failure. The hybrid motor is a ... [View]

WAC Corporal model rocket (0 00:00:53)
scratch built using Peter Alway's Rockets of the World for guidance... approx 1/9 scale [View]

Flying Colors, Flight #6 (0 00:00:53)
Launch of my rocket, Flying Colors, on its 6th flight. Power was provided by a CTI 517I255-16A. My AltimeterOne appears to have malfunctioned, reporting an altitude less than 1000' AGL, which was ... [View]

Nicolas & Francesco Launch A Rocket (0 00:00:53)
Nicolas and Francesco launch an Estes AstroCam in Newark, IL on Saturday, 13 November 2010. Thanks to Dennis and Don from Prairie State Rocketry for all their help! This was the third launch of the ... [View]

Saturn 1B Assembly Part 55 - Launching the Saturn 1B (0 00:00:53) - This is the final video in the playlist covering the construction of the Apogee Components Saturn 1B model rocket kit. This shows the rocket taking off using an ... [View]

Q Hybrid Rocket BALLS16 (0 00:00:53)
The large Q Hybrid Rocket at BALLS16... it comes apart in flight... [View]

SL5 Onboard video 2UP Aerospace SL5 Onboard video (0 00:00:53)
This video was captured onboard the SL5 rocket that was successfully launched into space on May 20th 2011 for NASA's Summer of Innovation program managed by the New Mexico Space Grant Consortium . ... [View]

Madcow Torrent at Fire In The Sky 2016 (0 00:00:53)
This third flight of my Madcow Torrent. The flight was during Washington Aerospace Club's Fire In The Sky (F.I.T.S.) 2016 held in Mansfield Washington. [View]

Wildman Darkstar Jr, AT H130 (0 00:00:53)
First flight at Tripoli Pittsburgh [View]

November 2020 Scott Pearce Scotts Need (0 00:00:53)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 262 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

Environmental Aeroscience - 12 inch Nitrous Hybrid Rocket Motor - Hyperion II (0 00:00:53)
The Hyperion II is designed as a 12" diameter sounding rocket capable of lofting a 100lb payload to an altitude of over 100 miles for use as a research or atmospheric target rocket. The hybrid ... [View]

Saturn V model launch (0 00:00:53)
Launch of a model Saturn V by the NARHAMS rocket club at NASA's Goddard Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD. The club launches there at 1pm every first Sunday of the month. Members and non members are ... [View]

Estes Riptide Model Rocket Launch (Our 1st Rocket) (0 00:00:53)
At Flint Park in Larchmont. A Successful launch & Recovery! [View]

Estes Monarch Launch (0 00:00:53)
Soaring to heights of 700 feet, this sleek three fin design is great for the beginner. A straight- forward kit to build, it comes with a high quality nose cone and laser cut wood fins. [View]

model rocket launch onboard GoPro (0 00:00:53)
a few model rocket launches with amazing footage captured with a small fpv , and a GoPro as well. [View]

MDRA Classics Neil Fireworks O Motor (0 00:00:53)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's classic videos. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

level3 (0 00:00:53)
My level 3 rocket! Thats and I hope you like the video. [View]

CySLI (NASA Student Launch Initiative) 2014-2015 Motion Study for AGSE (0 00:00:53)
CySLI (NASA Student Launch Initiative) 2014-2015 Motion Study for Automated Launch System (AGSE) [View]

KenRico BLUE BY YOU CTI J145-SK LB Springfest 2015 (0 00:00:53)
KenRico BLUE BY YOU CTI J145-SK LB Springfest 2015 Tripoli Las Vegas Jean Dry Lake, NV 50th Birthday flight SkidMark Long Burn [View]

Rocket Clubs @ Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Prescott (0 00:00:53)
We have multiple Rocket Clubs here at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Prescott Campus. Contact Us if you are interested @ index.html [View]

Launch Of Delta 12 Model Rocket - 21 April 2007 (0 00:00:53)
Twelfth launch in our series of scratchbuilt, semi-scale Delta model rockets. Bird was powered by twin Estes D12-3 rocket motors. Joe's model, with Richard and their combined families on the range. [View]

Callisto. (0 00:00:53)
A model rocket named Callisto from PML. It flew on a H220 motor at the Jackson Model Rocket Club launch held on March 17, 2018 at Michigan International Speedway. [View]

Estes Snitch modified for night launch with UV and RGB LEDs (0 00:00:53)
Estes Snitch modified for night launch with UV and RGB LEDs, and a 24mm motor mount. Power source is a 12V type 23A battery. Nose cone not shown in this shot. [View]

"Using A Motor Adapter for High-Power Model Rockets" (0 00:00:53)
This video shows how easy it is to use the metal motor-mount adapters. The purpose of the adapter is to allow you to use skinnier motors in a rocket kit that has a motor mount that uses larger ... [View]

Best rocket launch of the day (0 00:00:53)
Best rocket launch of the day From Estes website: Punch a hole in the atmosphere with this rocket! The Estes Riptide Launch Set contains ... [View]

HPR liftoff at 320fps (0 00:00:53)
I did my best with my hand-held camera to capture the liftoff of an HPR rocket(not mine) at NYPOWER in Geneseo, NY on Saturday May 28th, 2016 [View]

PML Tethys on H238 for Level 1 Cert Flight (0 00:00:53)
My first rocket motor reload at my first club launch for my level 1 certification flight. The motor was an Aerotech H238W in a Public Missiles Tethys which made for a rather *safe* cert flight. No ... [View]

Thrust Vector Control - Series C Hold Down (0 00:00:53)
Once the error in the inertia calculation of the Series B Hold Down was found, a second bifilar pendulum test was conducted with newly added landing legs and grid fins to obtain an updated ... [View]

Retro Rocket (0 00:00:53)
Retro Rocket is one I designed that is mostly card stock, with lite ply fins and centering rings. It looks like a silver football with flat curving faces. It is fairly large in "diameter", but is ... [View]

