East High School launches a BIG Rocket

Master Sargent Luster and a group of East High School students launch a six foot rocket that they built. In all they have launced over 100 rockets! Model rocketry is NOT just a "fun" activity, it can and does involve every educational discipline. Air Force JROTC should not focus on drill but on science, aerospace science. Air Force instructors were not afraid to introduce cadets to the language that accompanies this rocket science. The proof is evident is the success of this program however these pioneers and others like them need your help. Please support educators who make a difference, who without funding dig in their pockets for the resources they need to fund programs like this. What can you do? Write, school boards, administrators, politicians and others who make policy to offer more programs that focus on problem solving and critical thinking skills. Programs that can transfer skills learned in the classroom to twenty first century jobs.

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