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NYPOWER X monocopter (0 00:00:01)
Ed Miller unleashes his wild three stage monocopter for the first time at NYPOWER X [View]

Recovery of Aereaux. (0 00:00:02)
After a nice flight on F54 white lightning [View]

coolie ninja replys { aka vish} (0 00:00:03)
when me come me a shoooooooooooot and gone bad !!!!!!!!! [View]

Stikbot Rocket Launch (0 00:00:03)
Created with Stop Motion Studio. [View]

Naram 52 07 01 My L2 Rocket on K780 Onboard Naramlive com (0 00:00:03)
I put a K780 CTI Blue Streak in the Eye in the Sky AGU for a flight to 3814 feet sadly this is ALL I got onboard. The wide angle was dead (I left it on previously and did not realize it killing the ... [View]

Extreme Wildman Rocket Launch (0 00:00:04)
TTRA launch 29 Mar 16. 4" Wildman Extreme on an Aerotech K1103X. [View]

Estes Mongoose Model Rocket (0 00:00:04)
Watch this 2 stage Estes Mongoose model rocket take to the skies on two B motors. [View]

D3V12 Tower Rocket really skooting 1200fps (0 00:00:04)
D3V12 Tower Rocket really skooting - Keep in mind this is 1200fps and note how FAST this thing is still going at this frame rate! it must have been really getting up and going! 1200fps [View]

Naram 52 - 08 Bob Parks and Ryan Coleman R&D Flight at 240fps - (0 00:00:04)
The Pacific Flying Machines (PFM) Piston NARAM 52 Research & Development Pacific Flying Machines T-736 Bob Parks NAR 7871 Ryan G. Coleman NAR 59361 LUNAR Section 534 240fps [View]

AeroTech Phoenix boosting on F50 motor (0 00:00:04)
This is an external view of the same Phoenix flight as the onboard video. It shows how fast it was really going! [View]

Corky Story's upscale Goonybird on a J800T (boost only) (0 00:00:05)
Boost of Corky Story's beautiful upscale Estes Goonybird on a J800T at the Rocketry of Central Carolina (ROCC) monthly launch on 12/15/12. Successful tree re... [View]

q2g2_dipped.MOV (0 00:00:05)
Q2G2 igniter dipped in homemade pyrogen. [View]

January 19, 2008 Rocket Launch #2 (0 00:00:05)
Lance Alligood's USR Stiletto launches on a Sky Ripper Systems G125 hybrid motor. [View]

LDRS Bonneville 1998 Kim and Frank (0 00:00:05)
Rocket launch on the Bonneville salt flats [View]

LDRS Bonneville 1998 Woodys rocket (0 00:00:05)
Rocket launch on the Bonneville salt flats [View]

Ejection Charge Testing with FFFFg (0 00:00:05)
Testing 0.5 grams Goex FFFFg in 1/4" X 3/32" X 7/16" latex rubber tubing. This is quite a difference from the test with Titewad powder... [View]

Fliskits Diminutive Duece slow motion liftoff (0 00:00:05)
Fliskits Diminutive Deuce slow motion liftoff. [View]

FliskitsHonestJohn (0 00:00:05)
Fliskits Micro To The Maxx Honest John slow motion liftoff. [View]

twins (0 00:00:05)
My scratch built Fat Alpha and Fat Omega. Drag race on C11-5's. Don't blink! LUNAR Snow Ranch Launch, 12/03/11 [View]

AMWPro38 3G Skidmark - 338I180-14A (0 00:00:05)
Test firing of an AMWProX38-3G Skidmark reloadable rocket motor (I180). [View]

04_ion (0 00:00:05)
Third time's the charm! FINALLY had a good flight with my scratch built Ion Disruptor. The motor was a 29/240 fast burn H220 Blue Thunder reload. Not much video, but I'm happy with it because I ... [View]

Awesome high power rocket with homemade motor (0 00:00:05)
This is a high power rocket launch of my Bat outta Hell. It is the last flight of this rocket. It flew on a homemade 54mm motor. AP based. Check out the 2 other movies of results of this flight. [View]

OD's Steppin Razor II on H123W (Ground view) 12-10-2011 (0 00:00:05)
This is the view from the ground of my Steppin' Razor II boosting on an H123W. After motor burnout you can hear the airframe whistle. Rocket Science: Making everything else look simple since 1958! [View]

Wildman Jr Main Ejection Charge Test (0 00:00:05)
First ground test of ejection charge for main chute. Two 2-56 nylon screws being used as shear pins. To first evaluate the relative strength of the charge and its ability top shear the screws, the ... [View]

Outlandish Rocket Launch Video (0 00:00:05)
Launch video for BOP contest. See [View]

Pro29 2G Skidmark G80-14A (0 00:00:05)
Certification firing of a Pro29-2G Skidmark motor. Designation G80-14A. [View]

OreSat Reaction Wheel Test in the PSU Dryden Droptower (0 00:00:05)
Drop test of the OreSat reaction wheel prototype in the Portland State University Dryden Droptower. The droptower gives us approximately two seconds of microgravity, which gives us enough time to ... [View]

MVI_5448.AVI (0 00:00:05)
Second attempt with the 12V system. I accidentally fired it prematurely--momentary contact, but all 4 ignitors fired. Not captured on this video, I later fired the same ignitors again, with more ... [View]

Fliskits Mystic with a Quest C6-5 (0 00:00:05)
I just love the way my Fliskits Mystic flies with a Quest long burn C6-5 motor. Nice straight up flight with a slow roll. Launched Nov 6th, 2010, Amesbury, MA [View]

Fliskits Lil' Guy (0 00:00:05)
My unpainted Fliskits Lil' Guy takes off with a Quest B6-4 motor. Launched Oct 23rd, 2010, Amesbury, MA [View]

B6-4 Mystic (0 00:00:05)
I launch my unpainted Fliskits Mystic with a Quest B6-4. Launched Oct 23rd, 2010, Amesbury, MA [View]

P1050755.MOV (0 00:00:05)
Another Pyrodex charge. [View]

Estes Der Red Max Launch (0 00:00:05)
Janice Filmed this clip for us :-) Her & I took the kids to the park and fired the Red Max a few times. In this video, we thought we were going to lose it because the chute opened so late and ... [View]

2nd LOC Viper IV rocket Launch (0 00:00:06)
First ever launch of my Loc Viper IV cluster rocket at Black Knights Club Oxill United Kingdom [View]

6ft Rocket On E15-4W (0 00:00:06)
A 6ft model rocket made of estes parts with an E15-4W Aerotech motor. The rocket went 900ft. Sorry about the sound but I will have better quality videos posted shortly. [View]

CTI H54 Sumo (0 00:00:06)
My Aerotech Sumo flies with a CTI H54 White long burn motor. This motor uses the Pro29 3G case. Launched Nov 6th, 2010, Amesbury, MA [View]

Positive Ascent First Flight - Pro54 K820 Blue Streak (0 00:00:06)
The first flight of my Level 3 Project. This was on a 6 grain Cesaroni Pro54 motor. It was a perfect flight to 3316 feet. I can't wait to do my Cert 3 flight... [View]

Flistkits Green Crayon Launch (0 00:00:06)
Fliskits Micro To The Maxx - Green Crayon flight. [View]

CTI F79SS Legacy (0 00:00:06)
My LOC Legacy launches with a CTI F79 Smoky Sam motor. This motor uses the Pro24 3G case. Launched Nov 6th, 2010, Amesbury, MA [View]

CTI H194 EZI-65 (0 00:00:06)
I launch my LOC EZI-65 with a CTI H194 Red Lightning motor. This motor uses the Pro29 5G case. Launched Nov 6th, 2010, Amesbury, MA [View]

Swampfox Rocketry Vid 3 PK-36 29-SS (0 00:00:06)
Failed cluster only one G 80-13T motor lit out of 4 slow take off of the three pound rocket , still managed to recover lt even deployed the chute just before impact [View]

High Powered Rocket - WWW - Strait_flyer (0 00:00:06)
High Powered Rocketry Williams "Wildfire" Westernationals 2010 [View]

HEAD_DAGA_2_groundtest.MOV (0 00:00:06)
Ground test of optical apogee detector HEAD (Hawk EYE Apogee Detector) Made in Bulgaria installed on the microhybrid rocket DAGA_2. [View]

CTI G84 Green3 Hotel Express (0 00:00:06)
My Hotel Express takes off with a CTI G84 Green3 motor. This motor uses the Pro24 6G case. No ejection and the rocket was destroyed. Launched Nov 6th, 2010, Amesbury, MA [View]

Naram 52 - 01-02 Registration begins in the lobby - (0 00:00:06)
The folks running Naram 52 prepare to open registration for the first time on-site. [View]

Chute Release Proto Turning On (0 00:00:06)
Press either button to power up Chute Release. [View]

(0 00:00:06)
Press the right button until the display flashes. (Don't worry; your previous setting is still saved.) [View]

Black Powder CIA Method (0 00:00:06)
Made some black powder via the CIA method for my rocket deployment charge. I used carbon black (concrete pigment) instead of charcoal and it worked better then I expected. [View]

Some TARC launch (0 00:00:06)
Some TARC launch on an F24-7. [View]

09_kit (0 00:00:06)
Another of Kit's finned rockets. SARG Launch, February 18, 2012. [View]

Estes Oracle Flight Video (0 00:00:06)
Video for EMRR Review: [View]

Piper Décollant trèèès court (0 00:00:06)
Lors d'un concours durant un meeting. Le plus court décollage... [View]

Lansare RoWo 2008 (0 00:00:06)
Lansata in 2008 in cadrul Rocket Workshop organizat de Euroavia Bucuresti Details: Lenght: 2.2m Weight: ~3Kg Motor: 1000N for 0.7 seconds Fuel: KN/SU/SB [View]

LOC 835 Main ground test.MOV (0 00:00:06)
Hyperloc 835 main chute ground test - - 1 gram of BP [View]

Pro75 5G Blue (0 00:00:06)
Prototype of a Cesaroni Pro75-5G Blue reloadable rocket motor for HPR. [View]

Funny Funnel 2 (0 00:00:06)
Video supporting review: [View]

Big Daddy model rocket slow motion launch (0 00:00:06)
Short but great video. The Estes Big Daddy model rocket, leaving the launch pad. See how the igniter plug pops out! [View]

09_Twins (0 00:00:06)
The Twins, Fat Alpha and Fat Omega on C11-5's. Don't blink! SARG Launch, January 14, 2012. [View]

Fliskits Nebula Cardstock Model Rocket (0 00:00:07)
Just a very quick look at the Nebula from Fliskits, a model rocket on a couple sheets of card stock you can down load and print! [View]

Charger Rocket Works 2009-2010: HARA Launch 09/05/2009, 1/2 (0 00:00:07)
The first launch event for 2009-2010 Team of UAHuntsville Charger Rocket Works (NASA USLI). 2 of us got NAR Level 2 certification! : ) [View]

(0 00:00:07)
LOC Minie Magg flying on an Aerotech I357 Blue Thunder. [View]

Red Glare 18 3 inch Darkstar CTI K454 skidmark (0 00:00:07)
Wildman 3 inch Darkstar on a cti k454 Skidmark [View]

02_blood_sucker (0 00:00:07)
My scratch built Blood Sucker (an upscale Mosquito) on an E9-6. SARG launch, 12/10/11. [View]

Ejection Charge Testing with Titewad (0 00:00:07)
Testing 0.4 grams Titewad smokeless powder in 1/4" X 3/32" X 7/16" latex rubber tubing with my Perfectflite StratoLogger altimeter. [View]

Cato Fashions New Fall Arrivals (0 00:00:07)
At Cato Fashions, you'll find the latest fashion styles for any occasion – work or play, dressy or casual in junior/misses and plus sizes [View]

Estes D-Squared (0 00:00:07)
Only one D12 ignited. Still made good landing. [View]

Cato Fashions (0 00:00:07)
CATO FASHIONS - YOUR STYLE. DELIVERED. At Cato Fashions, you'll find the latest fashion styles for any occasion – work or play, dressy or casual in junior/misses and plus sizes. We've got great ... [View]

Pro29 3G Skidmark Prototype (0 00:00:07)
Prototype of a Cesaroni Pro29-3G Skidmark reloadable rocket motor for MPR/HPR. [View]

Former TARC design launch - 210 FPS Slow motion (0 00:00:07)
Just for fun, flying my old TARC design on a full-AP cluster of 2 AeroTech D10-7W's and 2 of the new E20-7W's. One of the D10's didn't light (though with all White Lightning motors, it was as good ... [View]

Lance Beta - 4" Upscale (0 00:00:07)
Andrew launched J415W motor to 3980' [View]

Multiple Rocket Launch East High School (0 00:00:07)
MSgt. Luster and students launch rockets at closure of East High School. This was the only rocket program in the Cleveland Metro School District. Rocketry was linked to the aeronautical engineering ... [View]

Rocket Motor Static Test Blue 38mm I-630 (0 00:00:07)
This was a static test of a blue 4 grain 38mm APCP rocket motor. It was an I-627 with a .8 second burn time, peak thrust of 166 lbs, Isp 221, 495Ns, peak Pc of 1,180psia. [View]

Cato Fashions (0 00:00:07)
CATO FASHIONS - YOUR STYLE. DELIVERED. At Cato Fashions, you'll find the latest fashion styles for any occasion – work or play, dressy or casual in junior/misses and plus sizes. We've got great ... [View]

Ground Test (0 00:00:07)
Ground test of a deployment parachute system of the Cluster micro SRM rocket at 20.06.11 [View]

High Powered Rocket - WWW - Thank_you (0 00:00:07)
High Powered Rocketry Williams "Wildfire" Westernationals 2010 [View]

Madcow Honest John II (0 00:00:07)
Madcow Honest John flown on a Pro 29 H123 Skidmark at ROC launch in Lucerne Valley, CA [View]

LOC Hi Tech 45 @NYPower (0 00:00:07)
Screaming off the pad on a J350 to 6k+ ft. Didn't shred yet. Bummer ;) [View]

Jupiter 2 rocket (0 00:00:07)
A flying rocket model of the Jupiter 2 from lost in space flying on an Estes A10pt motor [View]

10_kit (0 00:00:07)
Kit's rocket returning on its chute. SARG Launch, February 18, 2012. [View]

Yeah that mine! (0 00:00:07)
The next generation of rocketeers [View]

Cato Fashion Spring TV Commercial (0 00:00:07)
At Cato Fashions, you'll find the latest fashion styles for any occasion – work or play, dressy or casual in junior/misses and plus sizes. We've got great jewelry, shoes and accessories, too. You ... [View]

LOC 835 drogue ground test.MOV (0 00:00:07)
Hyperloc 835 drogue ground test... 1.5 grams of BP. [View]

X-15 flight one (0 00:00:07)
X-15 plastic model conversion rocket on an A10-3T motor. [View]

Cato Fashions New Arrivals (0 00:00:07)
At Cato Fashions, you'll find the latest fashion styles for any occasion – work or play, dressy or casual in junior/misses and plus sizes. [View]


Dark Star Ground Test.MOV (0 00:00:07)
Wildman DarkStar 4" Dual Deploy with 2.5 grams of BP [View]

rocket on a K550. (0 00:00:08)
Robs Rocket on a K550W. [View]

HOLY COW ROCKET!!! (0 00:00:08)
10 ft tall, less than 2 lbs, styrofoam, F50-4T motor [View]

Kit's tuber (0 00:00:08)
Kit's tuber on a CTI H123 Skidmark. Love those sparkies! LUNAR Launch, 02/04/12. [View]

Estes Bomarc Clone at CMASS 11-5-11 (0 00:00:08)
Estes Bomarc Clone at CMASS rocket launch 11-5-11 I forgot to put in nose weight so it did a big 20ft loop and plowed into the ground. Some damage, but repairable. [View]

Model Rocket (0 00:00:08)
The first model rocket for Christophers Birthday! [View]

Spool rocket (0 00:00:08)
My homemade spool rocket flying at Tripoli Central California's November 2012 launch on a Cesaroni 38mm 1G G79 Smokey Sam [View]

Mars Lander on an Aerotech D13-4W (0 00:00:08)
Watch as this Semroc (Estes) Mars Lander screams off off the launch pad on an Aerotech D13-4W motor. [View]

Ventris (0 00:00:08)
The maiden voyage of my Estes Ventris on an Aerotech F24-7W RMS motor at NARAM 54. [View]

SwampFox Rocketry Quest Falcon 810 mph launch to 6000 ft (0 00:00:08)
I glassed the fin can and a lot of nose weight, 810 MPH 6000 ft fastest launch hard to watch. [View]

02_executioner (0 00:00:08)
The wind was so strong it was dragging the Executioner on the ground. SARG Launch, March 10, 2012. [View]

Jaguar (0 00:00:08)
Semroc SLS Jaguar - D12-7 - Midland Rocketry - April 2009 [View]

P1000897 (0 00:00:08)
My scratch built "Fat Pat", her first flight on an F12J. Her nose cone came out in mid flight, which caused the sky writing. She core sampled, the damage is pretty bad. SARG launch, 11/12/11. [View]

Remote control helicopter with estes rockets (0 00:00:08)
no three legged dogs were harmed in the production of this film [View]

Excel Jr. Rocket Launch 11-6-11 (0 00:00:08)
Launch of my Excel Jr. at the CRASH Denver club site on an Aerotech F24-4T engine. [View]

6" Ultimate Wildman M1350 DMS (0 00:00:08)
L3 certification flight on an AT M1350 W DMS single use motor. [View]

Naram 52 - 08 Team Jedi Knights - Aeolus (0 00:00:08)
Jedi Knights - Aeolus - 10th Place Team Team Members were Brian J. Guzek, Mike Nowak, and Nick Nowak. CIMG1226 [View]

Swampfox Rocketry vid 8 Quest Falcon 810 mph launch to 6000 ft (0 00:00:08)
Modified Quest Falcon with G-80-13t motor very fast rocket went through the clouds before motor even burned out, never seen agian [View]

Nike Smoke Ground Test 2 (0 00:00:08)
Ground test of the ejection charge of for the main compartment. [View]

2011 11 19 Jean Lake Launch #2 Ground view (0 00:00:08)
F motor launch #2 at the Tripoli monthly launch - Jean Lake Nevada. [View]

Nike Smoke Ground Test (0 00:00:08)
Ground test of the ejection charge of for the drogue compartment. [View]

8x Upscale Estes Interceptor Nose Lights (0 00:00:08)
This is a short video of the LED panel in the nose of the rocket I am building. [View]

Los Alamos Chicken Flight 1 (0 00:00:08)
Los Alamos Chicken for EMRR's Odd-Roc Contest: [View]

P1000838 (0 00:00:08)
Kit's successful Level 1 cert flight, on an H128. Great flight Kit, congratulations! SARG launch, 11/12/11. [View]

Fliskits Cheetah A8-0 and A8-3 (0 00:00:08)
My Fliskits Cheetah flies with an old A8-0 staged to an A8-5. [View]

Malc's Rocket (0 00:00:08)
Flown on Monday 4th June at Festival of Rocketry UK [View]

Short: AZURE rocket launches (0 00:00:08)
I'm at Alomar Observatory in northern Norway as part of the AZURE mission (Auroral Zone Upwelling Rocket Experiment). Two rockets were launched from Andøya Space Center, and my part was to help with ... [View]

54mm carbon fiber rocket - CTI I218W (0 00:00:08)
Scratch built 54mm minimum diameter carbon fiber rocket on a Cesaroni I218W at Fire in the Sky 2012. Expected altitude and speed 6195 feet, 0.8 mach. [View]

Fliskits Tartarï with a C6-3 (0 00:00:08)
Fliskits Tartar with a C6-3 at Red Glare X [View]

Launch Of Delta #8 Model Rocket - December 27, 2003 (0 00:00:08)
Brief video of Delta #8 liftoff from our primary East Tennessee launch site, "Cape Clinch." Power was 1 x D12 (Delta "core") plus 4 x D12 ("strap-on" boosters). One D12 booster failed to ignite, ... [View]

Lil' One Cesaroni J354 (0 00:00:08)
Bryce Chanes' Lil' on a Cesaroni J354 Pro38 6G White Mile high altitude shot [View]

Two Stage Alpha III - Ground View.wmv (0 00:00:08)
Video of Estes Alpha III (modified 2 stage) launch. Failure due to unexpected instability. [View]

Aussenleuchte abgesoffen (0 00:00:08)
Wenn man an Aussenleuchten spart [View]

Swiss Army Launch Attempt (0 00:00:08)
Video for BOP Entry on EMRR: [View]

P1050746.MOV (0 00:00:08)
Testing a Pyrodex ejection charge. [View]

Pro29 3G Blue - Prototype (0 00:00:08)
Prototype of a Pro29-3G motor (app. 96% G). [View]

Pro38 6GXL Imax J530 (0 00:00:08)
Pro38-6GXL-Imax motor. CAR certified as 1115-J530-15A. [View]

The launch of a 7ft model rocket "Mirage". Ignition was done a little too close. "Man that's LOUD" [View]

Watch 100 times and STILL laugh! LOL (0 00:00:08)
We flew an estes rocket today and it went horribly wrong and landed in the trees! LOL ''Keep on laughing'' Austin Davert USA :) [View]

RCS thruster rocket motor. (0 00:00:08)
My first rocket motor for RCS. Based on Masten Space Systems' igniter. Compare to original igniter [View]

sakura kinomoto version frog (0 00:00:08)
Anime / Manga : Cardcaptor Sakura clear cards hen Character : Sakura Kinomoto Version : Frog Picture in Chimelong waterpark : Cosplay picture : https://imgu ... [View]

A friend of mine wanted to hold a rocket to test thepropulsion and ejection force of a D12-0 Estes rocket motor. [View]

Slow Motion Launch of a Rocket (Fast Propellant) (0 00:00:08)
This was a SlowMo launch at AEROPAC Mudrock 2011. Find more launch pics here: Find more info about ARLISS here: Find more info about ... [View]

Final Space - Little Cato Sees Too Much [S2 E11] (0 00:00:09)
He might be grown up in every other way, but Gary is trying his hardest to shield Little Cato from witnessing too much debauchery. TBS and Olan Rogers own Final Space, as per the usual. [View]

Gary Dickinson 3x I211W (0 00:00:09)
Gary Dickinson's rocket on 3x AT I211W's at ST08. [View]


AeroTech 98mm DMS "O" Motor Static Test (0 00:00:09)
Conducting a static test of a new DMS motor at Black Rock Desert. The "O" motor is a 98mm single-use rocket motor which uses AeroTech's Propellant X formula. [View]

High Powered Rocket 2 (0 00:00:09)
This one is a test run for TARC 2009 (Team America Rocketry Challenge) [View]

Misshapen nose cone (0 00:00:09)
The first nose cone I attempted to turn. It didn't turn out very well. This is two pieces of balsa laminated together. It was going to be for my upscale Estes X-Ray. [View]

Not So Mean Machine on an E20 (0 00:00:09)
Kit's Not So Mean Machine on an E20. I didn't get much video, but it was a nice flight. SARG Launch, February 18, 2012. [View]

(0 00:00:09)
Static firing of Helios-X I-class rocket motor, powered by 180 grams of A24 propellant (Ammonium nitrate oxidizer; aluminum fuel). [View]

Bretts multistage homemade rocket disaster (0 00:00:09)
Bretts spectacular multistage rocket explosion launch [View]

Redline rocket (0 00:00:09)
My scratch built rocket launching on a H165 Redline, it flew to 2573' as recorded by the onboard computer. [View]

Praying to the Great Pumpkin 7May2011 DMG video (0 00:00:09)
Preflight of Great Pumpkin, and Matt praying for a good flight! [View]

cato sicarius in bully (0 00:00:09)
source: [View]

Liberty 4 Tripoli L1 cert. Flight (0 00:00:09)
My dads successful Tripoli level 1 cert. Flight at TCC's November launch on a Cesaroni 54mm 1G I165 Cstar [View]

hi flyer fail (0 00:00:09)
Pueblo Launch June 2011 [View]

P1050799.MOV (0 00:00:09)
My successful Level 1 attempt. LOC-Precision Minie Magg on an Aerotech H123 White Lightning reload in a 38mm Special case. At the TCC October Skies launch near Fresno, CA. October 16, 2010 [View]

Class c Estes rocket launch (0 00:00:09)
Never returned after launch way high [View]

drogue ground test.MOV (0 00:00:09)
LOC IV with e-bay and 15" pay-load section added. This is a ground test of the drogue section with 1.5 grams of BP. Plan to launch with an AT I161W plugged... Drogue pops at apogee - Main pops at ... [View]

High Powered Rocket - WWW - Hybrid_a1 (0 00:00:09)
High Powered Rocketry Williams "Wildfire" Westernationals 2010 [View]

X6 Nesaru booster ground test (0 00:00:09)
5/30/2012 ground test of the X6 Nesaru apogee deployment system. Everything passed with flying colors! [View]

Aerotech hose reel (0 00:00:09)
Just enjoying our AT electric hose reel [View]

HPR Rocket (0 00:00:09)
This is my scratch built rocket. It is powered by an I285R motor by Aerotech! [View]

Water bottle Rocket Launch SlowMo (0 00:00:09)
Slow motion video of water bottle rocket launcher that I designed and 3D printed. It uses a modified Clark cable tie collet. [View]

Pro98 6G Blue Streak Certification Firing - N2850 (0 00:00:09)
Pro98-6G-Blue Streak certification firing at CTI facility. Motor designation N2850. August 27, 2009 [View]

Pro98 6G N3180 Red Lightning Rocket Motor (0 00:00:09)
Pro98 6G N3180 Red Lightning Rocket Motor [View]

F32T Assembly (0 00:00:09)
Assembly of an F32T AeroTech Motor [View]

MDRA Christmas Tree launch 2011 (0 00:00:09)
Quick video from the Christmas tree recycling program... [View]

Model Rocket Firing - Rocket & Space 2010 (0 00:00:09)
Firing a model rocket at the Royal Gunpowder Mills Rocket and Space Event, 10 July 2010. [View]

09_igniter (0 00:00:09)
Second flight attempt of Tank Girl. You can clearly see and hear the igniter blowing out of the motor. The motor was an I245 Mojave Green. SARG launch, 12/10/11. [View]

C6-3 (0 00:00:09)
C6-3 Estes model rocket motor test [View]

SpinCan Test (0 00:00:09)
A quick demo of the spin can on LV2.3 [View]

02_disruptor (0 00:00:09)
The bottom section of Ion Disruptor falling free. It suffered a broken fin on landing. LUNAR Launch, 02/04/12. [View]

Grizzley Behr 2 (0 00:00:09)
Here is my meager entry in the video contest. This is my Grizzly Behr monocopter flying at MDRA's Eastern Shore ESL-120 launch. [View]

High Powered Rocket - WWW - unknown (0 00:00:09)
High Powered Rocketry Williams "Wildfire" Westernationals 2010 [View]

L1 Certification at CMASS (0 00:00:09)
Launching my Nuke Pro Maxx on a CTI H133 to about 2800' with a top speed over 400 MPH [View]

J354 Ladyrobin 2.0 (0 00:00:09)
My Ladyrobin 2.0 takes off with the most powerful motor in it yet, the CTI J354 White. Launched Oct 23rd, 2010, Amesbury, MA [View]

13_super_alpha (0 00:00:09)
My Super Alpha on a C6-5. SARG Launch, February 18, 2012. [View]

Level 1 Certification Rocket Launch (0 00:00:09)
This is a video of the launch of "KC Chief" at LDRS XXX in Argonia, Ks. This perfect launch allowed me to obtain my level 1 certification. The Kloudbusters rocketry club sponsored this national ... [View]

MR2 Rocket Run (0 00:00:09)
NZ MR2OC run to the NZ Rocketry Association's annual launch day. One of the "smaller" rockets that survived initial lift off. [View]

J354 Super Magnum (0 00:00:09)
My Super Magnum takes off with a CTI J354 White motor. Button was pushed by Jess Walter. [View]

14_super_alpha (0 00:00:09)
My Super Alpha landing with its chute tangled. Thankfully, no damage. SARG Launch, February 18, 2012. [View]

15_pop (0 00:00:09)
Shortest flight of the day! SARG Launch, February 18, 2012. [View]

Custom Built Stackable Avionics Bay for High Powered Rocket (0 00:00:09)
Made to house electronic components stable and safe in a specific orientation, without allowing for any unintended movements within the air frame of a high powered rocket [View]

big daddy (0 00:00:09)
Video of dad's Big Daddy [View]

trf_croc - Copy (0 00:00:09)
The Rocketry Forum Traveling Rocket, the TRF Croc, flying on an Aerotech G53-7J Fast Jack reload. Gave it a nice ride to 2900ft! SARG launch, Rocklin CA, 11/10/12. [View]

Airstart (0 00:00:09)
My first real clustered air-start rocket. Built in 1996-97 This was it's second flight [View]

Inflight Sonic Shark (C6-7) (0 00:00:09)
Flight video for Inflight Sonic Shark review on [View]

Quest Sport Loader Launch (edit) (0 00:00:09)
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( [View]

Shape Shifter Recovery (0 00:00:09)
Shape Shifter Recovery after flight on H170 Metal Storm motor. [View]

J480BB Phoenix (0 00:00:09)
I launch my LOC Phoenix with an AMW J480 Blue Baboon motor. Perfect boost. Bad crash :( [View]

Estes Magnum CATO (0 00:00:10)
Sadly another Magnum bites the dust. The C11-0 booster blew up, ignited the upper stage motor while blasting it up into the upper body tube, which continued burning inside and lit the tube on fire. ... [View]

Rocket 2 (0 00:00:10)
Launch of a High Power rocket I built [View]

Rocket Launch (0 00:00:10)
my dad filmed this video of my X-calibur rocket launched on a H123 Motor [View]

Slowmotion of deployment with slider at 50 mph (0 00:00:10)
Chute deployment is the most violent phase of flight. Excess speed tears & shreds chutes. The SLIDER softens deployment by opening the chute gradually & stops the chute from "popping" open. ... [View]

Steve Temple M2200SK (0 00:00:10)
Steve Temple's Pecos Bill on an AMW M2200SK at ST08. [View]

Catching a Model Rocket (0 00:00:10)
Cameraman - Laurie Calvert - actually catches a Big Bertha rocket whilst filming it. [View]

Mariah on a L640DT (0 00:00:10)
Body Tube crumpled a few seconds into the burn. Rocket shredded. [View]

rockoon - scale model balloon launched rocket - part3 (0 00:00:10)
first flight of the rockoon. engine was an aerotech f32-6t. system was tethered for safety and recoverability [View]

MVI_1675.MOV (0 00:00:10)
Estes Blue Ninja on a D12-5. LUNAR launch at Snow Ranch, 021310. [View]

SquirrelWorks Dogfight Glider (0 00:00:10)
One of the gliders from the SquirrelWorks Dogfight Rocket. [View]

Resident Evil 5 - Majini Goal! xD (0 00:00:10)
I was messing around with Jasper in normal Mercs, watch out the Cephalo Majini ; ) [View]

Tom L370 cato (0 00:00:10)
Very short flight and destruction of my 54 mm saucer. The single use motor blew off the rear end. The nozzle and the casing rear had the tape thrust ring intact. [View]

High Power Rocketry (0 00:00:10)
Mile High Mayhem High Power Rocket Launch. Estimated 300lb. rocket, about 20ft in height. [View]

HPR H999 1200FPS (0 00:00:10)
lancio di un HPR H999 WARP ripreso con una telecamera a 1200FPS [View]

(0 00:00:10)
Estes SR-71 Blackbird [View]

Mark 1.0 EX Propellant Test (0 00:00:10)
38mm 4grain test of White Lightning clone called Mark 1.0. Aerotech hardware and nozzle. Nozzle throat was very eroded upon inspection after the test which may explain the short duration. For ... [View]

My crayon rocket went up 800 feet in aerotech G53FJ motor ☝️ (0 00:00:10)
August 26, 2018 Fiesta Island San Diego, CA NAR DART launch [View]

UAH USLI Test Launch 3/28/09 (0 00:00:10)
UAH USLI Test Launch. 3/28/09. Aerotech L850. Max altitude was 4900ft. [View]

Wildman Darkstar Jr. on a Loki Research I377 (0 00:00:10)
Launching my Wildman Darkstar Jr. on a Loki Research I377 Cocktail motor. Reached about 4300 feet. [View]

Dark Star Lite - Wildman Rocketry (0 00:00:10)
Rob's rocket: Wildman Dark Star Lite Aerotech G77 Nov. 4, 2010 [View]

Aaron stanley K870T (0 00:00:10)
Aaron flies his 54mm Minimum Diameter rocket 'Whiplash' on an Aerotech K870T Demo motor for the 54/1706 case. 9424 feet AGL [View]

A Rocket Called Stumpy (0 00:00:10)
A damaged rocket my friend created a longggg time ago. [View]

O25,000 - Vmax - HPR static firing (0 00:00:10)
Static firing of an O25,000 Vmax motor. Single-use Pro130. 6,000 pounds for 1.2 seconds. [View]

King Kraken Rocket (0 00:00:10)
King Kraken flying on a Aerotech K-696 Redline [View]

Model Rocket Launch 🚀 (0 00:00:10)
😳 Does anybody know where it went I launched it and I don’t know where it went comment below if u know where it went or how u liked it 😳😉 Full video here ... [View]

Estes Mammoth on Aerotech F44-8 SARG (0 00:00:10)
This one was a bit quick, I missed the flight path [View]

Adjustable Actuating Fins for Restabilization of roll on High Powered Rocket (0 00:00:10)
Electronic and mechanical fins used to actuate reactively due to rockets roll maneuvers. As rocket rolls one direction, the fins twist to counteract the rockets motion and using the drag force on the ... [View]

rocket drag race (0 00:00:10)
this is what it looks like when 18 rockets launch at the same time (I was so close that i couldn't tape the whole scene so only 7 are in the video) [View]

My "Marauding Manatee" Rocket (0 00:00:10)
I flew this at a Tripoli Minnesota research launch on G79-4W to about 450 feet. The rocket is made out of 7 oatmeal bins,3 wrapping paper tubes, a speaking trumpet, a golf ball center and some more ... [View]

Awesome Rocket Crash (0 00:00:10)
I recorded this in August 09 at NARAM 51 in Pennsylvania. The rocket was unstable and launched right towards the audience. [View]

LOC Athena3 AeroTech H250G M - Whistle (0 00:00:10)
This was the maiden flight of a LOC Athena 3. Thank you Jay for the video! It was modified for dual deployment with a motor backup for the drogue. It has a StratoLoggerCF on board powered by a 1S ... [View]

AeroTech J510W Static Test (0 00:00:10)
Static test of a new AeroTech RMS-38/1320 J510W White Lightning motor, generating over 1200 N-sec total impulse with a 2.4 second burn time. [View]