Happy Birthday Vern Estes (0 00:00:53)
Celebrating the man that inspired so many rocketeers to join in on a hobby made for everyone! #EstesRockets #VernEstes #ModelRockets #RocketsAreAwesome 🚀 Subscribe to our channel!: https ... [View]

Charlie the Most, "Timeout Orlando" - Berklee College of Music (0 00:00:53)
Berklee College of Music summer concert series artist Charlie the Most performs their original song "Timeout Orlando." They will be performing live as part of a free outdoor concert series at Harvard ... [View]

Third Launch Estes Hi-Flyer (0 00:00:53)
This one was awesome. Small speck in the sky, straight up. On re-entry the recovery system burned up, but still made a safe landing about 100yds west of the launch pad. [View]

Fallen heroes LOC Magnum J275 (0 00:00:53)
LOC Magnum at ROC Dec. 2011 Coolest sound in Rocketry, the 54 mm white lighting motor [View]

January 2015 Black Brant II (0 00:00:53)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 199 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

V2 Highpower Raketenstart (0 00:00:53)
Start am NRT 2011 auf einem Aerotech H180-W Motor. Flughöhe ca.180m [View]

Estes Black Brant II launch on 11/12/17 - Cherry Knolls Park - Centennial CO (0 00:00:53)
Flight video of my Estes Black Brant II on Sunday November 12, 2017 at the Cherry Knolls Park on Centennial CO. This was with an Estes B6-4 18mm Black Powder motor available at most hobby stores. No ... [View]

cert flight on backup rocket NYPOWER 15.MOV (0 00:00:53)
getting my level 1 certification on a backup modifies rocket at nypower [View]

Astrocam Fail (0 00:00:54)
Estes Model Rockets' Astrocam splitting in two after what appeared to be a successful launch. The camera survived, but the body suffered broken wings and a shock cord as it slammed into the roof ... [View]

3D Printed Linear Aerospike Rocket Engine Test (0 00:00:54)
We 3D printed a engine inspired by of Rocketdyne's 2200 linear aerospike engine [View]

Estes Astro Cam Model Rocket Launch (0 00:00:54)
Launching Estes Astro Cam 1000ft in the Texas Panhandle. Launched using Estes Pro series 2 controller with a C6-3 Estes motor off of an Aerotech Mantis Launch pad. [View]

Level 1 Certification Launch (0 00:00:54)
Aerotech I600R Dual Deploy Level 1 Certification Flight [View]

HART Rockets Onboard Rocket video using ATC-2000 Camera (0 00:00:54)
Visit for more details - Video from my Tubular HART rocket on a I205-6 motor, Filmed using a ATC-2000 helmet camera. [View]

Estes Hi-Flier (1300ft flied) (0 00:00:54)
This is Estes Hi-Flier model rocket flied 1300ft in the air and successfuly recoverd. Motor: Homemade C6-5. [View]

February 2020 Dennis Schmaltz Little Lunar Express (0 00:00:54)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 258 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

SEDS UCF FSGC Hybrid rocket NEFAR launch of Astroknight 2 II (0 00:00:54)
SEDS UCF FSGC Hybrid NEFAR launch of Astroknight 2 II [View]

Estes Gemini DC Parachute Failure C6-5 (0 00:00:54)
In this case, both parachutes failed to deploy out the rear, resulting in a catastrophic ballistic landing. [View]

night ninja (0 00:00:54)
An Estes Blue Ninja modified for night flight. Flown at SpringBlast 2009 in Rainbow Valley, AZ. [View]

Dex K815 Skid 9-25-10 (0 00:00:54)
Dex at Chili Blaster II in Pueblo, CO flying on CTI K815 with Skidmark propellant. A weld on the leg of the launch pad broke during takeoff and the rail sepa... [View]

Onboard 4FNC on Aerotech H-669 (0 00:00:54)
Onboard video from a scratchbuilt 4" x 34" rocket flying on an Aerotech H-669 Warp Nine. Pad weight was 65 oz, apogee at 1500 AGL, max velocity 400 FPS. [View]

Madcow Striker Dual Deployment (0 00:00:54)
Edited from raw Flip 720p video. Flying dual deployment using RRC2+ as controller and Altimeter 3 as a recording altimeter. Aerotech G53 gets it off the pad in a hurry. Descent speed under main 17 ... [View]

Terry Leright's Vostock II (0 00:00:54)
A beautifully finished carbon fiber rocket by Terry Leright called Vostock II. Launched on November 6th, 2010 at the Three Oaks launch held by the Team 1 rocket club. The four outboard motors all ... [View]

Model Rocket - Silver Streaker Launch 1 (03/06/2011) (0 00:00:54)
Temperature: 31 degrees, partly cloudy, low wind. First test of 12V launch controller. First launch of Silver Streaker with Estes C-6-5. Had onboard camera mounted with rubber bands. Parachute did ... [View]

Steve J - M2100G min dia (0 00:00:54)
Steve Jurvetson flies his Mongoose98 on an Aerotech M2100 at BALLS 25 [View]

Family Photo- "Plastic Ring" (0 00:00:54)
Family Photo performs their original song, "Plastic Ring" and will perform as part of Berklee College of Music's Summer in the City series. Their free outdoor concerts will be in Kendall Square and ... [View]

DEVO Rocket launch video (0 00:00:54)
Launch of the Devo rocket I made, scratch build. Nose cone turned on a lathe, and balsa fins. Powered by estes d12-5 [View]

PML AMRAAM2 on a Cessaroni G88 "Smokey Sam" motor (0 00:00:54)
PML 1:7 Scale AIM-120 AMRAAM missile on a Cessaroni G88 "Smokey Sam" motor [View]

Bill Yates gets his NAR L1 (0 00:00:54)
Bill Yates the South Texas Aerospace Club (STAC) president get is Level 1 High Power Rocketry certification with an Art Applewhite Rockets 10 inch cluster flying saucer equipped with a "Full Beard", ... [View]

Johnnie Paul M1882 1 (0 00:00:54)
Johnnie Paul's Standard Arm on a Loki M1882 at ST08. [View]

MDRA Classics Truck Pull (0 00:00:54)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's classic videos. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

