Thrust Vector Control - Series C Hold Down

Once the error in the inertia calculation of the Series B Hold Down was found, a second bifilar pendulum test was conducted with newly added landing legs and grid fins to obtain an updated measurement. The vehicle was once again tuned in the simulation, the values were set in the flight software, and the test was conducted. A slight oscillation can be seen during the test. The cause is unconfirmed, but is likely due to the following factors. A changing CG during the burn, a slightly loose TVC mount due to ascent and landing motors being loaded, or inconsistencies in the propellant causing small non-axial moments on the vehicle. There are other potential factors, but these are the most likely. This test passes overall, and with a sufficiently accurate tuning(for the flight profile), focus will now be set on aerodynamic testing and flight software work.

 Rocketry Product: - Signal {Component} (R2) [2018-]

Duration 53 seconds

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