PML MATRIX Ejection Charge Test - 1.25 grams FFFF Black Powder

This is the 4th and final recovery component ground test of my newly completed PML MATRIX rocket prior to my NAR Level 1 attempt. It was determined that 1.25 grams of GOEX 4F black powder was sufficient to fully deploy the main parachute. The 3 previous tests showed that 0.4 and 0.5 grams of powder were insufficient to dislodge the nosecone while 0.75 grams did not fully deploy all the recovery components. I used a handheld vaccum pump connected to the avionics bay via 1/4" ID tubing to trigger the PerfectFlight MiniAlt WD altimeter. The same size charge was also used for deployment of the drogue chute in the rear of the rocket. The rocket performed flawlessly.

 Rocketry Product: PerfectFlite - miniAlt/WD {Component}

Author DWM231
Duration 20 seconds
Rating Good

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