January 2019 Tom Cohen Higgs Farm Rocket (0 00:00:54)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 245 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

Icarus Solid Rocket Motor Single Grain Static Test (0 00:00:54)
Static test fire of a single grain Icarus solid rocket motor at ASK 't Harde on March 29. The full version of the motor consists of 7 grains. Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering is one of the largest ... [View]

Saucer of Doom! LDRS28 (0 00:00:54)
Saucer of Doom! LDRS28 On a SKID! Not My rocket but very cool! LDRS 28 Potter, Ny........ July 2009 More LDRS28 videos on the way. [View]

LDRS 31 - Extreme Wildman Flight 2 (0 00:00:54)
Here is my Extreme Wildman flying on Saturday at LDRS 31 on a Loki L1400 motor. This flight hit 650 FPS and 7778'. [View]

Daisuke Sakais 4 inch project failure at XPRS 2010 M1315 (0 00:00:54)
Video by James Lloyd. Bluetube coupler failure leads to flight failure. XPRS2010 [View]

Whirlwind Monocopter (0 00:00:54)
Whirlwind Monoicopter 25 Aug 2012 Southern Arizona Rocketry Assoc (SARA) [View]

Estes Saturn 1b on 4 C6-5s (0 00:00:54)
January 2012 at ROC's monthly launch. [View]

Flights of The Rudy III, High Power Model Rocketry, Hawaii (0 00:00:54)
Kevin Cornwell's Rudy III squat-rocket design and build. Maiden voyage in Hawaii (stripped down under 1500grams on a G-impulse motor), and certification flight at NARAM-61, 2018, 1200' agl, 200mph on ... [View]

LDRS 25 - Jerry O'Sullivan's Sandhawk Asp-Brant O-motor (0 00:00:54)
Jerry O'Sullivan created a great rocket and motor for this spectacular flight at the LDRS 25 national launch of the Tripoli Rockety Association. [View]

Launch Of Ares V Model Rocket - 7 March 2009 (0 00:00:54)
Maiden launch of Tim's Ares V model rocket from Virginia's "Tenbuck Spaceport" on 7 March 2009. The bird was propelled by four Estes C6 (core) and one D12 in each SRB. Unfortunately, one D12 failed ... [View]

Madcow DX3 at SPAAR FIG Launch 07.06.2019 (0 00:00:54)
Motor startup was a lot like my old Studebaker. :) Flight was a Madcow Rocketry DX3 dual deploy. Perfectflight Stratologger CF, streamer drogue with 24" main chute. Power was an Aerotech G79W LMS. ... [View]

My Tripoli High Power Level 3 cert flight- AMW N2020 (0 00:00:54)
16,466' altitude 1,200 mph My Competitor 5 at Southern Thunder 2009. Video is by Rocket's Magazine. [View]

Sky Ripper Systems 54mm J263 Static Test 03-22-09 (0 00:00:54)
This is a mechanical test of the new style fill tubes being brought into production and use. The change was made to eliminate the step of wrapping the tube with the ablative tape, as well as to ... [View]

MDRA Classics Aquaman (0 00:00:54)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's classic videos. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

Launch 10 Onboard Camera -- Looking Down (0 00:00:54)
June 30th 2013 at approximately 12:30pm local time Portland State Aerospace Society successfully launched our "LV2.3" rocket. Photos, explanations, and data for this launch can be found on our ... [View]

EVA Rocket launch - onboard video.mpg (0 00:00:54)
High power rocket launched on Jan6th,2011 near Treviso (Italy) with an Aerotech I161W. The onboard video is taken with a Toshiba Camileo S10 (HD resolution 720p). The onboard flight computer is a ... [View]

Thrust Vector Control - Series D Hold Down (0 00:00:54)
The test failed because of a jam in the control loop, ultimately caused by the barometer. The vehicle tuning was technically correct, though it obviously appears otherwise. The error is fascinating, ... [View]

Scout V 0.8 Test Launch (0 00:00:54)
With an entirely new thrust vectoring system, Scout V 0.8 corrected well for it's orientation with two caveats. The first being that due to errors within a computer simulation of the flight, the ... [View]

OTD in Space – March 30: SpaceX Launches & Lands Used Rocket in Historic 1st Reflight (0 00:00:54)
On March 30, 2017, SpaceX launched and landed a used rocket for the first time. This was a huge step forward in SpaceX's plight to develop fully reusable rockets and reduce launch costs. The Falcon 9 ... [View]

Darryl Hankes M2030MG (0 00:00:54)
Darryl Hankes' Bullpup on an AT M2030MG at Southern Thunder 2008 [View]

Vanguard TV3 Failed Rocket Launch (0 00:00:54)
The Vanguard TV3 was launched on December 6, 1957 at Cape Canaveral Kennedy Space Center. It was the first attempt by the United States to put a satellite into orbit around Earth. However, the rocket ... [View]

Lvl 1 High Power Cert (0 00:00:55)
This is my Lvl 1 High Power Cert flight. It was an LOC Minnie Magg with a Cesaroni Pro 38 H153-8. I did get the rocket back to cert. Thanks Scott Miller for the motor & thanks to all at JMRC. [View]

The 2016 Battle of the Rockets Intro... Enjoy! (0 00:00:55)
The Federation of Galaxy Explorers is proud to bring you the Battle of the Rockets program. This program is complimentary to the TARC program -- and extends the challenges from upper level high ... [View]

Estes Astrocam on an Apogee Avion Model Rocket Aerial Arial Video (0 00:00:55)
Estes Astrocam nose cone and camera on an Apogee Avion rocket. Note that modifying a rocket can be dangerous. This was modeled and tested in Rocksim software to be sure it was safe before flying in ... [View]

Barracuda launch #1 (0 00:00:55)
12 dollar keychain video camera taped to the side of an Aerotech Barracuda -- launched on a G71-7R, though the delay was short. -- the igniter started the delay burning before the motor ignited. ... [View]

Estes Goblin - Maiden Flight (0 00:00:55)
My first flight of a model rocket built from an Estes Goblin kit. The package says "up to 1400 feet" and the results are consistent. The Launch Control Officer required a tilt in my launch rod, ... [View]

