Oban Launch 04 Sep 2010

Launch of heavy "OBAN" model rocket on a cluster of 4 x D12-7s. The rocket name "OBAN" derives from the use of stacked OBAN Scotch packaging tubes as the body tube. (OBAN Distillery is connected to our family due to its association with the Lighthouse Stevensons). On this fine day, the cluster of engines ignited flawlessly (after some technical problem with the launcher, but mostly the LCO, were sorted out!). The apogee was an estimated 2000 ft. Upon separation, the shock cord broke and the lower booster section free-fell and landed almost exactly on the launch area - almost hitting the cameraman (Karl) in fact! The nosecone, now on a large parachute and very light load, drifted off to the NE to join the Apogee IV rocket in the MIA category for this day! Despite an extensive ground search (2-3 hrs), neither would be found. Although, very nice "virgin" blueberry picking areas, likely not disturbed for decades, were located.

 Rocketry Product: Estes - D12 Single-Use Motor {Motor}

Author jonny599
Duration 78 seconds
Rating Best

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