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V-2 at Spring Blast 2010 launching on a M1600 R.wmv

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Published:2010-06-19 23:33:31

This was my L3 rocket launch at Rainbow Valley in Arizona. It was a Polecat 10" kit and was assembled per the instructions. There were many pieces added to the rocket to make it truer to the 1/6th scale that it was. Recovery was handled by a GWiz MC2 and a RRC2 mini as backup. Both were set for apogee deploy with the nose cone on a 6' chute and the main 14' chute in a freebag for seperate recoverys of the two. The nose had 16 lbs. of lead for flight balance and I didn't want the two contacting each other on the way down. It went up on an Aerotech M1600 R to 6686' with a short walk for recovery and no damage at all! Perfect flight all around!

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