Safety Rocket Go Boom (0 00:00:55)
Safety Rocket on a P5,466 and 3 x L motors at LDRS30. [View]

Big Bertha rocket at CMASS launch 11-5-11 (0 00:00:55)
Big Bertha rocket at CMASS launch 11-5-11 [View]

Darkstar Extreme L2375 (0 00:00:55)
Crowd video of a Darkstar Extreme on a Cesaroni L2375. [View]

HTTP-3A Stage-1 & Stage-2 Thrust Vector Control Hybrid Rocket Engine Catalyst Bed Hot-Fire Test-1 (0 00:00:55)
--HTTP-3A Project-- Stage-1 & Stage-2 Thrust Vector Control Engine: 1,200 N Thrust Level H2O2 Engine H2O2/Plastics Hybrid Rocket Engine Catalyst Bed Hot-Fire Test-1 Test 8 second --HTTP-3A ... [View]

ROCKETS Mag Balls 23 James Dougherty Pegasus (0 00:00:55)
James Dougherty Pegasus flight at Balls 23 [View]

NAR Level 2 flight on a Aerotech J570W (0 00:00:55)
Hey folks this was my level 2 flight on sunday July 11th in Leonard, Ok with Tulsa Rocketry. I launched with a Always Ready Rocketry 3 inch Blue Phenix and it went to an altitude of 4,995 ft on a ... [View]

Estes Astro Vision Model Rocket Launch (0 00:00:55)
I'll post some onboard footage at a later date. This rocket was worth every penny! [View]

Impressive CATO - CIMG5749 (0 00:00:55)
An impressive CATO at Red Glare X - note the visual example of inertia here. The CATO nearly STOPS the motor casing dead in its tracks but inertia keeps the rocket bottom half moving forward sliding ... [View]

Bad Piggies V1.5 Multistage Egg Shuttle (0 00:00:55)
This video demonstrates the "separator" item available in the Field of Dreams sandbox of Bad Piggies V1.5. An "egg shuttle" launches an egg to the ceiling atop a 2 stage rocket. Like us on ... [View]

Estes E Size Model Rocket Engine Failure on GoPro (0 00:00:55)
Estes E size engine failure on my homemade rocket. Filmed with GoPro Hero 2. [View]

Big Daddy - Rocket CATO (0 00:00:55)
Estes Big Daddy rocket beefed up to fly on 24mm motors. Launched on an Aerotech E18. The aft closure blew off the motor, the nozzle, propellant and delay grain were all ejected. Minor damage to the ... [View]

Kevin Fraser's Escape Velocity (0 00:00:55)
Kevin's level 2 certification attempt with his Escape Velocity on a J335 Red Lightning. Nice straight boost and apogee event but the main didn't come out as planned. He'll get it next time. ... [View]

Flutter-By Upscale Maiden Launch (0 00:00:55)
This is the first launch of my BT-80 upscale of the Estes Flutter-By. Power was an Estes D12-5 and the rocket made it to about 200 ft. The delay was a bit too long and separation occurred well after ... [View]

Guided Model Rocket (0 00:00:55)
What is the future of model rocketry? This is a rocket that was flown by 13-year old Alyssa S. at NARAM-55 in Ohio in July 2013. It features a 3-axis gyro that allows it to reorient the rocket so it ... [View]

Performance Rocketry 4" Cesaroni J360 Skidmark Quad Cities Rocketry (0 00:00:55)
This was my successful level two Cert flight. Rocket landed about 200 yards away. GREAT FLIGHT!!! [View]

Rocket CATO (0 00:00:55)
Model rocket CATOstrophic launch. The Silver Comet is an Estes Retro kit. Looks wonderful. But not when the motor blows up inside! At least the second flight was ok later on. www.calvertfilm ... [View]

Giga Drill Breaker rocket (0 00:00:55)
My conical cluster rocket was inspired by the ultimate finishing move from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. The rocket uses two canted Aerotech G76G's to provide enough spiral energy for liftoff, ... [View]

Saturn 1B Assembly (0 00:00:55)
This is the Semroc Saturn 1B 1/70 scale model rocket. I wanted to get some pics of the assembly process for posterity in case something bad should happen to the rocket later..! At this point in the ... [View]

X-Calibur onboard launch video (0 00:00:55)
PML X-Calibur flying on a G64-7W at Bayboro, NC on 12/20/2008. Video from a Boostervision Mini Gearcam wireless video camera. Camera housed in external foam/fiberglass housing. [View]

Separation of solid rocket boosters using exploding bolts on HPR (0 00:00:55)
Demonstration of using 'explosive bolts' for the separation of solid rocket boosters (SRB) by Richard Dierking on high power rockets at the December 2010 monthly meeting of the Rocketry Organization ... [View]

Rocket Launch April 2015 (0 00:00:55)
Kenzie's rocket launch with the Florida Spacemodeling Association on April 25, 2015. Qualified for NARTrek bronze, and launched Honest John for first time. [View]

Wart-Hog Launch (0 00:00:55)
Launch of an Aerotech Wart-Hog at the AARG lauch site at Hutto, Texas on August 18, 2007. [View]

My NAR Level 1 certification flight on a H133 Blue Streak CTI load in a modified Big Daddy (0 00:00:55)
My NAR Level 1 certification flight on a H133 Blue Streak CTI load It recovered fine and I got my L1 cert :) [View]

Suburban Rocketry - Bigger balls (0 00:00:55)
Launch of Bigger Balls on a E9-6 [View]

Model Rocket launch Little Pinky Pie J350 motor, Reno Nevada TRA 5/17/2014 fail lost no recovered (0 00:00:55)
This isn't my rocket but the Clubs President, I was happy to see this rocket launch, sad that we never say it after the launch! High winds and upper atmosphere haze. We looked for about 1-2 hour ... [View]

1er Vol ARIANE 1 HPR (0 00:00:55)
1er vol de la fusée ARIANE 1 dans sa version High Power Rocket. Vol nominal sur moteur Aerotech i161W, récupération par double ouverture ( altim&Atild ... [View]

