Drone Won't Fly? Try This
On a flat surface, do the stick movements shown. You're all set once the drone stops flashing. This gyro calibration procedure works for Floureon H101 quadcopters. The next thing to try if this doesn't fix it, is make sure the propellers can spin freely. A propeller may have been pressed on the motor shaft too far, or hair or grass may be stuck around the shaft. Simply remove the propeller, then put it back on. Not too tightly! The third and final thing to try, is to make sure you have the correct type of propeller on the correct motors. If one or more propeller blows air the wrong way, switch it out for the opposite type of propeller. Clockwise (CW) vs counterclockwise (CCW) motors and propellers. More projects and gadgets @ www.makersa.ga
Author Donovan Magryta
Duration 12 seconds

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