Estes Leviathan on an Aerotech G80 (0 00:00:10)
Launching my Estes Leviathan on an Aerotech G80-10T. This is the maiden flight of the first rocket that I have built and the first time I have ever flown any rocket. [View]

small pyrogen igniter (0 00:00:10)
Money is tight so I will probably be flying mostly 29mm motors this year. Made up a trial batch of smaller igniters that should fit most 29s. [View]

SCHERMULY (0 00:00:10)
Test naziemny silnika rakietowego SCHERMULY [View]

Ground test of the deployment parachute system of the experimental rocket Solaris_2S_300 (0 00:00:10)
Ground test of the deployment parachute system of the experimental rocket Solaris_2S_3000 with SRM. The rocket structure dead mass is 9 kg. Mass of the ejected rocket´s segment is 3.5 ... [View]

AeroTech L1390G-P RMS-75/3840 Mojave Green Static Test (0 00:00:10)
Static test of an AeroTech RMS-75/3840 L1390G-P Mojave Green propellant rocket motor [View]

qcc (0 00:00:10)
My Estes QCC Explorer. First flight on a D12-3. Should have used a D12-5 instead. LUNAR Snow Ranch launch, 12/03/11. [View]

Der Red Maxxen (0 00:00:10)
The Der Red Max drag race at FITS 2010 [View]

SLOMO - "TheDoctor" - hybrid rocket motor contrail USA J 295 "sparky 2" (0 00:00:10)
SLOMO - TheDoctor - first HPR hybrid rocket from Friedl R. - contrail USA 54mm/28 inches casing with sparky 2 reload. successfull flight & recovery. Thanks to Markus B. for the video & cut (and help ... [View]

Juggling under Lunar gravity conditions on NASA's weightless aircraft via ZeroG! (0 00:00:10)
I can't juggle under Earth's gravity, but I could if I were on the moon! [View]

Rocket Igniter Test (0 00:00:10)
First run of the Masten Space Systems rocket engine igniter version 2.1. It runs on gasesous oxygen (GOX) and isopropyl alcohol (IPA). [View]

2 trees 1-16-10.avi (0 00:00:10)
The test launch of my tree, motor mount broke [View]

Model Rocket Launch (0 00:00:10)
Sorry you don\'t see it go all the way up my mom was taking the video when it was made. [View]

Rocket launch from pad 42 on 9-3 at 2:42pm at LDRS 30 XXX (0 00:00:10)
Don't know the owner or name of the rocket. Taken with a Canon T1i. [View]

The Rocketeer S01E03E04 Skyway Robbery Doggone Adventure (0 00:00:10)
The Rocketeer S01E03E04 Skyway Robbery Doggone Adventure [View]

Raceway in the Sky demo (0 00:00:10)
The 'RITS' - Raceway in the Sky technology of the Rocket Racing League. Visit for more info [View]

2018 01 14 MDRA Christmas Tree Launch (0 00:00:10)
Ground based video of Craig Klimczak's Spruce Launch Assist Module (SLAM). This tree was flown at MDRA Eastern Shore Lunch 234 in Price, MD. The tree achieved greater horizontal distance than ... [View]

Seat Leon turbo top speed (0 00:00:10)
Βλεπουμε ενα σεατακι κολοφτιαγμενο Που με 4 πιανει τα 180χιλ [View]

ALCo S1 Switcher w/no 77120 aka BSC 801 shunting at Longhoughton (pt 2) (0 00:00:10)
This clip shows us using 801 to perform some more testing by shunting. The stock consisted of our HPA ballast hopper and two DB class 323 shunters; all were unbraked with the ALCO operating on loco ... [View]

AeroTech 3-grain 75mm Blue Thunder Static Test (0 00:00:10)
Static test of an AeroTech 3-grain 75mm RMS reloadable motor. The motor produced the characteristic Blue Thunder shrieking/howling sound during operation! [View]

My ASP 63 High Power Rocket On O4800 Aqua Flame (0 00:00:10)
My ASP 63 High Power rocket on an Numb N4800 research motor at Brothers Oregon. [View]

Quest Big Betty - test launch 1 (0 00:00:11)
First low-power launch (A8-5) of a Quest Big Betty rocket. It's a slow launching rocket due to weight. The fact it launches slower makes it both easier to track and a little more enjoyable since it ... [View]

03_vector_force.MOV (0 00:00:11)
My Estes Vector Force's maiden flight, on a B6-4. SARG Launch, March 12, 2011. [View]

Omega Flight 37 (0 00:00:11)
Onboard video from an Omega rocket taken at the WOOSH sod farm launch on 4-1-06. The rocket was flown with a C11-3 motor. [View]

Numbers :10 l High Blood Pressure Control l Ad Council (0 00:00:11)
Visit to find out how to manage your high blood pressure. You may not see or feel its symptoms, but high blood pressure affects about 103 million people in in the U.S., and its ... [View]

See Gail Run, Mustang Model Rocket Launch (0 00:00:11)
Aerotech Mustang rocket launch. I needed a car battery to ignite the motor, and the roar of the rocket was much louder than the little Estes rockets we had been launching. The sound sent poor Gail ... [View]

Model Rockets explode into the sky! (0 00:00:11)
In our "Time Machine" After School class, we launched two model rockets in Prospect Park that flew into the heavens! [View]

Astrovision Model Rocket with onboard digital video camera. (0 00:00:11)
This is my first launch of the Estes Astrovision Model Rocket using a C6-5 motor. [View]

(0 00:00:11)
i4553" Punisher Drag race on I455 Vmax at METRA. Person behind me called it "the best drag race ever!". :) Mine was on the left with Dual Deploy and the one on the right was motor deploy...both ... [View]

Vern's Saturn 1B (0 00:00:11)
A 700 pound rocket flying on 4 N5800's [View]

Gus Piepenburg's Headless cross (0 00:00:11)
A 65 pound rocket that shredded on an N5800 c* 9/2/2012 [View]

Steppin' Razor (tube fin rocket) on G76-7G Feb 2, 2012 (0 00:00:11)
This is my tube fin rocket "Steppin' Razor" boosting on a G76-7G motor. Nice green exhaust flame, innit? Rocket Science: Making everything else look simple since 1958! [View]

K1X-III Poland 4626 m (0 00:00:11)
20-04-2013 III start K1-X w Drawsku Pomorskim. Lot na wysoksc 4626 m. [View]

FlisKits ACME rocket launch (0 00:00:11)
sending Wile E Coyote for a ride [View]

MDRA Nike Smoke (0 00:00:11)
This is my Nike Smoke launch on a sparky O motor. Video by Sterling Edmonds. [View]

BadAzz Das Blitzkreig (0 00:00:11)
Flown on an I236 at Orangeburg SCIPower 2 [View]

40" Saucer Lights in Action (0 00:00:11)
This is a video of the 340+ LED's in action on my 40" saucer rocket. It's first flight will probably be on an L1300 or similar redline motor. [View]

Princeton SpaceShot Rocket Launch - Launch video #1 (0 00:00:11)
This video was recorded by Jorge Reyes '19, on top of the mission control trailer. 05/27/2018 Launched from Spaceport America. Reached an altitude of 47,610 ft MSL due to second stage ignition ... [View]

L3 Horizon on K185 - Tri-Cities Rocketeers (0 00:00:11)
7' x 5.5" dia. BSD L3 Horizon - Aerotech K185W motor. Slooow climbout.... 10/18/14 [View]

LDRS 1 - The Retrival (0 00:00:11)
Look how far they had to go to retrieve the rocket. Good launch!! [View]

03_david (0 00:00:11)
One of David Robb's rockets on an H112 Black Jack, I believe. David always puts on a good show! SARG Launch, March 10, 2012. [View]

Estes CC Express (2 stage) Rocket Launch (0 00:00:11)
Just a short video of my "D" powered CC express going up during some RocStock launch. As you can hear by my dad's laughing he did not expect it to do so high (considering it was so low power). He ... [View]

Aerotech Astrobee-D Rocket on a G75J-M (0 00:00:11)
Aerotech Astrobee-D Rocket on a G75J-M [View]

Nike Hercules on four C11-3s (0 00:00:11)
Flown at the UROC Oct. Sport launch. [View]

Risk Test Puppies :10 | Type 2 Diabetes Prevention | Ad Council (0 00:00:11)
Take the risk test - visit to learn where you stand. About: This new PSA campaign aims to raise awareness of prediabetes, a serious health condition that affects ... [View]

Model Rockets! (0 00:00:11)
Adam's first model rocket launch! [View]

AeroTech L1520T-P Blue Thunder Static Test (0 00:00:11)
Static test of a prototype AeroTech L1520T-P Blue Thunder reload for the RMS -75/3840 motor hardware. Delivered total impulse was 3772 N-sec with a burn time of 2.48 seconds and a peak thrust of 380 ... [View]

L3L Main chute ground test (0 00:00:11)
Main chute charge ground test [View]

Risk Test Puppies :10 | Type 2 Diabetes Prevention | Ad Council (0 00:00:11)
Take the risk test - visit to learn where you stand. About: This new PSA campaign aims to raise awareness of prediabetes, a serious health condition that affects ... [View]

PML Ariel at NERRF4 (0 00:00:11)
Launch video for EMRR Review: [View]

12_bigpink.MOV (0 00:00:11)
Kit's Big Pink on a G76, I believe. He used one of my homemade igniters. LUNAR Launch at Snow Ranch. March 5, 2011 [View]

D15-4T Static Test (0 00:00:11)
Static test of a production AeroTech D15-4T RMS motor to determine delay time. Measured time delay was 4.5 seconds. [View]

Naram 52 - Astrobee D (Pacific Flying Machines team, Bob Parks and Ryan Coleman) (0 00:00:11)
Astrobee D (Pacific Flying Machines team, Bob Parks and Ryan Coleman) [View]

Modellrakete mit E-Motor Cluster / Motorversagen in der Startphase (0 00:00:11)
Modell Waran1 mit 3 x E-Motor. Gewicht 1350Gr. . Leider versagte einer der Motore und drückte Spitze,Fallschirm und Kolben in der Startphase raus! Fuck... [View]

Lacy & Luke's Paint Splattered Rocket (0 00:00:11)
This Aerotech Barracuda was finished with a splattered paint effect and flown by a proud little boy and his dad. [View]

South Texas Aerospace Club Night Rocket Launch July 12, 2014 at Beeville Municipal Airport (0 00:00:11)
South Texas Aerospace Club Night Rocket Launch July 12, 2014 at Beeville Municipal Airport. Wastequip rocket blast-off by first time flyer #10. [View]

nike hercules (0 00:00:11)
This is one of many rockets I have built and flown. this is a small one and a scale model I built of the nike hercules . It flys on a cluster of 4) Estes D12 motors. I'm into high powered rocketry ... [View]

FooseFest3.14 (0 00:00:11)
Jerry's 2nd attempt at flying his Wolverine. [View]

245 -92 B230TSC first dyno run (0 00:00:11)
Stock LH 2.4 turbo ecu and ignition. 223hp @ 5279rpm ~0,7bar 375Nm @ 3773Nm 0,8-0,9bar [View]

High Power Rocket Launch - Quasar (0 00:00:11)
This is a Quasar rocket kit from Public Missiles Ltd flying on a Cesaroni H125 Classic Motor. A jolly logic altimeterTwo was flown in the payload bay to gather flight statistics. According to the ... [View]

CD3 Rousetech CO2 Ejection Charge Test (0 00:00:11)
Saturday's test of the apogee deployment system. Successful. [View]

Andy Hobbs Nike Hercules (0 00:00:11)
4 D12 cluster at the May 3, 2008 HARA launch. [View]

Vw Golf 4 Gti 1.8t 20v (0 00:00:11)
Switzerland Vw Golf 4 Gti 1.8t 20v [View]

VW Golf 4 GTI 1.8 Turbo DSG 600 HP Acceleration (0 00:00:11)
VW Golf 4 GTI 1.8 Turbo DSG 600 HP Acceleration [View]

Semroc Hawk (0 00:00:11)
Estes SR-71 Blackbird [View]

Two Stage Alpha III - Onboard View.wmv (0 00:00:11)
'Keychain cam' onboard video of Estes Alpha III (modified two-stage) launch. Launch was unstable, so video is pretty short. Ignore time/date stamp. [View]

MadCow Rocketry Honest John (0 00:00:11)
Madcow Honest John flown on Pro29 H90 [View]

05_kit_bertha (0 00:00:11)
Kit's upscale Baby Bertha. SARG Launch, February 18, 2012. [View]

6 inch Flying Saucer (0 00:00:11)
Art Applewhite Rockets 6 inch Original Flying Saucer with an Aerotech D13W motor. [View]

Estes Saturn V Model Rocket Launch (0 00:00:11)
First launch of my Estes Saturn V model rocket using D12-3 engine. The video stops at parachute ejection but both halves landed safe and sound ready for another launch. One of the fin cones was ... [View]

P1000776 (0 00:00:11)
My scratch built two-stage, "Stage Fright". 2xC6-0/1xD12-0 in the first stage, 1xD12-7 in the second stage. Its first flight. It kind of "land sharked". SARG launch, 11/12/11. [View]

AAW Dragonfly B2-5 (0 00:00:11)
Launch Video for a Review: [View]

Pro98 6GXL Skidmark Certification Firing - N3400 (0 00:00:11)
Certification test firing of a Pro98-6GXL Skidmark motor. Designation: N3400. August 27, 2009 [View]

MDRA ESL 164 - Unknown N Motor (0 00:00:11)
Ultimate Wildman being flown on an Unknown N Motor by an Unknown flier. Please comment with additional information. [View]

Prom Date Rocket (0 00:00:11)
Burning love at LDRS (Large Dangerous Rocket Ships) in Argonia, Kansas in August 2008. [View]

Lake Ridge Rocketry Club Launch (0 00:00:11)
Nice launch until the rocket went into the tree! [View]

06_Burt (0 00:00:11)
Burt landing on his 36" neon green nylon parachute. SARG Launch, January 14, 2012. [View]

CTI J425BS High Speed (0 00:00:11)
Performance Rocketry 1/4 Scale Nike Smoke on a Pro-38 6G blue motor to 3163 feet [View]

Crossed Fingers at Red Glare 9 (0 00:00:11)
Scott Ghiz's 5.5" diameter rocket "Crossed Fingers" flying an an EX 76/3600 motor to over 7000'. [View]

N3400 (0 00:00:11)
RIOd Tail formula about a N3400 [View]

Rocket CATO (0 00:00:11)
14 foot amateur rockets still use formulas generated by rocket scientists from more than 70 years ago. Break the rules of physics and pay the price. This is just one CATO from LDRS 23 in Geneseo NY, ... [View]

NSL 03 Rocket launch mess (0 00:00:12)
There are a lot of ways for rockets to fail, here's another. The dreaded blown forward closure. It pretty much fries the inside of the rocket [View]

50's Style Rocket - Aerotech RMS D13-7 (0 00:00:12)
50's Style rocket flying on an 18mm Aerotech RMS D13-7 reload. This thing just dissapeared! When the eject charge blew, the parachute and nosecone floated off leaving the rocket body to tumble back ... [View]

X-104 Morganza Project (0 00:00:12)
Tripoli High Power Rocket. H motor class altitude record attempt. [View]

Swampfox Rocketry vid 2 PK-36 29ss 2x G-79-10W (0 00:00:12)
This is the another video of the pk-36 29ss on its last flight to 3700 ft, its yet to be found average Impulse 158 newtons from the 2x G-79 -10W MOTORS this Is an awsome rocket kit from LOC ... [View]

model rocket "Dream" (0 00:00:12)
Launch model rocket "Dream" [View]

Multi Blades cutting machine with automatic swing before paper tube making machine (0 00:00:12)
Multi Blades cutting machine with automatic swing before paper tube making machine Can discrease the labour cost.It can label directly after cutting. bkpackgroup@hotmail. ... [View]

Honest John K530SS (0 00:00:12)
unknown Honest John on a CTI K530SS at ST08. [View]

Intimidator 4 drag race (0 00:00:12)
Joey Wright and Dennis Cotton drag race Intimidator 4's on blue K motors at ST08. [View]

Model Rocket Launching (0 00:00:12)
Estes model rockets Chrome Dome and Blue Ninja launching on July 3, 2008 [View]

O25,000 - Single Use Pro130 (0 00:00:12)
Static test of CTI's new single-use O25,000 Vmax motor. [View]

Rocket launch disaster (0 00:00:12)
This is our rocket, It had a little accident. [View]

My level 2 flight (0 00:00:12)
Baby Gizmo named Fat Ass Glass on a K940 white thunder. [View]

lancio di un razzo hpr 300 FPS (0 00:00:12)
lancio di un hpr motorizzato I ripreso da una telecamera a 1200 FPS [View]

Kit's tuber (0 00:00:12)
Kit's tuber landing. LUNAR Launch, 02/04/12. [View]

Model Rocket Blast Off! (0 00:00:12)
Ever wondered what a model rocket looked like while it was blasting off? well here you go! [View]

(0 00:00:12)
Launching a model rocket from Quest - the V.Courier with a D-Engine. It's a comparison slowmotion vs "real time-live view" Casio Exilim Pro EX-F1 The intention of this video is to show the power of ... [View]

Estes V2 F30-4FJ CATO (0 00:00:12)
The first (and last) flight of my modified Estes Maxi Brute V2 on an AeroTech F30-4FJ. The motor blew it's forward closure as the rocket moved up the launch rod and then proceeded to torch and melt ... [View]

Homemade "Estes" Rocket Motor (0 00:00:12)
Instructions at: Homemade rocket engine comparable to an Estes rocket engine to be used in an Estes Eliminator rocket. [View]

SM-2 Launch 3 July 2006 (0 00:00:12)
Maiden flight of my 100% scale Standard Missile-2 (SM-2) High Power Rocket on a research O-7148 motor. [View]

Estes Patriot (upscale) (0 00:00:12)
Upscale Estes Citation Patriot on an H-180 skidmark [View]

Space Shuttle Model Rocket Launch Almost Gone Bad. (0 00:00:12)
This video is the launch of an Estes Space Shuttle Model Rocket. I was using C6-3 rocket engines, recommended by the manufacture. Reason I think the rocket veered off course during launch was ... [View]

Starbucknik (0 00:00:12)
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. [View]

SWAT boost (0 00:00:12)
Jim Scarpine's 4" SWAT on an Aerotech K456 Dark Matter. [View]

Phobos on a G80 skidmark (0 00:00:12)
Flown at the UROC Oct. Sport launch. [View]

Go Devil 38 - Rocketry Warehouse (0 00:00:12)
Rocketry Warehouse - Go Devil 38 flying on a CTI-223 Skidmark with flyaway rail guide ROC - lucerne dry lake bed 8 Aug 2015 [View]

04_bigpink.MOV (0 00:00:12)
The first launch of Kit's Big Pink. LUNAR Launch at Snow Ranch. March 5, 2011 [View]

Pro54-6GXL-Dual Thrust (0 00:00:12)
Static test of a (proto) Pro54-6GXL Dual Thrust rocket motor. Approximately an L670. [View]

bassham 11 seconds (0 00:00:12)
EMRR's Elevate 11 Contest Entry [View]

Naisha launch her rocket (0 00:00:12)
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. [View]

MDRA Classics Scissor Crunch (0 00:00:12)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's classic videos. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

Pete's Rocket (0 00:00:12)
Video of Positive Ascent lifting off. This is my friend's rocket. The pad is 1000 feet out and the rocket went to 8700 ft on a M1810 red lightning motor. [View]

John Adams Middle School Rocket Club launch (0 00:00:12)
Members of the John Adams Middle School Rocket Club launch an egg into the air. [View]

Aaron Stanley, H150M dark (0 00:00:12)
Aaron Stanley flies a Metalstorm Dark H motor. [View]

Model rocket mishap (0 00:00:12)
We were tryin to launch it in the air instead we got boozled when it flew to the ground almost killing us [View]

QRS - Alex's Intimidator AT-J500 - Ground view (0 00:00:12)
Alex's Intimidator Launched on a Aerotech J500 - Dual Deploy Ground Camera [View]

Erik's Two-Stage Rocket at Snow Ranch (0 00:00:12)
A booster CATO pops the upper stage up, which then lights perfectly. Photos: [View]

Rocket Launch (0 00:00:12)
NASA Student Launch Initiative Fullscale test [View]

Home Made Rocket Launch (0 00:00:12)
Launch of "Humphry" the result of a few beers, and sitting around with time on our hands on the Sunday evening of Le Mans 2009. BBQ Lighter fluid bottle, gaffa tape, and cardboard. [View]

08_blood (0 00:00:12)
Bloodsucker landing. LUNAR Launch, 02/04/12. [View]

Aaron's rocket on an Aerotech Metalstorm (0 00:00:12)
Aaron's rocket on an Aerotech Metalstorm motor at Snow Ranch. [View]

MDRA King Viper (0 00:00:12)
June 2004 flight of my King Viper on three L1000 sparky motors. Thermite ignition. Video by Mike McBurnett. [View]

Pounding Out The Liner.AVI (0 00:00:12)
Thanks to the last crew who flew this casing, a bit of brute force was needed to extract the liner. [View]

High powered rocket - sport scale SCUD (0 00:00:12)
I believe this was a sport scale SCUD with a center K and two air-start Vmax motors. Tested at Tripoli Colorado in Hartsel, CO. [View]

ELI UAV - Parachute Release System (0 00:00:12)
For more info please visit [View]

Mega Der Purple Max on CTI H400 vMax 12062014 (0 00:00:12)
Mega Der Purple Max on CTI H400-VM V-Max at TRASD Holtville Airfield 12-06-2014 [View]

Drone Won't Fly? Try This (0 00:00:12)
On a flat surface, do the stick movements shown. You're all set once the drone stops flashing. This gyro calibration procedure works for Floureon H101 quadcopters. The next thing to try if this ... [View]

P1000861 (0 00:00:12)
My scratch built "Stairway To Heaven", 9-1/2 feet tall. Its first flight, on a G53J. SARG launch, 11/12/11. [View]

CATO (0 00:00:12)
Less of a "launch," more like "blowing up in my face." [View]

Súboj cti (13.12.2014 o 22:55 na JOJke) (0 00:00:12)
WEB: FB: [View]

X system Hybrid Rocket Launch system-pad view (0 00:00:13)
Hypertek hybrid rocket motors use a fill stem instead of a fill line, the X system allows the stem to drop at ignition instead of forcing the rocket to work it's way off. [View]

Estes Astrovision at NSL 2008 (0 00:00:13)
Video from an Estes Astrovision model rocket at the National Association of Rocketry's National Sport Launch 2008 in Orangeburg, SC. [View]

Mike B - K560w Pad video (0 00:00:13)
Mike flies a Dominator 4 on an Aerotech K560w at Snow Ranch 2014 [View]

M-12 & GTD-21B Plastic Model Flight at NARAM-47 (0 00:00:13)
Flying I-Beam Kids' Plastic Model Conversion entry at NARAM-47 on August 5, 2005. This model won 1st Place in Team Division. I'm not sure if this is the first or second flight. Video by Jess ... [View]

Sugar rocket flew into the clouds (0 00:00:13)
Absolutely paper rocket, no heavy parts. Just paper, wool rope, sugar fuel(mostly CO2 and H20 producing fuel) with adding of a bit of the Fe2O3 and Sulfur+Ti flakes as well, goes on 30mm chamber ... [View]

Daemos MkII Launch Video (0 00:00:13)
This was the 'crunch moment of all my toil, troubles and headaches for this Micro Hybrid. But that's not to say that I did not enjoy every second of it. The Rocket is my scratch built 'Daemos MkII' ... [View]

Rocket Blastoff (0 00:00:13)
Kids launch a model rocket as part of a kids activity day at a grade school. [View]

Lauren's Dragonfly mid-power rocket takes flight! (0 00:00:13)
My daughter built this Christmas present rocket and flew it yesterday at the Tripoli Orangeburg ICBM monthly launch. This first flight was on an Aerotech F20-7W single use motor. Two subsequent ... [View]

MVI_1709.MOV (0 00:00:13)
Estes Big Daddy, on an E9-6. My first E motor. LUNAR launch at Snow Ranch, 021310. [View]

Kit's tuber (0 00:00:13)
Kit's tuber landing. LUNAR Launch, 02/04/12. [View]

mini mini magg - maiden voyage (0 00:00:13)
First launch for Mr F using a D-motor. First launch of the scratch-built "mini mini magg". Flight was very good until recovery deployment. Ejection charge seared the chute and one fin was badly ... [View]

Performance Rocketry G3 I284W (0 00:00:13)
Performance Rocketry G3 on an Aerotech I284W motor at CMASS, Amesbury, MA. [View]

Introduction for Omega | #18 | Torneio (0 00:00:13)
Requisitos para uma intro FREE 2OOO [2K] SUBS 15O LIKES POR VIDEO Peça aqui nos comentario uma intro e seu Skype do lado Não possui os requisitos Compre sua intro por estes links de acordo com ... [View]

6ft Saturn V Flying-30ft.AVI (0 00:00:13)
6 ft tall Saturn V Paper Cardstock Rocket. Uses compressed air to power it to altitude! Simple system can be made from PVC pipe and fittings. Rocket will be listed for sale on ebay. ... [View]

model rocket failed #3 (0 00:00:13)
please comment and watch the other model rocket failed #1 - #4 [View]

Roc Lake X - K Drag Race (0 00:00:13)
Several rocket lift of in a K drag race at Roc Lake X. [View]

PSAS rocket launch - seen from ground - Brothers, OR (2009-05-31) (0 00:00:13)
Liftoff of PSAS rocket, seen from the ground. High-speed camera footage at . See for a full report of this ... [View]

765 damage hit by Rocketeer In Smashing Four (0 00:00:13)
A Smashing Four Intense Attack #smashingfour [View]

Estes Saturn V with E20-4 Unstable (0 00:00:13)
Launch my new Estes Saturn V with an Aerotech E20-4W. Rocket immediatly went horizontal and landed in the ditch across the road. [View]

Launch of my Blue Phenix Sr. rocket. (0 00:00:13)
Failed lvl2 cert attempt - bad things happened after takeoff. [View]

LV2.3 July 2011 Launch Attempt - Tower Cam (0 00:00:13)
July 31st 2011 we headed to central Oregon to launch our rocket with the same roll control as the previous launch, but this time with much of the full flight computer we have been planning for years ... [View]

Loki Research L780 Spit Fire Drag Race (0 00:00:13)
Loki L780 Drag Race at Red Glare Fall 2009 [View]

SR71 model rocket launch (0 00:00:13)
Estes SR71 launches on a C6-5. The ejection failed and the rocket can barely be seen nose diving. [View]

J420 Red Line (0 00:00:13)
Performance Rocketry Gizmo aerotech J420 Red Line. [View]

Vostok CG locations (0 00:00:13)
Video short showing the flown CG locations for all 4 flights of this model. 1/62 scale, built using dimensions given in Peter Alway's "Rockets of the World". [View]

Estes Rocket-Star Air Rocket (0 00:00:13)
Augie launches his new Estes Rocket Star air rocket the first time... [View]

Model rocket landing (0 00:00:13)
Non propulsive landing. Impact-M essentially just takes the force of impact and stays upright.There was a few spectators on this launch. [View]

Estes Astrovision rocket launch #2 (0 00:00:13)
Second launch of Estes AstroVision rocket. We used a C6-5 engine. [View]

2009-11-28 - Art Applewhite 10.25 OriginalFlying Saucer Launch 001 - G64W-X - 210 FPS - FC100.avi (0 00:00:13)
2009-11-28 - Art Applewhite 10.25 Original Flying Saucer Launch 001 - G64W-X - 210 FPS - FC100 [View]

Semroc Moon Glo Rocket - Slow-Mo (0 00:00:13)
Launched on a Quest A6-4. Went crazy high - This would be insane on a C !! [View]

Static test firing of the gox/paraffin motor (0 00:00:13)
See for more details. [View]

2 K class rocket launches (0 00:00:13)
Two K class rockets are lauched out of a custom mobile missile laucher [View]

Static test firing of a gox/paraffin motor (0 00:00:13)
See for more details. [View]

Rocket launch B6-0 (0 00:00:13)
First rocket launch. B6-0 estes engine. Pretty lame. [View]

BSD Horizon on AT J350W (0 00:00:13)
Stretched BSD Horizon (with LOC avionics bay and payload section) launching on an Aerotech J350W reloadable motor. Deployment was controlled by a Perfectflite MAWD altimeter. Flight was at Battle ... [View]

South Texas Aerospace Club Night Rocket Launch July 12, 2014 at Beeville Municipal Airport (0 00:00:13)
South Texas Aerospace Club Night Rocket Launch July 12, 2014 at Beeville Municipal Airport. Raymond Riojas and Luis Riojas, former TARC team members (Team America Rocketry Challenge) commanding their ... [View]

PARS Rockets FireFlash (0 00:00:13)
This rocket still exists, but is in need of repair [View]

Stomp Rocket F106 Right Turn.AVI (0 00:00:13)
This paper cardstock model weighs 51.65 grams flying weight. 24" long with a 15" wingspan, Flys ok using a 1.5-liter bottle. WIll use bigger2-liter bottle for more testing later. lAuncher cost less ... [View]

Praetor (0 00:00:13)
Fliskits Praetor with minor modifications going up... and down! on a B6-4. Three of the four fins broke off in the crash landing due to insufficient time for the chute to deploy fully. [View]

Evil Twin MWP 2014 (0 00:00:13)

Rocket Mike II Ground Based Video (0 00:00:13)
Mike II Launch #1 ground based video with Aimee Klimczak acting as the videographer. [View]

Bedknobs and a Broomstick at Snow Ranch - Dec 3, (0 00:00:13)
Bedknobs and a Broomstick, launched at LUNAR's Snow Ranch launch, December 3, 2011. She flew on an Aerotech G64-4W; this was the first flight follow repairs to the body of the rocket. A friend ... [View]

Sunward Eruption Flight (0 00:00:13)
Flight video for EMRR Review: [View]

Doug Gardei's Fliskits Nantucket Red Glare X - Day1 (0 00:00:13)
Doug Gardei's Fliskits Nantucket on an Aerotech E13-3 Taking off at Full Speed 720p - Red Glare X - Day 1 [View]

05_kit (0 00:00:13)
Kit's Squat on an H165 Redline, I believe. SARG Launch, 02/16/13. [View]

12_dueces_wild (0 00:00:13)
A two motor cluster Dueces Wild. SARG Launch, February 18, 2012. [View]

Centuri Razor (0 00:00:13)
Centuri Razor tube finned rocket. On a C6-5. Wild flight! LUNAR launch at Snow Ranch, 021310. [View]

4-30-11 A smaller But Very Powerful Rocket (0 00:00:13)
This Little Powerhouse Armed with a good size Aerotech Engine really roared off the rod. And I mean roared, my ears were ringing for around an hour or so after this blaster shot out of the cannon. [View]

L780 SpitFire Drag Race (0 00:00:13)
Greg Gardner and Patrick McConnell drag race their high power rockets using Loki Research L780 SpitFire rocket motor. [View]

Saturn V Twirling (0 00:00:13)
Just me showing off my Zooch Kits Saturn V built [View]

Senior Prank Rocket (0 00:00:13)
Video for Scratch Article: [View]

Flight 5 of XA-0.1B-750 (0 00:00:13)
The fifth flight of Masten Space Systems XA-0.1B-750 single engine rocket vehicle of awesomeness. Here it gets a slight case of the vapors and does what we call a "hard abort", in which it shuts ... [View]

Ed's Big Rocket with D-Engine. (0 00:00:13)
This is a 6.5 ft tall rocket made from two posterboards wound around three 6-inch dia wood embroidery hoops to form a body tube. The main 6-inch body tube is hollow. The Estes D-size engine is ... [View]

PSAS 05-31-09 Launch of LV2.3 (0 00:00:13)
Video of the 05-31-09 Launch of the Portland State University Aerospace society rocket launch [View]

Rocketry at East High School, Cleveland Ohio (0 00:00:13)
East High School Air Force JROTC was fortunate to have the Air Force, private investors and the two Air Force Instructors fund its' rocketry program. Although funding is important it would have been ... [View]

Carbon Nightmare C* (0 00:00:13)
This is my rocket Carbon Nightmare that was flown at MWP 9 on an M2250 C* to 21,000 ft. at Mach 2. [View]

Estes Rocket Launch with Video Camera (0 00:00:13)
Downward looking Estes Astro Vision rocket launch video [View]

unknown 1 (0 00:00:14)
unknown rocket at ST08. [View]

High Powered Rocket Launch in Princeton, Il on March 13, 2010 (0 00:00:14)
My Level 1 High Powered Rocket Launch in Princeton, Il on March 13, 2010 [View]

Joey Wright I600R (0 00:00:14)
Joey Wright's Dazed and Confused on an I600R. July 12, 2008 HARA. [View]

N10000 drag race at LDRS 29 (0 00:00:14)
N10000 drag race at LDRS29 Pad Cam 2. Gerald Meux's rocket is the blue rocket on the right. Altitude 10557ft 1400fps [View]

estes omega two stage vidroc (0 00:00:14)
original estes astron omega model rocket with on board gearworks boostercam. will be of interest to vidroc geeks only. [View]

18mm Art Applewhite Saucer (0 00:00:14)
18mm Art Applewhite saucer on an Estes C6. [View]

EZI-65 with a custom made I150 "Dirty Doug" motor - CIMG5850 (0 00:00:14)
EZI-65 with a custom made I150 "Dirty Doug" motor - Red Glare X [View]

PML Phobos on Congreve 180H60 Firestarter (0 00:00:14)
Flight ID 74 on 18th July 2004 Ejection charge igniter causing Roman Candle (burning the shock cord through), payload bay and nose cone dropped to the ground, airframe then went unstable but ... [View]

Kit's tuber (0 00:00:14)
Kit's tuber. LUNAR Launch, 02/04/12. [View]

New Years Day 2010 MMAR Rocket Flight of the N-1 (0 00:00:14)
On New Year's Day 2010, at the MMAR launch field (Muskegon County Wastewater Treatment Facility), Matt Johnson flew his latest incarnation of the Russian N-1 Rocket, complete with launch tower. It ... [View]

The Rocketeer - Jennifer Connelly - Stockings/Nylons - HD (0 00:00:14)
Super sexy Jennifer Connelly in the movie, The Rocketeer (1991). [View]

Estes Star Orbiter DD to 2,590’ on AeroTech 29/120 G25W Moonburner (0 00:00:14)
Fun motor! 4.5 second burn. Regarding clouds, the closest METARS showed "Clouds: broken clouds at 4000 feet AGL, broken clouds at 6000 feet AGL" [View]

Semroc SLS Hustler E23-5T (0 00:00:14)
Recorded on March 1, 2009 using a Flip Video camcorder. [View]

Robert DeHate - Bang.mp4 (0 00:00:14)
Robert DeHate's HPR CATO. October 2, 2010, CMASS Pad C, Amesbury MA Looks bad, but the rocket was - shockingly - undamaged afterward. It's fiberglass, and strong. [View]