(5 Jan 1971) A Skylab prototype arrives at the manned spacecraft center. You can license this story through AP Archive: ... [View]

Ben Proulx's Loc Precision Viper with 3xE9 motor cluster (0 00:00:55)
NAR model rocket launch in Cape Coral, Florida. Florida Association of Spacemodeling Hobbyists, NAR Section #688 [View]

Formula 75 Rocket (0 00:00:55)
Formula 75 rocket on an H143 Cesaroni motor at the NYPower launch, May 28, 2016. [View]

Citation Patriot On Board Camera - Quest D16 Motor (0 00:00:55)
First time launching this with both the Quest D16 AND the camera. The motor was belching black smoke and the rocket SCREAMED off the pad! [View]

Wildman Darkstar Engine Failure - L Class Motor (0 00:00:55)
This is not my rocket, just an eventful flight which on launch day. [View]

Model Rocket - Skyhawker Launch 1 (9/9/2010) (0 00:00:55)
First flight of Skyhawker. Parachute did not deploy. Crashed into the grass and bottom of rocket tube was bent. Able to repair. [View]

2010-11-06 Thrud on Cesaroni H133 - first navigation (0 00:00:55)
2010-11-06 Thrud on Cesaroni H133, flight #33 First partly-successful navigation. CMASS launch, Amesbury MA See for more info. [View]

Estes Oracle Model Rocket Fail, Parachute blew off from shockcord (0 00:00:56)
Took me about two hours to fnd this rocket in the desert because it just keep going after the parachute violently seperated. Video failed from hard hit on impact! [View]

Dr Zooch shuttle "Columbia" May 18 (0 00:00:56)
Launch of Dr. Zooch Return to Flight Space Shuttle, using an Estes C6-3 motor. This was a spectacular flight of self-built orbiter "Columbia" . The orbiter glided straight as an arrow to a landing ... [View]

Tri-Ceptor Rocket flying on F-35W rocket motor (0 00:00:56)
This is an upscale of the old estes Trident rocket, using 2" Interceptor nose cone and parts, 72" tall, 24 oz rtf. [View]

Estes Gemini Titan First Flight (0 00:00:56)
Watch to see all four pieces of wadding come back down. 8mm tape, 1988. [View]

Red Glare 20 - Higgs Farm Rocket (0 00:00:56)
Tom Cohen’s Higgs Farm Rocket on a CTI M6400 [View]

Model Rocket Launch @ MMRG (0 00:00:56)
Model rocket launch at recent Melbourne Metro Rocketry Group launch day. Flying on a Black Max motor. [View]

ROCKETS Magazine LDRS 32 Rob Grygar (0 00:00:56)
Rob Grygar's Broken Arrow on an M-1172 at LDRS 32 [View]

Launch of the Estes Hi-Flier 5/15/16 (0 00:00:56)
Launching the Hi-Flier with an A10-3T adaptor.. [View]

LUNAR February 2012 (0 00:00:56)
Tony Cooper's famous Pinata rocket. Complete with tons of kids running out on the field :-) [View]

Roger's Pharaoh 2a flying on a CTI K260 (0 00:00:56)
This is the second flight of Pharaoh 2a. 8.7 seconds of thrust to an altitude of 2,268 feet. The video you see is one tenth actual speed. Flight was during TORCFest 5, sponsored by Team Ohio Rocketry ... [View]

Roctober Skys (0 00:00:56)
Sky Fury flying on an M-1610 Black Lightning Sponsered by Gorilla Rocket Motors [View]

Mom's ARCAS (0 00:00:56)
First flight of Mom's rocket (Aerotech HV ARCAS) on an Aerotech G35 motor [View]

Discovery 2001 7 May 2011 (0 00:00:56)
Another video of the Discovery, love it popping its load at the end! Dave Gilmore video [View]

V2 Estes model rocket launch (0 00:00:56)
Father and son launch a kit model v2 rocket from Estes [View]

F30 Saturn V (0 00:00:56)
Launched my Estes Saturn V at church for the last night of Vacation Bible School. Powered by a CTI F30-3WH motor. [View]

Estes LoadStar II Model Rocket (0 00:00:56) - Introduction to the Estes Industries Loadstar II model rocket kit. [View]

High Power Rocket 8/12/2017 Tripoli MN (0 00:00:56)
L Motor High Power rocket hitting 10,000 feet. [View]

Nike Smoke- I223 SK (0 00:00:56)
My Performance Rocketry 4 inch Nike Smoke flying on a Pro38 CTI I223 Skidmark. [View]

First 808 keychain camera launch on Estes Skyhawker rocket (0 00:00:56)
We taped the camera downward-facing onto the side of the rocket. We were worried that it would tip to one side, so we taped a small rock on the opposite side to counterbalance it. It mostly worked, ... [View]

Mega (mega) Thor rocket launch (0 00:00:56)
One very large rocket launching at MDRA. [View]

ROCKETS Mag Balls 23 Jim Jarvis Three Carb Yen (0 00:00:56)
Jim Jarvis Three stage Three Carb Yen flight at Balls 23 [View]

Boomerang 2 Maiden Flight 07-10-12 (0 00:00:56)
The maiden flight of my Boomerang 2 Radio Controlled Rocket Boost Glider. Flown on a Pro 38 G46 Motor. Launched at EARS rocket club on the 7th October 2012 [View]

DON'T DEBATE THIS (0 00:00:56)
Inspired by, quote: "My view on this is of a more simple way. The rules of equilibrium constant. The world likes to be ballanced. If preassure is applying on a force to such a rate the changes in ... [View]

Estes QCC Explorer on F12-5J (0 00:00:56)
Motor: Aerotech F12-5J Altimeter: Jolly Logic Altimeter 2 Apogee: 1,428' Speed: 211 mph Peak Acceleration: 7.2 G Ejection Altitude: 1,325' [View]

The Estes Astron Sprint XL (0 00:00:56)
Launching the Astron Sprint XL [View]

