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Aerotech Initiator fitted with 5 in 1 camera (2011-06-25)

This is the newest camera rocket I put together after the others had too much flight spin. Much better flight but the landing was less than perfect. It has been repaired to fly again.

Aerotech Mirage with camera 3/10/07 (2011-06-20)

Third flight with new SU AT G77R. Thought I had the twist out of it but not completely. You can see the bent fin on the lower right. Two chutes used to lessen the landing spin seem to have helped. Flight was to about 1800 feet this time.

EMRR contest rocket second try (2011-05-29)

Model rocket designed and built for an online contest from a picture. This the second flight attempt with 2-C6-5 and 2- C6-0 engines

Movie camera in the Zoom 2000 glider.wmv (2011-09-22)

Sorry so late with the latest video's I have. This one was with the same camera as in the other rockets but mounted upright into the top of a small styrofoam glider so you are looking out the front of it. Took off straight, then went into a loop not far from the ground. Lucky it pulled up in time and would have been a great flight if it was trimmed just a little better.

Second try of the boost gliders. Chad stage C6-0 to C6-3.wmv (2011-09-22)

This was the second try with the glider rocket. Used two gliders to help get a straighter boost. Used two C motors to give enough boost for the extra glider weight. Took off and staged very low and that was all she wrote!

V-2 at Spring Blast 2010 launching on a M1600 R.wmv (2011-09-22)

This was my L3 rocket launch at Rainbow Valley in Arizona. It was a Polecat 10" kit and was assembled per the instructions. There were many pieces added to the rocket to make it truer to the 1/6th scale that it was. Recovery was handled by a GWiz MC2 and a RRC2 mini as backup. Both were set for apogee deploy with the nose cone on a 6' chute and the main 14' chute in a freebag for seperate recoverys of the two. The nose had 16 lbs. of lead for flight balance and I didn't want the two contacting each other on the way down. It went up on an Aerotech M1600 R to 6686' with a short walk for recovery and no damage at all! Perfect flight all around!

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