Astrovision 2 stage video (0 00:00:14)
This was a flight on a C6-0 to a A8-3 Estes rocket engine. The movie starts in the air, due to the confusing flashing indicator light. We calculated that it reached a little less than 1000 feet (we ... [View]

N300 rocket launch CATO (0 00:00:14)
Flawed grain is the major suspect. [View]

Ron and Cindy S- H123W (0 00:00:14)
Aerotech H123 White Lightning [View]

High power rocket night launch. (0 00:00:14)
Night rocket launch at Mudrock event, Blackrock desert playa 06/09 [View]

July 4, 2007 Rocket Launch (0 00:00:14)
Estes rocket launch in the back yard on July 4, 2007. Almost lost it in the clouds. [View]

Kelvin Cato SICK Dunk (0 00:00:14)
The best play in NBA history [View]

I1299N (0 00:00:14)
Aerotech I1299 Warp9 at October Skies 2014 [View]

Micromaxx Flights 012812 (0 00:00:14)
Fliskits Green Crayon and Art Applewhite micro qubit. [View]

Torch 803 Test 54 1200 3g.MOV (0 00:00:14)
MDRA Launch 2009. 3 grain 54mm Torch Ver. 803. [View]

The Bolt (0 00:00:14)
My scratch built minimum diameter "The Bolt". Its first flight, on a C11-7. SARG launch, 11/12/11. [View]

Estes Astrovision 1 (0 00:00:14)
Astrovision flight for review on EMRR ( [View]

Cox Comanche free flight gas helicopter (0 00:00:14)
I found a cheap 25 year old Cox .049 glow engine Comanche helicopter. A blast from the past! [View]

Model Rocket Launch (0 00:00:14)
model rocketry class at usafa summer seminar 2011 session b [View] V.AVI (0 00:00:14)
Modified Higher Performance Saturn V made from Paper Cardstock. Rocket Height = 27.75" Tall Rocket Diameter = 2.86" Weight Ready to Fly = 41.25 gm Outside Temp. = 19.5 deg F Rocket went to ... [View]

Purdue Ballistic Rocketeers Launch 1 (0 00:00:14)
The Purdue Ballistic Rocketeers first launch attempt of the day. The rocket launched on a K780 to 4970 feet, quite close to the desired altitude of 5280. The payload starts recording data after 7 g's ... [View]

Darkstar I211.avi (0 00:00:14)
Jim Hendricksen launches his Darkstar on an I211! [View]

Deuces Wild Goal! (0 00:00:14)
Launch of a FlisKits Deuce's Wild with a keychain camera onboard, but only one motor lit. Good thing the soccer net caught it... [View]

Main Charge Test, Loc "Super" Weasel (0 00:00:14)
A half gram charge with a 2-56 shear pin. The pin did not shear but instead bent out of the way. Either way I don't think the nose will shake loose with the ... [View]

Time lapse of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch from Huntington Beach, CA - 4K version (0 00:00:14)
Time lapse of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch from Huntington Beach, CA. Such a cool thing to see! People on the beach that didn't know about it were tripping out. This is the cleaned up and better ... [View]

Estes Big Bertha model rocket launch (0 00:00:14)
Estes Big Bertha launches on a C6-5. [View]

Dave M1830 (0 00:00:14)
Dave Popkin's Light Storm on a M1830. The main parachute deployed at apogee and the rocket was not recovered. [View]

Seven Fliskits Frick & Frack Dragrace (0 00:00:14)
I participate in the FlisKits Frick & Frack dragrace that took place at the Fliskits 6th Year celebration CMASS launch. Mine was on Pad 11, flew with a C6-0 to C6-5. It's top stage was the last ... [View]

Model rocket test 1 (0 00:00:14)
A awesome model rocket launches 1550. [View]

1-16-10 Closeup (0 00:00:14)
Our home made rocket. Made of wrapping paper tube with paper fins made from enlarged FlisKit plans. Internally glued paper nosecone. 1st flight was a heads up with an A8-3, small for safety... [View]

Fliskits Cheetah 1/2A6-0 and A8-3 (0 00:00:14)
Launch my two stage Fliskits Cheetah with an old 1/2A6-0 in the booster and an A8-3 in the second stage. [View]

CIMG1228 (0 00:00:14)
This is an amazing shot of an Aerobee 150A two stage where like the REAL one both stage light at the same time. you can see the sustainer actually STOP the booster from going any higher and once it ... [View]

Estes Bullpup 6-5-2011 (0 00:00:14)
Took out the Estes Bullpup from ~20 years ago. Parachute failed, the ejection charges blew the shroud lines off the parachute. Landed fine on a patch of weeds and once the parachute is fixe ... [View]

How to pronounce CELEBRATED in British English (0 00:00:14)
This video shows you how to pronounce CELEBRATED in British English. Speaker has an accent from North Lanarkshire, Scotland. Collins ... [View]

expiremental UFO (0 00:00:14)
Pueblo launch June 2011 [View]

Kurt G - L400 Minimum diameter (0 00:00:14)
Kurt's Minimum diameter On a Research (By Derek Jamieson) L400 moon burner. [View]

2007-12-26 - Eighth Speed Pad View of Semroc Saturn 1B 4Es (0 00:00:14)
Eighth speed pad view of Semroc Saturn 1B using 4 Estes E9 motors. [View]

Rocket flying on a Metalstorm motor (0 00:00:14)
A rocket flying on a Metalstorm motor. LUNAR Launch at Snow Ranch. March 5, 2011 [View]

Big Nuke 3D blowout with CTI J595 (0 00:00:14)
Labelle, FL, 2 June 2018 - Apparently the plastic rear closure failed and the motor went upward through the airframe and struck the av-bay bulkhead. [View]

Slo-Mo Engine Test Fire No.4 Analized (0 00:00:14)
1. 3/4 inch pvc engine case 2. 65%/35% o/f ratio 3. Shielded Fuse a. Aluminum Tape 4 layers rolled b. Middle of propellant ignited first 4. Great Explosive Ignition, instant thrust spike. a. ... [View]

Nozzleless sparky high power rocket launch +Ti flakes (0 00:00:14)
rocket Dobro [View]

homade explosive rocket (0 00:00:14)
estes "f" motor with a black powder charge [View]

Spaceship Design Contest Flight (0 00:00:14)
This is the flight of my entry for the Rocket Design contest at I call the rocket the USS Moebius! [View]

Model Rocket 1 (0 00:00:14)
Collection of 3 model rockets. They wernt the most impressive rockets. There are other better rocket [View]

Cutting Edge Dual Deploy (0 00:00:14)
Cutting Edge (Giant Leap Elipse) on an I285R to 1872' with dual deploy recovery. Flown at AARG's Oct 2010 Launch. [View]

Rocket Club Launch (0 00:00:14)
Olin Rocket Club launches a model rocket as a test. [View]

CornRoc flight (0 00:00:14)
CornRoc by First Flight Hobbies launching by my house [View]

Rocket launch (0 00:00:14)
Testing rockets to build at Young Astronauts Club [View]

Estes Der Red Max with onboard camera (0 00:00:14)
First attempt flying Der Red Max with a keychain video camera attached. Used a B6-4 engine which resulted in an underpowered flight. The chute deployed just a few feet over the ground. [View]

model rocket launch (0 00:00:14)
This was my first trial run for a cluster launch. Launch was with two engines in each rocket, a total or four engines. Engines were C6-7 Estes Engine. One of them I built, the other I purchased from ... [View]

Mechanical Deployment System Static Test (0 00:00:14)
This is a static test of my Mechanical Deployment System [View]

First Rocket Launch (0 00:00:15)
First Video Rocket Flight at Hartman Road [View]

Super Neon XL on E20-7 Jan 14, 2012 (0 00:00:15)
This is my Estes Super Neon XL boosting on an Aerotech E20-7 single use motor. The "up" part went great but the parachute failed to deploy so the "down" part was sub-optimal resulting in a ... [View]

M2000 Solid Composite Rocket Motor (0 00:00:15)
Static test of a 98mm composite rocket motor. [View]

Dragon Fly, Flight #5 (0 00:00:15)
Launch of my Aerotech Arreaux, "Dragon Fly", on its 5th flight. The motor was an Aerotech G76-10. The rocket flew to 2775' AGL and landed approximately 3/4 mile down range in winds of 15-20mph. [View]

KNO3 ROCKET LAUNCH EXPLOSION #1 5/11 (0 00:00:15)
This is one of 4 scratch built rockets that were supposed to launch today but 3 of them CATO on the launch pad :-( still working out why [View]

Slow Motion: Basic Blues 4" on CTI J280 Smoky Sam (0 00:00:15)
L2 Cert flight at MMMSC in Berwick, ME on 8/19/12. Shown at 1/4 speed. Unfortunately only the "up" part was caught on video. Recovery was successful and close to the pad. Altimeter readout failed, ... [View]

High power rocket explosion (0 00:00:15)
This was an experimental motor. It didnt work like it was sopposed to. I guess thats obvious. I was about 100' away. [View]

Model Rocket Launch from R/C Boat -- crashes and burns (0 00:00:15)
This scratchbuilt recoverable rocket fires from the deck of the 40-inch RC destroyer "702" -- and has a problem. Rocket almost crashes into cameraman, who catches a few frames of the engine smoking ... [View]

Cineroc launch cell phone slow motion on October 19th 2019 (0 00:00:15)
Cineroc launch cell phone launch on October 19th at Cambridge Rocketry Club [View]

Christmas Day launch 002.AVI (0 00:00:15)
2009 Holiday Bell flying model rocket launched using an Estes B6-4- Bunny (Val) is so happy! [View]

Launching the "Merric"! (0 00:00:15)
This rocket ran on an Aerotech F42-4T engine! [View]

Waylin Hoffman's Hydra 7 (0 00:00:15)
Waylin and Johnnie Hoffman fly a Semroc Hydra 7 on 5 C6-5s. [View]

Sullivan Lake 15 - Lawrence Tulissi - Level 4 (0 00:00:15)
Lawrence Tulissi's Level 4 flight at Sullivan Lake 15. [View]

Kingsborough SD-10 Rocket Launch, May 10, 2011 (0 00:00:15)
Kingsborough Community College students launched an Estes Mean Machine Rocket with a C11-3 Engine. They had written their dreams for the future on the side, to watch those dreams take flight. The ... [View]

Interceptor E 1st flight (0 00:00:15)
Forst flight of my Interceptor E on an E9-4 motor. Shot with my Nokia E70. [View]

Porta-Potty rocket (0 00:00:15)
Porta-Potty model launched at OROC event in Brothers on May 16th, 2009 [View]

2009-12-12 - TORC Launch - Chase Rocket View - 720p.mpg (0 00:00:15)
2009-12-12 - TORC Launch - Aerotech Mirage Launch 012 Passed By Arrow On KXXXG - H180W - Rocket View - 720p [View]

Model Rocketry "back in the day" (0 00:00:15)
A little fun with the "1920s" effect in the iPhone app called "8mm" (also 240 FPS slow mo courtesy iPhone 6+) [View]

2009-01-03 - TORC Launch 0003 - Aerotech Mirage Flight 006 - H250G-M - Dual View Ground (0 00:00:15)
2009-01-03 - TORC Launch 0003 - Aerotech Mirage Flight 006 - H250G-M - Dual View Ground [View]

Lanzamiento 2 U de Conce (0 00:00:15)
mas o menos no más... sólo lo que se ve. [View]

Estes rocket launcher #1 (0 00:00:15)
Me and my friend shot off this rocket I built on vetrens day last year,and almost got us arrested. [View]

B6-4 rocket engine test (0 00:00:15)
I wanted to see what the thrust of a model rocket *felt* like. So I tried this out. Fun! [View]

Free Sound Effect - Rocket Launch Countdown (0 00:00:15)
Free sound effect for a rocket launch countdown. Download MP3: Image: [View]

Aerotech Arreaux on G71-7R launch pad view (31/05/2009) (0 00:00:15)
Aerotech Arreaux launched on G71-7R, AEE DV recording camera, Loc8tor tag and MiniAlt altimeter on board. Some problems while leaving the pad. Rough launch. Altimeter reported peak height of 1221 ... [View]

05_kit (0 00:00:15)
Kit's pink Crayon rocket on an I200. SARG launch, 04/13/13. [View]

Mad Dog DD on a K740 C Star (0 00:00:15)
The Rocinante going to 7794 feet [View]

2009-03-22 - Aerotech - Mirage Flight 008 - G71R-4 - Rocket View (0 00:00:15)
2009-03-22 - Aerotech Mirage Flight 008 - G71R-4 - Rocket View with early deployment. [View]

Aerotech I357 Blue Thunder RMS-EZ Motor (early separation due to lack of vent hole) (0 00:00:15)
Early separation due to lack of vent hole. Flown at the DARS High Power Rocket Launch in Gunter, TX on October 25, 2014. Motor available at [View]

Sky Dart Mission One (0 00:00:15)
The first launch of our Sky Dart Estes Rocket, in Brooklyn's Prospect Park [View]

Model Rocket Launch on the Beach (0 00:00:15)
Launching a model rocket on the beach. [View]

Art Applewhite 13mm Delta Saucer Rocket at Night A3-4T (0 00:00:15)
My Art Applewhite Delta Saucer flying on a A3-4T on the Night of. The flame is visible, briefly. [View]

Arial on I211 (0 00:00:15)
Ari's PML Arial flying on an I211 to 4000 feet plus at the QRS September public launch. [View]

2000 launch from below the rocket (0 00:00:15)
See for more details. [View]

Icarus' Tripoli Launch (0 00:00:15)
Our second test launch at Tampa. [View]

Upscale Thor - Chris Williams - LDRS 2010 (0 00:00:15)
LDRS in 2010. Video taken at Lucerne Valley Dry Lake. Rocket is a scratch-built, 8"-diameter Thor constructed by Chris "SpartaChris" Williams. Motor was an Mxxxx demo with Aerotech's MetalStorm ... [View]

3 stage model rocket launch (0 00:00:15)
Successful launch of model rocket "Spiral Galaxy" [View]

Successful launch of the Estes Shuttle D12-3 (0 00:00:15)
My wife and I launch in the Estes Shuttle [View]

Model Rockets - Mothers Day 2010 (0 00:00:15)
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. [View]

AeroTech N2220-DM Static Test (0 00:00:15)
AeroTech N2220 98mm 6 grain Dark Metal [View]

Ty's Acme, Final Flight (0 00:00:15)
Ty's Binder Design rocket, named Acme, launching on its final flight. Unfortunately the recovery system tangled on deployment and the rocket landed hard, snapping off a fin and reopening a ... [View]

Rocket Very Loud, Very Fast (0 00:00:15)
Rocket Powered by nitrous and plastic rat works motor. [View]

The Dary Rocket (0 00:00:15)
This is the third launch of the Dary Locket a 1/4 scale model of a missile from the Iranian Army. [View]

Plasma Sensors Glowing Red Hot in VASIMR Exhaust, lights off (0 00:00:15)
After being exposed to the full power VASIMR exhaust for ~5 seconds, several plasma diagnostics can be seen glowing red hot after the shot, even with the interior lights on! Based on the color of ... [View]

Rocket engine vertical static testing with thrust vector control (0 00:00:15)
InterStellar Technologies Inc. 1000N force Ethanol/LOX rocket engine gimbal test at Taiki-cho, Hokkaido, Japan Oct/12/2014 なつのロケット団/インターステラテクノロジズ ... [View]

Lunar Eclipse or Not? 2019.11.13 19:00 Macao 澳門月食嗎? (0 00:00:15)
2019.11.13 19:00 Macao 澳門 I couldn’t find any data that yesterday was lunar eclipse or not but it looked the same. Was it the moonrise or others? Really confused. The moon is too comp ... [View]

PML Quicksilver on an Aerotech J270W - High Power Rocket Tripoli Level 2 cert flight (0 00:00:15)
Here's the Jolly Logic Altimeter Three data highlights: Quicksilver Max altitude 7533 ft Date 4/15/2017 9:57 AM Mode Rocket Duration 2 mins 26 secs Notes J270W-14 Thrust time 2.05 secs Max speed 742 ... [View]

High Power Rocket Launch (0 00:00:15)
Rocket is 38mm fiberglass Mad Cow DX3, running on an H180 aerotech engine with a 29/240 casing. Launch was at Southern Thunder 2017. [View]

Estes Astrovision 2 (0 00:00:15)
Astrovision flight for review on EMRR ( [View]

CSXT First Civilian Rocket Launch to Space (0 00:00:15)
Launched to 379,900 feet (72 miles) on May 17, 2004 by the Civilian Space Exploration Team led by Ky Michaelson and Jerry Larson, and sponsored by GoFast Sports. The rocket was powered by a solid ... [View]

Wildman Darkstar 2.6 Level 2 Cert Flight on a CTI J145 Skidmark Long Burn (0 00:00:15)
Level 2 certification flight for TRA at Fire in the Sky 2016 with the Washington Aerospace Club. The motor started enough of a brush fire that they banned sparky motors for the rest of the w ... [View]

Water Rocket Adventures in a Cow Paddock! (0 00:00:15)
Drag racing with water rockets in the middle of a cow paddock had a bunch of grown men in fits of laughter. Thanks to Australian Rocketry and Queensland Rocketry Society Public Launch for sharing the ... [View]

Launching the Companion [11-12-11] (0 00:00:15)
This is a rocket that was made/painted to be the faithful companion cube from Portal (it even has hearts on it)! Now we just need that Aperture Science handheld portal device (also known as a ... [View]

Launching the "Sky Sword"! [11-04-10] (0 00:00:15)
This split-fin rocket soared to an altitude of 591 feet on a roaring Aerotech G79-4W engine! [View]

Quest Water Rocket Launcher Using an Electric compressor! (0 00:00:15)
Earlier attempts were dismal then once we let it sit to cool the air a bit it popped off nicely. [View]

05_monocopter.MOV (0 00:00:15)
Monocopter rocket. LUNAR Launch at Snow Ranch. March 5, 2011 [View]

Leon 1.8T vs A3 1.8T (0 00:00:15)
0-402m Seat Leon 1.8T fwd ~270hp Audi A3 1.8T quattro ~180hp [View]

Chase shooting off the titan rocket (0 00:00:15)
Chase and Megan had a blast with the rocket. It was totally worth buying. [View]

Nike Smoke on a CTI J316 Pink.wmv (0 00:00:15)
My Performance Rocketry 4 inch Nike Smoke flying at Tripoli Colorado's Fall Frenzy launch on September 15, 2012 on a Cesaroni J316 Pink motor. Filmed at 240fps with a Casio EX-ZR100 camera. [View]

Estes Big Daddy (0 00:00:15)
Launching my Estes Big Daddy on an Aerotech E10-4W composite motor. One of the boys from the neighborhood launched it, it was the first time he had launched a rocket. [View]

Jonathan's PML Mini BBX on a H97J (0 00:00:15)
Jonathan's PML Mini BBX on a H97J [View]

11/27/2011 Mule Flat G-Force Landing (0 00:00:15)
Owner: Wayne Hubbard Launch date: November 27, 2011 Location: Mule Flat off of Hwy 50, Stagecoach, Nevada Rocket: This is an aerotech G-Force modified for high power engines. Engine: The engine is ... [View]

Quest Q-Jet A3-4 motor test (0 00:00:15)
I tested the new Quest Q-Jet A3-4 model rocket motor. I highly recommend getting some. A 2 Pack only costs $7.99 [View]

ARR Blue Phenix Senior on an Aerotech K700 (0 00:00:15)
This is Randy, Owner of Always Ready Rocketry, this is my Blue Phenix Sr. kit that I offer on my website. This one is slightly modified to accept a much longer motor. This flight is on a K700 White ... [View]

Testing Pilot Chute Release.wmv (0 00:00:15)
testing the release I made for the pilot chute to hold the micro diver stable in longer free fall with onboard camera. [View]

Lil Husler Micro Hybrid (0 00:00:15)
This launch took place on the 13/08/2011 The motor used is a Micro Hybrid rocket motor purchased from The rocket is a Semroc kit available from called the ... [View]

Got Whip (tm) H128 (0 00:00:15)
Slo-mo of a H128 in a rocket showing the launch rod what whip really is.... [View]

016.MOV (0 00:00:15)
Battle Axe drogue charge. [View]

XA-0.1B-750 flight 11, 2009.07.02 (0 00:00:15)
The third flight of the day on Masten Space Systems' rocket vehicle. Another test of autolanding with some changes, this one doesn't work quite as well. That's why we fly on tether. [View]

EZI-65 with an Aerotech J90 - CIMG5317 (0 00:00:15)
EZI-65 with an Aerotech J90 - Red Glare X [View]

AeroTech L339N-P Static Test (0 00:00:15)
Static test of an AeroTech RMS-98/2560 L339N-P endburning Warp-9� propellant motor generating 2823 N-sec total impulse with an 8.1 second burn time [View]

First High Power Rocket Launch! K Engine (0 00:00:15)
Colorado Rocketry: [View]

estes sidewinder slow motion (0 00:00:15)
estes sidewinder model rocket on a C6-3 (two launches side by side) recorded at 1000 frames per second with a casio fc-100. Launched at KARS NH on 11/6/10. [View]

Launching Miss Sweden (0 00:00:15)
I had a visitor from the US, David Chance, and he actually had gone through the trouble bringing a rocket with him. The rockets name is "Miss Sweden" (he is married to a Swedish)and he flew it on a ... [View]

Estes Big Daddy (0 00:00:15)
2nd flight, first on a D12-5. Still has black primer, more sanding and painting to go. [View]

Gary Dickinson 3x I300T (0 00:00:15)
Gary Dickinson's rocket on 3x AT I300T's at ST08. [View]

ExplodingEstes (0 00:00:15)
An Estes Rocket explodes on the launch pad [View]

3FNC Mini (0 00:00:16)
Part of the astre launch [View]

ekomS ekiN (0 00:00:16)
My ekomS ekiN (Nike Smoke in reverse colors). Sorta flying on a CTI K740 C-star. About 300 feet up the thrust ring on our adapter gave up, and the motor slid about a foot up into the airframe, ... [View]

LOC 7.5" Goblin M1297 (0 00:00:16)
M1297 to 4,650' NSL 2018. The camera unfortunately had a bit too much pressure on it and flipped down. [View]

9 D motor Cluster Rocket Launch for ATC (0 00:00:16)
Launch of Malcolms 9 D Cluster Rocket at the rocket workshop for the ATC [View]

Wildman 3" Darkstar Midwest Power 11 (0 00:00:16)
Wildman 3" Darkstar at Midwest Power 11 11/3/2013 [View]

Rcandy Motor Static Test (0 00:00:16)
Static test of a core burning rcandy motor with a grain inhibitor. [View]

AAW Dragonfly C6-3 (0 00:00:16)
Launch Video for a Review: [View]

Static Test DX1-EE Solid Rocket Motor May 2019 (0 00:00:16)
Static test of the DX1-EE motor during the May launch day for requalification purposes. During the earlier launch day in March, an anomaly occurred in two out of three DX1-EE motors, resulting in a ... [View]

LEGO Boat Rocket: Failed (0 00:00:16)
We built a LEGO Boat and strapped a rocket engine to it and lit it off. It failed but it was cool:) [View]

rocket 008.MOV (0 00:00:16)
Level 2 Certification Flight. LDRS Labor Day Weekend, 2009. Argonia, KS. Rocket: Endeavor. H 71". W 6 lbs 9 oz with motor. D 3.9". Recovery System Parachute. Motor Aerotech J350 Single Stage. Time ... [View]

Mark Barnard on how to effectively manage players (0 00:00:16)
Quick tip from Mark Barnard: make sure players understand their roles. Check out the full thing here: More info: Subscribe to The Art of ... [View]

Bottle Bat 3.0 (tube fin rocket) on G76-7G at Snow Ranch Feb 2, 2012 (0 00:00:16)
This was the first flight of this tube fin rocket. I used a G76-7G motor with delay shortened to 5 seconds. Turned out to be a good choice and the chute deployed just after apogee. The Jolly Logice ... [View]

Good Sam model rocket (0 00:00:16)
homemade model rocket launch.I lost it! [View]

Jacob's Ventris on an F40W. (0 00:00:16)
Jacob's Estes Pro Series Ventris maiden flight on an F40W. Dairy Aire - May 17, 2014 - Tripoli Central California [View]

Rocket Launch 3D Animation (0 00:00:16)
Course project using Maya, Substance Painter and Photoshop. [View]

La Que Pasea Su Gato :15 | Type 2 Diabetes Prevention | Ad Council (0 00:00:16)
Haga la evaluación de riesgo en Esta nueva campaña de Anuncios de Servicios Públicos (PSA por sus siglas en inglés) tiene como objetivo concientizar a las ... [View]

Nuke ProMaxx 1Grain F59 White Thunder (0 00:00:16)
Nuke ProMaxx 1Grain F59 White Thunder Propellant 623 Feet on May 31, 201 "Lawn Dart" I forgot to adjust the delay before black powder motor eject North Branch, MN Tripoli Minnesota High Powered ... [View]

Model Rocketry #1 (0 00:00:16)
Model rocketry today with Tom Madonia and his son Adam. The Flight Director today is Jeff Rose :o) [View]

PML AMRAAM2 1:7 scale AIM-120 missile (0 00:00:16)
First launch on a Cessaroni F39 "Smoky Sam" motor with 6s delay. Motor was underpowered for this rocket, not quite comparable to the Aerotech F40W, so the delay was quite late. PML kits are sturdy, ... [View]

Amateur Liquid Rocket Launch (0 00:00:16)
Rocket launch at FAR site. 05/05/18 [View]

Mig Masher (0 00:00:16)
This is a scratch built model rocket built by a friend of mine that has a little "Kick". [View]

big ugly 2 (0 00:00:16)
Pueblo launch June 2011 [View]

Risk Test Hedgehogs :15 | Type 2 Diabetes Prevention | Ad Council (0 00:00:16)
Take the risk test - visit to learn where you stand. About: This new PSA campaign aims to raise awareness of prediabetes, a serious health condition that affects ... [View]

MVI_9127.AVI (0 00:00:16)
testinga estes cineroc camera. [View]

Ejection charge test - Phoenix (0 00:00:16)
Ejection charge test - Big Ears 09 [View]

:P (0 00:00:16)
please unsubscribe [View]

2009-11-28 - Estes Mercury Atlas Launch 001 - F12J-3 - 210 FPS - FC100.avi (0 00:00:16)
2009-11-28 - Estes Mercury Atlas Launch 001 - F12J-3 - 210 FPS - FC100 [View]

AeroTech RMS-54/2560 Boost-Sustain™ (0 00:00:16)
Static test of an AeroTech RMS-54/2560 K375NW-P KEB™ Boost-Sustain™ motor. Uses Warp-9™ and White Lightning™ propellant in a core burning grain geometry. [View]

FlisKits Deuces Wild (0 00:00:16)
Rays FlisKits Deuces Wild flown at CATO #269. [View]

Model Rocket Launch:The Arcas (0 00:00:16)
Our Aerotech Arcas' not so successful flight. The result of an incorrectly installed igniter in our RMS motor. [View]

Abogado de Inmigracion en NJ | 201-646-9799 | (0 00:00:16)
201-646-9799 Ruta Route 80, 4, 46, 17, 3, 21, 20, 7, NJ Turnpike, Garden State Parkway, George Washington Bridge, Lincoln Tunnel, Ruta Route 1 & 9, Bergenline Avenue, Kennedy Boulevard, Boulevard ... [View]

HighCarbYen L3 Rita (0 00:00:16)
My L3 flight at LDRS 25 at Wayside [View]

Barber :15 | Type 2 Diabetes Prevention | Ad Council (0 00:00:16)
Take the risk test - visit to learn where you stand. About: This new PSA campaign aims to raise awareness of prediabetes, a serious health condition that affects ... [View]

Jim Jarvis L3 N4000 (0 00:00:16)
Successful L3 Certification flight on HighCarbYen. Scratch carbon fiber rocket. 16 lb without motor, 45 lb with motor. Just under 35,000 feet. Video by Bob Utley at ... [View]

Estes AstroVision rocket camera #1 (0 00:00:16)
First launch of Estes AstroVision rocket. We used a B6-4 engine. [View]

LDRS 29 - Bill's White Knight Hybrid Launch (0 00:00:16)
This video shows Bill's (from San Diego) successful White Knight hybrid launch. Miss Vicki can be seen near the rocket just prior to launch after carefully monitoring the nitrous fill step. Congrats ... [View]

Patriot Rocket (0 00:00:16)
Some really cool rocket at this event called LDRS, which was held in Lucerne Valley, CA. I didn't get it on tape, but shortly after the parachute didn't deploy and the rocket made a very hard ... [View]

FlisKits Praetor 2 Stage (0 00:00:16)
Ray’s 2 Stage FlisKits Praetor. Flown at CATO #269. [View]

Risk Test Hedgehogs :15 | Type 2 Diabetes Prevention | Ad Council (0 00:00:16)
Take the risk test - visit to learn where you stand. About: This new PSA campaign aims to raise awareness of prediabetes, a serious health condition that affects ... [View]

Starship Vega 2.mp4 (0 00:00:16)
Clone of Estes Starship Vega on an Estes B6-4 engine [View] (0 00:00:16)
Rocketarium 24mm motor retainers for model rockets. These are precision-machined from aluminum and anodized. For use with Estes D/E rocket engines and Aerotech 24mm RMS reloadable and single use ... [View]

High Speed Video launch of Lucys "Hot Chick Rocket" on G79 (0 00:00:16)
High Speed Video launch of Lucys "Hot Chick Rocket" on G79 [View]

Madcow Level-2 CTI I100 (0 00:00:16)
Level 1 HPR certification attempt 10/22/2016 [View]

Delta IV Heavy Launch (0 00:00:16)
The builder failed to follow the directions to add nose weight. [View]

Risk Test Puppies :15 | Type 2 Diabetes Prevention | Ad Council (0 00:00:16)
Take the risk test - visit to learn where you stand. About: This new PSA campaign aims to raise awareness of prediabetes, a serious health condition that affects ... [View]

Alpha III Rocket!!! (0 00:00:16)
Estes 1406 Alpha III Model Rocket Starter Set. First time rocketeers... Worked perfectly. [View]

SAMHSA's "Talk. They Hear You." - It's Never Too Early PSA (0 00:00:16)
Kids start to experiment with alcohol as early as 9 years old. It's never too early to talk to your child about the dangers of underage drinking. Your kids really do hear you. Do you know what to ... [View]

Solar Powered Hydrogen Rocket Launch (0 00:00:16)
Video of kids launching a Solar Powered Hydrogen Rocket. Get Plans to build for less than $4 at [View]

The World of Autism PSA - 15 sec | Autism Speaks (0 00:00:16)
Autism Speaks joined the Ad Council and BBDO New York, the long-time volunteer agency for Autism Speaks, to launch a new series of public service advertisements (PSAs) designed to help parents ... [View]

Cesaroni Skidmark Dragrace Plaster Blaster 2009 (0 00:00:16)
Plaster Blaster 2009 Cesaroni Skidmark Drag Race [View]

Upscale MR-1 the MR-64 On a CTI K510CL (0 00:00:16)
Upscale of a PML MR-1 I did called the MR-64 due to its 6" Nose cone and 4" Body tube. This flight was at Red Glare X on a CTI K510CL to 6195'. [View]

03_stepitup_landing2.MOV (0 00:00:16)
Step It Up landing. LUNAR Launch at Snow Ranch. March 5, 2011 [View]

SCRA Rocket Launch - 10/5/19 - V2 (0 00:00:16)
Our Germans are better than their Germans. [View]

Red Glare XI Pac-3 Patriot (0 00:00:16)
2.6" Pac 3 on an F50, listen for the whistle. The rocket was lost on sunday, drifting eastward. If found please contact MDRA. Thank you. [View]

NITRO-X Beta Tester Video Hotrod Rockets (0 00:00:16)
NITRO-X Beta Tester Video Very pretty Rocket [View]

Solar Flare - Launch 2 (0 00:00:16)
Scratch rocket built for a contest [View]

DE-942 Model Rocket Launch (0 00:00:16)
AFJROTC DE-942 Model Rocketry Club launches a model rocket after school. Model Rocketry Commander: C/Msgt Caitlin Berchtold. [View]

LOC Athena3 Rocket, Aerotech H210R-M (0 00:00:16)
LOC Athena3 Rocket Dual Deploy with StratologgerCF Aerotech RMS 29/240 H210R-M LUNAR Launch Event Snow Ranch, CA December 3rd, 2016 [View]

j99 launch (0 00:00:16)
J99 solid Warp-9 propellant demo motor [View]

Parach_eject_Solaris_H_1SM_short.MPG (0 00:00:16)
Parachute ejection ground test for the Solaris_H_1SM HRM experimental rocket. [View]

South Texas Aerospace Club Night Rocket Launch July 12, 2014 at Beeville Municipal Airport (0 00:00:16)
South Texas Aerospace Club Night Rocket Launch July 12, 2014 at Beeville Municipal Airport. Wastequip rocket blast-off by first time flyer #9. [View]

Saved By The Scan PSA | Short Version | American Lung Association's LUNG FORCE (0 00:00:16)
The American Lung Association’s LUNG FORCE initiative has partnered with the Ad Council to launch the first national public service advertising (PSA) campaign to educate Americans about a ... [View]

Honest John Model Rocket Launch--Alpena CRTC (0 00:00:16)
The distinctive silhouette of an Honest John ("HoJo") missile graces the skies over Alpena, MI during the 2009 GLR CAP Summer Encampment--Model Rocketry Encampment. Launch operations carried out on ... [View]

Frick n' Frack Rocket - KARS Sep 2008 Launch (0 00:00:16)
Launch of one of the stages from a Fliskits Frick n' Frack flying saucer on a C6-3 engine. [View]

Fliskits "Pheord X150" (0 00:00:16)
This is a great little "front yard" rocket. Lands pretty close to the pad no matter what engine you put in it. Taken at the "Field of Dreams" Ultralight Airpark on 12 Sept 2009. [View]

2008-12-25 - Fliskits Nomad Flight 001 - D12-0ToC6-0ToC6-7 - Ground View Abbreviated (0 00:00:16)
2008-12-25 - Fliskits Nomad Flight 001 - D12-0ToC6-0ToC6-7 - Ground View Abbreviated [View]

High Power Large V2 Magnetic Rod Lug Launch Maine 2000 (0 00:00:16)
This video carried the telemetry70 cm packages in Maine videos [View]

Thrust Vector Control Rocket (0 00:00:16)
This is my Summer 2019 summer project. All parts are 3D printed and controlled by an Arduino. [View]

Cat Jogger :15 | Type 2 Diabetes Prevention | Ad Council (0 00:00:16)
Take the risk test - visit to learn where you stand. About: This new PSA campaign aims to raise awareness of prediabetes, a serious health condition that affects ... [View]

Salute Rocket CATO (0 00:00:16)
Salute Rocket CATO. 1 pound motor with 10 grams of flash. [View]