Video Rocket flight at METRA launch 11/1/08 (0 00:00:56)
This is flight video from a camera and 900 MHz ATV system onboard a payload rocket. Flight was at the METRA launch 11/1/08 in Pine Island, NY. Rocket is a heavily modified Estes "Super Nova ... [View]

AT Initiator Oct Fun Fly (0 00:00:56)
Aerotech Initiator on F40 Whitelightning [View]

Semroc Saturn 1B 10-13-19 at MDRA (0 00:00:56)
Semroc Saturn 1B on (4) C6-3 motors on 10-13-19 at MDRA Central Sod Farm. This is a clone of the orginal Estes model. The flight was flawless and the rocket recovered without issue, however the ... [View]

D12-3 Homade rocket very cool! (0 00:00:56)
Me and my pyro friend launching a home made model rocket [View]

Madcow Patriot on CTI H170 BS (0 00:00:56)
Flight on a 29mm CTI H170. Flew to 659 feet with a peak velocity of 127 mph and acceleration to 21G. That's from the AltimeterTwo that I got to work this time. In case you're scoring at home, that's ... [View]

Rocket-Tree High Powered Christmas Tree! (0 00:00:56)
Happy New Years! Video and contruction by Max Kauker We had to beat our 15 foot record of last year and i think we succeeded. Powered by a homemade "K" class engine machined from 12l14 steel. [View]

CIMG3529c.AVI (0 00:00:56)
Big Dumb Rocket Squared launch, Snow Ranch, March 5 2011. Look for the chuff at about 11 seconds, the blow-out at about 14 seconds. K550s are a beautiful motor. Thx Aaron for the expert video ... [View]

5.5" Phoenix K805G @ Dairy Aire 2009 (0 00:00:56)
My LOC 5.5" Phoenix on a K805 Mojave Green @ Dairy Aire on May 16th 2009 [View]

Model Rocket - My homemade version of Mercury Atlas (0 00:00:56)
My new homemade model rocket I build from the estes designer's parts assort. This is a re upload because of copyright on the last on. [View]

Estes AMRAAM on an C6-5 Motor - CRMRC (0 00:00:56)
Here's an old Estes AMRAAM rocket flying at a monthly club launch of the Champlain Region Model Rocket Club (CRMRC). Launched June 12, 2010 from the St. Albans launch site. [View]

Atari 2600 Joystick Rocket 2nd Flight (0 00:00:56)
Scratch-Built Atari 2600 Joystick rocket 2nd Flight. 'Flying' on an Estes C6 [View]

Estes Astrocam on C6-5 (successful) (0 00:00:56)
On-board camera footage of the Estes Astrocam model rocket launch. #estes #modelrocket #rocket [View]

Marvin the Martian "Space Oddity" - LDRS 38 (0 00:00:56)
Marvin the Martian's "Space Oddity" flying on a sparky O motor at LDRS 38, in the Kloudbusters Rocket Pasture near Argonia, Kansas. August 30, 2019. More details at ... [View]

ROCKETS Mag LDRS 34 Kathy Kippen Fiddle Faddle (0 00:00:56)
Kathy Kippen's Fiddle Faddle rocket at LDRS 34 [View]

Oops (0 00:00:56)
Help support For more info: https://www.facebo ... [View]

Thrust Vector Controlled SLS Model Rocket Flight #1 (0 00:00:56)
This is my first thrust vector controlled rocket. I wasn't as good on recording things so there isn't as much content around it but I wanted to put it out there! The whole thing is being heavily ... [View]

Macey's Meat Department on an I800 Vmax (0 00:00:56)
Flown at Hellfire 16 in Utah by Ken Adams. Video by A.K.S. Rockets SUBSCRIBE!!! [View]

High Power rocketry - LSF I - Outakes (0 00:00:56)
Outakes of LSF launch in Kopaida 2017-04-11 [View]

Saturn V model rocket launch (0 00:00:56)
Modified old Estes Saturn V model to accommodate E9 engine. [View]

V2 Launch with huge Sparky Motor (0 00:00:56)
Awesome photo: The AMW 98/17500 is the largest motor you can buy in America, and it's illegal in many states. So we went to Nevada. Even the ... [View]

"Thing One" second flight on a Cesaroni I195 Red Lightning motor (3 grain) (0 00:00:56)
Second flight of a scratch-built 4" rocket, weighing just under 7 lbs and standing a hair over 7 feet tall. Dual-deploy electronics (Featherweight Altimeters Raven2) were onboard, and triggered the ... [View]

LDRS 38 Marvin the Martian's Rocket (0 00:00:56)
The Kaboom Krewe's rocket didn't make it to Mars, but it was spectacular! [View]

STS-134 Launch Single Camera/Fused Split View (0 00:00:56)
Imaging experts funded by the Space Shuttle Program and located at NASA's Ames Research Center prepared this video by merging nearly 20,000 photographs taken by a set of six cameras capturing 250 ... [View]

2018-01-13 Snow Ranch Flight 1 (0 00:00:56)
On board video from scratch built Max Q at Snow Ranch January 13, 2018. Aerotech H115DM, 1524 ft. apogee (Jolly Logic altimeter 3). Chute release at 300 ft. [View]

ASTROBEE D ROCKET (0 00:00:56)

Estes Flip Flyer. A model rocket that lands like a helicopter! Flown on a new Estes C5-3 Super! (0 00:00:56)
Check out the ending!!! Fantastic Estes C5-3 Super. This engine was made for this type of rocket as it is heavy on the tail end. This demonstrates much better flight control and straight take off ... [View]

NYM@NYY: Piazza hits a grand slam off Clemens (0 00:00:56)
6/9/00: Mike Piazza blasts a grand slam to center off of Roger Clemens to give the Mets a 4-0 lead vs. the Yankees Check out for more! About About Baseball ... [View]

Model Rocket Launch with Onboard Video Launch #2 (0 00:00:56)
My son and I launched an Estes rocket with a small B motor. This was our second launch with my tiny key chain camera that I had gotten for just this purpose. Sorry for the shaky-cam on the main ... [View]

