Binder Design - Dragonfly 29mm Kit

Manufacturer: Binder Design
Product Type: Kit
Tags: Family:Binder Design:Dragonfly
  • Binder Design Dragonfly By Michael Verbeek

    ( Contributed - by Michael Verbeek - 07/01/02) Picture Courtesy of Binder Designs Brief: Single stage with four fins placed not at 90 degrees to each other - to mimic a dragon fly Construction: The kit consisted of (1) paper body tube slotted for fin placement, a nose cone, plywood centering rings and pre-cut plywood fins (fins are mounted to the motor mount), a 29mm paper tube ...

  • Binder Design Dragonfly By Michael Verbeek

    (09/10/02) It is always nice to see a little uniqueness in rocket designs and that is exactly what Binder Designs' new (for 2002) Dragonfly has. Its fins, length and finish recommendations are all to help it look like a Dragonfly. According to Binder, the kit is " geared for the beginner to mid/high power ". I would agree, as it is a very straight-forward kit to build. But ...

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