HPR Level 1 certification Rocket launch - 6th April 2014 (0 00:00:16)
Another member of EARS takes and passes their 1 certification. Flight done on the 6th April 2014 at the EARS rocket club, filmed on Gopro Black 3+ at 120fps [View]

Minimum diameter rocket on a G79W (0 00:00:16)
Flown at Uroc's September sport launch [View]

2009-04-12 - Aerotech Mirage Flight 010 - G76G-4 - Ground View - FH20 (0 00:00:16)
2009-04-12 - Aerotech Mirage Flight 010 - G76G-4 - Ground View - FH20 [View]

A Serious Problem That We Can Solve - Scarlett Johansson | Hunger Prevention | Ad Council (0 00:00:16)
1 in 5 children in America – nearly 16 million children – struggle with hunger. Although food insecurity is harmful to people of all ages, it can be particularly devastating for children. ... [View]

Model rocket crash - Onboard video (0 00:00:16)
This is an attempted flight of an Estes Baby Bertha with a keychain video camera taped to the side. The rocket was powered by a B6-4 motor. The ascent was squirrely, but the real drama started when ... [View]

Active Roll Control Rocket Onboard Launch Video (0 00:00:16)
This is a 3" x 7ft HPR rocket using a helicopter heading-hold gyro and servo actuated fins to limit the spin on the roll axis. Footage is recorded on a Mobius HD Action cam at 1080p30. Launch at ... [View]

Tripoli rocket launch at X Prize Cup (0 00:00:16)
Launch of a Tripoli amateur high-powered rocket at the X Prize Cup on October 19, 2006 [View]

Experimental solid fuel rocket motor 11 second burn time (0 00:00:16)
Successful static test of a 4.5 inch (114mm) diameter solid fueled rocket motor. D-slot grain. 11 second burn time! M700. [View]

Brent 4H Rocketry (0 00:00:16)
Brent's 4H Rocket Launch [View]

Environmental Aeroscience - 16 inch Nitrous Hybrid Rocket Motor (0 00:00:16)
eAc fired a series of 16" Nitrous Hybrids in preparation for the development of the Scaled Composites SpaceShipOne propulsion system. This was the first firing of this scale of nitrous hybrid rocket ... [View]

Estes Der Red Max (0 00:00:16)
An estes der red max on a B6-4. Almost lost it there, thankfully the wind pushed to safety. [View]

Science Club Rocket Launch (0 00:00:16)
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. [View]

Rain in Mexico march 2011 (0 00:00:16)
Crazy rain floods holiday resorts, people are swept away in to the sea, animals drown and fish cannot swim because it's too deep! [View]

NCSU SLI Project (0 00:00:16)
North Carolina State University Space Launch Initiative team test launch. This is about a 1/2 scale of their payload rocket. The altitude goal is 1 mile, on a J350 this 3" diameter rocket reached ... [View]

4-H Commercial: Rocket (0 00:00:16)
How come he gets to build a rocket? Because it's his 4-H project! Join 4-H today and have your chance to build a rocket! Find out more about 4-H and how to join, visit: http://www.extensio ... [View]

Rainbow Six Siege : That timing bro (0 00:00:16)
I was telling my friend how to play the game, some moves etc... And i just wanted to broke the enhancement.... HAHAHAHA [View]

Superfast Rocket Shred (0 00:00:16)
Here's a photo of the burst: The motor vendor gave me a heads up that this would be a reflex photo opp. The Vmax propellant has been prone to ... [View]

A Deuce's Wild launch 10/11/2009 (0 00:00:16)
We strapped a keychain video camera on the side of the rocket for it's first flight. One of the motors failed to ignite, so it was a short, dramatic flight. We used B6-4 engines and Estes ignitors. [View] (0 00:00:16)
N10000 drag race at LDRS29 Pad Cam 3. Gerald Meux's rocket is the blue rocket on the right off screen at start (sorry about that). Altitude 10557ft 1400fps [View]

Tarnation Flaming Breakfast of Doom (0 00:00:16)
Recyled Parts Rocket: [View]

MDRA Classics Vanna White (0 00:00:16)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's classic videos. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

Launch 10 High Speed Camera (600fps) (0 00:00:16)
June 30th 2013 at approximately 12:30pm local time Portland State Aerospace Society successfully launched our "LV2.3" rocket. Photos, explanations, and data for this launch can be found on our ... [View]

Joe Mosher's Deuces Wild Rocket Dual Motor CATO (0 00:00:16)
Joe flew his Deuces Wild rocket on Sunday, October 11, 2009, at the SMASH sport launch in Delton, MI. During the first flight, one of the motors CATO-ed with minimal damage to the rocket, so he flew ... [View]

Rocket Aerial Video at the AARG Launch (0 00:00:16)
This is an aerial video from a LOC Forte's rocket at the AARG Launch. The launch was on October 4, 2008 at the Hutto, Texas launch site. The video was captured by a FlyCamOne2 strapped to the side of ... [View]

VE-111L Topaze Flight at NARAM-47 (0 00:00:16)
Marc McReynolds' nice VE-111L Topaze scale model rocket took fourth place in C Division at NARAM-47 on August 5, 2005. This model had crisp surface detailing and well-done clear plastic fins for ... [View]


Heartbreak :15 | Buzzed Driving Prevention | Ad Council (0 00:00:16)
Hunter Hayes knows his warning signs and wants you to be on the lookout for yours. Visit to learn more. Subscribe for Ad Council’s latest PSAs: ... [View]

LDRS Mass 29 Squat Launch (0 00:00:16)
LDRS Mass 29 Squat Launch, Lucerne Valley CA. [View]

Estes Oracle Rocket (0 00:00:16)
Bought this rocket because it has a camera built in. Unfortunately, I have not been able to have a WIndows nor Mac machine recognize the camera to pull image... [View]

Estes model rocket with keychain video camera taped on (0 00:00:16)
This is an old Estes Astrocam with cheap keychain camera attached with masking tape. 110 Camera nose cone was replaced with a regular nose cone. Had to launch at about a 75 degree angle due to wind. ... [View]

Laser hawk Model Rocket Launch (0 00:00:16)
A test launch of North Coast Rocketry kit just made in a field near Milan - Italy [View]

Last flight of the AeroDart (0 00:00:16)
My classic '72 EnerJet AeroDart launched w/ a 72-era EnerJet F52 motor. The epoxy bond on foward cap let go, and the rocket shredded. The motor blew out the bottom of the rocket and instantly stopped ... [View]

Aerotech K456 Dark Matter (0 00:00:16)
A scratch built 5.5" rocket on a Aerotech K456DM to 3162' [View]

Model Rocket - Saturn 6 Launch 2 (7/8/2010) (0 00:00:16)
B engine flight. Parachute got tangled up, but landed okay. [View]

Quest Zenith CATO 2, B6-0, B6-4 (0 00:00:16)
Our second two stage attempt with this rocket, again the second stage went completely unstable. [View]

DHARMA Initiative rocket (0 00:00:16)
More fun to watch than the final episode of Lost :P [View]

Gary Dickenson K555SK (0 00:00:16)
Gary Dickenson's Competitor 3 on an AMW K555SK at ST08. [View]

04-16 2016 Wildman Shredder, Jr. on CTI J400 SS (0 00:00:16)
Wildman Shredder, Jr. rocket April 16th, 2016 at Bong Recreation Area, Wisconsin WOOSH NAR club CTI J400 Smoky Sam Altitude 6604 ft. [View]

MIT USLI Rocket (0 00:00:16)
The MIT USLI rocket flies on a CTI L1395 on April 7th, 2012 at MMMSClub in Berwick. Not our best video due to the digital zoom, but the sound is awesome! [View]

Big Daddy (0 00:00:16)
Estes Big Daddy-Aerotech F44-8 engine-Graves Campground (MIS)-8/8/16 [View]

Multi-stage model rocket engine or crappy Roman candle? (0 00:00:16)
"Multi-staging" model rocket engines IS literally as simple as taping the end of one to the next. Wow. [View]

Quest Zenith CATO, B6-0, B6-4 (0 00:00:16)
Despite several attempts, we were unable to get this thing stable with a two stage configuration. Also despite several ballistic piledrives, it lived to fly another day! [View]

Bill Pleban's Purple Quest flying on an Aerotech M1297W - SANY0095 (0 00:00:17)
Bill Pleban's Purple Quest flying on an Aerotech M1297W - Successful L3 Certification - Red Glare X [View]

Mike's K611 CATO (0 00:00:17)
Mike Baileys Red Arrow on a K611 Blue that unfortunately CATO'd. But the damage to the rocket was that bad. [View]

Oops (0 00:00:17)
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. [View]

Super 8mm Spread the Love (0 00:00:17)
We want you to share why you love Super 8mm motion picture film! Learn more about Kodak's Motion Picture Film in Super 8mm format: Stay connected. Sign up for Email ... [View]

KNO3 ROCKET LAUNCH EXPLOSION #2 5/11 (0 00:00:17)
This is one of 4 scratch built rockets that were supposed to launch today but 3 of them CATO on the launch pad :-( still working out why [View]

Fat Albert JATO takeoff (0 00:00:17)
The Blue Angels support plane Fat Albert uses 8 JATO (APCP rocket motors) bottles to simulate an assisted short field take off in 2002 at NAS Willow Grove [View]

Iowa State Cyclones Rocket (MAC Scorpion XL) to 9,788 AGL and Mach 1.15 on AT J825R (0 00:00:17)
1,256 ft/sec = 856 mph 9,788' AGL, 15,238' MSL NCR launch @ Pawnee National Grasslands [View]

Extreme Wildman (0 00:00:17)
Extreme Wildman rocket flying on a CTI M2250 motor to 14k feet. [View]

LDRS Bonneville 1998 N motor (0 00:00:17)
Rocket launch on the Bonneville salt flats [View]

LOC/Precision Lil' Diter (0 00:00:17)
Frist Launch of my newly built Lil' Diter from Loc/Precision using an Aerotech G79 motor. Approximate altitude was 1700 Feet. [View]

Draco (0 00:00:17)
Pueblo Launch June 2011 [View]

Estes Cineroc 8mm Film of Rocket Flight (0 00:00:17)
The Cineroc was a Super-8mm film camera from the 70's that was flown on model rockets. I got one in the late 1980s long after support for the product was gone. I had to load and develop the film ... [View]

01_daddy (0 00:00:17)
My scratch built "Who's Your Daddy?", an upscale Big Daddy. 4" diameter, 34"tall. First flight, on a G53 Black Jack reload. A little squirrely off the pad, but otherwise a good flight. SARG Launch, ... [View]

Upscale Black Star Voyager (0 00:00:17)
Upscale Black star Voyager a L1030 at red glare 14. [View]

Approach and Landing Tests - Shuttle Enterprise 747 SCA separation (0 00:00:17)
This video begins with an air-to-air shot of the Space Shuttle as it separates from the SCA, then cuts to a wide, ground-to-air shot of the two aircraft as they fly almost in formation. [View]

Pink Panther - Cato attacks 2/2 (0 00:00:17)
Inspector Clouseau attacks Cato in slow-motion. [View]

High Speed launch video of Michaels rocket on a White Thunder (0 00:00:17)
High Speed launch video of Michaels rocket on a White Thunder [View]

Aerotech Initiator with F26-FJ (0 00:00:17)
I got a little excited thinking the chute was not deploying... [View]

38mm Art Applewhite "Delta" Saucer on a Cesaroni G78 Blue Streak motor (0 00:00:17)
Fiberglass/epoxy-reinforced paper/fiberboard saucer on a Cesaroni 38mm 1-grain G78 "Blue Streak" motor. Blue Streak really jumps off the pad! Wheeeeee!! Art sells an assortment of great saucer kits ... [View]

aerotech engine test in hand (0 00:00:17)
Aerotech d13-4 white lightning test while holding in estes viking, damn thing has got a crap load of thrust [View]

Flis Kits Deuces Wild Drag Race (0 00:00:17)
CMASS Flis Kits Anniversary Launch. Drag race featuring Flis Kits Deuces Wild. [View]

Estes Extreme 12 (0 00:00:17)
Extreme 12 rocket D12-0 - D12-5 [View]

Estes C6-5 Rocket Engine Test (0 00:00:17)
Estes c6-5 rocket engine test in dirt. [View]

LV2.3 July 2011 Launch Attempt - Flight Line: Cropped (0 00:00:17)
July 31st 2011 we headed to central Oregon to launch our rocket with the same roll control as the previous launch, but this time with much of the full flight computer we have been planning for years ... [View]

BayouRat Rocketry's Mid-Power Rail System (0 00:00:17)
Are you tired of 1/4" rods wiping your mid power rockets all over the sky. With todays high thrust motors you need somthing more. We have the answer. The Mid-Power Rail System. Fit's any launch pad ... [View]

CaveDuck WM Wild Thang Jr I161W SpringFest 2014 (0 00:00:17)
CaveDuck WM Wild Thang JR AT I161W Jean Dry Lake, NV SpringFest 2014 [View]

TARC Rocket Launch #2 2017 (0 00:00:17)
Filmed at Spring Grove Area High school Sorry for recording the video vertically. My sins will be forgiven. [View]

Loc EZ-I65 H170M (0 00:00:17)
4.2lb EZ-I65 on an Aerotech H170M Metalstorm. MDRA ESL #193 26Jul14 [View]

Pink Panther - Cato attacks 1/2 (0 00:00:17)
Cato attacks inspector Clouseau in slow-motion. [View]

Scouts model rocket launch - Woomera July 2011 (0 00:00:17)
Model Rocket launched during the scout camp help at Woomera. [View]

D5-6 streamer.mpg (0 00:00:17)
LPR launch video slow D5-6 [View]

Estes SNITCH Flying Saucer Rocket - CRMRC (0 00:00:17)
Here is my Estes Snitch flying on a C6-5 motor at the monthly launch of the Champlain Region Model Rocket Club - CRMRC. June 12, 2010 St. Albans Vermont. [View]

2009 03 14 TORC Launch 0005 Aerotech Mirage With Sword Chase H210R M Rocket View Annotated (0 00:00:17)
2009-03-14 - TORC Launch 0005 - Aerotech Mirage on a H210R Chased by a Sword On a H220T - Rocket View [View]

High speed model rocket (0 00:00:17)
From back in 2000, this is my friend Anish and I trying to break Mach 1.0 with a model rocket (class G engine - under the limit for special permits). We did not succeed, but it did reach app ... [View]

Rocket launch with a J420 motor. (0 00:00:17)
This is a cell phone vid of my rocket "Like Smoke" launching on a J420 motor. [View]

2009-04-04 - TORC Launch 0006 - Public Missiles AMRAAM 3 Flight 006 - I245G - Rocket View (0 00:00:17)
2009-04-04 - TORC Launch 0006 - Public Missiles AMRAAM 3 Flight 006 - I245G - Rocket View [View]

01_tank_girl (0 00:00:17)
First flight of my scratch built Tank Girl. 91" tall, 4" diameter transitioning to 3". This flight was on an H148 reload. I didn't get video of the launch, because they had the wrong pad chosen and ... [View]

L3 rocket cato (0 00:00:17)
Cato of my L3 rocket on a K1440 White Thunder motor from CTI [View]

Red Glare XI Pink Flamingo (0 00:00:17)
Pink Estes Big Daddy on Aerotech F25W [View]

Semroc Centrurion F Motor E12 6 (0 00:00:17)
Semroc Centurion F flying very nicely on an E12-6 motor. Rocket landed with 50 ft of me. Nice! [View]

Big Baby Bertha on Estes D12-5 at LUNAR launch Snow Ranch Mar 3, 2012 (0 00:00:17)
This is my scratch built upscale of the Estes Baby Bertha which I call "Big Baby Bertha". All did not go well on this launch. On the first go round, the igniter shorted out due to the traffic on ... [View]

Anthony's Orange Rocket, second flight (0 00:00:17)
Anthony flew this rocket twice today. This is the second of the two launches. [View]

No pressure (0 00:00:17)
This is a model rocket called no pressure [View]

Rocket launch fail (0 00:00:17)
2 February Rocketry association launch Taupiri [View]

Everyone's reaction to the Sans mii costume (0 00:00:17)
Online matches will be filled with sans tonight. [View]

I guess we had too many trees in the launch area as the rocket goes up it gets stuck in a tree about 100 feet high. [View]

2008-12-25 - Fliskits Nomad Flight 001 - D12-0 To C6-0 To C6-7 - 210 FPS Far Pad View (0 00:00:17)
2008-12-25 - Fliskits Nomad Flight 001 - D12-0 To C6-0 To C6-7 - 210 FPS Far Pad View [View]

Gary T Vorlon 5 at Red Glare XI (0 00:00:17)
Vorlon 5's flawless launch on Saturday [View]

EZI-65 (0 00:00:17)
First flight of my EZI-65 on a J315 Redline at METRA on April 5, 2009 [View]

Conrad-Adventskalender Tag 20 - Dämmerungssensor (0 00:00:17)
Drei Transistoren werden benutzt, um eine weiße LED zu schalten. Die gelbe LED dient als Sensor. Je mehr Licht auf diese LED fällt, desto höher die Spannung am linken Transistor. Ab einer ... [View]

slipstream (0 00:00:17)
My workhorse rocket, the scratch built Slipstream on a G53 Blackjack. LUNAR Snow Ranch launch, 04/02/11 [View]

Estes Mercury Redstone Launch (0 00:00:17)
My first and almost last launch of my Estes Mercury Redstone rocket. There was no ejection delay, The main shroud lines wrapped around the fin and crash to the ground. Only damage one fin knocked ... [View]

Cold Gas RCS Demonstration (0 00:00:17)
A demo of our RCS (Reaction Control System) spinning while hanging from a string. The entire system is packed in a clear tube the same size as the rocket so as to show off the hardware. You can see ... [View]

Doug Knight K550W (0 00:00:17)
Doug Knight flies an AT K550W at Southern Thunder 2008. [View]

Estes Saturn V launch (0 00:00:17)
A little wind. Aerotech E15-4. [View]

UPV - Ensayo motor cohete Cesaroni Pro54 1195J295-16A "Classic" (0 00:00:17)
Ensayo de un motor cohete de propelente sólido en la Universitat Politècnica de València. [View]

model rocket launch gone wrong (0 00:00:17)
Half way into the flight it starts spinning. [View]

Arizona Rocketry Team's Patriot Battery at Desert Heat 2010 (0 00:00:17)
The Arizona Rocketry Team brought their Battery of four 1/2 scale Patriot rockets to the Southern Arizona Rocketry Association (SARA) Desert Heat 2010 launch on Saturday, March 27th. The four ... [View]

Black Max Lawndart.AVI (0 00:00:17)
This rocket was built from pieces of an Estes Amazon in a starter kit, based around a BT56 tube and with balsa fins scaled down from a Der Red Max template. This launch was B6-0 with B6-4 sustainer. ... [View]

Estes model rocket crash (0 00:00:17)
We are flying the cheap Estes helicopter nose cone rocket on a c6-5 engine. Things didn't end up to well. [View]

2008-12-25 - Aerotech Mirage Flight 005 - G64W-4 - Rocket View - Launch Only (0 00:00:17)
2008-12-25 - Aerotech Mirage Flight 005 - G64W-4 - Rocket View - Launch Only Memorex 7-in-1 Camcorder for on board video. Regretfully, i accidentally had the focus set to macro. [View]

Moonraker Shuttle Launch - Model Rocket Kit - Model Rocketry (0 00:00:17)
Here is a video of my 1/100th scale Moonraker shuttle. These shuttles are detailed true to scale gliding shuttles. For more information on the shuttle and kit please email me at [View]

flash.MOV (0 00:00:18)
Launching rockets on Treasure Island, San Francisco. This is my old Estes Flash on a C6-5. No parachute, just tumble recovery. [View]

D motor static test (0 00:00:18)
video uploaded from my mobile phone [View]

Sky Spike (0 00:00:18)
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. [View]

Steppin' Razor on G76-7 - January 14, 2012 (0 00:00:18)
This is an impromptu drag race between two rockets loaded up with identical motors. Note the green exhaust flame. Rocket Science - Making everything else look simple since 1958! [View]

Aerotech Strong Arm on F22-5J Smoky reload - Radical Rocketeers NJ (0 00:00:18)
First visit to Radical Rocketeers in NJ and first on the pads was my Aerotech Strong Arm with an F22-5J motor (great smoky reload!). Rocket rose straight up and there was a great sounding crackly ... [View]

M2000Blue.wmv (0 00:00:18)
Static test - 4 grain 98mm blue propellant. Approx 450 lbs thrust approx 3.5 seconds, est 8knS. 4kg propellant mass, Loki 98-10000 case. [View]

slowburn.MOV (0 00:00:18)
Slow ignition of a 24mm Aerotech reload. Only went up about half as high as it should have. [View]

02_fart (0 00:00:18)
My scratch built Plasma Fart on an Aerotech H148 Redline reload. Good flight, but the nose cone popped out a little early. I think it was too loose and it over pressurized due to the vent holes for ... [View]

Jb weld and heat... (0 00:00:18)
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. [View]

Wildman Comp 3 (0 00:00:18)
Wildman Competitor 3 on Cesaroni J-280 SS to 3900 ft @ Bong Field early 2015. [View]

A 7 Corsair II 8 13 11 003 (0 00:00:18)
A 7 Corsair II 8 13 11. Another successful launch of my A-7 Corsair II Jet Rocket on an Estes B6-4 motor. [View]

Modified Estes Hi-Flier (0 00:00:18)
Modified Estes Hi-Flier on an Aerotech D21-10. Simulations say it pulled around 80 gees. Broke 2 fins and crash landed 30 yards away. [View]

(0 00:00:18)
3x C6-P mittels seriell verschalteter SNOs gezündet, Cam: 120fps 720p [View]

Boris2 (0 00:00:18)
April 25, 2009 flight beginning to end. [View]

Estes Mini Max at Maltby Field (0 00:00:18)
Fight flight of Estes Mini Max on 1/2A3-4T at Maltby Field in Bothell. Great flight, about 200 feet...landed within 20 feet of the pad. Great little small field rocket! [View]

Lee's rocket on a J825R (0 00:00:18)
Rocket launch on a J825R, west of Las Cruces New Mexico. [View]

Aerotech J-500 Mojave Green RMS Reload Rocket Motor (0 00:00:18)
Motor available at [View]

Cosmostrator 7 May 2011 (0 00:00:18)
Matt Johnson's Cosmostrator, modified for one launch rod. Matt previously tried a three launch rod construction, but it was too difficult to align the rod, so Joe Mosher of SMASH suggested he modify ... [View]

Andrew Grippo L930 (0 00:00:18)
Andrew Grippo's rocket on a Loki L930 at Southern Thunder 2008 [View]

Model Rocket Crash Estes Glider Home Made (0 00:00:18)
Model Rocket Crash Estes Glider Home Made [View]

NASA's AZURE Rocket Launch (time-lapse) (0 00:00:18)
This is a time-lapse of NASA's AZURE rocket launch to research auroras and the upper atmosphere. I coincidentally witnessed the launch of the two rockets and their beautiful payload deployment ... [View]

ARS Crazy Eight - Quest Q-Jet B4-4 (0 00:00:18)
Here's my ARS Crazy Eight flying on a B4-4. It was a great flight with a great corkscrew! These will soon be available next week at [View]

MSB-3K on a D11-P (0 00:00:18)
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. [View]

06_tank_girl (0 00:00:18)
Tank Girl returning to Earth. LUNAR Snow Ranch launch, March 3, 2012. [View]

Rocket Launch Sound Effect (0 00:00:18)
Rocket Launch Countdown Sound Effect ( [View]

A-7 Corsair II @ CMASS Launch, Amesbury, MA 10-23-10 (0 00:00:18)
A-7 Corsair II Jet Rocket launch at CMASS, Amsbury,MA on 10-23-10 [View]

Estes Hi-Flyer XL Aerotech E15-7 (0 00:00:18)
The spudder was from not getting the igniter all the way in. [View]

Jasons Ultimate Darkstar-MWP X (0 00:00:18)
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. [View]

Testing µMAD (0 00:00:18)
Testing of the µMAD from Wooshtronics [View]

High-Power Rocket Explosion! (0 00:00:18)
This is a short video of one of my rockets meeting a premature demise. The innards were completely cooked because the motor basically began firing out of both ends (it's called a catastrophic ... [View]

Fliskits Just Past Due (0 00:00:18)
I think I need a bit of nose weight [View]

Re: UCF Hybrid Rocket Test Fire4 (0 00:00:18)
RATT H70 decomposition. This cato was caused by out-of-range N20 temperatures, and was not the fault of the manufacturer. [View]

LDRS 29: Battlestar Galactica Launch (0 00:00:18)
LDRS (Large Dangerous Rocket Ships) 29: Battlestar Galactica Launch [View]

Vostok Model Rocket Launch (0 00:00:18)
1/62 scale scratch-built Vostok, on one D12-3 and four A10-PT motors. At the moment of ignition, the video slows to 1/2 actual speed. Note how the mini A10-PT motors kick the model off the pad, even ... [View]

Model Rocket Igniter Test (0 00:00:18)
This video compares the amount of heat generated by the Estes Igniter that is bare, and the one that has been dipped in a pyrogen called QuickDip. If you'd like to learn more about the QuickDip, ... [View]

Jared's 1st rocket launch (0 00:00:18)
Jared launched his first rocket today. It was a Semroc Squire ona A8-3. It was an autographed model.(By Him) [View]

RMS 98/5120 L4199N Static Test #1 (0 00:00:18)
2 grains of 98mm Warp9 awesomeness for your viewing pleasure. Available Summer 2017. [View]

Legacy II Launch 1 (0 00:00:18)
The second rocket in the CHA Rocketry Club's Project Legacy. Legacy rockets will be used to qualify for the Team America Rocketry Challenge Competition! [View]

AMRAAM Breaks the Launch Lug (0 00:00:18)
My PML Amraam 2.0 Break a Launch lug at take off but flys straight anyway. [View]

Successful Three Stage Estes Rocket Launch (0 00:00:18)
Two two stage Mongoose Estes rockets where modified to make one three stage rocket. The first launch attempt was successful in firing all three stages but the rocket was never recover except for the ... [View]

Estes AstroVision rocket cam (0 00:00:18)
Rocket cam launch of the Estes Astrovision [View]

B Rocket Glider (0 00:00:18)
Alyssa launches her swing/flop rocket glider at NARAM 51 [View]

ESL 78 Kevin's V-2 CATO (0 00:00:18)
In spite of rainy weather, Eastern Shore Launch #78 was held November 12-13, 2004, on Higgs farm in Price, Maryland. The launch was hosted by the Maryland / Delaware Rocketry Association (MDRA). ... [View]

PSA: A Toast (:15 Spanish) (0 00:00:18)
This American Diabetes Association public service announcement works to raise awareness that early detection and intervention can help prevent prediabetes from converting to type 2 diabetes. 2011 ... [View]

2009-11-28 - Art Applewhite 10.25 Original Flying Saucer Launch 001 - G64W-X - 30 FPS - HF100k (0 00:00:18)
2009-11-28 - Art Applewhite 10.25 Original Flying Saucer Launch 001 - G64W-X - 30 FPS - HF100 [View]

2009 03 14 TORC Launch 0005 Scratch 4th Rocket Flight 003 H128W M Rocket View (0 00:00:18)
2009-03-14 - TORC Launch 0005 - Scratch 4th Rocket Flight 003 - H128W-M - Rocket View [View]

Beagle in a Tree (0 00:00:18)
End of the flight of The Beagle on a K550. NARCON launch March 2007 [View]

Survival Laser 3 LPM Test (0 00:00:18)
Laser power meter test of a prototype 3W+ SL III handheld laser design using a copper heat sink and module, 9mm 445nm diode, S4 host, 405-G-1 lens and a prototype adjustable SD-3 driver set at 2.2A. [View]

bigred (0 00:00:18)
Wesley's scratch built Big Red. First flight on an F52 reload. Great flight, Wes! [View]

Survival Laser II Special Edition Laser Power Meter (LPM) Test (0 00:00:18)
This is a video of an LPM test of a Survival Laser II Special Edition diode and driver module that was shot for a customer. The module metered over 2,350mW peak output on the Laserbee II laser power ... [View]

CC Express Explosion (0 00:00:18)
Recorded on April 04, 2008 using a Flip Video camcorder. [View]

Soyuz D12 3 (0 00:00:18)
This is a 1/48th scale cardstock model of the Soyuz rocket. It is flying on a D12-3 motor. [View]

Fliskits Frick & Frack (0 00:00:18)
My Fliskits Frick & Frack takes off with a B6-0/C6-0 Combination. I love how the top section spins on the way down. (Oct 6, 2007) [View]

Meat Grinder (0 00:00:18)
Meat Grinder landing on its homemade 32" chute. I should have used a 36" instead. [View]

2009-03-22 - ASP Tallboy Flight 005 - F24W-7 - 210 fps (0 00:00:18)
2009-03-22 - ASP Tallboy Flight 005 - F24W-7 - 210 fps [View]

Maverick rocket - Aerotech K700 (0 00:00:18)
Nic is the rocket building ninja [View]

Optimus 11-29-08 016 (0 00:00:18)
Art Applewhite "Priority Stealth" on an AT G76G. [View]

SpaceLoft Qualification Static Test #4 (0 00:00:18)
In 2006 UP Aerospace and Cesaroni Technology teamed to develop the SpaceLoft rocket propulsion system. The system was designed and fully flight qualified in less than 6 months. The powerful rocket ... [View]

LOC Magnum (0 00:00:18)
LOC Magnum on an Aerotech I300. Eight pound rocket went to 1036 feet. [View]

Lane's Centuri Saturn 1B (0 00:00:18)
Video for the Centuri review on EMRR ( [View]

Endeavour e 01 Rocket Launch (0 00:00:18)
Slo-Mo of the rocket launch, Estes Rocket on a D9-7 motor [View]

JayHawk Rocket AQM-37 (0 00:00:18)
Launch of Madcow Rocketry Jayhawk AQM-37. Powered by Estes F15-4 black powder motor. Estimated altitude 300ft [View]

D13 Bullseye (0 00:00:18)
My Fliskits Bullseye lifts off with an OLD D13-4W. I got distracted by helping out another rocketeer so the wrong flight card was read. The initial chuff is the hot igniter used to start the motor. ... [View]

06_triumvirate (0 00:00:18)
My scratch built Triumvirate on an E28 reload with one of my homemade igniters. SARG Launch, February 18, 2012. [View]

Tethered Flight Test 10/10/2008 (0 00:00:18)
At last, a convincing hover! Just in time for the LLC. [View]

Redstone Missile 1/9 scale slow speed liftoff on J-510 Rocket motor (0 00:00:18)
Scratch Built Redstone Missile 1/9 scale slow speed liftoff on J-510 Rocket motor filmed at 120fps by Peter Dekluyver at the OROC Brothers launch site 10/18/2014 [View]

Estes PCM F-106 Delta Dart launch (0 00:00:18)
Estes PCM F-106 Delta Dart launch [View]

Flight of the Thunderbird (0 00:00:18)
This is an awesome video of my Thunderbird custom built rocket. I built it in one hour from a bunch of spare parts. It's five feet tall and ran off a Aerotech F-22. It reached over 2000 feet. Please ... [View]

Odd-Roc (p18) Gleason Entry (0 00:00:18)
This was a "pop-a-lot" ping-pong ball shooter: [View]

big_daddy.MOV (0 00:00:18)
My smiley face Big Daddy rocket on a C11-3 at Snow Ranch. [View]

High country rocket launch (0 00:00:18)
This is a 6 foot tall 2 1/2 inch diamter rocket launched on an Aerotech F24-7. Approximate altitude was 1000 feet (calculated from a simulator). The launch pad was at about 8500 feet above ... [View]

Countdown and launch of Estes model rocket (0 00:00:18)
Video my EeePC took of the launch of an Estes AstroVision rocket. I was going to retrieve the video from the rocket itself and edit it together so they're side-by-side, but the rocket got lost in the ... [View]

LOC 7.5" V-2 rocket flying on Aerotech J 570 (0 00:00:18)
LOC 7.5" V-2 rocket flying on Aerotech J 570 [View]

nike smoke (0 00:00:18)
my first supersonic flight [View]

Legacy II Launch 2 (0 00:00:18)
Legacy rockets will be used to qualify for the Team America Rocketry Challenge Competition! [View]

mod quest harpoon 2 stage (0 00:00:18)
I added a two inch long 18mm engine booster to the harpoon body tube and set the fins and launch lugs at the recommended distances from the base of the original kit. Lead shot was glued into the ... [View]

Rocket CATO (0 00:00:18)
My Rcandy D class rocket failed! [View]

04_stairway (0 00:00:18)
My scratch built Stairway To Heaven, on a G53 Blackjack reload. 9-1/2 feet tall, 2.6" diameter. SARG launch, 12/10/11. [View]

World's First 3X Mars Lander Model Rocket Kit by Colossus Rockets and Off We Go Rocketry (0 00:00:18)
Lift-Off of the World's First 3X Mars Lander Model Rocket Kit by Colossus Rockets and Off We Go Rocketry This is the first launch of the 3X Mars Lander, September 8, 2012, in North Branch, MN at the ... [View]

Static EX-M motor test (0 00:00:18)
May, 2007 - Tim Boschert tested an AP based "Wimpy Red" formula in an Aerotech 98mm 10240 case. The burn was clean and without air void pops. Tim had mixed the motor a little on the wimpy side as he ... [View]

Bull Puppy 1st flight.MOV (0 00:00:18)
PML Bull Puppy on an AeroTech H148R, good flight, landed about a half mile away. [View]

Mars Lander - Lift Off - 3X Upscale of the Original Estes Model (0 00:00:18)
Mars Lander - Lift Off - 3X Upscale of the Original Estes Model This was launched on a Cesaroni K650 Smokey Sam motor. The Rocket stands 40" tall and 40" wide, over 20 lbs. For more information ... [View]

Oh Yes.... (0 00:00:19)
Estes Phoenix on e11-5j at CMASS 08.13.2011 [View]

outhouse rocket.MP4 (0 00:00:19)
I built a little rocket-powered outhouse, launched it in the desert. It flew ok, but the parachute didn't deploy until it hit the ground, too funny! [View]

LDRS 30 Ntropy N950 (0 00:00:19)
My "Ntropy" 4" diameter 6' tall rocket on a Gorilla Motors N950 demo. The motor burned 10-11 seconds. 21500'+ apogee, landed 3.5 miles into the wind. September 3, 2011 at LDRS 30 in Argonia, KS. ... [View]

L2 Cert Flight (0 00:00:19)
My L2 flight flying my Madcow Tomach on a CTI L935. Reached 24,258ft at mach 1.8. [View]

Model Rocket Launch 5 (0 00:00:19)
This is the fifth of five launches we accomplished. We had to design and launch a model rocket for my Intro to Aerospace class at Georgia Tech. The objectives for the launch were as follows: Apogee ... [View]