Space Shuttle (0 00:00:56)
Built by Andy Woerner [View]

Launch of Leading Edge Rocketry's kit of the Great White on I161W (0 00:00:56)
Launch of Leading Edge Rocketry's kit of the Great White on I161W with the NEFAR rocketry club on 12-10-11 [View]

Oil removal with CTI OSR and water claw pt 3 (0 00:00:56)
Massaging oil spill in carpet. Water claw and CTI OSR removal [View]

Firing of model rocket engine in slow motion (0 00:00:56)
Shot at 210 fps. Actual duration of video is about 6 seconds. The engine we used was a B6-4. Ignition is at 0.06 and the ejection charge at 0.46 [View]

Skooter rocket fail (0 00:00:56)
First shot on Estes astrocam week engine though [View]

Blaise Andries Highlights: 2017 Gopher Football Signing Day (0 00:00:56)
Check out highlights from 2017 Gopher Football signee offensive lineman Blaise Andries of Marshall, MN, a key member P.J. Fleck’s first recruiting class at the University of Minnesota. Social ... [View]

Epic Rocket Launch (0 00:00:56)
My son decided to name his custom-designed and scratch-built rocket "Epic"... Here is the maiden test launch with a J360 Skidmark with ground footage and then the camera on rocket. The plan was ... [View]

Madcow 2.6" Black Brant II (0 00:00:57)
First "successful" flight of this rocket. Rail angled about 10 degrees with Jolly Logic Chute Release set at 400'. Open Rocket sim was 1600', but with angle I'm guessing 1300-1400. Landed about 30 ... [View]

Black Brant Project (0 00:00:57)
wedge oldhams full scale black brant [View]

Sirius Rocketry Mid-Power Interrogator Blow Out (0 00:00:57)
Midwest Power 9, Princeton, IL, October 29, 2011. My trusty, well-used and awesome-looking (thank you Sirius) Interrogator took it's last (for now) flight on an Aerotech E18. I've assembled the 24mm ... [View]

Brandons First Launch (0 00:00:57)
Patriot model rocket with Estes B6-4 motor. [View]

SpaceX Falcon 9 Kit First Launch (0 00:00:57)
Designed for Estes B and C size motors, I tried something twice as powerful for the first launch, an Aerotech D10W-7. It was a perfect flight at Snow Ranch. Photos: ... [View]

Estes SR-71: The First (and Last) Launch 2017 (0 00:00:57)
This is why rockets aren't shaped like planes... Estes SR-71 on a C6-5 at RIMRA's Septermber 2017 launch [View]

Aerotech g force on a G40-4W white lightning (0 00:00:57)
By far my favorite rocket in my collection (for now)! Launched on an aerotech G40-4W on a day out with my family. Recorded by Falon my 11 yo son. [View]

RockSim Software Tutorial - 24 - Make a JPG (0 00:00:57) - How to make a .JPG [View]

Model Rocket Disaster (with on-board video) (0 00:00:57)
More Info: (Description below) Our classic Estes "Phoenix" model rocket meets a sod field at high speed. The crash happened because we used too steep an angle for the ... [View]

Red Glare 20 - Estes Nike Smoke chute release (0 00:00:57)
F67 motor on Estes Nike Smoke Pro Series II [View]

Model Rocket Launch Close Up Under Launch Pad. Explode (0 00:00:57)
I put a camera under rocket lauch pad protected by glass to get a great view of the blast up close. Model rocketry. [View]

Spool rocket (0 00:00:57)
Grandma launches the cool spool December 2010 [View]

Jolly Roger Flys (0 00:00:57)
Roger Balling's NAR Level I Certification Flight with a scratch built PML Spitfire Rocket with an Aerotech I284-W motor at ROCstock XXXII, Lucerne Dry Lake Bed, November 13, 2010. [View]

Physic's Class Rocket Launch (0 00:00:57)
PHS Physic Classes launch rockets in a project based learning activity. [View]

High power rocket launch at NEFAR #1 (0 00:00:57)
This is my sky serpant on a J365 smokey motor. It flew about 2000' with drouge at opagee. The main never deployed because I only used one sheer pin. The result was the cone getting snagged in the ... [View]

Enter Sandman Rocket Launch (0 00:00:57)
Rocket is named Enter Sandman. MadCow DX3 rocket kit. Modified for dual deploy with Apogee Rockets 4" electronics bay in the middle running custom telemetry and flight recording. This was flight ... [View]

Tony Cooper's Pinata Rocket (0 00:00:57)
Tony Cooper's Pinata Rocket at LUNAR's Snow Ranch launch, January 8, 2011 [View]

ROCKETS Magazine BALLS 22 Robert DeHate (0 00:00:57)
Robert DeHate's Balls Rocket on a P-10,000 staging to an N-4000 at BALLS 22 [View]

Red Glare IX Nick DeBrita N10,000 L3 Cert (0 00:00:57)
My Level 3 certification flight at Red Glare IX. The rocket is an Ultimate Wildman flying on an N10000. It flew to 11,927ft at Mach 1.38 and pulled 53 G's off the pad. [View]

Richards R-V Team America Rocketry Challenge Test Flight! (0 00:00:57)
The Richards Rockets Rocketry Team has entered the Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC) for the chance to go to Washington D.C., meet the president, and possibly win $100,000 in scholarships for ... [View]

Edward Medina - TRA L3 Attempt (0 00:00:57)
Tripoli Rocketry Association - LDRS 25 Amarillo, TX Scratch Built - Black Brant III CTI M1400 Average altitude was 13874 ft. reported by the two BlackSky AltAcc2c altimeters. Main Out @ Apogee - No ... [View]

KenRico WarnerR CErving Dude Dragrace AT F12J RocStock Lucerne Dry Lake, CA (0 00:00:57)
Estes Dude Drag Race Aerotech F12J RocStock November 2016 Lucerne Dry Lake, CA [View]

Blueprint for Disaster hybrid rocket monocopter (0 00:00:57)
The world's second, and largest, hybrid powered monocopter videotaped by Liberty Launch Systems and posted with their permission. I own the monocopter and built and designed it. [View]

