Xenon | Hold Down Test 1

Hey Everyone! The Xenon rocket has finally lit its motor for the first time! It also moved the motor back and fourth on 1 Axis! This is V2 of the TVC so its not perfect n 1 Axis but pretty close! The upcoming V3 will fix some problems and make it easier to build and V4 will add the outer gimbal for full to axis movement! The motor used was a F-15-8 with no ejection change to protect the electronics. The airframe was made out a phenolic resin called Blue Tube! It is much stronger than the previously used airframes. The files for the TVC mount will be avaliable in a couple months! Website: https://deltaspacesystems.wixsite.com/rockets To get exclusive access to the code used in this test and the code used in flight contact me @deltaspacesystems@gmail.com Help support Delta by donating on Patreon: https://deltspacesystems.patreon.com Music: ADMO - Equinox

 Rocketry Product: Estes - F15 Single-Use Motor {Kit}

Author Delta Space Systems
Duration 89 seconds

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