Mercury Joe Story Flight 2E (tower cam) (0 00:00:19)
Here's the view of the crash from onboard the rocket. [View]

Awsome High power rocket launch at NEFAR #2 very cool (0 00:00:19)
This is another video of my sky serpant taken from a different angle. It flew on a J365 smokey motor. It reached a maximum altitude of about 200'. Check out High power rocket launch at NEFAR #1 for ... [View]

Little Joe-II 1/45 model crash (0 00:00:19)
video taken by Gary Aslakson. Estes Little Joe-II on E15 motor. The Launch Lugs snapped off at liftoff, causing the model to pitch badly. If you build the model, the Corrugated body is ABS, so use a ... [View]

S8E/P Landing at 2010 WSMC in Serbia (0 00:00:19)
Unknown model coming in for a 100 point landing in the S8E/P Event at the 2010 WSMC in Serbia [View]

Flame Thrower at LDRS 29 (0 00:00:19)
A scratch built 10' x 10" diameter 90 lb rocket flown on an Aerotech M1939 motor. The motor has a propellant weight of 11.6 lbs with a total thrust of 2300 lbs. [View]

Flight of the Navajo AGM (0 00:00:19)
I finally fly my two-stage, mid-power rocket(G80 to G64)at Tripoli Idaho's launch site near Swan Falls Dam. It's a scratch-built, 3-times upscale of the Quest Navajo AGM model rocket. I used ... [View]

Tomahawk Rocket Boost Glider (0 00:00:19)
Maiden flight of my Radio Controlled Tomahawk Rocket Boost Glider on a Estes D11-P motor. Launched at the EARS rocket club on 7th April 2019. Flew great. [View]

6 foot long Rocket Motor Test (0 00:00:19)
This was a test of a rocket project which flew in the Nevada desert on three P impulse motors, each motor exceeding 20,500 newton seconds. An Estes D12 has 20 newton seconds. Ignition was thermite ... [View]

Semroc Hawk Glider Rocket - Estes Pro-Series II Launch Controller (0 00:00:19)
Rocket: Semroc Hawk Glider. Launch Controller: Estes New Pro-Series II. Purchased: Roger's Hobby Center in Saginaw, Michigan High recommended: Estes Pro-series II ... [View]

Loki J something (0 00:00:19)
High Power Rocket Launch Loki J Sparky Motor [View]

Saturn V Model Rocket Launch (0 00:00:19)
On April 25, 2009, history will be made. At Higgs Farm in Price, Maryland, Steve Eves will enter the history books as the person who flew the largest model rocket in history. The rocket will weigh ... [View]

Estes rocket launch fail (0 00:00:19)
Make sure you get the prime wires touching the solid fuel engine [View]

Estes Alpha III BT 60 Upscale 1st Launch at IRW (0 00:00:19)
This was my first launch with this rocket at International Rocket Week. Flying with a Klima D9-7 and a 18mm-24mm adaptor. Landed safely despite burnt parachute. [View]

2011-11-19 Autonomy F1.mp4 (0 00:00:19)
For more info see: and [View]

TARC Rocket Launch 2017 (0 00:00:19)
757ft Filmed at Spring Grove Area High school Sorry for recording the video vertically. My sins will be forgiven. [View]

Nomad rocket launch (0 00:00:19)
I launched my Nomad rocket for the first time, and because I didn't see this rocket on YouTube before, I decided to upload it, enjoy! ( You can buy this on amazon, it's a kit made by custom rockets) [View]

High Speed Launch LV2.3 October 17, 2010 (0 00:00:19)
PSAS successfully launched "Launch Vehicle No. 2.3" (LV2's third airframe) with a roll control module and "spin can" on Sunday October 17th, 2010 at Oregon Rocketry's (OROC) Brothers' launch site. ... [View]

Crayon Rocket (0 00:00:19)
A crayon bank rocket that goes horizontal after lift off. It was flown on three F motors, all three lit, but the motor mount collapsed. [View]

Cox 049 Flying Rag (0 00:00:19)
Andy having a barrel of fun with a Cox engine cold fingers and some red rag on a winter afternoon in July. [View]

Stiletto-C Failed Launch (0 00:00:19)
Launch of the Stiletto-C Rocket built from plans of the National Rocketry Association (NAR). The launch failed due to the wings breaking off. [View]

2009 03 14 TORC Launch 0005 Scratch 4th Rocket Flight 003 H128W M Dual View Controller (0 00:00:19)
2009-03-14 - TORC Launch 0005 - Scratch 4th Rocket Flight 003 - H128W-M - Dual View Controller [View]

Red Glare XI patriot (0 00:00:19)
Performance Rocketry 1/4 patriot on a CTI I223 skidmark [View]

"Big Enough To Know Better" 8in Rocket Launch (0 00:00:19)
This footage was taken roughly 1,500 ft away from the pad. Rocket Information: 8 in diameter, 127 lb at the pad and, 13 ft tall! Altitude reached: 13,600 ft. Max speed: Mach 0.88 (roughly 670mph) ... [View]

Desert Heat 2011 - Night Launch (0 00:00:19)
Just one of the rockets that launched last night (March 26) outside of Tucson, AZ at the SARA Desert Heat Night Launch event. I wish I'd brought a real camera... ... [View]

Large high power 2 stage rocket launch 2 (0 00:00:19)
This was the ill-fated inaugural flight of the big Nike Smoke 2 stage. It was raining confetti.... [View]

Late ejection = major zipper Super Big Bertha Rocket (0 00:00:19)
A Super Big Bertha clone flies on an AT F40-7. Late ejection charge results in a zipper that destroys the rocket. I decide that a zipperless (mid break) design will be part of the rebuild. [View]

Model Rocket No Fins (0 00:00:19)
Part of science fair experiment about aerodynamics and rockets. This launch removed the fins off the rocket. [View]

Star Leopard M2801 Boost (0 00:00:19)
Jim Scarpine's 7.5" rocket, Star Leopard, boosts on a 98/10240 M2801. [View]

Nike Smoke Pad View (0 00:00:19)
Madcow Rocketry 2.6" Nike Smoke launched on an Aerotech H669 Warp 9. Ripped the top rail button off during launch, pulled about 80 G's off the pad. [View]

RTP3 High Power Rocket onboard camera with data (0 00:00:19)
Past 7th second data is incorrect due recovery system fault. RTP3 Rocket with data embedded into video using Flight Data Converter. For download, information of use and help visit: http://fo ... [View]

ARLISS Rocket Launch 2002 (0 00:00:19)
Successful flight of my ARLISS rocket in 2002 on an Aerotech M1419 at Black Rock Desert, Nevada [View]

March 2016 Ben Williams (0 00:00:19)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 213 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

Eddie's Ol Yeller H268 (0 00:00:19)
Eddie Haith's Old Yeller on a H268. The motor chuffs on the pad, burning delay resulting in an early ejection. It was slow enough that there was no damage. [View]

South Texas Aerospace Club Night Rocket Launch July 12, 2014 at Beeville Municipal Airport (0 00:00:19)
South Texas Aerospace Club Night Rocket Launch July 12, 2014 at Beeville Municipal Airport. Wastequip rocket blast-off by first time flyer #8. [View]

18mm x-fire (0 00:00:19)
art applewhite's new x-fire heli-rocket. More stuff at: [View]

North Coast Rocketry Phantom 4000 (0 00:00:19)
My North Coast Rocketry (by Estes) Phantom 4000 flying on an F-62-4 "Darkstar" motor. (CIRCA 1999) [View]

Frick & Frack (0 00:00:19)
My Fliskits Frick & Frack flies with a C6-0/C6-3 combo. [View]

Sara Khan Soon To Host A Show By Vikas Gupta | Saas Bahu Aur Saazish (0 00:00:19)
Sara Arfeen Khan is an Indian actress and television host. She is best known for her role as Alka Tiwari in STAR One's hit serial Dhoondh Legi Manzil Humein and Love Ka Hai Intezaar as Maharani ... [View]

12_soothsayer (0 00:00:19)
My scratch built Soothsayer's first flight, on a 38mm G61 White Lightning reload, drilled to 6 seconds. I lost sight of it in the haze, so didn't get video of the deployment. Very nice flight, I was ... [View]

Liberty 3 Rocket on a J270 (0 00:00:19)
My modified Liberty 3 rocket from Giant Leap Rocketry being flown on a Cessaroni J270. The rocket has a 12" payload section added to the top. The shock cord ripped out and the rocket broke on impact. [View]

Art Applewhite 36 inch Delta Flying Saucer on an L780-SF at Asa, Tx (0 00:00:19)
This flight was made on October 29, 2001 at the Heart of Texas Rocket Club (HOTROC) launch at Asa, Texas, It is a 36 inch Delta flying saucer on a Loki L78-SF motor. [View]

RX8 IN F20C S2000 engine (0 00:00:19)
riya racing team boss car RX8 [View]

MMA carderd Skywriterflight-backyard (0 00:00:19)
Available as a pdf download in the cardstock rocketry section on The Rocketry Forum. 7th post. I made a paper nosecone variant for this model, it ... [View]

Quit Smoking Hotlines Busier Following CDC's Ad Campaign Launch (0 00:00:19)
Calls to quit smoking hot lines have nearly doubled since the Centers for Disease Control launched a campaign that featured real-life people coping with smoking-related illnesses. [View]

AIAA UCF FAR-1030 Rocket Launch | UCF's Most Powerful Rocket (0 00:00:19)
AIAA UCF's high altitude rocket launch at Friends of Amateur Rocketry on June 1, 2019. The rocket reached a maximum altitude of 21,348 feet above ground level and won 2nd place in the FAR 1030-5R ... [View]

V2 L600 Cherryfield Maine 2000 (0 00:00:19)
Onbaoard Video 70cm video telemetry package Rocket Launched off Mangetic Rod Lubgs [View]

Time Lapse of Firing a couple Model Rockets (0 00:00:19)
Decided to relive my childhood days by of course using my niece and nephew as an excuse to play with model rockets once again! Used my GoPro Hero 3 on 0.5 second capture intervals, then recompiled ... [View]

"T. Rex" rocket flight /L-1800 motor/ (0 00:00:19)
Flight of 18kg. , 3m.tall rocket "T.Rex" with 3600N.s "L" motor. Propellant "Dragon-F" flame. Altitude - ~1000m. [View]

Saucer Rocket 38mm Kn03+Sorbitol (0 00:00:19)
Home made 5 sided "saucer" with KnSB-2 bates grains of propellant in a 38/360 case. Out of ignighters so I had to use a fuse. Would have gotten up to speed quicker with an e-match and head end ... [View]

Kn03 38mm H class Saucer rocket (0 00:00:19)
38mm KnSB homade propellant in an Aerotech 38/360 motor case. [View]

Saucer rocket 29mm (0 00:00:19)
Home made saucer rocket on an Aerotech G 76 motor. [View] (0 00:00:19)
Gerald Meux's LDRS 29 Pad Cam 2 10" Nike Smoke CTI N1100 Altitude 10500ft 700fps 6g's [View]

N 2000 Rocket launch (0 00:00:19)
a slow motion look at a picture perfect flight with a 5 motor rocket [View]

Estes Flutter-By on a B6 motor, Maiden Flight (0 00:00:19)
Mojave Desert Advanced Rocket Society (TRA) host their monthly launch, with invited guests Southern Kern Aeronautics and Rocketry Club (SKAR) This is the maiden flight of the Estes Flutter-By. Great ... [View]

Big Daddy launch C11 (0 00:00:19)
once again launched on a 12 acre park. used a c11 and attached an 18" chute. [View]

Model Rocket - Saturn 6 Launch 3 (7/12/2010) (0 00:00:19)
B engine flight. High altitude winds blew rocket three blocks south. Did recover it after launches. [View]

Estes Vintage (K-36) Saturn - V Launch/Slow Motion (1/4 speed) (0 00:00:19)
Same as the full speed version; speed reduced to 1/4 and only goes to when the Saturn reaches apogee. Looks and sounds cool (and spooky!). [View]

Water Rocket Glider 2016 07 04 #01 (0 00:00:19)
First flight of a water rocket propelled glider. [View]

Fanblade F22J (0 00:00:19)
My fanblade on an F22J on July 14, 2007 [View]

Model rockets rock. (0 00:00:19)
One of my first launches after getting back into model rocketry after 20 years. Grandma, Grandpa and 3 year-old Charlie provide the launch countdown. [View]

SCRA Rocket Launch - 10/5/19 - Nice Mojave Green (0 00:00:19)
Someone at the launch flew on an Aerotech G78 motor. High average thrust, short burn time, and wonderfully loud in person. [View]

Saturn V Model Rocket Launch (0 00:00:19)
1/10th scale of the Saturn-V, by Steve Eves. For more info: To see my stills: ... [View]

2011 Tuff Truck Challenge DVD Launch 30 radio ad (0 00:00:19)
Buy now online at See the Tuff Truck website for the launch day celebrations. [View]

IQSY Tomahawk on an E20-4W (0 00:00:20)
My venerable Aerotech IQSY Tomahawk boosting on an E20-4W. Look closely after launch and you'll see that the vehicle takes the igniter leads with it for about 6 or 7 feet before tearing free and ... [View]

Cadet Johnson's Big Rocket (0 00:00:20)
One of my proteges--C/Captain Johnny Johnson of the Sanilac Composite Squadron (Michigan Wing--Civil Air Patrol) launches his mailing tube rocket for the first time on a cluster of four C6-3 motors ... [View]

Successful NAR Cert. Level 1 Flight (0 00:00:20)
First post / HPR flight. I safely lit off an H112J-M Aerotech motor and successfully recovered it for my Certification flight. [View]

PML MATRIX Ejection Charge Test - 1.25 grams FFFF Black Powder (0 00:00:20)
This is the 4th and final recovery component ground test of my newly completed PML MATRIX rocket prior to my NAR Level 1 attempt. It was determined that 1.25 grams of GOEX 4F black powder was ... [View]

Solid Rocket Motor - 3D Printed Nozzle (0 00:00:20)
Converging nozzle design printed from PLA. Walls of nozzle about 4mm thick. Check out my Website for more information on this project and others: [View]

LUNAR February 2012 (0 00:00:20)
Full M. Had a nice sound to this one. [View]

Alpha Rocket launch 12-11-11 (0 00:00:20)
Alpha Rocket launched on Sunday afternoon on 12-11-11. Most likely the last launch of the year 2011. [View]

Mean Machine (0 00:00:20)
Kit's pink Mean Machine. He thinks it was a C11-3, not t D12-3. LUNAR Launch, 02/04/12. [View]

Accidental Air Rocket Chute Deployment (0 00:00:20)
The outer cable housing on my air rocket chute was damaged (cut through and not restrained) and when I was getting into my ultralight my back pushed on the outer cable which pulled on the inner ... [View]

Mach One Rocketry Portia H180-7W Aerotech motor at LUNAR (0 00:00:20)
Mach One Rocketry Portia on an H180-7W... perfect flight! [View]

High power rocket nike smoke at NEFAR (0 00:00:20)
This is a 45% of the Nike Smoke flying on an M motor. I put a soda can under the motor in a cinder block. You can see it flaming off to the right. [View]

LV2C Launch in Brothers, OR June 27, 2010 (0 00:00:20)
On June 27th 2010 Portland State Aerospace Society launched a 12 foot experimental rocket to an altitude of 15,600 feet. See for more information. [View]

Rocket "boosted hop" soft abort to 823.4 meters, 27 January 2010 (0 00:00:20)
823.4 meters above sea level, that is. It started at 822.2 meters above sea level idle hover position, making it about a 4 foot hop. On this flight Ian told the rocket to soft abort right after ... [View]

Rocket motor CATO (0 00:00:20)
CATO of an Aerotech G64-7W model rocket motor [View]

What if Slim Pickens flew on a Space Shuttle? (0 00:00:20)
What if Slim Pickens flew on a Space Shuttle? Short onboard Space Shuttle SRB sep video which was silent, begging for some special audio to be added. The video was slowed down to allow for the ... [View]

Nose cone ground test... (0 00:00:20)
Nose cone ground test of my L3 rocket... [View]

Matthew Berk Flying S8D at 2010 WSMC - US Team (0 00:00:20)
Matthew Berk boosting his S8D Rocket Glider, at the 2010 WSMC in Serbia. Matthew was one of three US Junior Team members who took the Junior Team Gold Medal in S8D [View]

Estes ROCKET CC Express 2 stage D12-0 / D12-7 launch OUT OF SIGHT ! 720p (0 00:00:20)
Estes rocket CC Express 2 stage launch engine D12 D12-7 OUT OF SIGHT ! 720p Lost this one, simply went to far to see anymore! [View]

Aerotech H550ST-14A Super Thunder DMS Single Use Rocket Motor (0 00:00:20)
Motor available at Single use Aerotech DMS 38mm rocket motor with a 14 adjustable delay. [View]

Upscale Starship Vega on I218R u (0 00:00:20)
Reached 719 ft. Successful 2 chute electronic deployment. [View]

Cluster of Aerotech H165 Redline and a pair of Aerotech F24 White Lightning's (0 00:00:20)
Flown at the DARS High Power Rocket Launch in Gunter, TX on October 25, 2014. Motors available at [View]

Armadillo Aerospace Hover. (0 00:00:20)
X Prize Cup 2005. New Mexico! Rocketpowered vehicles. [View]

Deployment with slider at 50 mph (0 00:00:20)
Chute deployment is the most violent phase of flight. Excess speed tears & shreds chutes. The SLIDER softens deployment by opening the chute gradually & stops the chute from "popping" open. ... [View]

Fliskits Morning Star (0 00:00:20)
Small diameter mid-power rocket from Fliskits [View]

Red Rocket On F23W (0 00:00:20)
09-2008 Short Red Rocket - F23W SRB - helpful hint: do not use velcro inside the body tube to connect important rocket parts together, even if the velcro is covered by heat resistant material! As ... [View]

Honest John CATO (0 00:00:20)
Freedom Launch - Brent's Honest John cato. [View]

LDRS 1- The burn (0 00:00:20)
Justin showing the burn on the launch pad from the rocket. [View]

LOC Minie Magg on an Aerotech I245G (0 00:00:20)
This was at snow ranch, if anyone was wondering. This Minie Magg has been through lot, I tell you. It's even blown up on a bad G80! This was taken by my friend's gopro. [View]

Big Daddy Disaster (0 00:00:20)
Oops! I left the eye protector stuck on the launch rod. Conseqently the Estes "Big Daddy" took the launch pad up with it when it took off. It did a slow arc then headed directly for the vid ... [View]

L1 Cert flight w/CRASH 2/5/17 from ground (0 00:00:20)
L1 Certification flight using Estes Mammoth rocket w/ 29mm Cesaroni H-42 mellow drilled for 7 sec delay. Reached 2957' AGL and 326mph. Chute release set for 500' AGL. Taken with cell phone. [View]

G71-1R American Spirit (0 00:00:20)
I launch my American Spirit with an Aerotech G71-4 Redline motor. The delay was closer to 1 second. This was the third rocket I launched at the troop 111 cubscout launch. May 20th, 2010 [View]

Rocket Launch (0 00:00:20)
Rocket Type: Mid-Power Hobby Rocket Diameter: 3 in. Weight: 1.043 kg Length: 44 in (Airframe + Payload) Motor: Aerotech Composite Model Rocket Motor G40-4W, single stage, 29 mm, 125 grams. Maximum ... [View]

Rocket Launch from Model Boat (Goes Awry) (0 00:00:20)
More Info: (Description below) Expendable model rocket launches from 40" model destroyer and detonates recovery charge in water. The rocket is made of paper and ... [View]

Zipperless Rocket design = No damage to Super Big Bertha (0 00:00:20)
The Rebuilt Super Big Bertha clone flies on an AT H128-m. Late ejection charge results in NO DAMAGE to the rocket Zipperless (mid break) design proves successful with a late ejection at 2000 ft [View]

SpaceX Conducts First Multi-Engine Firing of Falcon 9 Rocket (0 00:00:20)
Test firing of two Merlin 1C engines at the SpaceX test facility in McGregor, Texas. Powered by liquid oxygen and rocket grade kerosene, the pair of Merlins produced over 181000 pounds of thrust ... [View]

Estes Long Tom Launch (0 00:00:20)
Estes Lost after Excessive Power on Launch [View]

The Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC) is the world’s largest student rocket contest and a key piece of the aerospace and defense industry’s strategy to build a stronger U.S. ... [View]

01_disruptor (0 00:00:20)
My scratch built Ion Disruptor's first flight on a 38mm H148 Redline reload. Unfortunately, I forgot to tight the quick link and the aft section separated at ejection. Other than that, it was a nice ... [View]

Solar Flare - Launch 1 (0 00:00:20)
Scratch rocket built for contest. [View]

2011 11 19 Jean Lake Launch #1 Ground view (0 00:00:20)
F motor launch #1 at the Tripoli monthly launch - Jean Lake Nevada. [View]

Upscale Der Red Max (0 00:00:20)
Did a upscale of the Estes Der Red Max 1.59. Good flight tore two of parachute lines lose no damage to the rocket. [View]

Unstable "P" motor rocket flight (0 00:00:20)
Large rocket has stability issues. Powered by solid fuel "P" motor [View]

Return Of The Pink Panther Karate Kick At Cato (0 00:00:20)
This is at the end of the movie where Peter Sellers does a silly Karate kick aimed at Cato, he misses him and hilarty ensues. Please leave comments. NOTE--- Watch Cato as he walks round the corner ... [View]

Anthony's Orange Rocket, first flight of two, hand held camera (0 00:00:20)
Anthony flew this rocket twice today. This is the first of the two launches. [View]

N class rocket motor CATO (0 00:00:20)
experimental rocket esplodes :/ [View]

Model Rockets (0 00:00:20)
Shooting our first model rocket on 5/14/13 with Levi 8 & Paige 5. Good times. [View]

2009-04-12 - Aerotech Astrobee D Flight 008 - G64W-7 - Ground View - FC100 - FH20 (0 00:00:20)
2009-04-12 - Aerotech Astrobee D Flight 008 - G64W-7 - Ground View Casio FC100 on the left. Casio FH20 on the right. [View]

Helicat II (0 00:00:20)
Estes Helicat, C6-5 chute detached. Vintage 90's rocket. 808 keychain cam. [View]

STAC launch at Beeville (0 00:00:20)
Flight of a flying saucer at the South Texas Aerospace Club launch at Beeville Municipal Airport on August 11, 2012 [View]

Fliskits "Frick N Frack" Maiden Flight (0 00:00:20)
Taken at the "Field of Dreams" Ultralight Airpark in San Antonio, TX on 8 April 2010. [View]

Hyperloc 835 flying at TCC's Dairy Aire (0 00:00:20)
My Hyperloc 835 flying at TCC's Dairy Aire in Fresno yesterday. My biggest (by volume) and heaviest (6lbs) rocket yet, on my largest motor yet, an I218 Redline. It was a good flight, but it drifted ... [View]

One of Kit's tube finned rockets (0 00:00:20)
One of Kit's tube finned rockets on a G76. Nice flight! SARG launch, 040911. [View]

Awesome Launch of the Patriot (0 00:00:20)
This is the launch of the six foot long Patriot. (Was originally seven foot but it crashed. Running off a G-48 it reached 600 ft. [View]

13_kit.MOV (0 00:00:20)
One of Kit's rockets. SARG Launch, March 12, 2011. [View]

Estes Magnum #2032 (dual 24mm mod) Successful flight on D12-0/D12-5 (0 00:00:20)
Successful flight of my Estes Magnum #2032 on a D12-0/D12-5 combo. View from the pad. [View]

Apogee Aspire on Apogee F10 (0 00:00:20)
Minimum diameter 29mm rocket does a disappearing act on a long-burn motor. [View]

Lake Ridge Academy Rocketry Club Launch 2007 (0 00:00:20)
Yet another launch by the Lake Ridge Academy Rocketry Club! [View]

Level Two Cert Flight LDRS 31 (0 00:00:20)
This is my level two cert flight at LDRS XXXI. It took two flights but the second one was the charm. Although the altimeter fired all charges it failed to record an altitude for the flight. My guess ... [View]

Concept 98 rocket (0 00:00:20)
carbon fiber Concept 98 flying on a Aerotech J-90 W motor [View] (0 00:00:20)
My 3" Bull Puppy on an II61W at the Superstition Spacemodeling launch May 2010. [View]

Todd H. - Outer Limits Red Motor (0 00:00:20)
Flight at MDRA ESL 164 in Price, MD. Deployed main chute at apogee, recovered next day. [View]

WRG 2016 07 31a fpv (0 00:00:20)
Flight of the water rocket glider with a reduced nozzle and an onboard camera. [View]

Rocket powered monocopter (0 00:00:20)
This is a shakedown flight for the world's first hybrid powered monocopter. A monocopter is a flying machine with a single wing on one end and a motor on the other end. It is kind of a maple seed in ... [View]

Masten Space Flight 10 2009.07.02 (0 00:00:20)
The first test of 'autoland' capability on Masten Space Systems' XA-0.1B-750 vertical takeoff, vertical landing rocket vehicle. The vehicle is commanded to take off, then land itself and shut off ... [View]

Spacemonkey Models V2 PMC (0 00:00:20)
Flying conversion of Spacemonkey Models plastic V2 kit [View]

Big Nuke on K550W.MOV (0 00:00:20)
Extended LOC Big Nuke on an Aerotech K550W Motor. Apogee at 3,682ft / Main at 700ft [View]

Armadillo sounding rocket nose cone drogue test (0 00:00:20)
Blowing the composite nose off the Tube Rocket known as Stig. This shows the flight configuration, a classic dual deployment of drogue parachute and main. Here only the nose removal and drogue ... [View]

Sather getting ready to launch the Coke bottle. (0 00:00:20)
By far the most creative use of a recycling container ever.. [View]

Slow Motion Launch of Darrell's rocket on a sparky motor. (0 00:00:20)
This was a SlowMo launch at AEROPAC Mudrock 2011. Find more launch pics here: Find more info about ARLISS here: Find more info about ... [View]

Craig Kuchenmeister I211W (0 00:00:21)
Craig Kuchenmeister flies his No Wake on an I211W at Southern Thunder 2008. [View]

Static test of an 'H' class reload (0 00:00:21)
Static test of an 'H' class reload in an AeroTech RMS-29/40-120 model rocket motor casing. [View]

Model Rocket with Camera (0 00:00:21)
My slightly adapted AstroCam model rocket with an MD90 mini DV camera attached. The engine is an Estes C6-3 and the entire take-off weight was about 120g I think it reached just about 105 m in ... [View]

Rick's LDRS 23 Rocket shred (0 00:00:21)
Rick's chinese Long March did what chinese Long Marches's why we love from wally world ;-) [View]

Quad Pod II - Launch 7 (0 00:00:21)
This is the 7th launch of Quad Pod II. It was launch on June 6, 2009 at an AARG club launch. It used an Apogee F10 motor, and reached a height of about 35 feet. Quad Pod II use a gyro chip to ... [View]

Rocket launch from Cape Canaveral as seen from NWS Miami (0 00:00:21)
This is a short video clip taken outside the office of NWS Miami/NHC of the SpaceX rocket launch from Cape Canaveral. Taken at around 5:45 PM EST December 3, 2013. [View]

PSAS Launch 2010-06-27 (0 00:00:21)
Lift off of Launch Vehicle No. 2.3 (LV2's third airframe) with PSAS' first Roll Control module took place at Oregon Rocketry's (OROC) "Summer Skies" launch. We launched on Sunday June 27th at 2:44pm ... [View]

unknown 2 (0 00:00:21)
unknown rocket at ST08. [View]

Roll Controll system - Initial testing of code and mechanism (0 00:00:21)
UC Irvine Rocket Project 2005-06 Our initial design was for 3-axis control. Due to launch organizer safety concerns of a prototype design, public launch event, and budge reasons, control system was ... [View]

NYPOWER X Saturn V (0 00:00:21)
The Hannas launched a great looking rendition of a Saturn V at NYPOWER X [View]

Russ Strand Monster Rocket Level 3 M Motor launch 1st June 2013 240fps (0 00:00:21)
High Speed video of Russ Strands Level 3 rocket launch, filmed at 120fps then slowed to 240fps using Canon SX50 camera on 1st June 2013 at the Big EARS rocketry Event [View]

Astra_III.MOV (0 00:00:21)
Quest Astra III on an Estes C6-3. Streamer recovery. [View]

03_QCC_Explorer (0 00:00:21)
QCC Explorer landing on its plastic chute. SARG Launch, January 14, 2012. [View]

Aerotech Tomahawk (0 00:00:21)
Aerotech ISQY Tomahawk w/ a f20-7w engine, maiden and last flight. Couldn't find over two hours of searching. Give me a break, it's been about 11 years since i flew a model rocket, and never one ... [View]

Defensive pursuit drill fit ball Mark Barnard (0 00:00:21)
Need an out-of-the-box drill to perfectly simulate a block touch for defenders? Check out the full drill from Mark Barnard: The slide can be one of the deadliest attacks in ... [View]

Cineroc launch cell phone launch on October 19th 2019 (0 00:00:21)
Cineroc launch cell phone launch on October 19th at Cambridge Rocketry Club [View]

Screaching K240 hybrid rocket launch (0 00:00:21)
At NYPOWER in 2002 the old K 240 design mades it signature sound......I miss that noise. [View]

RED GLARE 8 - 7 - Launch - 2010.04171310 (0 00:00:21)
RED GLARE 8: Mid-power launch. [2010.0417] This video was uploaded from an Android phone. [View]

Half Scale Patriot M1610BL Drone (0 00:00:21)
Some short drone footage of the 1/2 Scale Patriot on a Gorilla M1610BL (Sparky) at a M.A.R.S. launch... [View]

Matt Johnson's Santa Rocket Flight (0 00:00:21)
May 7th, 2011 at MMAR launch, Muskegon, MI [View]

3-stage Ariane at the 2010 WSMC in Serbia (0 00:00:21)
unknown model, separates boosters fires 3 stages, probably was clustered [View]

Estes Saturn V #2001 on a D12-3 heart stopper! (0 00:00:21)
This is my 20 yuear old Estes Saturn V, kit version #2001. I really love this rocket but as you can see, it's a bit much for a D12-3. Even in calm winds it's a little scary to fly. Next time I'll try ... [View]

Semroc SLS Scorpion (0 00:00:21)
Semroc SLS Scorpion on an E9-6. [View]

LED Finger Light test for night rocket (0 00:00:21)
Taped an LED finger Light to shine up inside of an unpainted Estes BT-60 Nose Cone. The video shows how brightly the flashing light makes the nose cone light up. For a real rocket flight, the light ... [View]

Rocket Launch with Onboard Camera (0 00:00:21)
Camera: Mini DV MD80 Rocket: Estes Spin Control Engine: C6-3 [View]

Aerotech I200W-M White Lightning RMS Reloadable Rocket Motor (0 00:00:21)
Motor available at Aerotech RMS Reloadable rocket motor for the 29-360 hardware. [View]

Projet Draco 2.3 de Pierre Laurendeau, Tripoli-Quebec (0 00:00:21)
Lancement de la fusée Draco 2.3 de Pierre Laurendeau et Marc Ouellette au lancement de "Rage at the Gage" sur la base militaire de Gagetown. Vous pouvez voir les spécifications techniques de la ... [View]

Model rocket launch at the desert. (0 00:00:21)
Zachary and dad launching a model rocket at Ocotillo Wells. 3/28/09 [View]

Mid-power rocketry (0 00:00:21)
First flight of an Art Applewhite 10" saucer on an Aerotech F40W [View]

Javelin XL on AT H165R (0 00:00:21)
My Level 1 certification flight on 5/19/2011. Shot with a P&S camera in video capture mode, so the video quality isn't the greatest. You have to watch really closely to see the upper part of the ... [View]

Terra Australis - Hypertek M1000 Hybrid (0 00:00:21)
Terra Australis Hybrid Rocket Launch Australian Rocketry Association - Certification Flight (L3) Rocket; 4" x 12' carbon Fibre 98mm HyperTEK M1000 Hybrid 2 Raven Altimeters 1 x Telemetrum ... [View]

Omega Launch High-Speed Video (0 00:00:21)
A clone of the Estes Omega is launched on a pair of D12 motors (slow-motion) [View]

Tethered Test XA-0.1B-750 2009.07.16 (0 00:00:21)
This test is to verify a faster engine start sequence and automatic landing routines. Ian Garcia, our resident Guidance, Navigation and Control software genius was pleased with the results. That's ... [View]

Cluster fire rocket (0 00:00:21)
Four cluster rocket, 3 A10 motors and a C6-5 [View]

Goodbye, Aerotech Initiator! (0 00:00:21)
This is the launch of my Aerotech Initiator, on a really old G40 motor with a 13 second time delay. I found this motor for 5 dollars at a hobby shop... Something tells me it was no ordinary G40. G40s ... [View]

First Launch (0 00:00:21)
The first launch of my pyrotechnic rocket with maple seed recovery. Launched using a B6-4 Engine. [View]

SA-14 Archer - Third Flight (0 00:00:21)
My 4" Diameter Archer Flying at Bong Field in Wisconsin Sept 2013 [View]

Giga Drill Breaker Rocket: 2nd flight (0 00:00:21)
Luckily, not a Lagann Impact. But my choice of motor, 2 Aerotech G138's, caused the rocket to fly so straight up that it came down on the chute, winding it around the shock cord. Note that I was too ... [View]

WSGC Rocket Competition Launch 2 (0 00:00:21)
Second Attempt. This time, the rover got tangled in the nosecone line and landed hard upside down. So close... [View]

Rocket Launch and Flight Animation - Blender - Low Poly (0 00:00:21)
Low poly rocket animation created in Blender Version 2.79. Couple days to design and create and about 5 hours to render at 720p, 100% scaled with 128 samples per frame with denoising enabled. Basic ... [View]

Ares I Model Rocket Launch (0 00:00:21)
Launch of an Ares I model rocket on a G motor. Conducted by the Huntsville Area Rocketry Association (HARA) at the Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) on June 4, 2008, as part of the Take Our ... [View]

Madcow Frenzy Massive CATO (0 00:00:21)
Forward motor closure failed, blowing the top half of the motor straight up through the body of the rocket. Rocket survived very well, other than the av bay bulkheads it is still structurally sound. ... [View]

Launch of "Rocketest" rocket with Aerotech I 161-W rocket motor on MIR 2010 (0 00:00:21)
"MIR 2010" in Italy, 10.07.2010., "Rocketest" rocket, L=154cm, D=100mm, m=2654g, Aerotech RMS I 161-W motor, total impulse 350Ns, apogee = 600m [View]

20 experimental seconds (0 00:00:21)
Just for channel icon purposes. Apologies to subscribers. [View]

PML Small Endeavour (0 00:00:21)
PML Small Endeavour on a G33-5. Not quite enough power in the motor and/or not quite long enough of a launch rod. Almost a tragedy. Launched at Team1's Manchester, Michigan launch on 7-17-2011. [View]