Bruiser High Power Rocket on CTI M1101 (0 00:00:57)
Launched at Michiana Rocketry's Three Oaks, Michigan event on 12-19-15. Rocket is 8 feet tall and weighs 65 pounds. Not sure what the altitude was, I'm guessing 2500-3000 ft. Recovered about 200-300 ... [View]

Aurora X5-03 Big Red flight #2 (0 00:00:57)
The second flight of Aurora X5-03 "Big Red II". This flight was on the Aerotech F24 motor with a 5 second delay. Altitude reached was 1292 feet. The onboard camera had a power supply failure on this ... [View]

SKYLAB 1 Launch (1973/05/14) (0 00:00:57)
Skylab was launched on May 14, 1973 by a modified Saturn V. The launch is sometimes referred to as Skylab 1 or SL-1. The footage is presented at real-speed, with synchronized audio from NASA mission ... [View]

Estes Pro Series Jayhawk launch D12-3 (0 00:00:57)
Here is my original Estes Pro Series Jayhawk flying at a local meet on a D12-3. After sitting for over 15 years, I'm very happy with how this flight went. This is probably my favorite flight from ... [View]

2 stage N2000W - M685W (0 00:00:57)
70,000' attempt using a 2 stage rocket. Beautiful boost on an Aerotech N2000W. Sustainer was less than nominal. Still a cool project none the less! [View]

High powered rocket Christmas tree (0 00:00:57)
Christmas in May at Muskegon Michigan Area Rocketry. Thanks Matt... [View]

Aerial Video Val de Ruz (0 00:00:57)
Two videos taken from a highpower rocket on the ALRS XI Event in Val de Ruz, Switzerland. The first is from my AGM-390 on a I300T, the second from my SpaceShipThree on a J540R, 600 and 800 m high. ... [View]

Thrust Vector Wake Testing on 242X Sept 2019 (0 00:00:57)
This video was produced to show you the progress we're making with the JetWash Deflector for 24 Foot Yamaha boats. We're getting very close and even have a new discovery that we're going to be ... [View]

Combined astrocam with rocket glider (0 00:00:57)
ESTES C6-5engine,Astrocam (1080P 25fps), SKY rocket glider ... [View]

phoenix big daddy (0 00:00:57)
Big Daddy C11-3, Phoenix D12-3, Big Daddy E9-6 [View]

BALLS 20 Three Stage Rocket (0 00:00:57)
This is a three stage rocket N to N to M [View]

Estes Trajector on a CTI E31WT (0 00:00:57)
Estes Pro Series II E2X Trajector flying on a Cesaroni E31 White Thunder with a six second delay. RockSim estimated altitude 623'. Flown at CMASS 7-16-2016 in Acton, MA. [View]

TARC 2012 Team Red October: Last (Qualifying) Flight (0 00:00:57)
This is the last flight for Team Red October for the 2012 TARC competition, and is with rocket, MKV (Mark-Five). This is the fifth rocket built, hence the five. This flight is a great demonstration ... [View]

9 Ft Foam Rocket with I 140 Motor at CATO Launch Event Oct 15, 2016 (0 00:00:57)
CATO Rocket Launch Event, Durham, CT, October 15, 2016. This was a scratch-built 9-foot tall high-power model rocket made from 1/4-inch thick sheet foam insulation purchased at Home Depot and rolled ... [View]

EMRR Contest Entry "Grand Daddy Longlegs" (0 00:00:57)
This is my entry for the EMMRR "Twice the Size" contest element. It's a 2x upscale of the Sunward "Daddy Longlegs". [View]

Model Rockets SLOW MOTION Rocket Launch! (0 00:00:57)
Model rockets can be great fun. You can build a custom model rocket with onboard cameras or launch pad camera to get great shots of the rocket launch. Create your own NASA shuttle launch and even ... [View]

Estes Executioner Slow Motion (0 00:00:57)
Estes Executioner flown with a D12-3 engine. I wanted to do a video at dusk to see more flame :-) The high speed camera did not do a great job in the low light, but it still came out pretty cool. We ... [View]

Estes Viking Model Rocket Introduction (0 00:00:57) - This is a short introduction to the Estes Viking model rocket kit. It is a bulk-pack of 12 rockets, which makes it great for schools and for birthday parties. What ... [View]

DSCN1567.MOV (0 00:00:57)
Second launch of my scatch built Blood Sucker, this time on a D12-3. It landed in the paved parking lot, but suffered no damage other than a few paint chips and the nose weight inside the nose cone ... [View]

Rocket Test: Elizabeth Taylor (0 00:00:57)
Tom Sachs: Objects of Devotion Sperone Westwater 257 Bowery, New York September 5 - October 28, 2017 "Elizabeth Taylor" Steel, lead, plastic S/N: 2017.177.036 Mass: 2,009.4g Motor: D12-0 Peak ... [View]

Jamey M2550 (0 00:00:57)
Jamey Jenkins' L3 certification flight, using a completely scratch built rocket and a Loki M2550. [View]

A Fast Giant! TPO 10 Inch F/4 Newtonian! (0 00:00:57)
Learn more about what makes the TPO 10-inch Newtonian a high-performing telescope from OPT experts. The 10-inch TPO imaging Newtonian is an f/4 system perfect for deep space photos. This fast ... [View]

CATO (0 00:00:57)
Catastrophic rocket flight [View]

Flying basket of death and destruction at LDRS38 (0 00:00:57)
So it worked! You’ll have to trust me on this because I got kinda excited when the chute came out and lowered my phone. There was some damage on landing but it’s repairable. Just need a ... [View]

Austin Schirck Highlights: 2017 Gopher Football Signing Day (0 00:00:57)
Check out highlights from 2017 Gopher Football signee defensive lineman Austin Schirck of Carroll, Iowa a key member P.J. Fleck’s first recruiting class at the University of Minnesota. Social ... [View]

Loc IV (0 00:00:57)
Loc IV launched on a F52-5. Close call on this one. Launched at Team1's Manchester launch on 6-5-2011 [View]