"Electric Shadow" dual deployment test flight E20-4W

After being damaged from a parachute that failed to deploy, I rebuilt my cluster-capable Estes Shadow (formerly known as "Naked Shadow IV") with an electronics bay for dual deployment capability and a camera bay for in-flight video. This is the first flight after the rebuild, flying an E20-4, with my Missileworks RRC2 altimeter onboard, set for dual deployment. The altimeter hasn't been flown in over 5 years so I used this rocket to test it. In the event that the altimeter failed I had the main chute deploy at apogee so the motor could deploy it if the RRC2 failed. For "main deployment" I deployed a long streamer. Because the altimeter was onboard and because I used my heavy, high power shock cords and recovery hardware (to test them as well), the rocket was very heavy and reached a measly 285ft according to the RRC2 so everything happened at once. But it worked like a charm and you can clearly see apogee deployment by the RRC2 followed by motor ejection and then the main charge pops out the streamer. Time to put these components in some high power rockets!

 Rocketry Product: Estes - The Shadow {Kit} (2094)

Author MarcusGoodwyn
Duration 22 seconds
Rating Good

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