3500 lbf Hybrid rocket motor (0 00:00:21)
This was a 3500 lbf hybrid rocket motor static test fire located about 25 miles north east of Majove in the Antelope Valley in southern california. I was just a spectator to this test, so I don't ... [View]

2000 launch from near the rocket (0 00:00:21)
See for more details. [View]

Joe Grubb's upscale Pathfinder on a Aerotech I211. (0 00:00:21)
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. [View]

Tripoli Level 1 Certification Launch (0 00:00:21)
4000ft altitude, Cesaroni I236-17A "Blue Streak" rocket motor. [View]

Solar Flare - Launch 3 (0 00:00:21)
Scratch rocket built for a contest [View]

STS-129 Atlantis Launch Press Site TV-50 [HD] (0 00:00:21)
Launch from Atlantis for the STS-129 mission seen from Press Site TV-50. [View]

Der Big Red Max Clone Launch (0 00:00:21)
Just a better close up of the Der Big Red Max clone that I launched a few months ago. [View]

der White Max..........Estes (0 00:00:21)
Optional white on der red max.................. [View]

My upscale deuce (0 00:00:21)
Upscale Fliskits Deuce's wild, 6 inch diameter, 2 54mm motors (J800's on this flight) [View]

Origin of LDRS HD 720p (0 00:00:21)
Roger Johnson saying the phrase "large dangerous rocket ships" for the first time at an MTA launch in California in the Mid-'70s. [View]

Super DX3 Launch (0 00:00:21)
Level 1 certification attempt with a Super DX3 by Madcow Rocketry. Check out my new channel [View]

Straw Roller Coaster STEM Challenge (0 00:00:21)
Use straws to build a roller coaster for a ping pong ball! See more details here: [View]

South Texas Aerospace Club Night Rocket Launch July 12, 2014 at Beeville Municipal Airport (0 00:00:21)
South Texas Aerospace Club Night Rocket Launch July 12, 2014 at Beeville Municipal Airport. Wastequip rocket blast-off by first time flyer #5. [View]

Silver Spur 3 Launch - Mach 4.2 (0 00:00:21)
Launch of Silver Spur 3 with an all carbon fiber motor case in Black Rock, NV for Balls 19. Taken from ~200 feet away. Hit a top speed of Mach 4.2 and reached 62000 feet. 0-Mach 4 in 4.1 seconds. ... [View]

qcc2 (0 00:00:21)
QCC Explorer landing. LUNAR Snow Ranch Launch, 12/03/11. [View]

Another One Bites the Dust CCA Rocket Team (0 00:00:21)
CCA TARC Rocket team 2011 CATO #2. After one successful launch with our new re-loadable motors, our second flight was less then perfect. Boy I wish I had that one on film. Our third flight was not ... [View]

Arreaux J500 H45 (0 00:00:21)
Dave's upscale 2 stage Arreaux on a J500 to a H45. Boost only [View]

Matt's two stage rocket (0 00:00:21)
Matt Sikkink's two stage flying on an AeroTech K550 White Lighting to an AeroTech K185 White Lightning. Unfortunately the second stage motor never lit. [View]

Pro29 3G Classic Prototype (0 00:00:21)
Prototype of a Cesaroni Pro29-3G Classic reloadable rocket motor for MPR/HPR. [View]

P rocket motor CATO at BALLS (0 00:00:21)
A 6 inch diameter "P" solid fueled rocket motor has a Catastrophic Failure at Takeoff (CATO) at the BALLS launch Black Rock Desert, Nevada [View]

Environmental Aeroscience - 16 inch Nitrous Hybrid Rocket Motor #2 (0 00:00:21)
eAc fired a series of 16" Nitrous Hybrids in preparation for the development of the Scaled Composites SpaceShipOne propulsion system. This was the second firing of this scale of nitrous hybrid ... [View]

Roll Control - Desktop Test (0 00:00:21)
Rocket Team at Minnesota Avionics Roll Control Module demonstration. [View]

Launch Of Delta #18 Model Rocket - February 20, 2008 (0 00:00:21)
On the 46th anniversary of John Glenn's Mercury/Atlas 6 mission aboard Friendship 7, we launched our semi-scale Delta #18 carrying an AIPTEK PocketDV vidcam. Power was 1 Estes E9-6 motor. Vidcam and ... [View]

Estes (Semroc) Mars Lander (0 00:00:21)
Watch our Mars Lander take to the sky on a C6-0 motor. After a failed attempt a few years ago we decided to pick up the pieces and try again. This time it was mission accomplished! [View]

JayHawk Rocket AQM-37 (0 00:00:21)
Launch of Madcow Rocketry Jayhawk AQM-37. Powered by Aerotech G77-R composite motor. Has red flame if you look closely. Estimated altitude 1500ft. Recovered about 1/4 mile down wind. [View]

ADR2 Green H Motor (0 00:00:21)
Another flight of my ADR2 rocket on a 300Ns CTI Green motor [View]

2"mailer tube model rocket (0 00:00:21)
This is my 2"mailer tube scratch built..flew great on a D12-5.Was thinking about a E18 reload...yikes [View]

Chris Valinth's PML Phobos with G64 motor (0 00:00:21)
A 57-inch long, 2-inch diameter rocket capable of flying on a J350 motor. Luckily, Chris selected a G64 for our model rocket launch and had two successful flights. [View]

07_blood (0 00:00:21)
My scratch built Bloodsucker on a D12-5. LUNAR Launch, 02/04/12. [View]

017.MOV (0 00:00:21)
Battle Axe main deploy [View]

Judy Lubin's AP soda (0 00:00:21)
Judy's huge 100 lb soda bottle on an N3400 Sk [View]

LOC Caliber ISP (0 00:00:21)
LOC Precision Caliber ISP on Aerotech I161W. Apogee at 1,987ft / Main at 700 ft. [View]

East High School launches a BIG Rocket (0 00:00:21)
Master Sargent Luster and a group of East High School students launch a six foot rocket that they built. In all they have launced over 100 rockets! Model rocketry is NOT just a "fun" activity, it ... [View]

Silver Spur 3 (Super Spur) Launch (0 00:00:21)
Launch of USCRPL's Silver Spur 3 at Balls 19 in the Black Rock desert, Nevada. It features an all carbon fiber motor case, ablative fin leading edges, and a titanium nose cone tip. Flying on an ... [View]

Alien Queen - Super 8mm (0 00:00:21)
Muse - Pony Gold Design - Angela Izzo Footage - Ann Hadlock [View]

BoostGlider at January 2011 Sport Launch (0 00:00:21)
A boost glider at the Frozen Finger 2011 on the near pads. It might have been a Quest Flat Cat. (Video by Bob Morstadt) [View]

NAR Rocketry (0 00:00:22)
This was a friends K-185 Long burn launch..few years ago. Rocket was recovered..after a long search! [View]

Big Daddy Rocket Launch (0 00:00:22)
Watch the Big Daddy Model Rocket Launch! This rocket is using a C11-3 Engine! [View]

Static firing of Aerotech F20-4W rocket engine (0 00:00:22)
Static firing of Aerotech F20-4W rocket engine [View]

Estes Mean Machine Model Rocket With Recovery.wmv (0 00:00:22)
Ready to fly on Pad B at the Colorado Rocketry Association of Space Hobbyists, launch 10-20-2012. [View]

Northwest High School SLI Test Flight (0 00:00:22)
Northwest High School of Justin, Texas was selected to participate in NASA's SLI (Student Launch Initiative). This is a test flight of their high-powered rocket that took place on March 13, 2010 in ... [View]

Scott Taylor J365SK (0 00:00:22)
Scott Taylor's XST Triangle on a J365SK at ST08. [View]

Chute Release Vacuum Chamber 100ft (0 00:00:22)
Testing Jolly Logic Chute Release in Jolly Logic's vacuum chamber. Alongside Chute Release is a Jolly Logic AltimeterOne in realtime mode so that the current altitude is continuously displayed on ... [View]

"Electric Shadow" dual deployment test flight E20-4W (0 00:00:22)
After being damaged from a parachute that failed to deploy, I rebuilt my cluster-capable Estes Shadow (formerly known as "Naked Shadow IV") with an electroni... [View]

Golden Snitch launch April 10, 2010 at Cowatorium (0 00:00:22)
Slow motion (210 frames per second) launch of an Estes Golden Snitch at the Michigan Farmers Hall of Fame April 10, 2010. NAR Section 500 SMASH sponsered launch. [View]

Estes "Mean Machine" model rocket ... FAIL! (0 00:00:22)
Well, here is the story, I was rushing in my house to get everything together so I can launch this thing before it gets dark, so when I was putting the engine I accidently pushed the whole engine ... [View]

Jim lobs a Hybrid M-1000 at NYPOWER 11 (0 00:00:22)
Jim flew his nitrous oxide hybrid Hypertech M - 1000 into a bright blue NY sky in 2004 [View]

Paper Cardstock Saturn V go Bang-90 lbs launch air pressure.AVI (0 00:00:22)
Final flight of the Saturn V paper cardstock rocket I built last spring. Weight kept going up as repair after repair was made. Lots of energy this time blew the whole rocket apart. Most of the ... [View]

SwampFox Rocketry vid 14 Scratch cluster 4x C-6-7 (0 00:00:22)
This was a scratch built 4 cluster design, it had 4 cd halfs for fins , dont know if all motors lit was lost in trees [View]

Estes patriot rocket with B4-4 engines (0 00:00:22)
This rocket flies around 400ft in the air.... [View]

01_vagabond (0 00:00:22)
My modified (1/8" plywood TTW fins, ejection baffle, zipperless design) Estes Vagabond on an E9-6 motor. SARG Launch, 03-16-13. [View]

Double-E Rocket Launch (0 00:00:22)
I modified an Estes Double-D rocket with a new heavier nosecone, and a videocamera strapped to a fin tip, looking back through the dual plumes of fire. Flew it at NASA Ames on two Aerotech E15-7 ... [View]

Mark Cockerton Lefty Low to High Week 8 at Florida (0 00:00:22) presents Mark Cockerton with a nice goal week 8 in Florida #mllexclusive Subscribe to the MLL on YouTube! ... [View]

Muri_Scratch_2_stage.wmv (0 00:00:22)
My only high powered two stage. Aerotech I435 staged perfectly to an Aerotech J275. Sustainer lost due to main deployment at apogee. [View]

Madcow Scooter on F23 (0 00:00:22)
A video of the 2nd flight of the Scooter at NARAM-50. See the review at [View]

MIG-25 Rocket (0 00:00:22)
MIG-25 Rocket on a Estes C6-3 motor launched in North Berwick, Maine. 9/17/11 [View]

Stomp on a Soda Bottle, Air Powers Paper Saturn 1B Rocket to 75ft AGL.AVI (0 00:00:22)
Launcher is made from 1/2" tubing. Total cost is less than $10 to make. Slide a 2-litre soda bottle on the tubing to launch paper rockets. Just Stomp on bottle and watch Rocket go. Saturn 1B ... [View]

Kit's Steppin' Razor (0 00:00:22)
Kit's Steppin' Razor on a G76 reload. LUNAR Launch, 02/04/12. [View]

LUNAR February 2012 (0 00:00:22)
Saucer launch on an I motor I believe. Was VERY loud! Loved it :-) [View]

Hot Chick Flight 13 on G115 - High Speed Video (0 00:00:22)
Launch video of Lucys Hot Chick rocket on a G115 - White Thunder motor. Recorded at 300fps on a Casio EX-F1 camera [View]

Nike Smoke - I303 BS (0 00:00:22)
My Performance Rocketry 4 inch Nike Smoke flying on a CTI Pro38 I303 Blue Streak [View]

Der Red Max flight (0 00:00:22)
This is a ten year old Der Red Max clone that I built using odds, ends and parts scrounged from other kits. (Estes has since reissued this rocket.) The parachute was one that I bought some years ... [View]

model rocket (0 00:00:22)
just launching a model rocket. [View]

Semroc "Hydra VII" Maiden Flight (0 00:00:22)
Launched on only one engine (C6-3) because I didn't have enough power to light more! Didn't go up very far, but was still a spectacular flight. Taken at the "Field of Dreams" Ultralight Airpark in ... [View]

Al x 10 AVI (0 00:00:22)
Presenting your launch director for LDRS 31. Are you worried? I am. [View]

LOC Precision 7.5" HAWK EX L-1200 Sconnie (0 00:00:22)
4,200' TWA Launch, Bong Recreational Area Wisconsin [View]

"Hang Time" at QRS, 2010-10-17 (0 00:00:22)
My inaugural flight at QRS Cedar Grove. :) Little Dog Dual-Deploy (more or less) with a Telemetrum controlling two BP charges for drogueless separation at apogee and a chute at about 250m. Flew on ... [View]

2013 07 18 T's Model Rocket Launch, Colorado Springs, CO (0 00:00:22)
T's rocket is the smaller of the two rockets that comes in this Estes Solar Scout kit: [View]

18mm Powered Estes Mini Honest John Model Rocket. (0 00:00:22)
First flight of a custom uprated Estes Mini Honest John. The stock 13mm mini engine was replaced with a standard size 18mm motor mount. It flew on an A8-3 for its first flight. It became unstable ... [View]

Aerotech J-460 Blue Thunder Rocket Motor for a Succesful Level 2 Attempt (0 00:00:22)
Motor available at Aerotech RMS 54mm rocket motor for the 852 casing. [View]

Fliskits - Deuce's Wild - Quest C6-5 x2 (0 00:00:22)
This is my Fliskits Deuce's Wild flown on two Quest C6-5 motors. Good first flight. Both motors lit! [View]

Model Rocket vertical launch - SCR Rocketry GoPro Hero4 (0 00:00:22)
launching my model rocket which had a nice vertical trajectory. If you watch it in slow motion you will see the nosecone and parachute break away from the body which wasn't meant to happen. [View]

LV2.3 July 2011 Launch Attempt - Flight Line (0 00:00:22)
July 31st 2011 we headed to central Oregon to launch our rocket with the same roll control as the previous launch, but this time with much of the full flight computer we have been planning for years ... [View]

Krishna Mukherjee To Take Entry In Naagin 3 | Saas Bahu Aur Saazish (0 00:00:22)
Krishna Mukherjee to take entry as Hukum(Nikitin Dheeer)-Vish's(Anita Hassanandani)'evil' child in the latest ep has been one of the most interesting things to happen fans can't disagree. Watch Saas ... [View]

Cherokee-G Mid Powered Rocket Launch (0 00:00:22)
Upscale of the original Estes Cherokee-D rocket launched using a G77 engine. This was designed and built by my friend Roger [View]

6-inch diameter upscale Estes Mighty Moe (0 00:00:22)
6-inch diameter upscale Estes Mighty Moe. Third flight, this time on an Aerotech M1780NT "New Blue Thunder" propellent. Rainbow Valley Arizona March 13th 2010. 5519 feet altitude. Successful flight ... [View]

Model Rocketry Gone Bad! (0 00:00:22)
me, my dad, and some friends of ours attaching a m80 to a model rocket and watching it explode at the park. [View]

MARS rocket A8-3 Test 2 (0 00:00:22)
The second test of my 3D printed rocket, launched on an A8-3 motor (It was a very windy day) [View]

Upscale Mean Machine on J275W (0 00:00:22)
Rocket stands 12 ft tall and weighed 9.5 lbs on the pad. [View]

Twister Rocket 6-15-2008 (0 00:00:22)
Twister model rocket launch with a B6-4. Not sure what happened. It was built to spec and had plenty of time to dry. It was supposed to go up straight and then use tumble recovery (twisting) but ... [View]

WORC X-Patriot slow-motion rocket launch (0 00:00:22)
My X-Patriot missle: 4 "D" motors. cardboard tube, foam-core fins, whiffle-ball nosecone, perfect paint job. no recovery method. Tahoe WORC trip 2010. Shot with Casio EX-FS10 camera at 400 fps. ... [View]

2009-04-12 - Aerotech Mirage Flight 010 - G76G-4 - Rocket View (0 00:00:22)
2009-04-12 - Aerotech Mirage Flight 010 - G76G-4 - Rocket View [View]

Playing with model rockets (0 00:00:22)
This summer on the last Sunday I had before going back to full time employment (at the college). [View]

Model Rocketry Gone Bad! (0 00:00:22)
me and my dad launch a model rocket and it explodes [View]

Aerotech G-138 Blue Thunder Reload Rocket Motor (0 00:00:22)
Motor available at For the 29/40-120 hardware [View]

99K N2900 Motor Test #3 (0 00:00:22)
3rd test of the 6-grain, 4" (approx) N2900 motor to be used in the 99K project. On a tripod, this time. [View]

Gene Engelgau's Comp 4 on a L1410 Skidmark! (0 00:00:22)
Gene Engelgau's Comp 4 on a L1410 Skidmark. The rocket went 13090' (GPS altitude) and landed .7mi to the north. It was quite a hike breaking it back as it weighed 22lbs and I was solo. Main recovery ... [View]

Study Abroad | Study abroad (0 00:00:22)
Register Here - Please contact Study Metro at 8088-867-867 OR Email at [View]

Trunnion Firing II (0 00:00:22)
This is the second firing of the USC Rocket Propulsion Lab's eight inch diameter, two grain solid rocket motor. It burns about 60 lb of composite propellant in approximately 10.5 seconds. The ... [View]

Cadenza 12-13-08 (0 00:00:22)
Level 3 certification 7.5" x 9.5' x 45 lbs. AT 1297W [View]

Estes Big Daddy Rocket on C6-5 engines... Failing (0 00:00:22)
I did not have any D or E engines so I made a retrofit mount to use a C engine. Epic Failure... [View]

DSCN1565.MOV (0 00:00:22)
First flight of my scratch built Blood Sucker, an upscale Mosquito. Flew it on a C11-3. Thrustcurve estimated 154ft, but I'm not sure it made it that high. Landed maybe two meters from the pad. All ... [View]

MDRA For Charity 2018 Run 46 (0 00:00:22)
31st March 2018 The Annual MDRA For Charity event, where all funds raised during the day are donated to Charity. This event was hosted by the MDRA @ Hal Far Raceway Malta. Thanks for Watching! Stay ... [View]

Meat Grinder (0 00:00:22)
My scratch built Meat Grinder. It has six fins, three upswept and three down. Its first flight on a 38mm G67 Redline reload. It suffered some damage on landing, one broken fin. It's repairable, ... [View]

3 Clips With... Joe Barnard. (0 00:00:22)
Decided to film some clips for a friend, he's not been riding too long and progressing well so here's a titchy show case of some smooth tricks he's got dialed. Thank for watching and if you want to ... [View]

Bull Puppy PML 3" (0 00:00:22)
Lancio del bull puppy di Pio [View]

AEROTECH G64 RMS test (0 00:00:22)
AEROTECH G64 RMS test (C) [View]

Rocket Cam view of a RAM JET (0 00:00:22)
Rocket Cam view of my RAM JET on an Estes C6-5 engine. The rocket got a bit dismangled but is still usable. And we didn't put a parachute on since it was a windy day. [View]

4" Rocket on a J415 NZRA launch, New Zealand (0 00:00:22)
Matthews first flight of Dad/Son project, 11th Dec 2011 [View]

l400w static test (0 00:00:22)
Static test of a prototype AeroTech RMS-98/5120 L400W-P White Lightning long burning motor. Motor delivered 4707 N-sec total impulse over a total burn time of 14.93 seconds, with a peak thrust of ... [View]

Ultimate Wildman on an M1675 Pink - CIMG5897 (0 00:00:22)
Ultimate Wildman on an M1675 Pink - flew to over 7,000 ft - Red Glare X [View]

Environmental Aeroscience - Aerospike Nozzle Solid Rocket Motor Static Firing (0 00:00:22)
eAc (Environmental Aeroscience Corp) developed and fired the first solid propellant Aerospike motor in 2003. Aerospike nozzles are designed to be altitude compensating and self adjust the expansion ... [View]

Aerotech Mirage First Flight on AT F40W (0 00:00:22)
First flight of a stock built Aerotech Mirage kit (29mm motor mount, 7' 3" tall, 2lb 6.5oz without motor). Running out of daylight due to the many launches that day and also a prior failure to ... [View]

Colonial Vipers Drag Race @ CMASS 8-27-11 (0 00:00:22)
Colonial Vipers Drag Race @ CMASS 8-27-11 TonyPV and I drag race our Colonial Vipers at CMASS launch 8-27-11. I don't know the rules of a drag race but if landing first is part of it, I won! [View]

L1 Rocketry Certification Attempt (0 00:00:22)
Successful Cert Attempt of "Crash Landing" the Rocket in Berwick ME, at the MMMSC. [View]

Arreaux M2300 Rocket Flight ESL140 (0 00:00:22)
Video by Chuck Rudy Flight by Todd Harrison and Ryan Sebastian [View]

James Madcow Super DX3 Lvl 2 CTI J330 CL (0 00:00:22)
February 17th, 2018. James' Level 2 Certification flight [View]

CTI H170B Launch (0 00:00:22)
LDRS 34 Friday launch. Video captured from onboard raspberry pi camera. [View]

Rocketeer MXV6 - 3.0l V6 Mazda MX-5 / Miata at Laguna Seca Corkscrew at Miatas at Laguna Seca 2018 (0 00:00:22)
Miatas at Laguna Seca 2018 Vehicle: Rocketeer MXV6 (using the Mazda MX5 / Miata Mk2 NB body) Engine: Jaguar AJ30 3.0l V6 (Ford Duratec) engine producing 280BHP Designed by: Rocketeer Ltd, Surrey ... [View]

Model Rocket Launch - FireHawk (0 00:00:22)
Launching the Estes FireHawk, (0804), Model Rocket, (from Dundas Valley Hobby), with a single stage Estes A10-3T engine, on a windy and chilly September afternoon. The rocket had too much wadding in ... [View]

The first public 29mm Sky Ripper hybrid motor launch (0 00:00:22)
The 29mm Sky Ripper Systems 29mm hybrid motor debuted at LDRS 23. The cool little nitrous oxide powered rocket worked out to about a G 63. [View]

Chip-Cone Rocket (0 00:00:22)
Chip-Cup Rocket launch, powered by an Estes B motor. Great activity for cubs, scouts or schools. Cost works out at under £3 per rocket. [View]

Max Gray unknown (0 00:00:22)
Max Gray shreds a rocket on a research motor at ST08. [View]

LOC Weasel at sunset (0 00:00:22)
A LOC Weasel launched just prior to the sun going down [View]

Rocket Launch of the LOC Nuke Pro Maxx (0 00:00:22)
This model rocket is the Loc Nuke Pro Maxx kit. It is being flown on a Cesaroni G55 rocket engine. [View]

Gloria Robinson's successful L3 on an O3400 (0 00:00:22)
8in AGM 33 PIKE on O3400 to 14,900' for her successful L3 at 810MPH!!!! [View]

Onboard Keyfob Camera on Estes Executioner on C11-3 (0 00:00:22)
onboard video from a Keyfob spy camera on a Estes Executioner on a C11-3 - low flight due to launched in a school field during one of my rocket workshops. more information at [View]

Stig blows its nose (off) (0 00:00:23)
A test for the Armadillo Aerospace rocket known as "Stig", here the fiberglass nose cone is blown off with air pressure. The nose is held on with nylon screws, and we're evaluating the sequencing of ... [View]

Flometrics Biodiesel-LOX Rocket Flight (0 00:00:23)
The flight of Flometrics' LOX-Biodiesel rocket. The engine puts out 1000lbf nominally, pushing the rocket to near Mach 1. The rocket was built by Flometrics, The fuel was made by ... [View]

Static-test of toilet-paper tube rotary rocket (0 00:00:23)
Static test of rotary-rocket; the fins convert into rotors for a helicopter descent. [View]

Steve Temple J135W (0 00:00:23)
Steve Temple's Screaming Eagle at ST08. [View]

Not So Mean Machine on an E20 (0 00:00:23)
Kit's Not So Mean Machine landing on its pink chute. SARG Launch, February 18, 2012. [View]

Estes Big Bertha2 (0 00:00:23)
Big Bertha on a B6-4. Maiden launch. Some strange lady seemed very excited by that rocket. [View]

LOC Fantom Ground Test (0 00:00:23)
First attempt at testing sheer pins used for nose cone retention on a dual deployment rocket. [View]

TOGinator (0 00:00:23)
27x Estes D12 2x ProX H133 (29mm 3gr) Blue 1x ProX I236 (38mm 3gr) Blue 1200 Ns full J cluster with onboard video [View]

Level 2 Certification attempt - onboard video (0 00:00:23)
Flew my "Freefall" rocket today on a J570 for my Level 2 Certification. Unfortunately the nose cone got hung-up on the shock cord which resulted in some damage. All repairable, but failed ce ... [View]

Burl's Patriot on a M2200 (0 00:00:23)
Burl Finkelstein's 9" Patriot on a 98mm M2200. [View]

Full Scale Patriot Missile P8000 Rocket (0 00:00:23)
Full scale Patriot Missile on P8000. Reached 8400 ft. Made by the SCAM club of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Thunderstruck 2013. [View]

P Motor Static Test (0 00:00:23)
This is a static test of my P9000 motor. It's fiberglass cased, single use, 6" x 84", 118 lb. It burned 76 lb. of propellant in 8.3 seconds producing 74,200 N-s. Fired at Orangeburg, SC Nov. 2001 [View]

The Rocket! (0 00:00:23)
Launching a Semroc OSO on a C6-5 motor. It reached about 1000 feet then deployed the parachute, we found it about 300 meters away stuck on a low branch! [View]

06_ari (0 00:00:23)
Ari's obviously scratch built Sewer Pipe rocket, made out od (you guessed it!) PVC pipe and fittings. Flying on an Aerotech J500 Mojave Green. Dual deploy flight. SARG launch, 04/13/13. [View]

Scientists Firing The VASIMR Plasma Rocket (0 00:00:23)
This video shows what it's like to fire the VASIMR plasma rocket, the highest power steady-state electric propulsion device in the world, located in Houston TX. Video was taken with the POV.1.5 ... [View]

Crayon X3 on AMW I-315 Skidmark (0 00:00:23)
Crayon X3 high-power rocket onboard launch video at NEFAR 9/2006. Crank up the sound, its awesome... [View]

Launch of Estes Screaming Eagle (0 00:00:23)
Relaunch of Estes Screaming Eagle Rocket. The original launch tube got stuck on the wire on the pad. C6-4 Engine (burned 4th flight). [View]

EMiR's SR71 BlackBird AT-F35W - Ground Camera (0 00:00:23)
EMiR's SR71 BlackBird AT-F35W - Ground Camera This is a scratch Built SR71 Black Bird - 3 x 24mm Cluster this video is of a launch on a single Aerotech 24/60 F35W [View]

Estes S.W.A.T. successful maiden launch on an E9-4. (0 00:00:23)
My modified Estes S.W.A.T. goes up for the first time. I upgraded it from an 18mm motor mount to a 24mm mount. It also has customized decals courtesy of Photoshop and Testors water transfer decal ... [View]

Tom Binford's saucer on a J99 (0 00:00:23)
My saucer on an end burning J99 Warp 9 motor. [View]

Rocket Camera Short.avi (0 00:00:23)
Rocket with Keychain Camera (Estes E9-8 motor and Big Daddy airframe), 061310 [View]

Cox .010 flight (0 00:00:23)
got a few more flights on the plane today and I got a few recorded, this was the best video I got. [View]

OFFICIAL VIDEO: LDRS 29 Squat Launch (0 00:00:23)
LDRS (Large Dangerous Rocket Ships) 29 Squat Launch Sponsored by Tripoli of San Diego [View]

Lunar Lander Challenge Test Flight (0 00:00:23)
15 second test flight of Lunar Lander competing for Space X-Prize. This test flight was conducted at the FAR (Friends of Rocketry) launch facility near Cantil, CA north of Edwards AFB [View]

EMiR's HyperLOC300 AT-J350W - Ground View (0 00:00:23)
High Powered Rocketry EMiR's HyperLOC300 AT-J350W Ground View HyperLOC 300 - TRA Cert 2 Flight - J350W [View]

2011 High Powered Rocketry Competition Launch - ASU (0 00:00:23)
Arizona State University's Rocket launch for the 2010 - 2011 SEDS High Powered Rocketry Competition [View]

Malaika Arora Holidaying In Maldives | Saas Bahu Aur Saazish (0 00:00:23)
Malaika Arora holidaying in Maldives. Watch Saas Bahu aur Saazish (SBS) on ABP News daily at 2:30 PM to know what's happening in Indian television and bollywood industry with Aditi Arora Sawant. ... [View]

Altitude Contest #2.MOV (0 00:00:23)
Rocket being launched in the I altitude competition during NARAM 52. This was the first High Power Rocketry competition sponsored by NAR. Launch site was the Hudson Ranch located 9.5 miles SW of ... [View]

Super Slow Motion Model Rocket Blastoff (0 00:00:23)
The blastoff of a model rocket in super slow motion. Optional Extra Tags: Funny model rocket fail filming estes rockets sickest crash coolest disaster epic rocketry exploding explosion german ... [View]

Apogee Aspire on F26J (0 00:00:23)
My Aspire again, my first rocket, on an Aerotech F26J. I fiberglassed the fins on, other than that stock build. [View]

B6-4 Model rocket launch (0 00:00:23)
Thomas's first model rocket launch Port Hedland oval. [View]

Apogee Aspire Rocket Sonic Boom! (0 00:00:23)
Apogee Aspire on an Aerotech G motor [View]

Estes Ventris on a CTI H159 (0 00:00:23)
Estes Ventris H159 check out the distortions starting at 10:33.25. Also the audio of the wahooooo scream! [View]

Rocket fail (0 00:00:23)
Rocket motor test, 750 grams of KNO3/sugar propellant in a pvc casing. Failed on ignition. [View]

Phoenix Rocket launch on an N2000 (0 00:00:23)
This was my buddies 9.25" diameter rocket flying on the first 'N' motor we had made back in '99. Weighed 86lbs on the pad and went to a bit over 5000ft. CRANK UP THE VOLUME! [View]

V2 L1 certification.wmv (0 00:00:23)
L1 certification at the NSWRA launch day 6/12/2008. Rocket is a LOC V2 and was flown on an Aerotech H128 with a medium delay [View]

Upscale of Estes SCRAM at 60 Acres, Redmond WA (0 00:00:23)
This is a BT-60 upscale of the classic Estes "SCRAM" rocket. It's 23.5 inches long, uses a 24mm motor (Black powder "D"s only....composite motors would put this thing into orbit.) This is it's ... [View]

1.2W 520nm Laser Demo (0 00:00:23)
Nighttime demonstration of a 520nm handheld laser using the NDG7475 laser diode and Survival Laser S4 host and electronic components. Peak output power was 1,241mW as measured with a LaserBee LPM. [View]

The saga begins... (0 00:00:23)
Who shrinks wrist wraps? Apparently my wife does😂 [View]

High Powered Rocket - WWW - White_Trash (0 00:00:23)
High Powered Rocketry Williams "Wildfire" Westernationals 2010 [View]

Los Alamos Chicken Flight 2 (0 00:00:23)
Los Alamos Chicken for EMRR's Odd-Roc Contest: [View]

Mad Cow Torrent Rocket Launch I280 DM Sparky Motor (0 00:00:23)
Me launching my Mad Cow Torrent rocket on an I280 DM Metalstorm engine. A successful duel deployment and the altimeter recorded a peak altitude of 3100 feet. [View]

Todd J415 (0 00:00:23)
Todd Haring's 6" upscale of the Red Max on a J415. [View]

South Texas Aerospace Club Night Rocket Launch July 12, 2014 at Beeville Municipal Airport (0 00:00:23)
South Texas Aerospace Club Night Rocket Launch July 12, 2014 at Beeville Municipal Airport. Wastequip rocket blast-off by first time flyer #6. [View]

Thunderstruck 5 Full scale Patriot (0 00:00:23)
Team SCAM with their full scale patriot on a cti p8000 rocket motor. 19 ft. tall. 11,500 ft. apogee. The parachute at the main did not open from the deployment bag :(. Very nice flight! :) PLEASE ... [View]

2009-04-04 - TORC Launch 0006 - Aerotech Mirage Flight 009 - H220T-M - Rocket View (0 00:00:23)
2009-04-04 - TORC Launch 0006 - Aerotech Mirage Flight 009 - H220T-M - Rocket View Passing Screaming Eagle on J90W. [View]

zinc sulfur rocket onboard film (0 00:00:23)
onboard film footage from a16mm gun camera launched at the Mojave test area 1977 [View]

Tampa Tripoli December 2018 K-Motor Launch (0 00:00:23)
Launch and recovery stack of a K motor high power rocket launch at the Tripoli Tampa's December 2018 launch. [View]

Red Glare XII - Aerobi 1 Ascent - K1100T (0 00:00:23)
Red Glare 12, Sunday April 15th. Flight footage (ascent) via a Contour GPS HD camera mounted in the nosecone of my 4" "Aerobi 1" rocket. Motor was a Aerotech K1100T, Apogee 4800ft AGL. [View]

RocketLaunch020809 (0 00:00:23)
Rocket named "Blackie" launched in Three Oaks, MI during Michiana Rocketry club launch. Oh yeah, turn your monitor on it's side. [View]

Fred For Fit - NorthCoast NewRocket (0 00:00:23)
- This is the result of Nature Inspiration, A new NorthCoast Rocket, that dissolves himself in Nature, wither in Vegetation or Sea. Supa Stoked to get some waves and search higher mountains. Big up ... [View]

NASA-SLI Northwest HS (TX) Half-Scale 2nd flight 1-16-2010 (0 00:00:23)
Northwest high School, Fort Worth, TX - participating in the 2009-2010 NASA Student Launch Initiative (NASA-SLI) program. Teams from 13 high schools across the country participate in this program to ... [View]

Tres K160 080713 (0 00:00:23)
Boost of my 54mm upscale Tres on Research (54/1706) K160s Launched at Orangeburg, SC. [View]

Last Launch (0 00:00:23)
Final launch at LDRS 38 at The Rocket Pasture! Not sure who the young lady was, but she had a beautiful sparky launch! Camera is a little shaky, had to shoot one-handed! [View]

Starry Night LDRS 30 (0 00:00:23)
Final flight of my rocket at LDRS 30. She flew at LDRS 17! [View]

Audi A3 1.8t 150km AUM 2002r - Acceleration 0-100 Przyspieszenie (0 00:00:23)
Przyspieszenie audi a3 z silnikiem 1.8 turbo 150km, napęd na przód. kod silnika AUM, rok produkcji 2002. Jakośćjak zwykle nie powala, ale to co najważniejsze dobrze widać, cięzko się samemu ... [View]

09_2stage.MOV (0 00:00:23)
A two-stage rocket. The fins stripped off the upper stage. SARG Launch, March 12, 2011. [View]

Custom Serval launch.AVI (0 00:00:23)
Kind of a crackhead look at the first flight of the evening. I have no idea what I was doing for the bulk of this clip, but I did manage to catch the all important recovery. [View]

