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Epic Cluster Rocket Launch
launch photos: This video is from the on-board videocam. My son designed and built this rocket from scratch. At first, the central Cesaroni Skidmark J360 motor lights, and the igniter wire harness for the fin-tip motors comes along for the ride. One fin motor finally lights, then another. Each of them is the new Aerotech Metalstorm G75 motors. So it's sparks galore. One of the nozzles blows (off the left fin motor) but this has the benefit of creating a long shower of sparks, lasting past parachute deployment, which was controlled by an HCX flight computer. Other backup chute was deployed by motor ejection with a long chemical delay charge. Overall a perfect flight. The rocket even landed softly enough for the tail to remain vertical. She flew again the next day on a blue Cesaroni J449 motor, also a perfect flight. Woot!

 Rocketry Product: G-Wiz - HCX {Component}

Author jurvetson
Duration 136 seconds
Rating Best

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