Scratch built 18mm model rocket on an Aerotech D21-7T supersonic. 1/8th speed, 240 fps

Same video, uncompressed from real time to slow motion, and with my shouting cut out. Go to 12 seconds to hear the boom. It’s subtle. You can also see a very small disturbance in the smoke trail at that point. Minimum diameter, using a D21-7T, some BT-20 tube to just hold the rocket motor and the nose cone together at the seam, no more than that, fiberglass fins, a nose cone with heat paint, and some tracking composition in the nose cone that didn’t work, it was meant to go after the delay, I removed the ejection grains. 1.52 oz. I can make it lighter weight and probably stubbier, the composition is dead weight. It has nor recovery system, but I have a multi use one in the works that uses 1 D21, though I suspect 2 will be needed. Yes, using a 24mm E or F motor would be more efficient cross-sectionally with more Ns, but I’m trying to do this with the smallest motors.

 Rocketry Product: Aerotech - D21T Single-Use Motor {Motor}

Author Christian Michael
Duration 24 seconds

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