MVI_1667.MOV (0 00:00:23)
Estes Cosmic Cobra. Parachute and helicopter recovery. C6-5 motor. LUNAR launch at Snow Ranch, 021310. [View]

Patriot Launch L1.AVI (0 00:00:23)
The L1 certification launch of my MadCow Rocketry kit built Patriot rocket. [View]

1/100th Saturn V model rocket (0 00:00:23)
this is my dad's 1/100th scale saturan V on a aeotech D-15RMS awsome rocket and great flight. [View]

Launch 12 Close Ground View 2 (0 00:00:23)
On July 19th 2015 Portland State Aerospace Society launched their "LV2.3" rocket with advanced flight computer to about 5 kilometers above the Central Oregon desert. Here is a view from just next to ... [View]

Level 1 HPR High Power Rocketry Certification = Success! (0 00:00:23)
Madcow Striker riding on a Cessaroni H90 Blue Streak. Sweet! On to bigger, louder, and higher. Special thanks to Dave Chance for Technical Consulting/Motor assembly and arming, and Neil McGilvray my ... [View]

First Launch (0 00:00:23)
My first rocket launch at Camp Kennedy Space Center in July of '09. They were small, Aerospace estes rockets which were recovered by a streamer. [View]

X-Wing Fighter Rocket (0 00:00:23)
A scale model of the STAR WARS X-Wing Fighter being launched out of the southern California desert 10/06/07. Plaster Blaster 2007 [View]

My L3 at LDRS (0 00:00:23)
My L3 certification at LDRS 22 [View]

June 2014 Dick Stafford Saucer (0 00:00:23)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's ESL 192 hobby rocket flight. Please see for more information. [View]

4-29SS on 4 29/40-120 motors (0 00:00:23)
Altimeter deployed LOC 4-29SS launched on 4 Aerotech 29/40-120 motors. Ground started 2 G138's, then air started a F52 then a F40. Altitude was 3730 feet. Liftoff through apogee only. [View]

Wildman Darkstar Jr. on an EX I520 (0 00:00:23)
I flew my Wildman Darkstar Jr. on a Purple Flash-powered I520 EX motor. Ran at about 1300 psi and burned in only 0.7 seconds. This was in a Loki Research 38/480 case using the #22 nozzle. Flew up to ... [View]

Four and a half foot boosted hop, rocket throttle flight, 27 January 2010 (0 00:00:23)
Here's the first Masten Space "boosted hop", where the rocket has strong acceleration, a parabolic coast phase over the top, and another strong acceleration for landing. You can see when the engine ... [View]

Mike B - K560w (0 00:00:24)
Mike flies his beautiful dominator 4 on an Aerotech K1000W at Snow Ranch 2014 [View]

J415 Ladyrobin (0 00:00:24)
Ladyrobin 2.0 launches with an Aerotech J415W to an altitude of 4400 feet. Red Glare X - Filmed by Sean Lucey [View]

L1 Argent (0 00:00:24)
James' Argent on a H87 for a L1 certification. He used a Jolly Logic chute release at 400 feet to open the chute (successfully). [View]

Rocket Bike 2 (0 00:00:24)
This is the second time firing my rocket bike. I used an Aerotech I49 motor. [View]

Awesome ! Amateur rocket launch apr 2013 mdra rocketry (0 00:00:24)
Had a blast with my wife and kids at this great event... this is what fun looks like ! [View]

How to make 3D Geometric Shapes (0 00:00:24)
We are celebrating all things craft and create! Learn how to make 3D geometric shapes in a couple of quick steps. [View]

Kyle's Saturn VI Rocket Launch (0 00:00:24)
Finally! The liftoff of the Saturn VI Rocket! [View]

Mean Machine on D12-3 at Snow Ranch Feb 4, 2012 (0 00:00:24)
This is my Not So Mean Machine on an anemic D12-3 motor that quits on the way up. Fortunately I selected a short delay and descend under the chute. Unfortunately, the chute is a bit too small and a ... [View]

MGM-31 Pershing II missile (0 00:00:24)
Pershing was a family of solid-fueled two-stage medium-range ballistic missiles designed and built by Martin Marietta to replace the Redstone missile as the United States Army's primary the ... [View]

Chute Release Deployment (0 00:00:24)
Video of Chute Release doing its thing. You can see that the chute takes a while to inflate, which should always be factored into your setting. Here it is set to release at 200 feet, and Alt ... [View]

Apollo 11 40th Anniversary Saturn V Rocket Launch (0 00:00:24)
This is the launch of a 1:100 scale Estes Apollo Saturn V moon rocket. We plan to launch again with more theatrics, stand by! [View]

How to Layer Bulletin Board Borders (0 00:00:24)
Why settle for plain borders when you can layer them for added fun and pizzazz? Try this simple technique in your classroom! [View]

Scratch built 18mm model rocket on an Aerotech D21-7T supersonic. 1/8th speed, 240 fps (0 00:00:24)
Same video, uncompressed from real time to slow motion, and with my shouting cut out. Go to 12 seconds to hear the boom. It’s subtle. You can also see a very small disturbance in the smoke ... [View]

Ed's Experimental 10" Dia Rocket Onboard Video Flight #1 (0 00:00:24)
7.5' 10" diameter rocket with F42-4 engine. Onboard camera. Parachute failed to deploy nose damaged upon impact. Rocket is a DIY design and built using Dupont .25" foam exterior siding insulation. [View]

Model rockets with friends (0 00:00:24)
Rcpro1176,rcairsoft1147, and I are launching a model rocket. [View]

LDRS Bonneville 1998 waiting in line (0 00:00:24)
Rocket launch on the Bonneville salt flats [View]

(0 00:00:24)
Burl Finkelstein's 6X upscale Astron Spaceman on an Aerotech J315. [View]

Sky Ripper Systems K257 (0 00:00:24)
Mark Palmer's rocket flying on a Sky Ripper Systems 54mm K257 hybrid rocket motor. [View]

It Looks Good On the Ground... Will it work at 3000 Feet? Find Out on May 14th, 2011 (0 00:00:24)
The Caribou Caffeinator has been modified to eject the Drogue Chute from the nose cone @ 3000 feet and 3 "Round" NASA style chutes @ 1200 feet. It Looks Good On the Ground... May 14th, 2011 will be ... [View]

Quest X-15 Rocket (0 00:00:24)
Quest X-15 Rocket at CMASS launch 11-5-11 [View]

Christmas Day launch 004.AVI (0 00:00:24)
2009 Holiday Flying Model Rocket launched using an Estes C6-3. The reovery system deployed properly, even though the engine itself spit out the back! Christmas Miracle/help? :) [View]

LV2C Launch in Brothers, OR June 27, 2010 (0 00:00:24)
This is a view of Portland State Aerospace Society's third generation launch vehicle (LV2) from a hill to the East of the launch site. The rocket was 13 feet tall and ended up going over 15,000 feet ... [View]

What Really Happened to the Life Size X-Wing (0 00:00:24)
Finally - the unedited version of the footage. This fake news brought to from [View]

Launch of Estes Hi Flier Rocket - Lost in Space (0 00:00:24)
Hanging with Cub Scouts launching the rockets. Ours flew too well [View]

Model Rocket (0 00:00:24)
Launching Estes model rockets up to 500 feet. [View]

Friendly elk munching carrots at Omega Park in Montebello, Quebec, Canada (0 00:00:24)
There is a seven mile car path with a variety of friendly animals awaiting a crunchy carrot at Parc Omega (Omega Park). The park is in Montebello, in Canada's Outaouais region, and is convenient to ... [View]

Model Rocketry #2 (0 00:00:24)
Model rocketry today with Tom Madonia and his son Adam. The Flight Director today is Jeff Rose :o) [View]

cheetah G77 (0 00:00:24)
Aerotech Cheetah with a big engine [View]

Wildman shapeshifter 5 CTI M2080 SKIDMARK (0 00:00:24)
Jacobs successful level 3 flight with a Wildman shapeshifter 5" on a CTI M2080 skidmark [View]

2011-10-22 Autonomy Flight 1 00171.mp4 (0 00:00:24) [View]

N10000D rag Race Cam 1B (0 00:00:24)
N10000 drag race at LDRS29 Pad Cam 1. Gerald Meux's rocket is the blue rocket on the right. Altitude 10557ft 1400fps [View]

IMG_0091.MOV (0 00:00:24)
Madcow little john rocket launched with a CTI VMAX 400 at the CRASH Denver club launch. [View]

Steve Eves 1/10th Scale Saturn V Lift Off Tripod (0 00:00:24)
Steve Eves built a 1700 pound nearly 40ft tall Scale model of a Saturn V rocket. 7700 POUNDS of thrust from 9 massive Rocket Motor's costing $13000 lofted it into the air. It was a hell of a site to ... [View]

Movie for Aerotech1. (0 00:00:24)
Video of exploding Aerotech reloadable engine. [View]

Estes Red Rider model rocket launch with bt55 booster adapter (0 00:00:24)
Launching my Estes red rider model rocket with the bt55 booster accessory. All while getting made fun of by my friends! Please excuse their poor language. [View]

Fail Estes The Dude model rocket launch with F-39 (0 00:00:24)
This rocket normally takes a D12-3, it folded in half and blew of the panels from two fins. Too much power inflatable rocket. Was fun! [View]

Super long rocket takes flight (0 00:00:24)
This is a 3 meter tall superroc that takes flight using a D12-3 rocket motor. It's purpose is for competition, to achieve the highest flight with a long rocket without crimping the tubes during ... [View]

2011-11-19 Autonomy F2.mp4 (0 00:00:24)
Last flight of this glider. For more info see: and [View]

Estes Rockets (0 00:00:24)
A launching session of Estes rockets I built with my friends. [View]

Crazy Christmas Tree Rocket at NARAM-52 (0 00:00:24)
This thing was pretty cool. Almost worked. Looped right after burn out. [View]

Lloyd Chumbley testimonial of (0 00:00:24)
Why do I buy model Rocket supplies from Great question. I'll tell you why in my own words... [View]

Blue Ninja Rocket (0 00:00:24)
Sorry for the poor grade cell phone video quality. Estes has been thoughful enough to include a BIG "D" engine rocket in their EZ to build lineup that you can build even while lying injured in bed. ... [View]

Rocket Powered Christmas Tree (0 00:00:24)
36 Estes D-12 Class engines strapped to a Christmas Tree. We used Google to look up the data sheet for an Estes D12 model rocket engine. We took the average thrust of one engine (10 Newtons) and ... [View]

EMRR Box O' Parts Flight (0 00:00:24)
Test flight for the EMRR Box O' Parts contest. [View]

Luna vid (0 00:00:24)
5th generation NiteBow, 38mm motor tube, Dual microprocessors 40 LEDS [View]

17_step_it_up.MOV (0 00:00:24)
My scratchbuilt Step It Up on a G53 reload. SARG Launch, March 12, 2011. [View]

Semroc Centurion F on an F15 8 Motor (0 00:00:24)
I have flown this rocket on many different motors. This is the most powerful yet. Estes F15-8 BP motor. This rocket loves everything you throw at it. Gonna try it out with some composite motors next ... [View]

A Large Rocket Crashes at Springfest (0 00:00:24)
Two very large rockets drag race at the Springfest rocket launch. One has a motor failure and dives into the lakebed under power. Jean Dry Lake, Nevada [View]

Audio Test F01 (0 00:00:24)
goofed REAL hard on this... [View]

UCSD Triton Rocket Club USRC Motor Static Fire 7/19 (0 00:00:24)
Fired at the Friends of Amateur Rocketry test site on July 19, 2014. Special thanks to: Dan Cunningham at SPAWAR Aerocon Systems Bay Area Rocketry Northop Grumman [View]

I-Roc Extreme on a K Motor (0 00:00:24)
A modified Loc-Precision I-Roc launching at Muck Fest 2010 on a K motor in Potter NY. This is not my rocket. [View]

Estes 36D Squared launching on one motor (0 00:00:24)
Watch as this Estes 36D Squared rocket takes off on only one motor carrying the clips for the other motor all the way up. [View]

The Pike races to one mile (0 00:00:24)
This is a clip from the Pike, Utah State University's competition rocket for the 2009 NASA University Student Launch Initiative (USLI) competition in Huntsville, Ala. The video feed is from an ... [View]

Huelgoat - Roche Tremblante -Trembling Rock (0 00:00:24)
J'ai réussi faire bouger la Roche Tremblante, ce "petit" rocher d'environ 137 tonnes ;-) I pass to move the Trembling Rock, this "little" rock of about 137 tons ;-) [View]

Ground Test Interceptor E (0 00:00:24)
Dual deployment Interceptor E ground test. [View]

MAC Precision Scorpion Launch Tripoli Tampa (0 00:00:24)
Launch of a MAC Performace Scorpion on 17 November 2018 at the Tripoli Tampa launch site. [View]

Multi-Stage Cored rocket (0 00:00:24)
This was my first successful dual stage rocket, too bad it became unstable and turned [View]

XRAAM-75C Test.MOV (0 00:00:24)
Ground test of main parachute deployment using a RouseTech CD-3 with a 16 gram CO2 cartridge. [View]

MWP AP (0 00:00:24)
Judy Lubin's AP Soda launch at Midwest Power 9 [View]

Beedrill on an A8-3 (0 00:00:24)
A kit-bashed Cosmic Cobra [View]

20inch Long Paper F104 Flys to 60ft.AVI (0 00:00:24)
F104 Starfighter Stomp Rocket. Forgot to do a glide test-this is the result! What is a Stomp Rocket? A small paper cardstock model design to fly using Compressed Air. To power model, you simply ... [View]

Delta 2 (0 00:00:24)
DART/Tripoli-San Diego's 1/9th scale model of the Delta 2, launched at Plaster Blaster 8 on 11/8/2009. [View]

DG&A Defender (0 00:00:24)
Rocket Flight for article on EMRR: [View]

Level-2 Fiberglass Rocket Kit - Launch (0 00:00:24)
Http:// The "Level-2" rocket kit is designed to help you get your L2 high-power certification. [View]

Mid-Power Rocket - Black Brant Launch (0 00:00:24)
The 2.6-inch diameter scale model rocket provides a great introduction to high-power rocketry. [View]

Pro54 3G Vmax (0 00:00:24)
Test firing of a Cesaroni Pro54-3G Vmax reloadable rocket motor (J1520). [View]

BTIIpayloadeject (0 00:00:24)
First test of the payload bay ejection charge on the Bronco Torpedo II. 2.8 grams of FFF black powder and my home made ignitor. No shear pins or chutes for this one. [View]


Night LED Strobe (0 00:00:24)
Flashing LED assembly for Model Rockets at Night [View]

Launch 12 Tower Umbilical Disconnect (0 00:00:24)
On July 19th 2015 Portland State Aerospace Society launched their "LV2.3" rocket with advanced flight computer to about 5 kilometers above the Central Oregon desert. This camera was placed on the ... [View]

Fat Boy (0 00:00:24)
A 16" diameter Fat Boy on a N1000 and 4 M motors. Flown at Red Glare 10. [View]

F-42 Aerotech Rocket (0 00:00:24)
F-42 econo jet on winter night [View]

Erica Fernandes Soon To Be Seen In 'Sardaar' Avatar In Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2 | Saas Bahu Aur Saazish (0 00:00:24)
Ekta Kapoor’s ‘Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2’ has managed to win the hearts of the viewers. The romantic saga starring Parth Samthaan-Erica Fernandes also has Hina Khan as Komolika. Hina Khan, who ... [View]

Orange Rocket - Big CATO (0 00:00:24)
This one ruptured the side of the engine and absolutely destroyed the bottom of the rocket. Worst damage I've witnessed from a cato... [View]

Two Mars Lander launches (0 00:00:24)
This video shows the same Estes Mars Lander rocket launched twice on two different engines. The first launch is launched on an Estes C6 engine. The second on a Aerotech D13 white lightning engine. [View]

XA-0.1B-750 flight 2 - 2009.05.20 (0 00:00:24)
Flight 2 of the Masten Space Systems vertical takeoff, vertical landing reusable launch vehicle demonstrator XA-0.1B-750. Here the camera was mounted to one leg of the vehicle, pointing at the ... [View]

Randy M J570W (0 00:00:24)
Randy M's upscaled Rockstar on an AT J570W at ST08. [View]

Whaat! Meet The Real Stunt Star Of Naagin 3 | Saas Bahu Aur Saazish (0 00:00:24)
Naagin fans who await the new twists and turns on the show, have been sharing these on social media hoping to get some thrilling upcoming episodes. टेलीविजन और बॉल ... [View]

BALLS 21 - CTI N5800 Minimum Diameter - \"Don\'t Debate This\" (0 00:00:24)
Saturday, September 22, 2012. After a long wait due to a 16kft cloud cover this rocket went up at about 3:30PM PDT. Max. velocity was reported as TBD. The ro... [View]

Spidey Rocket 1 Reg Res 5-15-10 Tripoli MN Club Launch (0 00:00:25)
Spidey Rocket 1 Reg Res 5-15-10 Tripoli MN Club Launch Scratch Build by Mike C. [View]

Onboard Model Rocket Video (0 00:00:25)
Video camera in the nosecone of a Canadian Arrow Estes Model Rocket shoots a short video of a rocket flight [View]

7.5" Bullpup on K1000T (0 00:00:25)
7.5" Bullpup on K1000T - weighed 37.5 lbs. on the pad and reached 2,365ft. [View]

slow mo of my level 1 recert.WMV (0 00:00:25)
Thanks to David Erbas-White, this is a slow motion video of ingnition and liftoff of my NAR level 1 recertification flight. This was at the April 2010 ROC launch. I had been certified a while ago, ... [View]

VASIMR at Full Power (0 00:00:25)
This video shows the startup of the VASIMR 1st stage over 5 seconds, the increasing power of the second stage over 3 seconds, a plateau of full power operation for 5 seconds, and then rocket shut ... [View]

Hi-Flier XL 29mm on Aerotech F50-9T (0 00:00:25)
Built and flown in just over 24 hours, named the "N.B." for this flight (Naked B***h). Name will change once it's finished. Altitude measured with AltimeterTwo at 1880ft with max speed of 530mph and ... [View]

Fluffy on a J575FJ (0 00:00:25)
Sean Fritz's Fluffy on a J575FJ [View]

Go Pro, 2 Stage Rocket launch (0 00:00:25)
Wide angle video of my 2 stage Arreaux rocket launch. [View]

Insane projects' 1/3 scale Redstone (0 00:00:25)
A 350 pound mercury Redstone(1/3 scale) flying on a large P class motor made by Pat G. [View]

F-105 Rocket at CMASS Launch 11-5-11 (0 00:00:25)
F-105 Rocket at CMASS Launch 11-5-11 [View]

Der Big Red Max Launch (0 00:00:25)
Launch Video of Der Big Red Max I built from scratch. [View]

Dr Mike's L1 Cert 7 May 2011 (0 00:00:25)
Dr. Mike Cerminaro attempted his Level One High Power Certification with this awesome Honest John. Unfortunately, what the video does not show, is that the clip holding the shock cord broke, causing ... [View]

2008-06-14 NEFAR - Big Daddy Akavish CATO (0 00:00:25)
A CATO pops the head off the Big Daddy Akavish at the June, 2008, NEFAR launch. [View]

Chicago Rocket Mafia, Cosmic Cheesecake LDRS 36 MDRA 4-8-17 (0 00:00:25)
Video of my flight at LDRS 36 on 4-8-17 at Higg's Field MDRA. The rocket is a new WIldman Rocketry Ultimate Interceptor AAD flying on an EX M-2000 Skidmark by Preston Noble. Estimated to be 9800ns. ... [View]

mantis rocket (0 00:00:25)
cub put a live praying mantis in the rocket...don't know how it made out [View]

03_blood_sucker (0 00:00:25)
Blood Sucker landing on its homemade chute. SARG launch, 12/10/11. [View]

Min Diameter 38mm Rocket I540 White Thunder (0 00:00:25)
My Min Diameter Rocket Mushu Flying on a I540 White Thunder. [View]

ROCKETS Mag LDRS 33 Gus Piepenburg Wildman Gomarc (0 00:00:25)
Gus Piepenburg's Wildman Gomarc flight at LDRS 33 [View]

HPR Scratch Built Air Start Cluster (0 00:00:25)
Ground video of my HPR "Objective Redeemer". Ground starting a 75mm CTI L730 and air starting 3 x 38mm CTI J400 motors two seconds after the L730 burn out. Only one of the air starts worked. [View]

ESL 55 MDRA Fred's N to 2M Rocket air start (0 00:00:25)
Fred flew his 12" Overkill burning one N with two Ls and air starting 2 Ms. MDRA will be holding ESL 100 in August of 2006 [View]

Kevin M - K375Nw Min dia (0 00:00:25)
Kevin McGrath flies his 54mm minimum diameter rocket 'Iron Man' on an AeroTech K375 NW. warp9 to white lightning at XPRS 2016 [View]

Team Fortress 2 (cosplay) - The Calm - Mann Co Assemble (0 00:00:25)
L'administratrice a rassemblé des mercenaires Red et Blu pour lutter contre l'armée de robots de Graymann! Version Avengers de cette vidéo: Harajuku 2019, Parc de Bercy [View]

Deuce Ground 100704 (0 00:00:25)
The ground view of the Deuce flying on only 1 motor, a J410. [View]

Estes Alpha III BT 60 Upscale 2nd Launch at IRW (0 00:00:25)
Launched on Estes D12-3. Great launch and recovery. [View]

Night Launch Flasher test (0 00:00:25)
The Night Launch Flasher module is almost finished. Decided to give it a look-see on a rocket. It's a LOT brighter than it looks in the video. Should work nice at next year's night launches! [View]

Large Rocket Launches, then CATO (0 00:00:25)
Recorded on May 2, 2011 using a Flip Video camcorder. [View]

Snow Ranch - March 2, 2013, Mad Cow Frenzy on a AT J1799 (Supersonic) (0 00:00:25)
A Mad Cow Frenzy on an Aerotech J1799 at Snow Ranch on March 2, 2013 breaking the sound barrier. [View]

Delta IV Heavy Model Flight 16 (0 00:00:25)
Slo-Motion with added Real DSP-23 Audio [View]

Level 1 launch (0 00:00:25)
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. [View]

38mm carbon rocket - J570 to Mach 2.64 / 2025mph (0 00:00:25)
38mm carbon fibre mach madness rocket, flown to 18000ft on an Aerotech J570. Max velocity was 2970ft/sec, or 2025mph. Recovered undamaged 2km from the launch site. Mach 1 was broken less than 100ft ... [View]

PML Phobos on an F40 (0 00:00:25)
Subscribe! Flown for thanksgiving Thanks for everyone that helped! The rocket will fly again! [View]

Apogee Aspire on F40W (0 00:00:25)
My first foray into rocketry, second flight. Apogee Aspire kit, no electronics (because of high risk of loss of rocket due to extreme altitude and small size). Aerotech F40W; est. altitude=3800ft, ... [View]

Estes Hi-Flier Launch (0 00:00:25)
The Hi-Flier is one of the most extreme, super performance model rockets you can own. A must-have addition to all Estes high flyers' fleets! The Hi-Flier is a kit that can easily be built in one ... [View]

Cosmik Debris flight (0 00:00:25)
First flight of my Cosmik Debris rocket. It would become debris on the second flight. Sorry about the big donkey braying throughout he flight. Next time I'll bring a sock to put in my mouth. [View]

X-celerator Rocket Main Parachute Ejection Charge Test - 1.5 Grams BP (0 00:00:25)
This is a recovery system ground test of my newly completed X-celerator rocket. It's a dual deployment setup which ejects a small drogue chute with the forward section at apogee. A larger parachute ... [View]

10inch Sledgehammer on N2000W (0 00:00:25)
A proud Queensland (Australia) rocket - 51 kg (112lbs) of carbon fibre & glass composite flying on an Aerotech N2000W at the Williams Winter Westernationals in June 2012, hosted by Tripoli Western ... [View]

Start der Papierrakete Diamant mit D9-5 Motor ;-) (0 00:00:25)
Es ist der erste Test, eine reine Papierrakete mit einem neuen 18 mm D9-5 Motor von Raketenmodellbau Klima zu fliegen. Die Rakete kipte nach dem Start ab und fing an zu taumeln, hat den Flug aber bis ... [View]

Survival Laser SL-TF1K-5 1,000 Lumen Flashlight Lumen Output Test- Bare Diode (0 00:00:25)
Lumen test of the Survival Laser SL-TF1K-5 5-mode 1,000 lumen flashlight using the TES-133 luminous flux meter. This test is with the reflector removed. [View]

TITAN 1 ROCKET LAUNCH EXPLODED, DEC. 12,1959 (0 00:00:25)
Must See: NEW! Antares rocket: "blow up!" (Best view of the explosion with real sound), October 29, 2014 VIDEO: TEASER: MrFootage. The TITAN Ballistic ... [View]

Money Burner on a exp. M-2507 (0 00:00:25)
Money Burner is my Intimidator 5 rocket, it flew on a Dave Leininger experimental M-2507 Pitch Black sparky motor it went 8194 feet. I didn't follow the rocket on the way up as you will see. lol [View]

lil gobbo (0 00:00:25)
Spring Thunder OROC Brothers Oregon Madcow Lil Goblin on CTI Pro29 3grain G125 to 2411ft [View]

Solar Rail - Launch 3 (0 00:00:25)
Scratch rocket built for a contest [View]

Hanger 11 X-15.wmv (0 00:00:25)
Hanger 11 4" X-15 lift off. Powered by an Aerotech I-435. [View]

SCRA Rocket Launch - 10/5/19 - Kermit 2.0 (0 00:00:25)
Two stage version of my dad's Kermit rocket. That's hot. [View]

Wildman's Mega Darkstar - CTI P8000 (0 00:00:25)
LDRS 38 launch of Wildman's Mega Darkstar. Flown on a single use CTI P-8000 motor. [View]

F20 Model Rocket launch (0 00:00:25)
Quest high-Q powered by an aerotech f20-7w. Launched at bong recreational area in Wisconsin. 49 newtons peak thrust, or 11 lbs, on a 30 ounce (without engine) rocket [View]

Hold Down XA-0.1B-750 2009.07.16 (0 00:00:25)
This is a short hold down test of Masten Space Systems XA-0.1B-750 VTVL rocket vehicle. Notice the red hot metal under the rocket exhaust. The concrete paver used to deflect heat from the steel ... [View]

Minimum Diameter rocket on a G75M (0 00:00:25)
Flew my minimum diameter rocket on a G75 at Hellfire 16 in Utah on saturday. Great flight, I got it back all in one piece. [View]

1-31-12 TARC Launch (0 00:00:25)
Demo launch of a TARC rocket on an Aerotech F40-4. Please pardon the children screaming; as you can tell, they were fairly excited. [View]

Q motor (0 00:00:25)
A badass high powered rocket (Not my video) [View]

Ed's 10" Experimental Rocket Launch #1 (0 00:00:25)
7.5' 10" diameter rocket with F42-4 engine. Onboard camera. Parachute failed to deploy nose damaged upon impact. Rocket is a DIY design and built using Dupont .25" foam exterior siding insulation. [View]

01_ion_disruptor (0 00:00:25)
My scratch built Ion Disruptor on an H170 Metalstorm reload, drilled to an 8 second delay. Great flight! LUNAR Snow Ranch launch, 04/07/12. [View]

Custom model rocket launch FAIL (0 00:00:25)
Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed be sure to leave a like, comment or subscribe! Sorry for the screwed up intro lol :3. [View]

gyro (0 00:00:25)
Um interessante efeito giroscópico. Um rolo de fita gomada preso a uma corda de borracha torcida. An interesting gyroscopic effect. A roll of duct tape attached to a rope twisted rubber. Mais ... [View]

38mm Min diameter rocket launch (0 00:00:25)
Alex Heffer's Mini me rocket (cut down PML cirrus dart) launches to 5508feet on an Aerotech H112J motor. Launched at Taupiri New Zealand Dec 5th 2010 (NZRA meeting) [View]

Aura (drag race).wmv (0 00:00:25)
Multiple rockets launched at the same time. [View]

Lil' One Onboard J354 (0 00:00:25)
J354 White Thunder CTI Pro38 6G Mach 1 Apogee at 6020ft Rocket [View]

Polecat V2 on a H123W (0 00:00:25)
a successful L1 certification flown at Uroc September 17, 2011 Filmed by AKS rockets Please subscribe! [View]

Anita Hassanandani's COFFE JOKE! (0 00:00:25)
Checkout how Anita Hassanandani takes a dig at the tea aunty in this video.. [View]

Slipstream (0 00:00:25)
My scratchbuilt Slipstream on an Aerotech D76 Mojave Green reload at Snow Ranch. [View]

USLI Half-Scale Nose Cone (0 00:00:25)
Turning down the half-scale nose cone from high density urethane foam. For the NASA University Student Launch Initiative at Trine University. [View]

Steve Bayak Jr's Fatboy on 3 L2300G's and 1 N1000W - CIMG5861 (0 00:00:25)
Steve Bayak Jr's Fatboy on 3 L2300G's and 1 N1000W at Red Glare X [View]

Paper Glider is now on Android! (0 00:00:25)
Get the global iPhone smash hit on your Android phone! Join over 4.5 MILLION PEOPLE who have already flicked their Paper Glider around the world! Download now on your favourite Android M ... [View]

2 liter water rocket launch with fins captured at 4,000 FPS (0 00:00:25)
We are getting ready for our annual water rocket challenge this weekend (June 25-26, 2016) and wanted to see just what happens when we launch a rocket. Check out this wide view of a water rocket ... [View]

SKLZ Speed Chute (0 00:00:25) The SKLZ Speed Chute training allows you to maximize acceleration and top running speed through resistance and overspeed workouts. The ... [View]

RocketMavericks Night Launch Medley (0 00:00:25)
three rockets at night: My Binder Thug on a H170 Metalstorm and then an I357 Blue Thunder. Then Jim Green's home brew M1400 sparky - the largest night launch I have seen. [View]

high powered rocket launch (0 00:00:25)
High Powered Rocketry, available for sale [View]

Serpac SE-Series watertight panel installation (0 00:00:25)
Quick view about how to install a water tight panel in a SE-series case [View]

Akavish Ground Test (0 00:00:25)
Ground test of the new Big Daddy Akavish's recovery system. [View]

Rocket SpringFest 2010 K motor (0 00:00:25)
Ronda's rocket is 4" dia and 6' tall went to 5600' on a EX red full K motor. SpringFest was a blast. [View]

Tripoli Cert 1 STAR-I H128 Launch Oct 2018 (0 00:00:25)
I launched my Tripoli High-Powered Rocketry Level 1 Certification rocket on an H128 motor in October 2016 as a member of the Wichita State Rocket Club. [View]

MVI 2562 (0 00:00:26)
First Model Rocket Launch - Estes TASER [View]

Bulldog N10,000 (0 00:00:26)
Flown at hellfire 16. Instability was supposedly caused my a fin failure early in the boost. [View]

Wallace and Gromit Rocket Motor Failure 2 - 07-11-10 (0 00:00:26)
a great Wallace and Gromit rocket suffering a 2nd motor failure at EARS Rocket Club Meeting on 7th November 2010 - filmed on Fuji HS10 camera at 240fps, filmed just before sunset so video rather ... [View]

High Power Rocket Launch - WAC2 (0 00:00:26)
The Bend Area Rocket Group (BORG) sent this rocket past 15,000' in Brothers, OR on May 16th, 2009. It is a two-stage rocket on L2200s. Apologies in advance for the handheld video. [View]

Semroc Gyroc 13mm (0 00:00:26)
New rocket coming soon from Semroc. The Gyroc with a 13mm . Here it is flying on a 1/2A. You will be able to find it here as well as all the rest of your rocketry needs: [View]

LocIV on Redline (0 00:00:26)
This is LOC IV on G71-7R redline. Lauched to about 900'. 4 in. diameter. One of our favorites. It has been launched at least 7 times on G power, once on F52. [View]

LDRS Bonneville 1998 misfit rocket (0 00:00:26)
Rocket launch on the Bonneville salt flats [View]

Bowling ball rocket LDRS 2001 (0 00:00:26)
Bowling ball loft contest at LDRS, I won 2nd place as the rocket went to just over 5000ft. [View]

kno3/epoxy rocket (0 00:00:26)
This is a rocket using kno3/epoxy for fuel. The video is from the NEFAR site. Really good videos from that site [View]

TRA Level III Certification (0 00:00:26)
This is my Level III Tripoli certification flight in West Texas. 6715' on an M1590 CTI motor. [View]

Saved By The Scan :15 | Ad Council (0 00:00:26)
Approximately 8 million people are at risk for lung cancer. If everyone at high risk were screened, more than 25,000 lives could be saved. The American Lung Association’s LUNG FORCE initiative has ... [View]

Estes Oracle Video with Omega 2-Stage Rocket (0 00:00:26)
Model Rocket video with a vintage 1970's Estes 2-stage Omega kit and a modern Oracle Video Camera Nose Cone. Two Estes "D" engines used for lift. Great results using this combination. [View]

Semroc Maxi Micron (0 00:00:26)
Semroc Maxi Micron had a very nice flight on a B6-4 motor. I flew it again on a C6-3 motor and it too was a beautiful, straight boost. I really like how this rocket flies. It is perfect for smaller ... [View]

Gary Dahlke's beautiful 2 stage boost (0 00:00:26)
He flies his 6" Quantum Leap on a M1780 staging to a K550. [View]

Skidmark drag race LDRS-28 (0 00:00:26)
Awesome drag race featuring multiple skidmark motors late Sunday July 5th at LDRS-28. Although this event started out badly, Saturday and Sunday's weather was awesome and many fantastic flights took ... [View]

Rocketry Warehouse Broken Arrow XP on a CTI K675 Skidmark at NSL 2018 (0 00:00:26)
Rocketry Warehouse Broken Arrow XP on a CTI K675 Skidmark at NSL 2018 [View]

Aerotech HV Arcas launch (0 00:00:26)
Launched at Connaught Ranges with the Ottawa Rocketry Group, October 27th. I launched using a relatively small engine a 24mm Aerotech F39-6T reload. The parachute failed to open but luckily the tall ... [View]

High power rocket on Aerotech M motor Brothers Oregon (0 00:00:26)
Rocket is Angelfire flown by Vern Knowles. The motor was an Aerotech white lightning M. [View]

L1000w HSW rocket (0 00:00:26)
Jack Davies HSW takes flight on an Aerotech L1000w at the NZRAs May launch in Taupiri, New Zealand [View]

Estes Mercury Atlas E-20-4 (0 00:00:26)
Maiden Launch on an Aerotech E-20-4 [View]

Fliskits MMX Persephone Saucer, Midlands Rocketry Club 11 March 2018 (0 00:00:26)
My first use of the Micromeister 'ball of wadding' ignitor securing method and my first, first time ignition. Thanks, Micro and Jim Flis for the free download [View]

Cluster Model Rocket with video camera (0 00:00:26)
Scratch built cluster rocket. Only one launch so far with my split view cam but more to come this year. [View]

Photon Disruptor (0 00:00:26)
First launch Estes Photon Disruptor/ update,had to use a C engine,lost the bird [View]

Always Ready Rocketry Blue Phenix 2.0 (0 00:00:26)
Blue Phenix on an Aerotech I600R, altitude 2842ft. Dual deploy at 400ft. In Leonard, Oklahoma. [View]

High Powered Rocket 1 (0 00:00:26)
This was loud which was awesome! [View]

Goblin C65 Edit.AVI (0 00:00:26)
Estes Goblin clone launched on a C6-5 (Estes) [View]

Groove Tube G64-7 (0 00:00:26)
2.9 x upscale Centuri Groove Tube on an Aerotech G64-7 white lightning at MDRA Red Glare VI, 4-17-09 [View]

98mm M2200 Motor Test - 4/2/2017 (0 00:00:26)
Thank you to our sponsors! Statler College of Engineering & Mineral Resources WVU Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering WVU Student Government Association NASA West Virginia Space Grant ... [View]

night launches (0 00:00:26)
Compilation of a few night launches at Jean Lake (dry) near Las Vegas, NV [View]

Norad on H128W.MOV (0 00:00:26)
LOC Norad on H128W. Altitude 2000ft+ [View]

Survival_Laser_Matchstick.MOV (0 00:00:26)
Video of a Survival Laser igniting and burning through a matchstick. [View]

L3L Flight over 31,000 feet (0 00:00:26)
Recorded GPS information put the altitude just over 32,000 feet, setting a Tripoli world record for a rocket with an L impulse commercial motor. ... [View]

Bad Attitude Launch (0 00:00:26)
January Launch, Plaster City. [View]

Rocket video 12-4-10.wmv (0 00:00:26)
First flight of Rocket booster doesn't go as planned. Launched on an Estes C11-7 at Alamo Rocketeers launch on 12-4-10 in China Grove. Delay too long, spits the motor, parachute doesn't fully ... [View]

7777 ft Flight (0 00:00:26)
Flight by Tim Thomas of a prototype rocket being developed by Giant Leap Rocketry on an Animal Motor Works J450. The flight reached 7777 feet AGL (Above Ground Level). The rocket used a dual ... [View]

Model Rocket on G motor (0 00:00:26)
This Rocket is currently unnamed, and I am open to suggestions. It was launched at a Tripoli MN launch in October 2007. [View]

MMMS Launch 3-24-12 012.AVI (0 00:00:26)
Paper Icarus launched on a B6-4 and streamer recovery. Minor damage to fin/wing tip. [View]

Slo Mo High Power Ignition Video (0 00:00:26)
Coolest High Power Ignition Video I've ever seen.......... Taken at a Radical Rocketeers launch in Great Meadows NJ........ The motor was an Aerotech 54 / 852 J 275 White Lighting........ Teddy [View]

Rocket-glider launch 2.0 (0 00:00:26)
it's the launch of our rocket+glider combo. i like gliders/rubber-band prop planes (styrofoam and balsa) and i like model rockets. i was always kinda mad that the gliders only worked for very short ... [View]

Solar Rail - Launch 1 (0 00:00:26)
Scratch rocket built for a contest. [View]

Fliskits Drag Race A10-3T's (0 00:00:26)
Sarg Launch Jan 2017 at Gibson Ranch. [View]

Ty's Acme, Final Flight. hand held camera (0 00:00:26)
Ty's Binder Design rocket, named Acme, launching on its final flight. Unfortunately the recovery system tangled on deployment and the rocket landed hard, snapping off a fin and reopening a ... [View]

High power rocketry compared to estes "D" size rocket (0 00:00:26)
This is an Estes "D" size rocket launched the same day as my first high power launch. Great comparison for the difference in power. [View]

Big daddy model rocket launch with onboard video (0 00:00:26)
The Estes Big Daddy rocket. Awesome model. Almost simultaneously launched with a V2-model, clearly visible in the first few seconds. Watch how the red V2-parachute deploys, as seen from the Big ... [View]

Silver Tip CF Rocket (0 00:00:26)
Rock Lake 2012 June 30 - Graydon's Silvertip rocket - maiden flight. Flight computers recorded a top speed of 890 mph (Mach 1.27) straight up and an altitude of 17620 feet ASL. Technical data: Von ... [View]

2008-11-29 - Fliskits Corona With Booster Flight 001 - C6-0 To B6-4 (0 00:00:26)
2008-11-29 - Fliskits Corona With Booster Flight 001 - C6-0 To B6-4 [View]

Jayhawk parachute test.dv (0 00:00:26)
This is a pre-flight ground test of the recovery system to be used in my 10" diameter Jayhawk high powered rocket. The three 192" Spherachute parachutes deploy from Giant Leap kevlar deployment ... [View]

Estes Mongoose with an Eggscaliber payload section (0 00:00:26)
We modified an Estes Mongoose slightly so that it could carry the egg nose cone from the Estes Eggscaliber rocket. With a B6-0 on the bottom and a B6-4 on the top this rocket takes to the sky in ... [View]

Science class rocket launch (0 00:00:26)
We made rockets in science and mr.B let me record us launching it [View]

M-1000 explosion in model rocket! (0 00:00:26)
We placed an m-1000 inside a model rocket and lit the fuse, then shot the rocket. people from surrounding neighborhoods were coming out of their houses from half a mile away afterwards!!! [View]

LDRS 19 Eliminator (0 00:00:26)
North Coast Rocketry (by Estes) Eliminator flying on an F-62-4 "Darkstar" motor at LDRS 19 (July 2000) [View]

MDRA Classics Mr Communications (0 00:00:26)
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association's classic videos. Please see for more information. Come and join us at the field. [View]

Warrior 1 Ejection Charge Ground Test (0 00:00:26)
This is the Mohonasen Tarc team's ground test firing of Warrior 1's engine with the ejection charge. The first rocket we launched had ended up lawn darting into the ground; which shows the reason ... [View]

"Hot Rod" - Nuclear Orion spacecraft prototype (0 00:00:26)
In 1959 this mock-up version of the Orion was launched helping prove the validity of the design. 1 Meter in diameter, weighing 105kg, it was not powered by nuclear blasts but by 1 kilogram balls of ... [View]

Tuscaloosa Rocketry Challenge - Matthew Culver (0 00:00:26)
Alabama Astrobotics and UA SEDS had a great time launching rockets February 22nd 2016 in preparation for the Tuscaloosa Rocketry Challenge! [View]


Klima D3-P Rocket motor test with thrust data (0 00:00:26)
You can find the thrust data from the torsion scale at the end of the video. Done at AAU (Aalborg University, Denmark) the 31/03/2017. [View]

South African altitude record set for amateur rocketry! (0 00:00:26)
On the 3rd of August 2019 the Cape Rocketry Team officially broke the South African amateur altitude record with a successful launch of JR101 to an altitude of 10.37 km! The rocket was built by a ... [View]

Arreaux on CTI H123 Skidmark (Pro29 4 grain casing) (0 00:00:26)
This is one of the first rocket vids I've seen with my Flip MinoHD camcorder and El Bee did a fine job! This is my Aerotech Arreaux on a Cesaroni H123 Skikmark motors. Scandalous combination I know! [View]

Estes SR-71 - Onboard View.wmv (0 00:00:26)
'Keychain Cam' onboard video of Estes SR-71 launch. [View] (0 00:00:26)
Flawless two stage flight! [View] (0 00:00:26)
Superfluous Launch 6 at LDRS 29 on 6/13/2010 Motor Aerotech N3300R Max Altitude 17764 ft G-Wiz, 17767 RRC2 Max Speed 1427 ft/sec (mach 1.3) Max Acceleration 16G Above Mach from 2.5 to 7.8 seconds ... [View]

Kit's E-Pod on an F30 (0 00:00:26)
Kit's E-Pod on an F30. Don't blink! LUNAR Snow Ranch Launch, February 5, 2011. [View]

SJP Engineering Club Rocket Launch Pt.1 (0 00:00:26)
This is the first rocket launch by �the SJP engineering club. This rocket was built from a kit and was launched with a type A engine. The rest of the videos are on my channel. [View]

Rocketeer: Mafioso is still 100% American (0 00:00:26)
In this classic clip from The Rocketeer, Paul Sorvino demonstrates putting America first. [View]

Phoenix AGM-54 Model rocket (0 00:00:26)
Launch and recovery of a Phoenix AGM-54 Model rocket in VT [View]

Onboard Rocket Video (0 00:00:26)
CATO Onboard Telemetry 70cm Magnetic Rod Launch [View]

Snitch on F39 (0 00:00:26)
I'm starting to wonder how much these things can take. Time to build a 29mm... [View]

Superfluous Launch 5 - Pad Video (0 00:00:26)
Pad video of Superfluous on an M650W at Rainbow Valley, AZ Spring Blast 2010, April 25. Altitude 8100 ft, 660 ft/sec, 5.7 G peak acceleration, launch weight 45 lbs, length 123 in, diameter 5 in. [View]

Dark Star 4" Dual Deploy on J415W (0 00:00:26)
First Flight - High and Straight... [View]

Darrin's rocket (0 00:00:26)
Launch at Maine Missile Math & Science Club meet, Berwick Maine [View]

2010-11-06 Flight 33 post-landing (0 00:00:26)
Parachute line tangle after landing of Thrud on Skyripper H155, Flight #33 CMASS launch, Amesbury MA See for more info. [View]

Mike Sig K270W (0 00:00:27)
Mike Sig's Competitor 3 on an AT K270W at ST08. [View]

Model Rocket - Hi-Jinks Launch 4 (7/8/2010) (0 00:00:27)
Low powered A test flight at mowed down launch field. Parachute didn't open, but rocket survived the crash. [View]

F-18 Hornet 8-13-11 007.AVI (0 00:00:27)
My F-18 Hornet with an Estes C6-5 motor. I like how this flies. [View]

Quest Model Rocket Launch (0 00:00:27)
our first launch of a Quest "Ruthless" rocket - C6-3 Engine [View]

Excellence in Rocketry (0 00:00:27)
Estes Alpha III rocket with 15 year old C engine, plus over a hundred bucks in datalogging electronics as a payload in the nosecone. [View]

Swifty Rocket - Level 1 Certification (NAR) (0 00:00:27)
This Rocket Launch was my successful attempt at becoming Level 1 Certified by the National Association of Rocketry. I named my Rocket the Swifty after an episode of Rick and Morty. I do NOT own any ... [View]

Mac Radical Flyer L1100 Blue (0 00:00:27)
My Mac Performance Rocketry 4" Radical Flyer on a 3 grain 75mm L1200 Blue motor with 3.9k NS. Flew to 12,000' at Mach 1.2. Flown at MDRA [View]

Aerotech H-182 Redline DMS Rocket Motor (0 00:00:27)
Motor available at Single use Aerotech DMS 29mm rocket motor with a 14 second adjustable delay. [View]

Darkstar Extreme L851 MWP (0 00:00:27)
My Darkstar Extreme launched at Midwest Power 11 on a CTI L851 to 10,000ft [View]

Grand Chute Police release more information on incident leaving two dead (0 00:00:27)
Grand Chute Police release more information on incident leaving two dead [View]

Fin Flutter or Skidmark, Which is Louder (0 00:00:27)
My Estes Maxi Alpha III was built to withstand a lot of I give it some. It has flown on motors as strong as F79's. At that speed the flimsy yet strong thin plastic fins flutter so much ... [View]

Heavenly Hobbies Backdraft NARAM Flight 2 (0 00:00:27)
This is a E9/C11 with 8" fuse flight (excuse my hootin' and hollerin') [View]

Rocket physics with the iPad (0 00:00:27)
Liberty Middle School's 2011 TARC rocket takes off - and Vernier's iOS app is able to estimate position and speed in the 1st second of motion (my fat fingers not withstanding). Everything was ... [View]

Whitmore blue K in saucer (0 00:00:27)
Alan Whitmore flew his research 54/1750 blue K in my saucer. [View]

Warlock high power rocket launch on Cesaroni K360 motor in normal and slow motion (0 00:00:27)
Launch of 11.5 lb LOC Warlock high power rocket with 54mm motor mount at 100%, 25% and 10% playback speeds. Cesaroni 1281 K360 high power motor to altitude of 2750 feet. CTRA Hurley, new york [View]

2011-10-22 Autonomy Flight 1 Onboard camera SUNP0001.AVI (0 00:00:27)
Flight #1 of rocket glider "Autonomy", from onboard camera. For more info see: and [View]

Home Made Rocket (0 00:00:27)
Home made rocket with estes engine [View]

ESL 80 Suspicion of Extreme Ignorance-pad cam (0 00:00:27)
SOEI didn't hang around on the pad very long, just the way we like it. [View]

GHS Memorial Launch 2011 ~ 16 Rocket ARMY Trailer Launch (0 00:00:27)
This video was taken at the GHS Memorial Launch in October of 2011. The GHS Memorial Launch is hosted by the Superstition Spacemodeling Society. This dual axle trailer was pulled out and launched, ... [View]

Aerotech Mustang E18-4 (0 00:00:27)
Aerotech Mustang flown 7/20/14 at Concordia Theological Seminary as part of the SCAM monthly rocket launch. Low winds partly cloudy. [View]

Sunspot Acceleration Rocket Test Using My Rocket (0 00:00:27)
Rocket designed, made and fired by me. It was designed to house an accelerometer (Sunspot device) to be able to obtain data from a rocket take off. Rocket name: S.S. Sarah Location: School ... [View]

Estes Oracle Model Rocket Launch (0 00:00:27)
This was the first launch of my Estes Oracle model rocket with it's built in USB cam. Launch occured on 1/27/2007 on a boy scout outting with BSA Troop 716 to Vandenburge Air Force Base. It was ... [View]

3" Min Dia rocket flight (0 00:00:27)
75mm carbon fiber rocket flown at Orini, NZ on 6/12/09. Altitude around 27kft. [View]

What is she wearing??? (0 00:00:27)
HALTZGLOVES pink running gloves are highly reflective! They can be seen for 1250ft in the dark!! [View]

Launch of the Estes Viking with A10-3T 03/14/16 (0 00:00:27)
Launching the Estes Viking with engine reducer on an A10-3T [View]

Just another rocket cato (0 00:00:27)
Just another oops at the field. [View]

Red Glare 8 4 N10000 drag race (0 00:00:27)
The Drag Race shot with an iPhone [View]

Seahawk at MWP, Alex video (0 00:00:27)
upscale Estes Seahawk flown at Midwest Power 11 (Nov 2013). Cesaroni L3150 in booster, staged to an Aerotech M1315 in the sustainer. All events (staging, airstart, and recovery) worked, all pieces ... [View]

Estes Nike-X model rocket (0 00:00:27)
Slow motion of Estes Nike-X launch. Please subscribe for more videos like this. [View]

DJI Mavic Air rocket mode (0 00:00:27)
filmed in 1080p straight from drone. anyone else find some quickshot modes default to 1080p then when you go back to normal filming its still on 1080p when you wanted 4k. [View]

Tir au banc moteur fusée D9-7 Klima (0 00:00:27)
Phases de combustion d'un moteur fusée utilisé en astromodélisme. [View]

2009-03-22 Scratch 4th Rocket - Flight 004 - G75J-M Rocket View (0 00:00:27)
2009-03-22 Scratch 4th Rocket - Flight 004 - G75J-M Rocket View [View]

Carbon Fiber Sparky 2.wmv (0 00:00:27)
Experimental rocket motor using a 54mm Kosdon 700ns case, two grains of experimental Titanium sponge APCP propellant [View]

Jim Flis Scale model of Goddard's "Nell" March 15, 2010 at Aunt Effie's farm. (0 00:00:27)
Jim Flis Scale model of Goddard's first liquid fueled rocket launched at the original Goddard launch site, now a public golf course, in Woorster, MA. The launch was in conjunction with the national ... [View]

alt launch.divx (0 00:00:27)
Altitude record set in Spokane Washington in 2000. Altitudes of 11,500 feet above ground level. [View]

G-Force recovery (0 00:00:27)
Due to my lack of editing knowledge, wait, There it is! [View]

NZRA Launch 2002, N2000 Rocket (0 00:00:27)
During the NZRA's annual National launch in Feb 2002, Craig Packards "White lightning II" Rocket took to the sky on an Experimental N2000 motor. Flew just under 10000 feet with perfect recovery on a ... [View]

Vintage Red Max returns to flight ~30 years later (0 00:00:27)
Estes Red Max built by me and my Dad a Looooong time ago. The rocket survived many moves and I Decided to return it to flight status with outstanding results. This time I got to launch it with my ... [View]

Large Atlas Missile flying on I205W rocket motor (0 00:00:27)
Large Atlas Missile flying on I205W rocket motor, scratch built light weight 10" diameter, 65" tall, 6.25# ready to fly at sodblaster 2019 at tri cities washington. [View]

Design this Spaceship Contest Entry (0 00:00:27)
Design this Spaceship Contest Entry - Flight 3 [View]

G75 Upscale Stingray (0 00:00:27)
My upscale Fliskits Stingray flies with an Aerotech G75-6J. Thanks to Boris Katan for taking this video [View]

Estes Argent F-23fj (0 00:00:27)
First flight of the Estes Argent with a single use Aerotech F23FJ. Successful low flight. [View]

Who Wore It Better? | Saas Bahu Aur Saazish (0 00:00:27)
Who wore it better? Watch Saas Bahu aur Saazish (SBS) on ABP News daily at 2:30 PM to know what's happening in Indian television and bollywood industry with Aditi Arora Sawant. Presenting you the ... [View]

Model Rocket, First Launch (0 00:00:27)
Hudson Paul Miller Alex Brian Miller. [View]

Ground Testing Drogue Charge on a Scratch Built Rocket (0 00:00:27)
4.5 grams. I think when it flies I will use 5 or 5.5 grams. This wasn't quite as energetic as I was hoping for. Only about a third of the shock cord came out, the drogue parachute is still inside ... [View]

Rockets! (0 00:00:27)
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. [View]

South Texas Aerospace Club Night Rocket Launch July 12, 2014 at Beeville Municipal Airport (0 00:00:27)
South Texas Aerospace Club Night Rocket Launch July 12, 2014 at Beeville Municipal Airport. Wastequip rocket blast-off by first time flyer #2. [View]

2009-03-22 - Aerotech Mirage Flight 008 - G71R-4 - 420 fps (0 00:00:27)
2009-03-22 - Aerotech Mirage Flight 008 - G71R-4 - 420 fps [View]

Jens G | Wildman Competitor 5 | L1040DM (0 00:00:27)
Jens Gehrke's Wildman Competitor 5 on an Aerotech L1040DM. Flown Sunday of ROCStock 46, hosted by the Rocketry Organization of California at Lucerne Dry Lake [View]

Supersonic flight of Wildman's BlackHawk 29 High Power Rocket (0 00:00:27)
At RJD 2014 in Germany I flew the Blackhawk 29 on the biggest Cesaroni MOtor you can put in, I224 reaching MACH 1,3 and around 2700m ~ 9000ft [View]

Death Star (0 00:00:27)
Semi-successful launch of Estes Death Star model rocket. Death Star 'explodes' but parachute did not deploy. In spite of this the main rocket suffered only minor damage, a snapped-off fin. [View]

13_soothsayer (0 00:00:27)
Soothsayer landing on its 36" nylon chute. LUNAR Snow Ranch launch, 04/07/12. [View]

'Quick Look' Video of Antares Rocket Launch From NASA Wallops: April 17, 2019 (0 00:00:27)
NASA’s commercial partner Northrop Grumman launched its Antares rocket carrying its Cygnus cargo spacecraft to the International Space Station at 4:46 p.m. EDT Wednesday, April 17. Loaded with ... [View]

Amazing Rocket Launch (0 00:00:27)
A cool rocket launch I did over the weekend.... Double engines, went very high, sadly I lost it after the first launch.... [View]

tenbuck1feb212010.wmv (0 00:00:27)
A quick shot of a launch of tenbuck 1, feb. 21, 2010. D-12-3 main and 2 C-6-3 booster motors. Flight and recovery were a success. [View]

Formula-54 Flight.avi (0 00:00:27)
This is a keychain camera video of my Perfomance Rocketry Formula-54. 29mm Areotech F52-8. [View]

MWP Drag Race SD (0 00:00:27)
A Closer look at the Midwest Power Drag Race. 14 Ultimate Wildmans all with N-5800 motors [View]

Rocket launch on pad 61 11:11am on 9-3 LDRS 30 XXX (0 00:00:27)
Don't know the owner or name of the rocket. Taken with a Nikon Coolpix L18 pocket camera. [View]

Model rocket (0 00:00:27)
Estes big Bertha c-5 engine 9-1-13. [View]

Environmental Aeroscience - LOX Hybrid w/ Multi Layer Fuel Grain (0 00:00:27)
eAc tested a thrust tailoring system that allows for mixing of different fuel types within the same hybrid grain. The layers shown here contain high and low levels of metals which is evidenced in ... [View]

Riptide 26\" Estes Model Rocket Launch (0 00:00:27)
I Did this about two years ago and I apologize for not having sound but I didn\'t talk loud enough. [View]

WildThing L900 (0 00:00:27)
Rocket Launch Battle Park [View]

Megan shooting off the titan water rocket (0 00:00:27)
We bought this at sam's today. The kids had a blast with it. [View]

Cineroc Video/Model Rocket Launch @ JSC (0 00:00:27)
Short clip of my Cineroc 8 mm flight @ JSC June 5, 2004. Model was my Proton/ Saturn - IV using a single D12-0 for the booster with a D12-7 & three C6-7 clustered upperstage. [View]

Ejection charge for a sugar rocket (0 00:00:27)
I tested several different charges for a prototype 2" sugar rocket. I have since moved to a 3" airframe because I could rarely find the 2" size rocket! [View]

Unreasonable Rocket First Free Flight - 11 July 2009 (0 00:00:27)
The first free flight of Unreasonable Rocket's Blue Ball, a peroxide monopropellant vehicle. I've seen a lot of rockets fly, and it's still amazing to see one hover on a mostly invisible plume of ... [View]

NASA Student Launch Competition Rocket Launch (0 00:00:27)
Illinois Space Society University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign NASA Student Launch Competition April 2016, Huntsville AL Competition Launch [View]

C6-3 Asteroid Hunter (0 00:00:27)
I launch my Estes Asteroid Hunter with another C6-3. I believe the wobbly flight is due to whiplash. Maybe the C6 doesn't have enough oomph. Parachute tangled and the rocket landed hard on the ... [View]

Iowa State USLI 2011/2012 -- Payload Concept (0 00:00:27)
This is a quick animation of three of the events the rocket and payload experience during flight: drogue deployment at 5280 ft, payload deployment at 1000 ft, and parachute separation at 500 ft. [View]

Rocket loaded with m-80 goes off perfectly (0 00:00:27)
After shortening the wicks a few times, we finally got it right and the m-80 went off as hoped. [View]

Positive Ascent Flight #18: CTI M1300 Imax Dual Thrust (0 00:00:27)
The rocket reached an altitude of 10455 feet and top speed of 686 miles per hour. It landed only a few hundred yards away despite the breezy conditions. The flight took place in Potter, NY (home of ... [View]

Positive Ascent M1400 Pad Liftoff Video (0 00:00:27)
This was the 13th flight of my scratch built rocket called Positive Ascent. The motor was a Cesaroni Pro75 5 grain M1400 Classic. This was the second highest the rocket has flown, reaching 10292.5 ... [View]

Woosh launch (0 00:00:27)
05/22/2011. More info at: [View]

Nike Smoke Onboard Model Rocket Video - G77 Redline (0 00:00:27) Nike Smoke: onboard video with a G77 Redline motor [View]

Xaero 20110512 Tether (0 00:00:27)
Here is a glimpse of our tethered test sequence. With the tied down (or tied up) tests completed, this is the next step in qualifying our Xaero rocket vehicle for flight. In addition to testing the ... [View]

ShockWave model rocket on a C11-3 (0 00:00:27)
In 2004 I custom-built a model rocket out of parts to repair two other rockets. The rocket was called ShockWave, after the defunct roller coaster at Six Flags Great America. This flight took place ... [View]

Model Rocket - Load Star Launch 5 (10/4/2010) (0 00:00:27)
Good launch. Parachute did not deploy. Fin damaged. Meka repaired 10/5/2010. [View]

Event Horizon high power rocket launch on K740 C-Star motor video in slow motion (0 00:00:27)
Go-Pro video of launch of 96", 18.2 lb (dry) Event Horizon 4" fiberglass high power dual deploy rocket on K740 C-Star motor at 100%, 25% and 10% playback speeds. Cesaroni 1874 K740 C-Star high power ... [View]

Estes Ventris / Aerotech G80-7T - RIMRA/CMASS Launch 6-10-2017 (0 00:00:28)
Estes Ventris on an Aerotech G80-7T at the RIMRA/CMASS launch on 6-10-2017. This rocket was simmed to 1,950 ft with a top speed of 438 mph. [View]

I350SS rocket motor launch (0 00:00:28)
I motor launch from the Team-1 field in Clio MI. The HyperLOC 300 rocket is 62.25 in long and 3" in diameter. [View]

Proton M Rocket (0 00:00:28)
A Proton-M heavy carrier rocket with the US television satellite EchoStar 14 onboard has been launched from the Baikonur space center in Kazakhstan. The launch was carried out without incident. At ... [View]

Rockets Gone Wild (0 00:00:28)
Homemade rocket gets confused [View]

Model Rocket - Hi-Jinks Launch 5 (7/21/2010) (0 00:00:28)
1 failed launch attempt. B engine flight was high. Good parachute deploy. [View]

Sugar Motor Tests for the Rocket Team at University of Florida (0 00:00:28)
As part of the University of Florida Rocket Team/Club. These motors were made from sugar and potassium nitrate. Three different designs were shown in the order played: Uninhibited, 4 BATES grains, ... [View]

Monocopter flight at ESL 88 (0 00:00:28)
A bit of an experiment of a motor at ESL 88 several years ago. [View]

Rob's L3 at NYPOWER (0 00:00:28)
Despite Murphy's law Rob got his L3 on the last flight of the weekend at NYPOWER......The Hypertek motor performed well, though if you watch closely it's blowing chunks, and landed 200 feet from ... [View]

2010-09-18 ARCAS HV Launch Tucson.AVI (0 00:00:28)
The BASIS Tucson RoboRocketry Club lead by Duane Boldt attended the SARA launch on September 18, 2010 and launched several rockets including this Madcow Rocketry ARCAS HV on an Aerotech H97J motor. ... [View]

(0 00:00:28)
Yuri's Night commemorative rocket blastoff at Dulaney HS Timonium MD 12 April 2011 [View]

Underdog Rocket at CMASS 10-22-11 Launch (0 00:00:28)
ScottyDogs Underdog Rocket launching at CMASS on 10-22-2011 [View]

Global Warmer 04/22/2012 (0 00:00:28)
Flown on three Estes E9's with six second delays at the new DARS site near Valley View, Texas. [View]

Estes Rocket Launch (0 00:00:28)
Taser rocket with an A8-3 engine [View]

Saturn V paper model (0 00:00:28)
Scale 1:360216 All homemade 5 hours of work [View]

Cesaroni G79 Smoky Sam (0 00:00:28)
Flying on an Cesaroni G79 Smoky Sam at the Utah Rocket Club Hellfire 20 rocket launch on the Bonneville Salt Flats 07/31/2015 [View]

Pegasus-III -BALLS19, CTI N5800 Breakin Mach 4 (0 00:00:28)
CTI N5800 C-Star in Pegasus-II design. Fin failure/Shred at Mach 3.87, 17'328 AGL. Airframe and casing recovered. Will refly next year. [View]

Who's Your Daddy (0 00:00:28)
Who's Your Daddy landing on his homemade 32" chute. Even got a thumbs up from Kit at the end! SARG Launch, February 18, 2012. [View]

Hot Squat Rocket Drag Race (0 00:00:28)
My friend Erik and I drag raced a couple of phat squat rockets.... first off the pad wins... [View]

Large high power 2 stage rocket launch 1 (0 00:00:28)
This is the lift on the rail for size perspective. It's about 17' tall and weighs 200 or so pounds [View]

e15-cato.mpeg4 (0 00:00:28)
CATO of a 20+ year old E15-8, in slow-motion, at dusk. 3 of the 4 motors we had died like this; one worked perfectly and the rocket went really high, higher than with an E9. [View]

Estes Rocket Launch (0 00:00:28)
Me and my dad launching an Estes rocket. The engine was Estes C6-7, very, very powerful it went extremely high. We lost the first one on a cliff. Strong wind blew it about 200 - 300 metres away from ... [View]

Aerotech motor failure in Cheetah (0 00:00:28)
F24 7w fails in 24/40 case causing major damage to our aerotech cheetah. [View]

Estes Model Rocket Launch early snowy morning (0 00:00:28)
Launching one of my rockets on a nice snowy morning. [View]

NIKE X Launch (0 00:00:28)
Launch of my upscale of the Estes NIKE X on an Aerotech E20 motor during NARAM 52 in Pueblo Colorado. [View]

Sarah's Ready to fly rocket (0 00:00:28)
Needed to make the shock cord longer, as it mashed the tube over [View]

Psyco-X project: Rail test (0 00:00:28)
Psyco-X project: Rail test. Testing the launch rail and the attachment "T" that will be used to hold and stabilize the Parasite rockets to the mother ship. [View]

North Coast Rocketry Patriot (0 00:00:28)
North Coast Rocketry (by Estes) flying on a Cesaroni G80 skidmark....complete with recovery failure. [View]

RMS Rocket Motor Static Test (0 00:00:28)
My first test of a reloadable rocket motor. This one is a 24/40, running a D15 reload. I've never put one of these together before so, I thought I'd give it a test first! The noise was awesome! [View]

Solar Rail - Launch 2 (0 00:00:28)
Scratch rocket built for a contest. [View]

Jayhawk BP test.dv (0 00:00:28)
This is a ground test of the black powder ejection charge used to separate the Jayhawk nose cone and deploy the drogue parachute at apogee. The nose cone is wrapped in foam and bubble wrap to protect ... [View]

Ball Point Pen Rocket (0 00:00:28)
This is a rocket I made in about 30 minutes this sunday afternoon. The rocket is constructed of a ball point pen (ink tube removed), Micro Maxx Rocket (small rockets availiable at anywhere like ... [View]

estes black diamond does not leave launch pad (0 00:00:28)
estes black diamond does not leave launch pad. [View]

Full Scale Patriot missile - P8000 (0 00:00:28)
Full scale Patriot misslie built by SCAM of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Launched on a P8000, the largest motor ever flown in Indiana. Launched at Thunderstruck 5, 2014. [View]

Estes Oracle on E30-7T (0 00:00:28)
I was bored with the lame D12-5 in the Oracle so I stuffed in an aerotech E30-7T. It was a perfect fit. Estimated at 1550' and with almost no spin. Not bad. [View]

High Power Rocket Launch Leads to RUD (0 00:00:28)
The rocket had a Rapid Unplanned Disassembly shortly after take-off, most likely due to a motor assembly error. Filmed during the ARGOS club launch on February 23rd, 2019. [View]

Estes Screaming Eagle Model Rocket Kit - 2117 (0 00:00:28)
This is the Estes Screaming Eagle Model Rocket Kit, part #2117. For more information, go to You can definitely soar with the eagles with this rocket kit! It features laser cut balsa ... [View]

GoPro HD Rocket Launch (0 00:00:28)
Launched GoPro HD on Estes Renegade-D Rocket with D12-5 Booster Engine without housing. 1st part is a iphone view and second is POV of the GoPro on the rocket. [View]

3" minimum diameter rocket on an M2020 @ FAR (0 00:00:28)
Adolfo Camarillo High School rocket club flying an M2020 I max. Was simmed to Mach 2.5 and 35,000 feet. They didn't recover the booster, so no verification of actual performance. [View]

Tiki Hut Odd Rock at LDRS 30 (0 00:00:28)
This was an Odd Rocket and will most likely be on the Discovery Channel documentary for LDRS 30. [View]

08_stealth (0 00:00:28)
David's Stealth on a Black Jack motor. Quite an exciting flight with the bonus delay! SARG Launch, February 18, 2012. [View]

Model Rocket Fail 2 (0 00:00:28)
AGAIN, PLEASE LIKE/FAV!!! This time, another student's rocket starts spinning and goes right over my head!! THANKS FOR WATCHING :) [View]

High-powered rocket (0 00:00:28)
A two stage, high powered home made rocket being launched,D engine at launch, it ignites the more powerful E engine mid-flight. we never found it. [View]

Two High-Powered Rocket Launches at Metra (10-30-10) (0 00:00:28)
These are two typical high-powered rockets launched at the Metra Launch Event at Pine Island, New York on Oct 30, 2010 . (The big blue rocket has a mid-powered G40 motor and is shown in a separate ... [View]

Gizmo Launch (0 00:00:28)
Launch of my 5" Wildman Gizmo on a CtI J360 [View]

Der Red Max (0 00:00:28)
Estes Der Red Max, 30 some years since my first Red Max launch,BAR modeler. [View]

Model Rocket - Astrocam Launch 2 (6/5/2010) (0 00:00:28)
Short flight with B engine to gauge wind. [View]

Unstable!!! Beer Bottle Rocket on Aerotech I115W Motor - CRMRC (0 00:00:28)
This is a scratch built 2 foot long Saranac Root Beer bottle rocket. Constructed from a plastic coin bank, it originally flew on a 29mm Aerotech G104 motor and everything was fine. This time it was ... [View]

V2 Mojave Green (0 00:00:28)
Loc/Precision V2 on an aerotech G76-10g, shortened delay about halfway [View]

Darkstar 3 on CTI J360 (0 00:00:28)
Wildman Darkstar 3 on a CTI 1016-J360 Skidmark at LUNAR's Snow Ranch Launch site on March 2, 2013. OpenRocket simulations predicted 3940 feet, but we did not get an actual reading because we forgot ... [View]

Aerotech H999-P Warp 9 RMS Reloadable Rocket Motor (0 00:00:28)
Motor available at RMS reload for the Aerotech 38-360 hardware. [View]

Jim and then Jon's - Tripoli MN October Club Launch Day (0 00:00:28)
Jim flying on a J-135, 7 second burn Long Burn Jon & Jason flying their brand new Nuke Pro Maxx on an I285 [View]

Aerotech Barracuda Rocket Launch (0 00:00:28)
Aerotech Barracuda with an Aerotech G79 motor. [View]

New Space Engine Test Fire (0 00:00:29)
A methane-based engine has been successfully tested by NASA in the mojave desert. If proven in further tests, the engine could be the key to deep space exploration. [View]

P2040456.AVI (0 00:00:29)
3x24 Cluster - Joshua Tree, CA [View]